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gonno post here





nice nice nice nice nice


woke up just in time for the thread change hiya hima bout to make some joe


got left behind


yeah but 0.5 is sharper which makes for more options when drawing


heated up some leftover chicken rice


File: 1596858723853.webm (710.4 KB, 456x340, 1596826030791.webm)




dont fall for the np2 meme


why would you open the door for the police with a gun


it was a gamer move you wouldnt understand


love watching norms get swatted


File: 1596859768458.webm (542.37 KB, 480x480, 1596621794896.webm)


gaming hard here hima gaming hard


games are for children


calling the cops on you


afterall a gamer must game




entering the soul of the creator


got left behind



make sure to NOT stack if you have a green marker


pikamee is playing jump king


whats that



die and ban


he asked what it was


must np2 all my ssr servants hima


File: 1596861609208.png (547.59 KB, 1178x1694, 1589851931198.png)

hes gonno scare mash again


stop eventually youll be talking about np3 its a slippery slope


wish to smack mash over the head with a lambchop


didnt know an inuyasha sequel was airing soon hell yeah


its fujoshite


did you read the description


im fujo


think there was an inuyasha wc3 game where i played as sesh since he was the coolest


wish i was a bishie like sesh


wasnt it anime arena


mustve been i looked up inuyasha custom games and didnt see any good ones


love the deep farts that come after a nice shite


hate when normis talks about normvies dont follow any of it


theyre NOT normvies


of course they are what else do norms do when theyre NOT flipping or partying they watch normvies


File: 1596862857207.jpg (116.63 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kanojo, Okarishimasu - 05 [720p….jpg)



never phonejod before




love a nice phonejo on the couch in the living room


i guess these days most jos would be with a phone


NOThing like an old fashioned catalog magazine jo


there was a fat mexican in highschool that would go around showing people hentai on his flipphone


why did norms stop using flip phones


the norms


isnt a norm just a functional human


a norms a norm a gamers a gamer


i want to be a norm


norms norm failed norms try to norm


disappointed the cool exdeath is only savage


its time to become a savage raider


hate raiders




no more sighing


eating more donuts and orange soda


die soda and sweets


made totinos pizza rolls


can i have one


no there are barely enough as is


how about a half


what the hell theres no more donuts


gonno go to the store with mom later today to pick up some beer might grab some pizza rolls too


File: 1596866696419.mp4 (6.84 MB, munch.mp4)


falling asleep watching aris


what kind of pizza rolls should i get


are you asking for the brand or flavors thought theyre all the same


dont get pizza rolls




what should i get


jalapeno poppers


a nice chocolate milk



File: 1596867558183.webm (639.31 KB, 939x528, soylent.webm)


miss the daily linus gmm embeds


linus is my greatest ally


File: 1596867675702.png (135.38 KB, 1043x489, linus.png)


ritz isnt that good


just found out the i am NOT a robot captcha looks through your browsing history


NOThing to hide NOThing to fear


the norms


File: 1596868648628.jpg (110.84 KB, 515x645, crispers.JPG)

tried some of these theyre okay



date a live s2 ep2 starting now


hell ya


how does she keep pushing out content so fast


shes a haachamachine





File: 1596869385364.webm (1.68 MB, 326x698, haachama.webm)


gonno shite and snooze


think ill pubeshave


no dont its unmanly


youll get sandpaper crotch have a trim instead


pubeshaved now it doesnt look like i have a micropenis anymore


sigh ive been putting off my shave will need to soon


havin some fresh baked bread hima hb


pubeshaved once when i was 17 and it made me feel like an itchy queer never will again


havent shaved or gotten a haircut in months i look like a hobo


gonno hobomaxx



paste homelesschad


almost done with my anima weapon grinded hard


hate when someone is very obviously staring at my character


what makes it obvious


when theyre practically breathing down my neck and their characters head is facing me


wink at them


you love it


always target and stand near the sexiest girls hoping they NOTice me and say something first




File: 1596875481795.jpg (42.46 KB, 693x746, 1596861104327.jpg)


love getting creeped on and solicited for erp in limsa


died so many times in eden 7 normal that the healers stopped ressing me


love dying right after getting rezzed


File: 1596882753115.jpg (378.1 KB, 3200x2400, ea481dc49a4046e03a3ce112df0fd991.jpg)




File: 1596889534019.png (262.63 KB, 680x680, woke up hi.png)

woke up NOT feeling too good



prefer the other moneyYYyyyYYYYyyy vtuber


had a nap now im gonno tank


File: 1596892809898.jpg (462.33 KB, 1200x848, EdzT-AhU4AAK0m4.jpg)


poor guy he just wants to study


wow she made him cry



nice study buddy


reinstalled league of legend


but np2 is 30 percent better its really good np3 to 5 are bad though


sent a threatening email demanding a refund


gaming in my head


might start chairgaming instead of bedgaming to offset my gamerneck


love sitting in 20 minute queues to do anything


nice dps player



pit owners should be executed




just look at them


woke up theres an invader so im staying in bed


hate invaders


big bro says poker at 4:30 cant wait to test out my new strategies


internet went out for 30 minutes i was screaming and crying


hate when the internet comes back on just as im about to rope



the agps arent even trying http://otokonokopharma.com/


none of the characters in their pictures are trannies they just put trannies to shame


agps dont understand simple things like that they have 0 self awareness just their perversions to guide them


pasted actage writer slapping jc hineys from his bike


thats where i get my estradiol


File: 1596910534822.jpg (296.66 KB, 923x1200, __tsurumaki_kokoro_bang_dream_drawn_by_43_pon_….jpg)

kokoros birthday today


is she your waifu


love how the government is more than willing to have pinkpills readily available to every fetishist weirdo but you have to jump through several difficult hoops to be considered for testosterone and doing so without permission is strictly criminalized


NOT my waifu but she makes me smile


might roid sounds like fun


hell yeah lets juice up and get jacked


File: 1596911548165.jpg (837.43 KB, 3107x1934, Ee3GMDYUwAEBihO.jpg)


im on a dirty bulk


where do i buy some nice bathtub roids


one of big bros norm friends he brings over to play poker tested positive for the virus


roids should be prescribed to males at 16 so they are better physically adapted to hard labor


16 is too late


File: 1596912075095.mp4 (279.53 KB, sekai o egao ni.mp4)


wish i had a nice seiyuu wife


never understood why japs are obsessed with voice actors


theres no character without the voice


File: 1596912358253.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.27 MB, 1557x3499, __st_louis_houshou_marine_and_st_louis_azur_la….jpg)



File: 1596912926053.jpg (1.01 MB, 1600x1600, __kamado_nezuko_kochou_shinobu_kanroji_mitsuri….jpg)




its just basic foid worship


File: 1596914459442.webm (11.5 MB, 640x360, oog and piss.webm)


streams up


thinking about delta p and the haachama chama




cant wait to live on the hima island and live on fish and clams and kelp


cant wait to stab those clams in anger


happy for quin69 beating a childrens game on the hardest difficulty configuration


went to the barbershop for a haircut and beard shave


having big coffee #2


never figured out if an espresso counts as a big coffee or a small coffee


its a damn small coffee



Your first assignment will be to self-introduce yourself to the class, as I have done, here.
oh flip its over before it even begun


just say im a gamer i game


File: 1596920593520.webm (4.74 MB, 640x360, vibrating.webm)


File: 1596920655384.jpg (79.16 KB, 500x800, jp school.jpg)


dropped out of college 12 years ago when they asked me to introduce myself


crying hima theres magikarp everywhere


my cichlids still havent touched that tetra you were wrong hima you were wrong






woke up moms making burgs


NOT spam


File: 1596923595358-0.webm (207.83 KB, 466x466, HxH #66 REACTION.webm)

File: 1596923595358-1.webm (207.83 KB, 466x466, HxH #66 REACTION.webm)


wonder what life would be like if i was soy


we got no vid last week so its a double drop


hehe love that rabanastre plays the fft music


wish i was soy they seem happy


File: 1596924260124.jpg (184.66 KB, 904x1200, Ee5uAjPUYAAmcUB.jpg)




simply become a soy


File: 1596924514189.jpg (807.94 KB, 1244x801, 15968581970981.jpg)




File: 1596924924873.jpg (75.93 KB, 800x1119, Ee40IbjUMAA0uxI.jpg)


whos behind that post




completely disregarding railgun and oregairu ill have to watch the newest episodes some day


is it online just type something up who cares if its in person then just keep it short state a hobby then say your major


nice chadvice



norm link skip


no dont skip its rude


my name is neetblog
i am the moonstar


hima is boosting dead


File: 1596928982438.webm (2.74 MB, 1280x720, 1596515446069.webm)


File: 1596929044148.jpg (177.42 KB, 1280x720, 2.jpg)


after spending time fermenting food i have a better understanding of body odor


NOThing to talk about


just owned someone


think im gonno fire up a nice mahjong soul


wish i knew how to play a game


just fire up a game and get to playing


why cant attractive people be comedians


they never experienced hardship


someone said my character looks awesome


hope its male


instead of making your video game character look cool make your real life toon look cool


cool alright


gonno try the 100 card singleton festival


its luck based


what do you mean


File: 1596932068189.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.97 MB, 1280x720, 1591237942018.webm)




theres no consistency and its slow


sounds perfect





File: 1596933779467.webm (575.99 KB, 1111x625, triple bone.webm)


mom said i look like a model after shaving its the mewing


its NOT


it is hehe


wish i could mew


two bones


triple bone


post the before and after


File: 1596935941929.webm (194.23 KB, 1280x720, 1596932486273.webm)


posting from the bath


wish i was a male model so i could make mom proud


no pics


File: 1596936138002.webm (485.94 KB, 608x1080, cat.webm)




File: 1596936199155.png (31.79 KB, 686x223, i.png)


is that why he was made manager during his second week on the job


cant believe anyone here believed his lies


File: 1596936406093.png (75.34 KB, 1016x761, gthn.png)




hate these slow moving tard beetles




fired up a nice desertshore


File: 1596938153210.png (161.91 KB, 724x880, d7fb0cc550c7c87059c53b0fd7bc8d23.png)


mimikkyu is pasted as hell


mom said my skin tone improved after shaving


sigh love nico way too much


isnt this a good thing


tsunomaki tsunomaki tsunomaki tsunomaki tsunomaki tsunomaki tsu no ma ki


havent had a quadjo in a while sweating and wheezing hard gonno microwave a burg


never quadjod before id feel miserable


thinking about haachama



shes in pastaguys place cleaning give him a call


are you talking about haachama








damn good haachama



whats that weird helmet headpiece that rip off saber wears








woke up hi






File: 1596942929387.webm (1.17 MB, 640x480, 1596924212845.webm)


File: 1596943007430.png (819.16 KB, 1200x1100, 66170534_p0.png)


as much as i hate the ccp its nice knowing they have youtube and various other sites banned imagine a billion chinks flooding our side of the internet


holy heck





i switched to aNOTher rudy video do you want a link


its that one


going to barber school


normer school




File: 1596946001930.png (1.26 MB, 1032x1459, 1596945179456.png)


why does he own a figure of himself




File: 1596946695019.jpg (561.43 KB, 849x1200, Ee6s3eeUMAAWOys.jpg)


you mean she




what a gamer





the norms the norms the norms the norms the norms


tanking might have a glass of wine




popped a zit on my shoulder


sick of zitpoppers arrogance


File: 1596949341387.jpg (57.04 KB, 438x445, 1522555942387.jpg)


which vtubers are acceptable to post




am i supposed to be taller than mom









you cant just call things you dont like spam


nobody likes that ugly mug


we do


its already been posted before


you didnt click it last time




pastelo fromTOKYO



flip off neetblog


sigh 24 hour maintenance for xiv tomorrow what am i supposed to do for 24 hours


play some mtga


fire up some tanks


what did i do


chop some yews


cant imagine NOT exploring eorzea for a day


getting gamer sores from grinding hard


got crotchrot




File: 1596952324864.mp4 (57.07 KB, Ee78t2sUwAAR6fk.mp4)


you little bitches better NOT be talking about me


of course they arent


24 hours left hima


hell ya


havent played ffxiv ever since i hit level 40 on my drg


you didnt even unlock your dragon eye




NOT gonno buy that game and pay a subscription on top of it its simply NOT worth it


it is hehe






damn good game


damn norm game


File: 1596953403576.png (337.23 KB, 497x544, 1396750584197.png)


nice poorfag


im fiscally responsible



File: 1596954815848.png (677.63 KB, 457x629, 5603_1.png)


could be playing fall guys right now


norm guys


NOThing norm


guess ill have aNOTher slice of chococake


the server capacity is at 86 percent so i deleted like ten threads off page 12
im NOT going to delete anything from 2018 just yet only 2019


i figure deleting ten or twenty threads every time they email me about the storage will hold it off forever


i actually have a backed up copy of everything from before july 2019 when i switched the domain so really NOThing is gone for good anyway


why are you saving 2018


what happens when it reaches 100 percent


i like reading the old posts from 2018 even though 2015-2017 is gone


i dont actually read them but its nice to see them there


if it reaches 100 percent the database will probably no longer accept requests and no one will be able to post


you were complaining about the post quality in 2018 why would you want to see them


hope you are archiving things on your pc


seki doesnt own a computer


spent the whole day gaming


hope it was a nice grindgame


you can just zip everything and upload it to gmail or something like that for unlimited storage



played 5 hours of mtga 3 hours of pokemon 2 hours of neptunia vii 2 hours of ffxiv and 2 hours of fgo


tanked all day


you cant keep switching games every few hours


File: 1596957203817.mp3 (203.4 KB, ars almal.mp3)



im a gamer i game


File: 1596957477144.jpg (2.15 MB, 2480x1748, 22-ed21dc93ea3578857d372eb63622269cb0ceda424e8….jpg)


File: 1596957733797.png (40.42 KB, 636x224, vraiders.PNG)


hes right


gonno start clicking the j-list ads to help



meme cooking



gonno snooze




why NOT just delete files over a certain size


sigh time to stop using hima as my filehost


why are we dealing with 2005 server constraints while living in the 100gbps era one of our ten daily posts had a 540 kilobytes gif on it oh no time to format aNOTher aol floppy for storage


when can i upload exe files


hope someone spams uploads and eats up all the remaining space so hima can die faster than it already is


slow down there cowboy



stop posting that agp


did this the first time but it didnt make a dent
think i shaved like 2gb off with all the videos and webms above 10mb deleted


File: 1596959981760.mp4 (10.58 MB, wJEeRGA0nRXMxqgP.mp4)




think you can go lower than that




just change the file size limit to 3 mb


actually can we remove webm and mp4 upload that would make the site ten times better


maybe tomorrow
ill try to remember


nah if anything disable youtube embeds and just go back to links


might as well post on the text board then


just delete every board except for the textboard


nobody used the textboard


nb kept raiding it


nobody knows the address because it isnt linked anywhere


only newteens dont know about it


made a blog thread there


we used the textboard for a few days till we all realized no embeds or pics or webms pinched


i was ready to stay there


you wouldnt last a week


always ignored the textboards on 4


he loved textboards





I can,t understand English
​I will do my best for your language.
​Please comment more, foreigners!




how did medieval peasants figure out all these complex techniques without the internet


they werent tards who gamed and browsed imageboards all day


File: 1596968806078.gif (1.66 MB, 640x360, pso2.gif)



File: 1596970225577.png (76.75 KB, 640x640, 02_01.png)


havent futajod in a while


how does a 30yo manbaby make friends


your friends are here


simply put yourself out there


Dear friends,
I have summer vacation from August 10th to 17th
There is no live broadcast
Post a video on Youtube

Have a nice summer vacation :)

(This English text uses google translation)

how cant teenbuki write a simple message like that without google translate


File: 1596972222779.jpg (526 KB, 848x1200, a9d4f2d9b592027615559f90df930fed.jpg)



hope thats NOT my bed



just felt an earthquake for the first time hima


they arent real



it was pretty cool my monitor and stuff was jiggling
mom didnt feel it though


wearing nier automata glamour even though i never played nier


die secondarynorm


its on my backlog


File: 1596976601306.jpg (237.81 KB, 1200x543, 1596973787642.jpg)


never been to walmart whats it like





like noel dont know why i didnt ever watch her


File: 1596979901781.webm (835.85 KB, 640x360, GATE minigun.webm)


wonder how many countries you could take over with a single AH-64 Apache if you time traveled back to the middle ages


chicken sandwich and fries



youd run out of fuel after a few hours



File: 1596984662969.png (4.93 KB, 745x587, e7.png)

had to draw a diagram in paint to help my tard brain understand eden 7


tripe time


lets jo


we must go plumper


any haachamas


haachama chamaaaaa



hell ya




god hes dumb


im dumb as a rock




love how its normal for some people to open a door with a gun in their hand


Literally we were making salsa and playing Crash Bandicoot
owned hate loud gamer neighbours


youve never even had one norm


File: 1596992454066.mp4 (2.87 MB, 1592810044196.mp4)




woke up had lunch with everyone now im having a coffee


who is everyone


the bros


the teenbros


me the dog and the wall


mom sis dad lil bro


sigh wish i had a family


you have the equipment necessary to make your own


where do i find a receptive female




mindblowing all you need is a nice haircut some nice shoes a job a car and a positive attitude


crying for those lonely girls out there wishing they had a himamate to hold them close


the himagirls


theyre recalling the onions now too hima theyre all plagued with salmonellas


posted a link to hima on the virgin hunter forum


the gods damned salmeonasl s


i think about stuff like this a lot
you would ideally need to send a battalion sized unit through the time portal like 120 people
setting up mining operations for metals and refinement would be a priority to industrialize the first country you capture and then you can get into fuel drilling since you already know where the oil is its just a matter of getting to them without fuel so it makes sense to wage your first assault in a country with oil


had that fantasy many times before too


nice reddit post


a norms gonno norm


youd need the full tech tree you cnat just manufacture what you want without everything else that came before it


it could be done very quickly weve all seen stone world


NOT sure if i want to kill nazis or kill zombies


how about nazi zombies


it has to be one or the other


strong possibility i have the virus hima ill keep you updated in case any symptoms pop up


you dont want to end up like coughfever


if you were prepared youd have tools to at least jumpstart into making drill bits saw blades and other critical tooling to make things you need from pickaxes to bullet casings it would accelerate very quickly and if an armed group is traveling through time for the expressed purpose of conquering the past im pretty sure theyd think of everything


can the virus be spread through hima posts


no youre safe dont worry



im traveling back in time to hang out with leonardo di caprio and to cure my cel


set course for 2006


why 2006 when 206bc was much better


thinking about that old aztec wojack hehe


sigh hellas


going to 2006 again wouldnt heal the last 10 years of damage i dont think anything can


what damage


you need a teengirl slurpslave


if you loved life when you were in hs during 2006 youre a norm simple as that NOT even debatable


came up with the next new himameme


wary around posts like that now that most of himas users are meganorm discordteens


you werent even born in 2006


mindblowing that people born in 2006 are posting on the big 4 right now


NOT mindblowing at all and that has been posted more times than haachama webms


haachama chamaaaa


people born in 2010 are having sex already and im sitting here in my room gaming


no they arent


File: 1596997865876.gif (2.26 MB, 360x270, too late to bother.gif)


they are trust me


whens summer bb are the rollers ready to roll


hell ya


whys her face so greasy


asian glow



should i become a fgo gamblemonkey




is it for pc


ban the fgo norms so sick of their shit what a stupid ass game


it can be


you can use an emulator


die and go back there norm


File: 1596998456890.webm (1.68 MB, 1920x1080, owned.webm)


File: 1596998554225.png (206.78 KB, 381x585, c24953ba0b.png)



thats a child


someone fire up a lucky star stream


you cant just ask for a restream


lucky star



loved the lucky star ruined anime meme


you werent even born when lucky star aired


most of the discordteens werent


love the you werent even born meme


dads making coffee


hate dadnorms arrogance


mahjong is pretty fun im hooked


File: 1596999154449.jpg (108.79 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


cham dressed up in a yukata to go see the fireworks in animal crossing


to pop a bone you must equip a bone


bought some gaming kneepads


sigh chaaaaaaaaaaaaam




triple bone im a winner


File: 1596999603158.jpg (154.78 KB, 788x1200, Ee-1lOuUwAIBaEu.jpg)


watching ars




thigh bone


NOT a big fan of tamamo


might charge up on usamin power might NOT charge up on usamin power


phew that pubeshave is really paying off feels a lot better to jo


hope you mena pube trim




File: 1597000840137.jpg (24.86 KB, 600x337, 1522541522388.jpg)


thought about sperming to this but then deciding on something else might use this later though


cant sperm to one image of a clothed 2d foxgirl


have an easier time joing to clothed


need at least one hour 20 booru tabs and 8 doujinshi


love spending 2 hours preparing material for a 5 minute jo


cant jo that fast


love spending 2 hours edging for an unsatisfying sperm




how come girls cant quickjo to a simple pic of a body part


girls arent meant to seek flip


girls dont need to jo they have a readily source of man to flip at a moments NOTice


girls dont flip that much


File: 1597001773945.png (477.87 KB, 597x448, 156756445901664163.png)

the day after the mansion move in


nice ryzen boxes


it doesnt matter they jo even less


why is it all in the garbage


we dont recycle


why didnt they break the boxes down and why didnt they recycle them and why didnt they keep the boxes


what kinda pervert doesnt recycle


only intel products are allowed in the mansion


how else would they have snapped a cool pic for the upvotes on reddit


id keep the boxes or break them down and recycle


i shall never use intel


aris doesnt recycle


instinctively hate people like that


somebody shoot this guy


dont recycle either


bored should i expedition


File: 1597002249301.jpg (233.41 KB, 1600x1151, 1596981931944.jpg)

first day in the mansion huh


fire up a nice mahjong tournament


gonno watch mcconnell




uh is she using a voice changer


pulled out the laptop and it still defaults to himasugi.org


who am i supposed to self insert as in this pic


the agp


ryzen boxes go for 20 on ebay




sounds like a good shady way to get your box reused in fraud


oh is that why people buy them


File: 1597003099406.jpg (2.14 MB, 4608x2184, 1596992426520.jpg)


panic attack


nah people just rather buy used tech in their original packaging


my breakroom is pretty cool we watch the news and the baste big belly makes some funny comments


would get a job if aris was my coworker


parked my character in front of the npc for the next msq





cant watch this videos anymore


wish i was chad like serpentza


it starts with learning chinese anyone can be a chad over there your real life awaits



what kind of lunatic works at a store that sells water


weird how all the things pnig made up were true


nice real life simulator


real norm normulator


never leave my office unless theyre giving out free food in the breakroom


uh oh feel the existential dread doc get me a blankie and the sedatives


File: 1597004506368.jpg (453.18 KB, 2362x2559, blanke.jpg)


i smell of ass


spilled superglue all over my two fingers



what happened to the other fingers


heading out on an expedition in 20 minutes


stream it


had a dream i went to japan


so its a nightmare


i cant stream the expedition theres no room in the expedition supplies for the necessary gear


all you need is a phone


still havent figured out what to do tomorrow


go job hunting


thats norm



NOT the norms fault that some public water is bad and lots of private landowners and landlords wont pay for new plumbing so they buy softened and filtered store water


accidentally pissed on the floor


hate when i miss the bottle


the destination of the august 9th expedition has been locked in proceeding to exit bay 3


watched all 5 hours of the rena stream


the expedition is a go


good luck


hes going sarging



god bless


still dont believe this is NOT a skit


she just wants to save her soul


most things are the days of authenticity on the internet are long gone



woke up sore as hell feels like a giant hand grabbed me and crushed my ribcage


that was me sorry


gonno watch aris


wish hed play the coin game instead of norm guys


love the coin game


paste dylan


File: 1597011097069.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1920x1200, 66b61c58a467e8bcf66dfc9585133b7d.jpeg)


whats the underage lady for


part of the survival kit


woke up hiya hima hows it hangin


mornin im watching aris







eatin a nice whole wheat chocolate apricot orange cookie


what you said


put that down and eat some boiled beets


dont like those


whats NOT to like about turnips


the taste


hate vegetables


rolled for nian got aak and hellagur


File: 1597012667230.png (157.86 KB, 562x554, Refined Palate.png)


got two aak furries and then a nian with my last ticket


aak and hellagur are better anyways because i have potential 4 onimommy


dont know what you raiders are talking about




mom made tacos


wish i had a nice taco


why make tacos when you could layer the same ingredients on a pile of chips





miss when saki was about tacos instead of girls who wear weird outfits


love saki hate achiga


hate being a fatso


love it


hurts when i pee lately


File: 1597014450403.webm (Spoiler Image, 192.15 KB, 266x198, 6egg.webm)


rarely have a painless pis


sigh 6egg


might have to start sit peeing for comfort


starting to feel like 6egg is some sort of code necessary to escape the demiurges machine


returned from my expedition it was a complete success


did you get those digits


go away


File: 1597014862507.jpg (103.92 KB, 672x971, 1345443008355.jpg)


i dont want to eat that go back and get something else


wheres the pizza bitch


shes NOT a bitch


love a good leek


grilled ribs last night NOT sure if i should warm them back up or eat them cold


client dropped my mom after that time she told her she doesnt believe in corona



sigh shameimaru


File: 1597015771723.jpg (1.72 MB, 1920x1080, 1370581735510.jpg)


cant wait for when society as we know it crumbles and i get to carry a large sword everywhere with me as i traverse the wastelands


you can do that now if you want the cops might kill you for it after a concerned citizen reports you though


File: 1597016074997.jpg (215.52 KB, 819x838, 20200809163327_1.jpg)


can i bring my kanabo


can i come too


youll die in a few weeks because you wouldnt even know how to peel a banana without moms help


only if youre an android girl




horny satoko banner


stay away from her


never been a fit for this world
was always meant to be a loner spending most of his time in the wilderness fighting off mutant grizzlys and bandits they call me the black mumbler


why do they call you that are you black


how are you NOT a fit for this world


i dont like it here and NOThing likes me here


i like you


spent all day in bed again hehe


gamer soul


almost time for a little wine hehe


are you serious or are you a whiny failednorm


whats the difference


File: 1597016910837.jpg (474.81 KB, 1920x1080, 20200809164754_1.jpg)


wish i had some wine


you need to lay off the sauce


weird how girls hate being belittled by men but get horny from wearing collars or chokers and being treated like pet flipsleeves


some men do too and some men take it so far they end up as perverted girl roleplayers


hate perverbs


NOThin worse


they dont hate it




File: 1597017745735.jpg (277.73 KB, 1920x1080, 20200809170210_1.jpg)


NOThin wrong with joing a bone with your bro


File: 1597018085833.png (604.55 KB, 636x477, 1343368825803.png)


stupid bitch


im in a bit of a pickle


whats going on


love a good gaius speech


ate a salmon


post that filet


wish i had a salmon


i already ate it


File: 1597018365915.jpg (467.8 KB, 1920x1080, 20200809171228_1.jpg)


File: 1597018424156.jpg (134.85 KB, 639x475, diarrhoea.jpg)


did origami king end up pinching


no one knows no one played it


do okayu play it


shes playing it now



wish i had an italian gran


immediate skip


chicken parm is norm food


here we go again


hard to keep up with all the hima rules


is pork chop parm ok


NOT sure how high pork chops rank on the normometer


dragging knife across cutting board dont click


what does that mean


drag a knife across my wrists


ya thats ok


slitting your wrists is for teens buy a shotgun




shotgun is normgun


all suicide is for teens


it gets the job done


it norms the norm norm


i dont want to be walking around in hell with a massive gaping hole in my head though


theres that one video of the guy without a face still alive afterwards


isnt that because he pointed it up under his chin like a tard if you aim it against your forehead you cant live


only 90 calories each but they do the job do you know what im saying




dont have enough grip strength to pull the trigger sigh


ate too many freezies and i have a tummy ache


its haachamas birthday


send her money then simp


maybe i will ill make it in honor of a very angry failednorm permateen from himasugi dot discord


put your money where your mouth is



bleached me face


why and how


benzoyl peroxide


ahhh the old gamer face


mom sent me out on an emergency snack expedition i had to go too three stores to finally find chocolcate milk but i got them


hell ya enjoy that chocolate milk


File: 1597020952960.jpg (78.96 KB, 410x426, 1539407955372.jpg)




why didnt you just make your own chocolate milk


that stuff tastes like shite


paste sugarmilk


File: 1597021450082.gif (2.55 MB, 292x300, 1520178472107.gif)


Lee Kyung Ho's mind was engulfed with ending his life due to bullying and the loss of his mother. He attempts to, but is saved. His determination to commit suicide somehow entices Sierra, a grim reaper who later offers him a contract. This contract blesses him with the ability to borrow the powers of the dead in their previous life in return of sacrificing years from his lifespan. For the sake of attaining what he wishes for, he eventually agrees to it.



hell yeah cooking with dog


sigh theyre still making cooking with dog vids with a plushie dog





one of these days ill be smart enough to cook a nice beef bowl sigh


as for me id like a nice mushi manju


it doesnt have meat


time to dazzle the stage





love how all haachamas videos are deleted


what do you mean



sometimes i wake up during the witching hour in bed and get scared and cant fall asleep then i forget and fall asleep


forgot how to reach the witching hour all i remember is that it requires sleeping for the first portion of a night


my doggo






fall norms


File: 1597023442056.jpg (367.37 KB, 2048x1536, 20200809_183707.jpg)




shes sexy


might tell an embarrassing chuuni story


if its NOT a norm story you pay proceed


dropped my monster condom for my magnum dong


norm post


she doesnt need a fork


she does


for what


he should be hopping on the hexagons when no ones near him


tell the story


cant believe he never figured out the tiles shake on the secret path floor game




the tiles that kill you wobble


but how are you supposed to know that before getting on it once you get on it youre dead


you dont have to be on it


awful rinithis dont think ive ever posted about it


i dont believe you


oh i see it




get the flonase


die shill


you dont need flonase just boil some water and inhale the steam


been masking my neetreek with deoderant for a week guess ill degrease


im using loratarine but it doesnt always work it comes and goes for no apparent reason during all four seasons i think it has something to do with the vacuum cleaner and its so strong that i end up feeling sick through the whole day


glad i dont have any retard health problems like that


love being unable to breathe silently through my nose


despise loudbreathers wish they would just suffocate in silence


gth normnose


my right nostril gets blocked when i lay down so i can only sleep on my left side


left side sleeping is the second most ideal behind back sleeping


have trained myself to stop sleeping on my side because it gives you wrinkles


might take a little side nap now then


File: 1597026441902.jpg (14.88 KB, 295x171, 09_10_2013_shackleton.jpg)


should have been born in the age of danger and expedition


gonno watch aris play coingame


File: 1597027288645.jpg (4.71 MB, 3694x5071, 9aa5bedbbb684596b0bf5157e7472c13.jpg)


cow tools


sigh ibaraki


sigh hot genoa salamers


wonder how much test you have to inject to start growing horns


only girls can grow horns


File: 1597028669469.png (269.35 KB, 800x600, 1377974633491.png)


dont kids have horns from their 5g now


miss throwing stuff at my brother be it an aol disc or a tightly wrapped used diaper


how many numbers can you attach to g before it becomes h




File: 1597030068421.jpg (69.35 KB, 500x729, 1597028728490.jpg)

cant stand the arrogant dadnorms


is anyone gonno roll for bb


i might


mom woke me up to bring me mcds


enjoy the big mac wish i had one


nice mom


who said it was a big mac


what else would you get a mcfish


she got me a shamrock shake


File: 1597030677489.jpg (24.09 KB, 234x228, 1541816257086.jpg)


9 hours till the xiv maintenance sigh


is that where theyre fixing arr


gonno fire up a sexy ladybooru jo




visited mom and she had a temper tantrum and ran off to her room during dinner




its a shit test


initiate kino


dont think ive touched mom in a couple of years now


2 flipping hours bros gih oh flip flip flippppppp


File: 1597031723306.jpg (210.81 KB, 1280x720, 1595904664156.jpg)



its gonno be big were gonno get summer abby and muramasa and 30 quartz login bonus


whos hima choosing with their free limited ssr ticket


always hug mom and sit right next to mom and lay down with mom its nice




gonno have to choose skadi so i have waver merlin and skadi


File: 1597031839134.webm (2.03 MB, 1280x720, oooog.webm)


skadi is a good choice for me its nero bride umu


teen alert


never understood nero bride is she powerful


always follow the hima doctrine so i dont get called teen or norm but i sure miss eating chicken parmesan


dont give a hoot what teenrager thinks


shes one of the strongest st sabers and essential for arts farming teams due to her np gain and np up skills


translate it phoners


me ussr me powerful


you will give a hoot once you get permabanned and forced to run to discord to beg onseki for mercy bitch someone shoot that guy


permabans arent real


try NOT to have fun with anything so i dont accidentally soyface


onseki needs to go full final solution on the remaining worshipers within the boles faction


mash mash mash mash mash


Por favor Type-Moon, agregue algunos sirvientes Hispanos. ¡Por favor!



youre supposed to hide the chat


raging hard room is a gods damned sauna


bb is up


rollers comence


sigh im out of quartz




got medb saber




NOThin worse than stale mcdonalds fries NOThin


you can get it crispy again with a panini grill


pikamee has 2k viewers




bb has been acquired






nice kouhai


File: 1597033477576.jpg (153.19 KB, 1167x1169, DkugdPFU0AEi2Ya.jpg)

hope you leave the tan on


pikamee has 2.5k viewers


100 minutes


cracked the mikes harder


got my chocolate milk


die norm


already ascended her for the tan hehe


2880 viewers


too bad i didnt get mhxx


got medb


the queen of hima


too many people are playing this fall norms game


seki removed all the bans


wonder how many permas my ip had


the inside club of permateens helping eachother out


i think the max is eight so far


drawing a bath


bathe on brother


entering the wreath of snakes (extreme)


loved how you could get banned with a personalized message about you being a touhou teen or how he tried to give you a chance and then change the last digit of your ip by 1 and hed never know you were the same person


youre going to grail her right


hope youre NOT doing it with an organized group



why the flip NOT


sigh id grail a bb kouhai omega cute tan beach moon cancer if i rolled one


why would i want a grailed bb


just roll one you got monthly summon tickets


gonno watch the new ross


only watch the game dungeon


norms lame dungeon


waiting for the tsukuyomi queue


normal or ex


how would i be doing ex


File: 1597037561206.png (591.85 KB, 930x360, wk.png)

sigh wk


thought you were a gamer


im NOT a normder


30 minutes i repeat 30 minutes


im gonno explode with excitement


dont think ill make it hima im getting really sleepy


you must fight


shall i jerk it



its flippin live


did NOT realize how transparent this dress they tricked mash into wearing is


poor girl




File: 1597039915499.jpg (181.86 KB, 730x1200, Ee_TdFTU8AE-oP_.jpg)


ate too many stuffed peppers


simply grab your normphone and fire up the stream on the toilet to oog to new gacha


its starting


nice fedora


wish i was smart enough for gachagames


File: 1597040250394.png (511.15 KB, 720x1280, mobage2.png)




cant believe i have to have sex with aak instead of nian now


pretty alter




gonno purchase some merch


the mug with the characters on it looks nice but i dont drink normfee


yeah like the mug and the mash tapestry




nice social distance


hate yuuki aoi so gods damned much


baffled by the set design in general


guess ill fire up a nice sexy lady mind_control


woke up from my nap heya hima


whats unique about the set design


why does fou get his own chair if he wont talk


its cute


the closest thing to a real human on that stage is fou


mafia is cool he can be my wingman


hes scary


when are they going to announce the free 300 quartz


this is fanservice for the seiyuu otaku norms once its over they will announce the content


they arent theyre going to announce the tsukihime collab starting today and the release of tsukihime next month


File: 1597042125388.jpg (349.87 KB, 1195x641, wg.jpg)

nice wargaming filled the garage with sexy ladies


the norm norm norms


normihime normlab


nice raibu


loved chalking up the floor


love emptying trombone spit valves on the floor as an offering to the gacha gods




guess its time for bed that bath took everything out of me


playing brass instruments leads to water and a bit of spit clogging the tubes so theres a valve to empty it


where does the water come from i thought it was all spit


people breathe hot moist air and that hits the cold metal causing condensation in the instrument


ok but what does that have to do with gacha


all roads lead to gacha






saw rin using the jeweled sword in that trailer


was opening a case of natural ice with a knife and accidentally poked a hole in one of the cans and had to shotgun it


theyre still doing these songs uhh wheres the gacha



game info now


love 2


hes got strong facial features wonder if hes a jomon


File: 1597046634967.jpg (831.54 KB, 1500x847, Ee9PqWOVAAEyhet.jpg)


what the hell youre making a mess


better NOT be any summer males


wish archer was shirtless


theyre showing an agp


phew its just costumes again




her boobs are huge






hope kiaraguy likes her


wheres the five star summoning ticket


isnt the gssr good enough


no you have to pay for those and its random


cleared the pool of tribute (extreme) emanation (extreme) the great hunt (extreme) and the wreath of snakes (extreme)




ya so what someone has to be arrogant now that hes gone



life only makes sense when im watching anime


damn good fish slicing



caster saber is up whos rolling


feel uncomfortable around the fish cutting vid mate


hes harmless



bought the towa hat


just rolled her about flipping time my luck hasnt been the best this year but finally got a decent roll



never had a birthday whats it like


it sucks


dont like haachamas new gate hit model


what do you mean gate hit


you know



installing fgo wish me luck


dont do it


File: 1597063354407.png (1.39 MB, 795x1305, EezM7ZzVoAUiSuR.png)

too late hes part of the horde now


love a nice mobile gacha game or mocha as i call them so i can get that gambling dopamine while out with the bros or at the jobsite or ballin at the club


nice gamblescream at 36:14


i installed it on an emulator because i dont have a smartphone


File: 1597064670088.gif (184.8 KB, 460x460, 1585079378992.gif)


little slut is practicing


File: 1597064987915.jpg (150.28 KB, 847x1200, live action.jpg)

they killed aikatsu


you mean improved


resnoozed and had a nightmare


real humans sure are boring to look at


how about this one




thats just a fat human


how come jap letters look so much cooler than english ones


they dont youre just a weeb


im flippan weeb



File: 1597067762751.mp4 (1.87 MB, i6n34k.mp4)


nice tardattack


bb is the last gacha im interested in this year next year is gonno be baste though gonno start saving quartz now


got NOThing but man servants from my starting rolls so i quit


simply make aNOTher account


buy more rolls


whats wrong with manservants


degreased my ears


sigh milkarm


love my manvants


love surrounding myself with muscular magical legendary chads


they keep me safe


wish to be princess carried




wish i had a delicate decent paying business like that where i could coop myself up in my workshop for hours alone scsnapping the mildew off some artifact with a toothpick


time for snoozey


cocos intonation is weird


File: 1597070591187.jpg (132.33 KB, 724x1024, Eb7N2OPUEAMuC1C.jpg)


would mind a robogf like that


its NOT that great



the ad revenue made from the 24 hour himacam will pay off the mansion


hima human zoo


why are all of their wings outstretched


theyre sunbathing


File: 1597071893505.png (354.65 KB, 424x322, 5e1de748016d87ba2200f8e92e8e164f.png)

the international hima wallstaring team


File: 1597074047716.jpg (176.75 KB, 964x902, 1597050702469.jpg)

gonno roll the paid gacha hima which one should i roll im leaning towards 2019


wish to watch neetblog float in the pool all day


youre flushing your money


its only 15 bucks and happens twice a year theres no reason NOT to roll it


$15 is enough for two triples and a frosty


2018 and 2019 are the choices 2018 has 7 servants id be ok with getting while 2019 has 6 servants with 1 i really want


today its only $15 tomorrow its only $50 and soon enough youll end up like this mate


wish fgo had a colorblind mode


only spent $40 so far ill never end up like that


$40 on a phone game


helllllllll yaaaaaaaaaa


kiara could eat yakiniku thanks to my $40


File: 1597075169786.jpg (15.06 KB, 351x283, Croped_BFRO_image.jpg)


File: 1597075368647.jpg (215.52 KB, 819x838, 20200809163327_1.jpg)


im rolling 2019 ill keep you updated


dont you need a jp google account to purchase on there or something isnt it complicated


no you just need a paypal and credit card then you buy the 1480yen pack and 490yen pack im working things out now


sigh too complicated for me i just buy quartz on the na account


where can i find a credit card


but good luck hope you get da vinci


buy a quartz account


you should be rolling for caster artoria


NOT him but im gonno be rolling for her soon hehe wish me luck


good luck


got roma bit of a disappointment but i got caster artoria earlier so i cant complain gonno farm qp


how many grand servants do you have now


how many grands are in the game thought it was just roma and merlin never rolled for merlin


orion and first hassan are the archer and assassin


forgot about orion guess my roll couldve been worse dodged a bullet there


paste pedjudge


phew got caster saber on the very last mana prism shop tickets that was a close one also got xiang yu and jack and lots of srs im gonno be busy


File: 1597078258372.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.97 MB, 1280x720, 1591237942018.webm)


post the other one with haachama chamaaa



what one



gonno watch pikamee play fall norms


guess ill have a nice jkjo


congrats enjoy the arts skadi are you going to roll the paid gacha


im gonno keep my spending on na only since i dont take my jp account too seriously


stuck on hima with the gachaoogers


File: 1597082362766.webm (Spoiler Image, 436.66 KB, 528x360, gacha.webm)


too pilled on compact design cant buy anything big


File: 1597082398773.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.95 MB, 800x450, 1576193322240.webm)


are you sure about that 15 dollars and you might have a summer musashi to go with your caster saber


are you sure about the ooooooooog and the pisssss


im scared to try to buy quartz on jp when i dont know how and i cant read it


simply open fgo go to summoning tap the paid gacha of your choice it will show you some quartz options all you need is the 1480 pack and 490 pack which comes around to 15 dollars before you can buy it though it will ask for payment info choose paypal and pay for it by linking moms credit card then unlink before mom finds out


simple as that


what do you mean moms credit card dont tell me youre 30 years old and you dont have a line of credit


if anyone wants a credit card let me know and we can both get $50 if i recommend you you will also get cash back for food and gasoline purchases


NOT norm enough to know how credit works but free money sounds like a scam


nice pyramid sceme


its free because they think they can fool you into paying interest but if youre smart you wont


just use debit all the time


it is if youre a norm with no impulse control but if youre playing a mobile gacha game then theres no question about that


dont know the difference between debit and credit


credit is money you dont have


same never figured out what a mortgage or interest is either


love whipping out my amex platinum to pay for dinner with the gf


love whipping out my holographic transparent credit card when the manbabies are still using their drab debit cards


mortgage interest debit credit liabilities equity taxes shares audit leverage dont know what any of these are


would love to see a nice vtuber play some fall guys



why didnt you watch pikamee play it


NOT a fan of her


die pikahate


hate is a strong word


File: 1597084212322.mp4 (5.13 MB, oog.mp4)


got caster artoria


drank some liquid probiotics wish me luck


nice we all got her



i am become redbull cold bath the destroyer of tiredness all nighter neet i feel unstoppable


need some sugar might fire up a bowl of sugarmilk crunch


hell ya brother munch away



raid shadow legends sellout dont click




why didnt keiichi just ask rena about the mochi


ya NOT all tiles shake you were wrong fall bro


File: 1597088905596.png (166 KB, 1780x2040, __kaga_and_zuikaku_kantai_collection_drawn_by_….png)


phew nice boobers miss


cant wait for the xiv maintenance to be over in 14 hours only to be hit with a nice 3 hour login queue


sigh born too early to live to see this


why the heck is there maintenance now i thought it was later gonno rage



should i do a nice soyface in the mirror


you cant do the soyface if you have neettooth


File: 1597092098260.jpg (71.28 KB, 661x1099, EfEs8IXUYAAYP9v.jpg)


crying for dylan


bored need to go back to eorzea


File: 1597094033463.jpg (1.31 MB, 1240x1754, __houshou_marine_hololive_drawn_by_tnolize__d8….jpg)


same dylan was so baste


every ship needs a maiden for the crew to flip



sigh haachama


why do sea lions make this noise is it just to be noisy


why dont they stand their ground


didnt know there were sea lions in america thought they were arctic


sigh this ones japanese only


raged at the tri disaster nerf


File: 1597096471948.webm (2.39 MB, 1280x720, 1590546878918.webm)


so much stuff to do now have to farm eggs have to farm qp have to get mana prisms have to do these cqs good thing im stocked on apples


File: 1597096817155.jpg (63.85 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Kanojo, Okarishimasu - 05 [720p….jpg)


File: 1597096856518.webm (11.5 MB, 640x360, oog and piss.webm)


wish i still had a dog


why theyre loud annoying dirty expensive stressful


nice work simulator


hey hima im at home having a big coffee


this board is japanese only



might become a haaton


neetblog sama arigaton


ran out of sour keys


dislike sour key


kookaburra on my balcony wont shut the flip up hima going to rage


what did you said


hate sour keys hate cookie butter hate undiluted cottees hate nutela hate mulberry jam hate birch juice


love sour keys love gaming simple as that


whats to hate



might crack a sodie pop its been a while


mom made salmon filets


sent big bro a friend request on twitch


according to some norm that got recommended to me on youtube twitter hates uzaki chan and i didnt watch the video to find out why


probably because sexnorm boob show


aris is streaming fall guys love this game


i know exactly what norm youre talking about youtube keeps recommending me his vids never clicked on them


glad i havent got that rec and can enjoy the sugoi dekai anime in peace


he must have paid a bunch of money to spam his channel in recommendations ive never even watched a channel like that


sugoi neeeee


you can enjoy it anyways it was just twitter norms doing battle with weebs


poof nice break nice break


love spamming lord 7 during breaks


need a nice pizzazzed pizza


call me when hes playing coin game


come over we can cook a pizza on the pizzazz drink dr pepper and play mario karts


sigh first time ive heard him talk about weight he mustve been nervous to


cracked a ginger ale and it pinched never drinking sugarwater again its for norms



File: 1597100515383.jpg (43.39 KB, 500x518, IMG_3665.jpg)

i dont understand why this triggered twitter so much but they hate this show because of this red cross ad with uzaki on it


NOThing wrong with a nice big boob girl virg shaming me


watching belmond gacha


hope he gets her


paste samir mesquite



put some probiotics under my armpits




belmond got caber


nice mainers


nah get owned invidinorm


hate twitter outrage and cancel culture so much think those people get a kick out of doing that they probably do it just for clout


wish i was norm enough to feel any emotion towards what the norm cattle does


the age of snowflakes its either left wing nutjobs cancelling opinions they disagree with or right wing nutjobs having mental breakdowns when someone disagrees with them




the norms


head hurts think its the bug the cia planted in there


File: 1597105998807.gif (1.54 MB, 540x304, 1565051508988.gif)


im NOT getting any egg drops


File: 1597106096191.webm (4.52 MB, 640x360, the watame kojo.webm)


File: 1597106179279.webm (225.13 KB, 526x622, 1586135254056.webm)


File: 1597106197683.webm (2.8 MB, 1280x720, crackin.webm)


hell ya


File: 1597106231134.jpg (845.56 KB, 1200x853, 1574025445392.jpg)


File: 1597106276348.webm (1009.16 KB, 1280x720, ababbabaabaa.webm)


File: 1597106285937.webm (4 MB, 1280x720, 1581743115413.webm)


File: 1597106327186.gif (681.41 KB, 340x300, 1573325380423.gif)


File: 1597106352125.webm (442.44 KB, 1280x720, 1566643757510.webm)


File: 1597106386700.mp4 (1.66 MB, 6egg.mp4)


File: 1597106427781.mp4 (4.14 MB, 1585520857586.mp4)


File: 1597106506350.webm (743.25 KB, 960x540, 1587477982635.webm)


couldnt believe what doctors define as a schizoid always thought it was just a medical definition of someone who is mentally ill and insane but i pretty much fall under the schizoid definition


pretty sure i started the schizoid meme last year you cant just pick up on it now


arrogant fool


how is it a meme


woke up in the middle of the the night last night and was too scared from playing higurashers and i couldnt fall back asleep for an hour


mental illness is a meme unless youre psychotic


im desperately trying to genuinely express external enjoyment in things like i did as a little lad but its usually just confined to my mind in neuron activation


so youre depressed go to the doctor


nah havent been depressed since 2013




amakusa shirou lead the shimabara rebellion and died at the age of 17



woke up cracked the last caffeinewater


File: 1597108633232.png (775.55 KB, 1017x907, d6d541ed80cd9817177903aa272e8600.png)

hate when this happens


File: 1597108932414.png (410.25 KB, 1302x1302, EeveY5MUYAAaeq4.png)


wow caster saber gives is a really crazy np spam servant but im too dumb to figure out if theres any old mediocre servants she enables more but i like her with jalter a lot


nevermind these np animations take too long this is awful gonno replace jalter with bunyan at this rate




File: 1597110083473.jpg (142.72 KB, 1200x827, EfDsE89UYAArhOi.jpg)


oouso drawing tread carefully


aoe servants are king


youre supposed to use someone with aoe arts np like kiara odysseus or rori da vinci


downloading watanagashi


sigh mion


File: 1597110493551.gif (173.34 KB, 453x360, prad5-mikan-vaccuming-in-strawberies-gif-stole….gif)


crying had to pull out a dry boog attached to nosehairs


File: 1597111127079.jpg (367.37 KB, 1920x1080, 20200810185817_1.jpg)



did some lateral raises


File: 1597111594907.jpg (244.43 KB, 2360x1700, __shirakami_fubuki_hololive_drawn_by_kuroshiro….jpg)

nice prawn (shrimp)


normteral norms




getting the slow down there cowboy message fix it


hey g can you make me a sandwich


bored when is maintenance over


mom said no more kpop


odysseus is quick just use gong if you need an easy farming servant but with caster toria you can farm with just about any arts servant in the game


its actually ridiuclous you dont even need kaleidoscope anymore the optimal ce now is mlb black grail of course but you can use any ce you want imagine farming events with 300 damage up ces thats insane


sigh hope tsukihime puts an end to this soon



anyone want to go squid fishing




cant wait for french bread to release the melty blood gacha



bad anxiety over NOThing hima something bad must be coming


i can feel it too


how far out do you think it is


File: 1597114819398.png (63.7 KB, 1418x771, smn.png)

it was deserved


sigh they ruined bard and NOT even the dps of the ruined class is any good


hate bardtards


its NOT even a big deal for raid damage but annoying for normal play


File: 1597115162278.jpg (427.35 KB, 2508x1881, 1596898523793.jpg)




whats annoying about it doesnt it just reduce the potency on the intial hit and NOT the dots


got this big horny bone here


pop a bone in your ass


going to dress as a touhou and walk into different rooms of the mansion at night its ok so long as you wear the mask and no one knows who you are


its NOT ok stay away from me and my room


File: 1597115693811.jpg (440.49 KB, 1920x1080, EevGfURUEAE2-FL.jpg)


you wont need a mask after the ritual


File: 1597115784687.mp3 (4.83 MB, XG4mpE_bgm_ex3_ytc_17.scd.mp3)



xiv patch is downloadable get to patching


had a bakahon with a dora haku kan and chun pon waiting one tile and all three players made sure to NOT discard anything that hadnt already been discarded and i got drawn out sigh


File: 1597116313039.webm (3.8 MB, 640x360, 1596958827976.webm)




guess her personality detector wasnt calibrated


why are they just watching


they arent wks



woke up hiya hima drinkin some coffee


have you NOT watched kara no kyoukai


cant watch anime films




second that ban


could go for some haagen dazs rn but NOT strawberry


dont do it someone might never want you to take it off


was born with mystic eyes of freakdom that let me see post colors



mystic eyes of norm perception


you dont need eyes for that


think that might be the best drain yet


two bones


a man told me to smile today is this that thing girls are always complaining about


File: 1597117854068.jpg (2.82 MB, 9999x5943, 20200809163327.jpg)


ya did you feel violated


no and i didnt smile either


a man told me i look like mom once


cant remember the last time i actually saw a girl with my own eyes other than mom




i see them in retail stores sometimes either standing around pretending to work or shopping in the company of their 6'6" boyfriends


chicken nugget


File: 1597118064898.jpg (441.22 KB, 2560x1440, 20180722211451_1.jpg)


agree with nero tepidarium is nice but soaking in a caldarium is the best


simply the best


thought romans would stop liking baths without the homosex


the bath was for doing business in and stately matters NOT having sex



my tech grant was accepted gonno buy a monitor and a k70




pasted embezzlenorm


technorm technorm technorm


what did you call me


NOT a technorm but i can appreciate a nice linus embed


are you gonno get the lg cx 48 inch


who has money for that


nah already said previously an eizo id like a japanese made product


In fact, several tombstones from across the empire claim: 'Baths, wine, and sex corrupt our bodies, but baths, wine, and sex make life worth living.


hate neros dumb see through skirt why did they make it that way


imagine that weekly now you know how women feel


In fact, several tombstones from across the empire claim:'the baths were for stately manners and stately matters alone.'


her entire basis was to be slutty boob proud femdom saber for a psp game



unlike women i have NOThing to smile about


uh huh


cant smile i have bad teeth


cant smile when im crying inside


keep finding hair in my food


took some cold damage in the shower


has anyone cooked gyudon before


no one here knows how to cook


i think a few people can cook


he loved coooking


cooked the rest of my tostino pizza rolls


hell ya


only know how to slice fish


i can make scrambled eggs


mom took away my egg cooking privileges she says i burn them


only know how to broil frozen chicken and microwave moms leftovers



i can make gyudon from scratch it’s NOT that hard


knew one of the raiders could make it whats a simple set of instructions


File: 1597120700514.mp3 (3.99 MB, BGM_EX3_Field_Ama_Day.mp3)


File: 1597120762116.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.9 MB, 640x800, 1597120583952.webm)

whats she doing




die teen youre the raider everyone on hima knows how to cook pbelly napo tuna melt and one bean soup


nice job listing all of those off really convincing


never got pnigs silly soup recipe


could live on hot genoa salamers if the gout didnt get me after a few days of eating it


commence the chocolate milk sippage


cant believe the journey is the real destination


File: 1597122667753.jpg (2.37 MB, 2949x3938, Ee9fKC7VAAIGG5u.jpg)


walked me dog and ordered a case of blogs its time to game


was rose guns days any good skipped that ryukishi vn