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me bone me jo


File: 1583699510921.jpg (225.32 KB, 1920x1080, [Judas] Ishuzoku Reviewers (Interspecies Revie….jpg)

this girl was cute


normoku review


File: 1583699683608.jpg (1.19 MB, 2221x3107, EShb8Q5U8AIcaui.jpg)


neohima neohima


thats a weird position to eat a popsicle in


whats neo about it besides suz spamming discord shite every other day


someone open that door


hima hima ^____^


got left behind


File: 1583700172236.jpg (140.75 KB, 1280x720, 0a731.jpg)


a little girl like that is only good for one thing


gross plumper bitch



dad is forcing me to sign up for college now


lost todays tsunomaki sigh


File: 1583701283021.png (2.32 MB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Eizouken ni wa Te wo Dasu na! -….png)




installed aNOTher rusty spinner drive in the computer




whats your major gonno be bro




does anyone know where nb is


kill yourself


i dont know anything about majors school or work so when my dad asked me about it i mentioned biology because trevor has a bio degree


tell your dad college is a scam and ask him if you can go to trade school to be an hvac technician instead





come move in with me well get mechanical engineering degrees


im a gamer i game



thats a sheep


this is the guy that sucks at math theres no way he can do an engineering degree


uh haha


the sheep the sheep the sheep the sheep the sheep


math is easy sucking at math is just a norm cope


tsunomaki tsunomaki tsunomaki tsunomaki tsunomaki tsunomaki tsunomaki


especially enginorming math you dont need to understand anything just memorize how to plug in numbers


theres a reason hes never actually used that biology degree


the sheep girl


the sheep sheep sheep girl


File: 1583705989051.jpg (196.23 KB, 1440x2048, 79994644_p0.jpg)


youll never accomplish anything of value if you do that youll just be an autocadmonkey


ill never accomplish anything


NOT with that attitude


thats what engineers are the only ones who actually need to know math do research


what majors can i do that will give me a nice job that requires little to no math



leaving the hotzone to restock on sugarwater gonno wear gloves


im right here


ooog and pisssss


do trade school
i wont warn you again


pisss pisssss pissss


ate a fried bat sandwich


social sciences


he said a nice job


hes a gamer


File: 1583707128343.png (5.2 KB, 218x46, paste gamertron.PNG)






what trade




File: 1583707996100.png (213.04 KB, 451x445, Franken_Stein_Profile.png)


sushi chef


File: 1583708116597.jpg (228.45 KB, 1000x1412, ESZ-pKmUcAQth3c.jpg)


cant believe my dad is making me go too college so late in the game just accept the fact you failed as a father and raised a tard son and let me rot in peace


do you want the secret strategy to make the most of your situation




is he offering to pay your tuition


is it gaming


what do you mean so late youre gonno be stuck here for aNOTher 50 years


hate the trade school meme


roa screeches whenever she gets dicked


having trouble keeping it concise please wait warmly


i didnt ask


really hate this bullshit in dark souls when a random enemy has a fast hit string and if they connect the first swing you take two hp bars worth of damage just make them hit once and deal the full damage instead then whats the point of leaving me there hitstunned for four seconds


gth darkie


im a gamer i game


NOT your bro


go to a low level state school. they are degree mills and have all kinds of loopholes to pump out as many graduates as possible to get a larger budget from the state. take only enough credits to get full-time student status. make sure to register for as many credits as possible so you can drop the worst ones after the first day. usually you are allowed to repeat 4 classes so whether you deliberately throw a class or actually fail you can extend a 4 year degree by at least an extra year. the workload is usually minimal because most of the student body will be 90 IQ or nonwhite. do a stem program. the math requirements are pretty low at bad schools and they have the least amount of people compared to all the other norms that do humanities shit. take as many night classes as opposed to day classes because the percentage of adults in them is much higher.


why NOT do an online degree
lots of schools dont even put it on the diploma


gth smartnorm


thank you for your longpost i will print it out and read it later


cleaned me room hard today gonno reward myself with a nice jo


havent jod in days simply NOT feelin it


NOThing better than a caveman sexdrive on some incel


File: 1583712103329.png (2.3 MB, 2240x1680, cad87a5aabc6d14ebaebe7f965a3a560.png)


maam im just trying to buy some books please stop exposing yourself at me


let me crack your cheeks nb


die norm go back


its time for everyone to go to college its time for our real lives to begin


wish i had corona to go to one of those


if you ever go to a party and theres no coronas being cracked open you need to do a 360 and walk away


hopefully college is free by this time next year id be able to threaten mom with moving out


File: 1583713387564.jpeg (226.48 KB, 750x849, 1583708986358.jpeg)

uh oh


get aids and die you gay wetback


gonno get a scholarship for a college near onseki so i can move in with him


wish there was a way to get all of the norm perks without having to be a norm and go to big parties or think norm thoughts and say norm things


he doesnt have internet


where did you get that shite from myspace or something


go back to discord teenbro


damn good bath water temperature tonight neohima damn good


woke up internet wasnt working turns out it was my dns settings


get aids and die you gay wetback


damn good


how is haysuz NOT banned already just range ban him what the flip


seki cant rangeban him since theyre both phonenorms


why would he ban his friend its been weeks like this now


have suz all afternoon then siz all night the only safe time for hima is the mornings


actually im here all day


NOT true its always been the same


been opening my curtains during the day its a nice shake up
reminds me of when i used to game in daylight


whats up bros


weird sport


thats a gamers sport


might open my windows for an afternoon to get the neetstink out but it will be so damn loud


opening your windows and letting the normlight in is the first step on the path to normdom


File: 1583718201305.webm (5.27 MB, 686x720, miko lucky star.webm)

shes flapper


banned him like eight times today dont know what else you want me to do
dont even know why he wastes his time posting here its NOT like he spams he just makes a couple of posts talking about sizteen as if he posted here and then about nb


if only there was a way to ban someone who always posts from the same range and from the same device and browser


always felt bad for suz hes a troubled soul


what do you mean you dont know why hes being annoying on purpose thats the point


doubt vichan has something to ban on the useragent level youd have to change the server config files which a mod probably cant do




nb sucks dick from the back


its over for hima


nb likes to play beer pong with his brother in law and his girls


cry more queer


woke up hi gonno go to the store today i think


activated smaa



the us is fine


eating some chocomint ice cream


File: 1583719782899.webm (3.68 MB, 800x450, 1583636167332.webm)


enjoying some damn fine strawberry icecream myself


is it the cherry garcia is that you nb


almost an hour in the character creator typical foid


this nigga really watched an hour plus of video game play...


i spend an hour making my character too


freaking dumb bitch this is why you cant take women out of the house


whys she start pissing


seki do something


females have weak bladders


seki is taking a shower


call upon the numbers guy 5511V


ban these teens already


ban my ass *shits*


but i do that too


youre part foid sorry


hes NOT


File: 1583721425174.webm (4.07 MB, 758x720, tsunomaki.webm)


shes so fake


want to roll for mordred


thats how you know its a real japgirl


my jawline is a cruel joke


File: 1583722125650.png (216.09 KB, 703x740, meIRL.png)


ate some tuna and now im feeling sick hima think im gonno hurl


this guy can still get laid in asia thanks to jbw i have NOThing


die failednorms


dont want to flip chinks


are you gonno do it on saber wars


the colonels neck and head is shaped a lot like mine but my face is inverted its a disaster but i have better skin and hair and brows


i believe the medical term is gay alien skull


whens saber wars love saber lily hehe


in a few days hopefully


mordreds gonno be split with mysterious heroine x though while shell have a solo roll next month in an apocrypha event


sigh hope so too been really bored


gonno fire up fgo and do a manroll


go mechanical engineering like me


feel a rage coming might have to get out the rat splatterer


dont do it on arjuna anyone but him




building a colony hima


spent 30 hours picking my character in baldurs gate 2 hehe


then i shall wait


my ass hurts


it doesnt


almost feel bad for the colonel he seems to be totally oblivious to the fact he is a 3/10 and thought professionalism would be enough to get by in the world of pornography this isnt japan they dont allow ugly freaks to flip


i have a big turd coming out


big turd stretching me out


been a while since a good poopbone


cant poop without it touching the bottom of the toilet bowl


mindbreaking that if anyone on hima had my life they would have roped years ago








cant believe the discordteens killed hima


hope that guy didnt actually manroll


no one listened now its too late


im about to


dont do it you dont want a man


turning on my mobile device


why isnt enkidu part of the manroll


gonno pretend to sleep until i actually fall asleep


that never works


opening the fgo app


enkidu is a girl


no i wouldnt i would be happy with a race car 1 sedan 1 mobile home and a bigger than averagepenis


tapping on the start screen


how much are you going to roll if its just a ticket thats fine but NOT anything more


selecting summon


the rope calls out to me


love arthur



told you NOT to


gross a chink



i have the weakest jaw on hima


you have to stop


enkidu is coming on the 17th in the boys collection



turt is in his underwear watching anime


fire up astolfo


got the holy shroud of magdump


never used my jaw for anything whats the big deal


File: 1583727557348.png (323.89 KB, 512x724, Caesar1.png)


hes cool


do little girls get horny


die pervert


NOT getting any good men


what a chad


cant believe they turned caesar into a fat


File: 1583727841787.jpg (31.6 KB, 800x600, funnelneck.jpg)


manrolled once with a ticket and got caesar hehe




spent 13 tickets on mansummons so far


you should wait until tomorrow since waver will be here in 24 hours


if type moon didnt pander to sexnorms 99% of servants would be manservants


got arthur pendragon


no reason to roll for a man


did you really or are you joking


youre NOT supposed to manroll unless you flip man ass


i bugger men




File: 1583728554498.png (779.04 KB, 933x553, 20200308_233504.png)


File: 1583728601295.jpg (137.84 KB, 1200x1068, EBM4qoPUIAAPXmQ.jpg)

nice you made it


nowhere as subhuman as me proper posture antipsychotics and a little exercise is all he needs to make it


its over if youre NOT the king of knights wielder of a divine construct and raised by a grand mage incubbus


get rid of those foids


now that im a wizard i need to find a child to raise into being a king of knights


what spells did you get i got NOThing


dont let him become too powerful


got social invisibility lv 10


nice stealth build


File: 1583729884551.jpg (Spoiler Image, 59.62 KB, 600x422, 1583631870356.jpg)

me on the right turt on the left watching you "lift"


wish i could own a gun just aNOTher thing the norms stole from me NOT even allowed to learn how to defend myself or kill my own food because they want all cels to die off


could own a gun but id probably end up shooting myself


just a pathetic little babyman with no skills or self sufficiency why couldnt i have been born when freaks could still prosper


the norms said i cant blame mom but who else did i interact with


yourself you mentally ill freak











neohima is done for


File: 1583732545475.png (5.74 KB, 220x220, 220px-Logo_Bandai.svg.png)


its over its over its over its over its over


might have to crack


sigh why cant i be friends with a flying witch and visit ghost cafes with fun spirits


never realized how insidious the 25 oz cans are hope nobody else on hima buys them




what do you mean


the tall boys


how are they insidious


makochan save me


you wouldnt understand


youre right
ive got the lowest iq on hima


makoto channn


drank too many blogs and im crying for makochan




cried for bidenchan last night


dont say i didnt warn you


crying for bernie its finally his turn


i dont buy those
only get cases


just found a hair in my ice cream bar


its NOT fair i want to go to a ghost cafe and have cake and tea and meet foxes and talk to spirits its NOT fair




wwoke up


theyre only $17


i can get a tall boy of steel reserve for 2 bucks


no way mom is giving you that much money two or three times a week


hes a wagenorm


only get a coupld a month im NOT an alcoholic


what pack costs 17$ do you buy 6 packs of fancy micro brews




30 pack of natty ice


might get a pint of half baked to make a milk shake


ban this fat retard nigger


ban yourself haysuz


no come to discord


no reason to


reason being you chat with your friend


youre NOT my friend




unless youre blimp if youre drinking 60 or more of those a month you are defiantly an alcoholic


thats the blimpblog your talking to


why am i NOT your friend nb


NOThin wrong with being an alcoholic




going outside for a night scream




File: 1583737662857.jpg (539.58 KB, 776x2000, 74665485_p0.jpg)


why cant the norms just pay me to post on hima all day


ask nb why im NOT his friend


he said youre an obnoxious spic


screenshot that


never changed my clock for the last daylight savings now its accurate again hehe


only look at hima posts for the time



china is for chinks



need to break the cycle fast 2020 was supposed to be the year


File: 1583739560314.jpg (129.26 KB, 991x991, 1583730174670.jpg)


should i get ice cream nb


get some chocolate ice cream


i hate choco it reminds me too much of brother Ken


File: 1583740197958.jpg (117.09 KB, 700x1073, pit.jpg)


ooooog pit me ooooog me bone me sperm oooooogggggg


love pits i must lick


think i want 2 famous stars and a pint of half baked to make a milk shake


go to hell spic


youre just making fun of me because im a fat gamer retard and youre a reformed fatty newly adonis twig


im obese


no you arent


i am


180lbs 10% body fat isn't obese


im 200 lbs with no muscle


youre lying to me


women dont value youth as much and arent as pathetic because they can get real men to slobber all over them guaranteed


gth oldreplyeye


hey dont speak to dookimin like that


caught up with shield girl anime maple is cuuuuuuute


wish i could watch anime


why cant you


hes color blind nb


that wasnt me dumb spic


are you sure im never wrong


laid in bed for 24 hours now think ill get up for the burgs what do you think nb


i think you should leave hima


please dont say that im crying will you come to discord please


please nb


im a gamer


im crying nb please


please nb





i hope nb returns my calls


File: 1583750220096.jpg (172.23 KB, 631x850, ESmWBNQU4AEIeFC.jpg)


fake sugar water soothes my aching soul


think one of my neck arteries is clogged


do you want me to choke you out with my big cock to get it flowing again


chicken nuggie time


File: 1583753771567.jpg (Spoiler Image, 155.38 KB, 1242x1350, e4ec81a.jpg)

what do you think nb



NOT watching that sellout


nice 120iq midwit


how is he a sellout



love how i can ruffle my hair for hours and the snow never stops





raid shadow legends is pasted


if grow up
then nigger


cocos being a pervert


File: 1583763900162.webm (2.63 MB, 853x480, tard out.webm)


File: 1583763945772.mp4 (1.27 MB, 1583763239270.mp4)

playing ding dong ditch at old man boles house


you mean nicky nicky nine doors


File: 1583765060505.jpg (5.03 MB, 4896x6528, IMG_20200305_190029.jpg)


did NOT mean to post onseki please delete


dont forget to ban too


cant have anyone finding out the pastaguy was a pastagirl


hate dyed hair foids


mom brought home a chinese bankNOTe this is it its over weve been contaminated


ate 4 slices of chococake im blimping out


File: 1583765910263.jpg (1.12 MB, 3024x4032, chasqrqd9gl41.jpg)




thats a gamer


time to make a soyface


File: 1583767327276.jpg (67.57 KB, 779x638, bdl06l4t2b931.jpg)

need to get arranged like this


woke up


are you refreshed


make sure to skip the neohima hours


ya having a coffee rn as well hehe


to late its over


initiating quarantine procedures for me and mom


raging that japan turned down my jpgf application are white people really THAT great


but youre white


tell that to the japanese




whats there to tardlaugh about


File: 1583768829759.mp3 (203.4 KB, ars almal.mp3)


phew cu doing well they gained 100k subs within a week


NOThing must feel more gratifying than having some 16 year old push the red button under one of my videos on his smart phone


why 16


forgot that norms get smartphones at birth now sorry


still dont understand what shes saying


its portuguese


mom has been informed of the lockdown we have supplies to last but NOT enough snacks


what if the internet goes down after all technicians have died


then its over neohima is done for anyways so we wont be missing much


found waldo


you mean wally


im from the waldo universe


File: 1583771798841.jpg (99.51 KB, 778x952, 1583670222230.jpg)


whats wrong with his nose


does he even lift


pnig flippin made it


woke up mom said i have to clean upstairs because a realtor is coming to assess the value of the house its gonno take all day




NOThin rich theres one room a hallway and a bathroom but it hasnt been thoroughly cleaned in years


File: 1583774232312.jpg (24.69 KB, 572x536, ESrbx7JUEAA2KCK.jpg)


thats poor people shite either mom has to try and sell it or shes trying to evaluate her assets


do you mean her sexual assets




apparently shes evaluating it because she doesnt want her taxes to go up


thought norms loved taxes


love uncle sam


love gaming


love gaming hate gamers



File: 1583776389715.png (13.34 KB, 328x193, fbfca4ba3cac5fcaa.png)


weak amerinorm genes stand no chance against the chinese supervirus




im tard


i hunger


i game


laughing watching society fall around the norms


turned on the ars almal stream heard a manvoice and raged


wonder what varg thinks of the corona virus hes been going on for years how civilizations are going to collapse


whys she streaming at this hour


opened the window


File: 1583778011819.jpg (8.62 MB, 5312x2988, IMG_20200309_082150.jpg)

paste doomers


dont understand ark whats the point of that game is it like an mmo


praying for that worst case scenario


mindblowing people dont just keep pure lye crystals and pure sodium hypochlorite cystals for cleaning like me


you know what the anti vaccers are probably laughing right now with so many people taking vaccines and expecting immunity then a new virus emerges out from behind the hills and wipes them all out


i dont get it whats missing


bleach and disinfectants everytime i see the mask section its always empty


mom said it wont kill me if i get fresh air sunlight and take vitamins


thinking about that doomgirl


that was her cure for depression too starting to see a pattern here


mom doesnt know what shes talking about



my negative ion bracelet will protect me


need a good dose of negative ion radiation


its like rust but worse


did you try it


never played rust only watched a few seconds of pnigs rust stream ages ago


aNOTher stinkbug cant wait for summer theyre gonno raid


File: 1583779917181.png (3.48 MB, 2000x2000, 79911498_p5.png)




took a massive continuous shite hb


new pink dog dont forget to watch


thanks almost forgot about pink dog gonno watch


hope doomergirl is doing alright


shes doomed


File: 1583780638122.webm (62.36 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Murenase! Seton Gakuen - 10 [7….webm)



cant believe jba is real hima im gonno rope


die failednorm





File: 1583782163261.png (1.57 MB, 800x975, 1583780714172.png)


paste soyshrine




fell for starting strength


that guy would look cooler with a shaved head


nice try norwood


mansion door guard



nice gyno



read vargs latest tweets arrogant babbling like always


why did he stop using bitchute


literally NOThing is going to happen and everywhere has toilet paper


he said too many trolls


left my door open because mom was gone but she came back and probably saw all the evan williams bottles in the corner of my room sigh i should clean this up before i get normrona



didnt know you could just walk into places and get a job that easily



wish my smv was high enough to do that but id just be arrested and have a panic attack




File: 1583785592126.png (2.17 MB, 1080x1920, 74968229_p0.png)


updated my bios


dont forget to get the newest cpu chipset on the processors website the one provided by the motherboards website is usually NOT the latest one


why should i do that


only norms still install chipset drivers


ive never heard of cpu drivers


huh they do exist ok im gonno install it


simply emerge --update --ask @world


what you said


hes a hacker


File: 1583786257648.jpg (311.23 KB, 1528x2046, gamer.jpg)


remembering being called a hacker after doing that one thing i shouldnt have done on hima


you were hacking norm


none of the newteens will know what youre talking about but i remember flip you for doing it


mom made burgs


liking windows 10 should have switched years ago


File: 1583786811652.png (1.69 MB, 1191x1816, __narmaya_granblue_fantasy_drawn_by_nekoshoko_….png)


thats how it works ive been at this job for almost two years and all i did was walk in and start copying what other people were doing without saying anything


File: 1583786934302.png (2.95 MB, 1200x1463, fatmagik.png)


accidentally clicked microsoft to do lists tasks & reminders and it started downloading


wish i could touch this image



sigh shes so cute



sigh thought life wasnt worth living anymore but then vtubers came


no more grains no more starch no more sugar only saturated fat proteins and vegetables anyone joining me


die vfoid worshipper


love worshipping i must worship


they make me happy its NOT worshipping


File: 1583787825434.webm (4.84 MB, 686x720, miko numa.webm)


nice numatard


getting tested for corona hima


youre pozzed


myyyy myyy myyyyyyyeeeeeee ayeeeeee my corona


its over for me



defiantly NOT clicking that


hating foids is becoming mainstream because all non chads are now exposed to the evil of the foid


love foids


the norms made being a mentally ill depressed virg gamer shut-in manbaby cool have to come up with a new gimmick they havent co-opted


become the next jack the ripper


gth beauford


all you have to do is game



thought i was good at gaming turns out even foids are better than me


gaming is a state of mind you dont have to be good at it you just need to be gaming to game


im a gamer i game


simple as that


moms making pasta for when i wake up gonno snooze


what kind


keep your carbs low


hell yeah going to fire up some modern blopfare tomorrow




looks absolutely NOThing like cod the 150 players thing has already been done did no one play mag


whats mag



hehe remember mag



the test is submitted


cleaned the toilet and the bathroom while mom vacuumed gonno finish up tomorrow and move all of my empty boxes and old electronics to the basement


throw that junk in the garbage


File: 1583791150835.png (2.4 MB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Murenase! Seton Gakuen - 10 [10….png)


save me


just took a big fat based in your cereal and theres NOThing you can do about it


die teen


might fire up a nice neet feast of 50 chicken nuggetless wings


heck ya


you cant talk to nb like that


think i have a skin infection on my face


should i watch this


its good for a laugh



embed or i skip


you cant embed a timestamp


gonno embed my dick in your arse if you arent careful


then i skip


wasnt me


NOT much point in experimenting with new mousetrap architectures when the ol spinning log covering in peanut butter over a bucket of water works so well


die norm


told mom i would do this to save money on traps but she said she didnt want to see a bucket full of dead mice every day and have to ask me to get rid of it


how am i a norm


love sloshing the mouse water on mom


you and your discordpals have killed this board die


i dont use discord


according to the raiders you do


cant believe they made an entire event centered around manservants this is hell


frozen fish for dinner have to give up on the low carb meme sigh


mindblowing that the norms want me to die for NOT having a job NOT contributing anything and being low smv


got into a big argument with mom because she added up all of her receipts and thinks shes spending $1000 in groceries when she had all of her personal items like makeup and dog treats in them it actually came out to $357 for food i told her to get her lazy neet ass out of here and never speak to me again because shes NOT mooching off of me like a fool if i cant lay around doing NOThing as a neet then no one can




make up is more important than food without it she would lose her female privilege


wish i was smart enough to convince foids they need to spend thousands of dollars on dirt to smear on their faces


you wouldnt understand


File: 1583794046047.webm (259.38 KB, 1280x720, awo.webm)


wonder what will happen to the norms when they cant work


pink wolf girl is in heat


they will all rope after being forced to spend 12 hours alone in their rooms


cant wait for the norms to get quarantined in isolation


mindblowing that a ritual performed on a small spinoff imageboard resulted in a global pandemic



sigh wish i was back gaming on the n64


thought it was march 1 for some reason


moms old email has my first email listed as a child account but i cant log into it


you got backed by the norms


almost crying thinking how dumb mom is


i bet im dumber than your mom


at least you didnt inherit her stupidity



uhhhh haha



still remember the day when i was asking mom what the moon is composed of then asked her if she knows what the moon even is and she responded by saying its a star ill never forget that moment


how flipping dumb is she


hey mom before you go to work can you pick me up some more mountain dew code red and change my dipe thanks

dumb bitch doesnt even know what the moon is LMOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


i dont know socially shes pretty smart her basic arithmetic is faster than mine but her knowledge and common sense is extremely poor


hate when moms tardouts rub off on me


ban this norm


met a foid that thought falling stars were literally stars once


inherited the worst possible genes from mom and some mystery incel but have gotten 99 in everything unfortunately my 99 is the average persons 50


was she a sexy lady


but they are stars


ill likely never confront her over what she said and how offended i felt all i can do is persuade her into reading more books on science math once shes retired she wasnt born in the us so ill also help her with her english


paste eslmom


mom may as well be esl barely understand half the things she says


shes also aware of her mental decline she said she took a lot of anti depressants growing up being a farm girl with an alcoholic dad isnt easy


wouldnt mind breeding a nice farmgf


no she was 18


tell it to the judge


saw a tranny call the medication skittles gods damned perverts


ban the eastern european norm


kitty smells like piss


yeah they call them titty skittles


kitty kitty or kitty


thats just chisha he frequently posts here and hes a discord tranny his nudes leaked already


die cordnorms


File: 1583797361560.png (27.98 KB, 171x229, piss.PNG)


the flippin cat smells like it pissed itself






hope mom wins the lottery and gives me enough money to live on my own so i can tard out for the few years i have left before my body starts breaking down


was gonno jo but put my bone away after the spermstink hit my nose


would continue to live with mom even if i was rich



ya gonno darkshower soon


why would they call them titty skittles the hell is wrong with them


full moon tonight hima


gona howl


stuck outside on the night of the hunt are ya


lasagna is in the oven hima


the night of the hunt theres no time for lasagna


hey guys just woke up


File: 1583799674213.jpg (377.88 KB, 1802x2687, 300d1599bc6b196185a6d5c9f9a174bf.jpg)


sigh shes so pretty


too revealing if i get mo im gonno use her in the armor with the helm off


me too armor with the helm off is the way to go


same thats respectful


the moon is absolutely beautiful tonight hima


its stunning


should i fall for the feather meme only have two generic blades left


only use wilkinson




uh what


eating a burg the bun is toasted to shit NOT that good


hate toasted buns it ruins the burger flavor


yea burg was shite the toasted bun was too strong


cant tell the difference between toasted and NOT toasted


love a good toast


what about the crunch


studying my boy yuta to jbw effectively


sigh haato got tricked into hitting alt f4




what about an aris beard


aris is basted


gonno go for the zz top beard look


gonno puke




yall some mfing queers on god




me when the norms decide to test my patience


File: 1583802275842.webm (4 MB, 1280x720, 1581743115413.webm)


wish i wasnt such a worry wart all the virus talk makes me scared i imagine the worst


me too hopefully the summer heat kills it off


it wont


cant believe theres a case an hour from where i live and they still havent reported it mindblowing im one of the few people in the world who can see firsthand how the government keeps information from the public right now people still believe my state is clean


craving something sweet


i might be infected myself


mom made cinnamon rolls


what does it even matter you cant do anything about it if you didnt already gather supplies to stay in isolation for a month or two why are you surprised that your government lies to the public


one of these days theres going to be a spider in my slippers and its gonno bite me


because people just assume the government lies all the time without proof this time i know beyond a shadow of a doubt they are lying


theres tons of proof


is there


File: 1583802930065.gif (358.2 KB, 478x358, magikarp.gif)


imagine if you could snap in this game..


paste flapper sexy lady


i trust the governments word over yours


sigh shes just like me


himas bugging out again posts arent loadin


used to do this all the time on moms bed


its just you


it fixed itself when i posted


how do norms have the time to have hobbies and jobs and practice skills and have social lives and work out

i wake up and the day is over before im even aware its started


they dont do those things they just say they do


File: 1583803717618.jpg (500.8 KB, 1200x816, 4d7e17439fa095ddb8266000a99154b0.jpg)

hate when this happens


cant commit to anything cant concentrate on anything always feel like the world is about to end at any second dont know how norms can do it besides constant practice



hate new pixel art games hate platformers




vr trannies


NOThin wrong with using a girl avatar in vr chat


File: 1583805703565.png (708.36 KB, 1016x675, a58be649c00ed98.png)

they know


does that have to do with being a tranny


uh is that artstyle familiar to anyone else


File: 1583805850439.jpg (76.39 KB, 750x934, f9w14le39dq21.jpg)


meant to spoiler that


wish i could function


can you game




why NOT


im tard


even the tardest tards can play pokemon fire up a nice emulator and get to gaming


i already played it 20 years ago


wish i was a member of genshiken


they were norms


they could have been my friends if i was a member


paste chinese bioweapon going entirely as planned


sigh his life was so adventurous and everyone wanted to give him money i was supposed to live a life like that


love the crunch


NOThin better than a nice crunchy pickle with lots of garlic none of that sweet and buttery or even only
dill just a garlic pickle


what about some pickled garlic


thats NOT a pickle


got the urge to ferment


Although he had killed people and engaged in shootouts with the police, the circumstances (namely, that he believed that the war was still ongoing) were taken into consideration, and Onoda received a pardon from President Ferdinand Marcos.

paste pinoy recognized his better


how was his luck so good


File: 1583808345117.jpg (155.54 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Murenase! Seton Gakuen - 10 [72….jpg)


he was a gamer


File: 1583808539529.jpg (134.12 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Murenase! Seton Gakuen - 10 [72….jpg)

mindblowing that this little slut has a slimy wet pussy and is ready for copulation


she cant help it


she just needs a good boosting


shes a gamer


does anyone play habbo add me my username is haysuz


wonder what its like to be emperor of japan


its NOT that great


poor grannies in those heavy hot robes they need to end this barbaric ritual


dont acknowledge the new emperor


you dont have a say here



love how foids scream at everything




mom screams at everything hate it


they do it because it makes them popular


File: 1583810898280.webm (719.45 KB, 1280x720, tasty kok.webm)


wish i could nibble on mastsuris chubby belly irl


does anyone know when new horizons comes out




do you think they did that on purpose for the marijuana smokers


File: 1583811725811.jpg (6.93 MB, 2892x4093, 0010.jpg)

arbok no


kitty is sleeping right next to me


might buy a violin hima


do marijuana smokers play animal crossing


how did you find out


dumb bitch how could you even get into that situation


File: 1583812649280.png (3.19 KB, 88x90, ふといホネ.png)


remember tardlaughing hearing people using a bong or eating in games with voicechat


sigh xbox live


norm shite


remember that one time ken took a bong hit on on stream



i think amanda milk fournier does


milg doesnt do drugs


she lives in california thats more than enough to know she tokes up with the frat bros at coachella every weekend


shes NOT a druggie


i hung out with her and we smoked


you didnt


NOT everyone in california does drugs


i did
9/10 people in california smoke weed


you didnt


yes i did


milk is a stupid cunt




stouts was there too


never happened milk is too pure to take drugs




wish seki would rangeban haysuz


is that true is that why normifornians and normnadians are so flipped in the head


im from canada


blaze it up nigga



went to the store picked up wine and c dog supplies time to crack it and feast whos with me


wish i had a nice cdog


just finished feasting ate half a thing of strawberry icecreams and a bag of beef jerky after a daves bacon deluxe


cant eat like that anymore i dont have a gut of iron like i used to


File: 1583815000710.png (67.82 KB, 213x351, snackhaul.png)




now its time to bust out the wine right


this fat little freak is really gorging shaking my damn head




just get this faggot out of here already come the hell on janny


File: 1583815267013.webm (154.57 KB, 960x540, 1583722130923.webm)


too hot in my room to wear a sweatshirt too cold to be shirtless now the raid hours are starting sigh flip this





snuggle up in bed with a bag of wine


kon kon


File: 1583815827399.webm (693.99 KB, 1280x720, 1458684271715.webm)


i like it




hate that worthless taco eater haysuz


dont ever ping me on discord ever againmoron




File: 1583816699894.webm (1.77 MB, 1280x720, 1574396355904.webm)


some norm already linked it didnt understand it the first time NOT gonno watch it this time


paste cmilk


already linked what


that normwebm


hate normsuz


stop saying its name


don't call me an it its ma'am


NOT until he stops posting


File: 1583817151521.gif (1.54 MB, 540x304, 1565051508988.gif)


its ma'am


watching the logh prequel ovas now hima


don't talk to me


File: 1583817788395.webm (1.02 MB, 960x540, ababbababaa.webm)


File: 1583817827024.webm (442.44 KB, 1280x720, 1566643757510.webm)


File: 1583818130851.png (Spoiler Image, 18.07 MB, 2894x4093, 77912087_p0.png)


File: 1583818156143.webm (976.25 KB, 1280x720, 1566314554477.webm)


did chii chan die


File: 1583818320391.webm (1.74 MB, 1280x720, Natsuiro Matsuri screamer.webm)


post the comic lo one


go back to your tranny erp discord haysuz


hes using aNOTher account @としあき#1383


NOT if you arent there


wife just had a baby hima gonno make him do all the farm work from now on hehe


are you sure it's a boy


will you feed him skittles in his baby bottle



hope you circumcised him


no one sucks his dick you freak



File: 1583819513782.webm (484.39 KB, 508x646, 1583256835993.webm)


like how retarded haysuz is




its NOT a screamer


stop lying


you can't talk about me like that


havin some c dogs


how do you make them


its a recipe of my own creation


felt sleepy in my dream so i fell asleep on a couch and woke up in the same dream later

unfortunately it wasnt a cool dream


it never is the norms even stole dreams from us


why would you want to have a gay dream


flip you dreams own


i have nightmares while living this nightmare i cannever catch a break


unironically never had a nightmare worse than the one i wake up to daily


being 210 10%bf asst 6'1" is defiantly a nightmare 😑


all i need is to wake up tomorrow with perfect posture and the motivation to continue good habits longer than one day


why would you need those things


scheduled a blood test for wednesday morning


i need a jumpstart to keep the bad thoughts at bay


did you get pozzed


dont talk to turt like that freak


die worshipper go back to discord already


i already maintain good posture im NOT that guy


im talking the guy who asked if you got pozzed




its 2020


so tired feels like ive lived for so long wonder if old people start forgetting things solely so they dont go insane


File: 1583824714211.png (15.96 KB, 1021x92, 52ade31e9048d44b5d83c73a4ecda037.png)

sick of hearing about the chink virus wish itd wipe out half the population and end so people shut up about it


hate corporations


mindblowing that carbs and sugar are the same to the body


love when brain rewards me for eating junk food


going to cut out sugar and keep to no more than 200 grams of carbohydrates with the rest in fat and protein


i don't care


took a nap whats happening


the raid is still ongoing


uhh raid haha


woke up hi






die discordteen


drinkin and cryin


i said woke up hi


sigh everyones off to work


forgot to blog the dream where my mom bought me 2 ferraris for learning to drive then i had a follow up dream where i owned 3


sounds like a norm dream


when i woke up i wondered why i was dreaming about sexy ladies instead


ate some rice paddies with currant jam off to work now


hope you die on the job norm


havent seen any vtuber webms today


merchandisers never die


fired up kidpix


File: 1583836327622.jpeg (134.28 KB, 1280x801, TELEMMGLPICT000226304005_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqwD….jpeg)


any drinkers


seki put the dancing girl back


back raider


File: 1583837094691.mp4 (3.46 MB, wake the flip up.mp4)


can you add a poll option for a hima vtuber


hashbrown time


die minority


File: 1583839013481.mp3 (79.32 KB, ars.mp3)


gonno bake up some sausages and taters


face it turt the reason youre always making excuses and never actually trying is because youre afraid you cant beat my lucina


gonno rageshower



I check the actual samples that have had revisions or are new frames, the parts were cut for the 5702-42 and were on the buggy. I don’t have time to stand around on the floor checking production frames while maintaining my other duties to an acceptable degree.
If this is a problem I will train my replacement.

feels like every couple of weeks i have to put my foot down with these norms
id be really surprised if they ever got the balls up to fire me im too good


translate it smartnorm


he said they are asking him to do too much so hes either quitting or demands a raise


theyve all been in here but none of them have said anything
pathetic norms go back to work and flip off


File: 1583847600503.jpg (Spoiler Image, 147.39 KB, 1920x1440, 3nDvuCW.jpg)


File: 1583848738824.webm (4.07 MB, 758x720, tsunomaki.webm)


gonno s nooze


think i have fleas


dont mind fleas until i NOTice they exist and then i declare war



dont remind me that that dipe eating freak exists


sigh pnig wouldve loved playing tetris 99



drainage neetblog you boy


woke up fried up some burgs



File: 1583854799979.png (1.4 MB, 1570x825, 1583852044899.png)


die norm


File: 1583855550876.gif (382.96 KB, 224x208, dance.gif)

the results are in bring her back


plane tickets are real cheap right now hima


anyone else sometimes dreams that they flipped sis


less than $650 round trip to japan ill be sure to keep that in mind if i decide to have my wallet stolen or to get terrible foot blisters or get mogged or lost half a dozen times




gonno buy the cheapest flight to japan and jbw with turt and pnig


sigh haachama


hate that dumb vbitch


watching sheep girl



blopfare update paused while i was snoozing for some reason and now i still have 74 minutes left


every minute i spend in the shiterealm pains me im wasting valuable time i could be spending in the anime world


youd be a faceless nameless background character with no lines


thats what i am here


NOThing but a fat hairy sweaty faceless background character with a fat cock


any sheep


no sheep sorry


File: 1583860407527.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.9 MB, 1067x600, sheep.webm)


expected the oog monkey guy


File: 1583862175420.jpg (7.22 MB, 6000x4000, 79162195_p0.jpg)


one small lick is all i ask for


twenty five percent of 2020 is already gone hows youre real life going hima


youre was a typo


thought my real life would begin in 2020 but everything is still the same


why are her feet covering 2/3rds of the image


ill start tomorrow


BREAKING: Gov. Roy Cooper has declared a State of Emergency over the recent outbreak of coronavirus in North Carolina.


good thing NOThing important lives or happens in north carolina


hope sanfran gets wiped out


sigh it was raining and i was gonno snooze hard but now its sunny what the flip


you cant waste precious rain time snoozing


thats the focus


turt is the most important hima poster


love rain love storms love cloudy days love moonlight hate the sun


hope you mates have enough tp and food stocked and enough money to cover your bills for a couple of months


been ready for months gonno miss fastfood but cant risk it everywhere is a hotzone gonno stay in the bunker for atleast six months probably more


right when my real life was beginning sigh guess ill have to stay a hikineet for aNOTher year


applied to walmart as a stocker and a cashier it was the last thing i wanted to apply as but im getting desperate now
gonno reapply to target too they cant keep rejecting me


we are we are walmart


how hard can it be to get a job at target


its just a flu whats the big deal


had a cyst on the underside of my thigh just spent 30 minutes picking at it and carving away at my skin until i finally found the culprit it was an ingrown hair all coiled up in there and it is still leaking pus was a little worried it was a bug bite or bug eggs or something


were all going to die hopefully the neohimas first


what happened to the italymate is he in quarantine


he was the otamin


hes flipping quarantined


hope im actually mentally ill so the government will give me money to neet it up instead of being forced to go to a different state when mom retires


his name is teenmin


isnt he the duegmin


target is the highest sought job since they pay 14 an hour


isnt that pastaguy


getting second hand embarrassment reading this really really hope youre teen


no hes the basedmin


File: 1583866804486.webm (842.01 KB, 480x360, AOpNTpra6US8wQyT.webm)


nani kore


nah hes teenmin




dont call him out as being new hes probably avoidant schizoid now hell never post again


his fault for NOT checking the wiki


NOT funny die


lame as hell just bring back the drawing thing


you mena oekaki


dont i got drawmogged hard last time


File: 1583867980296-0.jpg (2.02 MB, 3354x2937, 01 - Box Front.jpg)

File: 1583867980296-1.mp3 (11.68 MB, 11 - Throes Of Rejection.mp3)


paste japanese pressing


wish i could go back to the days of my teenrage now i feel NOThing im but a hallow husk


loved oekaki sigh


seki still hasnt fixed aa and its been broken for over a year theres no hope left none at all


still raging at how himako never added checkers


new board


theres checkers if you use warosu style


once the flames of my rage die out ill lose all will to live and thats when the rope will come for me


ill never rope im a coward through and through


never using the warosu style since theres no red chatboxes


sigh warosu


cant believe the supposed high iq himaposters fell for the wuhan hoax


dont really miss warosu used it everyday for years but it never felt like uh i cant really describe it its like i wasnt really part of something


gth uhnorm


thats how hima feels now


whats the point it came it went its over


NOThings gonno happen until pnig comes back simple as that


File: 1583868910421.jpg (833.21 KB, 2384x1664, jo.jpg)


nice cheesy sauce


watched sheep all day what did you accomplish



neohimas time is over now too


youre right cant even think of what id say if pnig returned and he asked what happened while he was gone NOThing happened


a miserable day and $ 132 credited to my bank account by the end of the week its NOT worth it


thats what i said


id tell him to get to reading in chronological order but hes a skipper


well the board is mostly norms now and late night is unusable


if you want the truhima experience you gotta hop on scape and join the hima cc


scape already stole 5194 hours of my life NOT letting it steal aNOTher


no one on hima scapes anymore


dont know what im going to do if i cant start escaping into anime again


File: 1583870599556.jpg (45.92 KB, 1080x360, IMG_20200307_194354.jpg)

im nordic




nah requires too much energy


NOT if you play tardgames


went to the kitchen and made some eggs theyve been sitting in front of me for half an hour too depressed to eat them


sigh 6egg


simply fire up some eve online


File: 1583871699234.mp4 (1.66 MB, sheep.mp4)


thats a smartnorm game


File: 1583873110325.mp4 (495.13 KB, 1580179402338.mp4)



looks shite how about some manime


happy big thursday


i dont have a bakabt account anymore


time for a nice benantokajo




dont like any of these voice actors sigh


fire up some logh the most manime of all anime


already told you the time isnt right


youre gonno die from coronavirus and then what


File: 1583873905669.jpg (80.91 KB, 670x1024, 80028662_p0.jpg)

hate it when girls send me pics like this




because sex disgusts me


thought it was wednesday im raging


whats so great about wednesday


family situation is about to get a whole lot worse


is your gf moving in


wednesdays are pasted


NOT going to be allowed to be a skinnyfat mentally ill avoidant paranoid babyman much longer


raging hard mom forgot to pay the internet bill now im NOT gonno have internet till friday


really hope what i overheard doesnt happen before im able to get this virus and die


whos moving in tell us


cant believe more janny is what people want most other than pnigs little whore




isnt that onsekis thing




what happened youre giving me a panic attack


hate the worryer


there is something that must be confessed


watching aris



watch sheep


love having to dumb down my humor just enough so that norms dont think im serious thus activate their cringe sensor but NOT so much that they think im being too obvious thus activate their cringe sensor


weird just read this post in an old screenshot


but i already watched all two hours of that


fuck sheep and the whole hagdrag orbit clique


maybe i should start exercising today




beat rune factory in time for animal crossing hehe hope hima has a name for their island ready


what did you think of this weeks saul episode pnig


the jans have paid siz to spam the board in order to make people think they want more moderation they cant remember the days of the pnig gestapo


dads making cofee




File: 1583879437348.jpg (2.18 MB, 4000x4000, __original_drawn_by_a_x__ca965d34915308ca9c139….jpg)


poor girl shes gonno have back problems


havin some of that coffee phew


wish i could get this disease already tired of thinking about it lets get it over with before mom gets it first and i have to figure out how to take care of her and myself


i dont want to get it because then mom will get it and she might die


how old is your mom




thats young


tried watching that dont like the podcast type of video i feel left out


moms 44


wait no you were supposed to replace ac with rf arent you fully satisfied now



im 28


phew sexy teenmom


File: 1583880506023.jpg (1.3 MB, 842x1200, 79658778_p0.jpg)


manservant yuck


whats wrong with men


gonno eat a block of cheese


post mordred instead


File: 1583881561844.webm (Spoiler Image, 4.84 MB, 686x720, 1582983340180.webm)



File: 1583881726107.jpg (139.83 KB, 896x1299, 2af119dc573394ca03342383abb847ca.jpg)


carbed out sigh too depressed to eat so i only bother eating things that give me a sugar and dopamine boost




im having a milkshake


where did you get a milkshake from


the corona scare is getting worse


coronachan gains more power to defeat the norms



im having a big ole covfefe


its too late for coffee


hope your heart explodes caffeine norm


would eat much differently if i could buy my own food but i guess it wasnt meant to be


simply go to the store


File: 1583882690304.jpg (66.31 KB, 706x900, jj4pfg0fvvl41.jpg)


File: 1583882793275.png (571.52 KB, 640x711, 033565487104_n.png)




leave him alone i like memes


rev up your engines


terrified of every aspect of driving hope i die before mom is too old to drive herself


used to be like that would even have nightmares related to driving or being forced to drive in an emergency but after you get the hang if it its pretty easy


File: 1583883210794.jpg (146.96 KB, 2200x600, 0AFugeu.jpg)


whats scary about driving youre just rolling around


do you want the list i wrote last week


hima mom is sending me into the hotzone for groceries wish me luck im wearing a mask gloves and a coat i will avoid touching my face at all times and when i get back im throwing all my clothes into the washer and taking a steaming hot shower while leaving any food item thats NOT cold outside in the sun for a couple hours this is crucial see you soon


no i dont want your dumb list of irrational fears


wheres chisha the tranny


up your ass


sigh NOThing can cure the 4 way stop panic attacks


i got your nudes mateo


hoo boy hima they just confirmed my state for coronavirus positive took them long enough mom just told me to go buy a couple things of water


why would you need to buy water you can just turn on the tap


why water


sexy little lancelot


everyone else is buying water so youre supposed to buy it aswell thats how it works during pandemics


my state is corona pos


leaving the house
sensation of speed
being surrounded by insane norms also in cars
talking to a mechanic
too weak to change a tire or other repairs
dont know how to buy parts or maintain it
being in an accident and looking at the ground while some norm screams at me
being in an accident and NOT dying
mom making me get a job to pay for gas


you have ocd




before i started driving i thought id drive an automatic like an old man but going fast and shifting gears is so much fun


got my learners permit a few days ago to start practicing driving
am i right about car insurance that youre required to have it and you have to pay the bill every month or youll be arrested




think the law varies by state


dont think you can be arrested for NOT having insurance worst they can to is fine you and put a mark on your license


they can tow your car


i think they suspend your license here




flapperlaughing imagining some neet in a geo tracker totaling some officenorms 100 thousand dollar sedan


i game


sigh a ton of these vids got removed its all crumbling away hima


your discord tranny friends dont post here haysuz


dont be sad that its over be happy that it happened


thats NOT me


File: 1583885519163.jpg (719.11 KB, 1069x857, 1087c68e80eaed0f55ab5e574f7b97ca.jpg)

used to look at houses like this and think they were rich and wonder what their lives were like id always imagine them as having a lot of family dinners and being the type of people that wear pajamas to bed and sweater vests when they attend those big family dinners i mentioned


never NOT slept in my underwear


used to wonder how people afforded expensive cars and big houses then i grew up and realized people were just retarded with finances including mom


probably some autistic neet playing wow for 16 hours a day behind that little circular window


looks like a shithole too neighbors 10 feet away concrete everywhere and sidewalks encouraging criminals to rob you probably loud as hell at all hours


hate norms


love concrete


NOThin better


wish my name was norman


coughing so much i started coughing up blood


tried getting my little sister into anime didnt work


just snap her


thats NOT possible if youre making low wages like i will


File: 1583886311363.webm (Spoiler Image, 490.87 KB, 854x480, norm.webm)


used to think humans would colonize space but now i realize that weve almost reached the upper limit of what we can do with our intelligence


File: 1583886372794.jpg (14.89 KB, 149x237, 61292.jpg)


show her eromanga sensi


wasnt eromanga supposed to be a huge hit


i showed her takagi san




crazy how many man hours have gone into developing hardware and software that can draw 3d graphics to a screen for no other reason than that its economically viable


bored wonder if i should game or watch anime


big bros xbox game pass sub ran out now i cant play final fantasy xv


File: 1583887081455.jpg (359.53 KB, 651x921, ESycjEFUYAAYDss.jpg)


6 people in my neighborhood have corona im flipped


quick quote your posts so i can create a persona for you in my mind and fill in the gaps in the thread while youre quarantined


is anyone streaming space brothers


streaming a jo





howdy neighbor


love watching turt jo






we have peaked as an species because the only things that get any atention are the ones that make some fat norm loads of money


File: 1583888644253.webm (154.57 KB, 960x540, 1583722130923.webm)


File: 1583888708334.webm (499.46 KB, 272x280, 327.webm)






File: 1583888877494.mp4 (1.21 MB, 1582685273403.mp4)


crying watching space brothers this could be me and turt


File: 1583888998342.webm (4 MB, 1280x720, 1581743115413.webm)




guy asked me if i was half asian today


are you


i just have a lot of japanese spirit


hehe people ask me that a lot because of my eyes but im white as can be


back from the hotzone its looking grim no tp little soap little water i went too two stores its getting hit hard also mom is coughing and two weeks ago she went to the parades and im assuming the corona positive guy was there aswell meanwhile dads saying its just a cold ignore it just stick a fork in me im flippin done


no one has ever questioned my race




co worker came to work without his hat and saw hes norwooding hes one of the rare few guys whos shorter than i am yet he cracks the most jokes how does he do it


hes NOT a braindead failednorm teen like you for one


how short are you




thats the average girl height


no dont say that


height is meaningless


damn good chicken hima damn good


did you just figure out im actually a girl


its impossible for a girl to find hima


im here


didnt care about height up until the final years of highschool where people called me short now im aware of it at all times people can be cruel


agps arent women


think i accidentally lead a girl to hima once or twice


die norm


himako is a girl remember that one sign she made for basedsuz


File: 1583889826488.webm (1.98 MB, 640x360, 1582231733892.webm)


hey nb im going to kfc to try the donut crispy chicken sandwich


neohima hours in full swing


have skipped for weeks at a time without effort when hima was bad but i cant break the cycle anymore too depressed



mindblowing my life is in mortal danger and constant peril because a couple chinks decided they wanted to eat a bat


watching kripp


your life has been like that since day one because of the norms you just are normally unaware


i need to send some money to mexico


shall i dawn the n95




hope coby is doing alright


whip out the 95 dont let yourself be comprimised wear it indoors aswell


whos coby


cant stand neohima flip this im gonno game


stream it


your life is in mortal danger every time you walk out the front door just takes one dumb norm to get drunk and ram a car up your ass


really stupid pun


hoo boy hima cleaned everything upstairs washed dusted vacuumed and moved all the useless junk out then darkshowered everything is in order gonno crack and game


if i can muster the strength to move i might fire up bloodborne



gonno stream some dark souls


hate ds3 dont make me reinstall that shite


do some pvp


whats your soul level


dont you feel remorseful killing those sentient creatures


owned those neetslugs


its my first time playing so i dont hate nor love it


NOT if they attack first


die norm


dont call him a norm


im a recovering darkie


liked ds3 for the first playthrough but wouldnt play it again like the older games


sunk thousands of hours into pvp and never got good


id rather watch a vtuber play


think かくしごと might be the worst pun ive ever heard


was too avoidant to do pvp






only did pvp if i was good at it


should i play call of duty warzone


kill this flippin thing its a monster


paste jumper



youre getting smacked


you have to defeat him with your wits



dont remember dying to that giant once but dont know what i did


im scared i just want to recover my souls


should have unplugged the ps3 before you died so you dont lose your souls


dont think pouring some sugarwater on top of an egg is all you need to make pudding


should i get links awakening or breath of the wild


breath of the wild


neither play a mans game NOT one for children


File: 1583892076563.jpg (46.24 KB, 650x365, hehe.jpg)

wear this




anyone cracking some brewskis tonight


cracked a tastii kok


too late for that its almost bed time



gonno buy a case tomorrow to keep me hydrated when i get a fever


cant tell if im hungry or thats just the stomach ulcers


told the black guy at target serving me that links awakening looked childish


do i have to kill both giants


was he talking to you about it


i was instructing him which to grab for me


its easier to just hug his feet


what game did you ask for


still dont know what estus is


hes too powerful


i got breath of the wild and the ace tennis one and a 20 dollar card to buy melbits world


stop paying for video games


cant wait to pay for nioh 2 tomorrow


might play some league of legend


enjoy botw


havent played anymore links awakening since november


just go right up and flip his feet


target was a mess there was so many people im real sweaty from the anxiety


youre sweaty from the virus


weeb has become such a bastardized word enjoying anything japanese will land you that label




did you like the first one




got over my social anxiety because i no longer see norms as anything but annoyances between me and the end goal of getting back to my room


i went to go make frozen pizza and youre still in the catherdral what the flip


were any target shelves empty


i saw an older lady today wearing a mask


wish we still wore robes


File: 1583894398061.webm (202.93 KB, 1000x732, 1583893193627.webm)


yes a lot mostly cleaning stuff and toilet paper


why are people stocking up on tp


its the currency of the new world


youre suppopsed to


nice blog swarm boss


thats a good way to look at it i used to do that when i went to the gym now im just a fat slob


hehe i do that too


what if the norms are in your house what do you do


initiate lockdown protocols and evacuate to the room


tp makes sense but stocking up on cleaning supplies doesnt youre more likely to get infected by an airborne virus than one sitting on your kitchen countertop


do the tall ones lower the bar


tp does NOT make sense you can just wash your ass


isnt it just the glowing ones



nice pro gamer its my first time playing ok


turn this shit off and play some bloodborne




sexy female knight


are you really going to wash your ass 2-3 times a day


no just once


shite out one huge continuous picture perfect neetlog every morning after i have my covfef


die non splatterer


have to wipe my ass before washing it dont want to get shite everywhere


tardlaughed when i went to the store and saw the tp aisle was completely ransacked and barren along with the tissues and paper towels


hes jestermaxxing its his only hope


NOTiced that today too but didnt know why


its because lots of tp is made in china so some mainstream media did bad faith reports saying theres NOT gonno be any


mindblowing that there are "people" out there still smearing shite on themselves with slips of paper like brainless apes


File: 1583896047957.jpg (704.45 KB, 2448x3264, ajysp5bzapjy.jpg)

been using the superior shite gun for nearly ten years now


i wet it with the sink its the best of both worlds


mom found the pig toilet


vision blurred and tongue went numb during deadlifting the blurring thing happens all the time but the tongue one is new probably one more step to actually passing out


can just use a napkin to take care of the large debris and then deal with the rest in the shower no big deal


always wipe a minimum of 10 times then do a check wipe an hour later in case it starts leaking


why is it covered in shite


tard laughing as link swings a tree branch


love japanese propaganda everything is so orderly and non-confrontational


eating half baked milkshake playing botw this is the dream


whatever you do go to gerudo last




it has the hardest mini boss its worth it to do the others first


Tatiana was born at the Denver Zoo on June 27, 2003, and was brought to the San Francisco Zoo on December 16, 2005, to provide the 14-year-old Siberian tiger, Tony, with a mate.

after aliens come and abduct me for their interstellar zoo i wonder if theyll provide me with a mate


they arent giving you a two year old sick freak


hate those enemies



ok ill go to gerudo last


cant wait to decline to mate or do anything at all and make them rage like the based pandacels


they will just use you as a fluffer for the bulls if you did that


File: 1583898241147.png (76.98 KB, 545x645, 001.png)

the dumb flips would get humans the wrong species of female


gonno jo off my bone off and snooze


never playing breath of the norms


thats fine my soulmate probably isnt human anyway considering ive never come across a foid that wasnt obnoxious


wish theyd make a new dark souls but easy so i can play


rage quitter


no you dont understand im hungry and sleepy so im gonno feast and snooze


gonno die from corona


nice video game journalist


tarded out andthrew my sword by accident



im the only true tard on hima


no that would be me


nah youre a gaming genuis just like everybody else meanwhile i died three times to the abyss watcher


wish mom wasnt so clingy


i dont game


thats why youre tard gaming raises your intelligence


might make some c dogs


would have been cursed into normhood if mom hadnt handed me that controller at 2 years old


File: 1583900904837.png (795 B, 92x26, hone.PNG)

nice hone


gaming rots your brain


except for nintendo games they expand it


anyone else like melbits world


got a canker sore


looks like a great game for a 3 year old girl why do you ask


i got 20 dollar card for the shop think i might buy it


i like puzzles please dont judge me


you can buy final fantasy 9 with that kind of money or the dlc for botw


buy princess prison instead


stream ff9


fired up bloodborne damn good game


damn good


damn awful game


awfully good


it pinches ass


just got buggered



damn good


gth darkies


is the dlc worth it


if youre gonno beat the game ya
it comes with a map feature that shows you the history of everyone youve walked which is really useful
theres some postgame quests and then armor from the previous games is hidden throughout hyrule


i have the mind of a three year old girl


even if i could game or watch anime again what would be the point the good times arent coming back im already at the endgame content there isnt anything else


tried to snooze but the norms started assailing my psyche so i took some snooze pills now im tarding out


what pills


the snooze ones


how do i beat that thing stuck in the ground pointing lasers at me my bombs arent working


parry that flipper


you have to run from it youre NOT supposed to kill it


wish nero was part of saber wars too


might snooze


spent all my arrows trying to kill it


im gonno throw tickets at artoria and hope i get lucky


dont do it


should have parried it


File: 1583905014065.webm (1.68 MB, 1920x1080, owned.webm)


how do i cook


its over




how do i combine ingredients


watch some kay


how long do i have until the corona gets me


youre a young man in good health do NOT worry


the chinese already found that you can cure it with vitamin c


go to your inventory and choose to hold them and there should be a dialogue option over the fire


im NOT in good health


im probably already infected its over


same never wash my hands pick my nose rub my eyes and theres tons of infected people in my area


File: 1583906394889.gif (1.54 MB, 540x304, 1565051508988.gif)


hate non washers


its time for haato


tsunomaki tsunomaki tsunomaki tsunomaki


cant believe e3 was canceled its over


File: 1583906945783.webm (1.08 MB, 592x432, snooze pills.webm)


e3 has sucked for years its okay


mom yelled at me for going in her room and i left my switch charger in there


desperate times call for desperate measures


i cant go back she will get even more mad


feel like i have to shave and get a hair cut to break the cycle think the existential crisis of looking different can jumpstart me


dont bother youre going to die from corona anyway


no reason to do anything but drink blogs with hima and game the days away feasting on whatever we please flip the norms


cant enjoy that anymore due to the anxiety generated by being self-aware and living with mom


what else is there to do tell mom this is how it is and crack a blog


wish it was still that simple



what is brooding over being self-aware going to change we never had a chance may as well enjoy ourselves however we can


File: 1583908515855.png (1.1 MB, 1280x720, 1573706313610.png)


File: 1583908569487.webm (785.14 KB, 1280x720, senk.webm)


wish i could enjoy myself


crack a blogweiser and let loose


alcohol just makes me feel sick now


still do those things just dont get any enjoyment from them they are simply tools to dull my brain for a few hours so i can experience calmness


oh i also got some baileys irish cream thought it was going to be a big gamer day


let us prepare for the offline blog