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woke up hi



have to say the chinks are baste as hell theyre constantly lying through their teeth its fascinating always look forward to their shenanigans


hate chinks so much


wonder if china uncensored will ever admit their mistakes when they realize china was right the whole time or if theyll just start peddling a new lie and hope their viewers have a short attention span


die chink



the gymlizard is telling you to get jacked


rolled 45 tickets NOThing to show for it sigh


crazy to think people dumb enough to blame china for the virus exist


on who




sat on the toilet and shat 3 pounds of shite in 15 seconds never shat that fast before might start eating more fiber since that was pleasant


File: 1588437207816.webm (2.87 MB, 960x540, 1588434129218.webm)

hate hearing a knock at the door and opening it to see this


think im gonno roll for gil i just rushed the story to camelot with the 0 ap event so i have a lot of quartz now


dont manroll


but i could defeat anything with enuma elish


did you get a poopbone




then it was too fast


dont bother trying to ascend with a nice pure ptp


if you have to manroll atleast do it on a girly looking birlman like enkidu or astolfo you dont want a man who will mog you at every corner


even astolfo manmogs me


buy a stool that fits around your toilet so you can squat like your ancestors and itll be fast all the time


every great man had a birl sidekick sigh


fell for the squat meme it didnt do anything


its true every great legend or hero flipped manass at some point maybe im missing out


dont understand why peds always stick around and talk to the pedhunters why didnt he just drive away


if you're NOT a great legend then maybe you're supposed to be the birl


the squat meme always worked for me when backpacking


does the squatty potty actually work any hima testimonials


7 inches seems low that one is probably targetted at tiny old ladies might be better to just use 2 normal stepstools also


because if theyre low iq enough to fall for this stuff then theyre usually low iq enough to hang around and confess to the camera and make a fool of themselves
pnig was a villain but at least he wasnt a complete idiot

the high iq peds become millionaires with private snap islands


pnig wasnt a complete idiot he just left cp on his unlocked computer and allowed the authorities to access his room


no have one sitting in my attic


remember when that study came out about pedophiles being lower intelligence and ugly and it got posted on warosu and the ped faction flipped out sigh good times


those guys going after 15 year olds arent even that ped just socially stunted and they end up talking because theyd be just as happy with making a friend as snapping some teenfoid

and god knows foids their age wont give them the time of day


File: 1588439432749.jpg (71.11 KB, 543x1000, EWwmM5cWsAEhzNb.jpg)




tell it to the cops pervert


File: 1588439468598.webm (11.2 MB, 640x360, 1586382621701.webm)


File: 1588439494455.jpg (163.78 KB, 1075x1200, EW7mWyEUYAA0jwz.jpg)


File: 1588439572530.webm (3.78 MB, 720x1280, yaho.webm)


yaba omae


weird how the fob haircut makes women giggle like that in asian countries but makes them unfuckable in the west


is tinychan smart enough to check if the file has been uploaded already and show the cached version or will it always make a new file


tinyboard i mean sigh


just shower and get a good haircut its that easy


cant get a haircut because cornteen


no point in cutting my fobtop if im NOT jbw


cant believe all a woman has to do is say yaho one time in the street and be guaranteed a mate


they have to giggle and be pretty to


ars is streaming


she should be asleep its 2am there


woke up cracked a sugar free rockstar its time for eorzea


hell yeah fire up those duty roulettes


File: 1588440930651.mp4 (2.03 MB, モモの下水道@COMITIA130_う29a - オチンポミルクポットを作りました-1256….mp4)


miss those lord illoi moi case files like a nice calm anime that isnt completely boring


was that show good i stopped watching anime years ago


yeah remember the conversation we had a hour ago its the story of a birl who loses his legendary man and has to go on in life obsessed with the memory as a bunch of dumb teenfoids sexually harass him


mom bought burger king


i just woke up i didnt read yet




die tester





File: 1588441383992.jpg (Spoiler Image, 60.8 KB, 457x700, EXB5hxiU4AARMdb.jpg)





my conjurer is now level 16


heg ya


might have to hand out some ownage


kinda gay without the boobs


can someone make the tristram theme for my animal crossing village




ate a nice bowl of fries and chicken tendies


having a coffee


download a guitar tab and copy that


thats too hard


thought you were a gamer


i am


then game


cant believe all shows are postponed until further NOTice


time to work on your backlog


love the taste of my futa gfs sperm


always wondered if futas could impregnate themselves


they can but its incredibly taboo


only the futas without balls have ovaries




what are you a futanari expert


mom bought me a new mattress hope i can stop waking up sore every day now


File: 1588446663981.jpg (525.13 KB, 1280x720, averagetl.jpg)


always wake up sore when i sit and do absolutely NOThing all day


the life of a gamer


big chills from this


fire norm the three norms


can you play apex solo


your arent supposed to play norm royale games


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