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got left behind




nasa means to deceive in hebrew


wish i could stand under that rocket


im tanking


this is an illegitimate thread refrain from using it



everyone is in the secret thread


found some leftover sausage and rice in the fridge gonno nuke it crack and game


got left behind


uh i thought linus retired



its over


make aNOTher one



wonder if using an arcade stick will make me better at fighting games


no since hitbox is superior


those are banned


watching higurashi
its really bad





wish i could kill paolo



hes baste


daigo uses hitbox so they are better


gundam mtgs


fortnite mtg cards coming too have to laugh at the magic the normening players



wish i could play fortnite but the building is too hard



tried the fortnite beta and raged hard i hate battle royales


suzu is seducing the swimmer kouhai


whats the knights of sidonia anime any good




mediocre read the comicbook


i did




new love live anime soon


NOT gonno watch it flip the chinamen


there are no chinese girls in nijigasaki watch it


someone said there was yesterday


only in the game none of the former 9 members are chinese and they wont put them in the anime


raging hard i cant watch this trash show hima
boring boring boring they had a chance to retell it in an interesting way but its literal the same snails pace with copy pasted backgrounds and dialog


ya its really good cant wait for ep 2


its NOT better than the 2007 version at all the art style doesnt even look good i flipping hate normagatari


are you an emo teengirl the club activities and games are essential


no theyre NOT i skipped right through that baby trash the first ten and a half minutes is filler garbage and then from 14:30 to 20:00 is all trash filler too



the grotesque violence parts just make the club activities utterly pointless filler


im filler trash


you have no soul if you cant enjoy slice of life and good fillers die


yeah i know thats what anime is


flip this shitiverse im snoozing


ban the higurashi hater


nah it sucks eat shit anime tween


File: 1601695614301.png (103.41 KB, 640x760, a3c8d427fa447d8a11a4f8e5e7e215af.png)


File: 1601695642697.jpg (362.2 KB, 580x899, 6cc09c8730faeb154cdfe67bc1244bb3.jpg)


wish i had a hakama


did higurashi have a beach episode if so i might give it a watch



its the admin


File: 1601695894723.jpg (71.14 KB, 852x480, snapshot20090305200935.jpg)


there was an epic pool episode in one of the ovas


paste gonno jo


very well i suppose that will do


hate the josong meme


NOThin better than a nice songjo


miss the days of 3am josong playlists clicking sadpanda tags


die jonorm


think ill jo instead




are you streaming it at the same url as last time


might just replay the vn instead of watching the show


why dont you post the flipping link you faggot secretnorms


ban em seki


hate the secretnorms they are even worse than the sb


what are you talking about


wonder how many of todays hima posters dont know what the sb is


does the sb still exist i thought it would have been shut down after himako left


File: 1601697155983.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.43 MB, 3456x4608, baste.jpg)


99.9 percent are teens invited from teencord by teenseki


literally none of them are tard


im tard



heres one now


uhhhhhhhhhhh discord haha




might order some wine


shes getting owned


vtubers made me less misogynistic


i worship women


cant wait for the vtuber gimmick to die so flipping tired of seeing and hearing about this stupid shite nonstop same with that phone game everyone plays


cant wait for you to die norm


farming candy on fgo




mindblowing that ill be watching a video called the rise and fall of vtubers in like 7 years


sb NOW


what phone game im playing at least 10


i think hes talking about the chink spyware game its also on phones


File: 1601699639592.png (511.15 KB, 720x1280, fgo.png)


damn good game genshin


havin a gnt


love a nice gnt


tardlaughing xah is pasted


what is it




gonno play some factorio



hes balder than me


its over


left a hate comment in a youtube video saying i disliked it


chocolato banana ei ei oh




wish i had a switch so i could own some teens on mario 35


same seems really easy and i know all the secrets




havent booted up the old switch since fire emblem



damn good game fire emblem


fire normblem


made two big corned beef sandwiches but felt full after the first one so i wrapped the other one and put it in the fridge for later


fire emblem rune factory 4 animal crossing damn good games next year theres rune factory 5 and monster hunter rise cant wait


tell me when skyrim 2 comes out


File: 1601703782647.gif (Spoiler Image, 82.77 KB, 498x230, soy.gif)


die twigger


NOThin twig about saving a nice sandwich to savour at its full potential because youre too drunk or bloated


File: 1601707599918.jpg (136.31 KB, 768x640, ClassicBnC_18_tile_Mobile_768x640.jpg)

need a bnc badly


tardlaughing again two in one day is almost unheard of


just spent 8 hours piloting an xwing in squadrons



wonder what its like to have a real mental illness instead of just being a pussy nerd


love tsukino mito but ange is slowly becoming my favorite



satoko armpit banner


File: 1601709907900.mp4 (2.71 MB, 1qTDRMXVlKyJuA9L.mp4)


gamed a bunch struggling to find a good source of crude oil think ill have to set a relay train station


shes NOT gonno get past tick tock clock is over


sigh pika




File: 1601710104592.jpg (108.61 KB, 850x757, c53f2d298ce87c871a178b3e909dec95.jpg)


File: 1601710285454.webm (227.47 KB, 1280x720, 1488070066953.webm)


cant believe redalice is forced by contract to make vtuber songs until the end of time now


wonder if bannernorm is worth playing yet


probably NOT


they played the rapping holoen at mogra


her raps suck


redalice always sucked


gonno bursh then fire up the tsukihima before snoozing


its hard to keep interest in the sister route when shikki killed the cute vampire girl was hoping shed have a route id let her suck my blood anytime sigh


ya akiha blows just wait for the kohaku and hisui routes its the actual story


only one worth doing is arcueid


pikame is crying




game is hard


pikamee electric shark girl


pikamees baste


what kind of sloped forehead retard cant beat sm64




hey man leave her alone


File: 1601711874694.jpg (Spoiler Image, 121.05 KB, 1188x1200, 1596606953076.jpg)


ban ten times


File: 1601711917017.png (8.21 KB, 380x81, pikamee.png)


its for shotas why cant she beat it


we live in fucking hell


File: 1601711978644.png (Spoiler Image, 501.55 KB, 848x1200, f44a8753654a2face2742aa7cda96c06.png)


die fnorm


File: 1601712000539.webm (Spoiler Image, 260.67 KB, 1280x720, cute birl.webm)


shes cursing


pikamee is fnorming


shes cursing




wish i didnt have the t levels of a castrated platypus


sigh pikamee


wish you werent a teen too


pikamee is paste


she did it paste


id like to crush her into paste


hike on back to your teentuber stream norm


hate every vtuber except for pikamee


hey man




you are an actual norm die


pipe down pipsqueak


wish i could get showered in donations for beating a level in a childrens game


if only you had been born with a vagina


Active content: 35.17 GB


pikamee needs some money for a new phone




think im shadowbanned from pikamees chat i dont appear in the stream chat


hate when my kusa doesnt show up in stream chat


might do some sound testing when mom is gone tomorrow to see how much sound leaks out if i game through the tv speakers havent played a console game in months


remembering when mom could hear everything i did even when i tried hard to be quiet and now shes practically deaf


have my ps4 connected to my monitor


neighbors complained to mom i was joing too loud didnt realise i was making any noise but thinking back on it she must have heard it too


nice butthole color


keep your comments to yourself pervert


perfected silentjoing in my teens are you supposed to moan


sometimes one cant help moaning and vibrating the house



ten times more retarded than that norm




there just isnt enough time in the day


thinkin about rereading chaos head


you mean watch right


nah back to gn norm


kilju time


whose eyes are those eyes






File: 1601730496187.png (2.75 MB, 1512x1512, 5D8B22BF-392B-48DC-BE36-4A9A0CD714AB.png)


hate this ccp nigger



need arbys asap




feel free to join me anyone whos here



im watching but i hate eva so fucking much



the boring talky part



nice stream
never understood the last few minutes never got why he would strangle her


he just wanted to feel aNOTher human being



got a roast beef and cheddar snd two gyros


ban this one


oh flip oh flip new love live anime is out


cant watch anime horriblesubs is down


use gg



File: 1601742590600.jpg (576.23 KB, 1717x3127, EjWbizmVcAAR0ky.jpg)





File: 1601744645548.jpg (Spoiler Image, 6.97 MB, 2894x4093, 75859249_p0.jpg)


warning western manpic


File: 1601745196395.jpg (210.36 KB, 1536x864, minecraft kirby.jpg)

what the flip


kirby NOT so sexy anymore



woke up fired up a coffee



korone is playing assassins creed




tired didnt sleep well NOT sure what i want to do with today i could walk and pick up some blogs or i could order some dominos and take it easy


the world is your oyster


might just lay here and do neither


File: 1601749080813.webm (207.83 KB, 466x466, HxH #66 REACTION.webm)


phew feasted hard hima


wonder if theyll invite her to the next podcast


shark girl is about to pass coco in subs





shouldnt have mocked the deaf in one ear guy can feel one of mine starting to close up




karma is NOT real


File: 1601755485781.jpg (Spoiler Image, 976.98 KB, 2000x1500, 1520696865788.jpg)


File: 1601755586078.png (726.41 KB, 971x971, EjPaJo_VgAUxrM1.png)


File: 1601756041685.jpg (4.4 MB, 4096x4096, __himesaka_noa_hoshino_hinata_hoshino_miyako_a….jpg)

hate when this happens


any good eurobeat


gonno try nojo day1


wonder what shes up to right now


guys emergency milk is going to cosplay as a holo


hope the normifornia wildfires reach where she lives and burn her alive


is it en


thats a horrible thing to say


shes gonno cosplay as calliope


you dont mean that


File: 1601757695235.png (161.91 KB, 724x880, d7fb0cc550c7c87059c53b0fd7bc8d23.png)


cant wait to see milks cosplay shes so talented


whos milk



hope she dies


File: 1601758132465.jpg (326.27 KB, 960x1280, 1348292482002.jpg)

the number one jp idol of all time




how is she gonno cosplay mori shes a surfboard


its okay milk is so talented she will make it work



i really really hate you you know that




keep explaining stuff to clueless raiders


hell yeah


the neohimas wont be able to fit in if we dont tell them about jp


sorry i was just trolling


microsoft flight simulator added einzbern castle


stop the world i want to get off


no one cares pussy get lost already


mom made me a cold dinner




unconsciously made my xiv character look like a fgo character never even played fgo


is it scathach


want to be productive today but dont know what to do


ya howd you know


File: 1601760398139.png (Spoiler Image, 178.29 KB, 330x319, be8.png)


stop playing girl characters idiot


never commend males


dump all the trash bags full of empties into a single big trash bag so you can finally throw them out






you could also get rid of the piss bottles so you arent tempted to use them and clean the months of dirt and hair off of your tabletop


if i played a male character id have to stare at manass all day


File: 1601760570536.jpg (Spoiler Image, 845.56 KB, 1200x853, 1518707560243.jpg)



File: 1601760609102.mp3 (68.46 KB, 1493594543667-0.mp3)




never figured out if pnig was lying about the smell of rain


mom bought a 30 pack how is everyone else spending this moderately wild neet evening


love the smell of rain


dont got no blog


are you smarter than a 40 year old gamer vtuber


no she has more life experience


girls cant do shit other than suck dick


thats more than what you can do


File: 1601761989130.jpg (188.46 KB, 770x800, 6499493629236.jpg)


wouldve gotten all of those wrong except the triangle one


the mommylivers


dont think i could pass an iq test i couldnt even finish highschool


if you couldnt finish high school you would probably do well on an iq test because its NOT something you can bruteforce like the norms that thought they were smart for memorizing 150 facts for a test that didnt matter


whats the point of memorizing stuff you can just google the answer anyways like who invented the double lid thermal bottle


this is going to be as the youth says pog


never understood what the point of learning math is after they invented calculators


think its to NOT end up as a mentally atrophied retard by constantly exercising your ability to think


so you know which equations solve which problems


thats what they tell you but its actually for the reason i said wish i had learned that 15 years ago but maybe new game plus will be different


those vbitches are stealing our european culture hima we must make cover publish an apology letter and ban them for a month



i weep in sorrow


File: 1601764708584.mp4 (3.92 MB, gibara.mp4)


File: 1601764763290.jpg (246.14 KB, 1430x2048, EilohgNVgAAmdmS.jpg)


is that a record stuck to the back of her head what the flip


thats NOT the focus of the image


big bro is playing the new fifa



miss playing poker on the weekends with big bro too bad his norm friends thought i was an atypical schizo antisocial freak now im NOT invited anymore


finished reading daigos book



do you have the will to keep winning now


woke up at 10 this morning been gaming ever since been a while since i had such a heavy gamer sesh it was a good day


what the shite bros how come a lovely vtuber knows who invented the xray or what a chord is and i dont


wakespermed got the flapper banner


yes daigo says that whats important isnt the amount of time spent its keeping up the effort and realizing changes and improvements in that period


sigh went downstairs to drink water and mom made me wash the dishes


owned non


my winning son


started simply filling the sink squirting soap into it and leaving dishes in there mom hasnt told me to do the dishes since


been doing that for years


File: 1601769565807.png (83.61 KB, 250x419, 1522376791709.png)


the dish washer just sprays hot water everywhere it doesnt actually scrub and clean the dishes idiots disgusting you eat off those plates


only use paper plates


File: 1601769866984-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 115.06 KB, 1200x789, 1598546679700-1.jpg)

File: 1601769866984-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 363.12 KB, 1536x2048, 1598546679700-0.jpg)


mom scrubs it after i leave it there we dont even have a dish washer



woke up mornin hima


dont forget to read and highlight your favorite posts


gonno have a cold meatball sub


i went downstairs to fill up my glass at the sink and mom didnt even NOTice me



foolish boober


gaming hard


File: 1601771636398.jpg (829.36 KB, 1169x1471, Ei3SIbhUwAAmDSt.jpg)


hate trying to pvp and killing the healer and NOT NOTicing the second healer and think im just flipping up big time on the first healer


paste normgame player


what did you like about those posts


our neetblog who art in hell


i thought it was nice that they decided to share some art everybody can enjoy with the rest of us


no one wants to see that vile sexnorm art


might drink a blog might NOT drink a blog


speak for yourself


cracking number three right now


any manga recs




whats that one where the 30 year old virgin turns into a sexy lady i think i have a few panels of it saved on an old hard drive


i dont know there are hundreds exactly like that


pikamee is streaming


pikamee electric shark girl



got a song stuck in my head never going to be able to figure it out


stop posting those eng whores here


look norm these english speaking camroasts are protected hima heritage if you dont believe me just go to jp and look at their general full of teenagers


File: 1601773827825.png (275.67 KB, 679x674, ulkscwqe9yq51.png)


already read that one


whats wrong with english arent we watching higurashis dub


die norm


File: 1601774094093.mp3 (226.26 KB, yuzuki choco.mp3)


get ready hima


need a manga rec asap


ill kill you myself


i wont let you


File: 1601774387556.mp3 (3.88 MB, 18 Swan Lee - Tomorrow Never Dies.mp3)

is it this


File: 1601774524415.jpg (43.43 KB, 750x883, 1601770864280.jpg)


no but thats equally annoying


didnt realize ps5 was next month do i need to preorder


theyre sold out


how is that possible they can just make more


File: 1601775056781.jpg (214.73 KB, 500x902, ab9648a438e35bdc4f8eb39f266103f5.jpg)


pika got killed


gonno watch pikamee


wish i could enjoy watching streamers


check out idunNOTitsweird


File: 1601775406599.png (5.54 KB, 316x116, 2-25-2017.png)





any sonic streams




he was living a lavish richneet life and threw it all away for a few hours of pleasure


playing factorio


wiped some slime off my forehead might be time for the weekly darkshower


File: 1601776321791.jpg (133.32 KB, 1102x1378, fd705dbaf0088a3ec156e0d9ff9d5687.jpg)


mom said shes gonno take me to the blog store later and i just ate a big corned beef sandwich and wrapped one up for later hoo boy its gonno be a good day


thats a child


childs dont have breasts or tattoos





mom drank all the wine


it was a really big one with everything on it


some do


wish i was a sexy child


you wouldnt want that the peds would be all over you


you can get them to donate


simply blackmail the peds that arent chad


im chadpedcel


File: 1601777149546.png (3.88 MB, 1920x2196, [Judas] Akame ga Kill! - 03.mkv_snapshot_08.20….png)


hate naked girls


she looks like my gf


the pink girl


if i ever get reincarnated as a sexy lady ill post sexy pics here for you guys


was going to post about this because i started tardlaughing that he stopped his childjo to call the cops on himself and wondered why they were bent out of shape about what was on his monitor and his emaciated grandmother in the dungeon



File: 1601777635359.mp4 (3.92 MB, gibara.mp4)


guess ill have to sacrifice myself and become the mansions sexy ladieslut




guess its time for a nice torjo


have fun in the pokey


playing league with the bros


as for me im tanking


older bro got me 2 burgs 2 drinks and 2 fries


got my favorite banner


hell ya whats on the burgs whats in the drink cups


old hima didnt have brother posters


as for me im crafting walls for my crude oil expedition


old hima had that guy that posted about his dad taking him to see star wars


havent seen pastaguy post about his vineyard and farm in ages


things were better before neetblog had a name


i dont live there anymore we moved back to the city


there was a guy posting about his brother giving him haircuts back in the day




hate the big city


had to live in a poor area in the city for a few years in middle school there were no niggers but there were some mean looking jks who would hang around the playground so i only talked to the fat kid who wore socks and sandals and played yugioh


that was me


mom made shitty burgers eddie murphy was right


want flip and then cuddle the blonde fox girl from danmachi


might fire up a frozen burrito and watch a movie if i can decide on one


made my own excercise routine


is it jo


dont forget your neck isolations


still want your ten dollars well youre NOT getting a dime



should i snooze


ya hima is lamer than usual ill be snoozing myself in a bit


you cant snooze


wonder if i would donate superchats to pikamee and sub to aris if i had a job


what else would you spend money on


hated that guy glad hes NOT here anymore


should i donate my free google play credit to pika


thats me you bastard


send it to cham


drugs food computer hardware gamer paraphernalia and alcohol


i think i would become a buyfag and collect figurines dakis posters calendars etc


wish i could have that stuff but mom would rage


i would rather buy something practical like character albums that you cant find for download online


you would just be buying some japs old trash because theres barely any anime worth paying for merchandise of in the last 12 years


File: 1601783114553.jpg (Spoiler Image, 575.93 KB, 2000x2188, 80885308_p0.jpg)



hate virgin blood


dont want a figure thats already been hotglued


you dont have a choice unless you buy seasonal normime figurines you have no attachment to theyll either have been spermed or in a room filled with smoke for years forcing you to soak them in the sink for days


havent had either of those problems with the figs i bought


no if you arent buying new production run figures from teenshows theyve been masturbated upon


no no no thats NOT possible


File: 1601784490028.jpg (61.57 KB, 638x483, 1524182620062.jpg)


sigh hes just like me


never found the source for that pic even though i was the one who posted it originally


i drew it


i was the one who originally drew and posted it


i posted it originally liar


i neetblog was the one to discover and post that image but im NOT telling you the source


File: 1601784803535.gif (420.24 KB, 400x600, 1538984878647.gif)


posted that gif originally too


sigh you are right whats the point of buying a figure if im NOT emotionally attached to the character




for aesthetics


eating chococake


sigh wish i was fuarkkin sick and shredded


raging hard trying to find some files i misplaced where the flip did they go


stop eating sweets and eat a nice savory meal instead


savory isnt real its a japanese meme


tardlaughed hehe


sick of the standing split fad already


you disgust me



miss 50mb denpa flacs


File: 1601787126368.mp3 (19.29 MB, 01 Track 1.mp3)

are mp3s ok


im more of a toromi man myself




dont know what country these ragheads are from but they cant sing for shit


subaru duck hat girl


sigh love wind waker


1000 people playing swg legends its nge but thats a lot of people playing


clean shaved



magnet girl


showered shaved my pits and chest hair


uh no one told me danmachi is airing


its trash thats why


no it isnt


i posted about wanting to flip the fox girl and yes it is trash


whats your excuse for NOT knowing japanese yet


paste winning son roberu


are you winning son


went to the blog store got some zywiecs


were waiting for suncrusher


any anime i should be watching right now since horriblesubs is gone i dont know whats airing at this moment only show ive watched so far is higurashi its a 10


die malguy


is gochuumon usagi out yet


suncrusher is never coming out


gochiusa is NOT out yet watch love live its a 10 too and kuma kuma bear when it comes out


youre wrong its right around the corner


wasnt it right around the corner 8 years ago


we have to be patient



dont understand why norms are obsessed with no game no life


the norms


purple girl


the norms did this to me


Severe color vision deficiency
Test result: 6 %


fire up the enchromas


those dont really work


the norms


File: 1601795574719.jpg (655.23 KB, 3733x3651, 121a91da3d52e50e5a61661ff33e4e83.jpg)

gonno snooze


toilet flooded had to use my clothes to soak up all the water gonno have to get a space heater to make sure its all dry


what the flip why NOT use towels


didnt have enough towels


bed time wish me luck


good luck


live malbro


gonno play tsukihima


mom has at least 50 towels NOT sure why


File: 1601797822816.jpg (43.48 KB, 857x451, daigo.jpg)


give kohaku a nice snapping for me


File: 1601800291858.jpg (320.27 KB, 1306x1819, 120703570_774232769828259_9195575731769601580_….jpg)


weird text bubble positions


NOThing weird


File: 1601803632415.jpg (297.63 KB, 1920x1080, EgWPsVHU4AAfLDa.jpg)


get the flip away from me you flippin vroast


would love to come home from work and cook dinne for towa sigh


File: 1601806313445.png (2.34 MB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come….png)


watched the new love live anime is better than the other 4 seasons combined nijigasaki is pure soul


I always figured they must have featured it dubbed on normflix or something it was utterly mediocre as a show i can barely remember what happened


File: 1601815802977.png (334.27 KB, 368x1076, 1601803522598.png)


had a dream where went to buy something from an electronics store and they made me put on mask and wash my hands in front of the cashier before paying while there was huge line behind me


File: 1601818557824.jpg (79.39 KB, 1024x636, 1601818115146.jpg)

why are whites and japanese so bloodthirsty


File: 1601820645533.png (1.97 MB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come….png)



skipped this show sadly


baste cakefoid owning the norms


nigs arent smart enough to keep a record


recorded being the key word


File: 1601825542410.png (149.96 KB, 1016x806, Screenshot 2020-10-04 183150.png)




baste norms


File: 1601826414999.jpg (Spoiler Image, 71.67 KB, 723x682, 10e234q13zq51.jpg)



for the norwooders


youll love it



woke up and fired up a nice ntrjo


you self inserted as the ntrer right







File: 1601833909034.jpg (989.31 KB, 1078x1500, 78386853_p0.jpg)



do girls actually walk around with no underwear


all the time


the norms



should i game or wallstare today




gonno wallstare


might enter the beautiful world of monster hunter


become the iceborne


sigh the handler


File: 1601835627140.jpg (92.72 KB, 720x685, 1601831813201.jpg)


File: 1601835713578.webm (1.04 MB, 358x640, 1575931637779.webm)


nojo day 2


would pnig take a cyanide pill if he was to acquire one


heading to the new world on a new character


hes too arrogant to rope


gaming hard


too lazy to game or watch


File: 1601837961676.jpg (189.61 KB, 671x649, 1518251520543.jpg)




wonder which pokegirls have had the most sperm dedicated to them


you know


File: 1601841654153.jpg (330.39 KB, 1920x1080, EjZgpOfVoAE5IDl.jpg)


she should be cooking for you


File: 1601842055789.gif (699.51 KB, 480x270, 1522283827701.gif)


nice woke up hi



File: 1601846781168.gif (173.34 KB, 453x360, 1597110493551.gif)


am i NOT supposed to eat sunflower seed shells they are the best part


never found out that one myself NOT sure about pumpkin seeds either


love a good toasted pumpkin seed and akukin seed


youre supposed to lick them for the salty taste


why would you eat them you cant digest them


wish i could eat grass


they taste good






never understood why japanese sounds completely different from chinese even though they share characters


the world must speak chinese by 2050


made a cheeky tanned gacha life character on my imoutos phone


big pasts is boiling


joined the rebel alliance gonno become a pilot now too



kitty is snoozing on my lap



himas flipping dead


is sunday why is no one posting


im gaming sorry


everyone is at church



NOT that church


File: 1601855999108.mp4 (4.14 MB, 1597106427781.mp4)


what the flip im having pizza right now


used to do that hehe


no ones posting because they left the board


just have NOThing interesting to say


File: 1601857105322.jpg (1.17 MB, 1798x2980, 1601856832497.jpg)


why do they make the pokegirls so sexy i thought it was a childrens game


sexy lil bitches


mom made burgs was too lazy to make them myself but they look okay


they taste okay too might have aNOTher or four


hell yeah


File: 1601858366507.jpg (208.41 KB, 1280x1024, OBSESSED-obsessed-5802552-1280-1024.jpg)


internet is so boring today gonno watch anime


already been watching anime for the past 8 hours gotta binge watch because tomorrow my real life begins


uh what do you mean


still dont understand why pepe was chosen as a symbol of the hk protests


also use the neet approved term marathon instead of that normteen word you used


woke up hey there hima


hes a norm and has a job


File: 1601859407261.jpg (58.25 KB, 640x960, 1565903839823.jpg)


norms say marathon too


hate nons


File: 1601860007461.gif (1.36 MB, 250x194, 1550888725830.gif)



love my pasted winning son




gonno watch nasubi


watching evangelion


cousin works at a dispensary


dont know what that is and NOT sure if i want to


NOT the cousin meme again


File: 1601863428348.jpg (99.45 KB, 752x1080, 1448265059750.jpg)

its almost halloween time


spent over an hour with my cousin hes a drug matenorm and i had to laugh at the stuff he showed me it was tough trying to act like im NOT a pathetic weeb


gonno buy lots of candy so my house is popular with the sexy ladies


wait the current covid19 pandemic might ruin my plans


sigh i forgot about that


the chinks even ruined halloween now too


did he give you any drugs to abuse alone in your room


File: 1601864367741.jpg (623.47 KB, 2150x3035, efb538c184c1aa6a1bb23fe6f775b41c.jpg)


im NOT a norm id have thrown it away




we already decided that drug use in and of itself isnt norm but the most common methods by which they can be acquired are norm


shut it norm


nah its norm through and through


hate norms weaseling their way in to everything


woke up sore and wheezing found some burritos in the fridge


wish i had a burrito


havent had a burrito in months


~( ̄▽ ̄)~*


might game later if the planets align just right


game for 10 hours earlier exploring the new world



what the norms have done to me


the norms


someone said they were taking a stress leave from work and rushia recommended minami ke



the norms are inside my mind


wish i was obsessed


hate the norm who keeps bringing up norms


ran up the stairs on my hands and knees making serval noises



drinking tonic water


File: 1601868876650.png (1.49 MB, 1280x1440, [HorribleSubs] Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou - 03 [7….png)


its a stone luigi



put my request in


wish i had money


wish i had sour keys


and chocolate milk


File: 1601870443640.jpg (143.67 KB, 1102x1360, 84672e93119bcef0ff8a7f637fee9d08.jpg)


File: 1601870891557.jpg (476.95 KB, 1440x2663, 20201001.jpg)


decided NOT to buy amd stock after recalling what asmon said in that one video


finished automating plastics sulfur advanced circuits engines and chemical science packs hima


why wouldnt it be


the norms


love letting the norms spy on me with drones


its NOT spying its looking through a window you dont need a drone for that most of that time


the norms spying on us from the skies


very cute


how is that cute hes a freak


im a gamer NOThing more NOThing less


these parent rp episodes of norm art online are really weird


File: 1601873640869.png (4.92 MB, 1920x1080, [Judas] Sword Art Online S1 - 12-00_19_25-0001.png)

what the heck is even going on in this trash


any anime i should watch right now before i fire up tsukihima


die spynorm


stream so i can turn it on for 3 seconds and then close it immediately leaving you streaming to no one


wish i could jo to the point where my legs give out sounds nice


guess im firing up tsukineohima


wonder if i should fire up a nice bag of popcorns


its in the microwave


eating it



ate the whole bag


tummy hurts


the norms did this to me


File: 1601877520505.png (333.7 KB, 660x720, 1524357282292.png)




got tricked


remember that time i spammed this image


hate thinking about an anime and thinking about what i was doing in life at the time


glad i didnt fall for the animeme


in 9 years ill be 40 but 9 years ago i was spending most of my time wallstaring i think its about time to ragequit this broken game


8 for me


remember going to the video store in my pajamas to rent the cowboy bebop movie those were the best times of my life


i think i almost went unironically insane a few years back when i was just coming to realize that reality really is this bad and its actually happening


cant wait to be a 40 year old alcoholic target shelf stocker


the offline hima meetup has to happen before that


File: 1601878609090.jpg (749.46 KB, 960x1280, thad target.jpg)


what do you mean are we all going to work at the same target


no were all going to travel to a remote island and jump off a cliff as the first of us gets close to 40 and that guy thats already in his 40s can join us


wonder what theyll think 50 years from now when they find a pile of skeletons on an island 200 miles from the japanese coast


they were gamers


kirito became a fairy and now hes flying around with a pixie guide


shut up everyone else already saw it all years ago backlognorm


he kept all of his skills from norm art online and now hes the same character but a fairy


that was when i stopped watching it keep us updated please


will do


thinking about ceruleans


watched kemono friends when the first episode came out for aya uchida before the memes


liked it before it was popular


File: 1601884747378.jpg (1.03 MB, 1810x1162, 7f8e7834a108974bedba57a166900023.jpg)


File: 1601896157315.png (269.29 KB, 720x720, woke up.png)



office woman put a deposit on a $1500 half serval half housecat



File: 1601902944293.webm (21.91 MB, 720x404, 1601894923288.webm)


there goes the webm quota for the rest of the year


NOT feelin so good


did some laundry and scrubbed the tub tummy hurts think i started moving around too fast after breakfast still have to finish cleaning the bathroom and vacuum and take out the trash



time to become a go getter


Active content: 35.27 GB


each user gets 6gb of content


can i upload a nice 6gb webm


yes but you wont be able to post afterwards


the kids kept me up all night hima dont fall for the fatherhood meme


File: 1601907059104.jpg (96.61 KB, 802x1200, EjjGEcFUcAEOktt.jpg)


tried watching the nijisanji among us collab but got bored after two games how do teens watch this all day



File: 1601909210298.png (578.96 KB, 898x896, unknown.png)


cut myself bad shaving in the shower




got a headache




are you trying to get the water badge


no the kemono friends cerulean


i didnt progress


pizza hut for gamers by gamers


how come pizza always tastes better the next day


sorana watched the new love live


going to marathon mlpfim



doesnt even arouse me shes just a fat frumpster


are you too good for a fat frumpster


what the flip shes got just 14k subscribers and yet some simp is translating for her


on the internet its easy to look down on them but in real life youd probably get a bone from a simple hug




File: 1601919188952.webm (461.15 KB, 316x312, car.webm)


File: 1601919331540.png (27.18 KB, 490x292, unknown.png)


im telling onseki the vsimps are getting arrogant


whining to the discordjan cant think of anything more neohima than that


File: 1601919821560.png (1.8 MB, 2039x2558, 1601390734849.png)



File: 1601919898791.webm (3.44 MB, 1280x720, screaming.webm)


youre going to be in big trouble once onseki gets off work



is malguy here i need to know what i should be watching this season


he gave higurashi a 10


fire him a message on the discord


i dont use discord could you message him for me


im sure you do


damn you reverse dabbed on that cordbro


erai raws site is so ugly looking how am i supposed to replace horriblesubs with this i cant even tell which anime is new or NOT


sigh i look like a damn wop


buy yourself a nice crunchyroll subscription and support the industry


File: 1601921968826.jpg (186.02 KB, 900x1200, 1601919293567.jpg)


only fitting that kigurumi would get posted on neohima at its end




its me
the kigblog


only fitting


im kigfreak


its a man


NOThing wrong with a nice man


how do you know its a man



would you flip a man that looked like a foid


what makes it a man if it looks like a foid




accidentally moved the anime window the same time the camera panned gave me some weird vertigo


mom sat next to me as i was watching a vtuber


File: 1601925832087.png (1.33 MB, 1252x710, EeXvfU6X0AAXPRZ.png)


paste aris




should i play party animals



File: 1601927379751.png (110.32 KB, 525x840, 1351834336487.png)



is it pekora is that why you linked it




wonder how the chinks will use that footage to hurt her


why do foids like attention so much


thats NOT limited to women norms in general crave attention just look at the teens and their personas


File: 1601929320751.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.66 MB, 3264x2448, 1587523475614.jpg)


fired up a nice hot water bottle



wish i had a frozen lasagna to go along with this hot water bottle


File: 1601930900508.jpg (1.39 MB, 1169x1771, 84781493_p3.jpg)


love da vinci chan


le rustle face


its dripping


wish i was her


leveling my final class in xiv


tired can barely move my mouse


File: 1601933106349.jpg (Spoiler Image, 749.48 KB, 1280x1795, 82447956_p0.jpg)


love a good butthole


i prefer vagina


hate seeing the bhole


File: 1601935169295.png (1.94 MB, 1920x1080, [EMBER] Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Mach….png)

bath episode first episode


weighing the pros and cons of roping


pros its over cons its NOT over


wish mom would just up and split one day so i could do it without having to consider her reaction


gonno learn to Drive by 2022 and if NOThing else has changed ill start calling to get into a state licensed electricians program


it takes a week to learn to drive what the hell


yeah to physically operate the machine


freetube is a lot better now


but its still bloated



forgot i was going to stop joing and cracking until after i spermed and chugged a blog


ars is still gaming


the 5g tower fried my brain




did the test pass


ya i was getting some errors yesterday


the green elf girl is helping elf kirito learn how to fly and he learned how to fly without the support controller after his first attempt


why doesnt kirito have to go to school


i think they explained it by saying the japanese government made a tard school for all the gamers


oh that makes sense


NOT sure i like green asuna


oh green asuna is kiritos sister cousin




always get peer pressured into downloading 1080p because it has more seeders and downloads


cant tell the difference between 720p and 1080p




gonno slam aNOTher blog or two mom made chicken burritos


love a good chicken burrito


dont like this evil legolas character either


File: 1601942939709.jpg (896.5 KB, 973x1100, 558ed5bbe7a7829f23a0d03b6a318ba8.jpg)


wish i was a sexnorm



green asuna managed to cook a burg for herself and kirito and have a shower all in 20 minutes that would take me over an hour


thats too fast



kirito is an actual chad attractive and can do everything better than everyone else and has his harem of female worshipers crying because he wont flip them of course you cant compare yourself to what they can do you arent even norm level he even had a big boob sis


i was talking about green asuna sister cousin NOT kirito


i could be an echad if i wanted to


cant believe there are twitch streamers who make millions that still live in small apartments


barely any fish slicing in this thread whats going on


hima is reclining after freakeye stopped spamming


animation budget skyrocketed on episode 20


crying for the freak who is alone in this world too intelligent to ever see eye to freakeye with anyone


whats the point of spending money cant think of anything i dont own that would make my life considerably better


i know drinking out of the can is the most unpleasant delivery method but i still do it and spend an hour feeling like im going to spew


you have to buy a cool car


mom said money makes people happy





kitty is licking her belly




cant believe the shark girl passed coco in subs


i can
its all normshite



File: 1601947080190.webm (925.62 KB, 1920x1080, 1601934740295.webm)


basically me getting dressed except instead of a cute teenaged girl im a fat hairy unwashed manchild


moms talking about college again she said i need to talk to an advisor dont know what the flip she is talking about but she said i have to do it before the end of this week she can flip off i dont care


mom talked about college today as well she gave me the ynag talk


its ok were too cool for school just get that license and we can become journeymen in the same trade


license to kill


your boobs disappear like that too


woke up feelin terrible


its okay you only have like ten thousand days left to live



NOT true he has twenty thousand days left


nice mental hospital asmr


stuck in ultra silver playing guile


even my estimate is overly optimistic for any of the posters here older than twenty


talking about my old mp3 players with mom and sis used to go to hs listening to yes or jrock every day


mine only fit 15 songs


was scared to pull my chinkshite mp3 player out because i didnt want anyone asking me to listen and have them find out im listening to gay ass anime music


same it didnt have a screen either had to remember the order of the tracks manually


what happened to the funny guys


same but NOT the ipad looking mp3 player with no visor some chink looking one with clear blue plastic casing and like 126 mb of storage by the time i was senior hs mom got me one of those thumb drive mp3s with 1gb


miss the funny guys


im funny looking does that count




got doxxed sigh


pasted matthew


gonno watch the new south park episode


thinking about making aNOTher bag of popcorn


gonno take a bath


live bather


it will probably be terrible


two episodes later it tells you why hes NOT going to school


what does he plan to do in a few years hes NOT studying and doesnt have any hands on experience all he does is game all day


hes going to found a ngo with other members of the sao incident to help provide support for people suffering video game addiction


wonder if vtubers exist in the age of augmented vr


bored as hell might earlysnooze




no its kind of funny


same gonno jerk it first though


woke up hands feel swollen mom bought calzones






watched the ben carlson movie with mom


green asuka has dreamcatchers in her room


shes what the girls call basic bitch


kirito died to the mass production evangelion units but his cousin sister confessed her love to him and he didnt know what to do but now hes strong enough to defeat them


hope you are going to play the games next


they all looked really bad


installed among us


made yakisoba


is it microwaved




sigh he loved making yakisoba


just had the messiest shite of my life kept farting while it was coming out and it was exploding all over my cheeks and the bowl


Eep. Bullet le dodged.


my butt hurts


never understood why the heart symbol is shaped like that if it looks NOThing like a heart


kirito did it he became god and holds the world seed and almost slit the bad guys throat then he reunited with asuna


time for sperm #2




should i watch season 2


yeah the fairy one blows in comparison



its an arse or boobies




someone stream alien isolation


damn good game


too scary


about to triplejo


youre a madman


mom wants to talk to me about college tomorrow sigh gonno see if i can convince her to just wait until next year and ill rope before then


tell her youre busy gaming


why NOT just do it
its all online now and you get mom off your back and you might even get some extra pocketmoney


why NOT just be a norm


never understood how colorizing works how do they know what color things were


yeah why NOT


you can take out loans and spend the money on snacks and games



cant believe that guy that was blogging about going to college a few weeks ago already became a full blown norm and abandoned us


the norms only take from us and give NOThing in return


dont intice him to post again flip that norm


wonder if i would have had a dad if i was japanese


hope my old net friend is enjoying his married life i havent talked to him since he told me months ago


they just guess





when will i be able to hack sign


that show was a snoozer


it was a show for gamers


bored NOT sure what to do


fire up a nice hot water bottle and stare at neohima for hours on end


jump in front of a truck and be transported to the anime gamer realm


take it back



akiha ending was pretty depressing so far the only heroines who were allowed to have a nice true end was ciel gonno try the maids route tomorrow


gotta love tsukihima





the maid routes are the actual routes


watching the fart eop vtuber rap mixer review remixes


cant parse that post


wonder if my pc can run crysis yet



usamin in the new imas game


he loved leaf water


File: 1601987351554.jpg (118.46 KB, 940x1200, EjpOoGxU8Ag9jUi.jpg)


almost got doxxed once but my name is so common they got the wrong guy hehe


File: 1601987533314.jpg (56.23 KB, 821x608, 1601245856530.jpg)



feel bad for the people that never left 4/jp/ saw a thread of them complaining about the endless teentuber spam


invite them to hima


ate soap can still taste it flipping hell knew those dishes werent rinsed properly



back from the grocery store mom watched me walking from her window and said i look like a robot


nice nonbot


do the dishes like once a month when mom forces me to she says i take too long but thats because i clean everything properly one at a time


hate pulling out a soaking wet plate from the cupboard because moms too tard to let them dry before shoving them in there


File: 1601994663595-0.jpg (2.05 MB, 1254x1771, 84717337_p0.jpg)

File: 1601994663595-1.jpg (2.09 MB, 1254x1771, 84717497_p0.jpg)

File: 1601994663595-2.jpg (1.73 MB, 1771x1254, 84717497_p4.jpg)


thats a hide


File: 1601995422619.jpg (612.09 KB, 800x1131, EjoN1NxVkAAaUx4.jpg)


always thought it would be cool to be able to do splits after seeing goku and ganondorf do it but never was able to stretch enough



when will it be my turn for a senk to shoobie doobie mofu mofu


you just gotta practice


File: 1601996931522-0.jpg (188.6 KB, 1000x1333, EjaUk81VcAc8TVj.jpg)

File: 1601996931522-1.jpg (3.17 MB, 2508x3541, EjY1znRVoAA1u7F.jpg)

File: 1601996931522-2.jpg (394.75 KB, 2100x3730, Ejmc6_oU8AA9J36.jpg)


dont like this leg meme


the last 5 or so memes to come out of japan have been garbage



drinking a coffee


theres only one or two seasonal normime left to air might work through some of these and see which ones blow


what day does higurashi air


last thursday


the norms


File: 1602004124641.mp4 (1.28 MB, poosy.mp4)


should i install genshin impact


File: 1602004320623.mp4 (1.53 MB, genshin.mp4)



clean it up discordjan


joined the 暇海賊団



why doesnt she use that sexy voice instead of the high pitch squeals




now thats the voice of a slut


its NOT


File: 1602006508664.gif (1.39 MB, 500x280, 94e4d794ad293f018470fcd60c117b97.gif)


need a nice bogan haachama gf


youve got to be a sick cunt


she has a bogan accent


has she been doxxed yet


File: 1602008124714.jpg (193.84 KB, 960x960, haato.jpg)


guys the fight for keepstar in eve is reaching its climax they had 4k players in local yesterday its exciting


the bogandumpster


File: 1602009031782.jpg (1.89 MB, 2000x1435, 83214747_p0.jpg)





wish i had the tism



guys i got an interview as a 3d designer monday this is it my dudes





File: 1602011566852.jpg (189.64 KB, 1378x1378, Eg_in3tU0AEYqWh.jpg)


didnt know japan has the same outlet plugs


literally me


File: 1602011917720.jpg (14.79 KB, 250x250, 1602007993301.jpg)






seems like im tired no matter how many hours i sleep


nice 16 filename


that means youre sleeping too much


even with a 16 file name at least he has it saved on his computer most neohimas havent even seen that image before today


nah i just saw it on the big 4 and sometimes when i see an old image i link it here for the nostalgia


gonno rename all my files to 16


no no no you cant ruin your legacy like that


delete everything older than 14 its time to turn over a new leaf


uh do you NOT resave images youve already saved whenever you see them


no since im NOT schizoid


no youre just demented


guys im really getting the itch to play eve again might rejoin goon


i used to save everything then i had all three of my computers crash so i stopped saving things since theyll probably get nuked anyway


ive avoided that by buying new drives every few years and rarely powering the old ones on


i have everything from 2013-2016 backed up luckily those were the best years of my sad little life


gonno start calling my pc my rig


how could those dark years be the best and NOT 2007


dont remember a single thing about 2012 or earlier


have everything important backed up on the emergency thinkpad


think i have an abscess in my throat NOT like im NOT prepared for the diagnosis


2015-2018 was baste


wonder when the jojo meme will die





dont enjoy media dont enjoy the net dont want to leave the house or get a job what is a tard to do


start wandering around outside its NOT that bad


its fine until you have to talk to someone


carry a rake and unclog drains


can uninstall all the genshin anticheat stuff and the game runs with no ban


you could also just play a good game instead


sigh wish my pc could run genshin


have to try a game to call it bad cant be a norm


buying bg3


my computer doesnt even have enough power to open the website let alone the game


i wouldnt waste my hard drive space on that garbage




love being a norm by NOT downloading normgames


gotta agree youre norm


its a really good game stop believing what your vbros say


downloading it maybe i can run it somehow


the vteens love chink garbage like that


calling games you have NOT even tried bad is norm he can at least call it bad after playing it


what does norm mean




absurd i can make the judgement call from video clips you probably just cant tell how bad it is because youve spent years playing mmos for 12 hours a day and dont remember what good games are like


gotta hand it to those chinks they know how to game


you cant judge an immersive game from clips since youre NOT the one being immersed


missing dlls of course
my pirated win 8 install keeps screwing me over


aris said its good


buy the dlls


neohima hours


is 16gbs of ram enough for genshin


i have 16 and my hundreds of tabs only crash sometimes while playing


i have 16 and my one hima tab only crashes sometimes too


File: 1602019324233.png (366 KB, 1188x848, supreme gentlemare.png)



theres a coon in the yard


woke up hey there hima


hey go back to sleep we are being raided


just realized i was told more lies than truths growing up
cant believe the norms really tried to talk me into eating 11 breads a day and exposing my teeth to toxic elements after every meal


what do you mean you arent eating 11 servings of white bread a day


File: 1602021951909.jpg (384.52 KB, 1115x1600, 1602021204202.jpg)


of course its a norwooder


whats wrong with norwooding


theyre bad people


how can you say that about me



how come theres no monkey vtuber


you could become the first one


File: 1602024024070.png (394.16 KB, 619x479, EjUNh0SVcAAIXTf.png)



NOT allowed to have fancy vending machines here because of the niggers




why do nigs ruin everything



had a mentoring through zoom was a little nervous because she asked me to turn on my camera




then why do they have them in france


theyre more segregated there maybe


french are polite and classy




french are arrogant and stupid hate them


pekora tried to warn them


im poor low corporate and social ladder badmannered manbabycel


dont worry they forgot to include 白人


firing up some bald gate 2


hate strolling into the living room and mom is watching some npc show


when are you going to delete that coolped thread


File: 1602030569991.jpg (91.05 KB, 1024x538, 1601883987707.jpg)


is a neet NOT entitled to the sweat of his balls


bored any cool vids or streams


called someone a baizuo


what is spam book chat



new ross


NOT a game dungeon


playing genshin


might order fish and chips


should i fire up eve genshin or the hima realm


what about tsukihima


File: 1602034375926.jpg (289.09 KB, 1280x720, 1602029039628.webm_snapshot_00.01.071.jpg)

nice i9-9900k and rtx 2080 to play minecraft at 720p


cant even play 1080p because my monitor doesnt support it


dont forget java capping ram at 2gb


you should prioritize monitor over gpu


damn fine rig


had a new one but it hurt my eyes so i sold it to mom


mom is trying to convince me on whom to vote for


is she telling you to vote for jorgensen


dont remember telling hima that mom is a libertarian are you a doxxer


what kind of flipping monitor or tablet is 1179x666


its satantic


why dont they make 4k 144hz crts




anyone gonno watch taiso samurai with me


windowed game to fit with chat popup and stuff


nice lolbertarian mum


NOThing lol


sanzang and gawain look really cool


sigh arash


posted in my head earlier that ross is living the dream


hope arash kills himself every episode and they just ignore it when he comes back




watching ross


mom buys my clothes at ross


gonno grab myself a nice tiedye at ross


still have my tie dye beanie baby that is worth millions


anyone know why genshin got popular its NOT like theyre a known dev team


its been viraled for weeks now its just the new normgame people only install because they think theyre missing out on something that isnt shite


its unique and well done and has been hyped for years


dont even know what it is


some chinese offline mmo where you press buttons and big numbers flash on the screen


nah its the only open world game with the japanese aesthetic


ya thats what i said


log in hima quartz embers and apples in the master missions and present box



whats up niggas


only niggers can call each other that



ban both these norms


ban this nigger


File: 1602046219421.png (Spoiler Image, 427.07 KB, 532x914, shirt.png)







watame sheep kojo girl


got my ten quartz and all the embers but im panicking hima the next event needs lostbelt 2 completed and i still havent started shimousa and agartha should i skip them for now and start the dec 31st 2019 prologue do i have enough time and i was planning on clearing the current events shop guess ill have to give up on that and stop after finishing mission 100


give u0


no clue what you just said gamblenorm


the only norm here is you


what about me


watching norm art online season 2 its about a gun mmo


sorry forgot that phone games arent norm


NOThing norm


woke up and lojod mom made spaghetti and garlic bread


love playing chinkshite on my normphone while ballin @ da club and then flipping over to the hima tab to call some people norms before taking some pics for the gram no cap


dont know what no cap means


love the discordjans pals


honestly NOT sure but i see it on the internet so i thought it would make a good addition


what would mom do if she knew you jod off to lo


mindblowing that mom offered to let me touch her feet in exchange for doing some chores did she think i was going to sniff her toes then run upstairs and jo what kind of single mother crap is that and why did she think i was a footfreak to begin with


mom already caught me joing a few times so she doesnt come upstairs anymore


mom celshamed me over the weekend there was some teen chadlet and his teengf and mom said why cant you get a girl like that the worst part is im pretty sure they heard and the girl probably spit up in her mouth a little


she assumed youre a footfreak since youre autistic


prefer legs


gonno snooze


dad is excited over the prospect of life in the atmosphere of venus


feet are too vanilla for autistics they get cursed with kinks like pones or vore or kigs


or kirby


or agp


the norms


have a norm fetish love joing to norms


the norms are here




the norms


cracked beer number 4


why does the lovelive school look like a prison


green kirito jumped off a building directly at a minigun had her leg blown off and still managed to fire her sniper rifle while falling


the index


nice snap piss hard


the boys.


the main bad guy wants to kill green kirito he had a photo of her on his pc


accidentally went to the index


tsukihima time doing hisuis route


is the tsukhima sequel worth playing didnt even know there was one



drank black russians for the last six hours feelin pretty good might lie down and watch a nice animovie


smell a stinkbug but dont see it anywhere


wonder if i can convince mom to get a pet caracal


why NOT just get a cat


bored gonno wander around outside


and that was the last we ever heard from that guy before a series of events led him to becoming a full on norm in just a couple of months hes going to forget all about us and spend time with his family instead


happy for him


File: 1602079358889.png (57.34 KB, 750x729, Screenshot 2020-10-07 at 17.00.37.png)



thats it im voting for the pasted joe


File: 1602083946143.png (629.3 KB, 800x600, cheers.png)


File: 1602084165859.jpg (716.53 KB, 1035x1485, 84821426_p0.jpg)


sigh the g4


jbwmogs me


File: 1602085527492.jpg (77.08 KB, 654x702, black_russian.jpg)


is that a frogger


morning hima gonno spend my golden apples in order to finish the current event agartha and lostbelt 1 and 2 before the next one


fog rolled in neohima


got played today a group of mexican guys came into my aisle and one of them asked me if we have this pool chemical called orthotolidine which i thought was strange asking for something so specific in a large retail chain and turned out his buds just wanted me out of the aisle so they can yoink a few plumbing pieces which i suspected




that chemical is useful though it tests for chlorine in the water i just bought a small bottle off amazon


havent swfjoed in a while


oldest trick in the book did you respond when they asked you if you dropped your gay card too


the ol orthotolidine switcharoo gets the gringos every time



sigh 委員長


pilled myself too hard i cant fathom a scenario of this ending well


teened yourself



pouring a nice big mug of instant coffee and im gonno go drink it in the fog


going to wander into the fog and be spirited away


the fog isnt as thick anymore



File: 1602088391972.mp4 (693.74 KB, pill.mp4)



lots of norms today


having problems using my debit card had to use paypal raged hard using their garbage site


its time to stop being a manbaby and sign up for a credit card
we can both get $50




NOT getting a kike card anytime soon


why NOT you basically get a 2% discount on everything you have to buy


barely pay for anything almost never use my debit card might get a credit card if i cant pay for a shotgun


hope youre NOT planning on shooting yourself with it


its for the norms


File: 1602090873812.jpeg (316.49 KB, 950x712, ef469da2bf570974ea3c04c13105a37f.jpeg)


turned 26


sigh youre still a baby


shouldnt you be stacking cans get back to work


feel like id be good at stacking boxes and cans


glad i can still be called a teen dont want to age just yet



glad you posted that because i forgot


File: 1602092104813.png (126.56 KB, 940x529, pshueg.png)

what a beast


paste amd


my case is about the size of a mini fridge


NOT fat enough to know how big a mini fridge is


had a minifridge stocked with sierra mist when i was a teen and couldnt walk the 15 extra feet to the refrigerator


File: 1602092584957.png (638.49 KB, 826x665, 1602083137690.png)




have a micro case to match my micro penis


hope trump doesnt lose



die teen


why NOThing will change if biden wins theyre both just jewish puppets


this guy still thinks the jews control everything


die norm


must suck to have brown kids



you cant tell the admin to die


cant believe im the least norm on hima


youre the second least


the discordjan


File: 1602096014796.png (Spoiler Image, 865.13 KB, 800x1200, EjtiPC0UwAApB8s.png)


feel bad for her they singled her out to make out to be a huge slut


love feeling bad for random ewhores who wouldnt bat an eye if you were squished like a bug in front of them



they deserve better than us why else would they have been born better



all of them are huge sluts




rice came out mushy


File: 1602096571072.webm (854.31 KB, 1280x720, im horny.webm)


being horny doesnt make you a slut im sure youve been horny once or twice




what compels a man to simp





File: 1602096853786.jpg (316.75 KB, 900x1600, ban.jpg)



NOT interested in foids wearing a 2d mask


lots of salad tossing going on in this vid


todays gonno be a hard skip no posts worth reading


wonder if china uncensored is trustworthy



watching the shark girl


my god onseki this board went from bearable to complete garbage in a span of months what the hell is going on




i dont see anything different same shite as always


its clearly worse specially for the past week


china uncensored
oog posts
gamer chink
silent hill ps2 nostalgia
a single nig post
couple incel posts

are you really trying to tell me this thread is any worse than 2019 or 2017 its exactly the same quit fucking whining


there were no vtubers in 2017


youre just buttmad about anything new because youre a boring retard who can only like things that arent popular


i can only like things that arent popular because im NOT a norm


miss the sexy ladiespam


who gives a shit about being a norm


aris is playing the chink spyware game


die fnorm


contrarianism for the sake of it is norm


anyone else wish they were norm


shut up


careful that guy is going to be pissed if he reads that post


nah its teen


mom ordered turkey subs


does mom know that its possible to buy the ingredients for turkey subs and make them yourself


ya but she doesnt feel like making anything herself because she waged hard


uh what about you


its a flipping sandwich


dont know how to make a sandwich


get rid of the bread and throw it all in a bowl and its a salad


aris is going to roll in genshin impact dont miss it


the hima town


bikenig was posting kizuna ai in 2017




miss bikenig hikenig bakenig and weaselnig


they were ferrets


sigh how could they separate him from his weasels


love how vtubers are banned while i get a nice kizuna ai banner every time i refresh


vtubers arent banned you just cant spam webms of them


can i spam embeds





hate his robot voice that reminds me of myself


damn good sub



why NOT blame the guy that murdered them


raged to mom


no one murdered them they locked themselves in the trunk of a car


dumb minorities


gonno have a couple of grilled cheeses



remember when that guy would have called them grilled cheesers





ya hes going to be grilling cheesers off the radiator for the next 20 years


nice phil


wish i had a radiator central heating is pretty nice though


gonno bake some watame chops


had baseboard heat a lot during my childhood but we werent allowed to turn them on because they were supposedly too expensive to run


love listening to the liberal media talk about qanon
i dont even know anything about qanon but whenever the news talks about anything from 4chan they goof it


the watame chops are NOT as thawed as they should be gonno eat fast food


hard to talk about qanon with words you can say on tv instead of calling all involved parties retards


nice single mother logic


thinking about babies


moms friend said to turn off the led light but leaves tv on for her dog