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time to dazzle the stage


looks good


the norms


File: 1601099119899.jpg (148.38 KB, 890x1200, EizQbPfUcAAqjLi.jpg)


almost fell down the trigun amv hole but there wasnt one for the song i searched


hate the required office flippings




File: 1601099611503.mp4 (2.07 MB, Egp_ShzVkAETuVO.mp4)


pastalung my friend
dont you start away uneasy
you poor old sod you see its only me


sigh tried to keep it under 30 blogs this week but just cracked 29


File: 1601101319818.webm (1.91 MB, 600x338, 1600666332113.webm)


File: 1601101435813.webm (1.87 MB, 320x180, 1600833306859.webm)


dont like the japanese dub it sounds wrong


bulma is sexy as hell in the original dont know why they thought she needed a redesign


nice mid 2000s aesthetic



File: 1601102240662.png (1.46 MB, 1197x845, 2000_5f6b01ba26ae6.png)


wish i was an 80s salaryman during the bubble


read a book about that a few years ago except it was about the 90s bubble and it talked about how college aged australian women would prostitute themselves in japan and how the japanese government is corrupt


now college aged japanese women are prostituting themselves in australia


went to grab the last blog mom was up and watching tv hid it in my waistband but it slipped as i was going up the stairs hope she thought i was just grabbing my dick


love jannu alter she carried me through all the hard cqs


File: 1601105867388.jpg (615.19 KB, 754x1065, illust_84399458_20200926_003727.jpg)


bet thats western


File: 1601106286913.jpg (1 MB, 1434x1440, Paratrooper_applies_war_paint_111-SC-193551cro….jpg)


you can tell its western cause she has a nose


hes japanese you fool


would be proud to be killed in a military suicide mission with any of you



with all the gems from the lottery ive got my jannu up to 8 8 8 skills just need a few more hearts and i could easily get her maxed out


drinkin beers


what else is new


put a pizza in the oven its got bacon anchovies jalapeno slices and extra onion


File: 1601117474851.jpg (180.05 KB, 1900x1400, xkwcx78v0en41.jpg)



File: 1601124578218.mp3 (72.45 KB, cocky.mp3)


nice horse shitting action at 4:00


File: 1601126742321.png (195.12 KB, 905x677, 1600346002734.png)


File: 1601127455760.jpg (299 KB, 642x998, 1598453856185.jpg)


now shes going to be horny thinking you have a flaccid penis the size of a beer can


were native american-white relationships really ever bad at any point in the last 120 years seems like whites were eager to make amends and encouraged indian integration


is 120 years of letting them run casinos really enough to forgive stealing their lands of thousands of years and trying multiple times to genocide them and ultimately uprooting most of them to live in barren shitholes hundreds of miles from where they were born

it probably is


hindsight is 20/20
pay no attention to the thousands of pioneers who were slaughtered with tomahawks by radicalized natives
most of them just wanted to be left alone


File: 1601130483775.jpg (156.07 KB, 960x720, 2d2a0bf8c8f8672d3e0c25783338c252.jpg)



cookies taste a little stale but its too late now gotta finish them


opened the window




File: 1601135390721.jpg (Spoiler Image, 147.87 KB, 932x1200, Ei1We-uU0AAIE8E.jpg)


wonder what happened to this guy he stopped posting right when the gorona started


he stopped being cel


hes just like me


that was well after the invaders started encroaching too far
at first the natives were nice for the most part and even helped them survive but then they just kept coming and coming and before long they were acting like they owned the place
if youre pro pioneer then youre anti hima




coco acknowledged the sovereignty of taiwan and the chinks are fuming




dont have a lik


shinitai shinitai shinitai shinitai shinitai shinitai shinitai shinitai


woke up NOT feeling too hot


simply shower and make a coffee



made normfee it came back up only time can fix this


normfee for a norm


farming tickets


morning hima


been a long time since i was this sick its the price of arrogance


File: 1601144040590.webm (935.42 KB, 800x450, 1522877600016.webm)


the game turns into grind dungeons for gear then that ends and it becomes grind consumables and raidlog but with raids that could be performed by a dippy bird


weird that those guys were posting about indians right after i watched that one episode of the sopranos



File: 1601145829011.jpg (Spoiler Image, 311.25 KB, 1152x2048, 20190602_201942.jpg)

sigh woke up and went to open fgo and accidentally turned on the reverse camera


mom bought me ankle socks dont know how anyone can wear these


are you still using cel socks


think norms like to suffer by wearing uncomfortable socks


already went through the same amount of suffering as 600 norm years


beat all the grail fronts leveled most of my servants grailed my servant leveled my skills bond grailed two servants obtained the grail amassed lots of qp farmed over 100 boxes can safely say this lottery was a success


on jp or na




vacuumed my place


File: 1601148534327.webm (207.83 KB, 466x466, HxH #66 REACTION.webm)


File: 1601148584057.jpg (Spoiler Image, 68 KB, 500x750, b14462e852424b559f7514e14336c897.jpg)


same mom bought me a pair the other day


i only wear boots so i cant do ankle socks unless its inside


aris is streaming mario


looks like me but with brown hair


bing bong yahoo mamma mia


File: 1601148748058.jpg (Spoiler Image, 65.19 KB, 1264x700, perfect ass.jpg)


flip that wasnt supposed to be spoilered



uncle wouldnt let my cousins play mario 64 with the tv unmuted because his wahoo noises would annoy him


hope aris plays sunshine next


love sunshine


File: 1601149021247.jpg (157.47 KB, 970x647, the hima pool.jpg)


sunshine is NOT as good but he will play it next


its the best one


might start playing melty blood


what was that recent dark souls ripoff someone was comaplining about


melty has ggpo so its baste


fell for every meme in the book

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