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pasted jbkers heading down to bangladesh


did NOT mean to make a new thread sigh




look at him and laugh


this is the thread




File: 1596430932355.webm (895.03 KB, 1280x720, 1591890106871.webm)



cant find the last cucco


sunstared a bit


closed when i saw the chink


found it hehe


he only gave me 50 rupees



dont want to speak too soon but looking at the credits for new higurashi it might be a winner


whens it out


already concluded that


leveling my paladin


but did you read the staff credits


yes thats all i read actually


explains the art style too with the monogatari character designer


might even be worthy of streaming week to week gonno learn how by october


does that mean rena is gonno do a nice shaft angle


File: 1598215446836.webm (858.04 KB, 1280x720, pizza.webm)


no its just the character designer passione doesnt seem to have other exshaft employees


File: 1598216201181.jpg (96.96 KB, 1136x851, 20200821_123041.jpg)




test 2



just a norm


discovered a himasugi top tip


bayern won flip this


File: 1598216793953.webm (175.92 KB, 1416x796, 1598110837965.webm)


miss when the top gear guys were middle aged and funny instead of just old and trying too hard to make a buck for as long as possible


theyre aware of it


File: 1598217429694.webm (935.42 KB, 800x450, 1522877600016.webm)


remember the こんちゃっす girl


wore a black shirt for close to a week switched it for a clean white one this morning and just spilled normfee all over it






told mom i posted on anonymous sites and she thought i was doing bad stuff on the internet


why would you tell her that dumbo


i call them forums after she learned what forums were a few years ago


wonder if that guy who would tell his mom about his good friend pnig broke the news about why he doesnt talk to him anymore


she asked what i was doing


dont get why topres arent for gayming


the bole factor




cat walked into my room while i was pacemumbling didnt know the door at the bottom of the stairs was open wonder if mom heard me


thinking about ala mhigo


had a nice satisfying shite


showed mom one of turts racing vids once


File: 1598220380528.mp4 (19.78 MB, 1592870587482.mp4)

love discussing my favorite personas with mom


was repeating some phrase to myself over and over while laughing a few nights ago kept doing it after i left my room and didnt realize mom was awake


love the sensation of hot organic paste covered in mucus and bacteria sliding out of my bhole


happy big sunday hima




File: 1598220674624.jpg (34.74 KB, 497x703, 1598183370672.jpg)


holy flip heavens feel 3 bd was released


cant enjoy the dopamine hit from dropping a massive log when the poopbone touches the toilet have to immediately wash it with soap


may i have a sip maam



File: 1598221172648.webm (161.89 KB, 852x480, cyberpeko.webm)




tensed up after clicking but it wasnt a screamer


afternoon tea


cant have macaroons theyre made out of almond flour


whats wrong with that


its for norms


allergic to almonds


love a good almond joy


mom fell for the almond flour being healthy meme


mom fell for the single mother meme


allergic to most nuts except deez


mom fell for the letting me cook rice tonight in the rice cooker meme and i dont know how


miss being fat and frying up a whole cooker of rice and cracking a 12egg on top


crying cant cook with onions because usa onions are contaminated with the salmons


bored guess ill click some rocks


addicted to fries theres a mom and pops burg delivery nearby and their animal fries are pretty ncie and really cheap think im gonno order some again tonight


mom made sausage and groace instant mashed potatoes wish she made fries instead


love a good tasteless thin white paste of reconstituted dehydrated starches


love potatoes love dog days potato picking contents


potatoes are the only good tubers


too tard to understand what im reading gonno slam a few warm ones and eat dinner


did you guys see that snap nb sent


die norm


File: 1598226597365.webm (1.06 MB, 1280x720, premium rounge.webm)


it was kino


File: 1598226788800.jpg (24.09 KB, 234x228, 1541816257086.jpg)


any sheep


File: 1598227202535.mp4 (5.07 MB, わため.mp4)




didnt crack mom gave me no opportunity to slip away to the garage


tomorrow vteen


die instigator


woke up NOT feelin so good


you want to borrow the rope


just need some hair o the blog and ill be good


the dog gate is back but half of it is gone


File: 1598228333670.webm (1.55 MB, 640x480, 1596419478010.webm)


got a frozen pizza in the oven feeling daring might eat the whole thing hehe


what do you mean daring youre supposed to eat the whole thing in one go


sigh the vtuber resistance is doomed to be crushed because hima is our only means of communication meanwhile all the norms have a chatroom and the ability to chat one on one


NOT since the virus youre supposed to portion your pizzas so you eat one half during lunch and the other half for dinner cant risk going too the store to buy so many pizzas


i dont care it just upsets me that the norms can whine on discord and get anything they dont like banned


sigh yeah if only there was 4 different vtuber generals active on 4/jp/ at any given time with 4 digit post counts and hundreds of discords


as you already know no one on hima uses those NOT sure why you keep spamming that


stop being scared of a fake virus


sigh first ota now hima us vsimps are being left behind


we got too cocky simpbros


its NOT fake big bros friend got tested positive dont know what happened to him but its enough for me to stop hanging around big bro


if you die then you were meant to die the virus passes over the worthy


calling it fake is a teen meme just ignore those kids


teens are the ones who are getting the most excited over it i bet youre wearing two or three masks as you post on hima right now just in case the virus can spread over the internet


File: 1598228610769.mp4 (2.73 MB, 1596427774163.mp4)


the only teen here is you


File: 1598228639296.mp4 (1.27 MB, glass.mp4)


File: 1598228994323.webm (2.45 MB, 640x360, 1589835621095.webm)





post the one where he jumps on the pulpit and chimps out


gonno go hard with the webms at 11 get ready


File: 1598229328659.webm (661.38 KB, 640x360, 1593750860642.webm)


im NOT going to and i posted webms i liked daily


nice raidteenseki forcing the userbase to comply with raidterrorist demands




50 points to himapuff


imageboards are always run by an admin and his chatroom pals


sb NOW


freak tried to save us and we laughed at him


freak has been trying to save you for years


aris is back to fall guy


wonder how the timeline where we all abandoned hima for tsumaran is going


it became a post apocalyptic timeline in 2019


love fall guys


that timeline can still happen someone just needs to make a new imageboard and hopefully with more than 100 mb of db storage


we all became crypto millionaires and the mansion meme is real


File: 1598230359440.webm (2.78 MB, 854x480, hagu.webm)


holy heck


File: 1598230425565.webm (3.74 MB, 1280x720, npcreaction.webm)


hopefully norm webms like that are ban on sight too


nah just vteen webms


crying for henri


nah the norm webms


paste costanza


File: 1598230556698.webm (1.45 MB, 426x240, 3D JK がオバ お姉さん にダンスレッスン ホ .webm)



ban for instigating


File: 1598230613316.webm (Spoiler Image, 288.82 KB, 426x240, ok.webm)


ive NOTiced that white women seem to have the most animosity for their own race


who cares


arent you a keen observer do you have any other wisdom to bestow upon us


yeah i do
when you make a post it will force you to the bottom of the page but if you keep scrolling while the post updates it wont do it


File: 1598230851357.webm (442.44 KB, 1280x720, 1566643757510.webm)


File: 1598230871153.webm (3.06 MB, 960x540, 1565670351652.webm)




File: 1598230885034.webm (705.65 KB, 1280x720, 1572588819342.webm)


the shishou girl


File: 1598230913612.webm (259.38 KB, 1280x720, 1583129241842.webm)


File: 1598230993918.mp3 (8.69 MB, BGM_EX3_Ban_07-02.mp3)


File: 1598231034124.webm (3.6 MB, 1280x720, 1556674875026.webm)


File: 1598231058540.webm (252.54 KB, 1280x720, 1562444172481.webm)


there all my favorite webms


bored of all of them youve been posting all of these over and over for a year make some new ones


dont care


File: 1598231193867.mp4 (3.46 MB, The Incel List.mp4)


File: 1598231204957.webm (304.92 KB, 960x540, 1551158891805.webm)


i look like that guy but with more hair


summer abbys np is buster this is NOT good


File: 1598231338344.mp4 (4.14 MB, 1585520857586.mp4)

forgot one




might abbyjo later


File: 1598231444493.webm (6.87 MB, 1280x720, ワイルド.webm)


File: 1598231455418.mp4 (7.05 MB, incels.mp4)


its me or the blog


weird nose


aNOTher rudy


File: 1598231634858.png (328.2 KB, 510x456, 6319cb9d5811b1c06d0e42dd6bdb30af.png)

imagine what life would be like if they never won the gender lottery and were born male with a mug like that


kill yourself norm


do you NOT remember seeing ugly males in school still have lots of friends and get gfs just because they played sports


live a long happy life


put some corned beef on the stove to simmer might crack open a blogski


i cant speak for you but im pretty sure most of us are some years past school age bub



your autism meds must have fried your brain i can still remember 15-20 years ago


school rules dont apply to the adult world and you were in school before the era of social media and smartphones


both of those things were in schools before i dropped out and i turn 28 within 6 months




listening to denpa



listening to the rap song that goes err uhh


gave up on life too early should have waited until only a few years ago at least then i could have learned things


think i need this


ban this guy for making me check



bored and depressed


sounds like a wld neet night


feeling the gamer neck tonight


wonder if i should play some ffxiv


might lose internet for a couple days need to prepare anime on the laptop any suggestions


made it to amaurot


left behind


hinako NOTe


himako NOTe


dont you already have hard drives full of anime a few days is NOThing just watch something you already have




my laptop is empty and i watched both of those shows


cant think of anything


what about boruto


youve probably already seen at least one of these but ive had them on my hard drive for a while


boruto naruto norm generations


love zakuro but alice is an ungrateful brat


love zakuro but alice is an ungrateful brat


do you guys have a favorite movie mine is no country for old men


go back to discord


NOT signed up for any dating sites so no reason to declare a favorite


why dont you do some puzzles


shining hearts
seikai no senki



having lots of fun playing norms of the wild



File: 1598237980279.webm (489.84 KB, 640x360, crunchbonk.webm)


love american psycho im just like patrick except im a fat ugly neet


make sure to do the bird first to make travel easier


just heading where the winds of the hyrule take me


barry lyndons my favorite movie


those warm ones were still cold so i cracked a few and caught myself starting to rant about semitic mind control in television to mom


even neetblog has seen these


did she ignore you


no she apologized for bringing up one of the shows she watches and kept the tv off until i left


arent you a pleasant one


bath time nipah


love going downstairs to microwave a neetsnack and finding mom asleep in her chair with fox news on


its the only non bias news source


File: 1598240318914.jpg (845.56 KB, 1200x853, 1518707560243.jpg)


no i havent


how horrible


might crack


File: 1598240402398.png (158.28 KB, 500x461, 1527473389076.png)

chirp chirp


dont be embarrassed


sigh seen all the good anime its over


watch em again


theres still plenty of media out there to fill the void


defiantly dont do this unless youre ready to end it because youll remember yourself in your teens and twenties enjoying them and wonder why they suck so bad now


i watch shows again and that doesnt happen


feelin like shite hima think i might have corona


good bye


havent watched a new anime since 2015 continuously rewatch the same shows over and over again


starting a south game


whens the next fgo event


felt the same then i fired up 64oz of cold blue ribbon


someone stream a nice wallace and gromit


pour up the whole damn seal imma get laaaaaazy


File: 1598241690133.png (213.05 KB, 265x370, Ciypj435Hy.png)



cham cham cham cham cham


bitch dont wear no shoes in my house


thinking about a tclub theres bacon in the fridge now


is cham still building her rabbit house


is brawl fun


File: 1598242236245.png (414.14 KB, 517x585, 1598223971838.png)


only rewatched anime for the past 2 years i dont want anything new i just want the good old days back


File: 1598242342108.jpg (1.49 MB, 2568x1692, 1598224143617.jpg)


thought about this image today


i only look forward and watch only airing anime now and previous seasons of upcoming anime so i can watch them when they air


damn good south game got second but a bully got owned


the bananas mom bought had a bugs life sticker on them sigh i remember sperging out and crying seeing that when it came out because the movie theater speakers were too loud


aris late night stream hell yeah


never saw ants might watch it sometime


mortal norm sigh


comitia is fundraising to try and survive the virus


might wake mom up too lazy to do the turkey club prepwork


File: 1598244380392.webm (22.23 MB, 1280x720, 1598233737647.webm)


walked me dog


chams rabbit house looks at aNOTher animal house hehe


which one is cham again


eating cookies and cream icecream


gonno make a reuben


i need a pic of it


too bad


no you dont understand



nice sudovid in the autoplay


File: 1598245962345.jpg (32.83 KB, 360x360, 1519187070427.jpg)




entering the dying gasp


hell ya


wow nb isnt on discord this entire weekend im sure its just a coincidence and he isnt a norm at all whatsoever 🤫


keep your stupid discord shit in discord god damn


i cant because nb isnt in there


kill yourself


goddamn good sandwich


what did you throw on it


microwaved leftover sausage and broiled some fries mom got her hair in the sausage


nbs sperm


corned beef sauerkraut cheese and russian dressing and i grilled it


but the discord is full of norms


let me think about it



ban this god damn teen already


new mash


uhhhh teen haha


onseki wont ban his baste normbro


nn about me


shes trying to steal tamamo cats theme


hate to say it hima but all those anime suggestions i got earlier were bad or i already watched sigh its NOT your fault i watched all the good anime id like to think i missed a couple but thats NOT the case theres NOThing left i should have slowed the watching down


watch airing anime


thats what im downloading right now fish show rezero and snafu and rezero and snafu arent that good


don't watch anime if you want some good movie recs ill help you


wish i could watch anime but i cant latenorm


NOT a norm so i dont watch movies sorry


dont reply to him


nn about cinema


if i was a norm id enjoy cinema


it doesnt even matter neohima is done for


there are vastly more norms into anime






elon musk always tweets about cat girls and anime never seen him tweet about cinema


where are we going to go


NOT a norm who follows twitter so i wouldnt know


nowhere just games and anime and other stuff hima is fine while theyre at work


check r/teenagers face it anime has become main stream


stop replying to the goddamn pissant normspic


love letting norms control which things im allowed to like


this norm watches normema and browses twitter NOT surprised


better then watching normime


either that or someone makes a new board


been making some truly biblical dagwood-esque sandwiches the last few nights hima you cant even hold these things together with toothpicks


no its NOT its worse


File: 1598247856447.mp4 (2.06 MB, 1597453678589.mp4)


and i only have a twitter to follow milk for the record


dumb norm




did you really watch all of those i linked one that wasnt even subbed until last year


ya they suck


normime in general sucks


File: 1598247937278.mp4 (2.87 MB, 1597453487215.mp4)


norm norm norm


what gpu do you guys have




NOT a single one of those has ever been a screamer something is wrong with your audio settings


it is rather loud


File: 1598248179194.mp4 (7.92 MB, 1597453967148.mp4)


never misidentified a screamer learn how to mix your audio in the webms you make im NOT going to keep my sysyem volume at 50% just because you want to post them 10 times a day


might watch hundred the girls here look sexy


File: 1598248257521.webm (355.53 KB, 711x400, 1597453327633.webm)


oh youre just a norm from discord trying to instigate


forgot to add kill yourself teen


uhhh if you point out my flaws youre from discord simple as haha


my blains blokennn


wish turt and his ugly mexican dog would stay on discord


kill yourself raider


learn how to use ffmpeg properly arrogant norm


kill yourself


youre out of control


youre the one instigating norm you just show up here and there and destroy the board then leave again i hope you die


love when this guy exposes himself for being a bh raider teenbro go back to discord teen he types as he switches back to his own discord to erp with trannies


go back


he thinks youre me


you couldnt be more wrong but glad to see youre willing to throw any and all hima posters under the bus if they ever disagree with you get bent norm


snooze time


just ignore him itll be fine


File: 1598248767027.jpg (863.21 KB, 870x1200, EgINLiFVAAAf9fI.jpg)


vile little hoor


File: 1598248838074.webm (1.52 MB, 640x360, 1597388984712.webm)


wonder if nb is finished partying it up yet he hasnt been on discord yet


dont think partying would stop him from using a mobile app


why is she excited to eat a cat


he doesnt have the app hes afraid girls will see it when they give him their number


neetblog is happily engaged to a tattooed 250 pound five foot five mother of two he would never


nb only dates virgins



the teennorms destroyed him sigh


im a shadowbringer now


finished irumakun its a 10


congratulations and good luck in the future xiv friend


im just a sad little man


thank you likewise


NOT sure what to do in the post story first


do what your heart desires friend



cant believe that rabid subhuman is amongst us hopefully he does NOT chimp on aNOTher innocent bystander


24 minutes to new era


might crack aNOTher and leave the other half of that sandwich in the fridge


seki ban me and delete my posting history that should clean up a ton of disk space


no ban me


if you think youre a worse and more obnoxious poster than me youve got aNOTher thing coming




and other ips from here i think its just me i posted tons of webms over the years so that should help free space


wish i was smart enough to find out where all the real shut-in freaks on the internet hang out


hima never had a chance since pnig started calling everyone with an interest in escapism teens and banning them


same but im going to try again starting now


dont remember anyone being banned but spammers and people normnig didnt like in irc


the nig spawned the toxicity towards one aNOTher before that it was just fun and games against the jan i believe he knew this


hope he isnt going to read anything by machiavelli in prison his reign of terror was bad enough after he destroyed ghost


File: 1598252673536.jpg (105.57 KB, 1280x720, 1598204270754.jpg)


bad news woke up again


its okay try again tonight


sigh if the game was japanese they wouldve made it a beautiful elf girl instead


they would have made it a beautiful elf girl in baldurs gate 2


that was 2000 it cant be compared



wouldnt mind flipping her but she would have to gain about 60 pounds first


nice arrogant jbw


NOThing like that non americans still rightfully see being overweight and gluttonous as shameful meaning her self esteem would be low enough to see me as a 6 out of 10


i thought asian women like fat western men


im NOT fat i just have a blog gut


asian women like the opposite of what their parents tell them to like


trying to remember if i ever interacted with an asian girl in school maybe some second or third generation chinks or flips with attitudes but thats it


asians girls just like money


actually there was one but if i remember correctly she was a hoor that hung around with the skaters probably to rebel against her chink dad


corean girls in elementary school used to tease me never knew any after


skin tone is too dark to interact with asian females even though theyre darker than me


thought we all lost our elementary memories


sigh hate how the norms made all these poor and self destructive decisions as teens and were seen as cool but destroying my brain and life by being sleep deprived from gaming and using the internet all night wasnt


always made sure to get a good nights sleep as a growing boy


how tall are you


theyre still there if i think about them i just try NOT to because i pull the zipper down too far


pretty tall


need to lose all memory of being human so i can become the relentless killing machine i was always meant to be


sigh all between me and a schizophrenic is that i know for the most part how to control myself when NOT in my room


did all of terrys vids get wiped or something i remember there being a lot more


fgo is up


hope you start smoking dope or shooting heroin rather than subject yourself to this gambling addiction any longer


no no no im just one roll away from making it big


when is abby


drop out of life with blog in hand
follow the posts to the neet filled land


think my first car should be a jeep wrangler so i can escape into the woods when i need to


jeeps are foid cars now


dont buy a fiat chrysler product


dont know anything about cars because i had no male friends past age 14 or 15


whats a mans vehicle excluding pickups dont want to waste money on a truck bed


dont know why you wouldnt just buy a truck maybe a used station wagon those have a lot of space for your possessions once mom throws you out if you fold the seats down


guess pickups cant be defeated


get a subaru forester instead


100mb update abby abby abby


shame her entire kit is stuns and armor debuffs but its still abby


NOT mentally disabled and arrogant enough to drive a truck even though id like to be


File: 1598260511791.mp4 (1.31 MB, mancar.mp4)


we all want tomoe


wish tomoes arts buff wasnt only a single turn last summer had so many crazy strong 4 stars


never saw cars as anything but a necessary evil


enjoyed riding in them up until 1999 or 2000 but i no longer have any desire to leave the house so i only Drive to humor mom


single mother right


no but i spent all of my time around her so close enough



still dont know how people play pokemon as a card game just got lots of hand me down cards when i was 7 or 8 and liked to look at them same with yugioh when i was 10


got womped bad by tryhards with rich parents or jobs whenever i played yugioh with people that werent my brother or the same 5 or so nerds


same with baseball / football cards magic and star wars tcg that my uncle bought hoping to flip then gave to me i just made up my own rules and played by myself


spent so much on castersaber might just wait on tomoe til next year and save for avengerrin


man really should have killed myself when i first started thinking about it in 2003


cant imagine trading cards with pictures of niggers on them


never understood this logic whats stopping you from using an escape rope right now whats the difference between having wasted 17 years from then to now


remember hoping mom would buy me a gun for christmas so i could shoot myself but hey we were all 10 years old once


drove to two different homes i used to live at last night dont know why i do that whenever im feeling down but it happens i really want to walk to the train tracks at the one place we lived at when i was 12-13 but the trail has grown over and the neighborhood has been overrun with mexicans and i dont want someone calling the cops because they saw a grown man park his car and disappear into the woods


love seeing the foreigner card appear


thought about doing that meself once i get my license but i would basically have to stalk whoever owns them now to find out when they were gone because theyre too far out of the way to see from a distance without being NOTiced


did you get her


i got her but NOT tomoe and i hate rolling for just a 4 star


looking forward to the mansion bros the opportunities will be endless throw a plough on neetblog and the vegetable production will be secured within a month hope someones been learning how to raise pigs and cows


most people here cant even cook their own meals


sometimes imagine going to the 2006 house and knocking on the door and asking if i can look around and going to my old room and sitting on the floor for a bit but i know itll never happen


dad did that but hes 60 and dont think he sat around


they need to get it together fast doubt most himas can survive on their own communal living is the last hope


dont like how they always cut the trees down at the places i lived why do they hate trees


if i try cooking then mom will make comments to tease me it cant be helped i have to wait until shes gone


had to learn to cook at 6 because no one was around


trees are dangerous someone might get killed when they fall down


why would he bother doing that if he has a job a family a house and doesnt wake up every day wishing he was dead


probably going to become a youkai


lay down the rule that shes NOT allowed in the kitchen until youre done thats how i learned


how many years have come and gone since that day


out of cope


hope if anyone here pulls the plug theyd at least have the decency to tell me about it


youd call the police and ruin it


pull the plug on what


only the admin could even attempt to do something like that id just like to know


actually if someone decides to get it on id hope they would stay offline but keep the himas in their thoughts



File: 1598272849495.jpg (183.73 KB, 950x1344, 1598269636944.jpg)


woke up hi



maam your boobies are showing


need some 黒猫パンケーキ


miss swimming


File: 1598276664781.mp4 (787.9 KB, feet compilation.mp4)





File: 1598281892215.jpg (2.01 MB, 1700x2400, EgMHKNNVoAAIj1Q.jpg)


File: 1598282126205.jpg (73.52 KB, 1199x674, EgLQcDMVAAAj5ve.jpg)


how come that never happened to me


the ababababa boobie girl


go outside and it will


NOThing good is waiting for me outside


gonno go outside and become an escortcel its the only way out





File: 1598288826247.jpg (614.79 KB, 744x1052, EgFmOvjUYAAa0XA.jpg)


weird clavicle


this channel is japanese only


get a russian one with forest camo


oh my god they killed hinako




when are you coming back to discord nb


gonno watch the marine coco collab


zoom class starts in half an hour


pasted zoomer


File: 1598293357413.png (2.46 MB, 1506x1664, plexiglass.png)

dont you have in-person classes collegenorm


are they actually putting glass in classrooms now


wonder when nb is coming back to discord


my dailies are finally done hima


skipped did anybody roll for abby


File: 1598293791516.jpg (264.33 KB, 2048x1536, glass.jpg)




you cant use that what are you going to do


they did something similar in the office i aint pay it no mind though


die norm


let me think about it



wonder if that guy could just set up a script to automatically log in to these virtual classes and record them for later makes no sense why they wouldnt just prerecord the lectures and email them out


maybe its some normclass that requires interaction


had all my zoom classes some count you as being there as participation points towards your grade but they all also record their sessions and you can watch later



are there even classes that require interaction besides hands on things like chemistry


public speaking and social justice classes


if youre just going to get mom off your back why would you even take those


japanese are still ignoring me sigh


why shouldnt they



so the first one is a chem class and it is pre recorded all the zoom meetings will be just for questions my math class however will most likely NOT be prerecorded


and let me just say flip zoom couldnt get audio working for the first half hour on my linux laptop i had to hop on my windows machine and funny enough audio worked but video didnt


File: 1598299034022.jpg (772.22 KB, 1500x938, EYxJYn2XYAILZQy.jpg)


why NOT use your mac it just works


dont own apple products besides an ipod nano


you cant be in college and NOT have a macbook


were you using headphones or speakers


i tried both zoom doesnt support older versions of firefox they much rather you either install their software or install the latest version of google chrome


love how all the bad people are american corean or chinks in sao



why NOT just install their software




glad we banned vtube so we could discuss more adult topics like college work and our wives





sigh should have spent more time lifting weights and doing cardio this country is doomed its only going to get worse and im only going to get older weaker and more of a target


woke up mom bought turkey bacon subs


just start lifting weights now



File: 1598302014161.webm (2.88 MB, 750x420, 1598249133256.webm)


why should i have to i didnt ask for the united states to revert back to jungle law


itll be fine everyone is going to help one aNOTher


ok dont quit whining


simply get a gun


how do i pass the cel test before being allowed to get a gun


dont have the money for one dont have a drivers license to take it to a range if i did and dont know how to get one because i grew up without positive male role models i fell for the manbaby meme


you can just buy a shotgun off the shelf here


cant you have your mom buy it to you


talked to mom outside the delivery guy saw me in greaseneet mode


hell ya hima the triple berry sandwiches have arrived


fourth class of the day starts in 48 minutes


mom threw out my pocket knife when i held it to my wrist when i was 12 or 13 because she was trying to force me to go to her bosses christmas party i dont think she would give me the money for a gun


no point anyway if mom follows through with her threat about retiring to normifornia theyd probably melt it down at the border i really flipped up my life but i didnt know that i would end up permanently stunted by NOT having someone take me hunting or teaching me to drive in middle school



love chink propaganda


nuke california


need to convince mom to retire in new hampshire instead of normida


think mom flipped up her life first and it just compounded with me truly epic that i ended up a near 30 year old child with zero skills ability or masculinity worst part is i knew it would happen by the time i was 17 if i didnt become independent


you arent even close to baseline


aris playing genesis hell yeah


mom thinks its exactly the same as when she went there on vacation for a month in the 70s



on the plus side if youre white and moving to california youre pretty much guaranteed a thin asian gf many such cases


nah youll get a fat frumpy westernized one


youll go to chinese restaurants that have japanese names and sit with your gf and discuss anime and her college courses


she should have graduated by now


File: 1598305238860.jpg (Spoiler Image, 357.6 KB, 1768x995, WeChat Image_20200825062136.jpg)

hehe do that with my gf too


doubt any woman legal to date would ever be attracted to me without an ulterior motive especially NOT in a hedonistic and hyperpopulated state like california maybe in rural kentucky or someplace like that where theyre still living in the mid 2000s


installed fall guys


entering the clockwork city of goug


fall guys is the best 2020 game so far


you wont have luck in kentucky unless youre 6'2" and own a lifted truck best stick to california and play the jbw card


sigh he loved the oc


im NOT playing any card if i dont figure out how to support myself within a few years mom will drag me along and ill just sit and wait to be murdered by one of the millions of violent deranged norms living there


sigh california


gonno degrease


get yourself a parttime job at taco bell and a nice section 8 crib


he doesnt have the zoom set up yet


have you made some friends yet


the school gives an option for instructors to put their pronouns which most do but my chink instructor left that spot blank


chinks have no time for that nonsense


NOT here to make friends just a piece of paper that says i did something with my life


you need those social connections


File: 1598307294290.jpg (66.71 KB, 600x800, sean.jpg)

join a frat


theres no frats at community college


how are you supposed to network then


already made a gf


mom threw away my rhoids cream


30 minutes late class has 1 hour 10 minutes to go and still NOThing this is making me want to drop and give up everything


still havent found out the difference between university and college and community college


you cant just become hopeless that easy what about your piece of paper


universities give 4 year and above degrees colleges give 2 year degrees


going to perma this guy and the idiot that keeps posting about his school


theres 2 of us




leave the school guy alone hes alright


why would anyone pick the 4 year one when you can get it done in 2 years


because the 2 year does NOT give you anything


the 4 year old has the potential to get better paying jobs and also theres a lot more social stuff going on while comcol is basically just you go there do your work then go home without talking to anyone


sounds like high school


sigh remember going to class and hearing a big boob girl from the same class yelling for someone to wait and then i realized she was talking to me so i ran up the stairs and when she finally made it to where i was in the hall she said you walk really fast and i said yeah and went in the room i was weirder back then glad i toned it down some wish i could remember her name so i could estalk her she did have some big boobs and she wasnt fat


love a good boobgirl


was that a freudian slip


time for my hsk 4 reading practice


wonder if a big boob girl would let me touch a boob for a reasonable amount of money its NOT that big of a deal if some loser guy asked to touch my groin through the pants for like $20 i would let him obviously he has a rough life and could use a little boost


are you butthurt that someone older than you is taking steps to NOT end up as a can stacker in a grocery store ban the gooknorm only


hate how every podcast are norms that are dumb as shit trying to sound intelligent


wonder if professor will give me a slurpee


degreased pooed brushed gargled shaved and dried


File: 1598309461958.jpg (Spoiler Image, 212.29 KB, 850x1171, 8fb3ee70082c159e9ea93c54a85f4b32_11280001083.jpg)


heavy kitty got one snoozing on my lap right now


your sword is enough


remember when normnig would mock others for being dependent while being a bastard abandoned by his mom using his rich white grandmothers credit card to buy fast food and sex toys whenever he wasnt abusing her by hiding her medication and denying her food


cant believe girls were joing the guys under the desks at school and i never realized it


girls are vile


that never happens


still NOThing but hes responding to peoples introductions in the discussion board is this zoom thing just NOT gonno happen or what


send him a nice panic striken email


maybe the zoom link is hidden and ive missed an hour of class already


cat scratched and bit my hand now its itchy


next thing you know youre gonno be shaking and sweating on the floor and going into septic shock


you here tubby we miss you on discord


happened to me


girl tried to jo me but i was too naive


ban them


fell for the cooties meme



he doesnt look jomon




phew good news my math class has no zoom lectures unlike half the other classes that do chink professor is just gonno upload prerecorded lectures i am officially zoom free did NOT have to show my face once or even talk


ok thank you for letting me know but i NEED to find neet blog i worry something has happened to him


back to the ward


nice efficient chink do you have more throughout the week or was that it


ban this guy too


just look at the syllabus if theres no zoom link it means its just gonno get posted to your school bulletin like for me


shut hima down its been overtaken by schoolnorms and worknorms


that will be my last school post


when did everyone on hima go back to school




nobody did its a raiderteen


im NOT a teen im older than you all


die norm


hey leave him alone


weird how onseki will ban otaku culture posters but NOT the discordspic spamming about normblog


hey leave him alone


NOT until he dies


he is just going to school he shouldnt be punished for trying to learn


he should be punished for being a norm ban him


no dont ban anyone


die norm enabler


nn about going to school


its the most norm thing you can do outside having sex flip you norm




nn about having sex nn about studying nn about working nn about vacations nn about neohima


that is correct


die screaming norm





hate all the norms who didnt drop out of kindergarten


get that ass banned


get that ass bent


uncovered a massive hair pill you really gotta lather up the shampoo and massage it to get max volume work it in real good over the course of several minutes


Wonder if nb is okay



my castile soap doesnt lather very well


started to rant about quote unquote monkey rioters and how id be happy to see my identical twin get gunned down if he had the criminal background these norms the media tries to turn into saints have might start a class action lawsuit against the pabst brewing company for making me reveal my powerlevel so often



teen ban


can someone email nb and ask him if hes alright i just want to know if hes ill stop bugging please


class is starting hima ill be back in 50 minutes


good luck


yes good luck i hope nb has as much luck as im sending your way friend


File: 1598313815627.png (Spoiler Image, 642.72 KB, 1240x877, 68634789_p0.png)




delete that before nb sees hes NOT allowed to view such images






that 12 pack of 16ozers didnt even last 24 hours thats like one drink short of a bottle of whisky sigh


aris is playing sega geneser



funny how you post so many of these videos i literally only remember these two norms from a vid they posted between 2007-2009 where they had someone drive them through a nigger neighborhood and worried they would get shot


we know skipper


guess they scrubbed it from the net once they started making real money cant find any mention of it


first class is over got a 10 minute break gonno stretch and do some pushups and jumping jacks


thought your first class ended hours ago or are you a teen


you imagined it


NOT a teen just a different guy






sigh hope she gets the death penalty


wonder how long an avoidant schizoid himamate will last in classes before roping


lasted a day


hes a norm he will do fine in his environment with his people


le suicide frenchman made it why NOT a neet virtually attending


remember the first time i returned to comcol after years of neeting i was so nervous that sweat was literally dripping off of my glasses people probably thought i either ran all the way there from home or was just a freakazoid


same but a 4 way stop



took a couple of community college classes in high school


the girl on the right is innocent


people like her make this country and this planet worse for everyone else so they need to die by the states hand


always thought those highschool kids getting in their cars to drive to the community college to take the more advanced courses were arrogant snobs you arent better than me


people posting their introductions saying they already have two years work experience and are just taking some college classes to get a headstart while in their last year of high school meanwhile im 28 year old manbaby


i dare you to introduce yourself as a 28 year old manbaby


better to own it than be ashamed


mom got into an argument with an npc on normbook told her NOT to bother


one time mom went to the dentist and he asked what i do and i looked at him and said NOThin

mom did NOT like that one


ya im better than you i was in comcol while you were still in high school learning your abcs


where did it get you


he looks young enough that no one would even know he wasnt in his early 20s no reason to bring it up



the unblemished fair skin of a neet



need a mecha kucha kawaii gyarugf


got me a nice comfy 100k job being a janitor of himasugi.org


i took the bus


wish i was a cute 28 year old that still looked 20 going to comcol to prey on all of the fresh 18 year old highschool graduates


might hop in on online community college since its the new himafad


campus is closed its all online


wish numbers guy was here i was so rude to him when he was nice to me ill find him and apologize


he got demoted and died on the streets


hehe did tried that one before




a teengirl walked up and stood a foot away watching me as i was putting my books in my bag i pretended to shuffle things around until she walked away i guess i was supposed to do something


told the dentist i was joining the air force then forgot i said it the next time and told her i was working in IT


he didnt remember what you said either


dont worry shes just an npc she doesnt have programming for that scenario


i didnt either apparently



die gookspammer


paolo vids must be posted twice its the rules


i meant the woman that scsnaps the shite off my teeth the actual dentist takes up about 60 seconds of the visit


did paoli get plastic surgery


water just arrived


sigh vaguely remember mom telling me the insurance changed again so i cant go back to that dentist she was always nice to me despite my obvious mental illness


thats a dental hygienist


might get chink surgery so i can join the swarm and be a part of something bigger than myself


probably should have put in more effort like pnig instead of falling for the cel meme


ordered five burgs and five dogs


might start posting in the kings english


might have a scroterash


might fucking kill myself if nb doesnt get on discord in the next 5 seconds


good i hope you do fucking retard


i will


5 hour eorzea maintenance in 3 hours what the flip am i supposed to do for 5 hours


stare at the wall like the rest of us


what part of the wall is best to stare at


the corner


flip off i already called that corner


fire up the emergency backup job simulator


NOThin better


bugs and dogs arrived the delivery guy was huge i think hes 6'8" maybe more


you mean cookie clicker


were out of antihistamines gonno suffer


are you supposed to put new thermal paste onto the cpu every other month


File: 1598320091021.jpg (268.71 KB, 1600x1200, post-52368-0-94323600-1451654090.jpg)


no maybe every three years thermal paste usually outlives the machine itself



still using the original paste 5 years later temps are fine


how about some calculus


zero reason to ever do it unless you take the cooler off


miss my long hair it helped me mog people


dont even know what calculus even is couldnt even understand algebra in tard math




its the perfect time to learn you just said you have NOThing better to do


i was in rsp all the kids made fun of me by calling me a retarded stupid person i told the principal and he held a meeting telling everyone to stop it


love when the principal holds a public meeting to mock me


File: 1598320616590.jpg (150.74 KB, 1122x1593, c6sb6ch690j51.jpg)


how could calculus benefit anyone in their daily lives


it makes your brain smarter


they can calculate their grocery shopping without needing to go to the til


was three grades ahead and still top of my class owned all the chinks and nerds and never studied or did homework even once


isnt that just arithmetic


now look where you are


could have learned everything they taught at school on the internet got NOThing out of it except for intrusive memories


wish nb was here so he can humiliate me in front of my friends


i want you to find the tallest building in your area and do a flip off of it


why would you come all the way to my area just find the tallest building in your area and do your flip from there


File: 1598321512132.jpg (Spoiler Image, 70.92 KB, 620x675, 1598261454231.jpg)


thinking about getting a job and its giving me anxiety


File: 1598321861143.png (117.06 KB, 287x313, 1598320783574.png)


hope nb is doing fine



File: 1598322026299.mp3 (174.42 KB, 1597613704448.mp3)


wish i lived in the shire



the porchetta is in the oven


i just want everyone to know im only here because nb isnt in the discord


sigh they are blowing up my boy gootecks again


he came back i swear


had some frosted flakes with half and half because there was no milk almost choked to death after breathing in one of them


gootecks is mental


hope nb is okay


just got word that nb died from corona complications due to being severely obese


got the grail


kill yourself


you missed the arc where he got jacked hes 170 9% body fat


love the new hima just love it


cant wait for the new garupa pico


new hima better hima you got that right



wonder if i should try to unlock the gold room only ever played bronze south and east games


File: 1598323896018.webm (266.35 KB, 720x720, based2.webm)


never play south


gonno have to pretend i didnt crack all of those blogs within a day so mom doesnt buy any more if i go a few days without i can probably avoid cracking into the new case but anything less than 48 hours and ill drink a third of it by the end of the night


neetblog is baste I agree


it used to be only south but worknorms didnt have time to play long games so they made east a thing


got back from the grocery store mom asked me to get a 24 rolls pack of tp and a junkie shouted at me ``ya goin for a shite mate''


cracked aNOTher red ginseng extract damn fine morning


got aNOTher flipping ingrown nosehair


love desitute drug addicts accosting me in parking lots and hyperventilating for 5 minutes afterward


i remember when neetblog would have me pull his ingrown hairs from his ass


today i did absolutely NOThing






sippin on that lean




made a lot of awful posts on hima cracked more than a few blogs jod a few times and put together a thirty dollar cabinet for mom im sure you did twice that without realizing


mental how someone out there has made the most posts on imageboards and they dont even know it


no i only laid in bed complaining about neet blog being gone


woke up and brushed might have some coffee soon


no i didnt i didnt even watched anime today



cant remember if i brushed hope i did gonno sip on some sugarwater later


scratch the sugarwater just remembered i have ice cream and cookies its gonno be a wild night


File: 1598324748965.jpg (Spoiler Image, 126.32 KB, 580x580, 1518932776079.jpg)



i have a feeling pnig is online but he canNOT reveal himself because i would report him to his parole officer


wish i had caffeinewater


wish i had about ten more blogs


put down the hooch you got your whole life in front of you


im hungry


NOT if i can help it


gonno take a week off drinking if i can


went close to two weeks without cracking near the end of march havent missed more than a day or two since


got a check in the mail from aaa worth 27 bucks


miss priconne and ahorine cant wait for s2


sigh its over




hope priconne 2 has more aoi and the nakayoshi bu


its flipping over im dead


File: 1598326965097.png (552.77 KB, 634x630, 1598325882499.png)

found the collegenorm


why does he look 60


leave him alone


wish nb was here to tell me if i should order kfc


File: 1598327213127.mp3 (201.21 KB, 1598226597365.mp3)


mindblowing that demented freaks like this are able to succeed in life while i rot


ate some cheese gonno earlysnooze


File: 1598327372810.png (1.42 MB, 811x1145, 1598181091533.png)

eat this


nah i need to uphold my reputation in the league of fat fucks nb and i are in only deep fried heavily greased high calorie meals for me


is alex from linus tech tips a gay


hes NOT succeeding


probably has a drivers license and at the very least a step daughter thats two more than me


wondering if i should sell my gpu when the 3090 comes out


need a kuroneko pancake dekiagari


its been a long day lets all get some rest


gonno earlysnooze as well


took my daily citalopram


i havent taken my lexapro


File: 1598328403818.webm (2.05 MB, 1920x1080, 1596672976921.webm)


It is used to treat major depressive disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic disorder, and social phobia.[2]

have you tried just being yourself why bother with this crap


gonno mashjo



die norm you will never understand what its like


nn about nb


i know what its like i just drink beer and post on hima


do they at least feel good dont see the point of taking any meds if you arent psychotic are they like real drugs


sigh niggerman


my real life starts tomorrow this is it hima no more mr manbaby


real life started six months ago pretty damn good but now everyone on hima hates me


think im gonno cave i have popeyes in my cart right now


love how teenseki wants to feel powerful by making stickies and laying down the law then lets this stupid spic post for 2 days


gf supposed to menstruate today or tomorrow if she doesnt i may finally acquire a sexy daughter just need to get custody and dump the gf and im set


wish teenseki would perma me


sigh wish i had a kid



think he does NOT care cause hes been posting a few small ones and NOT dropping 300 of them in each thread


dont be salty my man theres enough room for everyone


nah hes a bussy


sigh now asmon is playing mortal norm hate this game


i will leave hima when nb gets on discord simple as


oh no no big bro is talking on the mic to his friends and he said he bought vbucks




maintenance time now what do i do


fire up some mahjong


can you get on discord nb i need to show you something really fast


made a pair of reubens hb


someone tell nb to get on discord I need to talk to him


can you get on discord for 5 minutes nb


shut the fuck up and die norm


NOT until I talk to nb


thats ok if you die after


ok I will



i just need to talk to you for 3 minutes neet blog please(OOG NB OOOG)


File: 1598335315116.mp3 (226.26 KB, yuzuki choco.mp3)


power went out for a minute didnt lose my tabs


sigh nbs power used to go out all the time


i will never have aNOTher weak moment again i deleted uber eats





found a mega with begin japanology episodes going through old bookmarks thought it had the majority of them when i saved it but now theres only 20


hm cant imagine why nb left discord


File: 1598342775841.jpg (501.39 KB, 1452x2048, EgPz394UcAExvQy.jpg)


gf still hasnt menstruated


fall guys are so cuuute omochi kaeriiiiii


had a good hour long manic pace session while talking to myself really have it all figured out this time


mindblowing that my entire presence on this site is just constant mentally ill stream of consciousness garbage shouted into the void


cleaned off my desktop had to make a few new folders its looking really clean now


woke u[p hi


hey are you refreshed


ya gonno fire up xiv now that the maintenance is over



ran out of bread might just eat a little corned beef and mustard


hehe bought a gtx 1660 and ryzen 5 3600 and 16gb ram with a ddr4 motherboard for 500bux waiting for it now gonno feel good gaming mmos in max settings


cant believe people are hacking fall guys what happened to all the fun


mindblowing that accurate maps and gps are illegal in china


fool you were supposed to wait for ryzen 5 4600 and rtx 3090


fell for the ryzen meme never going to live this down


look at all that english
vtubers really did bring the subhumans out of the woodwork now all of the popular ones get stuck sitting around having to translate whatever spicy meme the teens are spamming now i almost pity the jap simps that are in too deep to leave so they spend their time translating the teengarble





whyd he translate kimo ota as weeb



thinking about how it feels when you first take some feelgood pills and how norms feel like that 24/7


hima theme


File: 1598368072781.png (Spoiler Image, 161.02 KB, 654x744, EgQOKY3UEAIncVL.png)


File: 1598368266575.jpg (159.73 KB, 1200x839, EgJNZSCX0AEnXDD.jpg)


me in the pool splashing around by myself as 3 different bimbos all struggle for the attention of one chad


oh boys it anit just the mud hole that the girls sceam when we go deep any body know what im talkin bout giv me a yeeyee


File: 1598368559251.mp4 (553.2 KB, 3fYu_muOo2sGYnip.mp4)


woke up sore and wheezing


whys there a fall guy in the back


theyre flipping inside the fall guy suit


didnt know it was a suit


woke up having a coffee


File: 1598371976018.jpg (199.23 KB, 1280x720, 1598356366438.jpg)


thats just towa she has no japanese viewers because shes a whore so the western norms felt bad for her and started watching


firing up ffxiv


File: 1598374680253.jpg (516.3 KB, 717x1012, 1598374382862.jpg)


thought japs liked whores


uh i asked for no cream



im NOT waiting with my gpu having died cant stand no gaming in life


what database


wonder what mom plans on feeding me today


youre old enough to feed yourself


thats moms job


you must leave the nest and fly




poured a tall cold glass of choco milk its a fine day to game


as for me im sipping on that coke (zero)


there better be grenadine in that coke zero


dont know what that is


dads watching china uncensored again


tell him they lost their legitimacy since they never proved their claimed china covid deaths


china uncensored is owned by tang dynasty tv or something thats made by that falun gogn guy hes still buttmad at ccp after decades hehe


flip the ccp


thought it was owned by the cia


File: 1598383298662.mp4 (5.35 MB, cia.mp4)


thats rfa


spent too much time pacemumbling this morning only got 7 hours of sleep because mom woke me up at noon


ccp is great they make westerners buttmad entire year round hella funny


they got owned hard and are on their way to political implosion


switched to ashita theme


moms making mac n cheese


getting fat and weak cant eat things like macncheese anymore


got my kageyama killer title



wonder if theres ever gonno be a term for those of us who avoid google services and tech companies with poor privacy implementations you know like vegans have


you got a term already you just dont know it


what is it




paranoid tard


was waiting for avoidant schizoid but thats good enough


thats NOT avoidant schizoid


File: 1598386955079.jpg (101.14 KB, 900x1200, zuck.jpg)


paste big boy seat


multi billionaire and mounds of efame is only enough to get you an ugly chink gf when youre that short


we share the same height sigh


do you carry around a little seat pillow too


potatoes a breakfast sausage and freshly sliced jalapingas for breakfast hell ya hima


dont have anywhere to go why would i carry anything


File: 1598388269901.jpg (50.2 KB, 466x465, walk.jpg)

do you walk without bending your knees too


dont you have manlet business to attend to
things like smithing axes and walking in lily pads


might fire up dwarf fort


need to get one of these




dont get that its for casuals get the homologation racecar evos 1-9 instead


no no its a mans car


wish i could still escape into anime and games NOThing about my life has changed since then except i became a self-awarenessnorm


self awareness is good it means youre superior to those who are in a gaming trance


how is it good im no longer a loser that can take it easy having fun all day im just a loser that doesnt enjoy anything


wish i could go back into gaming trance


youre ahead of the curve theyre going to get there too and when that happens you can be smug and tell them you were there the whole time


uh they probably got it years ago they simply dont care and have decided to make the most of every day truneeting it up instead of being whiny norms


love a good misery trance


too lazy to do anything else with my life might as well blast through the rest of the good anime instead of trying to save them


long day of class hima me and my gf sat in the back and watched vtubers instead of taking NOTes


remember when a gmm thumbnail would make me rage and crack the monitor now i post them


phew nice size_difference


cocos uncivil


shes been flipped too many times by good ol boys in lifted trucks


mom and i might be accepted to a newly built condo we just barely make the minimum income requirement


hope the bedrooms are sound insulated


i dont know we will see the unit in a few days


i had the same evolution with froggers


are condos just big apartments


ive wondered the difference too i believe you cant own individual apartment units mom thinks otherwise but thats what it seems like to me each condo unit can have a different landlord


The difference between an "apartment" complex and condominium is purely legal. There is no way to differentiate a condominium from an apartment simply by looking at or visiting the building. What defines a condominium is the form of ownership. A building developed as a condominium (and sold in individual units to different owners) could actually be built at aNOTher location as an apartment building (the developers would retain ownership and rent individual units to different tenants).


prefer the pirate girl because shes a real meat and potatoes kinda gal the others are all putting on a dumb act


will never live in an apartment


the new place has a juliet balcony which kind of sucks because i need a legitimate balcony for my plants


legs are pulsating might need to pace


https://ped.fas.harvard.edu/ tardlaughing because norms are still puzzled by why epstein donated to this


left buttcheek is sore


paste ped


you rent apartments but own condos


you can own either individual apartments or the whole condo


wish japs werent soulless automatons and reacted to my emotes


they always react to mine maybe you should stop spamming


uh this was made by amazon


im NOT spamming they hate me i might to change my name


do you have a romanji name


no its in english


that explains a lot


bezos is a gamer


whats a cool kanji name i should use


gaijin gamer




nice simps in the comments


norms are pathetic


can see my comment


turned on noel to watch while eating but she just flipping ended it


hate firing up a nice stream to watch while eating that ends right as i get greasepaw


love bookmarking dozens of web pages on a topic hoping to learn something then getting bored and never opening them again after five minutes


same with pdfs vids infographic images you name it it just takes up space on my hard drive and never gets absorbed into my brain


File: 1598398815784.mp4 (1.3 MB, RGzWVPFAtdsN4AKO.mp4)


is eva still profiting off of dumb norms


wish i was him


noshing on some pizza


File: 1598399566197.png (95.25 KB, 240x240, 1598388911188.png)


havent jod today


wish nb just flipping forgived me


cant stop sneezing getting a headache


watching aris play beaver and crackhead



someone said nigger on asmons stream


that was me


maybe he will if you stop being obnoxious


hope i can go to sleep early tonight my real life starts tomorrow gonno start exercising again


dont wake up norm


die 61


ive been wishing for that but it hasnt happened yet


did my biceptual curls


need to get a neetcut badly


was thinkin about breaking out the clippers earlier


why bother in a few months it will be winter




NOThing better than fall and winter hima getting waku waku just thinking about it



paste tech shrek


hes basted


sigh he loved ltt


wish i could learn but i have the attention span of a gnat


im a gamer i game


File: 1598403682986.jpg (112.67 KB, 1280x720, maxressoy.jpg)


File: 1598403713479.webm (397.68 KB, 1280x720, 1592543709167.webm)


trying to sit through these exercise form videos but keep tabbing back to hima and the other sites i have open every 45 seconds


might crack later


bored of cracking gonno try to take some time off


took like two months off and cracked 4 drinks worth of four roses bourbon on saturday it pinched hard forgot why i liked alconorm


four roses is good stuff


its NOT the whiskey that pinched its the drinking of alcohol


what the flip


guys im on the episode of super where goku first fights jiren its as epic as i remember


esto es el fin jiren


might crack just one for old times sake then take a break


jod then microwaved some chicken noodle soup


guess i didnt drink that much this week this is my 25th 16ozer which is only like 33 beers but im starting to blimp out and i think it affects my sleep


love soup


wonder if the alconorm just owned me because i hadnt drank any in a while


i ate banana




might venture outside tomorrow to get an oreo blizzard




File: 1598408957546.png (87.79 KB, 199x250, 1598307410390.png)


cracked aNOTher its better to end on an even number anyway


a splash of jo to seal the deal





its no longer safe to go outside long enough to grab a burg


love clicking twitter links posted on himasugi.blog


File: 1598411425328.webm (424.93 KB, 1260x720, __shirakami_fubuki_shiranui_flare_and_tsunoma….webm)




wish i was sleep deprived so i could just start sleeping more and fix my life


crying goku turned ultra instinct


really teetering over the edge here dont know how much worse things are going to get but im sure as hell NOT going to be able to turn it around any time soon


what are you talking about things are fine


hes worried about the virus


the neet lifestyle is taking its toll my body and mind are in shambles even if i were to do a 180 im naturally a lazy tard and would always be one slip up away from regressing


fret NOT for we are one and the same


time to sign up for comcol


work your way up slowly


spermed but didnt even feel like it sigh


neetblog is an example we can all aspire to be


dont have the rugged good looks and blue collar work ethic he does


a chip off the old blog


File: 1598413706955.jpg (42.47 KB, 1569x257, 1598413044193.jpg)


really hope i never have to wake up and realize im 50 years old




woke up hiya drinkin some joe


walked the dog my new credit card came in the mail


File: 1598419424893.jpg (Spoiler Image, 429.39 KB, 1080x1920, mmexport1598419272263.jpg)

gf still hasnt menstruated might be the first hima dad


love how rena says kana two times


or first hima miscarriage


File: 1598420030690.mp4 (356.65 KB, 60b042390e6c58b63cea8de7af5549cd00febef90e39d9….mp4)


had a good post but its raid hours


ap full


think i have a cavity


went to the store got a box of wine and some sauerkraut


quality hitting hard these last couple date a live s3 episodes im trying to get through it


File: 1598427894122.jpg (208.51 KB, 893x1263, 83658316_p0.jpg)


stinky sweaty armpit girl


praying for nb hope hes okay


File: 1598431783208.jpg (549.43 KB, 1314x2000, EgQFWChVoAAscig.jpg)


theyre so elegant


File: 1598439320716.jpg (284.5 KB, 903x1120, EgRVEjPU4AU_wTy.jpg)



les normerables



viva la blog what will he do next


whatever the flip i want


imagine the last thing you see being a bunch of normphones


are they still rioting thought the norms got bored of that months ago


it got popular again
i dont even think they have a purpose anymore


woke up early but still dont have any energy or motivation only a few posts worth reading too this was my last resort its over




class in 10 minutes hima


please let this be a normal field trip


always used field trips as an excuse to stay home and game


once took a field trip to a mexican restaurant where we ate mexican food then went back to school it was supposed to be some sort of cultural experience or something but in hindsight it was laughably lazy of them as if none of us had ever had a taco i think tacos were even a school lunch item occasionally


File: 1598449690405.jpg (109.69 KB, 1080x854, 118379155_989075084853073_5574406981226436333_….jpg)


wheres boomer


rainwalking rn


that doesnt even look like a chad looks like your typical beardo


hes tall and has a beard thats all it takes


File: 1598451705896.png (92.22 KB, 433x551, 1598449214516.png)


left the zoom class when we got to the
4.) Icebreaker activity: get to know each other


its time to man up and log back in there


simply do the hima introduction im a gamer i game




simple as that


you know that would probably go over well in the current age


too avoidant shizoid for that


you must be fun at parties


die norm




File: 1598452764495.jpg (350.92 KB, 1080x1920, 1598388130617.jpg)


swamp donkey


do they make you keep a webcam on the whole time


File: 1598453563451.jpg (135.97 KB, 645x998, paolo.jpg)


really wish i could kill myself right now hima


love wasting my 6mg of xanax powerup to get through the introduce yourself level without losing all my continues


how do you get xanax


File: 1598453856185.jpg (299 KB, 642x998, let me show you how they do it in tokyo.jpg)




joined my second class hima and it automatically turned my webcam on without asking holy flip


hate school


dormnorm hours


use a uli loop as your cam


NOT in a dorm im in my bedroom


File: 1598455919626.jpg (27.27 KB, 460x499, 1598455693172.jpg)


feels good man


crying for you but you look young anyway one of the girls probably wants to date you if you looked like a real dishevelled mentally ill elderneet it would be different


all you have to do is get a nice haircut and a new pair of shoes


File: 1598456469726.png (417.59 KB, 680x680, 1598453062687.png)

5 replies to my post on the 4 saying i was funny and one posted this


love a good (you)


28 and tons of white hair already


that was me



its NOT your fault the norms tortured you


woke up spotted a few more grey hairs gonno have to start using hair dye by the time im in my late 30s wonder if its genetic or if its from the norms or raging or a combination


you cant just post streams that are ending


so nice






captchas and youtube are loading slow for me


day in the life of a yakuza member


feel sick hima the norms will never stop torturing me


File: 1598464540378.jpg (24.56 KB, 757x542, 490gwcjrd9j51.jpg)



its time to stand up


i just wasnt meant for this world my life will always be nonstop pain every second i open my eyes or leave my room


made some poor man pizzas


finished my classes for today hima now to stare at the glowing rectangle for aNOTher 10 hours and do NOThing


hope you guys arent feeling feverish


how can you allow the norms into your realm and be relaxed enough to post on hima and goro-goro


File: 1598465768226.png (2.13 MB, 1776x2485, 74dffcbe35dfaee4c238be7270820671.png)


just want to neet it up forever



got ceobe by accident meant to roll for saria


get saria from the shop


flip yea hima moms sending me too the store gonno get some good docs and some fastfood on the way back


only have 100 yellow tickets




youre killing yourself with all that soda


File: 1598469096065.png (52.34 KB, 584x285, 1598465090870.png)






mindblowing that if i was born with a vagina i could have thousands of simps sending me money and telling me they love me simply for existing


what the flip theyre literally making millions


paste coco snapping all of them


youtube takes 30% of the total hosexy ladyve corp takes 25% of that and then japanese income taxes takes 23%


how are they allowed to take so much


hes lying they get it all


played some minecraft clone in 2d for 7 hours yesterday


how much are they left with





no im NOT im countering the soda with water and pronamel toothpaste everything is balanced




dont forget the curaprox brush


cant leave the house even for a fast food dopamine rush



might become a laowhyner


looking at the green hair tag on danbooru i love them


File: 1598474757007.png (20.48 KB, 800x338, 1598469532082.png)


dont want to go to the normtist


just tired of everything cant enjoy anything unable to practice escapism anymore NOT an alpha male with smiling depression so cant end it cant take this hima


what are the onahole stats


feel so god damned awful like i slammed two or three pots of coffee just dont have the mental fortitude to exist


stop being sad and start being awesome


File: 1598475208233.png (221.86 KB, 455x708, __yuugumo_kantai_collection_drawn_by_yoru_nai_….png)


wish she was my gf


this is just what every day is going to be like forever except it can only get worse from here in the event that i have to get a job or leave the house or learn a skill or interact with others




dont kid yourself you wont interact with others


File: 1598475484444.jpg (3.77 MB, 2838x3690, __kochiya_sanae_touhou_drawn_by_kurowa_curowa_….jpg)

green hair forever


sigh bedivere
lancelot and gawain look really cool too sanzang is cute cant wait



love refusing to see a doctor or thepotato chef for anxiety and depression when mom asks me if id like to after ranting about how im anxious and depressed gonno pound a beer to get back to baseline



the medications are only like 1% more effective than placebo


i thought they changed your personality and let you live on autopilot


mom used to tell me i should go to the shrink a lot because she would and tell them about me and they would suggest i go



wish it wasnt this way hima


unable to compartmentalize its all or NOThing why cant i just relax until the next problem instead of always waiting for it


i need a brain transplant anything other than total isolation in my room is hellish



moms making chicken cutlets and fries


moms making fish


miss being a teen and skipping high school to tard out enjoying anime gaming and the 4 all day


mom said earlier i still have a middle school mentality because she thinks social anxiety is a preteen thing youre supposed to grow out of


speak english so mom pretends im socially capable but she knows its over


what else is there other than english


you know


finally home having a big coffee pogged out of my mind


ten desires


File: 1598480380135.jpg (31.24 KB, 345x142, sos.jpg)



mom needs to understand that for a 160iq neet their mind never stops they have seen NOT only the birth of the universe but the death they have experienced the beginning and the end they have walked beyond the plane of existence to experience a thousand life times worth of thoughts just taking a piss


hope they dont censor agravains speech


havent done me pushups yet today


love getting commendations as dps they recognize my power


shouldnt you be grinding your classes


grind my body into a red mist


damn good chicken



need to level a tank for the role quest but dont want to tank


got a weird scar in my eye after the surgery


AUGUST 31 AGENDA (via Zoom)
1.) Finish icebreaker

looks like ill be skipping monday


think ill just pull my tooth out instead of getting a filling


whats icebreaker


theyll fail you theyre control freaks


i literally had to drop out of high school because i skipped one of those days and the guy was going to force me to introduce myself 4 weeks late if i didnt want a 0/50 on my grade


you could probably get him fired these days for that


the norms wont rest until theyve humiliated us into roping


one more hour before the 2020 summer epilogue hope hima hasnt been slacking on their quests


simply give them a nice firm virtual handshake


hehe back in high school i kept getting the speech class taken off of my schedule at the start of each year and then eventually a couple of weeks into my last semester they told me i needed a speech class credit and put me in an online class


took two online classes in highschool and never did a single thing other than play quake


you were living the dream no one told me that if you kept neeting it up and doing NOThing throughout your twenties life would turn to hell


never had online classes in highschool because i graduated in 2007


nice hick


arrogant urbanite


we had the internet in 2007


had fax classes back in the day


File: 1598484339198.jpg (101.99 KB, 750x1070, 1598484067948.jpg)


the norms have gone too far this time hima im in crisis


what is it this time


they want me to suffer thats for sure


when do i get to meet a gf like this in comcol


just realized what comcol stands for die norm


how am i norm


sigh aris playing beavis and butthead


normis and normhead


just remembered there used to be a reality tv show called biggest loser


shes right manbaby


im praying nb is okay



guy at work smokes and drinks while playing magic hes also part of a book club and at the same time looks like an isis fighter hes practically a walking definition of dont judge a book by its cover






dont click girl voice


its still on


he sounds like a huge norm


love talking about school and work with my friends on himasugi dot blog


read 2 days ago that tourettes is like sneezing so every time i sneeze i think niggers now






are a hersheys bar


File: 1598490696513.jpg (290.17 KB, 1200x1200, 1598490514450.jpg)

first thing you see when you pull up to the hima mansion in 2021





its a raid



gamed hard gonno check to see if mom left any chicken out


mom made burgs too depressed to eat them


can i have one


splattered a spider against the flipping wall with my spider squisher it never stood a chance


would you like them frozen and couriered or delivered by helicopter


why dont you make a just make a spiderbox


what the hell is that




probably similar to when you cut the head off a fish and hang it over a water bucket to kill bees


leave em at the hima dead drop




File: 1598492885761.webm (397.68 KB, 1280x720, 1592543709167.webm)


life has become so busy


gotta keep up with the jones


i enjoy rewatching this one occasionally


love how flipped hima is now didnt think it could get much worse but i was proven wrong


whats wrong with hima


its just the spammer still steaming




woke up heya hima


what are we supposed to do theres nowhere else


wait for ota.gay


got 100 missions complete now for the challenge quest


already didnt post for a week it was great might try it again


going to snooze


love how when i was spending a childhood in walmart shoes everyone else on hima was big ballin at the mall having mom buy them fresh $200 js for school


hehe thats the first thing i thought of when i saw that .gay pic


why is haysuz only banned once a day


because hima is a garbage fire


tired of this arc waiting for the return of the nig


youll be waiting for over a decade


File: 1598497571085.webm (854.31 KB, 1280x720, im horny.webm)




only bussys use emojis


File: 1598497833392.jpg (120.82 KB, 490x490, Zach-Thornley.jpg)

my client wont be spending a single day in prison


cant believe that literal retard sean made it through law school


he was only pretending


put aNOTher cut of corned beef on the stove


File: 1598498229140.webm (2.7 MB, 1280x720, 1598493147531.webm)


sigh my balls are so sweaty


firing up some mahjong


File: 1598498743644.jpg (155.18 KB, 1980x1080, EdpNfuoU8AA_Rkf.jpg)


File: 1598499240090.webm (77.27 KB, 960x540, ban.webm)


did you post in your head


File: 1598499887997.jpg (1.23 MB, 1000x2000, __kiryuu_coco_hololive_drawn_by_piukute062__18….jpg)


no i posted on the other hima


screenstaring guess ill snooze


japs ignoring me again



realized moms normphone was recording me while i rambled to her might eat those burgs and eat away the sadness dont know if i can get in the zone to watch anime


shes going to put you on youtube


File: 1598501127478.png (1.93 MB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Re Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Se….png)

does this really work


only with witches


it was in sleep mode but it probably starts recording when it detects speech for the voice commands


where do i meet witches


try diagon alley


die foid


always schizopacebabble in front of devices while mom is away wonder if any of the cianigs have ever listened to me


love chatting with alexa