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heck ya


love the guy that writes out all of the ingredients on what hes eating


File: 1588448881263.png (630.48 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Hamefura - 05 [720p].mkv-00.09.….png)


kirb looks so sexy gargling my sperm


hate spending an hour searching for the solution to a problem only to figure it out myself mid rage


paste humblebragger


NOThin brag it was simple


gaming hard hima



are you gaming a nice moba


got left behind


File: 1588450045564.webm (355.26 KB, 1280x720, scream.webm)



i dont play mobas everyone is angry


feel like book girls show jumped the shark with this orphanage arc


why should i watch that


having a big coffee


might fire up a nice big coffee myself


File: 1588451571518.jpg (203.54 KB, 1482x1378, __sonoda_umi_and_ohara_mari_love_live_and_1_mo….jpg)


i want to fuck her stupid hair loop


you need to take her back to the idol board


dont watch anime or game anymore just watch vtubers


i respect you




ugly man misleading thumbnail dont click


thanks almost was tempted


yuta is pasted


didnt click


crazy how id already intuited half of the stuff he says in that video my spirit really is japanese


we must return to our homeland



feeling dizzy and winded havent gone over 50 carbohydrates in a couple of days


squadrons are pasted once you level them up and get the +60% damage trait on everyone im blasting through these dungeons way faster than if i played with actual players hehe


having aNOTher coffee


your heart is in pain


coffee is good for you







wish to vivisect roa


i will protect her



how is she so flexible thought only kids could do that


shes cheating she took the leg trackers off


vtubers are norm


ars has ended her gaming session for the day




gonno gigglesquee


File: 1588460813813.jpg (1.17 MB, 1447x2047, __shima_rin_and_kagamihara_nadeshiko_yurucamp_….jpg)


oh fuck that's hot
*fap fap fap*


mom ordered za



File: 1588461551197.jpg (Spoiler Image, 315.23 KB, 1191x1123, EW7SaxzUwAEt6gj.jpg)




thats sick





why are you going there?


its a raid


dont care


havent seen that board in years its taken a weird turn


theres been no bans in weeks wonder if jan got rona



3 slices 5 wings and half a glass of pepsi im stuffed


we need numbers guy more than ever


File: 1588462865004.webm (661.69 KB, 1280x720, 1588459860145.webm)

sigh used to hear this every morning in the boles manor once he would wake up gran


hiya hima hows it hangin


File: 1588464613663.png (625.99 KB, 712x758, unknown.png)


ban sc2


should i take sc2norms stealing posts as a compliment or no


NOT gonno happen unless we migrate to aNOTher board


File: 1588464866822.webm (207.83 KB, 466x466, Hunter x Hunter #66 REACTION.webm)


why does he even bother trying with that hair


what do you mean






theyre NOT being stolen the same guy is posting them here and there


basted eric



thanks but how did you find out


we have spies keeping an eye on every known enemy of hima


File: 1588466230798.jpg (749.45 KB, 960x1280, 1588438004532.jpg)




ive seen thad posting on 4teen should i invite him to hima


why is gibara always ooging


get him onboard ill call it in


hed be the replacement for pnig


File: 1588466642464.webm (1.97 MB, 1280x720, chimpout.webm)

shes an ooger


File: 1588466687599.jpg (88.19 KB, 750x1334, v7iafgz0zaw41.jpg)


hate forced overreactions


wish my lawsons was having a dragon quest promotional event


File: 1588466877962.webm (3.8 MB, 1920x1080, 1588455897457.webm)


gamed all day and forgot to eat


two pounder lasagna is in the oven hima threw some cold ones in the freezer as well


hannas design is nice


File: 1588467245158.webm (679.68 KB, 292x220, cold one.webm)


could use a cold one





going to join the mtg club in the mansion but rage every time i lose so people will let me win


do kids even play card games anymore or do they make those sets exclusively for manbabies


only collected cards and watched others play


didnt shower today


what the hell i got it in my recommendations im NOT a scteen


could be having my hair cut by a nice gook gf right about now if i was one shade lighter instead im sitting in front of the rectangle trying to think of something to waste the night on


hes huge


she said xie xie thats a nasty fucking chink whore


paste rudy


die scvteen


discord teens and scv teens hima is done for


we need to outteen them


yeah i went to the thread that was linked here and clicked a video and that video was in the related ones


we need to ban neetblogs useragent to save hima



they found out about rudy from here


based hbt


just the way i like em


lasagne is ready hima whos crackin


ill pour some sweet tea


might pour myself a nice glass of vodka



File: 1588469846235.jpg (87.81 KB, 768x1024, 1588462426862m.jpg)


fubuki is too nice i think she must have a dark secret


gonno buy this account when he quits


thought he was 12 years old when he said touhousniper98


File: 1588470464097.png (19.14 KB, 913x135, Capture.PNG)

how come no one replies to my hima posts with job offers


the world wants you to stay a neet and will keep you down


cant even imagine having a job weird thinking that people will give you money to do things


its all a big farce



boss called me two weeks ago and told me to work from home and i said ok so ive been kind of working but NOT really but when i checked my bank account i never got paid for it i think i got owned hard


been watching rudy before scv existed norm


why is anal cheaper than vaginal shouldnt it be the other way around


she likes anal


no anal can easily be got from men so its low value


feel like watchin some 'me anything good this season


File: 1588471101550.mp3 (68.46 KB, 1493594543667-0.mp3)


appare ranman
houkago teibou nisshi




classic supply and demand




already read gleipnir guess ill watch appare ranman



gotta love pikamee


gonno vom


is that short for vomit


File: 1588471627819.webm (1.68 MB, 854x480, 1587942197187.webm)


File: 1588471687018.jpg (139.69 KB, 848x1200, EW-jV9MVcAAWFbS.jpg)


post noels irl boobs


gonno watch


hate that norm


dangerously gassy


File: 1588471946756.jpg (153.22 KB, 1280x720, kamehame.jpg)


based turtles


sigh shes just like me


which one is her native language her english seems worse


shes a gamer


wish i was a gamer


never tried milk pizza before


love curdled milk pizza




File: 1588472377813.webm (2.8 MB, 1280x720, 1586560032234.webm)


sup norms


File: 1588472426977.mp4 (4.14 MB, 1585520857586.mp4)


File: 1588472502742.webm (225.13 KB, 526x622, 1584667882933.webm)


i knew the ripper when he was just a nipper


pizza girls eyes are too low on her head



pity female youtube personality worshipers


go back



File: 1588472810516.mp4 (7.72 MB, 5vxutv.mp4)



stupid teen go back to discord



gonno burn my throat with poisonwater then snooze


love when the chat has NOThing but english


makes me turn them off


moms bringing wendys


sigh could go for a nice baconator or two


last time i went they cancelled the 2 for 5 sigh it was too good of a deal to last forever


my item on ebay has an offer is it safe to send mom to the post office





my white mage is now level 44


you should heal the tanker


now that ive graduated from teenhood i will spend all day watching and talking about female youtube personalities


how about dying instead


nah you die chink


white mages are norms


racism is NOT welcome here


NOThing norm about being a selfless healer


only foids play healers


a crack fiend and a gyaru they make a good pair


started playing healer when i realized girls sucked at it and there is a lot more than just clicking the heal button



sigh they only have 1000 views thats sad


we should buy them views


love healing with the ole ps4 controller


bed time the raiders will forget about hima in the morning


theyve been here for months so its unlikely


more like over 2 years


sigh one of the raiders just reposted my webm over there



you have to stop posting it now


dont think im man enough to handle a woman of this size


crying for that webm


feelin sleepy


File: 1588475072407.webm (3.39 MB, 1920x1080, feet pics.webm)


why was she so unusually freaked out by feet pics


who cares


whats your problem neetblog




considering raging


rage is never the answer


that wasnt her freaking out she was actually taking a moment to seriously consider moving into that space but she had to gauge the reaction of the chat first


File: 1588475620844.jpg (Spoiler Image, 109.72 KB, 1200x844, EXBvYYbU8AAXTeA.jpg)




isnt it your own fault for being a vtubernorm when vtubernorms in vtubernorm general enjoy your stuff




wonder if foot fetishes existed before the internet


dont understand the rager


there must always be a rager


used to despise feet but i can appreciate them now specially sexy ladyfeet


anyone else have a nice tummy fetish


wish i was her


uh you mean him right why would you want to be a woman


your back would hurt


playing healer is NOT manly simple as that a man should be the tank and failing that dps but you can be the healer as long as you are guild leader and lead the raid


the guild leader must be a tank


tanking is more boring than wallstaring healing is the most challenging role i need a challenge


wasnt me


guild leader should ideally be the tank but if you are guild leader you have an excuse for being any role your guild leader authority overrides any deficit there


fire up the plumperpass


do i have what it takes to lead


NOT if you have schizoid personality disorder


i like healing too whats wrong with that


NOThing wrong with it just a little bit gay


its NOT as gay if you heal as a scholar


File: 1588477161794.png (454.52 KB, 512x875, 1588297780083.png)

NOT that kind of tummy i mean one like this


if you heal you probably have sex with little boys too NOT that theres anything wrong with that


boring she needs some meat on those bones


post her oni feet


File: 1588477298600.png (60.39 KB, 400x240, capture-147834347D001DDC8E0-thumb400.png)

dont thinks this is me im NOT I im NOT really R they just seem too hard and doomed to fail im NOT S jo all the time im NOT A enjoy posting im NOT E just dont know how to express myself proerpyl im only S and F


would rather be a cel chad than an ugly norm that got lucky once or twice


File: 1588477401797.jpg (87.54 KB, 1080x610, e3ac0fbcda93f475b5eb255279df5a2c.jpg)

ya thats more like it


at least if im a cel i dont have to put up with a foid rejecting me or cheating on me eventually and those are the only possibilities


File: 1588477480218.webm (1.67 MB, 678x308, scholar.webm)


whys being an avoidant schizoid considered a mental disorder and being a tranny freak chopping your dick off is perfectly normal



cant disagree with that it goes from chad to cel tank subtank melee dps ranged dps and support and healers are reserved to girls


cant trust a girl to heal me cant trust a girl with my life in general


being a tranny freak isnt considered normal its a diagnosis the problem is that due to politics they say cutting off your dick is an effective treatment which is just embracing the delusion rather than removing it


File: 1588477624865.jpg (559.3 KB, 707x1000, Berserker.(Ibaraki-douji).full.2225556.jpg)


you can trust a girl to heal you they even think they can heal serial killers


cant decide if hamefura is supposed to be a girl show or NOT


im defiantly NOT indifferent to criticism if anything it makes me want to disappear and ill remember it even a decade later


how do i achieve this form


would NOT feel comfortable around those sharp toenails


whys he wearing jello on his head




they might break


File: 1588477907210.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.2 MB, 1571x2191, ibaraki.jpg)

naturalton fixed her feet


everything in that picture is achievable but there is no going back


gaming hard


fire up that fruits basket


moms coughing and saying she feels sick


i am prepared to leave humanity behind


crying for mom


chinks owned mom


we will save you from becoming ibaraki


whats the diagnosis when you dont love mom


single mother syndrome


File: 1588478229954.webm (155.13 KB, 711x400, vile.webm)


prefer the claws


dont feel comfortable being healed by a man


only a man could guarantee you wont wipe


never experienced the warm embrace of a man


would you want your healer to be a big bear like man or a cute man


mindblowing that women are humans and yet they want to be flipped by men


dont think they actually do they dont have a libido


would prefer it to be a man playing a sexy female character


NOT men
just chads


hard to imagine thats theres a whole subspecies of human that wants to be snapped by big hairy men


men are the subspecies were all women in the womb


uh both are subspecies


of what





im a gamer


boutta vom


would rather watch nice ds2


hate games


whats to hate


hehe shes playing online lets invade her


whats NOT to hate


the rolling barrel got her


mindshattering that we procreate by stabbing humans with a meat rod and then splurting some white goo inside its like we are aliens


yeah... "we"


firing up my giant dad twink


File: 1588480547825.jpg (123 KB, 894x1200, Dd-J18zVAAA1f5e.jpg)


fake smile shes NOT smiling with her eyes


gross epicanthic foidal tape


you cant say that



die darkie


should have been born a bishie like sesshomaru


File: 1588480883571.webm (2.77 MB, 1280x720, 1588477050423.webm)


File: 1588480890051.jpg (96.99 KB, 1080x608, EBV0up3U4AAlOeh.jpg)

deadpan face just like me


1000 chad stare


any manga recs


File: 1588480921022.jpg (861.21 KB, 849x1200, 73278637_p0.jpg)


do you think a fairy would mind a micropenis


mindblowing she says taberaru for it


didnt you watch ishuzoku reviewers


nice oogshow




no why


nice lucky sugar dragon


sigh want kebab but all ive got is this 100 dollar jbhifi gift card


says taberaru for what


that topic gets covered in the show


never seen a kebab store in my life


you know


gth kebabeye


what was the answer


mom brought mcds instead of wendys


fairies like small dicks if your dick is too big you have to flip a plumper fairy or you cant flip one at all


mcds is better


never had wendys


raging at mom for getting regular mountain dew when i said baja blast



cursed with manboobs


hate tiktok even more than twitter





how small
im pretty small


File: 1588481665471.gif (704.91 KB, 400x838, 1588292721365.gif)


have to say i defiantly do NOT miss the ped meme



youll be fine


wish to fuck this girl


you arent allowed to


too late i already creamed her


pikamee killed the asylum demon


when are we roping again


why is cheating and playing without armor


shes pissing now


File: 1588482612243.webm (4.27 MB, 960x540, Matsuri cheers.webm)


really like matsuris tummy


die ped


god i wish i could drink her piss


itd taste gross youd spit it out




wonder if ill ever be compensated for all of this suffering


the monthly $1000 is coming soon


found a sesame seed in my pubes



getting my daily dose


boys will be boys


sigh never got any manga recs


im reading hitsuji no uta


fire up kimi ni aisarete itakatta


big bakaudon fan


why would you settle for still black and white images when you can have colored animation with music


File: 1588484457987.png (537.61 KB, 567x800, __aloe_ishuzoku_reviewers_drawn_by_muutsuki__c….png)

what about this one


thats a good one


shes a whore you dont want her


no tattoos


whats the male equivalent of a womb tattoo


dont understand how every vtuber can be an ooging pedonorm despite being female it doesnt make are they just namedropping doujin they think will make their creep audience donate more or what




girls can have hobbies too


it makes them more relateable


there is none because males arent expected to be pure theres no risk for women that their children might NOT belong to them


wish i wasnt too intelligent to fall for vtubers or gacha scams or whatever else life is so bland how does the freak do it


what are you talking about i dont play fgo or watch vtuber


reread the post freak


wish i wasnt too intelligent to comprehend hima posts anymore


wish freak would play a nice gacha game it would make him more relatable


i did seems to imply that im either stupid or able to twist myself into falling for those things despite being intelligent enough NOT to


hardly even realize it when i post im barely conscious


just realized that ive never really related with anyone that wasnt some fictional character from a teen manga


why do you think that is


weird that i never wished i was someone else


because i am the protagonist


who can relate


File: 1588485241983.png (2.16 MB, 1800x1280, x5.png)


temperature is 98.8 its over


mindblowing that other peoples lives revolve all around them and they have to live with themselves at all times


dislike when the esp starts kicking in and i pick up vague sensations from their lives


wish i was born with the gamer gene


never asked for this


File: 1588486669903.png (9.37 KB, 300x80, c913eb4124427e6422077cee0032d0f0.png)



paste refinedpalateblob


gotta love gloomyblog


hate how all my farts get redirected to my face because im lying down with a fan pointed at my feet


simply wear carbon filter pants


do those work


of course they do what makes you think we can filter poisonous gas but NOT a mere fart


met up with nb at a small cafe on the outskirts of the city
he expanded on his nihilistic views in between sips of a turkish coffee
after we left i offered him a chunghwa and after a long sorrowful draw he spoke of the futility of life in the universe


you clearly have NOT sniffed my farts before theyre quite deadly


miss the old jolly nb


had a good idea for a stream


File: 1588488247543.png (453.22 KB, 1280x720, girl 2.png)


arms too thin


thought that was lightning from the thumbnail


okay now model her big breast


turkish coffee pinches hard


didnt think it was possible for 2020 to be worse than 2019 but here we are dont think i want this trend to continue


hehe pikamee got invaded


2020 owns the norms are getting steamed by coronavirus and turning on the chinks


what happened bad in 2019 dont remember anything meanwhile 2020 changes the paradigm on working from home forever


the last 7 years have been a blur NOT even sure what happened since 2013


we need to hop back over to the 2007 worldline soon


File: 1588489799910.webm (2.62 MB, 1280x720, 1566468629857.webm)


pikamee killed the taurus demon


weird how animals dont give two flips about being shat on


what if they are right and we are wrong


never been wrong in my life


what if i want a whore gf it suits how shite my life is


only thing worse than being cel is having a gf who cheats


what if shes just a flipbuddy


they are right


how do i get rid of stretch marks


with i was an otabro who explodes with enough joy to last me the entire month whenever i hear something new about love live


my stretch marks from when i bloated up in 2015 are basically skin color now but the bumps are still there


gotta respect henri




File: 1588492181346.jpg (95.67 KB, 1080x1080, 47690053.jpg)


manlet anderson btfo


dropped my burrito


keep falling asleep later each night


same my biological clock is 26 hours




i game


File: 1588494991835.jpg (232.78 KB, 950x1024, 1588493116785.jpg)


voting biden to set pnig free


took a power nap


do i watch pekora play mgs or pikamee play dark souls


need a second monitor for tubers


sigh need both on at once


should i tell doc i watch vtubers


docs should use vtuber avatars during remote sessions it will relax their patients during these difficult times


File: 1588498805779.jpg (369.74 KB, 1908x1146, 1588452708354.jpg)

Spark from pressure gauge caused University of Hawaii explosion, fire department says
Postdoc Thea Ekins-Coward, who lost an arm in the incident, was using a gauge NOT specified for work with flammable gases


hate when that happens



this is nokias revenge for NOT selling enough ngauges


File: 1588505940853.jpg (131.04 KB, 726x435, EXFvJvzVAAE1kQO.jpg)


gonno jo


woke up and spermed to sexy ladies gonno pour a tall glass of sugarwater and game


mom asked me to wake up early today and im still up shes gonno rage hard think i should just stay up


chug some caffeine


tell her the truth maybe shell go easy on you


mom always told me if i told the truth she wouldnt be angry but raged every time i did giving me a reason to lie constantly


whys the comments ooging over the pits


maybe i can stay up and say i slept and then nap at 1 and she wont NOTice


feelin that sunday night nostalgia for my neet days


hate how touhou made norms want to pretend to get off to armpits


File: 1588514746474.jpg (697.26 KB, 900x1200, __misaka_mikoto_to_aru_majutsu_no_index_and_1_….jpg)


sigh if i was smart i would be stocking up now for the second wave


the chinks knew this would happen


thats pretty bad art of her


time to snoozey


gpu arrived at my local distribution center


nice now you just have to wait until the quarantine ends for it to arrive


no the essential workers will hand deliver it


youll wish youd spent that money on canned tuna pretty soon


they are nice pits


you can only eat two cans of tuna per week


canned tuna is a pretty bad choice for a survival food its basically 100% protein


we need to secure a boat and supplies before its too late hima


heard a fox doing that screaming noise last night i wonder if it was senko looking for me


i think therefore i jo


File: 1588519387067.jpg (2.63 MB, 3115x3853, Iceland-1979445_(cropped_3).jpg)


jod now i snooze


make a political compass with pictures like that


politics are like team based sports


cat got on the roof


youre supposed to be living in a low rent apartment like the rest of the losers why do you have a roof


wish i was norm enough to live in an apartment


intimidated by trannies


it is ma'am


sigh fell asleep while watching pikamee play dark souls


just realized how hard black people have it in america literally crying who do i make the reparations check out to


k boles


was making a smug reply to a guy and he closed his browser by the time i made it and now hes NOT replying sigh


hate when i make a funny hima post and no one reacts



uh oh vteens


canNOT believe she played for almost 8 hours


sigh wish a vtuber knew me by name


thats pretty much every stream viewers dream


wonder what goes on in the mind of a donator the dopamine rush after a nice $100 donation must be unimaginable


give me $100 and find out


are you a cute girl




then stream and ill superchat $100


already donated my entire stimulus check to various vtubers


what did that feel like


i got a bone


canNOT believe donator isnt a real word and its actually donor think i just got mandella effected


File: 1588523429691.mp4 (4.49 MB, tourettes.mp4)


why does she hang out with those guys


theyre her top wks


strong urge to bow


File: 1588524598616.png (623.14 KB, 680x960, 81272981_p0.png)

love japanese game shows


File: 1588524820419.png (Spoiler Image, 50.06 KB, 377x188, 2b6a561a5787776c340a0cd29bb7daa4.png)


weird censoring


File: 1588525002091.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 591.01 KB, 750x816, 1588523640567.jpeg)

hope malguy is alright


too smart to watch any anime made after 2012


thought the chimp was gonno solve it


no point in watching anime when vtubers exist


cant believe freak was the founder of the japan puzzle ring association


a great injustice was done onto malguy he didnt deserve it


flip that teen and flip you


crying for him


bought some nice turnip puts


youre spending your time investing in the turnip economy when the real economy is about to collapse


NOThing will change for me


cracked one too many blogs last night hima


File: 1588528829158.jpg (1.65 MB, 1340x2000, 75013766_p0.jpg)




her butt is too fat


low t post


high teen post


juicy little fox


wonder what the internet wouldve been like if it was invented 100 years earlier


woke up having a coffee


that was called the telegram network


im a gamer i game i game i game i game im gamefaewfa


good morning nb


bought 130k worth of turnips i have 200k in savings should i take that out and get more so far ive lost on the stalk market every time


all in



the animal crossie joke is old nobody on hima plays crossing


just topped my shite record at 4 seconds


any tips


how are you measuring the time


ass has gotten really hairy but i cant shave it because moms home all the time




why would you shave your ass what the flip is wrong with you


always shave the pubes and ass hair in the same session as when i shave my head so mom does NOT suspect a thing


its a hygiene thing


shaved the bhole area once regretted it once the sandpaper grew in


owned bholeshave


what the hell i just didnt want dingleberries



never experienced those issues might just be that guy is a fatass



NOThing wrong with a doubletrim


moms still crying


she needs a deep dicking



thats a child


a sexy one


File: 1588534122904.png (429.88 KB, 510x715, 80177680_p3.png)


File: 1588534150690.png (2.2 MB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Yesterday wo Utatte - 05 [1080p….png)

wish i had a cold one


sigh choked and spat up energy drink all over my gods damned pc


File: 1588534616615.jpg (52.13 KB, 1200x675, EXHYm59WkAI_5Ug.jpg)


getting my days mixed up worse than before since mom is home every day


what do you need energy for




hate gamers


love gaming


im gamer


how do we get rid of the gamers


gamers dont die they simply respawn





need a cool name for my new ff14 character


File: 1588535624273.png (1.41 MB, 2150x3035, 77278121_p0.png)

need a gf like this


discordicus blogicus


dont see any girls in that pic


having a big coffee


wish i could game


File: 1588536432452.jpg (188.34 KB, 1200x1412, 19783612.75500001_Rin scale.jpg)




ripped a real stinky one




smell is the second most norm sense behind touch


pretty good ep of gleipnir


ive got that tard 5 feel


File: 1588538640043.jpg (1.26 MB, 1040x1664, 1588538573249.jpg)


now thats a spread i can get behind


File: 1588538848215.webm (1.97 MB, 1280x720, chimpout.webm)


hate vfoids and hate vfoid worshipers but i do like when she says maji


please turt stop the futateens from spamming


wish to feel 4 usually feel a light 8 or 6


File: 1588539441008.jpg (1.63 MB, 1500x2096, 81255928_p0.jpg)

how many copies will it be sir


chad can see it for free


so can pirates


you cant say that to their faces


cant believe comiket is cancelled this year


spermed way too hard last night gonno need to take a sperm break


downloading warzone


youre supposed to be pumping that sperm into foids


shooting blanks


how come girls like ars and lulu can do 12+ hour gaming seshes easily and i cant even manage 1 hour without going back to himastaring


theyre getting paid


theyre gamers


this gods damned game really is 100 gb huh


why do you want to play that teen game anyway


hes a teen


aris likes it


File: 1588541792525.webm (6.05 MB, 1280x720, one shot.webm)


aris makes money playing it


dont understand male streamer watchers


theyre queers


flip off simp


File: 1588541964743.gif (1.36 MB, 250x194, 1550888725830.gif)


guess theyre better to game vicariously through if thats your goal


theyre my friends




gpu is at the distribution center hima should be here tomorrow


is it the same one as your old one




you cant get a gpu you wont have anything to post about if you do


should have gotten the same one then you could repackage the busted one and sent it back for a full refund


thats unethical and they have different serial numbers


they dont check and amazon is already unethical so its fine to cheat them


how are they unethical


wonder how amazon gets away with paying 0% in taxes


the government lets them thats how


they dont pay 0% in taxes idiot


why wont they let me


you already pay 0% in taxes


wonder how amazon gets away with paying 1% in taxes


you arent rich




stop that


you dont just stop nailbiting


they paid 0 in federal corporate income tax because they were running at a loss for years but paid $2.6b in corporate tax and $3.4b in tax expense and then the employees pay income tax and the property taxes and building taxes





File: 1588543167935.jpg (4.21 MB, 2480x3496, 61543071_p0.jpg)


weirdly drawn



hate miko


shes an otaku




she is


wish i could hate women but i was born with the worshipper gene


you were born with the failednorm gene


gotta love a miko peko collab


File: 1588544150696.webm (4.58 MB, 845x720, mama.webm)


screaming got something caught in my eye


File: 1588544212133.jpg (421.46 KB, 720x4100, oog.jpg)




File: 1588544415201.webm (743.25 KB, 960x540, animal noises.webm)



mom bought hot fudge sundaes







hehe baste chinklets


that poor angel i vow never to post that image again


posted that image here relatively recently hehe


think i have bell clapper deformity



whats that


howd that chimp win miss japan


gonno buy two tatami mats and put a small table on them and sit and post on hima


the ones who worship the six pointed star


File: 1588545375434.mp4 (2.01 MB, _るるすりーでぃー_おひろめするる_鈴原るる_にじさん 2m0.6s - 2m24.8s (….mp4)


my testicles arent attached to the sack


lulu is just like me


File: 1588545542996.jpg (Spoiler Image, 96.99 KB, 1080x608, 1588480890051.jpg)


File: 1588545574943.mp4 (2.06 MB, 1587345158315.mp4)


wonder when the first hima will die from a heart attack


NOT me


do cardio every day


probably me i eat NOThin but fries and chicken tendies every day for the past 8 years and never move or do any chores




paste kim jong un is alive hima


throw a burg or two in there some hot dogs and the pizza and top it off with energy drinks and blogs and long hours gaming heck ya thats the life


tempted to buy normhun again even though i just refunded it


you should theres a whole new world for you to explore just waiting


its NOT like its going to be cheaper 20 dollars is the lowest it will probably go


File: 1588546297145.jpg (145.26 KB, 1323x1068, EXGawM1UcAEuMq-.jpg)


maybe it will go down to 14.99 in 2025


something sinister being implied here i just know it


i dont get it


raged hard i mean hard


should i have a bath or game


eating some chicken wings


seki fire up the scott filter


bath and then game


bath or game bath or game bath or game


just put your psp in a plastic bag and do both


you have to wait until midnight to shower


File: 1588546828413.jpg (265.06 KB, 900x1200, EXEaajaUcAAhjlB.jpg)




drawing a bath now i repeat the water flows



ride em cowgirl


wheres her penis


no penis sorry


why did they make their sexy lady bitch so sexy if it wasnt made to entice peds


thad asked the same question


File: 1588547205866.mp4 (4.14 MB, 1585520857586.mp4)


love sexy ladies love gaming love gamersexy ladies


simple as that


File: 1588547400366.webm (705.65 KB, 1280x720, 1522117678624.webm)




the shishou girl


theres a pubic hair on her face


could just be her mustache


cant believe they made her eat pubes the bastards


wendys ran out of patties no triple no double NOT even a single this truly is the end now





get a nice frostie and some tenders



cool it with the spam vteen



back to discord


we know skipper


die scvteen


NOT a skipper did someone post about it must have unconsciouslyskipped


hes NOT alive this is the third impersonator


when is the next season of ai mai mi coming out


never found out how 3d chess works if its a 2d game


pnigs gonno stream the next ai mai mi


its simple the moves in 2d become 3d


pnigs gonno stream blood from his shank wounds in federal prison


File: 1588549115435.webm (288.82 KB, 426x240, ok.webm)


nah hes black hell take it easy like thad


File: 1588549338435.jpg (210.63 KB, 1440x1350, boobe.jpg)


fire up those boobhus


oh flip


that guy asked you nicely NOT to post those




having an attack


feasted hard


File: 1588550450761.jpg (134.73 KB, 1200x900, EXDfyBdUMAAWv4i.jpg)




he jbw maxed


one chicken tender sub is enough to feed me for the whole day


thats impossible


just imploded some fatneets brains with that one


enter an uncontrollable rage when mom clinks her spoon on her cereal bowl


you got owned by mom


might steal her wine as revenge


hate when she scsnaps her fork against her bowl makes my teeth hurt




it just does


how should i know


think youre lying thats nonsense


NOThin lie


dont do it


the liar has been exposed


how should we punish him



48 hours of wallstaring without sleeping or blinking



wonder if anyone watched the entire shrek webm


File: 1588553623605.jpg (104.83 KB, 640x1041, 5bvk8tmztgw41.jpg)


already spermed today if i did NOT that pic would be my next target


watch every embed and webm that gets posted


pasted liar


cant believe he would lie after just being exposde


im no liar im the gods damned neetblog


are people really able to sperm to one pic i need dozens and then some doujinshi or vids or cg takes me at least a couple of hours


pasted multiooger


your dopamine receptors are completely fried


joing is boring so i get it over with as quick as possible


cracked some scotch hb


enjoy edging but cant do it more than an hour or two or i get a dribblesperm


i have to do the same


how do you NOT get bored staring at a rectangle fumbling around with your penis for a hour or two


wonder where the circumcised lubejo meme came from never had to use lube while joing and im circumcised maybe because i have soft girly hands


by looking at different pictures and screwing around with mmd midjo


takes too much time so i try to jo only three times a week but when i do those two to four hours go by in a flash


woke up hiya


Today's lucky item: …………………………………………..
………………………………………….. Brush.


vibrating hard


had a vibrationrage earlier


mindblowing that wii remotes caused millions of sexy ladies to jo


paste kohaku


dont forget to shower brush read highlight and fire up the espresso machine


File: 1588555140004.jpg (253.58 KB, 1200x811, s1200.jpg)

should have been a desert traveler


do they fly on those


good idea need some joe


what should i name my chocobo


name it neetblog in my honor


im awful at naming things sorry




boles is safely behind bars but his familiars are still at large


need to shit but moms washing the dogs right next to the outhouse


time to whip out the chamberpot


raunchy burnfarts tonight hima


phew sexy little 9 year old baby want to flip that baby snap that baby


die bolenig


time to jerk it to kids


gonno bleach rinse my water bottle


whenever anime girls have someone over they make tea for them and give them treats


File: 1588557570306.webm (3.6 MB, 1280x720, 1556674875026.webm)


you honor me with your hot leaf water


never clicked a senko webm


File: 1588557677976.gif (1.93 MB, 600x350, 1568039134995.gif)


ate a bunch of different food but im still feeling empty inside i need a flipping steak sigh


die meat eater


File: 1588557815627.png (1.28 MB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Jashin-chan Dropkick S2 - 07 [7….png)

poor japs pay almost four dollars for three apples


dont they have native fuji apples they should be cheaper


sigh at this rate ill never be a japanese apple farmer living on my orchard in the backcountry





got myself a bunch of fuji apples the other day


facial hair is grossly long cant decide if i should cut it off or keep going


do as a gamer would


sigh only have four eps of jashin-chan left



stop posting that roast


havent watched seasonal anime since winter 2018


shes no pikamee thats for sure


damn good game breath of the wild


breath of the norms


no good zelda ever since majoras mask now that was a good game


fedoras mask


File: 1588559418888.jpg (26.53 KB, 640x360, The-Legend-of-Zelda-large-725.jpg)

used to make mom beat the dark nuts for me because they were too scary


went full soyface when i saw the teaser for breath of the wild 2


based gamermom


shouldnt muslims be far less violent because they dont drink normohol



nah wind waker is a masterpiece


ankimo ankimo ankimo ankimo ankimo


hate short foids because all i can think about is how over it would be for them if they didnt win the sex lottery


penths animations are so great


shes NOT a gamer


wine brings peace


ordered a cow brush for neetblog hope he likes it




damn good neetblog


miss the sensation of fullness


wish i had a burg right now


need to be filled up


that sounds perverted dont say it like that


sigh no one i want to watch is on





any trannies streaming




pikamee is on were saved





remember the first embed on hima being a crocodile vid NOT sure which one


yeah i posed it


miss 2015 hima


falling in love with pikamee


it might have been you i remember i tarded out and couldnt figure out how to embed vids and someone embedded the link i posted for me




if someone from 2015 hima time traveled and posted on 2020 hima theyd get called a raider and banned


is the cinderella girls anime any good


cant believe the norms stole gachimuchi


pikamee is gonno skip dark souls 2 hehe




the only people that like 2 are contrarinorms




damn good game ds2


you cant say that


it has a unique aesthetic and feels the most like a long journey ill never forget my time in dragleic


holy flip pikamee kills noobs


think im the only one on hima that hasnt played dark souls sigh


why havent you


bought it on steam a long time ago and raged at games for windows and my third party controller wasnt working with it well and i gave up
have a true ps4 controller now but i dont like video games anymore


pikamee is nice but i like monoe too


youre supposed to play with kb+m


does it work well thought it was controller only


played through 1 2 3 and sekiro plus dlcs with kbm and NOThing else its great


how do you play souls games with kbm


look around with your mouse move with wasd attack with m1 block with m2 parry with tab use item with e roll run and jump with space change weapons with z and x change spells with scroll up and items with scroll down secondary moves on shift




cant remember that many buttons i need a controller


sent some flowers




thinkin about jashin chans snake pussy


youre a freak


never played a souls game never will




good choice


sigh eorzea


good choice


good choice


its a spam


sigh eorzea


she has no pussy
just a cloaca


sexy jashin chans little snake pussy


took a snooze pill


wine time


to my family


File: 1588565878893.jpg (192.97 KB, 1200x1200, EXJUavVUEAA2F10.jpg)


my recommendations are filling up with this vteen garbage


uh stop clicking them then


i may hate vfoids and vfoid worshipers but im no skipper




cummed my pants sigh



freak has already moved on to designing his own small scale quantum rigs


scared to have internet problems id have to wait weeks or even over a month for the internet guy to arrive if i ever get infected with gorona thered be NOThing to do but wallstare and cough


i havent


the gods damned goronas


want to stuff myself with dead things


installed a dps meter for ff14


only need heal meters im a healer


too dumb to raid



thats against the rules


i game


NOT against the rules to have one only against the rules to tell noobs their damage is low


closed xiv


shall i make popcorn


no carbs




were going to look badass as we walk out on the beach this summer with abs


im NOT a norm no thanks


File: 1588568639336.png (2.71 MB, 1500x2244, 1588547655041.png)


NOThin norm about a ripped 6 pack


if i cant eat popcorn can i eat a granny smith apple


cant become thin living with mom shes a toxic influence on my eating habits


theres NOThing wrong with good eatin


hungry but i must NOT eat


was going to boil up some popcorn myself


you need to fast to obtain enlightenment


eating a apple


you fool
apples are sugarballs


played a couple matches of warzone pretty fun actually impressed by the games options menu really thorough and the stock settings were pretty good too




ate 6 peperonies half a frozen lasagna 4 banana chocolate chip granola bars 100 grams of gyspy salami 1 apple 1 cup of soup 200 grams of cottage cheese and a can of coke


poor penmanship


nice manbaby


whats manbaby about that


File: 1588569534685.jpg (705.58 KB, 2000x1592, 038N09781_9HFWS.jpg)

wish i lived in a truck stop town with burgers next door


wonder how many dumb weebs on this site did that thing they do in anime where they cut the bag open so all of the crisps are on display




second that ban remove this gods damned teen


ok that makes two so far



dont post deadtubers


why are they dead


they havent posted a video since 2018






wont be much longer till we start dropping like flies hope im near the front of the pack


you mean because of corona


age and bad lifestyles


might fire up a nice stygian shower and try to beat out the snooze pills hima


once the first goes everyone will follow in quick succession


what pill


its my proprietary formula for hard reseting a gamer sleep schedule


do you want to share


just farted hard


buy it and stream love a blind ds run


cant remember the last stream its been too long




was gonno stream 999 until it took me an hour to beat the first puzzle dont want people making fun of me


remember the maid manbaby
i found him


Take three spoonfuls of the gall of a barrow swyne and for a woman of a gylte, three spoonfuls of hemlock juice, three spoonfuls of ye wild neep, three spoonfuls of letuce, three spoonfuls of pape, three spoonfuls of henbane, and three spoonfuls of eysyl and mix them all together and boil them a little and put them in a glass vessel well stopped and put thereof three spoonfuls into a potel of good wine and mix it well together.


that isnt even english



wonder if i would have gotten to huff glue if i had friends when i was a teen


time to fire up the gasoline


used to put glue all over my hands and peel it off like dead skin hehe



any good legal neet chemicals


they are NOT dead


next time can you stream



dont think my pc can handle that sorry


why did he film that


sigh wanna game but my vision is getting blurry and the room is spinning im being forced to sleep


why is that happening


no point in hima streams now nobody can compete with the vtubers





about time i hit the hay long day gaming today hima


moms making spaghetti tomorrow cant wait


spaghetti noob


moms goign to make burritos for breakfast


File: 1588576415737.webm (1.9 MB, 1067x600, d.webm)


no father figure sigh


they arent important


NOT having a father feels like im missing part of my manhood its no different than being circumcised


you cant evolve into a man if youve never fought your father


sigh by the time i learn japanese all the vtubers are gonno be retired


theres always fresh seiyuu


those are different characters


went to the liquor store saw an autistic boy wearing a shirt that just had gardevoir on it


paste pokeflip


File: 1588587474587.jpg (168.94 KB, 1140x551, s.jpg)

which up and coming creator do i watch today


nah i dunk them all into a bowl and discard the bag gives you far more surface area to grab em


listen to sargon


File: 1588589762031.mp3 (2.27 MB, 11.Lazzo.mp3)



File: 1588600116452.webm (337.81 KB, 476x476, a.webm)


File: 1588600526810.mp4 (2.18 MB, さくらみこ.mp4)


gpu arrived hima


are you gonno game


had a sexy lady dream and wakespermed moms making ham


i game


you gotta first update your drivers and run benchmarks


having a big coffee


help my brain broke


love scratching my mini cactpot ticket


woke up need a big coffee


what was it?


File: 1588612569307.jpg (18.11 KB, 713x147, p5.jpg)


hate when i accidentally stand up without taking off the headphones and yank the cord out of the socket


paste yankcord


that makes it sound like hes a discorder





got this in my recommended NOT even a technorm



mikos stream keep freezing sigh


ange is on but shes playing undernorm


cant watch ange she voicemogs me


shes so cute


moms rage cleaning but im starving scared to go in the kitchen


anges loving that game hehe shes so cute i watched her 6 hours vod yesterday


File: 1588616907725.jpg (Spoiler Image, 342.69 KB, 1501x2035, 76280216_p1.jpg)


wish i was that flexible


File: 1588616992554.jpg (127.56 KB, 917x1200, DYeYLfwVAAEuylP.jpg)


need footguys expert opinion on those feet


File: 1588617069909.webm (403.59 KB, 222x218, 1585188502940.webm)


lovely soles


File: 1588617852125.webm (290.21 KB, 1280x720, 1581892278516.webm)


waiting for my laptop to arrive cant wait to read eroge




moms bf is coughing all over the house


why did you allow mom to have a bf


shes a rebel i cant control her


shes a gamer


phew sexy sexually active mommy


no you dont understand hes just for emotional support


love the sound of mom getting railed hard by a big man who makes her feels good in ways that i will never be able to love when im in the kitchen and he walks in with NOThing but a towel on after a 3 hour flip sesh all red and sweaty and he ruffles my hair and takes the milk carton out of my hand and drinks it before mom yells for him to hurry back from her room


theyre NOT that great but i still like naturalnorm


arent you gonno wait for the new ryzen 4k chinkpads


File: 1588620650440.jpeg (39.9 KB, 478x478, 2962973243239m.jpeg)

they gave us these portable fans you wear around your neck at work never saw such a thing its pretty cool for say if you were a tourist in japan


i dont get it where does it aim


File: 1588621226843.jpeg (70.29 KB, 478x478, 1588620650440.jpeg)


hell ya


looks like something a tard would wear


rather be a cool tard than a norm sweating in the sun


queued for the vault


game on brother


chicken is in the oven


crying for that chicken


its over




chickens are baste


File: 1588624404359.mp4 (431.3 KB, rRCzJLX.mp4)


File: 1588624472580.webm (442.44 KB, 1280x720, 1566643757510.webm)


might earlysnooze


cant believe i won the sperm battle royale probably had to win in the sperm gulag too


File: 1588625388359.jpg (83.15 KB, 800x821, wage.jpg)

that sounds a lot like a humanyze device but with an added feature so the low iq slaves will be eager to put it on
when you wear it your bosses can watch where youre going and what youre saying in real time you better hope no one mentions the word union around you


need a cool barcode tattoo on my head like agent 47


print your social insurance number on your head


what about a nice qr code


thats my cue to fire up a nice warzone



File: 1588626902021.jpg (76.52 KB, 697x900, EXGxCKYU0AYrKFB.jpg)


woke up hi


lets snooze


you cant snooze right now its prime gamin hours


korone has been playing a gay shmup for 10 hours now hima


tardlaughing at her model


cant believe i still didnt get my money because the irs is now asking for a refund amount owed or received even though im a non filer any information i put is wrong and i get locked out for 24 hours


okay lol


cant believe the himateens don’t know about that plans shmup



gotta love a nice scape vid


it pinches


File: 1588631736900.jpg (1.65 MB, 2956x1827, 81252233_p0.jpg)


File: 1588631826410.png (325.83 KB, 577x603, 1587923629436.png)


made a batch of curry then mom comes home with a triple guess itll be a feast night


File: 1588632211695.webm (154.57 KB, 960x540, 1583722130923.webm)



the arse animal is released


went all in for gil and failed i wasnt worthy


how did you go all in


gonno longearlysnooze gamed too much and accumulated too much sleep debt have to offset it now


all my 180 quartz


you cant you will be roped back in the next day


i went all in for ishtar with 250 quartz and got NOThing


weve got to save for summer



the curry ran out quick im good at reading instructions


just going to stop rolling entirely to avoid disappointment


paste risk avoider


stopped playing fgo in december


risk avoidance is what got all of us into this mess in the first place


File: 1588634007594.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.51 MB, 1280x720, 500.webm)


you mean being 30 year old fat bald gamer cels that spent our lives on imageboards


mom taught me at a young age that risks and danger were for dumb people so im always gonno take the safest option forever


gonno play maitetsu


did anyone watch violet evernorm






File: 1588634539612.jpg (99.39 KB, 640x800, 1588632899987.jpg)

this always happens whenever i dont avoid risks


sigh thats a deep metaphor


should i watch it


saving for ibaraki lancer




ok i wont thanks


might just drink all day


would rather jerk it all day


gaming hima gaming


heck ya


hate games




flip gamers and flip gaming



real sad moment in hanas stream crying


behead those who insult gaming


i missed it what happened


her favorite villager moved out


ill donate her aNOTher thousand to cheer her up


File: 1588636785441.jpg (454.15 KB, 703x1000, 81309057_p0.jpg)


sudo made it sigh




what a sick flipping perverted ooger freak


shes paste


File: 1588637209660.webm (438.93 KB, 960x540, 1585079274516.webm)


File: 1588637982108.webm (1.54 MB, 1000x563, 1588634958526.webm)




hana is becoming too arrogant she just said to stop watching if you think shes boring


File: 1588638784837.png (2 MB, 1036x1450, f5a6cd7acdf6cc4d774b0f3b3bb469ff.png)


was someone being rude the experts know to ignore those


someone said "this is boring" because she was just spinning around in a circle for minutes


wheres the penis


thats horrible why would someone say something like that


hate when theres no penis


watched an old ars stream where the chat was filled with mean spam


i said it sorry


almost dark enough for a shower gonno make it a long one


leave the light off in there


no no showers are boring you have to take them as quickly as possible


cant get a glimpse of the lower realms if you dont abysstare for at least half an hour


i dwell in the lowest of all realms


failsnoozed and just ended up eyelidstaring for 2 hours sigh


wish i could take a quick shower but i love standing under the warm water


take a hot bath instead idiot


hate baths


dont call him an idiot


shove off


how about i come over there and knock you around


ill bring it to your chinbone


pants are feeling tighter than usual


you got a big ol bone in there


just cummed




wonder what these will look like for our generation




theyll have to dig up the hima servers if they want to stimulate my elderly necrotic brain


theyll be playing this on repeat


damn good spaghetti tonight hima damn good


someone loved that song but i cant remember who


just a bad dream


File: 1588642497739.webm (1.27 MB, 1280x720, 1584813895878.webm)



even i may have underestimated the potency of the jbwpill



would NOT mind losing my memories i could watch anime and play games for the first time again



love big ed hes baste


nice fallen knight ass crest noob


crazy how norms will just chuck their parents into a retirement home to rot and die playing bingo with other smelly oldnorms


yeah just wait until you get old and have no children to care for you and no retirement saved up because you didnt work


i wont get old


the chinese will accept me and care for me


wonder if mom only forced me into this shiterealm to wipe her dipe in her old age jokes on her


hate when mom brings up that she wiped my dipe to get me to do something


never remember anything when i watch ds3 did i even play that game


same sigh


it was soulless


gonno stop being a darkie


sigh pikamees NOT streaming today


been limiting myself to one jo a day


never too late to pick up the dark souls and fire up the stream


should i stream instead of her




NOT unless you have huge K cup boobies to swing around


strongest memories are made between ages of 10 and 30 sigh im NOT feeling good


lot of suffering



girl on the fishing boat raged and closed the tab




File: 1588646165415.jpg (148.41 KB, 1026x416, NIN_rotation.jpg)



how is it even possible to remember that


it comes naturally


you macro it to one button


any streams


gettin xiv cravings but its too late to start shadowbringers now sigh



you arent missing much leveling in shadowbringers sucks


you need to play before they revamp everything


simply fire up a nice praetorium run every day and youll have every class at 80 in no time


thats too boring to even consider


arent they gonno make arr better i should wait until then right


no they are destroying the real eorzea experience


wish i was addicted to a chimpbrained grinder


its NOT that great


moms asleep might whip up some butterdogs


some what




padded bra girl


shes a gamer


wouldnt mind having a body like that if it didnt come with constant stares from horny men


thats the good part of having that body


dont like linuss new beard


still watching sorana


would love to see her collab with the big titty lady


get the flip in here


why were western cartoons so gross looking


to keep kids from jerkin to them


so you dont jo to them


based perverts


used to secretly watch ginger and change the channel if anyone came by


know i did that with a few shows but it was too many years ago now to recall which


remember some guy talking about the totally spies being sexy and shaming him by asking what he said and he played it cool by pretending he said NOThing


die shamer




they are sexy


norm asked me in highschool what i listen to and i said NOThing then he asked if i listen to anime music and now i realize that either i looked like a massive weeb or he listened to anime music and was trying to find someone else that did


hope youre spamming heat rounds




arty dont have heat


me on the right


paste artynorm


love how grimy that place looks


need a blog


why are they playing a western game what about pokemon and yugioh


you cant say that about mikado


arty is the least norm role


die tanknorms


wish i was as cool as sorana




can someone turn this into a webm


File: 1588651041331.webm (858.04 KB, 1280x720, pizza.webm)


jesus christ she asked who are they referring to the black people and then said hope there is enough chicken


hehe thank you


based ginger


sigh sorana is stopping for today


how come nobody told me all the shadowbringers dungeons are soloable



she should start with 1


File: 1588652929364.jpg (Spoiler Image, 863.44 KB, 850x1125, 35.jpg)


gonno snap that little baby


shes just a child


old enough


bad headache hima the norms have come for me


gambled and lost god flipping damnit that was my last pair of briefs


what did you gamble on


gonno snooze


you cant theres no one else to post with if you go


im right here


im here


why arent you posting


flip this


why does the quick reply box disappear at smaller resolutions


what resolution im in 800x600 and its fine


when you make the window smaller it disappears but it could still fit



seki fix the quick reply


i fixed it by turning a style off


only use yotsuba b


got a real troubled ass today


should i go out and get infected with gorona so i can finally die


no were the meek that will inherit the earth


need a lazy neet anzuchang gf


i dont want to inherit the earth


how can she be a neet and an idol it doesnt make any sense


shes an elite neet idol


shes a fakeneet roast


she just wants to live on royaltys and never work


File: 1588655835492.jpg (99.79 KB, 455x875, 12341`24214124214213213.jpg)


ankimo ankimo ankimo ankimo


took a shower


how was it


crash a flippin airplane into my house and free from this shite life


wish i could live in a different era for a while just for fun


it wouldnt be fun


hell yeah fire up the d2 on the crt


giggling at some spurdo pics


which era


want to jo but said i wouldnt


File: 1588658385743.webm (3.81 MB, 853x480, KamikazeGondola.webm)


File: 1588658431543.jpg (48.82 KB, 780x517, kenny.jpg)



should i buy a cheap laptop so i can lay in bed and post on hima instead


laying in bed posting on hima on the tv right now


File: 1588658943240.jpg (84.36 KB, 720x960, me on the lappy.jpg)


skipped did i miss any streams


sorana was playing killer 7



aris is playing diablo



skipped any good youtube personalities to worship


File: 1588659442151.webm (765.03 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Murenase! Seton Gakuen - 06 [7….webm)


thinking about getting a laptop so i can post from the recliner


never have to get up again just stock up on supplies and take it easy


File: 1588659577966.png (416.37 KB, 761x318, 913f8aab60fa9b82a95e0f71db209c57.png)

the himafoid arrives


id give her a flip


think shed be cute if she closed her mouth


youre NOT allowed to flip her shes only here for emotional support


its over


File: 1588659977109.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.88 MB, 640x360, 1583810598390.webm)


wish i could tard out like that


damn good webm right there


whats stopping you i tard out like that all the time while posting on hima


im an adult


NOThing good about it


we arent adults if we were we wouldnt be on hima


ill start tomorrow


flipping fly landed on my fruity loops and my ruined my whole snack



gonno eat a snack and snooze


sigh missed ff14 for 35 dollars


simply get it for 0 dollars


dont think you can pirate mmos




wish i could get all my hours back i wasted playing video games


what good would that do


those were productive you were challenging your wits and reflexes in a low risk environment the real waste is the wall and screen staring


NOThing like challenging my wits and reflexes by pushing one button and exploding the screen for 16 hours a day in d2


gonno play portal itll stimulate my mind


sigh still sad aris stopped playing portal but he keeps playing that bad snes game


sigh still sad aris stopped playing portal but he keeps playing that bad snes game


remember mom saying something about developing hand eye coordination when she bought my n64 still turned into a hamfisted clumsy retard


woke up gotta piss big


think im gonno buy shadowbringers and play xiv again


phew finished portal what a game that is valve cant match that quality anymore


File: 1588680323872.jpg (219.98 KB, 1200x1697, 3jdklalqp.jpg)


must be a female western artist spoiler that


love waking up to a nice fat cock


why would it be female


men arent attracted to penises they wouldnt spend time making a giant one the focus of the image theyd focus on the girl
shes probably trying to make smut for men but misses the whole point


dont know why i procastinate watching anime


made a pbj sandwich


NOThing wrong with a big pip



60 fps dont click


60 fps interpolation looks so awful dont know why norms like it


that looks horrible is the whole movie like that




woke up


File: 1588691171713.mp4 (11.53 MB, 1588446315908111342.mp4)



dont open that its abuse


cant watch anything above 12 fps


gonno quit my gacha games and twitter this summer and play ff14 whats a good class for a tard


tard class



mom had her groceries delivered some nig with a mask was coughing hard think its over


disinfect those groceries


you should have told that nigger to get the fuck away


mom thinks she only needs to wash her hands


simply get out the lye barrel


red mage and dancer are the easiest classes


oh wait you cant get those until later probably bard is the most tard friendly starter class


every dps is easy


File: 1588693548572.png (752.22 KB, 1640x1304, dsgg6177chkx.png)


that makes it look way more complicated than it actually is the only challenging part about black mage is knowing where to stand in advance so you dont have to leave your tard circle to dodge an aoe


File: 1588693657461.png (Spoiler Image, 269.52 KB, 700x875, 81322709_p0.png)


no tardshaming some things are harder for others than they are for you


wonder what shes so happy about


its childrens day


as for me its the machinist


make sure you play with a controller its surprisingly intuitive and relaxing


you cant


why NOT it works


keep your dick in a vice




love a good skookum choocher


made a big coffee


File: 1588694967123.mp4 (2.06 MB, 1587345158315.mp4)


lost my ability to longsnooze


you just need a snooze pill then you can longsnooze 16 hours easily


going to quit twitter instagram and snapchat too just like that guy


what about your tiktok


never used any of that stuff


File: 1588695572399.mp4 (1.31 MB, pa.mp4)


hit or miss


foid pleaded i get tiktok but i told her i would NOT submit to the chinese brainwashing algorithm and dropped her a quick pill about the company behind what she referred to as an app



got a bad pain deep in my bowels this is it


that whole chart simplifies out to keep up thunder dot and the buffs from your weak fire and ice spells when firing or icing back up for mana and replace your filler spell with 4 during enochian


i understand how priorities work compared to a static rotation its just a funny image


die norm


are there sexy ladies on tiktok


got the goat banner


anzu banner




gonno get all my crafters and gatherers to 80


no you wont


already have alchemist at 80 you cant stop me


cracking a pepsi (zero)


forgot to shake the ketchup bottle and poured ketchupwater all over my food


did that the other day and cried because it ruined my food



guess ill rage


why would you rage


is she cringing


File: 1588703917831.png (Spoiler Image, 2.08 MB, 3200x2363, ta_15.png)


owned manbaby palate


is doc swabbing her for corona




gotta make a phone call hope i dont have a panic attack




you will



mindblowing that anyone thinks theres a chance in hell that chinks will ever pay reparations


want the enemy to go back to being russia theyre cooler


File: 1588705226086.png (Spoiler Image, 914.6 KB, 1366x768, russian steambro.png)


File: 1588705764461.jpeg (93.33 KB, 697x808, EXQMTrfUcAYHsLK.jpeg)


love sitting on hold for 25 minutes for the call to spontaneously break up and disconnect