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remember to eat healthy


at least as eikaiwa for adults you get to flip bored japanese wives in their 40s


fruit isnt healthy its a bunch of sugared up nonsense thats been selectively bred into tree candy
they cant even feed fruit to chimps in the zoo because its so sweet it makes them sick


this is so hot


nb claps his ass whenever he gives a standing ovation


sv3rige you seein this


File: 1599446269956.mp4 (17.68 MB, sof.mp4)

tried to test if i could stream but even recording started causing 5 second long cpu spikes every 15 seconds so i stopped x265 cut it down by 134mb without too big of a quality difference


love encoding video on my cpu and complaining about using my cpu


must have flipped something up and replaced the video with only the audio track go ahead and delete it to save disk space i already deleted the originals


One final anonymous player, who is non-binary, detailed a very disrespectful interaction regarding their gender.

“He looked me up and down and responded with ‘You don’t look like you try very hard,’”



why does nene have tiny remilia hats on her head




why do you guys go along with these "names" the anime characters have theyre all the same


got a name for you right here pal


uh did this sound smarter in your head


should i become the next george nakashima


File: 1599448223928.jpg (62.88 KB, 800x600, 1599446269956.mp4_snapshot_00:01:11_[2020.09.0….jpg)

this actually uploaded properly but it thinks its an audio file until you play it locally defeating the purpose of posting it here


have you considered reordering the tracks norm


love opening mp3s in NOTepad


love writing secret messages in the headers of files before i post them on hima


do you need punctuation to read it norm


i think i do didnt understand it


got left behind




why do you guys go along with these "names" the anime characters have? theyre all the same (referring to the anime cartoons in question as they all look at the same and have minor differences in personality)




kamidori testing my patience with these escort missions havent even got a flip scene yet


of course they arr rook same but how else would you identify them without names


dont get the anti name meme


wish i was this cool


File: 1599450138827.jpg (2.82 MB, 9999x5943, secret message.jpg)


you could probably learn how to do that in about 5 minutes


you mean the anti anime movement




accidentally clicked a monkey torture video now its all over my tube recs page its over



owned monkey spammer


joined chams fanbox


theres a weird youtube subcommunity of monkey torture enthusiasts


File: 1599450931780.jpg (158.5 KB, 1024x768, 1599117212905.jpg)


weird sugar coated in sugar



does anyone want to play warzone with me


wish cham would play some fall guy


do you still want to watch milky holmes


played a shiteload of normcraft when i was about eighteen


i can stream it on rtmp://rtmp.wobbyworks.com/play/supergronk




played a ton of single player minecra too id wake up at 3 am fire it up along with some albums i enjoyed and play all day


was good until they added the beds


its NOT a virus just connect to the stream on vlc




NOT gonno watch your stream you had your chance


minecraft was never good die norms


sigh here comes the 40 year old loser to make fun of the 30 year old losers


come watch my stream ill play milky holmes


die hacker



loved picking up gooks by the throat and throwing them through walls in that game


never cared about graphics past the 360 era most games look good enough for me



im NOT a hacker i just want you to enjoy your night watching some milkys


fgo jp is in maintenance



36 minute video dont click


darky souls looks good and that guy has a nerd voice


guys im a couple episodes away from the ending of super good timing too because summer is about to end i spent the entire summer watching it


do you want to watch milky holmes yes or no


ill watch a minute of it



got it loading all you have to do is send me the video signals


ok ill start streaming are you watching



check the ip logger


im NOT logging any ips i only have obs open


forget i dont want to stream because you think im hacking



i couldnt get it to connect


because im NOT streaming yet


ok once youre done installing the rat on my pc can you start the stream


are you streaming now


the stream has begun i repeat the stream has started


do you need english subs


it has NOT started yet


it wont connect


did it start now


gonno wipe my drive tomorrow this is getting suspicious


no please tell me if you need english subs


whats wrong with streaming websites again


dont listen to the stream dissenter


i do


watching obama play dark souls


i am NOT doing anything i need to know do you want english subs yes or no


obama only likes dark souls 2


are you watching it dubbed or something


been connecting directly to this ip posted on an imageboard for almost twenty minutes and he keeps saying it hasnt started yet despite it being trivial to do so



its starting


its a screamer dont play the stream


how about you provide two separate streams one with english subs and one without that way everyone is satisfied


need a screenshot to know its legit


we dont need subs just fire it up raw


and one with dubs


found out its hardsubbed have to redownload it with softsubs


i knew it


whats the difference


enjoy my ip and whatever other information you got from my connections but youre NOT getting any more norm


made this my wallpaper


its working for me


hes auctioning our data to microsoft for a hefty sum


why did you make that your wallpaper and NOT the other one


im sure it is wait ten minutes until he posts about having downloaded spanish subs or some shite finding yet aNOTher way to delay the stream


hate computer nerds i never know what they are talking about


ok this guy is saying im hacking so i made a twitch


post it


hang on let me make sure its ready first i will be 10-15 minutes more then i will start the stream no ifs ands or buts i dont have any subs and he wants english subs




its fine ill take a spanish dub


i only have russian right now


what the flip happened to the hodgetwins why are they political spokesmen


made two subs


its a raid


used to fansub with google translate


same but i switched to english subbing english vtubers now


File: 1599454684423.jpg (Spoiler Image, 603.52 KB, 1920x2589, 1479834555111.jpg)


File: 1599454797036.png (4.88 KB, 601x186, 1485337540308.png)

dont know why i have this saved


File: 1599454813155.mp3 (63.2 KB, itsaraid_.mp3)


wish a girl would look at me like this


i have a lot of hima screencaps


how is beauford


wheres the stream



never clicked on a teentube embed before think ill continue doing that


thought gta five was going to be epic but it sucked


im almost there this torrent doesnt have much seeds


gta was only epic as a teen


i never stopped being a teen i just got fatter uglier and lost neuroplasticity


neuroplasticity isnt real


what did you said


why am i more retarded than 15 years ago



some adrenochrome would do you well


im NOT jewish


never really got into trek i downloaded tos to start from the beginning and havent watched more than 4 or 5 episodes


twitch molgyholmes


are you in


oh flip its real


weird how 48% of the population commites 90% of the violent crime and foids do NOT do anything about it


are you in yes or no


just watch tng and maybe ds9 if you want a neat sci fi that isnt really trek


liked tng when i was a kid


are you watching yes or no


turning the stream off if you dont get in


post the gods damned link to the flipping milky hole stream already



are you watching yes or no


theres no audio


obama is so bad at dark souls


was NOT expecting the wacky season
had a joke about NOT watching alternative ready



is there really no audio


theres audio now


why is it echoing


think its coming through his mic too


hate rewatching shows i used to like when i was younger


and wheres the subs


no i have my mic disabled


its laggy


vaguely remember hima hating season 4 so you can like a show you hated when you were younger


its offline


File: 1599457210800.gif (262.05 KB, 191x184, 1599062468337.gif)


i try to flipping do something nice and i just get trolled


sigh is it too late to download the app


File: 1599457293624.jpg (378.69 KB, 1500x847, EhMBHo9VoAEG2ku.jpg)


are you gonno fix the stream




if only kenneth had used his streaming skills for good instead of to humiliate his victims to the world


what other one


weird armpit wrinkles


pheeew the last fight with jiren is so epic didnt remember it being this good i feel something stuck in my throat after watching it


nice super tard


thought the same


whos gonno stream milky holmes now clearly its too much effort for that one guy


no im NOT going to fix it youre just trolling me


esto es el fin jiren


what do you mean troll the stream was laggy there was no subs and it was echoing for the first couple minutes as a streamer you have to do a better job


had to look that one up the last time you posted it


im NOT a streamer i just wanted to stream for you but you trolled me


youre a disgrace to the streamer community never stream again delete obs now


appreciated your effort but sorry for frustrating you


what the fuck


you know


there goes the last poster willing to stream here its been a good 5 years


no i dont


entire night is ruined because norman promised a milky holmes stream even got to see kokorochan for a minute before he pulled the plug hate bait and switch norms


i dont


wish pnig were here so we can both express our appreciation that a proper sequel to dbz exists



cracked a non pabst for the first time in probably three and a half weeks


youre NOT entitled to a stream simple as that


stream you dumb bastard


its NOT that simple


did absolutely NOThing today


why did he start the stream and didnt even do a single episode


made a pizza out of a tortilla pizza sauce pickled jalapingas and cheese


haachama is live


ha chama chamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


cracking milwaukees blog ice number 3


hes a norm who likes to torment the watchers with bait and switch tactics


im NOT a sexnorm


you cant call haysuz a norm


whoever it was hacked everyone that tried to connect he turned off my internet and caused me to leak dns when i started it back up


made 900 coffee biscuits for leve quests


according to wireshark 900 connections were made to the nsa



thats NOT irish


it would be poggers if i had some motivation


gleaked all over myself


teach a man how to game and he will pog for a lifetime



pretty sure the priest in that vid was paul from cheers


dont know who that guy is apart from him voicing burns son from the simpsons



is anyone gonno stream


might stream nasubi tomorrow


should i stream a nice jo


stream it



might slam the last 32oz and snooze pretty sure hima has reclined for the night


someone post the detective reclining in that interview




ok sorry i asked


used to think breakcore with anime samples was epic


never thought of anything as epic in my 16 years of life thats just cringe


die teen


you posted it in my brain when you mentioned it that guy was some other imageboards version of pnig except thousands of times more popular because he killed someone instead of just abusing the elderly and snapping newborns


teen is just a mind set im mature for my age



being mature for your age is a teen mindset knowing that you are a machild is the real mature mindset die teen


im no manchild dont confuse maturity for your benign twisted delusions


typical teen thinking he knows everything


im mature for my mental age which is somewhere around 10


have to get these warm ones down theyll only be worse completely flat in the morning


File: 1599464540438.mp4 (769.82 KB, eating some chips.mp4)


defiantly do NOT click that if you arent ready for homicidal rage


whats rage inducing about it


hes a tard



nice jav crisps


glad i was born an old man and never got into any stuff like that






turned on the light mouse and keyboard are coated with finger gunk


tardlaughing hard


eating some jelapeno chips with a bowl and spoon


chris hu is paste


opened this at max volume with the headphones off while footsteps were outside the door think mom heard




File: 1599467956291.png (14.93 KB, 373x255, 1598954445388.png)


chromecast a nice haachama english stream onto the living room tv and watch it with mom



gamblenorms btfo


if he wasnt a norm trying to trick people into opening screamers he would fire up a nice ffmpeg and fix the volume levels


The light of hope you saw in the world of the sons of
man... will it shine without wavering, even before me? I am the radiant morning star which lights the way to the sons of man.



that about sums it up for me


is that real jp shut downs usually have some kind of reimbursal



had a nice 2 hour nap now ill game and drink some coffee


think its too late to grab more blogs really going to have to chug the last 3 tomorrow to get into the zone


my dark knight is now level 40


hope you arent tanking




tried to install something and my pc crashed sigh



pasted mowers fired up extra early on labor day


cant believe this has a million views now


paste rulebreaker


shes being weird again


love kigfreaks


girls cant lift water store jugs


then what was tg doing working there


took some imodium


you should let the shite flow


she wasnt real


coby had mom onseki had deligirl pnig had tg when will it be my turn to find love


the first step is leaving the domicile but the norms made sure you couldnt even if you wanted to by causing a global pandemic


first step is being attractive second step is NOT being ugly third step is dont be unattractive


NOT sure if i can do all that at the same time


all you have to do is take your gf to walmart


i didnt foresee this whole incel thing as a kid i guess everyone assumes theyll grow up to be average


how do you know youre NOT average


because im a wizard


how many of those years have you spent holed up in the bunker


i pop down to the shoppes regularly


sigh didnt think the jp summer event was ending so soon got everything done but didnt clear the shop oh well im gonno enjoy these half ap embers


why NOT save your money




cant wait for body modifications that make people throw and walk faster


those already exist


File: 1599496714634.jpg (Spoiler Image, 5.05 MB, 4160x3120, 20190831_162243.jpg)


File: 1599496887510.jpg (32.94 KB, 460x276, bladerunner2.jpg)

pretty sure thes guys are banned from the olympics because theyre faster than real people


are those fake people


theyre artificial


my bone is augmented



woke up hi


never asked for this



The fire started from a candle on the table and a gust of wind that blew the dsnap on top of the candle without anyone NOTicing. There were 20 people in the house when this started and thankfully everyone was able to get out safely.

pasted women


File: 1599500737022.jpg (480.64 KB, 827x1169, 1599455303047.jpg)


wish i could still watch anime like i used to NOT like ive gained anything


ars and roa are going to blow up the server


turt can you rec me a source i just need test aromasin and maybe eq


watching roa ars and belmond hehe


its a waste and harmful unless you plan on becoming a freak or youre actually low test

but https://steroidsourcetalk.org/mybb/


NOT those kind of modifications you freak



pretty sure that 600mg/week of test and 1.5g or eq with ai in hand is the opposite of harmful im NOT about to blast tren
thanks for the source


sis made me cheese and eggs buritos as a surpise for breafkfast dont really like it but im trying to scarf it down


love partying at the beach with my japanese gfs



nice manmaru


theres no point in bothering with shutting down your natural production and risking hair loss and being hard on your organs if you arent going to actually do anything with it but whatever


we dont care were freak



im just gonno take finasteride along with it


or minoxidil dont want to risk post fin syndrome



As a symbol of masculinity and warriorship, Heracles also had a number of male lovers. Plutarch, in his Eroticos, maintains that Heracles' male lovers were beyond counting.

its time to man up hima


why are her boobs so big now


theyve always been that size


paste greeks


shes a slut and wants to show them off


NOThing wrong with putting the goods on display to find a mate


you cant say that



love booby ars


got some 3 day old chicken sausages here eating them cold with mtard


i dont theyre distracting


love how no one told me if youre unintelligent and lazy youre supposed to make lots of friends to compensate instead of sitting alone in your room for 15 years


eyes up here


hate when stupid people try talking to me



fired up the grill going to crack in a bit anyone want to come over


thinking about being a koreaboo as well as a weaboo how do i get started


mom should have just stuck with pets



had to come out as asexual to mom


that should get her off your back for a few years


File: 1599510323830.png (417.24 KB, 500x495, truck.png)


only have a hot hatch so no


next season looks like it has more shows worth trying to watch than ive seen in a while


wonder what its like to be in a car


depends what kind of car it is old cars creak and squeak and rattle and you feel connected to the road and the visibility is better because theres no safety features that will keep you alive more than necessary


modern cars are really quiet inside and you cant see shit except plastic in half of your field of view its like being inside the fridge


nice day for a walk but dont see a point in getting sweaty think ill wait for the cool weather before i exercise my legs



File: 1599513120143.jpg (211.54 KB, 1752x1711, EhUiedHUcAIKnpp.jpg)


think the moment my brain started to celify is when i fell for the cooties meme


i never fell for that meme i just realized women suck at anything beyond surface level conversation unless they have a stem degree


hate seeing women zip around in their giant suvs


hate seeing women


wanted to be around girls from a very young age but had to pretend they were gross out of embarrassment by the time i stopped everyone else was already flipping


wonder if porn killed my chances to reproduce ive been jerking it daily for 15 years now


your penis thinks youve impregnated thousands of women


porn ruined our minds


had my first sperm dream last night dont know what the deal with that was



File: 1599513812430.png (362.97 KB, 800x663, お金持ち.png)



yes sir i will be taking your daughters hand in marriage


she looks 9


highly doubt that the chadlets in high school werent also cranking one out in their free time the difference is norms have frequent opportunities to have sex starting at a young age just by existing around their peers


girl asked me if i was a virgin when i was 16 on the bus and i told her flip no i aint no virg

i guess lifelong celdom is my punishment for lying


she was a virg hunter she lost interest when you said you werent virg



love the virg hunter meme


tried explaining to mom once that norms dont have to try to experience coming of age rituals they just stumble into them even if they think its because of their own effort




at least pnig made it


thats just hearsay hes a virg as far as im concerned




cops broke in while he was seconds away from losing his virg


whos eating burgs today


mom says i need to look for a job since she isnt getting any younger


hope shes able to get someone to hire you otherwise youre being thrown to the wolves


getting a job is easy i just dont want to


NOT me


is that a fact or overconfidence from being neet for 15 years


burgs were slightly burnt


i got a job despite having no experience and mumbling through the interview


there are normskills you need before you get anywhere near that point you must have given the interviewer a sufficiently firm handshake


same three in fact mumbled and stuttered through it like a tard


im tard


might be time to break out the rope


should i get a job at target


give me a rhythm
we are we are walmart



whats the best place for a tard with a high school diploma and no social skills to work at


tried applying at target and walmart and they are too competitive because of their high wages so you have to aim lower


temp agency job in some 110F factory on night shift is about all youre worth


you have to look for part time positions too they dont want to waste a full time position on a tard


IT all you need is google



had a cburg with onion tomato lettuce pickles pickled jalapenis ketchup and mustard




nb split my cheeks


dont forget to get your free quartz today


getting married hima


i done been married to the streets since i was a younging its all i know


woke up hiya hima


hey morning


good stream


speaking of streams wheres the milky holmes stream


theres just a nasubi stream


yea but what about milky



weird they almost look like humans and NOT abhorrent bug people


woke up moms giving away her vhs collection



no you must stop her


its fine none of the movies are good


no reason to save tapes that arent of broadcast television or home movies


why NOT


im sure whatever movies that guys mom bought at kmart 30 years ago have been released on a digital format multiple times by now the only stuff worth saving never did


milky guy got scared off after i trolled him


overcut my toenail cant remember if that causes it to grow back weird


ingrown nosehair is out of control it flippin stings


get in there and dig that sucker out


if i stream milky again will you guys troll me again


depends are you actually going to stream or are you going to lag the video and give up on fixing after less than a minute


there was no lag on my end


File: 1599528824818.jpg (477.51 KB, 1500x2121, Ed-16EaUMAA3aZ1.jpg)


there was lag dont lag this time


found the tweezers


do you have a link for subtitles


nevermind dont bother streaming




youre NOT cut out for streaming




fired up the sawano playlist


im streaming in 10 minutes


instant snap


dont mind streaming myself but only on smashcast and only things i want to watch


english always makes me autorage but for some reason pikas eng doesnt its the only exception


youve told us that before


stream in 5 min


no way have i


have to reboot to get this game working and lose hours of progress on my ffmpeg job should have split it up before i started sigh



its on


NOT watching your stream


wish pika was the admin of hima


come watch its on


nope NOT watching


any nice pikamee guro



dont remember the stream name


5 viewers today


cant really see a difference in video quality between these two files might leave パソコン~さん on overnight and convert all of them


are you guys enjoying the stream


cant believe it only took her 3 years to learn english and it took me over a decade just to learn kana


i made that post and i still dont know them


thats because you didnt study seriously every day


i only know 1 language


only know english and i dont even know it that well


dont know how to study or do anything that requires consistent concentrated effort


how about something that requires 10 minutes of your attention every day


sign me up


only if i dont realize im doing it and i want to


fire up an anki kana deck then


10 minutes a day for how many years


was supposed to become fluent in japanese when i was a neet


same but stopped caring after i was about 20 was supposed to do all kinds of things with a life filled with NOThing but free time and access to online information but i just jod and posted about being a retard


same but instead i just stopped pursuing japanese interests altogether


what happened to you numbers guy


ban normsuz


fell for the anki meme


havent done my reps since 2011


File: 1599533619688.jpg (84.82 KB, 1024x768, 1599523696791.jpg)


on episode 130 of super wish me luck


File: 1599534318888.png (136.5 KB, 597x330, Eg_JV6EWAAEpuF4.png)




made puttanesca



File: 1599535457818.png (646.16 KB, 1100x1697, 84235666_p0.png)


brangus is a good name for a game character



might try to earlysnooze only two blogs left


dont want to waste my burg and cheese puffs on an episode of boob girl but dont know what else to watch


NOThing to do during ff14 maintenance but snooze


fire up a nice game


guess its going to have to be a japanology rerun again


watching gup thinking about ordering some blogs



NOT sure what the problem is other than the price the 3.5 thing was much more funny





gonno snooz


why are they making fun of my 2080ti


thought pc gamers were supposed to be intelligent and frugal


only the best of the best for my pc


you would have been wise to fall for the 64gb of ram meme instead so you could at least leave your hima tab open while you game




went ahead and ordered a case of blogs


is inland empire a real place i thought it was a movie


thats what i thought too so i looked it up and hes a calinorm


never had a gpu only used prebuilts and laptops until the early 2010s


found some m&ms


i got me a five guys double bacon cheeseburger extra bacon grilled onions grilled jalapenos mayo pickles and grilled mushrooms with a side of regular cajun fries


never had five guys what are they like


i tell you what they pack a mean burg


wish i had a burg might fire up the frozen za


its the same thing you can make at home but norms are happy to pay a markup for it


its a little expensive though so if you dont want to spend 10+ on a single meal i wouldnt bother


eat shit and die nb you never had five guys so keep your mouth closed because no one threw you a dick bitch


they smash the burg on the grill so its crispier than usual


kill yourself retarded spic



gonno smash my dick on your ass if you arent careful



cracked open a big ol blogski


wish youd crack the noose and hang yourself fatass


that wasnt me but i have had five guys a couple of times and agree with him


suck my ass you dumb beaner fag


fuck you fatass you cant lie to me


hows life been treating you lately haysuz hope everythings going well bud


any good space docs


2001 a space odyssey


sigh he loved cosmos


any space docs just show stars and galaxies with planets in the mix repeating anything is probable in space




what if i really did die and that was the last thing you said to me then how would you feel




if gaysuz was dead i mean


hate haysuz and haysuz sympathizers


everyone deserves sympathy



that was a trap set by me haysuz


all is well on the home front friend i spent all last week gaming sfv r6 warzone and aoe it was great although i do want to buy fallout 4 or 76 but i didnt like 4 when i played it briefly when it came out due to the building aspect of it which stunk bad
hope all is well with you also friend


played touhou luna nights today its good gonno beat the book nerd tomorrow


glad to hear things are going good


File: 1599546531950.jpg (52.72 KB, 920x646, 920x920.jpg)

the hima computer club


sigh i miss him


played that last year got all the achievements in 18 hours


wish normsuz would die


dont wish for aNOTher persons death so casually


crack it


he doesnt mean it


i do mean it


no you dont you just want me to stop posting NOT my death





nah go to hell


you ill die if you do the deed yourself which i know you wont coward


sigh kolby barton is trolling me again on hima


only one on hima


im gaming




File: 1599568617329.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.76 MB, 2344x1656, __original_drawn_by_tama_monster1553__ca68d017….jpg)


me on the left with the purple hair


would be a nice pic if NOT for the weird mouths



weird botw clone



watching ange


love her voice


too many good streams going cant pick one



nevermind that one ended how about this one


fire up a pikastream




hope you mates invested in well bread emotes they were 1k before the 5.31 patch this morning now theyre 50k


File: 1599581430269.jpg (1.09 MB, 1000x1298, __shirogane_noel_hololive_drawn_by_nhaliz__42f….jpg)


i want to lick those milkers so bad aaaaaaaaaa sex sex sex


do girls actually like this stuff


decent chance ill get my id in the mail today hopefully it doesnt rain so i can walk down to the store and buy some normahol also ill be able to wear a jacket since its only 50 today


well it sure isnt guys


what the flip i thought the voms were supposed to be pure


just pika


im a slave to my desires


forgot theres someone on hima with a 2080ti


will i get made fun of for having a 2070s


never used a nvidia card before


abstain from the fools paradise


waiting for rdna2


drinking coffee


gonno get one myself


simply eat some psychoactive mushrooms and force yourself into an enlightened state


File: 1599586271471.jpg (531.21 KB, 604x986, EhZ2rjJU0AAfJfW.jpg)




gonno make some moneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


sigh moneyyyyy


NOT sure if i should lube up my topres for that extra delightful thocky feel i got silicone grease but dont want to void the warranty


got my first nvidia card this year normally i would go amd but cuda is important for non gaymers


thats normsuz


why is cuda important




rendering what




kings honor friend



upgraded my internet plan


wish i could upgrade my internet plan


laughing at quins stream holy flip



placed an order for some burgs on the phone and the guy recognized me


time to never go there again


hope this guys NOT expecting a tip youre NOT supposed to recognize the customer who goes there every other day ordering the same meal everytime



had a cappuccino




File: 1599595482168.jpg (244.73 KB, 2048x1451, EO4ejopVUAEqP46.jpg)


salted my cutting board


love seasoning my cutting board and NOT my steak





File: 1599598371036.png (757.83 KB, 1155x436, yt.png)


File: 1599598460861.png (188.62 KB, 311x302, virgin walk.png)


crazy how breaks sometimes help you havent played sfv in 8 months and just hopped in without training everything again and im winning every match easily somehow


im going for a scuttle


a mexican woman called me boy


feel like aNOTher existential crisis is dawning upon had one last year which flipped me up a little hopefully it dies down once i move to our new apartment


take some mushrooms


File: 1599600439205.jpg (116.57 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


did that make the shishou girl jealous


woke up with sleep paralysis there was a tall tree looking thing tarding out right besides my bed making a lot of noise




quin broke his keyboard


woke up hi


hate when a thumbnail tricks me into thinking its a futa pic when its just a manpic


Some semi-cute girl has never been told to shut up in her life before, so she feels justified in interrupting a show for 300 other people. She tried passively apologizing after the show and I told her to die.


cool now go back


got something bad when i searched this one


File: 1599608972070.webm (579.7 KB, 1280x720, 1599604529183.webm)


defeating the elemental iris



love missing my arbitrary credit card payment time by 2 minutes so it counts as the next day and late


you can try calling and asking for leniency they will usually waive it and the late fee


love having to grovel before the norms


forgive me great norm masters



File: 1599612379766.webm (708.14 KB, 260x310, drink a tea.webm)


wonder what hed think of pikamee


his wife looks like a gyaru bitch


you cant speak that way about maiko


NOT groveling youre just saying you made a mistake and if a human could help you instead of letting the automated system flip you over


refuse to bow to a human


NOT bowing to anyone youre just asking for help


bhole itches might scoop out the poop itching me


anyone else excited for 13 sentinels


why cant humans digest corn


love when mom promises a big dinner then says shes cooking it tomorrow


you seein this pastaguy


only have one blog left dont know if i should crack it now or wait until later NOThing worse than sobering up completely after 30 minutes and still being awake for hours afterward


File: 1599617144520.jpg (882.16 KB, 900x1200, __original_drawn_by_oekakizuki__b2c61106ef235f….jpg)


how about you take a stand and stop drinking now


cant just stop you have to ween yourself off


been stopping for a day or two every week recently because theres a gap between running out and mom going to the store and felt fine in fact im going to quit cold turkey again in about 45 seconds once i finish this last blog



fall animation and breaking through that first wall both look terrible they just gave that game an hd rerelease a few years ago too whats the point


you wouldnt understand


miko left the hospital today


sigh miko


cracked blog number 4 im gaming hard


File: 1599619528752.jpg (283.98 KB, 800x600, 1281322528333.jpg)


been talking to this little femboy from grindr who said he was 18 all day and he just said hes 17 i gave him a fake name already now im blocking him flipping hate jailbait


should i get some jack daniels havent had a bottle in years



die gaysuz


big ugly stretchmark developed between my bicep and deltoid simply too freakish for my own skin





gotta love asmongold


File: 1599620382206.jpg (165.82 KB, 1280x720, 1577759745360.jpg)





youre either a skipper or a spammer


File: 1599620626171.webm (62.92 KB, 240x178, 1597701061001.webm)


ordered some taco bell never had it before


taco bell is probably the second worst fast food option behind maccas


no motivation no motivation no motivation


File: 1599620830601.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 576.13 KB, 960x1200, fa81c79e10ac7ba24e58b965c7d94d95.jpeg)

package is here


hate oppai sexy lady die die die


dont care what you like or dislike norm


is it because i actually played the game when it was new




dont mind oppai sexy lady for lore reasons but hate them otherwise


File: 1599621481749.webm (446.84 KB, 268x306, tardwalk.webm)


love how women can be complete weirdo retards and everyone adapts to make them more comfortable


do NOT under any circumstances post english speakers



you were right that sucked sigh


woke up moms gone and im hungry cant use the oven it makes a scary rumbling noise while heating and the whole kitchen smells like gas after 10 minutes so i cant make the frozen za might just microwave some soup


28 year old manbaby starves to death after mother dies in car accident


i have some lotto tickets ill be fine


why do you keep posting that fat ugly deathnic


File: 1599622993378.png (Spoiler Image, 38.71 KB, 4502x1386, walk.png)

used to have a more complex tardwalk system that would keep evolving and go on endlessly went something like this


good thing normnig is in jail where he belongs and cant try to belittle you by mentioning how hes a real adult because he knows where his grandma keeps her wallet


sigh have to do the dishes dont wanna


is this real


uh ya didnt you do something similar


no mine is simply lrlrlrlrlrlr forever


used to walk on my toes still catch myself doing it occasionally


maccas and taco bell are great flip you


i only eat chipotle the undisputed king of sub 10 dollar food


i do that too


youre only supposed to do that on the stairs when you forget to go up them on all fours


never had stairs


used to go up and down floors in the dumbwaiter with my brother


wonder how the officers reacted when they found this in BOLES room


two investigators resigned immediately after boles was taken down and four officers are still going through therapy


never had chipotle



File: 1599624589039.webm (2.22 MB, 1280x720, 1599616864971.webm)

why did the norms take anime from me


dub dont click


hate norms



the jap boards love this game gonno give it a try


used to do the pikamee thing but also with any painted walkway and colors had to match and balance between both sides also with imaginary lines coming out of corners sometimes its easier to step on one twice with one foot and then fix it by stepping on an x formed by an intersection with the other



File: 1599625669739.jpg (151.72 KB, 1080x1920, EhV8GFgX0AAlKVj.jpg)


File: 1599625676000.jpg (284.35 KB, 1219x1773, EhYipZzUwAI82Dz.jpg)



nice raging shamiko


just found a song ive been trying to find for years


link the song




mom bought burg king


hate bks fries


no motivation to do anything is over


had motivation to do things when i was younger but it ended there i never actually did anything


now i lay me down to sleep please god kill me before i have to face aNOTher day in this evil cesspool of a world


those dirty pigs have gone too far hima im rioting


you dont want to die trust me


cant even tardwalk without getting shot


was it NOT what you expected it would be


paste police too bad they didnt end his suffering


whats gensokyo like



how do i be like izaya


pikamee has been reading superchats for 2 hours


File: 1599628692069.jpg (204.6 KB, 1300x1100, EhW5gneU0AA3TFJ.jpg)


how do i get people to donate to me


NOThin better than freezing the room with the air conditioner then getting in the bed with just me underskivvies on


File: 1599629114709.jpg (Spoiler Image, 124.02 KB, 720x1280, frog.jpg)


baste using this as my tinder pic


File: 1599629382622.png (Spoiler Image, 805.66 KB, 1080x838, cumin.png)



why are they bothering the meme is almost dead


nice abbytuber



nice single mother calling the cops on her son and getting a fat settlement when they shoot him


i like the shark and the detective girl


they cant do a shark girl


also almost typed shart girl hehe


first they rip off liz now they rip off abby


sore and wheezing


any space docs



File: 1599637276170.png (191.46 KB, 713x1024, b62.png)


2001 a space odyssey


peds are the most oppressed group on the planet


File: 1599638236442.png (1.49 MB, 1600x2000, 71627592_p0.png)


weird how people will forgive you for being ped if youre a meme like thad


he paid his debt to society


so did other peds but they still want them killed because they arent epic


File: 1599643380212.gif (754.21 KB, 112x112, aa.gif)



its a raid



File: 1599649124712.jpg (746.6 KB, 4096x2907, Ehd0m-QU8AIax-i.jpg)



wonder if retards will ever realize calling the cops just makes everything worse


can i sign up


time to game xiv why arent my hima mates on odin


left right right left right left left right right left left right left right right left

vtubers are shitty and annoying


File: 1599654698992.png (561.07 KB, 620x696, 1599648212592.png)


File: 1599656049829.webm (1.06 MB, 960x540, wake up.webm)



microwaved some canned ravioli


used to love chef boyardee as a shota


had some aglio e olio


File: 1599664955291.jpg (2.05 MB, 2387x2682, 1599664074841.jpg)


File: 1599665199912.png (11.5 KB, 336x480, ecd407a806f18fdfeb1a321e2863cb45.png)




his single mother needed a man to tardwrangle him so she called a bunch of roided meatheads with handguns


i can break these cuffs


woke up hi


watching makeup tutorials


watching roa trying to make a portal


no dont thats the girls side of youtube


make me sexy please


wish i was sexy and cute



dont say meathead it offends turt


NOT going to vote this year hima its too dangerous outside


anyone have any sexy ladypics


jp has two hosexy ladyve generals now


stopped caring about jp in 2013 why would i start now


File: 1599673239282.jpg (47.42 KB, 483x800, 1425281550750-1.jpg)


gih blopsmate


File: 1599673369356.jpg (153.4 KB, 844x1200, D8D4rb0UEAEorD4.jpg)


File: 1599673382591.jpg (60.18 KB, 548x800, 1425281550750-2.jpg)


big bro is hype for the new cod


File: 1599673630956.webm (1.25 MB, 720x1280, 1599671783676.webm)


why the long face


how does that happen


NOT wearing a seatbelt


wouldnt he go flying out the car


File: 1599674254929.webm (461.15 KB, 316x312, car.webm)


i hate how that foid talks she sounds like shes speaking in front of a group of middle schoolers


thats a webm ban him


always tell mom to wear a seatbelt but she never listens might show her some nice cargore


sometimes or you flop around inside the car and smack your head on everything


how do norms drive 10 ton death machines around dozens of other 10 ton death machines and feel perfectly safe


love weaving between 10 ton death machines being driven by single mothers on whats essentially a bicycle with a 120hp motor strapped to it


born too late to see sexy horseys everywhere instead of cars


love streets littered with horse shite




nice clopping action


arrogant horse looks so prideful


what a silky mane and tail he should be proud



Uhm. . . . Is this a joke?

When I came across this post I couldn’t believe the title. This is disgusting and no we shouldn’t slaughter African Americans and saying the n word with a hard r is wrong. Black people have done a lot for this country and suffered a lot in the past and have been treated wrongly by the police on many occasions. This is racist. #BLM

can tell a woman wrote this norms are stuck a preschool level of intelligence





cooked a grilled cheese


wendys baga




nice day of snow yesterday


hope canachink is doing alright




duckduck is just google but with the hardware account and location trackers blocked


hes tard


do you mean theyre actually an alphabet subsidiary i thought it was a company googled allowed to use its data to give the illusion that they arent a monopoly like with firefox


raged hard gonno snooze


only use yandex and yahoo search


neetclogged the toilet


you bastard




who will be in charge of drain unclogging in the mansion


the drain flies


the drain addict


love wasting 4 or 5 hours because im too tard to understand ffmpeg


dont want drainguy knowing what ive been eating


NOT sure if thats your decision to make


File: 1599688555683.webm (708.14 KB, 260x310, drink a tea.webm)

gonno drink a tea(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)




File: 1599689002765.png (980.28 KB, 844x769, dipey.png)


stole some of moms pills for my gamer wrist


stealing is wrong


its okay if its drugs or food dont be cruel he cant neet it up in pain



looks good


probably tastes like chemicals and shite


subscribed to butcher box


File: 1599692597130.jpg (91.05 KB, 1422x800, Screenshot_2020-09-09 More Sandwich Vending Ma….jpg)


the chinese ones look much better


File: 1599692852476.jpg (1017.38 KB, 1920x1080, gu5jl8t775m51.jpg)

the waits gonno be so long sigh


wish i was her


File: 1599693990871.jpg (74.14 KB, 487x481, paolo.jpg)


Dmitri Mendeleev’s early life was NOT easy. Born in a Siberian village in 1834, the youngest of around 14 children (the exact number is disputed), his family was rendered destitute by a succession of disasters.

His father, Ivan, lost his sight and was unable to work so his mother, Maria, restarted her family’s abandoned glass factory in order to provide for the family. But by the time Dmitri was 13 his father had died and the glass factory was destroyed by fire.

Despite the family’s now precarious financial position, Maria recognised young Dmitri’s academic potential and decided to make his education a priority. She went to Moscow, taking Dmitri and two of his siblings with her, a formidable voyage of over 2,000 kilometres, made all the more intrepid by the limited transport infrastructure of the time. Unfortunately, when they arrived, the university in Moscow refused to accept Mendeleev because of his Siberian heritage.

The family moved on to St Petersburg, where he was accepted by the Main Pedagogical Institute – a former teacher training seminary that had become a fully-fledged university. Soon afterwards, tragedy struck again. Maria and Dmitri’s sister died of tuberculosis, and Dmitri himself became ill from the disease.
image block
Picture: © Royal Society of Chemistry

In 1855, Mendeleev, now 21, took a post as a science teacher at Simferopol School on the Crimean peninsula, where it was hoped that the warmer climate would help him to recover his health. But within a week the Crimean War had begun, British troops landed on the coast, and the school was forced to close. He was transferred to aNOTher school in Odessa, further north, and eventually returned to St Petersburg where he spent two years carrying out doctoral research into the interaction of alcohols with water.

He dedicated his doctoral research to his mother:"Conducting a factory, she educated me by her own word, she instructed by example, corrected with love, and to give me the cause of science she left Siberia with me, spending thus her last resources and strength. When dying she said 'Be careful of illusion; work, search for divine and scientific truth.'"


nice zen 3 on my bday hehe


File: 1599694602728.jpg (432.01 KB, 900x2801, __illyasviel_von_einzbern_fate_and_1_more_draw….jpg)

why is her bellybutton leaking


die smartnorm


bbutton lint


whys her pussy leaking


pussys leak all the time its really gross


its slimy


has anyone tried butcher box im excited but nervous for my package




did her mom have a bellybutton



vile hoor



mindblowing that each of the holotubers have had sex with big sex having men numerous times


they havent




love the thought of enjoying their cute squeaky voices and sending them money and then they turn the computer off and have hot sex with a hot man


crying saw on tv it snowed a foot and a half in the northwest overnight then came up to my room and the thermometer said 82



any good chinese songs


cant believe a vbro was banned



cant believe a vbro was banned yet spicsuz roams free


hell yeah


a great day of snow yesterday


seki loves his normcord bros


that was a trap set by me haysuz


just start mobilespamming and youll gain immunity


you dont even need a phone


tried mobilespamming once but forgot to disconnect from wifi




ban anyone criticizing me


gonno drink a tea


you should fire up an operavpn like turt does


fuck turt dont speak that faggots name in here ever again


you know what to do numbers guy


my replacement pads arrived





pic of what




really been getting a lot of use out of the ublock element picker lately



cant remember the last time i watched a live action jap film


love googling a kanji and getting NOThing but chink results youd think at this point google would know more about me




why didnt they interview a nudist sexy lady instead


how come botan is better than me at games


you thought you were a gamer but youre just a lamer


im a lame gamer


wildfires turned the sky orange and it was dark all day


are you a calinorm


ya im wcr


hate calinorms nuke california


die punytreenorm



the norms have started forcing youtube login prompts into the videos that you have to deny before they start wonder if i can block that too hehe


mexican in the gym shows up in dbz stuff and naruto socks tonight he was wearing a kimetsu no yaiba shirt



paste mexican


mindblowing how much better hima would be if teenseki was willing to take five seconds to get rid of normsuz


where is he



wonder what hed think of that little baby


sexy little baby must flip that baby snap that baby


when i was a kid i said viva el pedophilia in front of my aunt before i knew what it was and she looked disgusted


File: 1599704598230.webm (2.16 MB, 640x360, 1599704248973.webm)


reminds me of when i made a 9/11 joke a month or two after hehe


glad my aunt is dead


she then asked me if i even knew what it was and i just ignored her


File: 1599704923983.png (37.87 KB, 392x228, 7c83b65c2288226b8ee6a10e98b4b3b0.png)

sigh this just makes me think of old youtube wish theyd flip off







they mog me


why are the comments turned off love reading the third world tard ped comments


the lowliest foid on the planet mogs everyone on hima put together


im gonno lift and become volcel


wouldnt be ped because those fho are hags


starting to think encoding video for a dozen hours or more to save 10gb isnt the smartest idea




phew dont mind if i do


have to admit that even though im a cool loner type cooking a meal for yourself in a deathly silent house is a little depressing


if the norms ripping jav discs did it properly to begin with i wouldnt have to


i would love to beat nbs teeth in with a pistol grip


stuff like that gives me that depressing feeling sometimes too NOT depressing really just like an emptiness as if you flipped up somewhere in the past and got stuck in a bad ending


need a nice girl with big boobs like uzaki chan to stop being a loner


File: 1599706412541.jpg (453.71 KB, 723x1013, __takanashi_misha_and_kumagorou_uchi_no_maid_g….jpg)


had to drop uzaki chan after the show kept bringing up how tall and attractive the main character was



File: 1599706748023.jpg (Spoiler Image, 13.4 KB, 280x180, 1599698602779.jpg)


File: 1599706968922.webm (3.78 MB, 720x1280, yahoo.webm)




die chadspam


File: 1599707519861.jpg (380.25 KB, 1920x1080, EhclYkTVgAEycg8.jpg)


wish i was a skinny tall jap boy


love worshiping a culture of island chinks on the other side of the planet


woke up gaming



god i hate chinks


finished rewatching super this concludes my summer


hate that fat asian




someone tell nb hes the white boy flashing his kkk tattoo and me and my boys are putting the beats on him https://streamable.com/4v8gck


guess ive confirmed im uglier than this guy


when turt rated me he gave me a 3 out of 10


remembered some things better off NOT remembered


any other tub pissers


havent had a tub in the house in years


might yell in the house


woke up mom bought burritos



this guy wakes up 5 times a day what the fuck


accidentally starting deleting the file i was trying to encode after testing it out on smaller copies half a dozen times and made it unreadable tardlaughing hard


accidentally spermed and instantly lost all desire to keep messing around with this but i guess any kind of productivity is an improvement


might take a bath


bathe on


new rezero gonno watch


watched it was good


did you think satella was cute


yea shes cute i like her


should i crack


went to the store got nacho supplies and whisky saw a mate wearing an infowars shirt that said coronavirus was a hoax now its raining and im gaming


hehe funny negro


hate early squirters i jo for at least an hour


raged hard had a darkshower in the water temple to cleanse my soul now im gonno game


hope i get my id later today so i can buy a bottle of normskey


woke up early guess ill watch some haachama



made some tea dont feel like even sipping it though


wish schizos werent allowed unrestricted internet access


same hate them and theyre scary


the avoidant ones are harmless


thats a different kind of schizo


NOThin better than a nice refreshing sexy ladiesperm


new garupa pico



File: 1599746159583.jpg (Spoiler Image, 74.14 KB, 487x481, 1599693990871.jpg)



File: 1599747069766.jpg (490.66 KB, 2048x1565, EhjmsTeVoAITR2I.jpg)


wonder what pnig would say about the new nvidia cards sigh



im NOT gonno miss my chance to get the perfect unix file nr this time im gonno make it


what image are you gonno use


im NOT sure thinking of a cute maid


took my monthly bath


guess ill snoozey


ran ffmpeg overnight took 10 hours to shrink 5.5gb to 1.4 with very little quality loss



wish yuyu was my gf


its NOT that great


no dont youll end up like >>1136875


File: 1599752895274.png (1.93 MB, 1500x1060, 1599302994723.png)


have all of those except im happy all the time


love how norms think that if you dont smile youre NOT happy


coworker asked me whether school is brainwashing me with communist propaganda and said that diversity is code for anti white didnt know he was a schizoid but already knew he was avoidant


hes redpilled


hes NOT a cool loner type i would never feel lonely is like that jp song


nah hes a freak hes moving to nc in a month hell probably meet up with turt at the local track and talk about how the coronavirus was planned among other schizo ramble


who are you talking about


mom made penne


File: 1599754196446.jpg (1.91 MB, 4096x2540, 1598930926090.jpg)



File: 1599754616449.jpg (57.45 KB, 553x650, schizo.jpg)



just became aware of my skull again


hate when i can feel my bones


skeletons and arent real


you can feel my bone



File: 1599757487825.webm (1.09 MB, 758x548, EhjAfekUMAAvBvF.webm)



File: 1599757554678.mp4 (126.43 KB, streamoutput (02).mp4)


sigh i was watching the stream when he made that laugh it was because gran started scratching under his door begging for scraps


sigh hes so happy there what went wrong


one of his victims survived to tell her tale


remember when pnig would post candid pictures hed take of his cousin from his pocket cam


File: 1599758500768.webm (461.15 KB, 316x312, car.webm)


found moms hidden sugarwater stash


hell yea


File: 1599759898624.jpg (1.7 MB, 2458x4093, 1599758917580.jpg)


File: 1599760119067.jpg (114.61 KB, 960x960, ESZZ1VJWoAENF67.jpg)



ugh with family celebrating sis 40y birthday and mum just arguing with her over new music like any boomer cant stand being around people even my family if its more than 1 person at a time it just gets so tarded and NOT cozy gotta blog here until this shite party is over


and to add to that its to loud and to obnoxious this is really reminding me why i dont like the norms


first off die ughnorm and secondarily why is your sis so old


how can he answer that if hes dead


mom obviously had him late which resulted in a tard son


how is that old its NOT even 10 years older than us


love the everyone on hima is 30 meme


is your sis single heard they get desperate at 40


got tired of being called a teen at 25 years old so now i feign being 30


25 is defiantly teen territory


hate being 26 still get called a teen even though its over for me


cant wait to be 30 so i can fit in


enjoy watching the mid 20s teens fall into the same traps i have cant wait to see them all rope at 30


everyone will be in their late 30s then and call everyone under 35 a teen


what traps



the thinking theres any hope left meme


lost all hope when i was a teen


im NOT late kid sis and me 10 year apart and now mum is going on about a jewish conspiracy along with my sis bf talking about rotschchilds sigh


File: 1599767781953.jpg (Spoiler Image, 342.53 KB, 1125x955, 1599763993161.jpg)


fall gays


i was a believer in life to be myself always and was asking whether i would be alive


love scrotal lingerie


aris is playing a sexnorm game


hes perfecting his day game



dont know if america is getting crazier or because im having more contact with others why cant people just behave normally


die norm



still waiting for my jp plumper gf getting a little annoyed now


sigh missed a subaru minecraft stream cant even remember what i was doing when it was on


cant remember anything


File: 1599771696976.jpg (284.21 KB, 1300x2048, EhjIDWkVgAE0qVb.jpg)


satanist little slut


the abababa


File: 1599772144472.webm (1.02 MB, 960x540, ababbababaa.webm)




bea a japanese player on super street fighter 4 arcade edition with sakura playing random and mashing




File: 1599773959635.png (2.78 MB, 2047x2037, 1599190778272.png)



moms ordering pizza


File: 1599774143636.png (22.74 KB, 603x226, 1597175152235.png)


thought varg would be above that but i guess hes aNOTher bug eater in the end


wish i had za


cant post


File: 1599774412026.jpg (Spoiler Image, 184.51 KB, 1017x1023, 1514563544761.jpg)


gonno watch this


File: 1599777818223.webm (1.63 MB, 406x720, 1599766947140.webm)





nice nomask tards


my dark knight is now level 70


masks are paste hope you get the rona


File: 1599778963625.png (Spoiler Image, 960.92 KB, 824x760, 1599085769573.png)




hehe zero masks bet theyre antivax as well theres truly no hope for the future of america


hate vaccines they turned me autistic


File: 1599779411645.jpg (3.43 MB, 2800x3000, 83977627_p0.jpg)


need to fill a sexy lady like that


remember seeing a jav clip where this guy spermed like 13 times in big bursts


only a horsey could cause that


whats wrong with being a nomask


he was getting a paizuri and then bam he painted her like picasso


then why are her panties off


i was talking about the jav




cant find it i was browsing 4gif


paste 4teen




thinking about becoming a soyface


himas saving for space ishtar right


stomach hurts from NOT eating all day perfect time to minmax the effect from some blogs



ya but also kama arjuna and orion


never knew the dbz character names were all based on food


what food does jiren stand for


you can skip arjuna and orion


hate when they translate manga as comics


why is that


theyre males


gonno read the gamer



sigh he never made those honeycums


only a strong male servant can protect me


hima im too high inhib what do i do



sad i have no more super to watch with my meals


File: 1599786177893.jpg (Spoiler Image, 128.02 KB, 805x1078, Ehe_2jVUMAAzXZ-.jpg)


how is she floating on the wall


pretend you arent online while hiding in your room


woke up NOT feeling so good


fired up a 10egg


the cure for that is 4 cold ones chugged on an empty stomach


inhibition is your npc programming


im high inhib non confrontational


ya if theres one universal truth its that norms are very quiet reserved and evaluate action vs consequence at a high level


most norms fall in line as theyre told to


downloading guilty gear xx


you have no idea what youre talking about


accidentally activated this npcs aggression lobe by reminding him that he doesnt matter


posted in line at the racetrack from my work phone


manga girl is 23 years old bumping into people from middle school do they actually remember classmates from that far back


why wouldnt you remember middle school and high school as if they happened yesterday if they were the last times you regularly interacted with the world irl


i didnt interact with most the kids in school


but you still saw them and heard them talking about norming it up


destroyed my memory with alcohol now my past is just a blur


File: 1599788263764.webm (2.1 MB, 854x480, lean.webm)


brain tries hard to eliminate all of the bad memories in the distance past in order to cope


wonder how much cope i have left in me


youll know when you run out


like how i fumble through real life conversations and have a terrible time trying to talk on the phone but almost 2 decades of internet experience allows me to see so much from just a few lines of text


considering permablasting 600mg/week of test but im scared of aromatization and pct NOT fixing everything back later dont want to take ai forever of be forced to do trt when my natural test hovers around 800ngdl by itself maybe its NOT worth it


dont understand why someone would want to take a bunch of testosterone when their natural levels are high average and they dont even do weights


testoterone is a myth


correlation between lean mass and test is higher than lifting someone that pins and does NOThing has more muscle than a natty lifter


yes but thats only for the duration of the cycle
excess muscle mass is a waste of bodily resources and itll go away with time unless you use it



File: 1599789865542.webm (1.83 MB, 408x720, 1599789404037.webm)


how do i get a babyface like that


reminds me of rusty



watching cuties


aris is playing tekken


File: 1599792942912.jpg (667.21 KB, 1032x900, EhZz5YkU4AIqAxC.jpg)


wish a streamer would stream milky holmes


give me motivation to watch anime


dosing the neckpill three times a week now


cleaned the house and walked the dog now its time for some whisky and gamin


snoozing early cant get pcsx2 to work


it works for me


i cant install visual studio updates because my install is from 2012 and hasnt been updated but im NOT gonno update flip that


hate visual studio norms just use NOTepad++ before giving up on ever doing anything productive with your life after a week for the 40th time


no i mean the visual c++ shite


shut up nerd


use a free compiler norm


saw a tv commercial for tick tock it was literally just a bunch of nonwhites and trannies dancing around with the tagline culture starts here


then again i was enraged by the norms 20 years ago so NOThing has really changed hopefully a meteor crashes into yellowstone soon


what were the norms doing 20 years ago


got aNOTher cure 1 healbot in my dungeon


someone ask the blob if he's angry i reported him





File: 1599804177164.jpg (1.44 MB, 2000x1278, 82732453_p0.jpg)


whys she doing that doesnt she know its degrading


wish i didnt have to oog it serves no purpose to a neet besides the mostly limitless free dopamine fix thought you were supposed to stop getting bones in your late 20s after fifteen years of jerking it nonstop


File: 1599806179317.jpg (87.1 KB, 1920x1080, 1599138134288.jpg)

cant stop joing


does it work yet






gamed and drank whisky the whole time hima was down


waiting for mommy to come home with the tendies


File: 1599846626682.jpg (223.65 KB, 510x624, __minami_kotori_love_live_and_1_more_drawn_by_….jpg)

kotoris birthday today


mom made meatball subs


drank a tea


you cant post ota live characters


guess ill snoozey


dont use ota i just like love live simple as that


used to play the sumaho game but quit after they introduced the new girls


File: 1599847486109.png (408.24 KB, 800x800, EhpIbCcU0AA2Fu1.png)

happy yamuday hima


File: 1599847759524.jpg (90.29 KB, 777x882, __minami_kotori_love_live_and_1_more_drawn_by_….jpg)

nonononono kotori has been around longer than riamu is NOT fair i love the bird


nihon no normen


paste pikamd


File: 1599849300603.jpg (862.22 KB, 2077x1486, __sakura_miko_and_35p_hololive_drawn_by_lims_n….jpg)


love how anime character birthdays made us forget about that pseudo terrorist attack


whys that norm translating for her instead of letting her speak english








i dont know but i dont like the cut of his jib


should be fixed now


File: 1599854155242.jpg (205.71 KB, 841x1343, 1599850220568.jpg)



File: 1599854810065.png (2.1 MB, 1500x3123, dragon-ball-character-name-origins_5344f701d5b….png)



didnt know pillbugs were crustaceans and NOT bugs neat




always felt a kindred spirit towards rolly pollies


always squish em


mom bought herself three diet bottled sugarwater but didnt buy me a single bottled sugarwater im really disappointed in her


File: 1599861187097.jpg (Spoiler Image, 181.91 KB, 719x1299, 12.jpg)



hehe funny airplane day



File: 1599862936971.jpg (44.7 KB, 536x412, 1599862209025.jpg)


love twitter love norms


File: 1599865092345.webm (5.55 MB, 750x1624, BOLES.webm)


napped for an hour to be more alert when i crack the rest of those blogs


love the 4 adult women being completely worthless and helpless even after the guy in the black shirt takes control of the situation for them


File: 1599866577950.png (Spoiler Image, 106.6 KB, 406x596, 1599866191924.png)


"Shun, if someone is converted, let him go and do NOThing. He should be given a chance to be reborn."

"Grandpa, I hope he doesn't reincarnate himself."

In order to defeat several non-human monsters, the boy also became something non-human.

Shun Uruma, a sixth-grade student, was named "Experimental body: A" by five of his classmates and was severely bullied and lived in hell. His only peace was with his brother, who loved him, and his parents, who protected him.... . until the five monsters killed his family.

When he finally loses everything and faces true hell, a dark "wish" is born inside Shun. He was reborn under the training of his grandfather, who served in a secret unit during WWII. Now, four years later, he appears in front of his fated enemy.

"I won't let ANYONE get in the way of my revenge."





ate some oreos


anyone want to play a game of serious sam on gameranger


die gamenorm


guess ill try this since the windumbs installer doesnt work


finally completed all fate zero missions


india is going to take on china lets all root for india


eating pizza and drinking wine




love a good honorable wk coming to rescue a young lass in need of help from a ped freak


File: 1599871872245.png (Spoiler Image, 889.32 KB, 900x1600, 83742674_p0.png)


hate sperm on the face


hate having only half an arm


aris is playing 3s


File: 1599872405633.jpg (657.77 KB, 1051x1497, 1599838172349.jpg)





kitty is snoozing on my lap


cant you just download them directly from microsoft


cant believe i made aNOTher retarded post about this thats literally what it does


still never figured out how to download stuff from github


sigh got called an incel




got called volincel


File: 1599874301372.webm (277.9 KB, 940x396, eb0bbea33da6.webm)


die arrogant technorm


File: 1599874465941.jpeg (1.38 MB, 3024x4032, SAM_842.jpeg)

dad came home but instead of bringing the burgs he brought me this my rage is indescribable


sigh your dad doesnt know its all based on genetics


he was just joking


wonder how old that book is now hes a bald guy with a high voice


uh how is he bald


the norwood reaper spares no one



uh do you think he shaved his head to look tough


ha chama chamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


hope you guys mourned the loss of 2 thousand innocent lives that occured on this day 19 years ago


baste also nice ikea desk


do normtube videos NOT show titles or view counts anymore what the flip




titles view counts upload dates all gone what are these morons doing is it because i refused to sign in



oh its because i manually blocked the pop up



hate that my supervisor literally named karen mentioned fortnite


she heard you repeating im a gamer i game under your breath for 6 hours and wanted to reach out


hate the anti-white karen meme



missed my chance to play ro in its prime


sigh all those lifelong mmo friends i could have made


wonder if i would have turned out different if i played good games instead of tard games


jro is still alive and well


ro sucks hard maplestory sucks hard runescape sucks hard just because shitty games are still up doesnt make them good just proves theres lots of tards out there


set my alarm for 7.5 hours from now




the english holotubers are debuting


mabinogi doesnt suck


why are they debuting in the early morning


hopefully they will keep the westernorms away from the jp tubers


its 10pm



youre a westernorm


woke up hi




hey dont forget to read highlight


nah they eventually start playing a different game with other friends and never speak to you again


everyone here is american


File: 1599878198031.gif (144.92 KB, 452x750, spurdo.gif)


paste spurdo sparde


sigh wonder if any of them ever tried to contact me after i deliberately locked myself out of my steam account in 2013 but i doubt it maybe ill have better luck in new game plus


joined a small guild in ro back in 2010 the leader was a healer woman in her 40s one day she told me she wouldnt mind if i called her mom and i quit the guild and blocked everyone


why the hell did you do that flipping idiot


it weirded me out


crying for ro mom


raging need to take a breather


also remember telling her that her build was inefficient and some other member chastised me for it


wish i had a rich momgf to take care of me



saw a commercial for one of those fake meat brands last night felt like how i imagine any rationally minded person felt in the 50s and 60s about the explosion of processed convenience food norms dont seem to understand that by linking products and consumer choice to doing quote unquote the right thing in their minds theyre just playing completely into the marketing scheme of some big company making money hand over fist selling proprietary grain slop at a 700% markup


cant be sure but i think norms assume because we know people made entire careers out of finding the best ways to manipulate the population for profit it doesnt happen anymore and were past all that when really its only gotten easier


eat the bugs


norms are dumb dakarane sososo


so NOThing just that all of us are trapped here with hundreds of millions of them deciding everything that happens in our lives


except no company producing food actually feels this way or at least legally they cant be so negligent in their thinking because theres a thousand food safety laws that keep up protected from what youre describing


youre just absolving people who make bad choices in other words yourself of responsibility
when are you going to take responsibility for yourself


of course they dont believe what theyre saying but the norms giving them $7 for four plant patties that cost 25 cents to produce think its self evident that harming animals is bad so they buy this processed product that no one can make in a home kitchen


theres a huge logistical network of making food and profits need to be made to meet growth quotas
i agree with what youre saying thought the price is ridiculous it should be at least cheaper per pound than beef to be sustainable


think they sell the beyond bricks for about $7 but even if you assume thats the price burger king is paying theres no way its profitable so im assuming burger king gets a huge quantity of the slime close to what they pay for real meat


gonno read democracy the god that failed


mom got some frozen beyond burgs they werent too bad but i had gross tasting burps for the rest of the day


proprietary food is subhuman


sigh maybe i should be a chef



i hope you change your mind eventually we should strive to break free from the norms shackles NOT find comfort in them


i love norms



drinkin some water


they would skin you and throw you in a pool of vinegar at a moments NOTice


im a norm and i wouldnt do that


File: 1599882145301.jpg (218.98 KB, 1024x983, 72eujlklglm51.jpg)


then why havent they done it yet



nachos are in the oven




sigh no more blogs could go for aNOTher 6


sigh anon called the incel department on me


mom started buying 12 packs of 16ozers which is like a 16 pack instead of 30 its really flipped my routine up



do they still sell jolt gum just buy that


gonno snooze gotta take the car to a mechanic tomorrow morning


are you a girl why are you letting a man touch your stuff


File: 1599884060542.jpg (175.07 KB, 1920x750, respawn-product-usp1.jpg)

im chink


get owned drunkard


i dont have a garage and a tree fell right next to my car last month after a typhoon and ripped off the passenger side mirror and scratched the door also think my steering column is about to break in half


im NOT drunk thats the problem


its time to grow out of drinking


think ill wait until i start having withdrawals to consider it


a hangover is withdrawal


forgot this is a stream and NOT a compilation of her lol dat bgm


i dont get hangovers often and when i do theyre mild the last time i had a real one was close to a year ago and i was shaky all day




played a game of aoe against the computer think im gonno crawl in bed and fire up solitaire


File: 1599887619173.png (484.68 KB, 750x1200, 78188840_p0.png)


remember that time that one guy started raging because everyone on hima turned out to be a furry and immediately imagined themselves being pokemon rather than trainers in an alternate pokemon world


im going to be honest with you i remember very little besides negative experiences


File: 1599888520378.jpg (69.71 KB, 611x1024, 1599874154338.jpg)


won 26 dollars playing poker at big bros bought chocmilk on the way home bout to crack


should i game or start working on the 3 episodes of boob girl ive been downloading every friday but NOT watching


game on brother


same i havent watched uzaki in 3 weeks lets watch it together anon anime time


hate boob girl and her infatuation with the chad


die cordteen


playing kami no rhapsody still have NOT unlocked a flip scene


File: 1599890013488.jpg (24.29 KB, 500x448, 538507_115565015243898_100003712002293_82979_4….jpg)


nice haachamaa tardout