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why did the vteens come here anyways they havent even attempted to assimilate with hima culture


vtubes are /jp/ simple as that


File: 1597797368365.png (4.77 MB, 2901x4096, 82614110_p0.png)


youre describing yourself now go back to discord


sigh pnig loved childishly lashing out at content he didnt like


no you showed up within the past year or so and are destroying the board


gamer game


incorrect you did though


was refilling the lawn mower with gas and the old man neighbor was sitting there watching and i thought please dont get up and as i was pouring gas i heard him say how you doin there feller and i mumbled something about refilling the mower and fuel economy then went back in the house


good dont give norms an inch


File: 1597797540824.webm (11.5 MB, 640x360, oog and piss.webm)


ban the vnorms so they can return to their home on 4teen https://boards.4channel.org/jp/thread/25568634


give norms an inch and you end up with posters like this guy >>1128412


File: 1597797619866.webm (178.55 KB, 326x426, faq.webm)


so did you guys come from the hosexy ladyve /jp/ general or the hosexy ladyve discord


File: 1597797656233.webm (1.79 MB, 1280x720, 1596129452095.webm)


himasugi NOT sure where you came from though norm


aris stream is over NOThing to do now


dont have enough exp for illya and hinako



go back to discord norm


File: 1597797794902.webm (397.68 KB, 1280x720, 1592543709167.webm)


turts instigating ban him


File: 1597797823662.webm (895.03 KB, 1280x720, 1591929810996.webm)

real one


started raging whenever i hear english at all now


hes just pissy that people arent constantly talking about him all norms are like this


im NOT turt im lobster gtuy


File: 1597797974011.jpg (86.16 KB, 1024x576, 1591880235122.jpg)


flip this going back to 2005


File: 1597798393343.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.68 MB, 1004x565, cyberpeko.webm)



File: 1597798434024.webm (154.57 KB, 960x540, 1583722130923.webm)


got more chink seeds in the mail




booby magician



have the lowest status on hima





discord won jp lost


File: 1597799756803.webm (393.51 KB, 640x360, kyaaaa.webm)


youre the only one that lost


teens officially btfo


gonno have to start dodging bans again like during the himako era


i dont know what im going to do i guess its time to move on i liked those webms


get owned vteen


the vcordteensimp era of hima is finally over we made it


why dont you just rewatch the same 5 that youve been spamming hourly for the past 7 months


its jp poster to you


the golden age of hima with reign for the next million posts until the next simpwave


you mean the discord era of norms posting about their day at work and other norm hobbies


File: 1597800529974.png (917.63 KB, 1183x817, 1597271952250.png)

the gacha era begins


that wont happen


it already has happened the board died because of it no one even posts except norms at night anymore


whats the problem you can just post the youtube videos with a timestamp and discuss them normally without retarded 4chan teenspam


just convert them to mp3


think i might be autistic


what did we talk about before the vsimp invasion anyway


i dont even know why you think its 4chan teenspam i only post on hima thats who is posting these webms


File: 1597800654947.mp3 (265.67 KB, ahoy.mp3)


yeah right you only post on hima where are you getting the files from youre just part of the simpswarm your posts reek


i got them from other hima posters every single one


then they need to go back


you should be the one going back teen but this is a lost cause now you can whine to your discordpals and have anything removed


NOT the same without the boobs


i make my own webms and post them on hima


you got owned scrub


got all my cham webms from the cham general




should have picked xiang yu as my free servant hes paste


normseki may as well just delete hima and have the url redirect to the discord invite


at this point he may as well


mindblowing the admin fixes his pc and can finally see webms and now decides they are a problem


the vspammers are reaching critical levels of bh


what other jp spinoffs are even still alive it looks like ota died at some point


the vteens are steaming


i thought it was fun at first and i like some of them especially hinata cant the vtuber crew just make a conscious effort NOT to repost spam every few hours and there would be no problem at all


nb is pissed and hates censorship


nb is the one who asked me to ban them


nb has always been the shot caller


there would be the discord whiners will just bitch about the next otaku culture topic that gets posted


nbs just contrarian and loves stirring up trouble


why does gengar evolve legs if they can fly


taking a titty streamer and slapping an anime avatar over her doesnt make it otaku culture sorry i know youre new to this world


gonno snooze


gengar is baste but hes really just a spiky purple blob


nononono what is that sticky im gonno miss seeing miko singing ding ding marine sayine ahoy hachamas premium rounge cyberpeko the sheep webm i didnt save any of them i really thought those carefree days would go on forever sigh


kids used to say gengar was an evil wigglytuff that makes sense to me


they can keep spamming the webms until monday


havent seen rounge lately post it up


watched the anime and didnt get how the ghost types wouldnt be overpowered if all the attacks just go through them and it made me even more upset because i thought ghost types were literally the of dead pokemon so i though there would be an enormous population of ghost pokemon floating around


got xiang yu while rolling for caster saber but i dont have the mats to get him up to level 90


same i always wondered that too if there was basically more than living pokemon


what board did the ota posters move to


they graduated from it all


NOT likely where did they go


its over


its time to grow up and stop sniffing out scraps of socialization on archaic internet forums


watched a movie with mom might have fallen asleep for a few minutes got tired as hell after 48 ounces


stopped watching movies with mom after she put her hand on my leg


went to the store got gin and lime juice for gimlets and four pounds of corned beef


owned hard hope you keep spamming them to steam the jan though


they roped


only thing i actually enjoy watching is pewds


only thing i actually enjoy watching is aris


same but asmongold


NOT going to spam likely wont post at all now


its over


if all you had to contribute was spamming the same 5 obnoxious webms then were better off


thats NOT even close to being the case the sticky even says this


embed era begins


you can still spam webms for aNOTher 5 days


im sure the discordteens will whine about embeds next


hehe hima got me drinking good doctor again damn nice sugarwater also got a chocolate milk in the fridge for tonight


gonno upload all the webms to a yt channel and embed them





sigh guess well have to move on to spamming aris and shamiko again


File: 1597803972655.webm (6.05 MB, 1280x720, one shot.webm)


cant believe that because i refused to click on mp4s that gave a reason for onseki to ban my fellow vbros




what makes you think anything is safe from the discord whiners


hate discord hate vteens


we have to unite against gnfos


die discordteen


never used discord


too afraid to use discord or irc


thought this event was supposed to give out eggs where the flip are they


got some eggs for ya right here


might crack a blog or six in an hour


ive got my jug of tub water to keep me company


listened to the tokyo ghoul opening sounds like ass


turt loved tokyo ghoul


kill yourself


let me think



File: 1597805770258.png (721.79 KB, 943x600, image0.png)

the himansion


die you fucking norm


sigh neetblog loved telling people to die


miss that old bastard


kill yourself norm


File: 1597806335723.png (22.33 KB, 1423x279, grass.png)


got a response from a tech company regarding a 3d artist position i applied months ago they thought my portfolio was too small and want a demoreel which i dont have


crying why would teenseki do this




truly epic how much worse life is now than when that aired same with office space


hope it gets worse for you too im sure you have it easy as it is norm


shut the fuck up hostile retard dont make me call onseki


die already norm


File: 1597807875177.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.95 MB, 3456x4608, 1457685832311.jpg)


mogs me


big bro loves mission hill


same wish i could grow a beard that thick


someone post that recent pic from ulis facebook



love standing up for the ccp


File: 1597808569559-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 113.78 KB, 960x960, 2018.jpg)

File: 1597808569559-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 192.92 KB, 1728x1728, smile.jpg)


File: 1597808599364.jpg (2.74 MB, 2101x1806, 1597753892054.jpg)


dont like this one it unsettles me


thank you


thats what real women look and act like


he made it


hes done for he lost his walmart job


his fighting spirit wont be kept down for long


almost anime time


havent watched a single episode of anime today still have to catch up


wish i could watch anime


same been forcing myself through episodes of boober girl every week but i just cant do it anymore



post a nice fish slice instead


always procsstinate on watching anime but when i watch it i end up enjoying myself


used to watch 60-90 episodes a week


watched a lot of anime in 2006


watch 6 episodes every day


anime is boring and full of oog crap


kill yourself norm


i cant i dont have smiling depression


need mom to go too sleep so i can whip out the chocolate milk


kill yourself oognorm


die norm


die oognorm


both die


File: 1597810918374.jpg (Spoiler Image, 690.27 KB, 1684x1191, 81184392_p0.jpg)


die noem


noem lolololol


love anus peek


hate it keep that gross shithole covered




same letting it warm up so it doesnt hurt my teeth



why dont they play san andreas


the new one is better


theyre mindless norms


NOThing better than san andreas


youre the norm die norm


if you want to post these attention hungry teen sluts you have to be prepared to hear the truth


NOT going to hear any truth coming from a norm like you just die already


the truth is that youre a norm die


how would you feel if neetblog really died after you said that


youre nowhere near getting it


hopefully he does thats once less norm thinking anyone gives a shit about their norm opinions


if nb died my first call would be to his hot ass wife would probably put the kid up for adoption though






pikamees driving a bus




wonder if pikamee ever wished to be a fire engine she seems like she might have


that wasnt me


what was the point hima


die discordblog


wish to sleep eternally


i dont use discord



accidentally made a passive aggressive jab at mom today


cant take it anymore hima im losing my mind


making a general tsos chicken rice bowl


why isnt anyone saying hoo boy


theres an impersonator pretending to be me on the discord


we need to ice that fool


like id believe that


hoo boy is onsekis meme


it was freak according to the sb logs


i need to be ground into a fine paste then set on fire


i agree how about you just light yourself on fire now and take this norm >>1128624 with you


you cant argue with the logs


die norm


whats this guys problem


you norm


File: 1597814598585.jpg (90 KB, 1280x720, 1497392055923.jpg)


pikmaee tried to kill the mission giver


oh god hima


whats wrong are you feeling nervous




pikamees having serious complications


its over for me


probably NOT


anime time soon gonno watch some irumakun was really impressed with the last three episodes i like the loud annoying girl shes funny


im NOT a big shot success like freak or turt all i have are my memories of when sitting in front of the computer all day gaming and surfing the web were still fun


stop comparing yourself to other norms thats how norms think change just that and you will be happier you gods damned norm


chocolate milk is in the freezer once it hits the goldielox zone anime time will commence


hell ya might have to make a run for 2% milk and chocolate milk and strawberry milk tomorrow


cant neet forever


that wasnt a comparison i was setting context for >>1128638


it didnt really set any context i ignore those norms


File: 1597817126616.jpg (387.43 KB, 1920x1080, mashes.jpg)


hope mash dies


at this rate all servants will become mash costumes


also sion too surprised she is NOT a servant


we love mash


its NOT possible to love mash truly she has no personality or character to love


a beautiful maiden who follows you around and is obsessed with you is good enough of a personality


shes just quiet and overly absorbed in consuming media and playing games


she doesnt do anything she doesnt think she just follows you around completely worthless trash


NOThing but a meat doll


just a mannequin with plot armor


thats what makes her desirable to have someone who listens and obeys you its a dying breed these days everyone wants to be mouthy and argumentive


NOT her fault she was raised in a lab as a test subject and did NOT learn how to socialize


go buy a mannequin and talk to it you can simulate that exact experience


mannequins would NOT play video games and board games with me


File: 1597818105022.png (532.61 KB, 512x724, Mashu_Kyrielight_Swimsuit_Costume_Ver_2.png)


they would do a better job at both of those than mash unless it was one of those rare moments where someone decided to pretend mash is anything more than a generic doll


mash mash mash mash mash mash mash


hopefully they kill mash off right at the end of fgo so all the norms pretend they liked her the entire time and they can make memorial posts and pretend to cry over her death


ban the mash hater


if mash ever dies ill rope right in front of the type moon building and make a scene


you wouldnt you dont care about mash


when we can get her to level 100 ill give her gold fous thatll prove you wrong


you probably already used everything on real servants




internet cut out again hate having to fight with a flipping machine nonstop all day


why did shirou just feed saber more fous instead of snapping her


File: 1597819260854.webm (1.68 MB, 1920x1080, owned.webm)


are we allowed posting that webm or will the discordteens whine


vteen steaming


go back to discord teen


its NOT spammed like the discordteenvsimp spam so its ok


kill yourself discordteen


File: 1597819493846.jpg (218.84 KB, 709x980, 578f821efc5befc8f7bea07c10833fa6.jpg)



die die everyone die


im dead


die norm


thank you


tv isnt turning on how do i troubleshoot


i was posting it at the same rate im posting random vtuber or anime webms you just werent here


figured it out it wasnt plugged in




sigh need to have a moment like this whens my turn


File: 1597821539968.webm (1.06 MB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Jashin-chan Dropkick S2 - 05 [….webm)


nice teenku


gonno have to renew my learners permit yet again but thats ok hima slow and steady wins the race


woke up hhi


sigh i need to practice my driving too before mine expires



are you refreshed


ya thanks for asking


sep 15 are we gonno play it on the phone or pc or ps4



dont have a phone or ps4


tardlaughing at sigurd and brynhilde and the valkyries talking funny


is that lb2 or the summer camp


the summer camp when he talks about making curry


tardlaughing remembering the nintendrone who broke his ps4 because this game looks similar to botw


dont get that comparison just because its an open world game thats colorful


File: 1597825880361.png (71.42 KB, 331x115, retainer.png)


should i buy a third retainer


why would you


gotta support the game


yokai watch event started in xiv


get yourself a nice fat moogle mount instead



File: 1597826197512.jpg (170.01 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Mairimashita! Iruma-kun - 09 [7….jpg)


sigh poor westerners they have no idea what yokai watch is


sigh he loved yokai watch


sigh he wanted to flip fumi


hate ameri love kerori


File: 1597827099057.jpg (472.53 KB, 1280x720, 1457859726230-1.jpg)


banged out a good seven episodes of iruma phew time for bed


wish my life had been worse so i would have a reason to be depressed


vtubers are over the western influence was too much


File: 1597828097969.png (895.09 KB, 750x1029, Screenshot 2020-08-19.png)


dont have an excuse just started out a crybaby loser and never adapted practically a eunuch


going to be a pocketed hands avoidant paranoid mumbler forever cant i just roll a new character


you were rejected opportunities everyone else got its NOT your fault


woke up left behind


equipped my yokai watch



woke up from a nap hiya hima time for a gimlet



is he piening


need to learn how to make pien and soyface


File: 1597836031742.jpg (78.34 KB, 800x450, 2yGcpvMxtAl4xChVAy5U79ewgw.jpg)


nice have to collect 17 weapons which require 10 legendary coins each that have a 50% drop rate from each FATE that takes 3 to 5 minutes on average all to get the mount time to turn my grindoog brain on


that totals to about 28.3 hours of nonstop FATE grinding hooooooo boy


if you keep staring at your phone like that youll grow a zoomer horn


xiv is a pc game


pikamees about to hit 100k subs


excited to finally like vtubers now that its antiauthority


pikamee hit 100k subs


File: 1597845010516.png (495.32 KB, 683x949, a3702b4b5e819683a7bdbc7a80bdcaf0.png)

sigh its just like hima for me



does anyone want to play with me on hyperion im low level just want to do some mmo stuff


same love being contrarian


woke up


had a nice sexy ladyjo poured a cold glass of choco milk and munching on crackers



even if i pay for the expansions i still only get 30 days and then id have to spend what 12.99 a month to keep going


simply dont buy the game the free trial goes up to level 60 then you can decide


it goes up to 35 and im at 32


no they changed it this week its 60 now you can complete heavensward for free


wow nice guess ill put it off then




File: 1597847740582.mp4 (3.55 MB, based wk.mp4)


mom said she saw a ufo once NOT sure if i believe her



paste normtubers


she was abducted and spacesnapped and you are the result


File: 1597850163838.webm (2.1 MB, 854x480, lean.webm)


never understood why nigs drop their pants like that


File: 1597850655770.webm (2.02 MB, 656x360, OSxVeN7hobZmvf9C.webm)


File: 1597850950950.jpg (415.57 KB, 2371x4096, EfsNYLYVAAAQQ7V.jpg)


important package out for delivery hima


sexy mash


is it okay if i like vtubers but dont watch them my favorite is ars shes nice


would like her as my older sister


she will stalk you and read all your himaposts


dont watch them either but gonno miss the cham gamer webm


im gamer




glasses have arrived hima i can finally see everything im gonno cry i didnt know how bad ive had it for years ive missed out on so much


gamed hard now its snoozey time


post a pic 4 eyes


sigh wish i had such a caring big sis to play pok i mean play video games with




please tell me you bought seperate frames and sent them to a company to make custom lensew for you out of mineral glass


why NOT simply get lasik


File: 1597855862575.jpg (307.28 KB, 2831x2123, DSC_23.jpg)


ya why NOT simply shoot a bunch of high velocity electrons into your photosensitive organ


would insurance cover that


no the entire thing costs roughly 200 dollars and you have actually have thr freedom to have any type of glasses you want


sorry about the typos


men dont apologize






spent $150 on glasses only to find they dont sit on my nose right and make me look uglier too


finished my dailies


mine fit right and i can see and are hot spent $162 after insurance deductions


does anyone on hima actually talk and act like this guy


thats my youtube channel


anyone want to scrumble


invaders are coming today NOT sure how many mom bought some sugarwater and shes gonno order za should i take a risk and sneak to the kitchen or should i use the snooze method


sakoto is my daughter-wife



satoko can only be your daughter or sister


finished building my pnig shrine




watched 4 episodes of lapis relights it was fun





cant believe 2/3rd of dust in your home comes from outside



watame is making a sheep


built a complementary female shrine as well





connection keeps dropping out its driving me up the wall


really scratches the head


been drinking bouillon cubes in hot water instead of tea for two days now think i saw it once on a show about fatlards





guys my keyboard is here as well as my mouser components so i can attempt to fix the ultrasharp monitor


what kb


mk night typist silent reds


normk norm normist norment norms


nice memeboard


i called it a normist but enjoy your keyboard and i hope you can fix the monitor good luck





whats she saying


shes a haachama and everyone has haachama chama disease


wish the budget for boober girl wasnt so low its getting distracting how bad it looks


post webm examples


its NOT one specific thing just think it looks terrible


webms are banned


sigh the dark age of hima


the norm age


File: 1597870022452.webm (2.93 MB, 1024x576, 1593790994301.webm)



what happens next


ban this norm


never thought id live to see the day that the teentubers would be so btfo


go back to discord or die norm


look theres one now


die norm you dont belong on jp you never did


the vteens are teening out


what does that matter vtubers wouldnt have flown on jp even by the time i started browsing it theyre just teen camwhores with an audience of eops that get them to say nigger and based for money


still cant believe it went on this long i was tired of it about twenty minutes after that one pnig made a banner for started having her videos linked on the 4


die norms go back to discord or wherever you came from


ordered some poo off amazon and they sent flipping conditioner stupid warehouse monkey


love when mom orders groceries online and rages when they forget one of her 10 gallons of milk



wrong you came from discord now die


i wish the norms there would eat me alive onseki already screenshots my post history every 6 hours and shares it with them


craving a good doctor


what a two faced rat


he just wants acceptance


File: 1597874691335.jpg (570.88 KB, 849x1200, 51083062_p0.jpg)


trying to think of how i can get mom to send me on a emergency expedition


flush her medications


making myself a melt and big coffee hima


opened that at 100% volume right next to mom by accident its over



hate working from home because you always end up working overtime




lost the key to my firebox i used to have it on my keyring a few years ago but i guess i took it off at some point the spare is inside of it


die norm


that aloe girl ruined the 5th gen by herself good job holotards


wish i was her


she would have gotten fired if she was a male


stole some of moms bobby pins gonno try to open it


File: 1597878483844.jpg (314.78 KB, 1110x1713, f6518b725e4dcc812b50446f56d8bee5.jpg)


turts joke became true botan is like 40 years old


die who cares what that norm has to say


just sharing theyve all been identified besides polka


then share that part NOT the portion where you worship some norm from discord


aloe lied on her apology video when she said that she cut ties with her past boyfriend before debuting they were playing games together the day before she uploaded that vid


40 year olds like marine are more worldly


marine is NOT even 30


need a 37 year old vgf


still havent finished the summer event


File: 1597882431577.jpg (534.04 KB, 950x1329, 5744218e7e1fc156eac0801ef389f94d.jpg)


thing im gonno change my bb summer to her first spirit origin


is that the tan one


you simply must use the tan one


can i post screenshots from higurashi or are those banned too


couldnt fix the ultrasharp gonno return it now after im done eating this apple im gonno open up the new keyboard


dont know why you have to be so passive aggressive post whatever you want and tell normseki to suck it


vteens are still in the recovery process


die norm


theyll get over it


File: 1597884296087.png (372.86 KB, 512x724, BBSummer1.png)


File: 1597884382399.webm (127.54 KB, 1280x720, 0263.webm)





forgot what this was nice try screamer


File: 1597884531959.webm (1.48 MB, 640x640, 1540784650330.webm)


File: 1597884594001.mp4 (1.21 MB, 1582685273403.mp4)

post this one instead


thats my gf



she looks gross you need to feed her


realforce r2


dont like plumbers sorry


theres a difference between a plumper and being malnourished shes so weak she can barely hold up the fake sword


she is clearly able to parry and thrust


shes fine just because shes NOT a morbidly obese american doesnt mean shes malnourished


can i still post other webms that are over 10mb




depends on whether or NOT one of the discordteens decides to whine about it


havent seen bh of this level in a coons age
all because they cant spam the same 8 webms every half hour


File: 1597885175538.mp4 (3.92 MB, gibara.mp4)


kill yourself norm




where does the sticky say anything about spam


we got too cocky vtuberbros guess were going to have to head back to the general


if the norms actually used hima for more than 90 seconds at a time on their phone at the club they wouldnt even NOTice any of the vtube spam its been a part of the daily scenery for months


since hes one of the whiny discordteens that was probably what he told normseki


this is the general


it was nbs call and he made it


kill yourself back to discord


File: 1597885505417.jpg (83.42 KB, 799x599, 1542009483700.jpg)


exactly what happened but those norms hang out with the admin on discord so they can whine and and get anything banned they arent even on hima most of the day


youll get over it


kill yourself


shhhhh there there youll get over it


kill yourself norm go back to discord


just make each thread NOThing but haachama embeds


i only posted each once or twice a day im NOT going to spam


childish admins can only be made to understand through spam


but he already knows you spam


thats how it worked in the past i just dont care to spam since warosu died


was indifferent to the vtube reposts simply skipped the screamers


File: 1597886016818.webm (2.84 MB, 1210x1080, bell.webm)


just make your own spinoff


half the hima posters i wanted to post with left already it probably is time to make a new one


File: 1597886086405.mp4 (2.73 MB, 1596427774163.mp4)


we demand the right to spam




groaning at the discord suckboy bot


you have to make that demand on discord hima posters are second class citizens


the what


File: 1597886224254.jpg (57.04 KB, 438x445, 1522555942387.jpg)


i thought everyone that posted 5 years ago still posted here daily what are you saying




quite a few jp posters have left and been replaced by actual norms


half the current posters were in middle school 5 years ago


looks like all of the vtubers went to gnfos


you probably came from there die


guess vtubers were always gnfos material


File: 1597886473282.webm (9.45 MB, 608x360, 18470411.webm)


go back to gnfos norm


lot of obvious samenorming going on too bad normseki would never tattle on his teenbros


thats how the teenbros operate hope they would all die



dont even know why seki would listen to me i dont belong here


nb is basted


invaders are gone gonno za


no hes a worthless norm that needs to be banned


if hes NOT a discordteen then he belongs here and it sounds like he might NOT be


im a discordteen


nb says jump seki says how high


File: 1597887884746.webm (485.94 KB, 608x1080, cat.webm)


tardlaughing hard spent all this time trying to pick the lock and reading webpages then watched a vid for aNOTher model and realized you can just knock the pin out of the hinge and open it from the back


tardlaughing again after opening it i remember why it was locked in the first place i filled it with the power cords to all of my electronics and gave the key to mom i know exactly where she put it


nice long day of gaming time to snooze





leveling consort yu




oh you mean lancer then go ahead


you have to watch this one this is some good streaming


nah thanks


gonno crack responsibly tonight and slam a nice 16ozer


File: 1597890631421.jpg (173.35 KB, 1197x1200, 1597814290816.jpg)


how much does hima cost you a month normseki


nice feet lady



that wasnt very early but i find it funny that the japanese listen to elliot music


baste turt


die norm


File: 1597891624836.jpg (146.71 KB, 796x1600, EfQefcaVAAArbIW.jpg)


gran panties


woke up gonno drink gimlets and game til its time to boil that beef





the otamin is the only italian i care about




backstreets back



cham in 5


stop posting weird brown people that like japan




seen like three videos exposing winston and cmilk within the past week on my tube recs wonder what they said to piss off the chink overlords


chams starting up any minute here





cham must be having some technical difficulties despite being a space chimera genius fairy



cham started


chams a v creator who loves pictures and games


the chinks


File: 1597893791716.png (Spoiler Image, 354.69 KB, 1069x699, 1597589949098.png)


File: 1597893866312.webm (5.73 MB, 640x358, 1597790925008.webm)


File: 1597893873517.mp4 (1.34 MB, 1584850594944.mp4)


its that easy




she would make a fine fuel source for the mansion


cham started playing



nice house monkey working for the chinese propaganda machine


chams scared of the enderman


what public restrooms the entire country was virtually devoid of them


hows that chinese propaganda


thats just you being a braindead norm theyre everywhere in every single public park or mall


sorry i dont ball @ da mall


File: 1597894602779.mp4 (2.03 MB, chugs.mp4)


chams going in her rabbit house




this nigga talking to himself


my warrior is now level 78


isnt that a pro china channel


miss classic cham


cham poured her heart into the new cham with wings



dont click that link the cham stream is here


thats a chamspam im calling onseki


i hope you die and i hope he does too


NOT sure what cham is even doing anymore she had a rabbit house now its NOT a rabbit house


took a bit of implying and hinting but eventually mom reluctantly gave me her credit card to get pronamel toothpaste the objective was secured along with subobjectives of chocolate milk and some good doctors hehe


hell ya


its a snow t ower


knew i forgot to get something earlier when i had a chance it was a nice case of the good doctor


simmering that beef


wish i had some


dont forget the curaprox


what does diet dr pepper taste like


cham is interacting with the western norms


thought that was just neetblog


chams 9 years old and a space chimera fairy she doesnt pay any of that any mind


mom picked up some dr p at the store but left it in the car cant drink it warm


you need to keep it in the freezer for about 45-50 minutes


i cant it has caffeine


chink math professor wants to use zoom a camera and mic are required


whats the problem with that


die norm


kill yourself


your webcam and mic are broken


chams using torches to count the number of blocks


i think none of my profs require a webcam but microphone and headphones are


die norms


bet that stupid chink is an agent of the ccp no one should be using that evil shite


kill yourself norm


die chink ill see you in hell


didnt know there were college teens around



that one guy said he was 28


theres gymnorms jobnorms might aswell be schoolnorms hima is a flipping dumpster


college is free and all online why wouldnt you unless you have a job


ive been saying the discordteens were norms forever


File: 1597896347504.jpg (199.27 KB, 749x1026, 1527374993572.jpg)



gonno snooze


wish i wouldve rolled for more copies of summer melt np2 or 3 wouldve been cool


make a new board


been reading about how to most of the day still too tard to understand it


you can get her on your na account right


im only on jp


File: 1597896739275.png (398.23 KB, 445x1036, 1597818445186.png)


still dont have summer kiyohime


same got mordred surfer instead


kiyohime gives me a big horny bone in my pant



might crack that last beer defiantly wont open the next case


waiting for mom to sleep so i can crack a chocomilk and fire up irumakun ep 11


chams still building her rabbit house


hate reading something where prior knowledge is assumed but then they dont link to any sources so you dont know what you dont know


why are you using nixihost



microwaved two burritos time to feast


miss reporting pnig to nixihost


report normseki to them instead


simply thumb through the fifty quadrillion combined pages of lamp documentation and youll be able to set up your own site once hima implodes


i already have an alternative mostly functional


proud of you


im gonno try and get a buyvm vm their storage is extremely cheap


guess ill jo to some pits


what the hell is mewkledreamy


its NOT free






its a spam


hate the kill yourself teen


downloading episode one of mewkledreamy now


stream it


streaming the first episode of mewkledreamy in 5


File: 1597901548037.jpg (63.53 KB, 723x1023, 1597901127922.jpg)


chams collecting snow and making noises


sigh moms still NOT in bed just wanna watch anime


wish i had the sack to rope


have kNOTs in me stomach hima dont think ill ever be able to go back to those carefree days


its time irumakun ep 11 firing up



holy flip its a real link




File: 1597903743124.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 137.15 KB, 850x835, ae5306805e1071b525ca82bb268d0cf6.jpeg)


creepy bastard took her shoe


cant follow the plot of this show


nice single mother


gonno stream more mewkledreamy tomorrow


hell ya


lit a nice moonlit sky scented candle for my vn reading session


combed my hair think at one time i would have been desireable to women but it was probably 20 years before i was born



submitted the sticky image as evidence to the fbi tips site


ok started taking medicine again but flushed all the olanzapine that was making me fat


you cant take any of it


dammit missed the stream



feasted hard on some damn good corned beef ordered aNOTher case of blogs their in the freezer cooling down


have to buy more grenadine soon


wish i could have just been a tanners apprentice or something like that


the world could have been my oyster theres no place for someone like me anymore




might stay up just a little longer to delay aNOTher day from starting hehe all is right in the wee hours of the morn



thought it would be a sion outfit because theyre both eggplants but i was wrong


helena is kind of an eggplant


im dumber and more worthless than an eggplant


sigh she can do everything


why are they called eggplants if they dont taste like eggs or look like eggs


File: 1597919828821.jpg (81.46 KB, 800x1200, Close-Up-of-White-Eggplants.jpg)

they do


File: 1597920033544.jpg (170.43 KB, 800x1131, EfoO_5uXoAEpnw3.jpg)

sigh mash


File: 1597920416227.jpg (92.62 KB, 960x717, Eggplant_with_chicken_eggs.jpg)



second night in a row i get something in my eye as soon as im trying to go to sleep




we need a change.org petition demanding the right to simp onseki needs to be aware that were NOT willing to take this lying down



wish i could fix my sleep schedule just for a change of pace but it would mean missing out on wild neet nights


uh what do you mean fix its NOT broken


himasimps on suicide watch


woke up NOT sure what to do today




NOT sure what to game


how about a nice grinder


grinded in poe might fire up the hacked 3ds


sugarwater chicken nuggets and fries its time for a manbaby feast


File: 1597929198111.png (244.51 KB, 800x609, EfX_bkTVoAAM6n2.png)


just cracked blog number 10


File: 1597935242782.jpg (345.91 KB, 750x620, 1597934294897.jpg)


are the norms finally trying to normalize peds


always had been


rolling around in bed making eevee noises




gonno buy pnig a netflix subscription


woke up showered brushed my hair and teeth had a big coffee


hope you brushed before the coffee to protect your enamel


coffee is good for your teeth


downloading the next three episodes of mewkledreamy


its gamer time



western foid dont click





NOThin western


die teen


kill yourself and go back to discord



File: 1597942107541.jpg (650.73 KB, 2591x3624, 1584558951753.jpg)




go back to discord


File: 1597942425148.jpg (2.42 MB, 1920x1280, 1594070976263.jpg)




the majority of vtuber fans are teens


the majority of anime and gaming fans too


wish i was teen


and you are as well go back to discord


File: 1597942931909.jpg (1.08 MB, 1311x809, 1573615053609.jpg)


NOThing is safe from teens



wish i had more abigail images saved


i dont have any sigh


i have a physical copy of this book https://www.melonbooks.co.jp/detail/detail.php?product_id=605648 that i cant find uploaded anywhere


keep that sick ped shite to yourself


if you knew anything about this you would NOTice it doesnt say r18 on it


phew sexy would love to jo to that little baby


die kidjo


you cant tell me to die so casually what if i actually died youd feel bad forever


File: 1597944622850.jpg (69.95 KB, 744x389, vr-cow_resize_md.jpg)


wish i were a cow



File: 1597944878415.png (1.19 MB, 1280x824, 100867.png)



im a lolcow


yeah shes an angel alright


chicken nugget from that angelic sexy lady


downloading season 1 of dog days to stream


gonno teen gonno tube


can feel the teen from your posts


my name is kiiiiiiiiiiiiiid
kid BLOG




File: 1597949524584.jpg (1.43 MB, 1500x1060, 83824420_p0.jpg)


weird shape girl


shes a gamer



hate that guys tard voice



whats stopping me from getting 2 credit cards and paying them off with each other to create infinite money


NOThing and that sounds like a common leverage strategy according to rudy


love huffing on new product especially when it smells like a fresh pack of yugioh cards


ranted to mom told her she has no idea how evil the world is that theres no place for people like me anymore and that as bad as things are right now at this moment in time they will only get worse regardless of any personal progress i make because im at the mercy of the norms


what did she say


the usual



might repost a nice paolo embed


yet you treat mom as a servant


what the usual share her side of the story


if you use one credit card to pay off aNOTher its a balance transfer and that has fees attached to it


you live an extremely privileged life


you dont know that for sure we have to hear moms complaints



so does every neet in the first world whats your point


his point is that hes a norm with a job jealous that youre a neet


hated being the neet it was the worst love that im no longer reliant on mom


File: 1597956135402.png (3.13 MB, 2858x1440, Capture _2020-08-20-13-41-02.png)

nice baneteen


youre probably just some norm that couldnt find a job for a few months


what about the constant agony and terror of leaving the house and driving and being around people


norms love that stuff


whats wrong with being reliant on mum


mindblowing how cham spent 4 hours yesterday building a rabbit house


im teen i tube


go back there


it was bad at first but you adapt


you cant adapt you just get used to the constant adrenaline rush and high stress levels that come with doing those things


eating nuts mix and raisins


flan and remi sleeping banner


haachama in 20


hell ya


should i fire up a nice mahjong soul


why is she up so early



she said shes gonno stream at 6:30 am on weekdays and 8:30 on weekends for a while



stood with healthy posture and my arms went numb think its time for mom to take me out behind the barn


you need to exercise a bit your back muscles are probably weak


tell me something i dont know


youre a gamer




nice ikejime slice combo


streams starting


gonno stop being reliant on mom and start being reliant on mr goldstein


why isnt there an ikejime booth humans can use


File: 1597960529435.mp4 (1.9 MB, 117766193_756593035102950_6838207080941280094_….mp4)



terrible narration but mildly interesting


love heinz catsup


disgusting sugar ketchup you need some proper tomato paste


its natural


why would i ruin a burg with tomato paste


mindblowing that most tomatoes in ketchup come from china


whats wrong with china


they are the enemy


you dont know what privilege is norm


women are the enemy china is our friend


gonno start my lifelong career at target in a few weeks after i get my permit renewed


i have neither friends nor enemies


ban the discordnorms


turt seki nb ban them all


if himako was here this wouldve never happened


if himako was here we would be getting hourly updates of whats going on in the water store


miss getting updates on the and pnigs relationship he was gonno sex her good


you should ban me i may have been here since the first week but i dont belong here


gotta respect nb being aware of his faults


we all got something to learn from the humbleblog


need a big pot like that for the hima mansion


why use a pot when you can use a wok




woks are gay gook shit



hate when someone targets my character then enters gpose


File: 1597965392602.jpg (Spoiler Image, 339.54 KB, 1536x2048, EVYPC0ZUUAAjNQJ.jpg)


dont click western foid


hes looking rough must be the tapeworms


its a man


are you telling me i just got a bone from looking at manass



hand a ban out for this norm normseki


anyone else functionally retarded iq means NOThing if you have zero discipline burnt out dopamine receptors and a low attention span


im glad you at least realized iq means NOThing youve made steps to NOT being a permateen failednorm



im a type 1 tard


double digit cope


kill yourself norm


that isnt what i said




it doesnt


die isnt



sick of isnt and his arrogance


gonno start telling people to live it sounds much worse


thats worse for you too then you have to read these norms posts


kitty is snoozing on my lap


live kittysnooze


never had a cat sleep on me more accurately i dont let the cats in my room or leave my room


it gives you a bone


you cant let kitty snooze on your lap every day what if you get a bone


leave my room to pace touch the dog and snack



File: 1597968858683.webm (1.45 MB, 600x450, 63a847d7fc60d8e116ff36ac8a27af87.webm)


vile hoor


oumae kumiko and tainaka ritsu birthday today nice i get to break my diet


gonno get an ebussy


bit into a rock or an uncooked bean or something eating dinner few things worse than an unexpected hard crunch while eating soft food i was just thinking the other day about how it hasnt happened in a long time



back to 4jp vteen


hope you live wk



File: 1597969842605.webm (2.84 MB, 1210x1080, bell.webm)


how am i a wk for NOT worshiping foids



oog me lift rock oog foid


love polka


i dont



anyone in the mood to stream a nice video game tonight too lazy to play one myself


File: 1597970697351.jpg (452.06 KB, 2339x2169, Ef3nroSUEAMf_ma.jpg)


should i stream bayonetta


File: 1597970750928.jpg (65.72 KB, 679x483, Ef32CV0UcAAAMQ5.jpg)


im NOT turt


being a groupie is even worse


only if you were going to play it anyway


stream mewkle


mew mew



chicken gangjeong burger hima


quit eating gook food


wonder why asexuals dont get their testicles removed no point in keeping two sensitive targets hanging from your body if youre NOT gonno sperm


probably because they dont care


its expensive


they will when some nig sucker punches their groin


streaming episode 1 of dog days in 5


you cant just desecrate the memory of the warosu dog days stream like that


ive been asking for dog days for over a year now




you dont know what you want


NOT going to watch


File: 1597972548546.jpg (723.2 KB, 850x1240, 1320621696754.jpg)


my internets too shite to handle the stream


it could be on my end ive streamed a single episode mewkledreamy before this


pink dog


would watch if it was hibike or keion


cant watch kon after what happened


dog days aired during dinner time in china it helped make the kids hungry


as if this fat bimbo could deal with the NOToriously heavy manual steering or poor brakes or NOTchy shifter or even the crappy air conditioning and lack of apple carplay of the countach


the gooks make some damn fine chicken cant take that away from em


File: 1597973256688.jpg (1.82 MB, 5857x4093, 1597699786649.jpg)





finally they will go back


cant wait to see what otamin is cooking up


the green girl


green girl white girl


my chocobo is level 11


new garupa pico


dog days pink girl dog days orange girl


dog daze is so autistic


moved on to dog days episode 2


cant believe ota is gone


our alliance with ota is the only thing that allowed are small fledgling spinoff to survive




die norms go back to discord


you cant just tell people to die like that what if they actually do


watchin the dnc commercials


then i dont have to read their norm posts like this >>1129377


holy heck green girl got owned


probably going to get drunk tonight only slept for 5 hours


remember that time the chadmin dabbed on both the vteens


can feel the stink of gnfos teen emanating from that post


ya its really obvious


uhhhhhhhhhhhhh gnfos uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh discord haha


that one too


hopefully the vsimps got the point that their /v/ kiddie normspam isnt welcome on the otaku culture board


ban this norm already seki god damn it do something


nice falseflag vsimper


tardseki should ban himself


love when the spammers manufacture some drama to give them an excuse to start spamming webms




dont worry come monday the instigator will be gone


dog days white girl


hes going to on monday


want to shave but dont want the instant regret that comes with it or for mom to comment that i look different tomorrow


ban this person for instigating why do you even post here


NOThin worse than the momgrin after i get a haircut


mom didnt even NOTice that i stopped shaving


wish i had a himedogidolprincessgf


woke up hi


hey are you refreshed


love dog days hehe


episode 3 starting


morning dont forget to read and highlight your favorite posts


wish i hadnt been forumla fed or a c section baby sigh


its NOT your fault your mom didnt love you


i think im gonno stop after this episode


was supposed to choke on shite in the womb but instead im here watching pink girl dog days


return to mom


File: 1597975267586.webm (11.2 MB, 640x360, 1586382621701.webm)


people that dont even post here regularly said you cant post that anymore


u mad teen 🤪 🤣


onseki said he is going to introduce transparency on hima and have a mode that lets you look up someones entire post history


holy flip the vteen is still raging


no i didnt


onseki said hes gonno enable flags and personal ids


its a joke he didnt


paste freakeye battling it out on the internet again


kill yourself


pincheye is wigging out again they took away his vtuber webms


i have flipped ricotta she has been flipped




you cant do that to her


File: 1597975732547.png (1.17 MB, 1280x1433, 1576002322738.png)


do NOT toot it


please dont use teen phrases


the teen here is you now die


rager returns


hope instigator is doing alright


wish i was teen miss those days when each day of gaming and internet was a blast


pnig would have been spamming vtubers too so he probably wouldnt have liked it


kill yourself norm


thats because pnig enjoyed otaku culture instead of raid posts


File: 1597975984021.jpg (64.36 KB, 403x604, 2d0.jpg)


something being done by a japanese person doesnt necessarily make it otaku teen


you have no idea what otaku culture is stop posting norm


im a spongebob otaku


need some lofi music to relax/study


when will you stop raiding us and go back to your 4jp general


then educate us
do it for real rather than come up with some cop out ad hominem


kill yourself norm


back in the day we called ourselves spongebobbies





time to relax


hero is cel


bet the cordteens actually love vtubers and seki made that sticky so that anyone who ever criticizes them is now immediately raged at


hes NOT the pink dog girl princess is too cute for him


nah we hate them


wish my parents had moved to japan and sent me to international school so i could get summoned to flonyard


same it seems like a happy place


dont actually hate them that much i just dont want to see the same clips spammed nor do i want it to be the only topic ever posted


joined the kitakubu club


why dont you make a separate blog thread for cars and stacking boxes and we can post in the real one


hard to go against the guy paying the bills maybe try some diplomacy instead of raging at him and he will set some softer rules instead food for thought


thats it for dog days today ill stream more tomorrow


thanks it was fun


around the same time i suppose


File: 1597976698157.jpg (416.27 KB, 1680x1050, 1350371877757.jpg)


could go for some shitesaucehut right about now


pizza dog




bit my thumbnail too low again


put the twelve pack in the fridge didnt see a reason to leave a box that small in the garage and i wont be able to sneak warm ones all day so they should last longer


warm beer is nasty


ever fucked a nice man ass if NOT heres mine all yours friend



NOT really i drink a lot of it and the only problem is the warm foam the taste is fine


bulk box toppers


why do they call them box toppers


love pouring out a warm british lager


pushed out a firm log from my anus


isnt that what a man is
a life of self righteousness with no rewards


they come as a one of sealed on top of booster boxes


oh that makes sense then that entire thing is guaranteed special cards



cham in 4 minutes


cracked open a cold one im gaming


wish cham would return to eorzea


perfect timing


ask her in chat when shes live then we can all meet her at the carline canopy and she can take us to space chimera fairy land


her allowance doesnt cover the subscription




wanted to make aNOTher club sandwich but theres no bacon


its starting


sigh cham




its NOT that bad


hoped into the bath about to open tonights sake


liking this bottle hima


havent had liquor since march its probably a good thing


might crack might NOT


what is it



used up the last of my bath roman forest bath salts


junmai joto



thats a skip


File: 1597982072363.jpg (326.57 KB, 1300x2079, __houshou_marine_hololive_drawn_by_satoupote__….jpg)


might watch a movie


File: 1597982144092.jpg (59.75 KB, 586x680, Ef6YYs_UwAEmZbv.jpg)

i love them so much such a great day hima


prove it




what are you having tonight


natural ice


boys will be boys


the official himablog


have some respect for yourself you have to hand pick a new craft beer you havent had before each time


dont drink craft beer theyre brewed by bearded bacon reddit types


doesnt matter they taste good




File: 1597982521598.jpg (230.42 KB, 600x800, Fuggles-Warlocks-Strawberry-Wit.jpg)


anime is for norms


new shipment of tastii kok (zero) gonno crack


File: 1597982648149.jpg (58.53 KB, 640x640, 1f944d507a09c30828d1ca4e25b930a1_640x640.jpg)

now this one was a beer


i love anime give me anime or give me death


terrible western art


i drank it while playing whm


dont get where all the norms were when i was watching anime throughout the 90s and 00s sure you had your dbz mexicans but that was it then suddenly you wake up and the norms all have anime avatars and wear anime clothes and create animemes


girls love sailor moon


the norms wont be satisfied until theyve taken everything


need to garden for thavnarian onions


File: 1597982950935.jpg (61.95 KB, 640x640, 567092e366bf70a96a17c22cb70a4d1c_640x640.jpg)

this one was good too


thinking about skipping anime time today


jiyuna is a norm who cant hold his liquor


might be able to finish irumakun tonight if mom goes too sleep early


extra sharp cheddar seriously sharp or monterey jack for a baconless turkey club hima


normeray jack throw on some havarti


File: 1597983757181.jpg (337.8 KB, 1800x1013, 20200820_212225.jpg)


long hair is a hazard


all work and no play makes ricotta a dull doggy


sigh a nice 45 degree bath and a good bottle of sake hima NOThing better NOThin


my hair is past my nostrils


you will die drowning with your hair caught in the rocks like miku


i can tie my bangs in a kNOT under my neck


we can only hope


getting a little tipsy in this bath


love laughing watching the neets stumble back to their rooms in the mansion from the onsen


sigh everyones laughing and having a good time with smiles on their face


wonder if i should finish streaming dog days or should i streaming something the council of himasugi dot blog agrees on


milky holmes


theres a lot of shows we could watch together we have all the time in the world


sigh theres NOThing more peaceful than sipping on a chilled bottle of sake as it slowly warms up in the steam of a hot bath


too expensive and hoppy




File: 1597985869759.jpg (400.44 KB, 1654x1654, 20200820_215707.jpg)


this sandwich is on aNOTher level hima havent even tasted it yet but i know


i got the h710i case


newegg says they shipped my motherboard ssd and psu at the same time but i have NOT received it i think someone stole it since it hasnt updated


die normsuz


no my friends are here


how do you know its him


we arent your friends


File: 1597986370109.jpg (1.01 MB, 2048x1536, 20200820_220549.jpg)

do you think they slept in the tent


thats NOT spicsuz because i posted that and im NOT him


thats what i call a sandwich hima 5 slices of turkey 3 slices of cheese 3 slices of toast lettuce tomato onion mayo mustard


File: 1597986721844.jpg (Spoiler Image, 55.97 KB, 395x640, kXb1Ersl.jpg)


literally jerked it to that back then there was also a version of it with better art


File: 1597986955166.jpg (1.33 MB, 1960x2205, 20200820_221536.jpg)


no he made the computer part post


should i get some jack after i get my permit renewed


File: 1597987121963.jpg (117.06 KB, 768x1024, Raiders05 056.jpg)

time to crack some of the good doctor


get yourself some evan williams bottled in bond


hell yeah get into that dr


how do you know


they dont have bib at my walgreens


go to hell beaner


you know


File: 1597987334187.jpg (941.67 KB, 3030x4096, 20200820_222143.jpg)


sexy joints


gonno flip that sexy dolly


sigh gootecks thinks the rona is a hoax this is NOT poggers


hes right


File: 1597987607629.jpg (556.97 KB, 2048x1366, 20200820_222636.jpg)


nice filename faggot


what is that supposed to mean


File: 1597987743861.jpg (2.53 MB, 2400x1600, 20200820_222850.jpg)


sigh wish i could afford a doll


glad pnig has been wrapped up in the courts for years wouldnt want him photographing and jacking onto dolls in the mansion onsen


File: 1597988067675.jpg (50.5 KB, 600x600, FIGURE-053361.jpg)



chocmilk cracked anime fired


File: 1597988779436.jpg (217.04 KB, 2048x1366, 20200820_224559.jpg)

sigh this one would be perfect


shes beautiful


chams leading a pack of wolves


hell ya




filled up my special precure mug with crystal light


and i just watched that trailer NOT sure how i feel about the art


looks like higurashi whats the problem


my piss has smelled horrible for weeks


im NOT sure thats what im saying it looks pretty close but theres something off about it maybe its just the trailer


poured a glass of dr p caffeine be damned cracked aNOTher cold one to balance it out


hell ya


subscribed to subaru



ya looks weird but no worse than the original think it might even look better


weird how theyre gonno remake the first vn


though if they spent the entire season on just the first one that would be really good with more time on the fun times the characters have


and happy satokos


File: 1597990830601.jpg (2.82 MB, 9999x5943, 20200809163327.jpg)


uh just realized july 2020 was last month is it airing in the fall


keeps getting delayed


wonder if they will show satoko getting snapped


nope only happy satokos allowed


hope they do so i can make a webm and spam it


gonno make a nipah compilation and get tons of views on youtube when it airs




File: 1597991483120.png (2.83 MB, 1164x2105, 1597886196247.png)


gonno watch this anjus soft voice is so relaxing


im drinking a pepsi



need to find someone to eternal bond with


do you want to be my ffxiv bf or gf



want to make a quick two dollars little lady


youre sick


new mash


she would ignore you and you would walk away even more pathetic than when you proposed the transaction


have more fat rolls lately




drinking a nice arizona ice tea


embeds dont load on hima anymore sigh


what do you mean


wish i had been a pc gamer in 2004



weird the higurashi start date was just announced its october 1st


i called them up


sigh missed the modern warfare 2 sgdq run




sigh saber casters quick animation is so cute love how she runs


groan this tvrip has a watermark pop up 3 times i cant watch this


haachama is live


back to your general vteen


haachama is drinking a watermelon redbull i had one and it was gross


raidnorm is up past his bedtime


god damned russians


what did the russians do


File: 1597994064871.jpeg (1.3 MB, 2400x2400, 526fd120-250f-490c-b284-71b29a93bedc.08ee882b….jpeg)

drink one of these instead


or is everyone playing against haachama in tetris 99 russian


more interested in the flavored steel reserves theres a place near me that sells them but moms been buying all my beer for me since march


File: 1597994205962.jpg (872.87 KB, 3072x4096, 20200821_001626.jpg)





haachama sucks at tetris but somehow she hasnt lost so i guess everyone else sucks too


he loved tetris


cant believe those bastards are going to lock him up in a cage and never let him play tetris again


File: 1597994395816.png (1.86 MB, 992x1403, 6948927a32b9f365c7425275da176776.png)


almost as much as he loved withholding medicine from gran while he streamed for his internet bros


sigh if only that nurse hadnt given him a free drink and the keys to the newborn ward he could be drowning out grans cries with a nice haachama stream right now


pnigs gonno shoot knife strangle beat and crucify


i take it back haachamas a bit better than i thought she was i think tetris 99 has an early mid and late game to it


why is saber sweating so much


ate some roasted potatoes and corned beef about to crack blog number 6 and im gaming


can you play the switch with a ps4 controller the dpad is really bad on the switch pro controller


ya simply get an adapter


hachama is so fast dont think i would be able to do that


i might try playing some tetris 99 looks fun i played the hell out of tetris ds


its her bf playing


its locked behind the anti consumer nintendo online membership so were boycotting it sorry


its haachama playing she gets paid to play this game for who knows how many hours now of course she would be good


i have a membership for playing splatoon


what does ban rta mean


ban real time attack


nah she has a simp playing for her


likely but id imagine most of the newer tetris games are tard friendly


impossibly unlikely because that would mean two people are involved in something that can be done by one person use your head


yeah one makes retarded noises for donation money and the other plays the game


why would anyone pay two people to do a one person job


who says the other one is getting paid


well they dont exist but if they did they would be getting paid i imagine kizuna ai was like that



have vague memories of bakemonogatari other than what some of the characters in the other ones look like i remember NOThing else


yeah it wasnt that NOTable


what happened to shaft anyways cant think of anything they made lately


uh madoka just aired




i guess they just slowed down a ton compared to the past



thats what they have coming up


looks terrible




looks great go to hell


looks like it exists to sell the dolls azone makes


even the vtube watchers have higher standards


i think a lot of shafts people just retired over the last 5 years going through the staff that worked on hidamari sketch and they dont really have credits outside of shaft


this flipping school festival arc has gone on for like 6 episodes NOT sure if i can give irumakun a 10 after this ameri barely gets any screen time either


then watch something else


no i have to see it thourgh after this i will finish date a live s3


he needs to finish his 25th anime to become an otaku


why would you say that


because hes a flipping teen


didnt know watching anime automatically made you a teen sigh guess i cant do that anymore its just going to the gym flipping girls and working the forklift from now on


are you NOT that guy


only experienced viewers can appreciate battle girl anime


the school festival arc just got extended to aNOTher episode


sorry to hear that well you have date a live 3 to look forward to


thats numbers guy yeah


ban this poster hes making a pathetic attempt at instigating


hellban him now


thats gaysuz


numbers guy actually talks about his tinder conquests often on discord




pre registered for genshin impact didnt realize websites were this advanced now


what are websites like now have only used imageboards the past 10 years


nice 2010bro


File: 1598004045429.jpg (Spoiler Image, 372.41 KB, 1102x1200, Ef6TZefU8AUa54S.jpg)


who am i supposed to self insert as


mom brought home massaman



sigh pikamee was talking about how she had no passion and no talents and had NOThing to look forward to before she started streaming


shes just like me



uh when did they change it to 4channel


File: 1598013409668.webm (1.14 MB, 1280x720, 1597443913521.webm)


File: 1598014110776.png (108.07 KB, 736x202, 328be3a309933b2a3a1e731c71616736.png)

crying we have to save our korean cel brothers


bad vague anxiety out of nowhere feel like im going to throw up send help




think i liked tokyo necro better when it was a vn


was a dumb desperate attempt to bring more advertising by separating the domain name of all the nsfw boards


File: 1598021153691.jpg (280.42 KB, 960x960, k4ga2brjtnh51.jpg)


why doesnt the mermaid have a sexy pic on it like the pone one


hima needs to engage in joyful labor


having a big hotto coffee



downloaded haachamas 3d model


still havent watched oregairu other than the first episode am i missing out and i keep forgetting to watch railgun after the hiatus



haachama pikamee


woke up and cracked a nice cold can of monster energy absolute zero its time to game



done gaming its time to snooze


sweet dreams friend



File: 1598033538500.jpg (84.73 KB, 640x480, 1598032704082.jpg)

sigh mom


what does under night in birth even means


why is lelouche groping her


literally just post this video with a timestamp to the overused haachama meme you want to express instead of spamming vids all day
i dont watch those vteen vids but i recognize every single scene from here alone


unreal black things


thats whats already happening you braindead norm


you cant talk to seki like that


nice blue waffle


its good to grope your mom from time to time to make her feel young and sexy
remember she flipped your dad so she must find you attractive




File: 1598035176673.jpg (88.01 KB, 538x680, Ef9B3pzVAAALHTV.jpg)

irohas birthday today




iroha the cutest madoka


one time accidentally bumped into moms butt with my crotch when she quickly bent over to look in the refrigerator and i was walking to the door she made some sort of perverted joke about it but i dont remember what it was


shut it madoka is the cutest madoka




its iroha simple as that



mom was in a mood as soon as i went downstairs dont know what her problem is made some tea and retreated


dont post normime


shes amorous give her the grope


nice suggestion


File: 1598035799575.png (413.14 KB, 407x607, mom.png)


hell ya


accidentally clicked on that news board on the 4 and read some of the headlines already want to rope


the world is screwed prepare for the worst


why would you read news on 4chan theres no worse echo chamber of norms


i will dismantle this twisted birdcage of a world


i can think of a few




i cant the rest are just slightly better where 4chan is a total and complete echo chamber


might fire up some under night in-birth EXE:Late [cl-r]


what about the site that rhymes with freightfart


File: 1598037271454.jpg (58.25 KB, 640x640, 1594685339151.jpg)


wouldnt he mess up the couch


File: 1598037357228.png (1.89 MB, 1920x1080, 1597080070551.png)


thats a she retard


porcupines are pretty insane actually


those arent real humans


am i a real human




isolation causes you to slowly be drained of your humanity otherwise you wouldnt be able to survive


isolation is the only way to see clearly you have no idea how much constant stimulation and white noise clouds a norms mind


it comes at a great cost though


once you see with the clarity you start to realize just how flipped up it is


porcupines make lifelong partnerships how cute


need to stop ragemumbling


the entirety of human history suggests otherwise what the hell


no it doesnt


stop making up stuff


youre NOT the boss of me


it absolutely does unless you think scientists philosophers and holy men all lost their humanity


some did


holy men and philosophers werent isolated retard


wallstared myself into opening my third eye


isolation is irrefutably bad and if you argue any other position you are just simply coping with being a lonely retard


just as many were as those that werent retard


teen post skip


skip this



i wouldnt say its bad but on a longterm basis the subject defiantly isnt going to come out unscathed


File: 1598038300445.png (56 KB, 683x402, cope.png)

gonno go build better more meaningful social ties


im NOT isolated i talk to mom and go to the garbage dump a few times a month


it says right there a short bout of loneliness NOT crushing decade long isolation


the norms turned me into an inhuman freak


isolation makes you see clearly for yourself. you are no longer surviving with people only your survival matters.


i was born with no empathy or compassion




File: 1598038611338.jpg (117.93 KB, 800x1066, 1596411330681.jpg)