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im gonno retreat from society


classic schizoid


ya i have scpd so what



hey hima im at the pub


die pubber



the waha thread


soulless gook fucks god i hate them



why does my face produce so much oil


chink genes


sigh how did those get in my genome


mongolian hordes


sigh kisenosato


how the hell did these backwards yak herders conquer almost all of asia


they didnt eat grains


love a good grain


ate grains for too long its all over for me


moons beautiful tonight hima i emplore everyone to go stare at it


NOT allowed to stare at the full moon after the incident


baste mom got some more lucky charms was worried i had NOThing to eat


take a pic of it so i can stare at it on my rectangle


love a nice bowl of processed grains and sugar


internet went back down seconds after i made that post yesterday and only just came back up im in hell


love when the internet goes down im so productive


i just write the same kinds of things i would post here in a NOTebook when the internet is down sigh


start hyperventilating when the internet is down i get so enraged


wish to become a buryatian shaman


whos streaming tonight


havin some whisky hima need to buy a glencairn glass asap


File: 1581127383726.webm (14.19 MB, 3840x2160, 1486424865819.webm)


gonno moonstare for a bit hima love the moon


planet full of norms


should i crack open a cold one


only drink the finest japanese alcohol brewed with samurai spirit


File: 1581127560513.webm (2.8 MB, 1280x720, crackin.webm)


heck ya



norms love the sun and the sun empowers the norms but the moon has embraced me


i worship saturn


the moon represents my heart


playing d2


dont worship celestial bodies


moms doing the dishes really loudly again




love a good noisemog


damn neighbors are sitting in their backyard wanted to roofpiss


take it to the sink where it belongs


after you've scrubbed all the floors in hyrule


guess ill walk anyone want anything from the store


ya get me some tuna


wonder whos going to be the may queen this year round




want to keep drinking but my stomach is about to burst i ate too much at dinner


got my ice40 love it just love it


ok hima ive decided ill learn japanase before i die ok just give me time now i have a reason NOT to rope yay feeling motivated


heck ya start watching raws and vtubers and you will learn from osmosi


you never told me if i should get one


the answer should be clear


its too late for him to learn by osmosis it takes years


sigh dad is listening to dark side of the moon again time is giving me anxiety


phew lots of snow




sigh could have learned japanese during all these years ive been neet but instead i accomplished NOThing at all


you can just start now or you will be looking back years from now and say the same thing


same and then thought the exact same thing when i was 21 and then 24 and then 26 and then now and probably when im 30 again


been ten years or maybe more since i became a full blown neet best years of my youth gone by and got absoluted NOThing to show for it just got ten years closer to death whenever that is


10 years of gaming


this thread was for avoiding this weekend


guy keeps revving since hes stuck in snow get owned cager


go help him


foolish biker


just bring the guy a piece of cardboard


loved slipping the snow chains on my tires when i lived in the tundras


hehe just remembered the nig stuck on the side of the road i went to help but as soon as i saw it was a nig i was out of there


ill help by pilling him on free transport


racist bastard


he was faking it to rob good samaritans


it wasnt just his skin color he had those faint green tattoos you could barely make out and a plain white t shirt thats all the red flags


he wasnt


found a way to travel through time hima




should i sign that one petition flip japan


should i watch the hound webm




File: 1581134220406.webm (422.5 KB, 1280x720, pujya.webm)


right now i can only go one second to the future each second but im working on it


File: 1581134481526.webm (111.11 KB, 1280x720, bonk.webm)


should i ask mom if she wants to watch a movie on cable


simply too tard im incompatible with this norm world


File: 1581134916595.webm (1.82 MB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Murenase! Seton Gakuen - 04 [7….webm)


moms making 9pm borritos hima heck ya


love a nice 9pm burrito


fire up syfy



might make an imaginary friend or some split personalities for fun


thats called a tulpa


my tulpa


NOThing good on tonight dont really want to watch anything with mom but its the only way i can use the big tv until she goes to bed


watch a show with mom she deserves the company


hope we get a new fate episode tomorrow


i do most nights never finished watching the exorcist that time maybe ill bring the computer down


heck ya you should mom will love it


too dumb to game
too short attention span to watch tv or movies


the senk tulpa


same only capable of refreshing hima and constantly switch tabs


simply play idlescape or cookie click


File: 1581135777755.gif (1.54 MB, 540x304, 1565051508988.gif)


sigh forgot to jo before mom got home


cant play scape because ill get mogged by the better players
cookie clicker has gotten boring


wonder if mom knows im constantly joing in my room stopped waiting for everyone to go to bed 10+ years ago easily


wonder if mom thinks im constantly joing even though i never do since i dont tell her what i do all day


simply fire up ragnarok its baste


scape sucks


its time to adventure to seliana


cant play any mmos ill get mogged


simply play as a single player game


im too tard


want to try a single player game but half of the game is locked behind the bad privacy policy and always online drm shite




emulate older games


simply stick to pre 2010 games



too lazy to play any game that requires me to rtfm or cant potentially be completed in one sitting




which ones


File: 1581137220454.webm (3.78 MB, 720x404, 1581053357456.webm)

sigh cant believe they cancelled this


uh its NOT actually canceled


the new hitman game


File: 1581137339416.png (8.55 KB, 247x91, vile.PNG)


maybe you should stop trying to play norm games


it is theres no way a himabro would deceive me like that


it ssupposed to be good



just watch miko instead


finna gonno snooze


brewski time


havent had enough escapism lately


names are for friends so i dont need one


bizarre how so much of japanese is english loan words


theyve been occupied by the american military for the last 75 years so it makes sense


we flippin own those japs


put my sugarwater in the freezer gonno midnight sip soon


usa usa usa


nice slushie


pasted neck snapper


NOThin better than the soft glow of the rectangle in my trash filled room in the middle of the night


she doesnt even have to she just murders him for the heck of it


dont really like consuming substances but once the switch flips everything is right as rain for a few hours




any sheep webms


File: 1581140190148.mp4 (1.27 MB, glass.mp4)


jod to ishuzoku reviewers again


kitty is sitting like a kitty


File: 1581140506316.png (17.18 KB, 500x250, 1488777033843.png)


had a mikujo myself


why is she so bad at games made for the mentally disabled


she got a little better after some practice you gotta keep in mind that youre watching a teengirl game


is asmongold really dead what happened


got the sugarwater hima sippin now


gonno snozoe


love my k-on theme on my firefox browser




played toehoe last night might do it again


File: 1581144754466.jpg (105.7 KB, 1242x1052, 804d7c0.jpg)


chink was probably down with corona and lied


wish anime still took the pain away


File: 1581145958466.jpeg (144.62 KB, 1080x1115, e.jpeg)


based toumemes


love touhou


whats touhou


you know


wish i was dead


wouldnt mind having sex with kaguya


you dont even know how to have sex you just know how to yank on cummers


teach me norm


my mattress begs to differ retard


ive flipped the hell out of an onahole or two in my time dont underestimate me


i dont know either im projecting


by this i mean ive flipped the mattress much like i imagine a humanoid would have sex with aNOTher humanoid NOT that anyone has been flipped by me on the mattress


too late norm the jig is up


wish i was allowed to flip




tote stunden




File: 1581150162531.webm (1.89 MB, 1280x720, 1580958620686.webm)


love it love it love it love it so much




baste watame


love the sheep webm love the napo song simple as that


miss my yui theme ever since i switched to ungoogled chromium


bed time hima wish me luck


good luck



found pnig




File: 1581157942819.png (361.35 KB, 868x1236, 1581149830120.png)

do you think you will be able to heal from this world after the ritual when your real life begins


i am continual


woke up early


watching the dragon ball lcq


keep thinking about the other night when i forgot to get grans medicine that she doesnt really need all that bad and she gave me a weird glare who the fuck do you think you are you battered old foid your life is almost over anyway and you spent it doing absolutely NOThing but being a waste arrogant old bitch


keep thinking about it and youll never have to blame yourself


pretty ready to hang myself cant stop thinking about it does something really happen when you die or is it just NOThing because if its just NOThing i wont do it


its NOThing religion is the biggest cope on earth for a reason


of course its NOThing


ok wont do it then


File: 1581163551657.png (2.12 MB, 1920x1080, [Beatrice-Raws] Promare [BDRip 1920x1080 HEVC ….png)


ive got the exit bag strapped on at all times im ready to turn the valve at a moments NOTice


File: 1581164599904.webm (3.51 MB, 960x540, fat cat.webm)


play the games instead please


die gamer


takes years to go through games like that and you dont even get to see them animated


actually if youd played the games youd know its animated


doubt it



raged and closed that upon seeing the norm


w here


File: 1581165191041.png (770.32 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Koisuru Asteroid - 03 [720p].mk….png)


thinkin bout that noose thinkin bout that exit bag thinkin about that big jump why NOT


cheap bean water gave me a tummy ache


File: 1581165725228.png (160.79 KB, 541x670, EPRDG2XUwAUCq_x.png)




File: 1581166188904.webm (5.38 MB, 480x360, こなた達でアッーウッウッイネイネ【らき☆すたMIX】.webm)


what does timotei mean


box of chinks delivery


get in the cage



paste eva


no game no life







paste neet


last night i spat on my hand to try to simulate a suckjobs feeling but it didnt work and now ive got a potent ballmusk this is bad


thats weird


simply use an onahole with lots of lube


seems so uncomfortable living in any of those houses


i beg to differ


dont even get a backyard to roll around in


File: 1581179704492.webm (3.8 MB, 320x564, 1581093315702.webm)


gran no


what the hell shes supposed to be scolding them and upholding traditional moral values


wish we had these but at the same time minorities would just shit them up


its NOT fair why cant i live in a peaceful homogeneous society with no nigs


do japs really call roller coasters 'jet coasters' those tards


roller coasters arent even rolling


they have wheels NOT jet engines




mornin hima


woke up need some broth of the bean


would have liked to have been a part of the roman expeditions into the alps the country must have seemed very magical back then


maybe time travel mate can help build the hima mansion in the past




File: 1581183074841.jpg (57.62 KB, 618x412, pasta.jpg)


i could do that with an ibm 5100 but it would just create an alternate timeline this one cant be changed


wish to exit this doomed wordline


the via claudia augusta will always be there



it wasnt so great


File: 1581184656165.jpg (Spoiler Image, 712.12 KB, 2200x1000, 79364195_p0.jpg)


second from the right must have a lot of test


ooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh pisssssssssssssssssssssssssss hima my guts a hurtin something fierce


its genetics


oh flip hima had my multivitamin capsule with hot coffee so i think it melted and stuck to my throat and the powder inside got out and got to my nose


cant stop farting


how disastrous hope you survive


lets all watch this for the 50th time



never watched it the the first time normpunk no


2013 eeaaauuggghhhh


cant wait for the normpunk stream


gonno proton pump


no dont


hima tab crashed again


as i pray unlimited memory leak works


hehe i laughed and that made me think of the sheep


mindblowing that someone could watch this


linus is the cutest vtuber


dumb but i can see how you soys would go crazy for it


i did its a fun vid


the sheep one


File: 1581186665910.mp4 (3.92 MB, gibara.mp4)


imagine being such a brainded foid worshiper you listen to some fat one ramble on for hours along with 500 other equally pathetic worshipers as she plays baby games using an anime sprite


thought no one actually watched them it was just a joke


i watch them go back


File: 1581187111050.webm (3.01 MB, 1280x720, lunas english class.webm)


its my wifes birthday on february 10th she cant eat but i wanted to try making her a a fake but i cant bake


himas making me think of the sheep all day instead of my favorites like roa




File: 1581187304754.webm (1.89 MB, 1280x720, 1580958620686.webm)


turt is acting up again probably took a too high test dose


File: 1581187378284.webm (590.24 KB, 370x600, 1579985659025.webm)



File: 1581187486824.webm (1.66 MB, 960x540, 1580356130498.webm)


gonno game through webm hours


glad i realized academia is the deepest pit of hell available to mortals




what are you gaming


it isnt stop listening to norms


webm hours are jp hours


die jpsie



die norm


i was thinking of this video a couple minutes ago what kind of clown makes fun of people pursuing knowledge and does so by mocking them in a way a 10 year old would


a norm does that


theyre NOT pursuing knowledge theyre pushing an evil agenda


NOT everyone


they arent pursuing evil stop brainwashing yourself with normitics


paste scholareye about to throw a massive pill


miss when college was something only smarter people bothered with and it was cheaper because only the necessities were needed now its just a place for norms to party at for a few years after highschool so they dont have to say theyre neets


theres no pill here just dont listen to gods damned retard norms on youtube and think for yourself


why would i NOT listen to someone knee deep in the scholarly world


he has a agenda hes pushing on youtube and youre falling for it hook line and sinker


whats the agenda


im more concerned with the vtuber agenda


that one is just to make money NOT brainwashing


how about listening to what nietzsche has to say about higher education which destroyed the field of philosophy completely for the past 150 years


how about asking yourself what it means to destroy a field and what philosophy was then versus what it is now


in other words think for yourself


File: 1581188718453.jpg (114.56 KB, 452x687, absolutely nothing.jpg)


philosophy is meaningless before the might of the hiroshima nagasaki blackpill


dont understand how european universities arent regarded as superior to american ones


universities now only offer a rapid education so that you can start earning money fast and a thorough enough education so that you can earn more culture is only tolerated if it serves the purpose of earning more


university rankings are based on pointless metrics for chinks


because in europe the state will pay for your schooling so you have every idiot around going there for dumb shite while on the dole


college in america is on average much worse


for what undergraduate or graduate school


gotta lower the passing grades or else the paying customers might get angry


do european educators get evaluated based on how many students pass their classes like american ones do


that doesnt happen


i know for a fact that it does


was this at community college


in a way the democratization of higher education itself turned it commonplace and mediocre


no a large public university


it didnt do that NOThing changed for graduate school


uh huh


pulchrum est paucorum hominum


my brother called me up he wants to play poker tonight hell yea


having a hard time reading all this


feel strongly that the only way to fix higher education is to curve grades so that the bottom percentage of students always fail and have to retake the class


tested my teachers a few times french teacher gave me an a+ on homework when i mixed in some german words and my english teacher passed me even though i didnt do a required project they were women too


the bottom percentage does fail averages are around 65%


retaking classes make no sense higher education belongs to higher beings and even phds are geared towards how useful it is to society and how valuable it is earthly


freakeye is right dont question higher education simply be a good goy pay thousands for a paper that your career requires which youll pay off for the next 10 years


a vtuber is number 1 on chaturbate and foids are fuming in her chat hehe



you cant just say this and NOT post a link


actually feel free NOT to post a chaturbate link


as the administrator of this site i order you to post that link




if the link is posted i rage


i just said shes number 1 literally just go to the site





i dont see any angry foids


you are assuming i know how to navigate that site


okay thats it im raging


worldsailor2k moves like a guy


just let it end please god cant take aNOTher day of this


File: 1581189940490.png (236.28 KB, 800x650, 68747470733a2f2f692e696d6775722e636f6d2f5a336d….png)

its an english voice anyway so i closed


rage and fight the discordteens back


someone write a scsnapr for vtuber streams that adds up all their donations want to see just how rich these foids are getting off the norms


hope the future has all the great professors posting regularly on youtube


guys milk is going to little tokyo i repeat milk is in la


no on here lives in california


cant believe how slow you have to drive in california on truck simulator


you damn greenhorn


is the gsnapvine in it


experience never dies


new opera gx ver hima make sure to update




NOThin chink


good things come to those that wait


no on here uses that chinese botnet browser


thats NOT true ive done a lot of waiting


been waiting for years in my room gaming and NOThing came to me


wonder how chinese restaurants are doing feel bad for them


civilization is trapped in a local optimum


they feel less than NOThing for you


what do you mean i dont dislike chinese people just the ccp


had chinese food for the first time in years the other day how long do i have to wait for symptoms of coronavirus to kill me


just dont find the enjoyment in blimping out at the chink trough like i used to theres no chinkfood that tastes as good as skinny feels


thought everyone used gx too sigh


feel NOThin for them they feel NOThin for me thats how it should be chinks have their priorities straight gotta love em


dont love the chinks but gotta respect them


love chinks love the ccp theyre baste as hell


NOThin baste


mom ordered chinese last wednesday and were NOT sick yet


hate chinks hope they get wiped out


would love to get corona just to spread it as much as possible and then recover from it


same would love to go to the mall and spread it everywhere so the mallnorms suffer


you shouldnt do that youll have negative karma


karma doesnt exist life was shiting on me from day one


my karma ran over your dogma


File: 1581191786395.png (250.46 KB, 686x526, 1580323724956.png)


friendly reminder that hima does NOT have https everything you post is on an nsa server and correlated to your identity


the nsa doesnt give a flip about anyone here


gonno bid on some ram wish me luck


tell me about boles


you have to manually type in https twice to get it to work did you forget that this site has been monitored for over two years and each of us has been sold out to the mesa pd for a plea bargain why do you think a pedophile nigger is still walking the streets after snapping all those newborns


phew won the auction thats 2 in a row


making http the default is just aNOTher piece of the puzzle designed to entrap innocent neets they know ill be too lazy to type in the url multiple times


my connection is now secure hehe gonno snap some kids


File: 1581192316810.mp4 (3.37 MB, IMG_3737.MP4)

feelin it


was too lazy to add a rule for hima in https everywhere until recently but switched to smart https and it works by default


damn what did freakeye do to that guy


he used tsukuyomi on him


hes already that powerful god save us


what happened


nerve gas




first day waging was too much for him



File: 1581193376723.jpg (289.39 KB, 1024x665, ne3yqlJ.jpg)



gamed through a bunch of posts should i skip


youre supposed to tab back to hima every few minutes


no dont


skipped the yuno post thinking about nazuna instead hehe


door is barricaded im getting under the bed being forced to practice driving


hell yeah practice it up


mom made stuffed shells and sausage


phew theryn meyer


ate too much wendys im gonno blow


wheres the kana next to the kanji


File: 1581197450254.jpg (479.3 KB, 850x1108, sample_0d2983097ef00339b76aa3e92f9b65c5.jpg)


nice sample norm


File: 1581198013292.webm (3.65 MB, 1280x720, onahole.webm)

matsuris a freak


actually shes completely normal the other vtubers are the ones who are freaks


File: 1581198428615.png (37.07 KB, 1120x277, Screenshot_2020-02-08_14-46-39.png)


mom got a loaf of the good stuff


love yuno simple as that


File: 1581198895813.png (1.44 MB, 992x3054, cougar.png)

hate when this happens


phew sexy mountain lion


need to shit but dont want to open my door and get ambushed once its dark theres no way ill have to Drive



postponed it until tomorrow hehe time to get drunk


going to start reintroducing the long lost brother words into the modern lexicon


choose to believe this did NOT happen


it didnt


feel like it might be a joke about the slang word cougar


File: 1581201888988.png (357.57 KB, 682x817, gay.png)

alex jones was right


corrupted my save data in dark souls after cable yanking


huh serpentza is right no n95 in stock at my home depot store good thing i took one a week ago


love a good yank


might play some randomized dark souls later hehe


sick of souls


same im materialist


foolish materialist



materialism is pilled dualism and pluralism are cope


flip that potato chef


two kinds of people on hima the kind too dumb to function in society and the kind too smart to function in society


was hillary too smart to win


she did winned


she winned against bernie aka loser man


materialism is only cool if you understand qm otherwise its just shallow foolish antitheism


nice qmcope


what does understanding qm change


understanding that matter is NOT real in the classical sense and the binding of experience in the multiverse is eternal under special relativity


watch qmcoper get btfo by pilled man


can you elaborate


File: 1581203802649.jpg (8.79 KB, 251x201, sip.jpg)


patterns must be bound to eternal physical law before information can be processed if you dont understand eternalism and just believe time goes forward and matter moves around aimlessly then you experience NOThing when you die you are gravely mistaken


gray rave crave deprave


File: 1581203909213.jpg (Spoiler Image, 202.17 KB, 778x1024, 1481873889088.jpg)


File: 1581203923337.jpg (24.51 KB, 563x700, m.jpg)


a scientific fact canNOT give a purpose to your life


ban this flippin norms


gods damn


what scientific fact




what are you trying to say


that materialists are dumb how can one be a materialist and NOT an idealist


that you need to bridge the is ought gap


(to begin with)


File: 1581204119994.webm (1.67 MB, 678x308, scholar.webm)


groan philonorm hours


freakeyes dld a yify of joker gonno watch


whats a yify


meant freak hours


turt is a bigger philonorm






its the double digit iq materialists that did this


the norms hima the norms


something bad is about to happen i can feel it



File: 1581204375703.png (474.39 KB, 1101x253, ancapgf.png)


cant believe ill never have a nice senko to cure my black malaise


yikes do people really think relativity of simultaneity means past present and future dont exist


ya i think that


sigh right now turt is having some gorugoru time with his doomer ancap scene goth engineer gf


uhh time dilation is NOT real haha


back of my ears smell weird


o flip she said it


nice ancap chinkgf shes mine so nobody watch her please


ok i wont


thanks brother


saw a 6'2" fat girl with glasses wearing a tokyo girl shirt buying a pint of ice cream a year or two ago sigh


wish i was that pint of ice cream


tokyo ghoul


that has no implication because everything that is synchronized with each other will always be only perception changes so theres no inherent meaning to the shifts of observation


see girls wearing hero academia merc all the time at work


mom commented on how my hair has been getting whiter and whiter lately at a crazy pace and im NOT even 30 yet


sigh the jyuushimatsu girl


ask them which one is their favorite todoroki or bakugo


or should i say kacchan and shoto


hate bakugogirls


wish someone would rid me of this meddlesome jan


past present and future only exist by causal relationships in an objects lightcone simple as that


sister loves kaiji


thats NOT simple can you make it simpler


ugh hate people who take on negative racial stereotypes as part of their identity


know NOThing about it except one of the characters is named himako and norms love it


File: 1581205067159.gif (620.04 KB, 400x430, Relativity_of_Simultaneity_Animation.gif)


its himiko shes sexy


dont care about the protagonist or antagonist of hero academia theyre both boring thats its main problem


NOThin boring the villain arc was baste turt would have liked it


dont care about anime anymore only watching railgun and hero academia since theyre grandfathered in


chisaki was 100% more based than any biran rengou



NOT even watching anything because i dropped railgun during the febrie arc and i read bnha and dont feel like watching now what ive read in 2017


everyone who used to like fma should watch it entirely now and if you dont cringe then youre teen


tomura is better chisaki just wanted to help daddy


cant take any accelerator seriously


how is he accel


tomura is literally covered in cope


need to regain my humanity so that i desire to jump and run and slam into things every day and join an adult sports team


you cant play sport at 35


File: 1581205612545.jpg (21.36 KB, 400x231, pic.jpg)


think id enjoy playing sports if there wasnt a social aspect to it just wanna show up and own people like gaming


i need a chance i never got the opportunity to do anything with my body


went to shinjuku afilia and paid 50,000 for a life performance of neptune☆sagashite


love doing things with my body



no citizen has a right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training


File: 1581205822189.png (943.47 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T - 05 ….png)


simply mellow out


cant watch raildex until they give biribiri a believable middle schooler voice NOT a momhag one



should i click that




afro-american voice dont click


love hearing christnorms cope over passages that dont make sense by starting with the premise that the passage is true and correct and then reasoning an interpretation that allows it to be so


hard to know freaks true beliefs when he keeps arguing with himself


took a vitamin d supplement




whenever i make a genuine post i make twenty ironic ones to cover my tracks




take 2500 iu of vitamin d every day


the youngest ill allow that voice to be is high schooler with minami haruka but thats because shes a surrogate mom figure


hes a gamer he games


nice doselet i take 5000 iu


hate games hate anime love imageboard simple as that



cant wait to vengevote for bloomberg because trump mocked his height


good thing i get a free dose of vitamin d


dont vote for him hes loyal to the ccp


doubt i will ever vote just need to stockpile firearms and ammo to get grandfathered into to the inevitable future weapon bans


no such thing all passages make sense and there are no discrepancies


File: 1581206469807.png (1.46 MB, 1281x627, Untitled.png)

nice recs gonno watch the destiny one




phew just took a nice 10000 iu dose of vitamin d like any regular sized man would


little mike


just took 60000 iu


dont care about any political issue just want to stay isolated in an enviroment free of violent nonwhites with the means to kill anyone that tries to break into my neet castle


same but violent whites too


good point hate honkies too


wish pnig was here to ban the racists


if you can kill a fetus you should be able to flip one too


spelled environment wrong dont deserve to breathe on this earth


simply breathe on the other earth


care about political issue because thats my tax money theyre aspendin'


hate blacks love pnig


hate black criminals including pnig


love paying taxes it helps the less fortunate


still too rational to give myself the ol ear to ear if i had 2-3 more beers maybe i could get my balls up and do it sigh


at least pnig is gaumy


why so serious


love foids and want to have sex with them


same hell yeah mate that pusser


File: 1581207308289.jpg (48.28 KB, 288x427, n0j4fw2otcebml2gifmp.jpg)


as much i hate the ml chinks autodiff is pretty neat


File: 1581207511360.jpg (1.32 MB, 2892x2668, bath.jpg)


eating some plants




read the entire readme and have no idea what it says even though i did 3 years of cs before dropping out



i was just referring to automatic differentiation in general


otaku quiz....
the popular pokemon game move that increases attack by two stage is called
1. sword's dance
2. sword dance
3. swords dance


got my pizza ready gonno watch


i am the watcher


i like to watch



loved that song


love still image panning with zero animation


hate the song hate you


hate image panning with animation because you cant stitch it into a nice jo pic


sick of anime exploiting the sexual instinct


File: 1581208403195.jpg (338.01 KB, 1200x960, __original_drawn_by_gammatelier__aa5759881d92d….jpg)

my money is on leg girl


hate sexnormime


cant believe how deranged trumps sotu address was




nah its the arm girl


none of them have a chance against based 2leg


suns down time to walk under the soft glow of the moon


dont understand paralympics how can they compete when their different disabilities confer different disadvantages


too cold to darkwalk


get the ski clothes out its even better when its cold


lost my ski pants


nice nightwalker


hate 2leg hate 6egg simple


love haters hate lovers



mindblowing lucky star is almost 8 years old


File: 1581209069595.mp4 (1.66 MB, 1576347642820.mp4)


hes NOT wrong


sigh remember when he was only on fit before the norms found him


hate fripside ever since was forced to play impossible fripside maps


7 minutes into the joker movie and im already NOTicing smart prop placement when the girl asks why he was locked up in the hospital his response was who knows and a poster labeled drugs is sitting behind him framed as its right on top of his head


nice youre good


stop watching this instant it sucks youre falling for the propaganda if you watch it


gonno do my planks


might plank as well


if i finish it will i become cel


raging thinking about the hate speech guy on slack


how do you plank read on fit a few years ago that youre supposed to squeeze your ass muscles and ignore your posture havent done them since


might plank as well


you didnt explain what yify is


used to plank for almost 2 minutes doing the squeeze thing but stopped didnt see the benefit on top of lifting


i dont really know myself think its just a group that encodes movies to a very small file size


sigh thought it was some kind of epic new thing like a lp but new


any sheep webms


hate something awful


just updated xp


die sheep webm ruiner


wish to cry but its NOT possible my life is stuck at a valence of zero


think i just invented something


watch some anime that makes you think of days long gone


world map seems small once you learn all the countries


cried earlier


nice child


didnt watch anime for 5 years but starting to watch it again its the only thing that makes me feel slightly positive in this world even gaming just makes me rage


yeah love it when the anime protag mogs me with his high school miniskirt gfs of every color and flavor


dont watch anime with men


how do you self insert in an attempt to escape your gay life


fit is a normboard


think he was on r9k first


was he i went on g fit r9k a v and jp in 2013


would hate to go on /a/ or /jp/ today cant stand when norms talk about things i like


same NOThin worse


bit my lip twice think i angered god with my arrogance


File: 1581210961132.mp4 (1.28 MB, q7XMRr.mp4)


this world is a piece of flippin shite what a terrible roll to have to experience this life


this world is a piece of flippin shite what a terrible roll to have to experience this life


nice spammer


finally found out what game sheep are from its called DEEEER Simulator


die pizza give me that pizza or else


hehe i was thinking about making that but didnt


uh oh neetblogs hungry


that wasnt me but i am having pizza for dinner


hope you are only having two slices


im having two round sliced hehe


mindblowing some people put leftovers in the fridge instead of devouring it all


File: 1581211633417.jpg (687.8 KB, 2746x4096, 1580983194307.jpg)


thats my post



love all the sudden buttigieg attacks they fear him


having some pizza pizza pizza but im felling sick hima


bernnorms are done for


sigh bern


buttigieg is a cia nigger


think i figured out how to turn into a little girl


buttgieg is gay men literally cum in his ass and mouth and he cums in man ass


same simply cut off your penis take hormone pills and demand everyone pretend you are one


File: 1581212028310.jpg (70.02 KB, 1024x791, bysed.jpg)


dont become a little girl you dont have honor pride or dignity as one


no i mean a real one i cracked the code in my dreams last night


ya if you left a little girl alone to her own devices for a day shed be covered with piss shit and cum


love a nice dmt induced realization that i write down and then see is complete nonsense later


its bernies turn


wasnt her turn when she ran for the second time isnt his turn now


gonno vote for bernie so can get free money


mom brought the daves triple


File: 1581212352332.jpg (136.04 KB, 824x684, ZjCsmIb.jpg)


we wont get any free shit only the nigs will


love my free bread


yang can still win it


cant handle the youtube front page anymore its just giant blocks of garbage cant even find the music i enjoyed listening to


im feeling the bern


you just need to let it track your usage for a few days then it wont have norm shit it will have whatever dumb shit you like


fired up d2 and the tool playlist


its just ruined it used to show stuff going back weeks but i listened to a few dbz songs for the past few days and now its all db stuff
cant even remember what i used to watch


always have my front page ruined by the norm shite that gets posted here


File: 1581212674753.png (1.22 MB, 1644x663, hell ya.png)


love that japanese man yuta


if you use the youtube front page at all youre a norm chimp simple as that


hate him


File: 1581212808979.png (1.44 MB, 1539x729, reccomended.PNG)


hes kimoi


File: 1581212830026.png (895.76 KB, 1322x660, Screenshot from 2020-02-08 20-46-35.png)



nice tard cant spell a word right there in his screenshot


nice sunohara nice 1080p nice sunohara beatings 1080p


there used to be a playlist called my mix where itd play the videos you enjoy watching but its completely gone so i have to stare at giant thumbnails and just scroll on endlessly


have that chimp fire up hima


File: 1581212930676.jpg (155.69 KB, 1280x1575, 481a4313a0c3d0222239a2041c5cb369cb321a8343c2a8….jpg)


File: 1581212939145.jpg (569.47 KB, 1495x705, 4eeaea4410faed.jpg)


nice flipping mix loser watching the same stuff over and over die


well why do collectors HATE timex watches


watch and find out




i dont watch clickbait


love rev says desu


hell yeah fire up that crunchyroll collection


just want to dot com with komari



File: 1581213411461.jpg (80.61 KB, 720x720, 1581205229464.jpg)


tried to google sunohara but only got sunohara-sou




voting buttgeg because hes the only non boomer


same we need young blood


we dont need hiv positive blood


yang is NOT a boomer


no guys its bernies turn please


File: 1581213703832.png (503.12 KB, 742x748, 1581201362944.png)


yang is polling at 0.5% i mean among the viable


onsekis discord crew is going too far



its too late for him anyone who doesnt have at least 13 delegates at this point is done


File: 1581214078873.jpg (189.59 KB, 1280x720, MHSTRO-Screenshot_008.jpg)


anime only makes me further realize how shite the real world is


accidentally mirrorglanced


feelin good after that puke its time to crack open the wine


do you think if i moved to the ghetto the black girls would flip me


yes but why would you want to


so long as youre jbw


im indonesian do i still have a chance




File: 1581214625124.gif (1.54 MB, 250x350, 1581198227673.gif)


File: 1581214801312.jpg (315.23 KB, 675x900, EQQYwTKUYAAJ9kp.jpg)


love joing to aNOTher mans sperm




plumperize me captain



musk got grimes preggo


whos musk whos grimes


musk has like 5 kids already


hate procreators



sigh pnig probably would have had a daughter by now if NOT for the incident


no prepubescents cant bear children


keep getting mindblown by the fact that every man you see with children has had sex


went out for pizza with mom dad sis lil bro and his new gf because it was our first time meeting her


are you going to let your brother mog you like that




its NOT a mog because im volincel


you are a copecel


love getting accused of raiding for random posts on a regular basis despite being a founding memeber of hima


cant imagine having a family outing thought that only happened in the movies





he had a tggf fool next time dont skip for months and then come back out of nowhere making ridiculous claims


wasnt his gf just a random girl he was creeping on


ridiculous claims like what that prepubescents cant bear children


it was nice the pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza was great had some beer with dad and a nice campari and tonic and petit gâteau for dessert it was a pleasant time and the girl seems nice


give that pizza to me


pnig would never touch a girl under the age of consent


he said he wouldnt refuse sex with his underage cousin


he actually said he would


no he explicitly said he wouldnt


hate this dad bragging pizza bragging normbro having flipper


cant dadbrag if you ended up on hima despite having a father


NOThing wrong with playing catch with dad


File: 1581216801068.png (24.67 KB, 585x257, 1206886935974727681.png)


feeling a bit whelmed think thats enough hima for today


gonno sperm and snooze


gonno have a big meal


give that big meal to me


File: 1581217031854.webm (1.12 MB, 768x576, 1566082645615.webm)




sick of bitenail and his arrogance


its a habit i cant just stop so easily


love how food is the only thing neets are allowed on this gay earth but you cant have as much as you want or you blimp out


File: 1581217569488.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.45 MB, 3264x2448, 1566271319240.jpg)




how big is that god damn house hate pnig and his arrogance


the bole house


big houses are cheap in arizona


yeah a mere million or so


finished watching joker


File: 1581217854970.jpg (168.8 KB, 800x800, HTB1H20GUQPoK1RjSZKbq6x1IXXaz.jpg)

wish mom would strap a neet hood on me when she takes me places


loved the bole estate with its own orange plantation


same it was meant to become the hima mansion


hate skipeyes arrogance



you are as smooth as tennessee whiskey


post some hinatachan




File: 1581218387848.png (984.01 KB, 1280x720, me on left.png)


die norm




i am scatoman


File: 1581218768455.png (3.72 MB, 2230x3048, __raphtalia_tate_no_yuusha_no_nariagari_drawn_….png)

gonno have some whiskey



nasty whore deserves death


thats NOT her its western


sigh wish i had a cute gf like lil bro seems nice but then again probably NOT hehe


love a nice blogweiser nap


miss old rust it was perfect and they ruined it


nah its from 2013 cant be good


2014 aauuggghhhhh



always mindblown by the kind of men who have children and wives that they flip every night cant imagine foids wanting anything to do with them and yet they do why


having tap water iced tea


same but the opposite sometimes i see absolutely disgusting looking women that literally look like a monster out of some cartoon walking around with average regular looking guys like what compels you to even get close to that monstrosity much less kiss or flip that being is being alone that inconceivable to your brain


are you aware that being married but NOT getting to flip has plagued men for 50+ years


always go fishing to avoid the wife


need some stats on that bet they flip on the regular at least more than me


why would someone get married to some foid they cant even flip


you were mogged brutally



File: 1581219407499.png (32.7 KB, 500x359, wife.png)


miss rodney


nah im volincel




whys he so sweaty


cant believe gorillas are real we need to study them more


nice beta human


love how humans go on thinking theyre such lofty creatures then they decide who gets to breed or NOT by height penis size and gonial angle




crying wish i was a gorilla


your int stat would be stuck at 1


dont wish i was a gorilla unless i get to be a zoo one with a sexy gorilla wife who has no options but me


even with no options she wouldnt mate with you havent you seen those pandas that everyone wants to flip but they dont for years and years


voting for bloomberg hes cel like me except he made it


thats already the case



the hima enclosure


bloomberg banned big sodas in his city and hes gonno do that nationwide we wont be able to drink anymore


File: 1581219933217.webm (Spoiler Image, 506.21 KB, 1198x950, 1572150976650.webm)


i dont drink sugarwater


nice bloomberg hes thinking of me and my well-being wish he was my dad


how much money do you need to make to be guaranteed a nice foid regardless of all other factors


at least $200k a year


was there aNOTher update to that pic


theres no guarantee bloombergs wife divorced and friendzoned him


mindblowing her side says abc and his says 123


how do i make 200k a year without a high school diploma


been gone all day should i skip


become a surrogate big brother



File: 1581220259131.jpg (18.31 KB, 400x400, 1581206545195.jpg)


the officefoid said something about coming to my house to work from home with me and i ignored her then she brought it up again and i pretended to NOT have heard her the first time and changed the subject i think it might be powertalk but i really dont want to get roped into that kind of thing




the norms have gone too far this time


NOT a skipper you fool


i became the gf


it worked hima i was able to turn myself into a little girl now my life can finally begin


love when failednorms invade my board


greatly prefer boomer wife memes to zoomer memes


die vile skipper


dislike how zoomers made depression cool


they didnt thats millennials


nice volcel


i love cock in case you couldnt tell haha


have you ever regretted making a comment


we need to turn you back to retain your honor


File: 1581221224932.jpg (Spoiler Image, 314.58 KB, 960x640, Grimes-Electronic-Beats-Luci-Lux.jpg)

you need tens of billions just to get this


thats NOT even female


vile cunt is trying to worm her way into the good life wish people who have zero problems interacting with others but still act antisocial out of laziness would get aids


its worse she has a bf


what if you have lots of problems interacting and are too lazy


wouldnt mind a grimes gf


think ive only ever heard of grimes in the context of being elons gf


whats so great about having a gf if you want to flip its way cheaper and more stress free to get a professional and if you can pull out a gf you probably can get ows as well and if you want companionship why would you want a female


theres no love with a professional hasnt elliot taught you anything


its about having someone you love to spend your life with


whats ows


commie shit


normhours have peaked



wish a girl would genuinely love me and make me dinner but thats NOT giong to happen



to where


ill love you an make you dinner


hoo boy new fate episode this week hell yea hope ereshkigal gets some screentime


remember kyoani and started weeping


hell yeah love gals


whats the point the second a girl declared her love for you youd instantly think that shes messing with you or lying or its some sort of prank and even if you didnt after some time youd rationalize that its just the chemicals in her brain telling her what to love or NOT


love when turt rages the moment someone doesnt know one of his incel acronyms


no i didnt know what it means either


need to catch up on bab been too scared to watch the last ana episode


thought ana comes back


nice zoomkira too dumb to factor in shinigami as anything but a tool


he comes back for ti every year


whats bab whats ana


love winston love cmilk love chris chappell




whos winston whos cmilk whos chris chappell


he means churchill milk and dave chapelle


dont think she does


oh love them too


hate winston churchill ever since he insulted the dignity of the indian people


hate rinface


superpower 2020


any sheep webms


love rinface shes beautiful im NOT worthy


ive got to hate eresh since she rejected my quartz but i liked her in the story


File: 1581222911205.mp4 (1.28 MB, q7XMRr.mp4)


any real sheep webms


would post one but you would just jo to it


thats a real sheep webm the others are fake because they have fake music and fake girl


saw a teengirl in front of the ice cream section telling her teengirl friend that the cover of one of the ice creams was aesthetic as fuck


was it


dont remember thats NOT the point youre supposed to rage at what she said




hate people who filter posts


did she say fuck or fuarkkk


it was a fairly elongated fuck


if it was an ugly man who said it you wouldnt have a problem youre a reverse foid


no id stil have a problem



File: 1581223765900.jpg (164.26 KB, 960x1280, 960x0.jpg)

if you stare at the glowing rectangle for too long your skin and face contort into this


File: 1581223842199.jpg (78.88 KB, 852x639, 56d3160e6e97c660008ba350.jpg)

nah he makes sure everyone else does it but he wont


mogs me


zuck is my friend he fights for freedom


we are number one


cant we just be happy for zucks success instead of mocking his appearance


File: 1581224199062.jpg (220.08 KB, 1920x1080, [Impulse] Uchi no Musume - 04v2 [BD 1080p FLAC….jpg)


shes got that boles look


is the boles look the look you get post-boles


wish i could manipulate the base instincts of every norm on earth to extract 70 billion dollars but im just NOT that smart


didnt have enough quartz to roll for mordred today but i think im rolling for jack tomorrow hehe


sell your death NOTe


who would be the first name in your desu NOTe


my school nemesis


dont remember the full name of anyone i went to school with


used all i had on mordred and just got semiramis hope you get jack


tarantino as a test


i do someones google them all my nerd friends have phds from top colleges now NOT joking thats a fact


dont remember my own name


do you curse them


just imagine being white and having a dad and living in a nice affluent area and having academic opportunities and good genes and still flipping it all up what a joke


the norms did this


ya they were all rich dadnorms


ugliness trumps all


no usually dont think of them wouldnt kill them if i had a NOTe


wonder if any school bros ever google me theres NOT a single result hehe


theres someone from mit as the first result of my name and he looks like he could be grown up me happy to let people think thats me


cant believe im the only volincel on hima sigh


youre NOT a volincel either


i game


what would a volincel be im thinking someone who would be volcel but knowingly disfigured or otherwise neglected themselves to make them into an incel


sigh hima tricked me into googling schoolnorms seething with jealousy now


someone that would be incel if they werent volcel


sounds like a copecel


was volincel until i got pilled on the fact that a partner is useful to take care of the house and if they love you then you can trust them NOT to steal things unlike the maid


have never mocked zucks appearance


get yourself a maid


why am i so self destructive use the dentist telling me my teeth look perfect as an excuse to NOT change even though i do everything that is proven to rot your teeth




why i am so self destructive spent 16 hours on hima


did you watch the sheep webm


mindblowing russia mogged the entire world by taking crimea and will do so again


File: 1581225352612.jpg (249.96 KB, 1143x774, Baarle-Nassau_frontière_café.jpg)


wish i lived on the frontiere


they did more than that hehe


wish i lived on the tabantha frontier


totally sedentary lifestyle for like 15 years never gained any muscle just fat its over


mom wants me to go to a trump rally


its NOT over simply lift


eating gummy bears


how do we turn this around so we have youthful vigor


always try exercising once a year and then get sick of it in a few hours


love how no matter how much i improve im still NOThing compared to the average norm


try lifting get sore and quit try cardio start wheezing and quit


nah the norms have wasted their entire lives waging


feel like if i have aNOTher sugarwater im going to be sick but i have the intense urge to put something in my mouth


get a nice pack of gum


the truly sore part of lifting is only the first one or two times you do that after that it wont happen again


File: 1581225899308.jpg (845.56 KB, 1200x853, 1518707560243.jpg)


love being disgusted by my reflection


hate gum might accidentally swallow


you can swallow it wont kill you


thats impossible swallowing is a complex motion that requires thought


love feeling sore all over and peeing red after lifting every muscle group to failure dont know why norms complain it makes me giggle all day


then why come if i put food in my mouth and try to chew for hours without swallowing i inevitably swallow in less than a minute


hate minecraft hate terraria simple as that


File: 1581226062125.jpg (148.34 KB, 523x4409, 6byb6elxppf41.jpg)


no no no no no


minecraft its fun and relaxing specially when its raining and youre inside your house


loved the kaiji stream


sis loves kaiji and harry potter


no that sounds like something a teen with nostalgia for it would say


File: 1581226323640.webm (1.89 MB, 1280x720, 1580958620686.webm)


got bored with minecraft before the kids found it


just NOTiced the guy named incelhosts in the comments


just gonno have more luckycharms ill save the sugarwater for tomorrow


that says localhost


name a single western adaptation that continued 10 years in real time after the end of the last season but immediately after in-universe that used all the same actors and the same music and was shot in the same style


uhh made a post in my sleep did one of you guys root me




love browsing hima in my sleep


File: 1581227235650.jpg (64.4 KB, 640x632, 1580805445568.jpg)


woke up and the red box was on this post >>1022544 and i defiantly did NOT make it


nice redder


red the last post i read before switching tabs


there are enough misaka clones in academy city for everyone to get one to flip


posted a video and got accused of skipping even though i was the one who posted it originally i just forgot i did


File: 1581227406671.jpg (936.52 KB, 2740x3917, 1578466711879.jpg)

hifumi hifumi hifumi


frequently get accused of skipping for repeating my old posts


hate new game such a forced show


youre forced


love when a norm traps me in conversation and looks like theyre going to end it multiple times but then goes on for aNOTher 10 minutes even though im only saying hehe and yeah


new geemu is great die die die i love hifumi


its forced just like shirobako


dont care if somethings forced as long as the girls are sexy




i havent watched shirobako but the girls are cute die die die


nice pnig


theyre all hags


wish tone won hate how everything fell apart for him just because of those norms



gonno shower



thinking about a nice midnight shower myself
maybe i should try a darkshower


nice norm defining themselves by what they consume


did that as a kid thinking it would make me cool and respected for knowing so much about games and movies didnt work




File: 1581228485794.jpg (155.34 KB, 1027x1500, 91ZAgv2SS+L._SL1500_.jpg)


used to add anime to my list that i didnt watch and pretend i watched it so people would give me more respect


a chink


accidentally learned to much about nice japanese cultural products and now i never have anything relevant to say about norm stuff


thought this would be about her getting mad that her thing got popular with norms but its about conforming to their opinion and blaming them for it what a slut


raged when my friend told me to stop picking that osu map because the song is shit


which map


cant tell you that because theyre still ranted 3rd on it


sigh ushiwaka


wouldnt have even thought to look at that if you hadnt mentioned it


nice actar nice otaku nice actar otaku life


how would he have known that if you didnt just tell him




he wouldnt have known if you didnt just come out and say it


back hurts gonno snooze


sigh shes so right


when are the streamers coming back


stream is somebody streaming


wish i was smart but im male


pnig couldve been the top wow channel on twitch if he had simply NOT snapped those children


took the shower posting naked on hima now


die nudepost


nah hed be one of those sad channels with 50 subs


wish i had a sad channel with 50 subs what have i got instead absolutely NOThing



wonder if i posted all my himaposts to a blog instead of hima id have followers and make millions on ads


he had big plans for his twitch he even made a banner


wonder this often but instead i just throw all that epic into the aether


he could have never been big even if he somehow managed it one of us would have done an exposé about his cousin posts and next thing you know norms would be making 50 min videos about the whole ordeal


love teletubbies love blues clues simple as that no norm criticism will change my mind


crying actar is paste


what do you love about them


love the custard machine they have wish i had it


love staying home from school and watching nick jr


used to stay home and play ygo


how did you play alone


i played online


hate how i have NOThing to show for my wasted time theres NOT one thing i can brag about without a norm mogging me because theyre 10x better


you have your nice personality


used to play with yugioh virtual desktop wonder if that still exists probably NOT since theyve got all the norm ones now


same and even if i dont work im still miserable


new pigmhall


who the flip is pigmhall hate him



one of those things you were supposed to pretend to like on jp


cant wait pigmhall might accidentally get a seziure


cant watch sorry im going to snooze


wonder how my life would be if i had gotten that janitor position on jp


never even pretended to like touhou


you would look like a cat hehe


holy flip


anime time


love how every fat guy in railgun just happens to be evil


the twig agenda



File: 1581232513084.png (566.83 KB, 767x767, b1293829c7ba5ef38af1b696dcc84070.png)


wonder what happened to the doll guy


all our ancestors are in ghost form watching us


hate when gramps watches me jo and tard out


when i was a little kid a neighbor girl came over on a saturday morning after cutting her hand on something while her parents were gone

i remember sitting in front of the tv in my bathrobe eating cereal & gaming and being annoyed that she was ruining my day of sitting in my room alone


sigh wheres my saturday morning gf all i got was the tard with a club foot


im tard


we are all born mgtow the question is how do you return to your pure form after your brain has been tainted


mindblowing how many simple truths people refuse to acknowledge out of pure cope



wheres his shame in uploading the worst parts of his life


is he really still with her in the same situation


theyre divorced but theyre neets so they cant leave i think


File: 1581234130479.jpg (359.94 KB, 1536x2048, EQS6pLjUEAEPZT2.jpg)


why cant bezos just give me a few million


he views you as a norm


wish bezos would order me a pizza


wife bad


hes been making these videos for like 3 years why doesnt he just leave


its a parody account they love each other


lucky shes NOT a male shed be doomed


thats a lesson for you jbwers


she was born the inferior gender she has to live a life with no honor pride or dignity


he should just go fishing


nice future neet combining the dopamine release from eating with staring at the rectangle


NOThin better


women cant be neets thats called a housegf


what about neeko shes a neet


gonno have an early snooze tonight hima


same feelin like shite






i hope to


firing up a game dungeon while i manually refresh


hate when hima dies to the point im manually refreshing just to make sure


norms lame dungeon


love a new game dungeon


new game now loading now loading now loading now loading


wish i could get prescribed stimulants


File: 1581237992146.jpg (Spoiler Image, 64.12 KB, 664x955, d190c7543cdb623dfa267ad75e35d0e8.jpg)


File: 1581238130383.gif (Spoiler Image, 2 MB, 425x425, 1574044584293.gif)


hehehe monke




couldnt find out how to play old games in the correct aspect ratio on a 16:9 monitor too lazy to get one of the old ones out of the basement


File: 1581240144239.jpg (6.92 MB, 3000x2800, 60273463_p0.jpg)


got sperm everywhere


nice ancap dragon tattoo gf


File: 1581245608881.jpg (152.11 KB, 868x1200, EQUf2PrU8AAsnhc.jpg)


cant believe how good knives out is wonder why people even talk about joker


joker is baste


downloading western shite is too hard where can i find a good quality rip of knives out




dont worry about it i was just lying its NOT actually good


dont think i ever left saigon


simply love when 5 minutes on the 4 turns into 60 because the flipping captcha wont let me post what i want to without weeding through 20 images each time it clearly has a rate limiting function


thats what you get for going on the 4




had a dream i was back in school and back to my old ways and the teacher said if i didnt do the days homework in class i would be given a failing grade
that was NOT cool that was NOT a sensation i wanted to recall but of course most of my dreams are of negative sensations because most of my life has been negative sensations


interviewing in the hima mansion


woke up early hima himaaaaaaaaaaa


File: 1581254484122.png (266.52 KB, 557x397, 1581218657818.png)


think hes bullying blake


foids wont survive in the virtual future


File: 1581254982854.png (12.7 KB, 279x222, captcha.png)

epic simply epic sorry for NOT posting at a snails pace


turn off your vpn


sometimes i make a post ironically and someone taking it as sincerity so utterly btfos it that i feel personally attacked


what can a nonteen possibly get out of 4chan



miss being a 4teen


File: 1581256294164.png (58.27 KB, 496x428, 1581239995600.png)


shes right i would hate my 16 year old self so why would i like a 16 year old girl me other than manipulating her for muh dick


because she will be pure and capable of pair bonding if you were to get a girl your age she would have been flipped by a couple dozen chads and incapable of pair bonding


the real agepill is realizing that women fully mature mentally as teenagers and are eternal children so it doesnt matter even 30 year old women are ``groomed'' in a way
you could say that a 40 year old man that was seduced by a 300 IQ alien was groomed


woke up and skipped


File: 1581256975648.jpg (2.67 MB, 2256x3484, EQVEmm1UYAADrLF.jpg)


File: 1581256995097.jpg (338.1 KB, 1000x813, EQUMvlNVUAUtAhy.jpg)


dont think an onsen where the old geezer cashier sets up his register in the womens room would be very popular


File: 1581257125488.mp4 (15.17 MB, 1lasfy.mp4)

they shot dr slump


looks like a stabbing spree


whats happening there is that the shooting


looks more like a slashing than stabbing



dont get why seeing girls cry gets horndogs hot and bothered maybe im just too soyed out and dont want to seeing her cry dont cry beautiful


dont feel like ive aged mentally since i turned 15


die wk


can jo to crying cant jo to that 40hara look


File: 1581257824693.mp4 (2.95 MB, J1cWuHo.mp4)


how come chimps can be friends with gorillas but we cant


we can


yeah i have lots of rillabros


same wish i had some pizza right now too


never understood why i still exist


you still have a big part to play here


File: 1581258286081.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.77 MB, 1200x1500, c22356f5d470aa00553845badcbf8f98.jpg)


wish i had some part to play yet for good or ill


uh your pussy is showing miss


phew very nice and cute miku (maekawa)


there was a population of 100 chimps and 50 of them stayed in the jungle and the other 50 went to the savannah we evolved from the latter group and modern chimps evolved from the former


if they evolved why are they dumb


what do you mean we


theyre NOT dumb havent you seen that chimp memory video


love having my genes being deemed as inferior for selection


ok wheres their great works of art and internet


our brains are very expensive i think they use 20% of the energy we consume
if an organism can survive well enough without a big brain in its environment then long term gains wont be enough to overcome that


File: 1581259149624.png (477.56 KB, 614x366, c563982d2b022c77b9ab453036389b4c.png)


love when norms falsely attribute unattractiveness as to genetic inferiority when its only inferior in the sense people dont choose it with their imperfect heuristic instincts because its only a proxy for unhealthiness NOT proof of it but try to tell this to a norm hell just say youre seething


File: 1581259239438.jpg (149.11 KB, 1024x905, 28590845283_9bd5d77b7d_b.jpg)


nice love ps2 and its library



no you dont understand women are infalliable goddesses and know whats best we need a species of 8 foot tall beasts with penises dragging on the ground behind them that fight for mates by smashing their jaws into one aNOTher like deer do with their antlers


File: 1581259351292.jpg (131.24 KB, 908x1000, __kinako_original_drawn_by_40hara__f9f64c0bd56….jpg)


true didnt see it that way before


id give anything to snap that kitty


you canNOT


snap the kitty flip the kitty


File: 1581259595163.jpg (99.15 KB, 691x1000, __kinako_original_drawn_by_40hara__7929f659df0….jpg)

talked to god he said that if i lead a good a holy life ill be rewarded with a kitty to flip in heaven


sigh reading about endangered gorillas







drank too many blogs hima my guts exploding on me cant remember a night this bad


File: 1581260525065.jpg (79.45 KB, 741x719, 66aiw4ce8vf41.jpg)

foids have appropriated the food ordering script meme


took a bath


awoke and joed but i didnt have any paper towels so i had to use an old one sigh


never used paper towels or tissues to jo how does that work


nice groomer


you sperm and then wipe it with a paper towel


its to clean up the sperm tissues are bad since they fall apart on you


youve hit rock bottom


why would a tissue fall apart


tissue gets glued to the bone


if they touch the soft part of your bone it sticks to it and its gross


NOT sure why im losing weight so quickly




going to have abs for summer i can live with parasites


sigh now youre gonno have to proton pump


File: 1581263257042.png (582.25 KB, 512x724, Miyu_Stage1.png)

would this servant save you in a holy grail war


File: 1581263292926.gif (2.86 MB, 429x240, 1581263210869.gif)



need a hagfish gf


she would save me from being a virgin


got that need to breed again


hate compiling software


simply download binaries


File: 1581264075742.jpg (409.78 KB, 1920x2880, BlameF_(1_of_8).jpg)


i dont understand do you sperm on the floor and then just wipe it and thats it


cant need a very old version because the textbook uses it


die dormnorm


need a manly strong servant like alexander or bewulf to protect me


get a little mindblown when i look up a question and get forum posts from 15 or 20 years ago when i remember looking stuff up in the old days and the posts always felt like they were only a few years old


File: 1581264573791.png (450.39 KB, 512x724, Illya_stage1.png)

would this one be ok


no it would NOT


i can kill servants


NOThing worse than waking up with a nice morning bone and no illya to flip


File: 1581264958673.png (275.49 KB, 1130x650, The-Science-Visual-w-callouts-1-copy-1130x650.png)


woke up and read hows it going


mornin are you refreshed


ya moms ordering subs


nice mom is it meatball or italien blt


never worked on a team before


blts suck we already covered this


shes getting steak and cheese


applied lotion to my ass crack


File: 1581267165700.png (800.75 KB, 1700x2390, 79387842_p5.png)

need a gf like this


how about needing a gf due to who she is instead of what she looks like




women dont have personalities why would i care about who she is


you are objectifying


like what


sexy lady with a tight ass


File: 1581269385640.webm (709.25 KB, 1920x1080, butte.webm)


holy shit


we demand normbutts


File: 1581269625047.mp4 (216.18 KB, takane.mp4)






someone save her


tarded out and came up with a new lossy compression algorithm


hope you meant lossless


lossless is fine depending on the application and your ability to place an upper bound on the reconstruction error


*lossy is fine




impossible my 5000 year old ancestor has thousands if NOT millions of descendants he wont keep track of them all


File: 1581270679624.webm (1.89 MB, 1280x720, 1580958620686.webm)


he keeps track of the cels for a laugh


strange how she mirrors my own reaction to scrolling through hima and seeing the sheep webm


hehe same



drank 7 blogweisers and blogged to mom last night hima its over for me


your grandparents and great grandparents at least are watching you right now they watch you for weeks at a time before swapping to someone else


mom died last night


anyone else bounces up and down to the sheep webm


heck ya i do



any train vids


subs are here


heg ya its time to feast





thats NOT a train





senko trains piss


File: 1581273627482.mp4 (4.18 MB, [warning, grafic!!!] Teenage girl was stoned ….mp4)



NOT playing is that a virus


virus dont click


wish foids were still treated like property


NOT clicking it




convert it to a webm



wish i could click but i can only hover





i would have had a lot of fun letting my bionicles ride this when i was little


why dont you let them ride it now


i threw them away


File: 1581274643616.png (67.82 KB, 213x351, snackhaul.png)




hate women with a passion


hate norms with a passion


hate norms



damn fine railway


wish america had a good country-wide rail network



is that a tranny


does it look like a tranny


ya a vr tranny and it sounds like one too


train tickets cost more than plane tickets here


i can still sell my phenom ii x6 1090t for a decent amount even when its like 9 years old


need to ride a train


its NOT that great


dont make these posts


File: 1581276138765.webm (Spoiler Image, 7.53 MB, 1280x720, sheep.webm)


sheep hours gonno game


is it okay to do this if i cant drive and dont have a job either


stop linking posts older than 100 ago


stop forcing the bad music one


the sheep girl




time for some porno `mes




never voted drank alcohol experienced a job or learned how to drive according to norms im a baby


im baby


love seeing game journos trying to bring up gone homo like it was ever good


dont care about game journos or games dismantle that manbaby industry for all i care


im manbaby




mindblown at the fact that animals and insects used to be a lot larger millions of years ago and evolution gave benefit to smaller ones instead i wonder if the same will happen to humans


it was dismantled years ago




the norms


File: 1581277325866.png (1023.67 KB, 630x1211, [Judas] Ishuzoku Reviewers (Interspecies Revie….png)



is dismantled one of those unpaired words dont think mantled or remantled is a word


File: 1581277474756.jpg (Spoiler Image, 115.54 KB, 724x1024, 147961812329.jpg)


death to norms


wish to do this wish to feel a sexy ladies guts


how about some nice man guts instead


want to ask mom to buy italien blts but i have to avoid her till she forgets about me drunk blogging to her


just do it again tonight and dont say much


how would that help me id just tell her dumb things again and we would be in the same place


mom got chinese hope i get corona and die


love how every chink i see nowadays has some sort of sniffles or cough going on they are walking timebombs


the more you do it the more control you have ive said far worse things to mom while totally sober


i told mom about the vr trannies and milk and the sheep webm and she asked me i thought i was a girl


what did you say about milk


she was a girl who plays vr chat


well are you a girl




wish i was a girl playing vr chat




watch some train vids


watch this


wish i lived in academy city


went to walmart hima got lots of different types of juices and sodas gonno find out which one i like the most


why NOT simply order them online


moms money NOT mine


wonder if women were ever actually elegant or if men just dressed them up and tricked them into acting elegant



hoo boy hima here comes the rain


if maidens arent real then my lifes purpose will be lost


dumb roast pretending to know what shes talking about im raging


marie antoinette said sorry to samson after stepping on his foot by accident


hes an orbiter


hehe love marie


File: 1581284564709.gif (1.54 MB, 540x304, 1565051508988.gif)


stop the senk


continue the senk


no no no shes too old


File: 1581285429871.jpg (457.67 KB, 805x800, 1580436791904.jpg)


gaming hard


love gaming love anime love snoozing love snacking hate work


File: 1581285610232.jpg (360.4 KB, 1920x1080, [Judas] Machikado Mazoku - 11.mkv_snapshot_00:….jpg)


im waste of space


moms soaking the chicken


compared to any sexy lady i am a waste of space


youre more valuable theyre weak and frail


wonder if one can really make that much more as a software monkey if they move to c*li


theyre beautiful and soft and clean


playing some wc3 hima its time to game


beauty is in the eye of the beholder to some people youre more beautiful than sexy ladies


how can a well educated successful british gentleman like nigel farage support trump


that is extremely unlikely


wonder if theres a single sexy lady in the world who wants to marry me and flip me how can i find her


used to wonder that too then i accepted that there simply isnt and even if there was shed lose interest pretty quickly if she got to know me



poured myself a la trappe


mom released the roomba hope its done before dinner time




ya but watch it


wish mom would release the sexbot already


attention span isnt big enough to watch it 25 minutes is too long


mindblowing that my entire life could collapse at any second need to stop being a pmb fast




its easy


no you dont understand


piss and oog


got into a betting group hima you pay them a monthly fee and they tell you on what to bet gonno start with 2000 and see how it goes for a month


gotta spend money to make money


nice mob connections horse race gambler


share the bets here theyll never know dont worry


gotta be a norm to be a norm


ok right now im betting a hundred that klaus is gonno win for best animated film


dad used to be into the horse racing stuff but some stuff happened and he had to move to the opposite side of the country


he got roped in with the wrong uma musume


what did dad do


i dont ask questions


paste bukowski


File: 1581290927790.webm (1.66 MB, 960x540, 1580356130498.webm)