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wish i could have been a cool guy like krillin


worried the new abby outfit is gonno be like shinoa and the hair is just too hard to draw for most artists to bother at all


its the same guy


File: 1598200006122.jpg (497.07 KB, 850x2252, starwarshair.jpg)


go back to discord norm


File: 1598200432311.webm (896.47 KB, 1280x720, poolnig.webm)

hate how the pinned post messes up my hima muscle memory


File: 1598200469799.jpg (51.38 KB, 300x300, 11250371.jpg)

hey vsimps
11 hours 25 minutes until your bans


time to post all the spam clips and keep backlinking to them


File: 1598200580208.webm (1.89 MB, 1280x720, 1592708416013.webm)


go back to discord


the one that started all the trouble


wok up hi


lurk more


take your own advice


you must NOT even post here or you showed up in the last 6 months norm


youre an idiot
the spam started with that very webm no one spammed kizuna or any others


average neet thoughts



wrong go back to wherever you came from norm




turt you seei wait no of course NOT


ban the instigator it always starts with this norm


ban this norm


you disgusting me norm


is that cat who i think it is


isnt it an abyss cat
also nice touch that shes holding her anniversary edition ce jacked behind the thingy


File: 1598202598306.gif (1.8 MB, 600x450, 1513970121250.gif)





File: 1598203157658.jpg (377.99 KB, 755x702, f6136def3a5ea753e74d1680a5093ab6.jpg)




wonder what sort of hijinks will happen daily in the mansion



making pasta and forgetting to turn off the gas




why is all chink food fried


File: 1598204144067.png (57.63 KB, 528x460, mansion.png)


made it to kakariko village


sounds like heaven except with ffxiv instead of wow


can i emulate botw with a gtx730


sigh wanted to be ikemen but im just an icky man


im yaho ikemen



sure if your idea of heaven is being surrounded by unwashed stinkneets and invisible semen stains


didnt know my 12 year old lg monitor has a tn panel


File: 1598206767242.webm (2.43 MB, 450x800, 1598083036398.webm)



some good news hima mom doesnt have to work in person for an indefinite amount of time because of an outbreak spike in the area hell ya hope the norms start piling up in the streets


they already are its over 150k dead


thats NOThing im talking specficially about the city where mom works


thats extremely high how could it be NOThing


a few more months and there will be more dead than us deaths in ww2


2 coworkers had it and theyre fine


more than the gods damned second world war its over


considering most americans just learned how to wash their hands within the last 5 or 6 months yet still go out to restaurants and stores and riots every day that number is pretty low for a country of 330-350 million


thought the gorona meme was over


its at the worst its been the entire time right now


150000 norms dead


dont know why thats your point of reference those were all healthy young men only the blobs and olds have been getting owned with consistency


NOTable events should be a point of reference mass loss of life in the past is what we have to compare to this shouldnt be a difficult thing to wrap your head around


File: 1598210285489.mp4 (996.78 KB, uTo0UChLVICWoRyb.mp4)


love putting a mask on to walk into the store then immediately taking it off get owned norms




spread the disease worship the disease



watching the uefa champions league final psg vs bayern lets go psg


cant wait to be magdumped with a mask gun


a little more and corona will become the number 1 cause of death in the us its almost ahead of cancer and heart issues already thats crazy


sigh abi


stay safe friends


File: 1598211055476.jpg (267.58 KB, 378x331, Urza1.jpg)


it kills fats and olds the two types of people that need to die the most third being foids


everyone obsessing about vtuberdiscordspammer shite and ignoring my blog about gpu breaking its just like school sigh NOT gonno end well


wish i killed at the same rate independent of age whats the point of killing dumb old people if theyve reproduced already


oh flip bros so i opened up the wacom to check the solder joints at the usb port the usual fault of these units and theyre perfectly fine so i was perplexed why the connection goes out at the lightest jerk of the cable turns out my old ducky cable isnt all that great so i had to clamp the end so the fit is tighter seems like the ducky still manages to haunt me i also cancelled the chinks refund hopefully i can edit the negative feedback


File: 1598211326999.jpg (188.96 KB, 745x1040, 5574-hr.jpg)

sigh miss urzas saga


somehow subconsciously skipped your gpu post


link it


cracked open a blog


At least 13 people die in stampede, as police raid club breaking coronavirus restrictions


no im lazy


please dont say that you are lazy


always wondered how its possible to die in a stampede


anyways so my gpu died and i couldnt find anyone to play dnd with so im stuck doing NOThing hoping for a lucky anime find i really cant survive this dystopia without gaming its shite and NOT how man should live


you trip and get trampled by a couple hundred norms


the flood of norms


the floor is norms


File: 1598211859931.jpg (283.83 KB, 1280x1063, UMveZOb.jpg)

the floor is norms


can recall watching k-on s1 boy did i know just how bad the coming decade was going to be


dont know why i typed it that way because the point was i didnt know


keion is the best afterschool tea time for life


never been much of a fan of kon its NOT that great


woke up heard mom hacking up a lung downstairs hesitant to grab a drink


no one cares deadgpu


you cant talk to him like that


why does it sounds like she spoke the line into a $5 mic


do you want my old ati hd 5770


i dont need your handouts


like rudy always says make sure youre enjoying magic

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