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by who


howd you know


how come japs are so much better at drawing furries than westnorms


because they have to write in squiggles


no no no dont look at it



im a kemono lover plain and simple


catboy kept snacking on bread next to me yesterday then he sent me a friend request his search info said hes looking for waifus


never had anyone talk to me or try to be my friend in eorzea



you have to put yourself out there


no they are supposed to approach me


tard out when people talk to me unexpectedly and then they never try again


are you playing a male character




why didnt they translate kawaii




why dont i ever see mel


how can she stream in this outfit


she does NOT stream


thats the female version of sweatpants and shirt


why would i wear sweatpants and a shirt when i can just wear underwear instead


why wear underwear when you can wear NOThing


so you dont rub pussy juice everywhere


need a pikatube stream now




shes NOT streaming today sorry


what else am i supposed to do


lets hit up some dungeons


fleshbiting and bleeding


might fire up the nachos


love nibbling the sideskin


just might jerk


love jerking this soft bone




hair feels heavy when wet wonder how all of those people that get weekly haircuts have been doing


wonder if theyll go be norms the minute they can get their hair cut then they all get sick and die of goronas



he loved that song


moms gonno make me get a haircut soon hope i dont get aNOTher pink haired plumper trying to make small talk and asking about my job


nice got my new laptop and installed clannad and a texthooker now im ready to learn japanese




love staring at my hideous blurry freakcel face in the mirror with my glasses off as a tattooed up highschool dropout that had her first pregnancy at 16 bounces her fat gut against my shoulder and wheezes


just cut your own hair you save money and dont have to interact with norms


dont want to mess it up and look tard


File: 1589429930199.mp4 (5.25 MB, 1562462778947.mp4)


that wont be a problem dont worry


yes it will i fell for the self cutting meme and thought i was high iq beating the system up until i realized i was butchering it and looking like a retarded gook


you dont understand


just ask mom to inspect it for you its that simple


oh flip im a gods damned tard pisss pisssss pissss pisss pissss


cant mess up the neetcut


glad i cant see myself while my glasses are off when im getting a haircut


neetcuts make you look like you just got out of the mental ward


its a matter of perspective


think that look suits my personality well


havent cut my hair in 2 years


File: 1589430508518.png (389.65 KB, 919x550, right.png)


File: 1589430648901.webm (11.2 MB, 640x360, 1586382621701.webm)


just spotted a drain fly sigh its that time of the year


4 years for me thinking about the sexy ladies that laughed at my hair tarding out in the wind when mom made me go to the hotdog place


no one cares about you or NOTiced you


phew sexy himagirls


they looked right at me and laughed


they didnt


stop gaslighting me


a liar lies


im sure they remember the cel with long hair they saw 4 years ago and laugh now


changed my pose


they dont


if they saw me now they would laugh again even if they dont remember


simply put it into a nice ponytail


they wouldnt NOTice you


then id look like the neckbeard guy


are you a fatso


the sexy ladies you went to school with are all fat single moms now


you already do


sort of


thread is reaching critical mass 20 posts left do NOT get left behind


NOT if i shave then i just look like a chubby manbaby


i cant handle this stress someone make a new thread


you cant be a fatso and have long hair it doesnt look good i even waited until i lost weight and became a twig to have it and i already cut it back because i became a fatso again thanks to corona


File: 1589431456562.jpg (94.04 KB, 960x720, Golden Corral.jpg)


hes just like me


they have big boobies and hairy kitties



remember when molester man was himako


File: 1589432351939.jpg (155.07 KB, 720x480, iamwarrior.jpg)


yakisoba time


die yakipost



nice 18 minute long video to answer a question that could be answered in 15 seconds


paste mechanical engineer


sore and bored


aNOTher snoozeless night flip this im cracking


thought it was the opposite having long hair makes you look less fat and having short hair makes you look obvious


im a balding fatso with long hair


bald fat 30 year old gamer cel


last post

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