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its over buddy boyos
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die teen


cracked a cold glass of dr p




mom bought some chunky turkey subs


are they extra long


long and wide with extra bacon


is that guy going to stream factorio


no why would i


doesnt it feel like a night for a good old fashioned himastream


factorio is boring to watch its just gonno be some tard moving around and doing stuff


thats basically every game


stuff happens in other games in factorio you just progress slowly


yeah like a rock dropping from a skeleton after killing it 3600x10^6 times


need a good old fashioned gtasa stream with gg allin bgm


even if someone streamed everyone would tab out to one of the 5000 vtubers after two minutes sigh


NOThin makes me oog harder than a nice 0.002% drop rate


nice poring card


when are we going to fire up a nice hima ragnarok server


sigh water-cooled sexy lady


right after the hima factorio server and hima battlefield 2 server



unless you enjoy the challenge thats in front of you life has no meaning


File: 1599434502285.jpg (141.36 KB, 858x1200, EhRGdUAU8AAY4Lp.jpg)



big bone


how is douki gonno get out of this weeks situation


how about giving me a slurp for starters


anime time


File: 1599437644472.jpg (99.59 KB, 741x900, ggv4zi4.jpg)


do the realforcer r2s pinch or NOT


got carpal tunnel from playing machinist thought 2.5s gcd was slow but i have to weave every 0.7 seconds


same but gunbreaker they have too many skills


sigh sakuraaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


smells like halloween outside sigh


any good sexy lady doujins lately


die ped


love a nice samhein


gonno get the new lo


woke up hey there hima






ya just fire up a nice language:english female:"drugs$" sexy lady search


gonno do my jap reps


wonder if i should watch anime or an aris vod or luna play ringfit adventure


skim through the ringo fito parts then fire up the vod


if anyone here likes tokusatsu may i recommend EPISODE BLUE 派遣イマジンはNEWトラル


die predator


NOThing pred


NOT sure if its a sexy ladyjo or a boobjo night




wish i could live with my mom like the guy who always blogs about his mom



mom made a fire in the yard


is she back from her break




File: 1599441267780.jpg (352.62 KB, 2048x1152, sigh.jpg)




tardlaughing at pikamee


whats so funny


the mind of a simp is an enigma


love hating things other people like



only teens do that


love calling everything i dont like teen


and norm


dont think i can handle a half hour of sseth adhd jump cuts


hate his reddit voice


mom bought burgs and theres extra tissues in the bag for a nice post burg jo


wish i could do something funny with my knowledge like sseth


laugh at your posts all the time


hate teens and norms


you cant jo with burg tissues from the burg place


you were a teen once


why NOT theyre perfect for joing


hated my teen self too


putting on my hacker gloves


how come all the other teens had fun but it was just endless anguish for me


loved being a teen loved acne loved growing a mexistache loved NOT understanding body odor loved wet dreams loved being scared to cut my hair because i didnt want people to bring it up loved spending lunchbreaks in bathroom stalls loved being insulted loved having to reduce my presence to insect levels so i wouldnt be called on by the teacher


they hadnt awoken to the truth of reality


loved covering myself in axe bodyspray



had to shave every day because of my heightened test


whens the hima roppongi trip we gotta hit the hub together


realized ive been talking to myself an alarming amount ever since mom and gran left


its natural




got no motivation to improve myself might start doing it for my waifu


NOThing alarming about a nice healthy pacemumble to keep your thoughts straight



less of a pacemumble and more of a constant narration of what im doing in a full speaking voice


great now try doing lectures


sigh he seems so happy


sat in on one of freaks lectures but couldnt keep up should have known as soon as i saw it was full of asian cels



yeah im going to watch a 22 minute long video of some fat ethnic nobody


5 posts left (4 counting this one)


obama is paste


he loved obama


hope everybody is already thinking about retirement 30 is NOT that far away from 40


obama is paste jiyuna is a dumb expat and ALT are pathetic

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