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keep spamming that trash and you will have your ass sent back to your discord faster than you can say plus ultra


never posted in discord bitch stop being so mindsnapped


hard to believe


sigh i lost my virginity to a girl in my thirties


ive analyzed over a million himaposts the bot probably hasnt even read fifty thousand dont make me warau


does a reasonably good job with midrange dependencies but overall pretty obvious this is a robot guess it could replace high school essay writers or black people though


wish i was white


why would you want to be a mutt


my next post is gonno be about scaping




play some xiv instead you can stream whatever you want


need a nice stream its been too long


might stream something tomorrow


gonno snooze


same see you in bed


same hope you all have sweet dreams


im dumber than a black high school student


File: 1581830244115.jpg (454.28 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Boku no Hero Academia - 81 [720….jpg)


holy flip


File: 1581830601567.jpg (21.13 KB, 500x491, Smoked_Salmon_Slice_1024x1024.jpg)






the moon is beautiful tonight


love a good moon


bot hours


love gazing at the moon and playing my shamisen


can you condition that model on the last few posts that were made


damn good fruityloops hima so good i might have seconds later tonight


manbaby palate


how truly mindblowing how badly i have flipped up my life despite having a very slight chance of making it if i had been some mindless numale at least i wouldnt be aware of how bad things are




the ritual


once we get cars itll all be uphill


what about bikes


pedal bike or motor bike





those only work in europe


get it


NOT really sorry


the ritual the ritual the ritual


he he


cant tell which posts are real and which ones are bot posts


ya might have to skip in the morning if its all gonno be senseless bot rambles


its 10 at night


i have gotten fat as fuck need to man up and stop being such a pussy exercise is the only thing that can get me out of this hole


sigh you can try but you know deep down its your genes


its easier to just eat fewer calories


deep down the piss bot posts gonno skip




wish mom would stop enabling my delusions i have been allowed to turn into such a demented goblin and if i dont fix things fast my life will be a literal hell on earth before you can say rope


shes NOT an enabler shes an enemy shes trying to stop you from happiness


if you saw me in public i would be immediately recognizable as a mentally ill virg do i have to start taking pills to blend in and destroy my sentience


mom piss


turn off the bot


big skip anything happen in the last week hima


where were you
did you go on vacation with your wife


no ive been gaming hard then had to get teeth surgery the other day


just the usual constant feelings of failure and desire to be dead


wish i could get teeth surgery


so you were with your wife and going to work


toothmaxxed now to call yaremchuk and ascend


5.2 comes out on the 18th hima


whenever you think about roping just think of trevor and how hes still putting up a fight


trevs a norm


trevs still more norm than me


hate that norm and the teen followers die


hes older though hes felt more of the burn


we still have an alliance with gnfos


new trick to expel built up fart odor from room simply place a carbon filter over the air conditioner cold air exhaust
likewise to expel a fresh fart odor simply wave the carbon filter around your nose until it sucks it all up


hate all the jp personas i place far too much importance on them in how i live my life


love zunbar and saten


never understood why normbar had worshipers


wheres my japanese ybwgf named reiko


nopersona on hima nopersona in real life


wish i had a magic ball that was filled with every thought someone had about me in the last 24 hours just so i can correct all the things i do wrong and become a norm


record your virgin walk and virgin breathing
ive done these on accident before and promptly put in effort to fix them


have to live with permanent tardbreathing since my nose is broken


oog and piss


constantly paranoid about my posture in public but hunch over drooling in front of the rectangle for the other 95% of my year so dont have the muscle to do it without thinking




realized that a fork is much better for ice cream than a spoon


all it takes is a week or so of consciously doing something and after that its cemented its how i fixed my posture and began to permamew



started virgslouching consciously in middle school to make my manboobers less prominent and never stopped


File: 1581836657048.png (712.82 KB, 565x743, 1581823766042.png)


you can go back and forth between your dinner and your ice cream with the same utensil making a good mix of savory and sweet


love gaming love iceborne hima


use a fork and spoon and alternate your face shovelings like the rest of us noob


hate gamer especially ones that enjoy gamelife


gonno game hard and i mean hard


nah ive wasted years on it like ten or more


entire life is a joke


used to think my life was a comedy but now i realize its a tragedy


i dont get it is she throwing the chocolate because she doesnt want it or is she throwing you the chocolate because shes a tomboy and is embarrassed about giving the one she loves her ok to flip approval


its a glass half full half empty kind of thing which do you think it is


first time i ever gamed i became like a drug addict once i started joing my fate was sealed


im a gamer i game


never understood the glass half full phrase


love gaming love joing love gamejoing

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