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dumb parry spammer


should i crack a blogweiser


sexy lady kodomokid butt humiliate


how come in ds1 when you get an item it shows an image of it next to the name and in ds2 it just shows the category icon next to its name hate the ui in ds2


gonno ass disgrace otogibara


on my third blogenweisen


File: 1580620093415.jpg (529.99 KB, 1600x900, 838.jpg)

rate my build




pasted havelmage


File: 1580620391425.jpg (Spoiler Image, 999.28 KB, 1224x816, sexy naked lgf.jpg)


love oogin


seven day streak over


cant tell if this guy is 8 or 80


crackin the first blogweiser of the night


might have to bust open the wine bag


gonno crack open the sugarwater


think hes a midget


wonder if ill end up snapping a sexy lady right before dying


box wine is obsolete you can get a 24 pack of wine now


File: 1580621337033.png (362.16 KB, 449x449, mikes.png)

hell yeah


drank two beers now im sleepy gonno game and snooze


i haven't played a game in years




File: 1580622927865.flac (25.76 MB, 01. ファンタスティック☆通りゃんせ!.flac)




File: 1580623113171.jpg (189.32 KB, 1200x848, EPmc9QvVAAEBk86.jpg)


File: 1580623301761.png (193.51 KB, 800x818, 1580567918937.png)

vfoids infecting fgo


File: 1580623450995.jpg (640.15 KB, 1447x2047, 79217922_p0.jpg)

was just going to post her love the design


nice gamer


let's post our penis sizes (bone pressed)




she looks like an overdesigned harlot




dont believe bone measurers nobody can get it hard that quickly


File: 1580624268489.png (989.05 KB, 1000x456, pop.png)

back got those ice cream sandwiches got those pop tarts didnt know they need a toaster though i dont have one


you eating shite


theyre better without a toaster only norms toast em


put some in the freezer


use a microwave


about to fire up an ice cream sunday myself


fatneets get in here


File: 1580624738973.webm (1.82 MB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Murenase! Seton Gakuen - 04 [7….webm)


File: 1580624911002.mp4 (3.64 MB, AT-cm|613228716-480.mp4)

shes just like us bros


raging at those noises


like a foid knows what agony even means


even when living slightly like a male she says that it was torture dont make me laugh


scsnapped out a sharp booger


File: 1580625790943.png (975.41 KB, 1000x456, himabang.png)

do believe it may be phew time which sugargrain do i hit first


what is the red


frozen raspberries


someone post some real food


sorry cant cook can only post low tier packaged foods


broil those berries


wish freak wouldve jumped


cant boil cant broil cant bake cant fry cant do anything


i dont


File: 1580626310264.jpg (156.54 KB, 1920x1080, 1457143118376.jpg)


love fangs simple as that




thats NOT megumin


the chain of events that led to pnigs capture would have never occurred if freak jumped


NOT feelin it probably going to bleachbin most of this


im sorry basedeye i didnt mean it


skipping these posts


cant see hima being much different without freak


you were supposed to get the strawberry one with sprinkles


the sheer ignorance of this post is outstanding


this was the only kind available sorry dont think theyre popular here remember its the thought that counts


prove me wrong


the absolute ignorance


it cant be proven just like that freak was integral from day one


everything freak did could have been done by turt or dookmin


this would happen everywhere if women were just men in different bodies


think again idiot


dont know whether youre replying to me or him


File: 1580627328145.gif (1.99 MB, 369x220, h4G4e03.gif)


the freak did jump but his eye automatically activated izanagi because he still has a big part to play in this world


freak doesnt post for months at a time when the bossman requires overtime for the midwit code monkey project so he cant be that vital


its only a matter of time for him


cant believe this ignorance


he used to be more important now hes just an annoyance that plagues us every one in a while


never watched the matrix should i watch it


cant believe some of the perverse latenorming that goes on here NOT only lotr but the matrix


if you watch it ill finally take the plastic off my copy


hate weekend hima


fire up the extended lotr stream and then we will move onto the matrix


hes learning to believe


hehe that was me too


File: 1580628111293.jpg (192.18 KB, 1000x456, himabang2.jpg)

barely started but already feeling sick think the bleachbin is imminent only supposed to do this on fridays


dumb twig


based feasteye


maybe eat something more substantial those are all sweets


the more i think about it the more upset im getting
the cereal will be soggy and gross
the ice creams will be melted
what a clusterflip you can tell this guy is inexperienced


File: 1580628300970.png (891.44 KB, 944x437, phew.png)

no you dont understand i can usually eat more just NOT feelin it usually there be less sweets and a nice roast chicken smack bang in the middle


wont deny its a failure though NOT supposed to happen today NOT with work tomorrow


what do you mean work tomorrow


NOThing just a little joke




die norms

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