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same end result






love when someone thinks they arent norm because they play video games or watch anime or simp for vtubers when its been proven time and time again that these are all big among norms as well


die norm


tarded out and let my brain go into self preservation mode and make me feel pride in being a loser unlike those norms with their independence and ability to function in society and lack of depression


woke up hiya hima




did that new higurashi anime get cancelled


Your teeth enamel is hard, but you should always brush gently

🦷The enamel covering the top of your teeth is the hardest part of your body, and for a good reason. Whenever you chew food, forces of up to 30 kg are exerted on your teeth. That is roughly the weight of four bowling balls.

🦷Since the enamel is hard, it may seem logical that it requires hard treatment – vigorous brushing and extreme pressure. But that’s NOT actually the case.

❌Scrubbing your teeth vigorously with hard bristles will result in a receding gum line. The hard bristles slowly scsnap away your gums until they stop protecting the neck of the tooth, which is much more sensitive to pain.

👉 When you are choosing a toothbrush, ask yourself: What kind of a ritual would I like to have on a daily basis? A gentle one that leaves me feeling refreshed, or a rough, painful one?


did i miss any good posts should i go back and read


ya you did




only read reply posts


i dont know


mewed all the enamel off my teeth


hate when i subconsciously mutate a post but then see it years later reading an old thread


hate repliers




how is that possible i need 8 to 10 hours of sleep or more


what the flip they actually did make a mobile game board


dont understand the uzaki thing whats the big deal


i need 9 hours


twitter found an edge in their minds to attack anime because it makes them feel bad for being agp freaks



dont click


canadians wont be allowed to prepare any food without supervision in the mansion


theres no canadians in that video


those are chinks


hate canadians hate chinks but hoo boy do i truly hate canadian chinks


wish i had canada images but no one bothers to make them




File: 1597290584243.jpg (533.59 KB, 1600x722, Canada 10 Dollar Polymer Bill 2013.JPG)

the old 10$ bill had a train on it


nice monopoly money


this doesnt seem hard at all


i havent seen the new 10$ bill yet but it looks cool https://www.bankofcanada.ca/bankNOTes/vertical10/


that part isnt the selection process to go is impossible to meet


imagine having a woman on your money



why would it be theyre just playing dress up the most they have to deal with is some indian throwing beer bottles at their cars from the reservation


putting the queen of someone elses country on your money
i hate canadians so much


shes still our queen


i didnt vote for her


royalty isnt voted in so of course you wouldnt have


you really brought this on yourself canada hate guy no one ever talks about canada so when someone does it doesnt end


i am the duke of blog


love respecting the queen


god save the queen


shes the queen of canada idiot hehe


still waiting for my final form it keeps changing even when i think its the last


the bowling ball thing is bs hate when norms make up shit that i cant prove wrong but say its right anyway


16.5lbs is heavy for a bowling ball isnt it i remember going for the 9lbers


its correct what makes you think its wrong


hes an elite bowler


hate how bowling is a group activity japan caters much more to their mentally ill loners i bet they have bowling alleys where each lane is its own room


File: 1597292504067.png (33.67 KB, 64x64, Spr_3e_299.png)


crying at the start of shadowbringers




walked my dog


cant walk moms dog for her dont like leaving the property and dont like being in situations i cant quickly walk away from


grans dog is terrified of me even though ive known her since she was young every time she spots me she will making a screaming bark and run and then mom goes on about the dog sensing my darkness but i think it just had a nightmare about me at some point and is too stupid to get over it


the anticel dog



doesnt she realize people are looking at her breasts instead of her camping


File: 1597293982601.jpg (148.84 KB, 1024x768, 1524446984653.jpg)




pasted fairy


wish someone had taken me hunting or gotten me into some other outdoor hobby when i was younger lived in rural areas all my life but just stayed inside or in the backyard


begin the hunt for man


wasted me flippin life


gamed hard


you were lucky enough to live in a rural area i was forced to grow up in the flippin suburbs


just a suburb without modern conveniences


bacon sandwich time


cant cook bacon


whats wrong with a suburb


no outdoor activities but also no conveniences simply the worst of everything just miles and miles of massive houses


really needed to have an older male sibling or cousins or family members to help me get a job or introduce me to other working men when i was a teen instead i just hid in my room gaming and jerkin it for 15 years


File: 1597295685845.webm (895.03 KB, 1280x720, 1591929810996.webm)


might have been saved if i had tried to get a drivers license in high school was too much of a tard to understand its importance even if i had no friends and nowhere to go


got a wet ass pword


itd only work if mom bought you a car to start out


could have just borrowed moms NOT like she was a cab driver that needed it for 14 hours a day cars arent even that expensive at that time my computer and video games combined were probably worth more than a used one


really blew it hima just wanted to be a normal self sufficient person able to handle life instead of a defenseless manbaby with no choice but to rope if mom gets sick or hurt





File: 1597299707283.gif (1.54 MB, 540x304, 1565051508988.gif)


bunyan is literally me





im a living pile of noodles


and a big one too




has everyone watched this


really like the part where shirou cuts the everything


wish i was smart enough for fgo


wonder why hes fighting mash hes a good guy

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