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wonder if elliot could have had better luck as a birl


love canada love bacon simple as that


File: 1579909888585.webm (2.13 MB, 480x480, 1579550228624.webm)


hope they shot that norm




need a birl gf bad




die sodomite


roa-chan is so bad at splatoon ive never actually seen her win a game


needs some cheese



pasted funny fat chink man


hate that guy




theyre cute and just like me


File: 1579910907009.mp4 (9.89 MB, waterstore.mp4)


hope that chink dies of corona


is that yong


File: 1579911531787.mp4 (6.44 MB, 029becd6.mp4)

being black looks like fun


ya theyre tard hehe


im dumber than a black


i feel so alone
gonno end up a big ol pile a them bones


wouldnt mind blacks if they all lived on a different planet


wonder what its like being a nigger how do they see the world


ayo ima get me som money boiii
i just imagine that loops in their head most of the day




mom invited the neighbors over for dinner this day couldnt possibly get worse


File: 1579912556211.jpg (202.53 KB, 1080x1350, e8932a0c171cd1d618db67a428a0a1c5.jpg)


retreat into the neet cave


need a burg hima


gonno give the norms coronavirus


the norms need to die


they dont treat us like humans why should we treat them any different


gonno crack open an ice delicious corona


glad the norms are nice to me because they think im retarded


wish i had a corona



norms act strange around me think its a mixture of hatred and fear


they know im a gamer


threads almost finished do NOT get left behind


maybe its time to be left behind permanently


File: 1579913868046.jpg (26.09 KB, 1152x480, 12b1c083-f864-4e59-86af-1803c7813bd4_screensho….jpg)

smoke em


got left behind


invaders are here


can already hear their norm fake laughs downstairs


these are norm hours



that reminds me it finally hit me why the gooks in the onsen stared at me it was because im circumcised and they probably never saw someone mutilated by kikes before


go and shake their hands and introduce yourself


the norms the norms the norms


pretty sure most gooks are circumcised



never figured out how to pronounce nietzsche


i dont know im NOT some javcel and i wasnt about to start rubbernecking to check out everyones junk i just assumed it was primarily america that was duped into male genital mutilation


might become a reader


reader or reader


the jewish doctor that cut your dick gets to have you as a slave in the afterlife


damn good whopper the official burg of cels everywhere hima


is he gonno make me a birl sex slave hehe


can someone make a spaghetters blog


pretty mindblowing that mom thought slicing off a large part of my penis as a baby would be a good idea


its NOT her fault


crazy to think someone of my iq came out of mom


iq isnt real


all my iq came from mom dads tardchad


cant wait for hima to split up with norms and jaypees


dont care about being circumcised wish they had chopped this whole useless thing off


wish mom aborted me


no point in post op birls


become a court eunuch


beard was sticking out widely so i patted it down with water and it looked better i think im finally starting to look like a man


biggest penis on hima and the biggest cel





make the new one early hehe


File: 1579915545744.jpg (100 KB, 528x960, tree.jpg)



stop asking for pics its a waste of time


we should let normasugi die with this thread



agree make a new board without teens


love doge


head over to the tb


were borne into the graaaave


sb now


checked it and master still hasnt returned


miss planning out who to ban on the sb with the high ranking members of hima


internal server error


the hima elites planning the fate of the nopersonas


the sb was full of panic during the final days of pnigs reich


most active users of the sb were the teens currently sitting in discord that have been evacuating their bowels all over hima for years now


File: 1579916139067.png (6.81 MB, 1804x4872, 1481194215650-1.png)


sigh nb was the chosen one he was supposed to libera me from this hell


based meronorm sbers NOT surprising at all when you consider everyone in there was non virg


cant believe this norm is still steamed about NOT getting into the sb


miss pnigs himako rp


the jan that banned the world...


cant believe the snow was never turned on this year


peak norm hours abandon hima


hate snow

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