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norming my teen until i turn normtee no point in trying to norm it just because i couldnt wait one teen after i get my norman powers ill teen in discord


shes baste would have dropped her if she had done the same for intel


drinking a hazelnut coffee


just made one myself


is it hazelnut




aris is playing crach




wish mom bought me a ps1 instead of a normtendo 64 so i couldve played crash and spyro


only crash game i had as a kid was crash bash


crash again sleeping face


helped imouto with her homework


they have to make it easy enough why are you making her life even easier


ban the norm making the next thread a hundred posts in advance just because he wants to force everyone to use it


if i were coco id tell tanigo to stick a chink dick up his ass and leave they had to beg her to join and shes their #1 money maker and she could probably convince kanata and haachama to leave as well itd be a major happening
and if they cant strike a deal with nijisanji she could probably start her own group and hire those two


been a while since the last threadrage


its really easy shes dumb compared to me when i was her age


shes NOT dumb shes a girl


coco is property of hosexy ladyve she would need to make a new character NOT gonno happen


why do they need a corporation to manage them anyways


cham never needed a corporation


its happened before and all her viewers would migrate


when has it happened before


luna was part of nijisanji before graduating there and going to hosexy ladyve


every bitch needs a pimp


interacted with a japanese guy on the bird site


new livers get a boost in subs to start off like how the 5th gen had 200k subs before their debut also they get to use their facilities for 3d and collaborations and free access to voice training singing and dancing teachers and they get deals with companies that would rather interact with salarymen than some 2d idol bitch over the phone


girls are too tard to manage their own lives


whyd she leave


mindblowing that 2020 killed anime subs


whats the big deal about horriblesubs dying just use one of the many other sub groups instead


she didnt give a reason and no one seems to know and shes still friends with everyone from nijisanji she used to collab with himawari a bunch


dont want to wait sometimes


learn jap and watch raws like onseki


File: 1601680015949.jpg (87.72 KB, 850x554, facebook_image_profile_ronald_dawson_403918.jpg)

hello hima friends why dont you ever post on http://onesixtwo.club too you can post (embed) all the vtubah clips you want (no matter how big the file size is) to your desires

we welcome discord friends too(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


theres a blacklist and i dont want to post anywhere with even more normtuber shit than here



File: 1601680225488.webm (5.71 MB, 1280x720, rushia ch.webm)


screamer dont click


File: 1601680333796.webm (2.26 MB, 1920x1080, 1601261457658.webm)


shes pretty good


did you like it


File: 1601680623014.webm (455.93 KB, 396x830, kysty.webm)


seki we need you here to ban the norms


File: 1601680977466.jpg (99.71 KB, 1024x576, CTLJVIKUYAUVPxj.jpg large.jpg)


File: 1601680996433.webm (1.82 MB, 960x540, reee.webm)


File: 1601681156525.png (430.65 KB, 474x881, scvnorms.PNG)


wish more chuubas used their 3d model for streaming like ange NOT a fan of the wobbling jpg


looks better than the posts made here during that timeframe


dont use that word here again


what are you gonno do about it


ban him seki


hanamaru uses 3d



getting pissed off watching boob girl looks like episodes ten and twelve might be all right but i might just stop here


starting to think i developed lactose intolerance


whats wrong with that word i think it sounds cute


crawled out of bed with shitemouth but dont have enough energy to go downstairs and brush


cant find a tor ip that isnt on the tor blocklist or blacklisted on scv


die tornorm


shes just like me


her parents probably think shes selling her underwear on the side of the road


how could that be if she never leaves her house


she could sneak out at night and they would never know if shes really a neet then her schedule wouldnt always be normal


im neet and my schedule is normal


theyd hear the door


the neet way


i guess they could think that she sells items in online games im sure they could have seen articles about that i would be really suspicious if she was my daughter



none of them are neets theyre all employed its something they say so people like you send them money



why would i send a neet money


i dont know but someones doing it


File: 1601685038443.png (4.73 MB, 1920x1080, [Judas] Sword Art Online S1 - 11-00_01_10-0001.png)


was thinking about rewatching s1


how can i get people to give me money online


simply scam people on facebook


jealous of the guy who talks to his mom wish my mom didnt always rage or say shes busy on the phone or has a headache


wish i had something to talk to mom about


talked to mom for 2 hours earlier


thats illegal


just woke up hey there hima hows it hangin gonno have some joe


provide some kind of service


downloaded some royalty free bgm


what kind of service


cant talk to mom for too long or i start schizorambling about chinks


im gaming


wonder what instigator is planning



talk to mom all the time


what do you talk to her about


everyone is in the fish slice thread


File: 1601686583674.webm (27.7 KB, 254x143, 1592543709002.webm)


die norman


a gamer must game


weird how the cham posts stopped guess they didnt care about her after all


chams too good for neohima


i boycotted all my good posts



who cares about the space station what about going to venus for the aliens

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