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turn on rtx


got a good sense of direction


maincra elite gamer


didnt know there was a slot for torches


can you dig to china in minecraft


no its flat


where is he digging to


its flat like in real life


didnt realize high level maincra play like this existed


havent played minecraft since 2009


always die to skeletons


never played normcraft


wish god was real so i could join a monastery


wish you werent real


too far


just gave mom all of my money


how much and why


did he miss gold


subscribed to moms onlyfans


how did you find this much gold this fast


700 and its car related at least i didnt work for it its all just money shes given to me here and there over the years


isnt gold bad it cant even mine diamond can it


why did she need help


you need it to build railroads


why didnt keiichi flip any of the sexy hinamizawa girls


it was going to cost too much to repair it so she traded it in and 700 covers the difference of buying a new one outright so she doesnt have to get a loan she didnt plan for


hes a child


youre a good son and an admirable man


if he was an admirable man he would have fixed the car




glad i never played this game my autism would compel me to fully expand every passage


fire up a nice hima realm and ill explore the vast subterranean world of maincra with you


love how true norms have owned the fatenorms by taking over their fandom


its her money to begin with the only reason i still have it is because shes been buying all my blogs since the spring


thats how norms work they infect everything they touch until it looks NOThing like the original by then the true people have left


NOT everyone would have seen it that way norms are vicious selfish beasts that only care about themselves


whats he doing


might go to the store and get liquor and meat


what liquor what meet


whisky and pork chops


what whisky


NOT sure yet ill see whats on sale


dont you feel like a barbarian eating liquor and meat thats what cavemen did


they didnt have liquor


File: 1602300251400-0.jpeg (703.16 KB, 1200x1000, Eiu0ImxVoAIBDOk.jpeg)

File: 1602300251400-1.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1200x1000, Eiu0JpHUMAEUyHq.jpeg)


dont understand


you need some deli meats


the norms delitized me




was always scared that someone would talk to me on the hima realm


tell nb if they do and he will kick them


havent logged into xiv in months because im scared my fc will try and say welcome back


do you mean party animals how is among us the same as fall guys


always hope my fc stop logging in so i can inherit leadership and steal the house


could i live in your house if that happens


hes 15


hate spiders


whens the next xiv expansion


wish mom would take my money


theyre announcing it in feb


since when have you been able to dual wield in mineycrafta


what is the point of minecrap


its fun



glad minecraft didnt exist when i was a child i would have ended up even worse


id be the same


pikamee electric shark girl


i wouldve said flip this gay crap and continued playing my violent video games


hell yeah fire up doom


he means blops hes too young for doom


love minecraft assmister


i was already a legal adult when blops came out


sigh poor enderman


also blops came out after minecraft


i dont believe you


hate the empty feeling after finishing a weekly anime episode and knowing i have to wait aNOTher week


ok ending it here


hate the empty feeling


thanks for streaming i had a nice bath with sake while watching


what the flip how come no one told me the higurashi anime is NOT actually a remake


die skipper


seconding that die






back from the store got liquor and meat


time to feast


two cows died while i was trying to get them down from a mountain


can someone host a new himarealm


bans arent real



minecrafts boring host a nice hima poe private league instead


poe is for chinamen teens


uh die haha uh ban haha


nice cham


cant host a himarealm already used my 30 days free trial on the original one


how do i make a new one


you just open the game and click on realms and make a new one


got really close to speedrunning the ender dragon in one go too bad the nether portal spawned somewhere awful


uh what do you mean


File: 1602304476982.jpg (75.13 KB, 1280x720, [Erai-raws] Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (2020) -….jpg)

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