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wtf stop posting my pics


are you sure thats you might want to check a mirror


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skipped the valentines event hima


bought a half pound of nicarguan covfefe brewing up a cuppa


dont be irresponsible


cant wait for the himasugi valentines event


are there really mobagenorms here


they are the ideal game


what has happened to hima




hb hima this nicaraguan brew is as hearty as soup


hope youre replying to >>1024119




mobage allows me to game on the go and is convenient for my fast paced lifestyle


can i have some


woke up mom made grilled cheese


damn good burg


gonno fire up some mobage to steam the jan


hima how would your life change if you won five million what would you do


pretty much the same thing im doing now


i would take everyone on hima that wanted to go on a trip to japan then i would buy a nice house on a remote mountaintop and live in peace far from the norms


sigh thats the dream


gonno masturbate


making myself chocolate covered marshmallows for valentines


nice try to use the same ip to give the jans an easier time but i guess subtley is a waste of time




might need to pick up smoking if it helps me become a twig


are they comparing western vs japanese emoticons


are you making them today


post the fine day image


File: 1581538324533.png (1.96 MB, 1425x1783, Capture_2020-02-12-12-30-53.png)


smoke some smooth crystal meth


they are saying westerners convey their emotions with their mouths while japanese do it with their eyes pretty deep man



nice tard



File: 1581542400893.jpg (339.29 KB, 1300x919, EQky7fFU8AA8ms8.jpg)




I joined after 2018 hey hello hi nice to meet you.


File: 1581543182821.jpg (250.82 KB, 1920x1080, uhhh.jpg)


had a ped dream


coco no


im in love with the coco


hey hima mom didnt make my coffee so im drinking tap and snacking on some organic chocolate cookies


ayayaya coco jambo ayayai



looking forward to rolling for that vtuber in 2022


File: 1581545579439.webm (Spoiler Image, 302.75 KB, 604x340, 167 Saint Quartzes Pack.webm)




wonder what i should feast



hima is reclining


ive caught the hunger i must feast


im stinkneet


love firing up a $40 grubhub on moms credit card


love overdrafting moms checking account when she makes me mad


owned mom


hey hima couldnt post much today too bush betting hehe


a girl held the door for me today


she wanted to be snapped


think one of sis teenfriends has a crush on me


sis never brought any friends over


got the goat banner hehe


been playing some tft lately hima



normfight normtics


File: 1581554056996.jpg (121.01 KB, 1200x675, CyWCIQ5VEAAfGcE.jpg)

nice ぽこじゃか


did nasty things to my body


your body is a temple


i heard that having your umbilical cord clamped prematurely increases your probability of becoming cel


what if youre a c section baby


c sections still have umbilical cords idiot



paste teens


c sectioned clamped circumsized vaccinated


at least you were breastfed


gonno puke




do you feel better


think my face is deformed from NOT smiling at all for years


NOT really my tum hurts


File: 1581555810229.jpg (14.84 KB, 640x480, 1581464459740.jpg)


a proper neet den



cant have a neet station with a mini fridge filled with snacks


and some hojicha hehe




was on the highway today and a guy in a 997 carrera NOTiced me and floored it so i chased him down and pulled along side and while we were coasting i gave it a little gas so he could hear the turbo dose


hi hima woke up and had a nice shower hows it going gonno make coffee now then grab some snacks and watch some vids and then read the posts ive missed




the fact that sexy ladies have sexy lady clits is just mindblowing just imagine it every time you get close to a sexy lady you are just as close from her sexy ladieslit and only a very thin layer of fabric is what divides it from everyones eyes


sick freak dont think of such things


it's natural


crying pnig would have loved this topic


talking about senko ya hehe


dont cry for pnig hes pure evil


hehe thinking about the sheep webm


File: 1585447089574.png (12.29 KB, 670x273, vote.png)


File: 1585447173722.jpg (43.56 KB, 700x394, met.jpg)

hands off onsekiko

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