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hehe was thinking about that today would have these covering the windows and non essential doors at all time if i lived alone


love opening a window in the late evening of autumn


love looking outside the window and realizing its a different season


each floor of the mansion will have a single occupant that will be the boss of that level


the hungry fox starves staring at the bulls testicles


thought we agreed the twigs would get the upper floors and the fats would get the ground floor nearest to the kitchen


fats get the bottom floor but the kitchen is on the 5th


hope theres an elevator


ya but the weight limit is 180 pounds


luckly im 150


how about 180kg instead



flip you twigmog


die skipper



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File: 1595904664156.jpg (210.81 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


raging at the wheeled tanks


nice sheep


never mind guess that guy isnt a skipper just saw that vid in my recommended hours ago


nice flippin falseaccuser



been mistreated greatly at the hands of the norms






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phew finished building all the ikea furniture sweating up a storm here




sigh belmond is struggling to beat level 1 cpu he might have zero experience with smash


i spit on noobs


you must help them learn faster


he voicemogs me hard


he sounds like iskandar


only played smash 64 once at a neighbor kids house


did you get owned



played smash a few times just play kirby and fly up and do the down air only makes the norms rage


loved doing kirbys backwards grab on the edge and murder suiciding


love spamming the pika attack


someone murder suicide me


meant down b


you deserve to live


might be time to hop in the bath after all that work


i want to die today



gonno spam the report box with suicide NOTes


he loved that song


was a kirby main in melee




love getting a one life lead with dk and grab suiciding hehe


hate when the song pauses to show him having gay sex


love that part


should have been a poofter instead of a damn cel


thats my favorite part


they could have played it off as no big deal theres NOThing weird about sleeping in the same bed during a sleepover but i guess they wanted to force drama in the video


cant put one over on the old man so easily like you can mom youd know it if you had a dad


ban the dadmog immediately


i dont have one either


mom made extra fish and chips



never been cyberbullied


shower then anime time


listenin to sad songs and crying


been cyberbullied hard on hima


sigh mansion


mindblowing how almost all of the cyberbullying i suffered disappeared virtually overnight once a certain poster was arrested by a joint venture between the fbi and interpol




post the guy getting his soy face in the coffee


damn good bath temperature tonight hima damn good


File: 1595909159772.webm (1.91 MB, 640x358, 1574361396146.webm)


why are soys compelled to soyface


got a 12 hour day tomorrow hima security class in the morning then i gotta work just got back from the gym


blow that normshite off and take it easy instead


also got my check today


cant believe he fell for the neet security guard meme


got a long day of gaming ahead of me


its obviously network security




love a good cisco certification


ranted to mom about the usual feel bad having to tell her how bad things really are but i cant have her being tricked by people on television


dont worry shes ignoring your rambles


dont blackpill mom if you have to be miserable at least let her be happy


she has to know what the norms are capable of they arent like her or me


she is a norm




she was flipped by chad
if it flips its a norm


women cant be norm


moms a gamer she had an atari 2600


mom is less norm than the moms of most posters here and less norm than most of the posters themselves


owned the discordteens


dont talk about my mom like you know her norm


give mom the hima invite


cant wait to flip every himamom at the mansion


wonder what humanity will be like 1 million years from now


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