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trojan magnum for my monster dong


whatever happened to isnt


gonno get that blog down


isnt was arrogant


phew that color episode was good learned a lot from a few minutes might have to send it to coby


File: 1597789104305.webm (161.89 KB, 852x480, cyberpeko.webm)


helping rebuild doma


got home showered had a chocomilk


guess ill have a nice stroke


is it true hdds are prone to failure the higher up you go in storage


why are you asking me


ask linus


love a good linus poz tip


well if you went up in storage and held all other things equal there would be more heads and platters inside so i would assume they are more likely to fail but NOT like it matters you shouldnt be gambling on whether or NOT hdds will fail or NOT if thats why youre asking


if i put together a pc and install my old hdd from a laptop that ran windows 7 will i be forced to reformat that hdd to install windows 10 or can i boot windows 7 and transfer my files and then reformat for windows 10


ah ok ill just get 2 hdds of 1tb each thank you


you need 4tb minimum


dont think that should affect your purchase whats the point of getting an hdd if you arent going to get at least a 4tb


never had a drive fail because i just buy new ones when they get full


for what


what monitors should i read 24" is perfect for gaming because anything past that and you need to move your eyeballs to see a different part of the screen


i have to move my whole head to the left to read posts on imageboards because of how big my monitor is


why dont you get a 24 incher


the guy asking about computer stuff is haysuz dont respond to him


which gaming mice should i buy


paste aris


its barely 5 years old i


linus says you should upgrade every fall



love upgrading every fall and using the coupon code linus10 to save 10% off my qualifying order of 200 or more


glad he left his disgusting wife out of the vid did a quick scrub its clean


hate wives


hate seeing these vids chinks are such soulless freaks defiantly going to kill myself when demented things like only being able to order in a restaurant with your smartphone become the norm in america


File: 1597790970881.webm (1.06 MB, 1280x720, chink.webm)


i wasnt meant for the modern hellworld being born in the 90s was a death sentence


NOThing you can do about it NOT the 90s fault you ended up a 38 year old limp dicked incel


yes it was


just bought an mx518


mom wants me to fire up the grill you know what that means


put on some pit boys


wish i didnt find out that drinking was like playing life with a game genie never realized it was a drug just thought it tasted bad was able to keep it under control when i was younger because i only had it once or twice a year


File: 1597793954653.jpg (339.65 KB, 1652x1652, __karyl_kokkoro_pecorine_yukari_and_mifuyu_pri….jpg)


have never grilled in my life and dont plan to


File: 1597794211966.webm (1.36 MB, 640x360, eugh.webm)


time for a nap im a cat that loves to snooze


we got a lot to learn from cats


hate how sexy that fish is


File: 1597794299174.jpg (Spoiler Image, 151.26 KB, 1200x1200, 1597793081639.jpg)



little lady


File: 1597795031071.webm (730.84 KB, 1280x720, 1597453722445.webm)


i eat jon its what i do


File: 1597795288989.mp4 (1.04 MB, 1597750972891.mp4)


hell ya haachama


nat somehow survived 30 seconds of being warmed up in the microwave


he avoided the waves dont you know how microwaves work



wish i knew how to dodge the governments waves


File: 1597795517347.mp4 (279.53 KB, sekai o egao ni.mp4)


cant wait for 5g wifi to melt my brain to the point of never having to think again


File: 1597795559446.webm (3.98 MB, 1920x1080, 1595789156634.webm)


File: 1597795740364.webm (153.73 KB, 960x540, haato.webm)


loled hearing aris thanking nut in her fetus




shoot this guy onseki


File: 1597795887192.webm (288.82 KB, 426x240, 1594239262375.webm)


File: 1597795943624.mp3 (174.42 KB, 1597613704448.mp3)


could probably save a lot of time and just delete the post histories of all the vid spammers


File: 1597796051107.webm (2.74 MB, 1280x720, 1596515446069.webm)


cant imagine anything more terrifying than being 100 percent dependant on norms




nice business owner


just a norm NOThing more


having some questionable gas better believe im gambling every time


there would be no posts left except a few norms


the norms drew first blood


File: 1597796462969.webm (438.93 KB, 960x540, 1584148059524.webm)






File: 1597796714928.webm (590.24 KB, 370x600, 1579985659025.webm)


File: 1597796740435.webm (2.31 MB, 960x540, ahoy.webm)






we need her to delete the vspam


sigh wish there were more marine webms


NOT until she collabs with cham


nope shes cleaning up norm spam


yeah thats what i said


wish i had a 28 year old ahoy gf to flip


File: 1597797095183.webm (866.71 KB, 1280x720, 1594662665583.webm)


keeping thinking about futurama


you wouldnt be able to pull it off you missed your formative years




wont my personality and skin tone make up for it


File: 1597797160563.webm (484.39 KB, 508x646, 1583256835993.webm)


NOT as long as there are hundreds of millions of others better than you


im better than most


what are your stats


ban the vnorms onseki they can go back to 4teen https://boards.4channel.org/jp/thread/25568634

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