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remember to eat healthy
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gonno make myself a melt


better off NOT knowing what she looks like the mystery is the best part dunno why people try to dox them


go the hell back to ota already i dont come here to read your stupid posts


ban this rudeguy seki i dont deserve this treatmnt


its over



crying for the mate poisoning himself eating kale


dont come here at all then norm



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File: 1600214213723-1.mp3 (13.03 MB, 09 - Shedding Skin.mp3)




big bro loves pantera


File: 1600214557092.jpg (Spoiler Image, 4.49 MB, 2079x3118, _26.jpg)




File: 1600214695237.jpg (263.48 KB, 1240x1753, __gawr_gura_hololive_and_1_more_drawn_by_gao_g….jpg)


cookies are done hima


hope theyre gluten free


theyre NOT


should have spent all those neet years doing puzzles all day instead of letting my mind turn to jello


ninomae is cute


beat breath of the chinamen



already posted before






mom back on my back about college thought she accepted defeat but now shes talking about mini semesters and one starts next week i cant do that what the flip is wrong with her


love a good spame


wish mom would just win the lottery already


does she think having you take one online class and dropping out before it ends is a good use of her money


gonno get rich once my isekai begins by manufacturing mayonaise


i dont know what shes thinking i just have to hold out long enough until the ritual i cant start school its too late


i mean you could since you wouldnt have to leave your room but why bother unless youre a norm looking to start a career or too stupid to realize you can learn things for free on the internet


wish i had the motivation to learn things for free on the internet




the foal is me my hormonal single mother is the stallion and the hyenas are the norms


only have 3 blogs left gonno try saving one for tomorrow


all you gotta do is start


ill do it tomorrow


you need discipline


File: 1600221645848.jpg (300.29 KB, 1280x1708, 10F8.jpg)


wonder how fast i can chug these blogs anyone else interested


time was so pathetic its NOT even worth posting but this should get me neeted up for at least an hour


should i watch brand new animal


havent watched anything by trigger since luluco


hate trigger



watched 2 episodes of bna its NOT that great






the longer mom stays gone the more freakish my cooking becomes


haachama aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


i miss when they were goofy freaks to laugh at instead of being actual freaks that shouldnt be alive


File: 1600226256524.png (730.85 KB, 750x1334, 5C87F5F6-CD86-4239-84F4-FD756EC21D17.png)

which one should i get


mogged by both what a fate


theyre probably like 5'6" just get on trt and start smoking




woke up hey


gonno snooze


havent smoked in months dreamt about buying a pack a few nights ago


its time to vape


might as well chew the gum at that point


my alcohol appetite isnt sated


can smell myself while sitting might be time to shower


spermed to a nice kiliu satoko


mindblowing that ive never had sex and have almost no desire to since i can just jerk my bone instead


sounds gay


streaming avatar the last airbender in 5


hope its from season 1


phew beat the leonidas cq the trick is to get the soldiers down to 285 before you start burning him


the norms the norms the norms


hate that gay norm cartoon for children




the original avatar was better than a lot of anime ive seen


hate the norm who says hes streaming but doesnt


all stream links are posted on the sb


was probably too old to watch avatar remember it ending while i was in high school


i didnt watch it until after i had graduated and had infinite neet freetime and went through my honeymoon phase of watching hours of media


took a snoozepill gonno snooze


dont wake up


heres hoping


dead board norm board


went to the store got wine and chicken sandwich supplies the bus was 30 minutes late sigh


File: 1600244253845.jpg (64.65 KB, 1000x563, darklurker.jpg)


give me a reason why NOT to adopt in this way
or judge me to be guilty of so many incurable sins


JK Rowling's latest book is about a murderous cis man who dresses as a woman to kill his victims




File: 1600262187888.png (3.95 MB, 1750x1802, 1600220456389.png)




xbox and playstation fans arguing about which console has more gigashits per terafart



File: 1600263973406.jpg (Spoiler Image, 118.89 KB, 808x820, nin.jpg)


morning hima sipping my coffee in the balcony and watching the birds flying around


gonno watch the hardware unboxed vid first


havent watched anime in a week and some of the series already got to episode 11 i need to catch up before its finished now anime time






fell for every meme in the book

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