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nice ciel alter



hate 90s voices




dont cry


take me back to those days on rokkenjima


lets snooze hima





wait stay up for 3 more hours


wish i could still watch anime i know too much about the horrors of this world to escape into it anymore


sorry i cant


shite cover


no shes a girl you have to be nice


would love to feast on all those supplies but i cant i musnt


no girl has ever been nice to me


girls were nice to me


they probably thought you were special


girls never interact with me unless they can get something from me like cutting ahead of me in line or whatever they probably think im retard and dont see me as a threat


would never be able to be in a relationship with a girl because her presence would constantly remind myself that she settled for the least worse person she could find


how did you know


she would constantly be on the lookout to upgrade to a slightly better male


girl today apologized after starting to push her cart down the aisle as i walked in front of her just gave the death stare and walked on


loved when popular girls that ignored or treated me rudely were suddenly nice when they needed my help on a paper just to tell them i was having trouble too and then a minute later stand up and give the teacher my paper


feel nauseous every time i think about my lost pics aNOTher thing that was lost with that were the screenshots from osb and konduit


cant wait to wake up tomorrow and see the pandemics progress its like christmas


the norms are done for


get owned scapenorm


you cant say that



got the regular sodium v8 usually get the low


you cant stop that croc its already reached youkai status


sippin on a sugarwater but got NOThing to sip to sigh


just joined peta


anyone else listen to one vids audio track playing while watching a different one on mute


the dogs are in heat and since there are no male dogs they jump around trying to flip one aNOTher




cant believe i have the japanese flu what am i supposed to do




neet it up in a hospital


what the fuck did i ever do to you for you to hate me nb




i will after you tell me what i did wrong




how about you suck my dick fuck you bitch youre just aNOTher bully




thats NOT even me you dumb spic


fuck you bully




its always you fucking norms who dislike me for no reason


know what i have to do to enjoy things again but i probably wont sigh


eat shit and die nb fuck you


going to be happy when gaysuz gets infected and dies


ill be happy too you stupid norm this world isnt meant for freaks like me


love how sekis discordbros still havent left


you do realize ive been on hima long before you right


NOT possible kid


ya nope you werent norm go die somewhere


guess you were somehow using hima before september 2015


kill yourself freak i was there for your conception


die already norm


you first




you first norm


you are the norm go die


how am i the norm but you arent nice try


should i get the protein burg from hardees



im NOT asking you nb fuck off


you cant eat food prepared outside of your home




hope everyone has some sort of weapon for the impending collapse of society


i have my fencing sword and kendo sword


canada has the cure already norm


canada is dying right now


NOT before they release the cure


you are out of your mind


im NOT and they do


nah you are dumb as hell norm


mom wants to move to canada if trump wins


damn good country canada damn good


hello habibi


gonno have some mcds for breakfast


i only eat chik fil a for breakfast


gonno have a big breakfast with hotcakes


go to ihop


File: 1584086317365.png (Spoiler Image, 560.51 KB, 503x634, yx2sl81ghdm41.png)


what does that mean


what do you drink as a pre workout nb


i dont workout


how did you lose all that weight


cut out the sugar water


i ate less


so you didnt work out ?


how can someone lose weight without working out


mindblowing that there are some norms who actually believe you cant lose weight without working out few years ago had an argument with someone on the big 4 about this his assertion was that you quite literally cant lose fat from mere calorie restriction you would only lose muscle and he was so smug about it and 100% certain he was right made me rage


i dont use it because im NOT circumcised


got complimented for the first time on my muscles got told my traps are huge hell yeah


frequently have to remind myself NOT to interject for a moment when someone says something normdumb near me because theres too much stupidity in the world for anyone to ever correct and just because it happens to be near me doesnt mean i have t oget involved


File: 1589845851256.png (217.24 KB, 684x428, yudkowsky fat.png)

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