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fell for the self improvment meme


its over


watching the dog play metal slug


as you fish


post your abs


cant have abs is all loose skin from being fat sigh


sigh mom had to go to work for 2 or 3 weeks but someone got sick and now the norms are making her attend meetings on webcam 3 days a week almost walked into her shot this morning


theyll think youre her sexy young bf


does your mom talk in a loud voice when shes talking in a meeting like mine does its annoying


im usually in my room when she does so i dont know normally she just sits there listening to the norms with the microphone muted


shes on discord


mom bought chinese but it sucks


i do that when im in a meeting mom says im loud


have to give mom the good yell when she gets too loud


moms do that because they cant hear well anymore and think you have to scream into the mic like its a corded telephone you probably do it because youre compensating for the uncomfortableness of having to speak to a group


bored gonno head into eorzea


woke up gran is dying


anyone wanna play


lost against leonidas


File: 1600276139226.jpg (Spoiler Image, 470 KB, 1080x1080, 1600096978720.jpg)

guys whats your first 16 save this one is mine


always save the image from the source instead


File: 1600276237204.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.62 MB, 480x360, 1600009404640.gif)

this one


himasugi dot dead board


love saving ota gifs in 2020


went over to neetblogs house and he spent 20 minutes showing me his fumos


sigh i just like love live ive never posted on ota


File: 1600276688596.webm (707.11 KB, 600x336, 1600264436666.webm)


hope more people watch yama no susume season 3 after seeing that gif and ask for the source


sigh when did we get to 16x feels like we were at 11x yesterday


cant believe pnig missed an entire generation of filenames


wonder what hed think of current hima


he wouldnt care he never read anyone elses posts


a true blogger


got left behind hard


miss agitating the grouchnig



the mumble girl


the warblgarbl girl


File: 1600280867590.jpg (468.54 KB, 1080x1616, EiCWhcoUYAYwkfJ.jpg)



File: 1600281171094.jpg (121.05 KB, 1366x768, 1570626663789.jpg)


wonder when my high school nightmares will go away its already been over a decade


love ars shes amazing


highschool dreams are a sign of ptsd



were finally getting the bunny suit after all this time also the lottery heck yea


did you soyface when you saw the news


who cares about that wheres the story update


no i thought it was arcade news took a moment to register


cant believe there are people here who like mobile gaming


love mobile gaming
love grinding in mmos




how are you gonno feel when they eventually kill the game you ever think about that


havent you heard of mono no aware


no whats that


Mono-no aware: the ephemeral nature of beauty – the quietly elated, bittersweet feeling of having been witness to the dazzling circus of life – knowing that none of it can last. It’s basically about being both saddened by and appreciative of transience – and also about the relationship between life and death

still dont get it


love how i cant leave the room without mom ynajing its like she wants me to lock myself in here


dropped some serious ownage on the teens


thinking about getting fastfood


maybe you should pick up an application when youre getting that fastfood and she will end the ynaj onslaught


he needs to introduce himself to the manager with a firm handshake and maintain eye contact


got soft girly hands that wouldnt work


id imagine most fast food managers do too but if youre still worried start opening and closing your hands while theyre submerged in a bucket of sand


File: 1600283975719.gif (39.52 MB, 1920x1080, 9c5640f7cdb6b93d14245325b0ed481b.gif)


File: 1600284074435.webm (659.9 KB, 1920x1080, 9c5640f7cdb6b93d14245325b0ed481b.webm)

didnt know that was so big delete that gif


senko please behave yourself


wow is that from the bluray i can only imagine what kind of new scenes they gave shiro hehe


never watched a bd before


dont think ive ever seen a non static gif so big the browser lets you click to zoom


should i get some dip


NOT if you like having a jaw



you cant live your whole life in fear



why NOT


you cant trust guys like this he was probably chewing through three cans a day for 20 years its like thinking youll get lung cancer after smoking a pack over the course of a month because a two pack a day smoker did


you also have to take into account how reckless and dumb the average norm is considering they needed warning labels to tell them that sucking on a chunk of processed tobacco that burns the membranes in your mouth for 16 hours a day starting at age ten is bad for you



and yet they still do it


my point exactly fire up a nice wad of cope just dont whine here when you have health problems


gonno get some skoal


ps5 event get in


might buy a ps5 controller to play xiv with




phew nice final fantasy 16


aris is restreaming the ps5 event go watch that instead


sigh pnig wouldve loved spidernig


what the hell why is spiderman black


are they going to make a second game for the ps4 now that theres a ps5


cant wait for my ps


was there blacks in the harry potter movies i dont remember


there was one darkie in the first movie



imagine a souls like harry potter game id play it




guess this is re8 but it looks like aNOTher jumpscare streamnorm game


love how aris is just shitting on this event sleeping face


jive talking pulp fiction bioshock ripoff looks lame


oddworld remake


nice teens with jc denton avatars in the chatroom raging about oddworld


soul of the mind


pacing looks weird might play it in the future if it was on pc


do the norms NOT remember that there was a time where NOT every game for a new console sucked the big one or what


why are you hating


wish i was a consolenorm


demon souls demon souls demon souls i love the black maiden


hate souls hate remakes


doesnt even have anything to do with the platform the games just look terrible


hope the demon souls remake will release on pc so i can pirate it


why would a teen have an avatar from a 20 year old game


trust me i identified this phenomenon months and months ago at first i thought they were all from 4chan but its a norm thing


ars is eating chocolate


mom made tomato burgs with taters and corn


ate a mille feuille



fixed up a 9egg



What a meme LOL Thanks for the re-upload, I NOTiced this video went missing when the thumbnail on the Discord chat went blank


farming tickets


File: 1600291897391.jpg (860.73 KB, 1000x1360, Ead0CsJU0AISSHf.jpg)


File: 1600291912763.png (77.29 KB, 1339x1270, Power.png)

sigh adored was right


adored is always right


i dont get it


index janny help


File: 1600292791906.png (42.92 KB, 1185x308, the price is right.png)


what the hell


File: 1600292995483.png (257.91 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2020-09-16 Demon's Souls - Official….png)

its okay demons souls is free


no no you need to support them for being ethical and sharing it on pc


why would i buy a ps5 if its on pc


File: 1600293239483.jpg (273.67 KB, 957x702, __gawr_gura_mori_calliope_and_takanashi_kiara_….jpg)


love the shark girl


NOT paying the teentax its because i paid for it ten years ago that theyre even able to resell the game to the norms


alright flip this its someone elses turn to be incel for a while



thanks for sharing that clip


holy flip its actually coming to pc holy flip holy flip holy flip


getting it on my ps


cant imagine spending 500 dollars to play a single game


all my games are on there


its NOT a good feeling


wish i had a job so i could buy it


get a job now so you can buy it


why does everything cost money


never mind it isnt


although i think theyve pulled this trick before they probably just want everyone to buy a demons souls machine first before it comes out on pc


its NOT that easy


mom and dad told me i smell flip you its only been 2 days since my last shower


mom never comments on my greasy spermreek but she knows


was too good to be true sigh


you got baited hard


think my sperm doesnt smell at all since shes never commented


can smell my balls with clothes on dont remember the last time i showered


sperm defiantly smells you just get olfactory fatigue to it


spermsmell goes away in 5 seconds


roswaal is so cool used to hate him but hes gotten better


pacemumbled too much legs are sore


hes a homo


i like how he ends his sentenceeeeeeeeeees


cant wait to adopt an obnoxious and uncomfortable persona in the mansion



File: 1600299522796.jpg (2.65 MB, 2570x4095, __mizuhara_chizuru_kanojo_okarishimasu_drawn_b….jpg)


author said that was subarus first kiss hope mine is as romantic as that


no spoilers i havent watched the episode yet


die stop spoiling


forgot how to do spoilers on hima was it test


surprise box ban


remember using spoilers on jp and people would get mad




me bone me jo




squandered summer again


there was NOThing to squander the year was lost to covid



summer is the most norm season


whats the less norm season then


if you had to ask youre a norm


i already know im just testing you



File: 1600302749655.webm (708.14 KB, 260x310, drink a tea.webm)


this is gonno be good djt has been expecting this drama for a long time



wish i was her


kanata sleeps with her im@s rinze tshirt


reading the djt threads while watching that video this drama is epic


summarize it im NOT watching a 40 minute vid


File: 1600305005792.jpg (129.35 KB, 680x816, Mudkipsage used roll picturemudkipsage rolled ….jpg)


youre supposed to be in the teentuber general what are you doing in the japanese language general


woke up hiya there hima


how are you feeling today


NOT bad


File: 1600305544024.png (901.26 KB, 1242x2208, 1600302903831.png)

basically matt is a scumbag that tried to withhold patreon money in order to force yoga to sign a contract his mom made and would split the money 80/20 then he refused it and provided aNOTher deal matt and matt refused it yoga said that they could request a new one from an unbiased 3rd party like a lawyer and matt refused to
yoga being the guy that made all anki addons and software and had previously owned a language school while matt is just someone that learned one language in his entire lifetime and is outspoken about it
also matt doesnt let people post pirated stuff in the mia discord but then makes videos about the pirated stuff and asks for patreon money to share links



dont see what the big deal is with being doxed


pnig didnt care either look where he is now


ironic how he detailed so much of his life and posted so much about his intent to flip infants that he even earned a nickname of pedonigger yet the norms have no idea and cant use it to convict him



nice boomhauer


ban the raider thread


this guy went to a teengirls house and got slurped and had to do 5 years what are they going to do when the jurors look inside things/dontclick/hannah/ after its submitted as evidence


File: 1600307000936.webm (2.63 MB, 480x360, 1600282853198.webm)



haha us basted schizoincelmates. *takes a big fat dump over ota* thanks basted shitmin.




mom is making me look for a job i think this is it for me himabros


hate leaving the house and immediately being accosted with people trying to give me a job




simply get a nice comfy water store job





normbors are screaming hope they kill each other


learn to program and start making a porn game or something and patreon people will give you thousands of dollars


learning to draw would be better since most of those games are just boring rpgmaker shite with explicit art


never got good at anything its too late after 25


nah as long as you didnt just hide in your room for 15 years up until you turned 25 and never learn any basic life skills youre still young enough go get em


what are basic life skills


wish i was talented enough to learn a skill


love the talent cope


we need a furry artist


english dont click


ill sacrifice myself and become himas furry artist


spent several thousand dollars in order to become marginally better at driving which is totally useless probably know a little about fitness and nutrition by now but the bulk of my knowledge is in the most useless subject of all which is imageboard politics


english click


die teen


probably wouldnt have ended up worthless if i had a dad probably would have had a dad if i was chinese


i beg your pardon


feeling the reflux and gamer neck raging hard


i have never done anything useful and no work of mine has made directly or indirectly the least difference to the amenity of the world


sick of gaming and watching might read books for a few days


sounds like its about time you pack it in for a permasnooze


read starship troopers


already read that one


should i crack the whiskey


ya fire it up


i need a second opinion


go right ahead captain


dont you dare


just NOT sure if i should crack it or NOT


there must always be a cracker


think i might need to quit crackin it and get a life


you can do that tomorrow


got owned


wonder why all boruto discussion stopped


its impossible to keep watching or reading boruto it sucks too much


kitty is snoozing on my lap


File: 1600311973262.mp4 (2.62 MB, 9EiOVywa7qXlCHtP.mp4)


just wish this goddamn virus had a higher mortality rate and affected all ages equally it had the potential to be the best thing to happen to humanity since the creation of himasugi


he can do it the day after that mom might be buying me more blogs tomorrow



NOT sure if i want to game and watch a movie or crack


gonno snooze


same but i'm gonno wake up in an hour to shower and watch anime


die norm


File: 1600314326228.jpg (Spoiler Image, 84.31 KB, 790x1024, 1600314202145.jpg)


that girl doesnt look 9



told myself id keep up with the boruto manga but it goes too slowly cant remember the last chapter i read


had two big ol chicken sandwiches and im feelin fine might order some wine what do you guys think


youre living the dream hell ya drink that wine


wine time


new fgo ultra hard is up hima managed to get him to 480k hp on phase two but thats it dont understand how youre supposed to beat him
ending with quick is worse than using double arts and missing on damage because the buff lasts too long and buster is the second best tried using stall with non damaging nps since he takes no damage from them but the bonus damage against humanoids keeps stacking up and he ended up doing 70k damage on neutral through 5 def up and damage cut buffs


uh oh the soys are going to flip when they see this


i complain a lot about stupid norms but boy am i a retard ive been trying to figure something out for two days and it couldnt have been more simple


what was it


never mind i was wrong again






ok this time i got it


feel myself slipping farther from humanity and closer to the beyond


time for us to leave humanity behind


sigh i miss when he used to come on here and call pnig nigger


are we excited for xvi or do we think its bad


File: 1600325294095.jpg (1.61 MB, 2894x2039, 82438972_p0.jpg)


we dont play final normtasy


hell yeah we do


sick of this gods damned norm making illegal threads every time i go to the index trying to avoid the memory leak


sigh i dont want to join ken in prison how do i remove all traces of it


delete your cache it should be easy for seki to make a filter since theres only 2 or 3 different texts they post with it


accidentally visited the index but NOThing was there phew


NOT excited unless its an mmo i can grindoog to


a certain pornographic index



get with the times japtuber


cracked a sobe i found in the bottom of the fridge


hell yeah someone gifted me a sub


hope it was a nice meatball marinara


a twitch sub



sigh shes so talented


her raps suck


flip that eng vtuber come watch garupa pico live


post some good raps


women cant rap just like women cant do comedy




but shes black white girls cant rap


only good female rapper is eve



File: 1600349437755.jpg (91.88 KB, 848x1199, EiAHPydVgAEan2u.jpg)


File: 1600349736721.jpg (182.69 KB, 850x1200, EhoGHJHUMAEmGoS.jpg)


File: 1600349788977.jpg (824.58 KB, 1181x1748, __original_drawn_by_sora_silent_square__67c216….jpg)




microwaved some burgs


playing monk


morning hima showered and fired up a big coffee


hope everyones watching the pikamee and iofi collab


watching the chicken girl sorry


love how japanese people say bye bye at the end of the stream so cute


sooooooo cuuuuuuuute


yes kawaii desho


die teens





File: 1600355413934.png (1.27 MB, 894x1170, 1600343790403.png)


wonder what its like to hug someone youre sexually attracted to




crying because of how bad it looks yeah me too


closest i came to seeing the appeal of normster hunter was the original but got bored after a few quests


File: 1600359496503.gif (Spoiler Image, 82.77 KB, 498x230, soy.gif)


why are they downgrading from world


kind of hard to believe poe is grouped with games like fortnite that are under the control of the ccp




File: 1600362248073.jpg (2.67 MB, 2150x3035, EZZdtgwUwAEFKsa.jpg)


dont want the virgin


hate the virgs and their arrogance


might snooze so i can crack later tonight




yuyu is playing sfv


think i might have a clog


looks like i slept through some crazy news monster hunter disgaea and rune factory holy flip


File: 1600365491008.jpg (Spoiler Image, 74.14 KB, 487x481, 1599693990871.jpg)


watching moivational videos its NOT working


what are you trying to be motivated into doing


downloading anime and watching it



File: 1600366010776.webm (2.88 MB, 1280x720, 1596841706459.webm)


used up all my ap charging my phone cant wait for the grind tonight


wouldnt bother i download a lot but dont watch it so its just a massive waste of drive space


playing fall guys


nene wants to play rune factory


i tried fall guys the movement was easy and a guy flew across the map


fall guy


the motivational videos didnt work so i downloaded the will to keep winning by daigo umehara this is it


hopefully rf5 english comes out at the same time



mom made chicken and rice with spicy sauce


ars is pien


you like it


dont have any goals



the bombergirl community is brutal





theres aNOTher child file thread





went to the bike store to get some tubes



talked to mom outside and invaders showed up she didnt give me any warning gonno rage at her later


you cant rage at mom


look who came out of his cave


gonno ask mom for a switch this christmas so i can play monhun and rune factory and disgaea


moms ordering pizza


moms watching the biggest loser


want to buy a switch but i know it would be a waste of money since i would get bored of it within days


used to watch the biggest loser with mom during its original run



hell yeah cant wait to return to lorderon


File: 1600382735690.png (422.85 KB, 630x517, p3g97ai1bqn51.png)


File: 1600383113872.jpg (319.14 KB, 1500x1740, Eh8UHImVoAAvuXW.jpg)


wish i was her




never had sex before


its NOT that great


ate a melatonin pill


unlocked all of the other natural practices very early such as breathing and eating but its been three decades and i never figured out the reproduction one



File: 1600384195478.mp4 (8.91 MB, summon the wks.mp4)


wonder how long this takes to activate im NOT feeling drowsy yet


atleast he got to touch a girl


File: 1600384805357.jpg (54.32 KB, 749x562, EiFKl3hUYAAlCd_.jpg)


File: 1600385034572.png (Spoiler Image, 1.57 MB, 1131x1600, 74262059_p0.png)


nice incel euthanasia program


lay me on the table




wish i had the equipment to brew my own blogs so i could save mom some money


time for seki to close hima down


File: 1600387819121-0.jpg (2.03 MB, 3345x2920, 01 - Box Front.jpg)

File: 1600387819121-1.mp3 (13.28 MB, 11 - Hollow.mp3)


sigh they patched the backwards long jump in the super mario 64 remake how are they gonno speedrun it now


my mining level is now 63


what about half presses


chin cheng hanji
cheng chan ching do


mom broiled some brownies


woke up hi



firing up some mahjong theyre giving out a nice fall theme backround i really like it


gotta wake up extra early tomorrow hima sigh


i like the new kirara girl


which one


gonno bathe for the first time in a while have probably been wearing the same clothes for a week


also plowed through the 8 pack theres only one left sigh




File: 1600395006328-0.jpg (188.4 KB, 500x500, Cover.jpg)

File: 1600395006328-1.mp3 (8.19 MB, 01. STONES.mp3)


ate a bowl of chips time for some cookies and milk


sigh going to have to crack that eighth and final blog what does mom expect



first normtuber thumbnail to make me rage in a while


hate putting on my glasses and seeing what a mess my room is


simply put all the trash bags full of beer cans and piss bottles against the wall behind your desk then youll rarely see them




dont act like we havent all been there and worse


File: 1600397999005.jpg (837.1 KB, 3600x3000, EZ1eJMgU0AIVYac.jpg)


moms in the shower should i get blog 8 this is my last chance



sigh gained over a stone and mom never said anything


shes intimidated by your sickening gains


im built different



what did i tell you about posting 2000s material


cant stop


love standing on top of streetlights at night with my arms crossed


caught myself putting my hair behind my ear like a fag earlier


love standing on top of streetlights at night and doing the emo hair flip when my bangs fall in my eye




File: 1600400500730.png (104.13 KB, 512x512, EObF2aeWAAA4sWq.png)


eating some doritos




fgo is in maintenance i repeat fgo is in maintenance


thats okay i dont have a gambling addiction


roll them bones


thought about wishing my school had a fishing club but then i remembered it would have probably filled up with redneck norms and i would have been bullied


it would have built character and you would have stopped using imageboards a decade or more ago


got bullied on imageboards and it didnt help


wont be able to handle 2 lottos at once my jp account will have to suffer



woke up hi


hey how was your sleep


NOT that great


breaking the fourth wall is a lazy shot for cheap laughs



fire up the macro


how do japs NOT get full of parasites from eating raw fishes


parasites arent real


then explain neets


uh they do they just ignore it because its shamefur dispray to talk about it


das it mane




File: 1600409484315.mp3 (10.2 MB, Old Year, New Year!.mp3)



drinkin some wine


ate one of moms pills for my shoulder pain


no one reminded me to watch the new re zero


you got mad at the spoilers yesterday


made this my wallpaper


never watched re zero is it good


has some nice girls


the girls are cute and the mc is fun to laugh at


File: 1600413586472.webm (Spoiler Image, 11.2 MB, 640x360, nice girls.webm)


flip you he meant their personality


File: 1600414246995.jpg (510.43 KB, 2607x4096, EiJtwW7VkAUo2v1.jpg)


christmas in the mansion NOT a mom in sight


dont post normy potter


we love hp


we hate it


post the hermione pic


dont know if pnig was the one who had that saved


only 12 hours to go hope you guys have your builds planned out


File: 1600419056418.jpg (327.98 KB, 1392x2048, EiLzq73WkAEBe47.jpg)


eyes are getting heavy but i have to play the new fgo event


its live


shes so cool


heck yea shishou


scat hatch


dont have scathach


File: 1600424001567.png (2.69 MB, 1152x2048, 97696209e7c3e21d0f81bda9f72025f1.png)


File: 1600433853586.jpg (Spoiler Image, 407.38 KB, 970x1280, 84373258_p1.jpg)


scathach juicy rn



retainer brought me 2 jet black dyes


accidentally turned the phone on selfie mode and almost had a panic attack


got two jet blacks awhile ago almost used them



File: 1600446895722.jpg (41.97 KB, 500x401, 1h2onhnaown51.jpg)


what the flip all the summer anime are already ending next week


its fine yellowstone erupts in november


fake news



File: 1600448192778.jpg (38.72 KB, 596x414, 1600416319393.jpg)


i have flipped koishi she has been flipped


you monster


might josnooze and make some chili when i wake up


if you want to be my lover you gotta get with my friends


ragemumbled let the cat outside


cant believe physicists bothered going down to the scale of 10^-18 meters just to measure the size of my penis



her chat is practically only english it wasnt like that before right


woke up nice grind session got two ce drops gonno focus on lottery drops for now


where have you been its only westernnorms that watch these sluts


the english chatters pipe up when the vtuber starts speaking english


feels good being non norm enough to have never fallen for the vtuber meme


gz still trying to beat leonidas and the assassin guy


i used cat and skadi for that one it was really tough one mistake and its over


japs do the same thing in the opposite case


wish i could get teens to hand me their parents money by streaming games with an anime face in the corner



moms watching me like a hawke she knows i want fastfood she reminded me twice that she bought bologna and bread she can feed that to the dogs i need a burg


bros the new poe league in less than 2 hours


love baloney


done with poe


same until poe2 but you can still mess around and check the new league


forget about gaming and have some baloney


baloney is pretty epic but i dont eat processed food


loved poe when it came out but tried to play it once recently and felt like roping


love trying to hit positionals on monk while the tank spins the boss around like a tard


new fgo event is epic


poe streamer is watching korone



chili meat was still frozen but i got everything else ready only have one habanero left


jp or na


aris playing sm64 hell yeah


what the hell he bought like 4 ps5


scalpers deserve death


$500 demon souls machine


no idea why you watch this crap was into friend simulators in the late 2000s and early 10s when it was still novel and i was still young enough to imagine myself having friends to game with


who cares



File: 1600458646245.png (58.84 KB, 453x269, chinks.png)


File: 1600459579581.jpg (Spoiler Image, 482.01 KB, 1753x1240, 65605111_p1.jpg)


why are there three orifices


you know


way to show how much of a norm you were until very recently


hey alright


colon cleanse time


used an enema before


just take the shower head off the hose and stick it in


no idea what filename i saved the chili seasoning mix as trying to remember what extra stuff i put in it last time


mom made goulash


mom made pizza


phones charged time to farm again


phew farming with a 3t full +7 lottery drop team does NOT get better than this


anime time



didnt pull the ss girl i wanted last time


cant think of a poe toon name



thats a male name


File: 1600466509971.webm (1.97 MB, 640x640, 1600466069758.webm)


love how the giant chink has a dumb face like a henchmen


hate chinks


is this supposed to be impressive theyre just wearing jock straps


i think theyre sucking their balls up


used to see hordes of chinks getting off the bus and going to the asian buffet before it closed years ago dont think they worked there


love blimping out at the buffet as the slave chinks that have been working for 12 hours have no choice but to wait for me to finish so they can return to their 6 cot bedroom in the basement of the owners house


File: 1600468405941.webm (708.14 KB, 260x310, drink a tea.webm)




thats a ban


paste wk





the mansion will need a designated cuddle room with a strict no shaming policy


well hima mom started rationalizing that im NOT an alcoholic because i dont leave the house to get it myself and im 'mature enough' to wait until nighttime to start looks like the fun times are over



cant decide if the embarrassment of her bringing it up and me continuing to crack is worse than the embarrassment of her NOTicing i stopped as soon as she did preferably i would be able to move out after something like this


cant watch youtube videos on normal speed anymore give me 2x or give me death


october 3 hima get ready


nice anxietyfreak drink a tea a little bit



is NOT anxiety i save minutes of my life by watching videos on 2x they add up





wonder what i couldve done differently to NOT end up cel


scsnapping off scalp crumbs


stay away from the internet until your brain finishes developing


File: 1600473765441.jpg (161.48 KB, 1200x1000, __fennec_kemono_friends_drawn_by_hajime_wkpz82….jpg)


booby drawings fried my brain


dont have enough vids that i want to watch so i watch them at .75 speed


botan sounds normal at .75 speed


what is he supposed to do in the meantime for 25 years



flip yea just got aNOTher ce drop



still dont understand how someone so hideous and lacking charisma managed to be so popular


made made nachos


keep getting spiders around here that i have to windex how do i keep them away


can you do better


hate pseudo intelligent channels that overanalyze games die die die


i gamey and i baby



got mlb ce gonno take a break



paste holedig


beat the assassin ultra hard now only leonidas is left


File: 1600479355055.jpg (262.91 KB, 363x1103, 1597970702577.jpg)


same except lecture videos



is that a new manga chapter


saw some cute sexy ladies outside playing in the rain but i wasnt fast enough to take a picture sigh


mom started talking about how eventually ill make friends and get out there in the world because im so smart and level headed just went along with it and nodded NOT sure if she knows what its like


how can she


occasionally get a flashback to some beach trip we had in the 90s and playing with some other kid because when youre a kid and theres aNOTher kid in the same space sometimes you just start playing and mom went on about how i make friends so easily and how ill be a social extroverted kind of person


mom keeps saying i need to go back to college im too smart then i remind her i barely made it through middle school and high school and she just shrugs it off


sigh moms are just that way


mom just wanted a happy norm son instead she got a defective freakcel


mom keeps useless stuff from my childhood because she still thinks im going to have children someday and pass them on



same started sneakily throwing that stuff in the garbage


used to tell her to throw it away but if she wants to horde it all and hang on to the hope that one day ill just wake up tard out and get a career and a wife and a house so be it


it happened to nb itll happen to you




havent seen death demander post today what happened


he wished himself dead


mom said she wanted to watch blade runner some days ago i asked her if she watched it and she told me she didnt get it and fell asleep sigh


saw mom watching inception and almost laughed because i knew it would fly right over her head she agreed and said it was her third time watching it and she still doesnt get it

thanks for the tard genes mom


holy flip 2k+ friend points thats the most ive gotten ever




love the smell of my neetsack


File: 1600486342217.gif (402.05 KB, 600x928, 1600313534422.gif)



File: 1600488712568.jpg (749.83 KB, 1447x2039, f82d593fa6a7f4ba51c8d1f9ba09ec43.jpg)




gonno read space brothers


hated going to the beach once i was self aware enough to realize i was a ghostly white gamerneck twig and the teengirls were repulsed by me





subaru duck girl


gonno snooze


dinner break on box 15 but i got a couple thousand more tickets to turn in but dont feel like it gonno pick up the grind when im done eating


sigh im on box 15 too but in na how are you so fast


mom is crying because women are going to lose their rights


im a gamer


i game


gonno coom


are you going to let her keep some of her rights after her property is transferred into your name


File: 1600492362385.jpg (207.74 KB, 1464x2048, EiJsJOtU4AEdMMG.jpg)


drinkin wine and playin poe


the wind


might fire up some spelunker on the ol ps4


never understood how japs know these complicated english words ive never heard of and im NOT esl


what words



die melaninmog


he just said its a negative he needs a tan


he doesnt know what hes talking about


dont know where you got this idea that being so pale your veins are visible through your skin is desirable it just makes you look feminine and like you live in a cave


sigh NOThing inspires confidence in a young man like being paler and skinnier than most of the girls at school


you would be considered gods in malaysia they would erect statues in your likeness


File: 1600495146504.webm (2.69 MB, 372x800, 1600491159919.webm)

we must NOT allow chinks in the mansion


if theyre nice they can come in


it would just be an act everything they do is calculated


Hoshino Masato(26) is a very shy guy who is even nervous about being handed change by a woman at a convenience store. In order to get used to women and grow as a man, he mustered up the courage to make a reservation with a rental girlfriend! But what came was a bit (?) weird girl, Tsukita-san! Tsukita-san is going above and beyond what he expected, and Hoshino-kun is getting overwhelmed. A new addictive romantic comedy about the exquisite relationship between the two!!!





you know NOThing of malaysia


jaga cq is too hard i give up


its katurday


ordered some pizza for this poe and blog sesh


feeling depressed


File: 1600514482219.png (1017.33 KB, 1200x1700, EiCEzbKUMAAKgC_.png)


File: 1600521844547.png (3.46 MB, 2100x3600, __fubuki_kantai_collection_drawn_by_nakaaki_ma….png)


File: 1600522028474.jpg (2.07 MB, 2057x3429, EiRbzngUMAEEz2c.jpg)


made tea


drink a tea a little bit



Etou Shougo is a university student sharing an apartment with his male childhood friend Yoshizawa Natsuki. When Natsuki leaves to take part in a clinical trial Shougo didn't know he would be coming back as a girl! It looks like Natsuki won't turn back into a guy for a whole year. Rather than worrying about it pointlessly, why NOT have some fun with it instead?



why am i so sad


hate the cel who posts state sponsored news


tardlaughing at this anatomy


sounds good


the ducks look so happy to get back on their little truck fortress with full bellies and a warm place to sleep back at the farm


saw a nice akachan today



ducks are potato chefs


woke up showered brushed had a coffee


woke up


whats on todays agenda









baste actar too bad its irrelevant because the norms want to make life as bad as possible for us


still dont quite understand why cp is a bigger deal than snap and murder


think of the children


weird that teengirls can get arrested for taking a picture of their boobies and norms think its on the same level as filming newborn snap


whats wrong with looking at pic and vids anyways producing is one thing but now that they exist might as well let people jo


i guess sao is about space now


love when they bring up snap/sexual assault cases in japan like anyone believes those are accurately reported


they arent accurately reported anywhere


turns out norms are all peds in disguise thats why when they see child nudity their first reaction is that its sexual


how do i convince mom we need to move to russia or taiwan


File: 1600538884023.png (251.95 KB, 300x386, 300px-Mew_PokéROM_disc.png)

got this disk but dont think ive ever played it


File: 1600539584389.jpg (586.72 KB, 1978x2815, EiRnMO8U0AATmWj.jpg)


how do girls wear something like that without feeling embarrassed


theyre freaks


girls have no concept of shame


they want to be flipped




gonno use tamamo cat on the grail front


NOThing wrong with the anatomy silence


bought an atlatl


need to drown out the mowernoise but too cold to turn on the ac


who cares if its inaccurate its extremely joable




oog boogum jo jo


File: 1600542318181.webm (207.83 KB, 466x466, HxH #66 REACTION.webm)



happy bday janny


hate when i click a cel embed on hima and get put on a watchlist


everyone here was put on a watchlist as soon as the literal fbi became involved in the boles case


sigh whats gonno happen to us



turns out over half the board ropes within the next 5 years






why am i so tard cant watch anime cant read cant learn cant exercise cant practice anything




why can tyou


i dont know all i can do is sit here f5 and jo


just ask yourself would she pick me if she was real


well step one will be nojo


im a pick me penelope


none of that norm stuff works im just fried


that question works for me is NOT norm


her mouth looks like my second mouth


File: 1600544725146.jpg (162.04 KB, 2048x1236, EaREsYsVcAAiHSN.jpg)


NOT sure if supports can carry my noob butt past the tora cq


just realized this season is almost over



cried to railgun was hoping for a happy ending


die die die die die die why would you spoil it like that


die latenorm


theres still 1 episode left


+8 ticket farming hima


watching aris


in the er think i broke my wrist






i fell down some stairs


did you cry




moms ordering a stinger za hb


sigh hope its your wasd hand and NOT your mouse hand


you mena esdf hand


doc says its broken


never broken a bone in my life




wish i had broken a bone as a kid to know what to expect its going to be embarrassing when it happens as a middle aged man


afraid of tardwalking to the bathroom in the middle of the night while half asleep plopping down carelessly on the toilet and snapping my bone


only +5 farming having no luck with ce drops


next time roll when you fall instead of landing on your hand


just got xrayed



cant believe me reporting him to the fbi was taken seriously


got a tetanus shot


drinking a coke


in the hospital rn bro had a low blood sugar seizure had to drive to the hospital cutting red lights hes in observation rn thought he was going to die for sure


cant wait to finish railgun and understand NOThing about the plot just like i finished rezero and knew NOThing of the main story


ban hospital liar


only in america would you be rushed to the hospital because you dont have enough high fructose corn syrup circulating through your veins


its NOT about understanding the plot its about enjoying the journey


whats there to understand the plot is the series of events you watched in each episode


didnt understand any of those events in rezero dont know why witches want to kill the mc dont know the point of beatrice and why shes a hikki dont know how that one guy knows about the mcs respawn ability dont understand why they have to go through trials


i dont know either i havent been watching it how did they transition from hunting a dekai monster with a force field around it to whatever youre talking about


got the results back doc says its NOT broken after all


joined a hunt train


hate hunt norms spamming shout chat


File: 1600550105739.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 251.06 KB, 1280x958, 128121C0-8708-4283-BA86-1C9F34F04CE5.jpeg)


burnthand coldhand hairyhand brokenhand whats next


im home now hes still in the hospital with mom it was really ugly gonno make a coffee and try to destress


what does your hand have to do with your brother


we are NOT the same person


File: 1600551931453.jpg (116.01 KB, 1440x1080, 18.jpg)


is that the nigs hand


had 4 slices of za theres one left


File: 1600552641060.png (1.71 MB, 1200x1529, __original_drawn_by_tsuji__3f3a4168ab089943724….png)


there isnt a handcuff chaining the hand to the hospital bed thats NOT him


why wouldnt they just use an ankle bracelet



tummy growling


mogu okayu mgmg


weird thumb anatomy


he cant be trusted that close to the newborn ward


aris is playing m64


hope he doesnt get burnt out before sunshine thats a classic game


sm64 is a classic NOT normine


youre wrong


only farming with +5 because my level is too low and i cant equip a full team


File: 1600553623711.jpg (49.33 KB, 828x673, x7umyra68dn51.jpg)




how do i get this job


whys there some tard saying peko in the chat 55 seconds in


omg shes just like meeeeee i better send her money


you can make up for the tickets if you have use lots of golden apples


westnorms trying to get their attention


wish i had a juice reward mechanism


nice space arc in sao what were they thinking


its NOT real space


my juice reward mechanism ran out a long time ago but i still press the buttons


wish i could watch sao again but had to stop when they turned kirito into a girl


stopped watching when they started showing his love interests sad life in her mansion couldnt bear through that trash


File: 1600554447768.jpg (1.37 MB, 2876x4096, EiSaXbUVkAEhc5-.jpg)

just watch progressive


because they dont give a flip about dumb vtube rules


society cant exist without those rules



dont think id be any happier in a mansion


File: 1600555067596.jpg (117.65 KB, 584x749, 1541633416997.jpg)


about to fire up blop war


File: 1600555503987.jpg (103.92 KB, 672x971, 1345443008355.jpg)


weird hair wings


weird tengu anatomy



go to hell skipper


i think i posted the other one too and forgot


thought they were two different thumbnails of the same guy


File: 1600557267277.jpg (109.42 KB, 796x719, [UTW]_Accel_World_-_09_[h264-720p][C16FEEA].mk….jpg)


sigh accela


watched a nice 5 hour superchat thanking stream




File: 1600557611281.gif (119.79 KB, 599x471, the simps.gif)


going on 40 boxes hima


sigh why wont people give me money for existing


how do i get the best superchat color


even furnorms and cloppers are more respectable than people that donate to camgirls at least they get something for their money


played with kitty in the garage


you were born as the wrong sex fool try it again


havent watched anime in a month eyes need to manually read the subtitles


hope pnig rewatched super like i did



wish nigs didnt exist


File: 1600560550355.jpg (24.09 KB, 234x228, 1541816257086.jpg)


File: 1600560962003.jpg (213.71 KB, 1920x1080, [FFA] Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! - 08 [1080p][HEV….jpg)

didnt this guy NOT even remember her at the start if he wasnt a loner character i could forgive it since norms probably have so many experiences they cant keep track of the older ones but this was probably only a year or two before the start of the show


shes a child


a sexy one


like how she looks like a freak even within her own show also like how the guy is like 7 feet tall and has no other redeeming qualities but thats enough in this world and that world


File: 1600561136733.jpg (221.27 KB, 1920x1080, [FFA] Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! - 03 [1080p][HEV….jpg)


mogs me


nb post some kino



watching lulu detroid vod


didnt she play that already




its the shoken vod


did you call me a norm


File: 1600563487695.webm (2.68 MB, 1280x720, 1600137071637.webm)




puta madre


File: 1600564008875.gif (3.96 MB, 480x270, 1600536286657.gif)


ban this guy


might game


love how funny spanish sounds


any good monkey filets


mom told me to drink something other than coke (zero) because its NOT healthy while holding a cigarette


nice single mother smoker trailer park mom


NOThin trailer park


love the thought of how mom would openly hate me just like all other foids do if i didnt happen to get sliced out of her body


NOT true


how can you say thats NOT true its a pretty obvious conclusion


jbw simulator


File: 1600567604302.mp4 (14.57 MB, 864783431.mp4)


woke up poeing


oops didnt realize how big that file is hehe



"When you are a virgin until you are 30, you will become a wizard." A famous joke around the Internet... is what I thought, but to think that it actually happened to me!

Wait, but this isn't a wizard? Eh? Magical girl? Why?

Comedy manga about magical girls who used to be old virgin guys!


soulja boy tell em


why do so many of those guys want to be girls


because when youre a low status male treated like shite your whole life and spend most of it watching cartoons with happy cute girls it messes with your brain



i dont want to be a girl but a lot of people tell me i do


File: 1600569063552.png (40.76 KB, 303x474, 1527216760935.png)


why does he have so few viewers


sapphire weapon fight was epic


penis shrunk while dropping a log and the excess skin went over the glans like a makeshift foreskin pulled it back and the skin tightened and strangled my shaft


is asmon playing poe


guess he is using his second channel didnt know he even played poe


finished 2hu luna nights reimu was a bitch and i couldnt find all the rooms got 99 percent





saw this live he mustve lost 20 lives on this level


love that stage hate the sewers one


been stuck on the same stage for 30 years


the baby stage




File: 1600571727334.png (21.11 KB, 377x285, 1524356074630.png)


File: 1600571755496.mp3 (6.13 MB, pscn-5048 19.mp3)


File: 1600572536399.webm (1.82 MB, 1920x1080, oishi.webm)



any vbro could share an opinion on english vtubers


used to watch salty bet years ago when twitch wasnt as popular i liked twitch tv waifu chan hd


same loved teen shit when i was a teen


only watched saltybet for a couple days like 4 years ago



File: 1600574815043.jpg (140.38 KB, 708x1000, 1600574061441.jpg)


reminds me of my pool days


File: 1600576061415.jpg (18.28 KB, 537x557, pool.jpg)


played some swat 3 the career mode is broken but the missions still work


cant believe i missed cocos meme review watching it now



File: 1600576579188.jpg (98.98 KB, 640x351, unnamed.jpg)


just found out pickles are cucumbers


is it true that the shark girl made 27k in less than an hour of streaming and here i thought twitch streamers make a lot of money



subbed to the shark girl



paste mcgurk


such a comfy neet night free of worries


wish i was having a worry free night


opened 50 boxes


of what


fgo lottery


based chadmin following in the previous chadmins footsteps


ate a tuna sandwich gonno crack aNOTher cold one watch a vid and snooze


relaxed as hell dead silent in me room except for the sounds of the case fans and my keyboard


File: 1600584854617.webm (1.45 MB, 854x480, 1600578510077.webm)

the esper descendants of nephilim are starting to awaken


im gonno farm the archer node first on jp since its so easy


the caster node is the one that gives the most tickets


does it give shop mats




File: 1600590033941.jpg (225.45 KB, 1200x912, AMD_representatives.jpg)



File: 1600600725251.jpeg (600.01 KB, 2048x1536, 692037B6-B8AC-4973-B5FB-2D8285113527.jpeg)





watchin enn enn shobutai finally caught up to where i stopped at the manga





File: 1600612386527.mp4 (2.26 MB, 1600606048882.mp4)


never watched btoom


File: 1600613003129.jpg (121.8 KB, 1080x720, 1600612906328.jpg)


vtubers were always a hit with teens


File: 1600613693633.jpg (121.76 KB, 626x1200, EiWaAGiUYAAJ0iu.jpg)



that was february 2018



brutal dry spell bro


reading the mario wiki learning about goombas




the sleeper has awakened


neohima a board run by norms for norms


File: 1600618018257.webm (2.6 MB, 406x720, 1597347456452.webm)


woke up cracked a coke


saw the debunking like 3 years ago



little babies



might crack one meself after i finish my beanwater


had a dream i had a big impressive bone and that i should take pictures to share on the internet for other people to appreciate


would you suck it yes or no


sigh he had such a beautiful soul



glad to have a slow connection was able to ctrl w before it loaded


woke up showered bro is feeling a little better gonno grab myself a coffee



read that as you showered with bro


you need to use your sixth sense to read himaposts


mom bought burg king


peko will never beat this game



can i have some


File: 1600623149300.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 453.25 KB, 744x1350, 3d8c2b6f6a19dd23652020bfc455ded0.jpeg)





sigh peko still on 8-1


sigh hair is so pretty today i look like a final fantasy character
of course i cant pop down to the shopes like this theyll think im a queer


brush my hair back like an orchestra conductor


sigh maestroguy


microwave cooked breakfast and cracked a coke


might watch boob girl the thumbnail for the next episode shows her mom


how much does it cost to grope a boob


woke up back to ticket farming


read yesterday posts glad im NOT the only one who doesnt get rezero


gonno farm some tickets


anyone else liked playing bomberman in school


used to play yetisports in the library pc during the break


used to play neo bomberman after school


File: 1600629118104.jpg (1023.66 KB, 2900x4096, EiYK1VRU0AIH9PQ.jpg)


nice boobs miss


mom keeps mentioning that at my age she had 3 kids


running low on apples sigh


File: 1600631316602.webm (2.96 MB, 640x800, 1600285335589.webm)


slut shame her thats what i do


any good shock content


allergic to apples


the skins are toxic


fired up my culinary crafting bot


anyone have the pic of the sexy lady posting on hima



miss destroying every opponent in speed typing


uh that didnt happen since i got first place


nah i owned you


nah you owned no one you type with your index fingers


i owned everyone with my stenographer keyboard


still using a dell keyboard i found in the dumpster 15 years ago


when i spilled juice in the original dell keyboard mom got with our first pc a few years ago i just switched to one of the ones she took from work over the years the idea of buying a keyboard is absurd


sigh hes so right




can hear lots of noise from the center of town NOT sure if its rioting niggers or drumpf voters


how can you hear that far


its only two or three miles away and my window is open


why are you posting that retard


File: 1600635640779.jpg (976.98 KB, 2000x1500, 1520696865788.jpg)


never seen someone with blue eyes in real life


are you chink



aris is live


wonder how long i could last in that room


kill yourself disgusting freak


internets dead hima i was NOT prepared for this


its a lojo night


it feels the same


mom bought me a candy apple


im out of cope


arent you neet anything less than 5 days without the net is barely NOTiceable


uh how is that NOT NOTiceable theres NOThing to do without the internet


fall is in the air hima


loved when mom would buy me candy apples dippin dots and fried dough at the theme park


dont want to remember childhood


internets back the first try at resetting the router didnt fix it so i thought it was over


what about the terabytes of games movies anime and books locally saved on your personal computer


still using the computer in the living room


why would i save that crap


because youre supposed to NOT be a norm


need internet to play fgo


delete everything instantly after watching it and backlogs are for norms and dont play offline games




stream all my anime


File: 1600638558529.webm (3.96 MB, 478x270, streaming_anime.webm)


whipped up a 9egg


making a pan of brownies i dont feel comfortable using half a cup of oil so i just added more water and some butter


no refined sugars


usually like to add stuff to brownies but i have NOThing


you got some bud


found an electronic gaming monthly from 1999 in the closet


yeah but i have no interest in wasting weed on brownies its too expensive for that


spent my tickets im on lineup 11


File: 1600641724138.jpg (61.26 KB, 1080x810, 1600639532515.jpg)




File: 1600642287463.png (233.96 KB, 800x513, 1600622179164.png)


10 lbs


File: 1600642440641.jpg (88.25 KB, 600x800, 1600525732434.jpg)


comfy piggy


File: 1600642581771.jpg (126.92 KB, 1080x1344, 1600188288968.jpg)



almost choked to death just now sigh


normbors are yelling at each other again gonno take my ac out tomorrow because if its NOT in use its like having the window wide open


new it was going to be a clogger as soon as i stood up and saw that it had breached the waterline




whats with the chinks in the comments


chinks love nationalism


moms ordering chicken fingers


hate democracy


im naked procastinating my shower watching aris


gotta love arnis


gonno learn jap with lingq


sigh that guy was right found out big bro is playing poker without me he didnt invite me twice this weekend


im sure he just forgot


doubt it


crying my brother is my only friend and he always invites me to play games downstairs with him and his normfriends when they come over


File: 1600644203646.jpg (24.86 KB, 600x337, 1522541522388.jpg)


already know the reason but doesnt matter didnt want to risk corona anyway


big bro hustled you


File: 1600644602050.webm (1.02 MB, 960x540, ababbababaa.webm)


owned friendnorm



leonidas is too hard was able to scsnap through the others
just too dumb to know when to commit command spells






got leonidas to 120k hp yesteday still need to beat the jaguar jeanne nobbu one too


might just be too noob i only started during the ishtar summer rerun
hope i can stomp it out next year


File: 1600647741174.mp4 (2.62 MB, 72d4e7b998cce1e27d10d716551666a5.mp4)


stream it



wish i could save her


sounds NOThing like the dog girl


nice 34 4


File: 1600648688061.webm (804.58 KB, 1280x720, 15078098277880.webm)


File: 1600649415411.png (325.08 KB, 960x540, swat3.png)


woke up gonno poe


i was able to beat all of em except for jaga shes too hard
the trick to leonidas is to get the spartans down to 285 then hes really squishy


sigh remember buying this and being disappointed because it wasnt like rainbow 6




detective girl voice is so calming and kind of hot


could you please stop posting here


would ban that guy if i could but seki will just remove it


korone has been streaming for 11 hours


jannynorm is steaming


the sound of a foid speaking english just brings me pain


getting more apples back from the event than im spending




File: 1600652454316.jpg (Spoiler Image, 75.94 KB, 700x394, 1518582764636.jpg)


File: 1600652565392.png (455.44 KB, 960x540, swat3_1.png)

its NOT that different


korone did it



hate when i think of somethign to post or look up while im in the shower and then forget it




guys i moved into my new place now i have to go to sleep in 2 hours


File: 1600654316397.jpg (792.81 KB, 1500x847, __saki_sasaki_original_drawn_by_kaedeko_kaedel….jpg)


give us a tour


maybe some other time


i wasnt asking



wonder what my future wife is up to


have a couple random lumps under my skin wonder if i should see someone about them


probably learning to walk sick freak


File: 1600655778493.png (1.43 MB, 1213x601, unknown.png)


should i donate


weird how im more tard than someone picking computer parts out of landfills in the third world


weird that ive only consumed and never produced


seems like a nice guy yes donate


love consuming


what will you do when theres NOThing left to consume


it wont happen


ill become uli and grind higher numbers in ff forever



hate norms want to kill them


what happened to im chink


the flu got him


kill em and post it on hima so we go viral


the translator guy deserves that pc more than her


remember when pnig would flip out over posts like that getting hima shut down then called the cops on himself and had his computer seized


File: 1600658632927.gif (173.34 KB, 453x360, 1597110493551.gif)


wonder how things would have been different if i had joined the anime club


you could have been somebody


you saved yourself from having regretful memories you were smart with your self awareness


used to be a chuuni in elementary good thing i stopped in middle school


gained self awareness in my twenties


still had plenty of regretful memories anyway


File: 1600660825019.png (31.75 KB, 750x220, Screenshot 2020-09-21 at 6.58.58.png)


the only way to live without regret is to NOT be self aware that there are infinite paths in life and we get to live only through one of them


drinkin a beer and gaming


too late now


school didnt have an anime club all the nerds got one designated classroom to shite up before the first bell and during the 10 minute break and that was it


remember when gaming using the internet and watching anime caused your brain to release feel good chemicals that was a good time


lost my dopamine receptors


still does i love anime


raging hard tonight gonno have a cold glass of cider and relax


love when mom and gran come back with to go boxes full of grub from the posh nosh and then sling me an arbys sandwich


never had arbys hows it like


its ok


File: 1600664456759.jpg (136.31 KB, 768x640, ClassicBnC_18_tile_Mobile_768x640.jpg)

get the beef n cheddar its better than any burg


scsnap that yellow shit off and replace it with some nice provolone and id eat it


ask mom to buy arbys sometimes but its on the other side of town from where she works so she always gets burg king instead


do you have the jalapeno cheddar bites at your bk


File: 1600666200126.png (81.7 KB, 199x468, 733e8aba9dfcb1be4739e78885ff8468.png)


eating the curry i just made


nice currybutt



stopping at 60 boxes today got 17k more tickets to turn in but the tapping is getting to me gonno sleep and pick up the grind tomorrow


just want my flippin hairline back





its NOT that early


how is it NOT


you do NOT get to bargain with the norwood reaper


its already 8am everyone is awake and out and working by now you should be waking up at 4am


was NOT meant for this world


File: 1600694135457.jpg (179.46 KB, 1005x1200, EibcsAgU4AAMceX.jpg)


i work 1300-2100




havent felt the rope so near in several months


simply cope


im out of cope



cleaned out my pc boy was it dusty in there



how does she have less than 100 viewers with 20k subs


how come every time an english speaker comments they always talk about themselves like anyone cares


File: 1600701960324.jpg (299.15 KB, 1280x1345, Eibzr7-UYAIGEiL.jpg)


could snap those smug bitches and theres NOThing they could do


western individualism


snoozey time


love how i every time i open a youtube link in a new incognito window i have to close 2 modal windows


feel like i got fatter but im NOT sure when or how


you know


same got fat over the year think my metabolism ended


its over the past few days i think i might be full of poop


thats why god made hose attachments for vacuums get it out of there


File: 1600705926752.jpg (109.28 KB, 1280x720, 1600652355172.jpg)


do NOT do that


half a half bone for a hour now something weird is going on


thats a quarter bone




File: 1600706684917.jpg (104.74 KB, 1028x1591, EiaDbwcU4AI0fc-.jpg)


then orms the norms the norms the norms th enkormns the nrorms the normsx the the norm nomrs the norms the norms


tell me why i had to take a powershite


mom fell for the detox meme and is telling me to take a laxative


simply tell her to do a water fasting for 5 days


dont like pooping water


moving guys broke our tv stand yet i still gave them a $40 tip



nice asmon vikernes


File: 1600711798950.png (3.25 MB, 1920x1080, 6783l8zk6u411.png)


cracked a coke and cooked a turkey and cheese sandwich




love thinking about how many big tall muscular australians have flipped her



the flipping bogans




only chinks live in australia


chinks are truly demented even if theyre americanized their grandfathers were still eating virgin boy eggs dogs and human flesh 75 years ago


File: 1600716917428.jpg (161.62 KB, 1024x731, cutepunishment_for_american_tourist_in_north_k….jpg)


File: 1600717305235.jpg (198.39 KB, 1381x1952, boob.jpg)


anyone farming tickets


sigh her poor lower back


File: 1600718225347.webm (455.93 KB, 396x830, 1600710707994.webm)




File: 1600718636493.webm (2.21 MB, 736x720, sad.webm)



hehe a


the shark girl


hima is dead


found an anonymous imageboard for fisherman been posting there more and less on the spinoffs


mom said indian reservations have a lot of job openings and theyre paying people to relocate to them
wonder how the internet is in south dakota



screenstared all day might duskshower


File: 1600722473187.jpg (662.07 KB, 735x880, Isabel.(Fantasia.Saga).full.2043985.jpg)

join the tribe



sigh was able to forget that one day soon everyone here will go their separate ways and we wont ever find each other again


think i realized why ive always sucked at soldering the pen i have is ancient and is only at 145c after waiting for 25 minutes probably NOT even possible to get it up to the melting point of solder


you need one that goes to 200c


wish i had kscope sigh




think i might have actually fixed it


think again


kitty is snoozing on my lap


do NOT get kscope simply get castoria


huh the battery is charging again ive got a jug of water handy in case it catches fire


fish sticks and fries for dinner hima hell ya


mindlessly grinding in eureka anemos



was supposed to lose my virg in osaka


even if i lost my virg it would probably just grow back


no point in flipping once if you dont know how to make it happen a second time


if it happens once it can happen again


once a virg always a virg


of course anything could happen the question is will it


the chances of it happening are much higher if it happened once if youre a virg in your late 20s the chances are less than 1%


would be surprised if this fix works i just added some solder around a broken dc power pin
i couldnt use the big solder gun to precisely melt the solder onto the break so i melted a dab higher up and then pushed it down into place with the hot gun


cant you just put on a nice shirt go to a bar and find a single mother how is it possible for it to be less than 1%


your best bet is to get a job where foids work


ate too much quiche



he loved knight scoop


normscope is worthless in 2020 fgo the top ces are black grail smiling face and maybe formalcraft but appmedia has that listed pretty low for some reason


because why would anyone bother with a gross cherry boy like you when there are hundreds of real men on tinder begging to simp


tinder is statistically irrelevant





NOT everyone lives in a major city norm


any foid no matter how gross can get on tinder anywhere in the world so long as there is internet and have at least a dozen suitors ready to kneel before her


File: 1600728929158.jpg (4.53 MB, 5312x2988, 20200921_121200.jpg)




did you remember to solder the tip your bare metal tip is oxidized so it transfers heat poorly



have the same chair took the armrests off mine too hehe



were you too fat to fit between the armrests


hate arm rests theyre for executing people


love pulling up one of the armrests to use as a pillow for a quick snooze at the rectangle


no they were too high


the tip is like a 3/8 wide spatula on the solder gun luckily its flat so i used the edge but id like to get a decent solder pen and desolder wick and flux before i actually properly replace the port


same but leather version


File: 1600729912495.png (2.07 MB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Sword Art Online - Alicization ….png)


whats jeanne doing in soa


dont like kirito cant self insert as a guy that is amazing at everything and the ultimate gamer and super smart and so attractive that girls will start crying when he turns them down


box 90 hima im closing in on 100


in gil fest or scat fest


how are you farming so much im on box 14


File: 1600730536957.png (2.05 MB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Sword Art Online - Alicization ….png)

kiritos chair doesnt look very ergonomic




i recommend a hakko station


at home depot
never been here on a weekday night
vast majority of employees are black but a white girl is cutting the keys


she has lordosis


show ended right after they posed an interesting concept between the 200 year old version of himself dont feel like waiting aNOTher 4 years to see how it pans out


uh is alice real now spoilers


mmonorms brought the teen anime era of neohima upon themselves


gotta love sao


neohima was when anime screenshots were still posted instead of nonstop camwhore spam were in the neoteencord jidai


no one knows what hima was like before 2018


File: 1600731719577.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.95 MB, 4160x2340, 1494856882199.jpg)


ive been here since the 2015


table check chair check
yep its gamer time


dont have either of those things and im gaming


bmw cut basically everything youd actually want just to sell a car with an m badge in the us


File: 1600732994948.jpg (175.55 KB, 744x1052, 57960047_p0.jpg)


paste amerinorms


File: 1600733409503.jpg (979.07 KB, 1553x1110, 80040058_p2.jpg)


File: 1600733416541.jpg (11.68 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)


cant get ssh-agent working on windows flip this shite os


sshnorm fool


just use a password instead






File: 1600734238975.jpg (41.32 KB, 590x594, nightsnack.jpg)


scatfest ive been farming all day since it started



die munorm


if anyone sees seki tell him haysuz is looking for him


woke up time to game


File: 1600735229150.mp4 (1.34 MB, snake.mp4)


he would kill her given the chance


me on the left


forgot my desktops ram is busted and caused the computer to occasionally turn off sigh add it to the list


nice parents with a shrunk amygdala




finally unbanned after a year *cries*


new maxmoefoe lets watch


what were you banned for


never been banned whats it like


sent a nice $500 supacha


did you type a


your ban didnt expire all perma bans got removed a while ago


mindblowing that all it takes to be happy in this world is sharing a laugh with the bros


money guy disagrees


was playing clannad kyou fujibayashi confessed to me shes so cute made me feel that moe feeling theres no better feeling i love anime


File: 1600738513016.jpg (285.74 KB, 2118x1352, 1600730110376.jpg)


imouto started watching jibaku shounen hanako-kun and made him his phone wallpaper




File: 1600738938153.jpg (25.47 KB, 357x499, 513u2ZWuxtL._SX355_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg)


wish i had an anime watching sis instead of a high test dyke femchad sportsnorm


finished paying off the mortgage


going to 上野 to snap noel


love the mortgage



why is she torturing herself


saw some elk


swapped in a 4gb card i picked out of a work computer still having massive slowdowns there was like a ten minute lag from it reaching the desktop to when i could click anything



too many english commenters


you have to stay on the index if youre going to leave the thread open longer than half an hour


watching jeopardy with mom


gonno crack and sit back


got this stuck in my head


tfw fell for the 4gb of ram meme


found 4gb of ram a few weeks ago but couldnt remember if you can mix and match wouldnt mind having 12


fell for the 16 gib of ram meme


dont know what ram is


a big truck


memed the meme meme


File: 1600743208673.jpg (443.06 KB, 1078x1892, peach.jpg)


what the flip are you looking at


cant take the crown off even to go to the pool gotta mog everyone with the royaltymaxx


joed to peach as a shota playing mario strikers


weird how americans pray for jesus to bless america when he was essentially a communist




the apostles and him lived like dirty hippies in a commune and shared everything


watching the shark girl


ban this norm




thanks for posting that gonno watch her too


how does that make them communists tard


read acts 2 and 4


love the a shark


die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms die norms


File: 1600745076835.png (Spoiler Image, 354.69 KB, 1069x699, 1597589949098.png)


opened 100 boxes hima




didnt you just tell me a month ago this channel wasnt chink propaganda guess i was right and you were wrong like i said back then


sigh i love her


what are you gonno do with all the embers are you gonno grail a new servant




File: 1600747276318.webm (199.91 KB, 888x528, kissu.webm)

sigh i remember making this to post on hima years ago that was before hazuki was defiled by the qanorms


even trevor is watching vcamsluts what the flip


love the shark girl thanking her viewers


grailed space ishtar


translate it weebnorms


just listen to it


did i already tell you about the boullion cube lifehack




File: 1600751765067.jpg (358.78 KB, 1920x1080, 1600731858637.jpg)


the carrots in her hair thing is stupid there i said it



is that a hack to get fat or something


japs do the same with miso and theyre thin


no but its probably the cheapest bowl of soup you can get outside of the third world