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got left behind


need a birlfriend immediately


my existence may be a puzzle this world is NOT currently capable of solving


feeling sleepy already but i snoozed 10 hours and woke up a few hours ago



File: 1578779587145.png (509.33 KB, 540x568, 1578626521912.png)


File: 1578779753104.jpg (74.86 KB, 640x874, 1578450624057.jpg)


wish to work at walmart and have my superiors humiliate me


ajs forearm circumference is too high to be working at walmart


kept showing interviewers my neck circumference and they kept showing me the door what does it mean


you were under 18"


youre under 5'12"


im 6'4 and 24 inches around mybe it was too much


File: 1578781303615.jpg (198.11 KB, 1920x1080, 1.jpg)

im 6'4 and 24 inches around mybe it was too much




File: 1578781717004.jpg (98.92 KB, 684x799, Robert-Wadlow-Colourised-By-PMH_tcm25-511586.jpg)

mom forced me to take a pic with the cleaning lady and my neighbor or else she wouldnt give me money for wine and bacon sandwich supplies so here you go



File: 1578783096543.png (638.08 KB, 1369x2036, 0a5f74ddf981684feda1453b4e592829.png)


File: 1578784067205.jpg (866.11 KB, 1237x1200, 1578776365425.jpg)






hate spacedorks theres NOThing out there


okay have fun on this shite planet


File: 1578785106504.webm (2.68 MB, 476x360, 1578726698694.webm)


hate chinks


File: 1578785328731.png (13.81 KB, 736x91, Capture (4).PNG)



paste discord screenshot


what the fuck is that


guess im mentally ill then


glad that classof2012seki appointed his bros as janitors so that they can cap our post histories and share them on discord for a laugh


rage hard when people say larp in reference to non live action role playing


paste pet peeve rager


die norms


File: 1578786561467.jpg (187.01 KB, 2268x1192, boobies.jpg)


who buoy



everyone help me in reporting this >>1009208
with enough seki will be forced to take action


File: 1578788662545.jpg (301.72 KB, 750x1000, __senko_sewayaki_kitsune_no_senko_san_drawn_by….jpg)


its almost been a year since senk when are you going to give up on her


seki here
anyone reporting this image will be banned


senkos butt


left behind


weird how mom hasnt raged once since i started showering daily guess something about neetmusk sets moms off into a fury


are you trimming your nails too


gotta try that but showerings so boring


shes old the man pheromones make her emotional


pheromones arent real


reported it


File: 1578789828068.jpg (126.9 KB, 800x1122, EOAWw6RVAAAeY4J.jpg)


File: 1578789874042.png (44.64 KB, 676x206, steam.PNG)







big bone


File: 1578790525805.jpg (120.66 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Fate Grand Order - Absolute Dem….jpg)

sigh shes so cute


shes a true maiden


gaming my life away


already gamed my life away


its NOT too late


game is life


NOT feeling too good might have a drink


the hima man


bought a coke gonno freeze then sip


do sexy ladies really watch this sort of thing


sigh pnig


whys his forehead so big


love showers it feels so good and you feel so much better afterwards gotta shower right after waking up or i cant do anything


File: 1578793194937.png (122.54 KB, 808x1030, 2463dfd17a71381349da17630256160e.png)


phew love muscle girls


selfie for the boys


going to be me this summer


only the abs though right


gaming hard


game on brother




fear that being able to work from home will demotivate me from the ritual but i didnt plan for anything else


also gonno start working from home boss knows im a hopeless tard he even said i should book a psychologist or something hehe


norm hours


its the weekend all the norms are out partying


File: 1578795035249.jpg (211.11 KB, 826x1169, 4beb63248187917fe355061afe3e8236.jpg)


stream of the himabros out partying



NOT sure what to do dont have any real goals


make some goals


the norms are partying while posting on hima with their phones


File: 1578795475563.jpg (2.91 MB, 2816x2112, brad anime night.jpg)


watching some cringe compilations


boss asked me why i dont want to move out of moms house or travel around the world or buy a car or have a gf or anything and if i have any goals in life



boss just said to work from home so i dont show up at work one day with a gun


ask him why anyone would want to do any of that stuff


sigh he keeps hallucinating about the rude guy


stop getting pushed around by that silver spoon bastard


made a discovery recently that traveling is actually really cheap but im NOT interested in it


thought you were supposed to lie about those things and NOT reveal your true form


mindcrippling how a large part of the 2010s for me was pissing off the staff of a japanese interests board


did NOT go to work and left my phone off all day after christmas and the companys president told my boss he was worried i had jumped off my offices window


its impossible he knows i dont live by myself and that i dont have a gf and that i dont have anything to my name and all that we have been working together everyday for years


where is all your money going if you dont have any of those are you a gambler


hes a self made man


die norms


dislike being perceived as a freak


missed all of agdq why didnt anyone tell me


even if traveling was free it would be too much work for NOThing


you can spend 3 weeks in japan from america for less than $2000 but dont expect to slay like seki


ill just get some tight shorts to show off my big white penis


NOT going to travel to japan if i cant slay some kitty


have NOThing to do but spend money on a 15 year old mitsubishi real nice world youve got here jehova


why NOT


because of the jbw pill


im white


wish i was white


himasugi is NOT for privileged classes so whites people over 6' and foids all need to leave immediately


stop spreading jbw lies


File: 1578796638681.png (Spoiler Image, 67.29 KB, 268x367, 1437418027080.png)


its NOT that great


File: 1578796722375.webm (2.68 MB, 1280x720, 1578715286981.webm)


File: 1578796820803.webm (719.45 KB, 1280x720, tasty kok.webm)


vile whore


wonder what sort of elaborate eternal punishment mom is going to receive from the gods for giving birth to the most iredeemable doomcel to have ever walked the earth she will probably be chained to a boulder in the underworld and have a cyclops cram rocks into her vagina or something


love imagining a cyclops cramming rocks into my moms vagina


played dantes inferno it prepared me for hell





hate foids



hate nigs


esophagus is getting worse think i might choke to death one day while eating


the dogs keep barking and gran yells at them to shut up over and over



those are boobs


basted nig


File: 1578798798917.jpg (129.21 KB, 957x576, jian_feng_family.jpg)


big boob gerl hi


cracked open a cold one


making a plan its all going together too smoothly im getting excited


whats the plan


to stop doing NOThing


made my plan ages ago and still havent acted


boiled some chicken sandwiches


did you boil the whole sandwich or just the chicken


might finally pull the trigger on the vr setup i need to buy into a fresh cope bad


had some natto on toast earlier it was NOT bad but oatmeal bread defiantly is NOT the right bread to use


broiled the bread boiled the chicken


broiling isnt real


should have said boiled the bird sigh


mom brought a daves triple and steamed dumplings


cracked open a blogweiser


File: 1578801586959.webm (1.44 MB, 480x360, 40nig.webm)

always skipped that vid


File: 1578801673866.jpg (1 MB, 3024x4032, 1578797373253.jpg)



loved kid pix


annoyed that teens started spamming that vid in the last two years when the original upload and the vid its mocking are from at least ten years ago


finna shite


maybe they sneak in other snacks in the cereal boxes


time to snooze



sigh inuyasha


hate hapayasha


woah iceborne comes free with a 5500xt maybe its time to upgrade




everyone here is normborne


drinking some rum


hima is a wine and bourbon board


woke up really NOT feeling great need some hair of the dog


File: 1578804996187.jpg (3.57 MB, 4160x3120, 20180725_195215.jpg)


the himadog


cracked open aNOTher blogweiser whachu know bout that


should i drop the $500 or so to get started with vr i cant think of anything else to buy thats NOT over a thousand


no vr sucks


our new life as cute girls is about to begin


whats the show with the retarded dog girls


murenase seton gakuen


baste vrtron


dog days


File: 1578808056753.webm (118.31 KB, 770x1000, __akashi_and_commander_azur_lane_drawn_by_vir….webm)


now that i can work from home maybe ill just see about going to stay in aNOTher country and work from a hotel or something for a while


stop posting that shes draining everyones gems


making ice cream


havent had a good scream in awhile


same i splathered choclate sauce all over it


hb only ended up eating 2 and a half pizzas last night still got half of one for raid night


File: 1578809815786.gif (4.95 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)


File: 1578810038098.jpg (153.46 KB, 1080x1080, 75448898_366609007479894_3752688774605462339_n.jpg)


he looks queer now


you are simply jealous


why is he wearing makeup


gth raider


how else am i gonno get my loot


you have to wear cosmetics if you wish to compete in todays sexual market why should women get all the advantage


spermed to that last night hehe


i cant wear makeup i have bad memories of the older girls at school dragging me into the girls toilets and holding my arms down giving me a makeover


they were only trying to help


no because then theyd take my uniform off and make me wear one of theirs and laugh at me


was this before or after your sister died


believe himas


no one told me the first episode of railgun already aired


File: 1578811867998.png (956.06 KB, 679x769, e0020881ceb4019d685362d7d82a6da9.png)

wish i was australian


why is it that i can tell if a man is gay simply by the way his lips looks


hes doing the kissy face


hes NOT gay you just hope he is


because he was gay in the first pic as are all men who get nonessential plastic surgeries


plastic surgery is essential to stop being cel


only if youre a hulking ugly woman


gonno become a plastic surgeon and move to korea


could use a few more inches of jaw


we need to start preparing for the ps2 bubble by buying in box controllers now before the norms jack them up to $100 each


File: 1578813653248.jpg (504.37 KB, 975x1500, phew.jpg)


we dont want used women


i would save her


we dont want used controllers either its time to act


File: 1578813758849.jpg (768.32 KB, 1280x1250, 1578802255477.jpg)




File: 1578814063292.jpg (137.98 KB, 750x750, 1578704065481.jpg)


too dumb to understand that


anyone else just mimic human behavior


toof hurts


have you been brushing


how often are you supposed to brush


no need for plastic surgery simply start working on a good comedy act and youre all a set because everyone knows good looking guys cant be funny


File: 1578814868004.png (266.47 KB, 720x764, 1567363922424.png)


raining hima


when the plaque starts to yellow


freak hours gonno watch railgun and eat some pizza


my freak detector hasnt gone off



finished crying


are you a man now


im manbaby


just realized something


what did you realize


should have just gotten a job at a warehouse at least then i would know how to drive and have some money to spend on games


that the name hifumi translates to onetwothree



File: 1578817430561.png (5.66 MB, 1919x2496, fc033b9a567ddbb087ec1753954c4342.png)

nice ishuzoku nice reviewers




no bros this cant be happening


hoo boy


completely unaware of all currently popular mobile games


completely unaware of all currently popular games




been reading v for at least 5 hours a day lately and i dont even know what i do know is that i could NOT give less of a flip what they are



dont understand why minecraft had such a resurgence in popularity


whats with pnig i thought hed be most likely


most likely to be the girlfriend


rare karuta




starting my birlification tomorrow hima wish me luck


File: 1578819994704.jpg (190.49 KB, 1920x1080, uhhaha.jpg)


dont betray us we need you in the gender war


dosbox hasnt been fullscreening properly for at least a month too lazy to try and fix it



love hairy kitties


File: 1578822833202.jpg (147.61 KB, 900x1253, 7c20930b51aa7fa200e152ff0fe79854.jpg)


used to hate hair pussers cant believe how low test i was


dont understand that meme what does a baby rattle have to do with mind control


the average woman has the mind of an infant


why are there 3 hands in that pic



should i snooze


only got 4 hours of snooze probably had too much to drink


time to worship chairman mao


the nuclear power station near me reported an emergency


love nuclear power


sigh im NOT in the radioactive blastzone it says 10km and im 60km away


how come i was taught the inferior system of measurements from birth


you mean superior


baby want flip


stopped taking my brain pills


now the hallucinations begin


File: 1578836669709.jpg (931.75 KB, 859x1208, __original_drawn_by_doushimasho__43029e2ccb161….jpg)


had the last of the pills on thursday havent told mom yet the norms cant stop me now


what pills


the brain pills


took my gut pills


playing iceborne hima my real life is beginning


is that game cracked


File: 1578839825499.jpg (979.29 KB, 1368x1911, 1578837605080.jpg)


a body like that can only be for one thing


being a gamer


woke up hi



i game


my real life has started in seliana hima i made it




95% of the foids ive seen in the gym spend the majority of their time sitting on the floor playing on their phones i hate them and their lack of discipline


hacking hima don't call the cops ok


die hacker


crying hima iceborne is perfect my entire life has been leading to playing this


isnt that all common sense if you have an iq higher than 100


File: 1578845804523.jpg (75.6 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


decorated my room in seliana hima and setup the aquarium


hi jaiden i love you


why would you have an aquarium


for fun


File: 1578848224431.jpg (1.11 MB, 4096x2891, __oozora_subaru_and_shigure_ui_hololive_and_1_….jpg)


girls love 30 year old schizo virgin gamer manbabies


the hunger must be sated


woke up having some tasty kok


havin some kok as well hehe



huge boobers


shes a freak


whats that like a mobile game


its a full blown game and a damn good one


feel bad for those who feel for monhun world and are now stuck playing it because of sunk cost fallacy


NOThing wrong with world its a damn fine game heck ya its time to hunt


File: 1578852555810.jpg (95.75 KB, 720x483, 1578467459961.jpg)


need to get a 5500xt for my free iceborne copy


cant play a game thats about murdering innocent beasts


paste video game journalists


we do what we have to do to survive the new world


hate the norm outrage cycle
the guys that make these videos benefit just as much from clickbait journalism as the authors of those articles themselves


this is the game hima the game ive been meant to play my whole life


File: 1578854655301.webm (Spoiler Image, 705.65 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Ryuuou no Oshigoto! - 03 [720p….webm)




heck yeah get that 5500xt


shishou girl




what set you off this time




dont flipping cry


hate monster normers


File: 1578857407343.webm (935.42 KB, 800x450, 1522877600016.webm)


i cant help it the game is perfect


wish i had a pizza right now


hmmm same


jod to some vtuber doujins


sigh damn good game hima to be playing a game this good in 2020 crying


no one wants to play with you so you can stop now


i want to play but i dont want to pay


damn good game


cant game anymore


gotta game


File: 1578862502761.mp4 (2.14 MB, GBwnxNiccDj0mGsE.mp4)


is it okay to take a girl like this on a date to mcdonalds


no she dresses like a slut and dyed her hair pink people are going to think youre a paypig


going to buy the vr setup so i can hang out with vtubers all day instead of 30 year old manbabies


the cat food i leave outside has so far fed cats possums toads birds and a racoon


youre supporting an entire ecosystem


its too much responsibility thinking of stopping


hope you get the whole valve index package and that you have the gpu to support it


chihiro has been gaming for over six hours




im watching ars and hayama hehe


the cute blue vtuber


dont understand how someone can be successful enough to have money to blow on vfoid donations but retarded enough to do it in the first place


theyre gamers


they game


wageslaving doesnt take brains in 90% of cases


theyre dumb flipping teens



gonno vomit


depressed retard spends every waking hour playing video games and wondering why hes depressed


dopamine receptors are too fried to game for more than half an hour most days


look at that disgusting foid wiping her arse with slips of paper and then going about her business with shite smeared all over herself as if shes clean


love gaming love spending days gaming love spending my life gaming enjoy every minute of it hate norms


urge to purge


why do you hate norms


if you have to ask then youre one of them


you werent supposed to watch the whole video whats wrong with you


please god let me die in my sleep soon


i watch every video thats posted


why do you want to die pathetically in your sleep


you should wish to die in battle so you can spend eternity feasting in valhalla


File: 1578866461793.jpg (87.95 KB, 1000x667, 1578860894331.jpg)


spent an eternity feasting and gaming


wish to worship norm consumers for minimum wage thats my goal in life


File: 1578866641788.jpg (928.53 KB, 1920x1347, 1920px-Enthroned_King_of_Ur.jpg)



exquisite use of lapis lazuli in that piece


time to fire up blops 3


why was old art and architecture so beautiful i hate living in the modern concrete wageslave farms




how is that art beautiful they look like tards


it speaks to me


tards were revered in sumer


what about gamers


same thing


mom made beef stew


love beef stew


moms ordering fried chicken


if i do it myself mom will be upset


mom is out of town im starving



where does mom have to go why isnt she home


shes travelling abroad


why did mom wait until she was in her 60s to travel when she has a tard at home that needs her to buy pizza and liquor for him


why didnt we listen


shes just a dumb whore like that i guess


File: 1578867795572.jpeg (89.2 KB, 1280x720, EOHRaA0UcAApo_B.jpeg)


me first please i beg you


is that supposed to be rena


its shimarin


just finished the viper hunt hima crying


mindblowing that people were dumb enough to think this was real


stop killing the monsters you freak


knew a lot of stuff wasnt real as a kid but forced myself to pretend it was either for moms sake or so i could escape reality


drinking an ice cold sugarwater out of a whiskey glass


File: 1578868212779.jpg (49.08 KB, 1000x1000, glencairn_crystal_crystal_glencairn_whisky_tas….jpg)

by whisky glass do you mean one like this


watched a ton of documentaries on aliens and ufos and and bigfeet and lake monsters etc and believed all of it


mindboggling there is still ghost shows on tvs that regular adult people watch


begged and pleaded for god to make some of my fantasies reality as a kid


love watching stuff on that and also occult stuff even if i dont believe any of it but its fun like reading about lore of a fantasy game except its real life


god has some problem with me dont know what it is but He has been determined to make me rope


are real i saw one


was it a sexy lady


no it was a big boobie neesan


im haunted by the spirits of all the sexy ladies i snapped in my previous lives


going to try to game mom bought snacks earlier



prayed to god for magical powers for years but all he did was make me incel


wasted all my pennies in the wishing well trying to make cartoons real


thought being cel was a curse when its actually a blessing


there are pros and cons


crazy that alien life and ufos were proven to exist and NOThing changed


we have NOT been visited on this world by aliens
we regularly have run ins with extra dimensional beings though


NOT by aliens themselves but defiantly their technology
how would you explain the tic tac video otherwise


a visit from the extradimensional wizards

if aliens were smart enough to have the technology to find and travel to this planet they wouldnt have any reason to screw around it would be like you finding some ants on a rock in the woods


how would we have their technology if they didnt visit earth


autonomous self replicating drones
they just spread out find a resource rich planet self replicate a little and then fly off again in different directions
you can visit the entire galaxy in a few million years this way


File: 1578869626178.png (268.99 KB, 290x490, HBW.png)

i think they changed the flavor of these they used to be hotter


cant say ive ever eaten a pretzel before


why would you do that when there are all sorts of resources nearby theres no reason to go that far


maybe to map stuff out
maybe its just NOT that big of a deal and they did it on a whim
maybe to send a message


File: 1578869759365.jpg (198.4 KB, 849x1200, __houraisan_kaguya_and_yagokoro_eirin_touhou_d….jpg)


used to quaff sugarwater and eat bagfuls of snacks while gaming all night 13 years later it doesnt feel the same


her arm is comically tiny


gaming used to make me happy now its just there to fill the emptiness


is boob envy real


is dick envy real


are boobs dicks


you cant compare boobs and dicks one is visible all the time and the other is NOT


my dick could be a foot long when i wake up tomorrow and it wouldnt change my life in any way a foid would be able to capitalize on having bigger boobs within minutes


File: 1578870030622.jpg (228.3 KB, 1442x2048, 1570649807263.jpg)

pretty visible


wish i was schizo i could entertain myself for hours


if your dick was a foot long you could defiantly make a lot in porn


hate when my penis bunches up my pants and theres a bulge even though i dont have a big penis the last time it happened was at a restaurant and a woman sitting at a booth looked at it and smiled and it made me feel gross


its NOT entertaining you fool its a living hell being tortured by demons 24/7


paste humblebragger


mindblowing that male porn actors get paid more than women


theres NOThing to brag about im a dicklet


women dont smile at just anyone


up 15 pounds this week blimping out hard gonno eat some ice cream


dont get the ice cream meme its NOT that great


same always liked ice cream cones though




dont watch that garbage watch this


embed spam


thats ones nice thats some grandma shite


what did you just said


norm hours have begun


went out for a drive with dad and flipped up so many times stalled like twice took two spots to park revved too hard in first gear what the hell


ate a tamago


cant believe aliens have revealed themselves to us and nobody flipping cares norms cant peel their eyes off instanorm normwitter and normflix for one second aliens simply arent appreciated anymore sigh wish they would take me away already i want out of this norm world need to join my alien brothers


File: 1578871935238.jpg (202.48 KB, 848x1199, EOHOHaTU8AAzFsT.jpg)


think ill have to settle for a big boob gf


cant believe how good this game is hima what a way to start the new decade love hunting monsters


honestly it doesnt tell us much anyone with a brain already knew aliens existed and those probes are probably impossible to catch let alone reverse engineer


love the handler


never played monhun never will




File: 1578872291597.mp4 (1.27 MB, glass.mp4)


what do her boobs say


"titfuck me 4 dollars"


translate it weebs


the aliens are going to come for me and ask what they should do with my species if anything and im going to say to torch all those bastards


what about your himabros


can you ask the aliens to put me in the soylent green suicide chamber instead of burning me alive when they glass earth


never understood what the point of music conductors were they just wave their hands


they used to be important but nowadays everyone just artistically reads the music verbatim like a robot


*autistically NOT artistic


feels like its been a year since the last stream


should i fire up fatal frame again


dont mind streaming but nobodys interested in the stuff i want to do or watch
im a tard among tards even here im a pariah


no do katamari


burger time hima


ok ill stream katamari


love gramps and his explosive racism hehe


cracked open a nice sugarwater for breakfast


crazy that they just hand out exp candies in the new pokemon game like NOThing
you can literally get any pokemon to level 100 instantly


you were supposed to boycott that game


love gaming


i did boycott it i pirated it


used to pretend i was a pokemon and ferrero rocher candies were rare candy


oh iceborne the new mh i was watching a guy play that seems okay


what a coincidence i have a pair of those next to me right now




bladder is gonno explode but theres invaders


gramps said hes glad cash registers exist so black people can have jobs since they cant calculate change


i cant calculate change either im flipping reflappered


its more than ok its a whole new world to explore hima a beautiful new world where our real lives begin crying


stream now



sicko you cant get bones from fubuki shes as pure as it gets


big horny bone


love bones


love sexy ladies


nice gramps telling it like it is


File: 1578875883259.jpg (110.81 KB, 848x1200, 4e1631bbc9eda11b5f4f5cb2c19af465.jpg)


what the FUCK


gonno order myself a fresh out the factory vtube gf


lets share


nah get your own flipper


cant afford a fresh one ill have to get a refurbished


hb these heart of the foreign god droprates are so good im gonno be set for the year


File: 1578876262476.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 217.34 KB, 1053x1378, 7eb5cd9b3575d0e44929743113dbac20.jpeg)


mom bough too much ho zai mung gonno feast


fubuki has a tardface


heck ya


made myself a couple of melts


hella nasty shithole she needs to bleach that thing


the browner the better




its natural


got a manicure




check my insta


might get a pedicure hehe


File: 1578876714120.png (32.14 KB, 96x234, flip my cock.png)


ped xing


we find the defendant NOT guilty


always giggle when i see those signs


three days until the acquittal


dont make anyone touch your feet its a crime


he will be sentenced to 6 years but granted parole after 2


told gramps about pnig he said they oughta lynch him


hell get two weeks thats all the time it will take for the barbaric inmates to find out hes ped and shiv him to death


hes gonno be doing 30 days of community service as punishment for fsnapping those 3 year olds


he will be exiled to the pitcairn islands


he learned his lesson 30 days is more than enough


File: 1578877390520.png (174.38 KB, 452x258, 2a00e9862d5085600b6b55f3f2a88788.png)


nice virtual oogers


its kiss a ginger day but no one kissed me


do girls really talk about that sort of thing with each other


nah theyre just dudes with voice change software dont be fooled


i wont forgive you


why is the pink girl animated better


she makes more money


File: 1578878365374.gif (181.43 KB, 320x180, e9621170c19f8c2ffa30a19153c737c594e4a793_00.gif)

the girl on the left is a rookie shes natsumi rins va


never read little busters


justa waiting for za rittle bustahs oh yea ya ya ya


File: 1578878911519.jpg (461.02 KB, 800x782, 1578614851601.jpg)



why would she put that in her


for fun


girls love putting stuff in themselves


wish i could play in my guts


youre supposed to get all up in girls guts NOT your own


want to get filled up


sigh must be great


couldve been born a norm and impregnated a woman by now


my childhood wasnt even that bad and look how i turned out norms typically have worse lives but manage to make it work


coworker wouldnt shut up about how his wife wanted a baby and hes scared wanted to tell him that ugly people shouldnt breed anyways because hes only going to create an incel


been gaming for the last 12 hours hima iceborne is damn good


wish i could impregnate multiple women and NOT take responsibility



File: 1578880672443.jpg (109.42 KB, 796x719, [UTW]_Accel_World_-_09_[h264-720p][C16FEEA].mk….jpg)


youd create an incel army


wish i could get multiple playthroughs just to see what its like to raise a child but unfortunately im playing on hell mode and only get one shot and have already buggered my brain up at this point


we need to increase our numbers for the upcoming war


do you have a younger bro its like that except you go to jail if you hit him


bullied my brother so hard it gave him an eating disorder and made him bisexual sorry bro if it makes you feel better god punished me pretty harshly for it


is this the nigger girl


we will have literally millions of cels under our command once the currycels and ricecels of asia mobilize


sigh only got 5 hours of sleep because mom woke me up



you deserve it norm


cant wait for my drug induced power snooze tonight gonno feel extra refreshed in the morning


yeah i probably do but hearing him scream in anger and frustration was just too good to pass up


he owned you


funny that the one i still feel a little bad about was when he was playing my game without asking and i put my finger on the power button and pushed it down so i couldnt let up without it cutting off and said im gonno do it and he was freakin because he had been playing all day and right when he got to the save point i lifted my finger of course single mother mom never did anything to stop my torment


raining hard


what game


what do you mean


weird how all the norm posts tend to happen on specific days


looking forward to a nice quiet monday


hehe love mondays



going to quit my job so i can normpost all day everyday


die norm


File: 1578883818775.jpg (Spoiler Image, 89.84 KB, 960x1024, 1578883566992.jpg)



die normitics norm


dont care about normitics just love seeing foids get owned


love when mom rages about paste trump




going to get some frogger trump bills and leave them as tips


underestimated how much of internet culture has permeated into meatspace after spending years in my room


die norm


File: 1578884511992.jpg (276.85 KB, 1100x668, txsZQoF.jpg)

started tipping like this


hehe paste


you shouldnt leave tips at any place that has a tablecloth like that




tried to tip a cashier at the grocery store when i was a teen and got laughed at refuse to ever tip again


id laugh like hell if i saw that


you would laugh at someone norm


tablecloth sticky with sweet tea buzzing fluorescent lights that are too bright wobbling fan makes a noise every rotation flys buzzing around and plastic lawn chairs probably doesnt pay taxes 55 year old 330 pound foid waitress only takes cash smells like spilled beer


i was with mom too think i was at least 14


so mommy finishes up paying for everything and then you just whip out a one dollar bill and try to tip the guy

id bust a gut id be on the floor


what the flip was the point of this


you should know better than to click a turt embed


hate norms


vinyl floor those red baskets with wax paper in them instead of plates off brand ketchup salt and pepper shakers with rice in them roll of paper towels instead of napkins


very evocative you should write prose


it was a woman and it was with the change


i still go to the store with mom as she pays for everything


oh my god


paste trayguy


NOThing wrong with telling the cashier that you dont want the change do that all the time one time even threw the change directly in the trash in front of them




norm raider hours gonno snooze




File: 1578886011025.jpg (304.81 KB, 1158x1637, 1578876240845.jpg)



tell the cashier to keep anything smaller than a quarter


going to the library tomorrow pray i can find a big boob gf


NOT carrying around nickels and dimes


paste hews


you cant pick up girls at the library


flip that norm
gonno start using a tray in solidarity


cant stop farting


had a gassy day myself no idea why


stop eating fiber its bad for you


realized most of my gas comes from NOT pooping regularly enough


mindblowing how the body rejects every food and turns it into waste


poop is mostly bacteria


did you know poop is brown because it consists of lots of dead red blood cells


i thought bile made it darker


why didnt anyone post for the last 47 minutes


what the hell where did everyone go


sigh even the bot left


we have to get some shuteye for work in the morning
boss wont be happy if we start nodding off


cant believe everyone on hima has a job now except me


its time to grow up


im going to be jobless soon dont worry


wasted years of my life playing work simulators when i couldve just worked and gotten paid for it


just realized death isnt real sigh wonder how bad my past lives were


god wont even let me rope its NOT fair


dont rope youll get a deathbone


the deathbone is the bone of all bones youre missing out


a flipping tray


who is going to carry trayguys tray for him after he moves into the mansion


time for cereal


stop making fun of trayguy norms


its snowing


i guess ill have to do it since i volunteered to be the mansion gf


xp is far more rewarding


cant wait to be surprise mounted by a greasy fatneet after his 11 hour gaming session as cheeto crumbs fall out of his mouth with every grunt





might fire up some manwha


hell yeah fire up the breaker


i realize the screaming pain
hearing loud in my brain


i am my scars


autistic tard with a single mom its over for him


and hes a snapbaby


have no sympathy for foids that go after violent badboys because ooga booga it sexy
cant help but roll my eyes as they complain over being beaten or killed while they spend their lives passing over kind gentlemen such as hima posters


File: 1578898447436.mp4 (835.01 KB, cJ305T0NwiDpVvvt.mp4)


finally cleaned the spaghetti sauce off my monitor its looking good


work tomorrow


File: 1578904427616.mp3 (6.45 MB, (02) [ARM - 藤咲かりん] 魔理沙は大変なものを盗んでいきました.mp3)


got excited to post in a norm free monday hima but remembered the worknorms will just post on their phones


thought i bluescreened at the end of that hehe



tomorrow is the day i turn it all around bros this is the one


cant believe futari ecchi is still ongoing


File: 1578908850086.webm (3.7 MB, 640x360, 1578890155101.webm)



dont get what happened did he start shooting while being electrocuted


File: 1578910649934.jpg (220.96 KB, 1280x720, game.jpg)

shes a gamer


shes a nintendrone


File: 1578914112703.webm (2.81 MB, 720x1280, 1578848380443.webm)


id probably tard out and land on my feet then become a cripple for the rest of my life


File: 1578916570475.jpg (1.17 MB, 1347x2000, EOJs9xaU8AEJ_tg.jpg)


had some coffee why does coffee make me feel happy its so weird


oog caffeine make brane good feel


woke up having a beanjuice


coffee is anhedonia resistant


chewing on a nice betel nut


nice mouthcancer nut


love ingesting psychoactive drugs first thing in the morning


have fun at work norms


first day of working from home
any other workneets up


nice workneet im happy for you


bought a smart tv


do you feel any smarter


ya paired it up with the alexa


gonno tattoo the amazon logo on my forehead


workneet here




theres no difference between us workneets and the gamer grindneets except we get paid for wasting our time while they pay to have their time wasted


File: 1578926642498.webm (442.44 KB, 1280x720, woke up.webm)


i deserve sex


im a gamer i game


File: 1578927985248.jpg (239.38 KB, 848x1200, 832c43ae4539890c2562dba29889cb96.jpg)


wish i was a pretty enough boy to have been spoiled and snapped by a big boob woman


same never got snapped NOT even molested sigh how dare they


mom was too protective to allow me to get snapped


no big boob woman during my youth no big boob woman during my so called prime and no big boob woman now in my old age what the flip i think this reality is bugged



File: 1578931176845.png (9.18 KB, 292x151, 0a0cce87a6acb1bca9148535fca71b45.png)

its almost time again


woke and joed off my morning bone


saw some paw prints in my backyard in the snow hehe looks like the raccoons were having a drink from the water bowl


nice are you having a coffee now


File: 1578932822733.jpg (1.63 MB, 1488x2088, __saigyouji_yuyuko_touhou_drawn_by_nori_tamago….jpg)


dont drink coffee but im still in bed


her breasts would slip out while playing ping pong shes doing it on purpose to seduce you dont fall for the tricks


that would hurt her honor and dignity she wouldnt do that on purpose


the dead have no need for dignity


File: 1578934163874.webm (422.5 KB, 1280x720, pujya.webm)


hoo boy hima its rainin hard gonno darkshower


File: 1578935395378.jpg (146.77 KB, 1316x640, tooru car.jpg)

get in


shes denigrating the honor of that character id like to have a stern talking to about defiling pure characters with her filth


what is she doing wrong


phew hope that darkshower was fun


hell yea new episode downloading right now gonno put my sugarwater in the freezer so i can sip and view nice start for the week


stop calling it sugar water call it by its name


File: 1578942447109.webm (1.66 MB, 960x540, poisonwater.webm)


high fructose corn syrup water


File: 1578943951872.png (2.28 MB, 2389x720, [HorribleSubs] Murenase! Seton Gakuen - 02 [72….png)







spermed myself into mental retardation




File: 1578945568704.png (157.59 KB, 900x600, DX26OnNV4AA5rJI.png)


ghastly face


File: 1578946138739.webm (1.71 MB, 1110x720, 1578937301185.webm)


no sugar for 5 days now only one glass of fake sugarwater a day


refined sugar is better for you than aspartame


woke up spermed and cracked open a pepsi hows it going


love sugar love water


gonno put some scotch in my aspartamewater


fixed my double clicking mouse with a simple ahk script excited i didnt have to blow $20 of moms money on a new mouse


nice hacker


stop buying garbage mice with chinese switches if they say in the description something like "switch with lifespan of 10million clicks!!" or some other marketing retardation dont buy it my zowie fk1 has lasted for 5 years now while the previous steelseries mouse only lasted 5 months


it lasted 2 years and 2 months and the warranty was for 2 years



love modern consumerism


should have sent it in before the warranty expired even if it wasnt broken they just give you a new one


nice zowie gaymer get a used intellimouse on ebay


mom made chicken and rice


sis went to the gym


how can you watch this garbage


its relevant


moral of the story is he quits


reduced my commute from 40 minutes to 4 steps from my bed to my desk any other workneets about to clock out and head home


hate working going to become a youtuber


had a massive shite today hima didnt even NOTice i stained my undies until i was putting them back on


ya already clocked out barely worked today but i gotta say i dont like the setup i got at home as much as my office might go to work tomorrow


gotta love a big shite you feel so empty afterwards


hehe yea feel slimmer than before


hima dog


File: 1578950989787.webm (1.95 MB, 331x576, 1578809658102.webm)


whats fake sugarwater


File: 1578952559981.jpg (290.51 KB, 900x644, a2d544fda5b170526c3b41e7b0f80a0d.jpg)


decided ill bike to work every day instead of waking up at 3am ill wake up at 3:30 thats half an hour of extra sleepy time


too scared of being run over and NOT killed to ride a bike


the chinks must be stopped


just stay in the bicycle lane


cuck lane


cant bring myself to ride anything that doesnt have an engine


File: 1578953435871.png (814.52 KB, 1000x815, illust_78888852_20200113_140754.png)

this is how the mansion toilet will be expected to look after its annual cleaning


is the bicycle lane that white thing barely feel like theres enough room to walk in those things without getting run down let alone wobble on an aluminum frame at high speed


stop scaring me ill be riding on small roads


what if i am the engine


File: 1578954188941.jpg (46.02 KB, 540x629, 1578949698695.jpg)


File: 1578954200374.jpg (34.66 KB, 448x341, les15fig1.0.jpg)

no they have bikes painted on them and a lot of space



thank god i dont live somewhere with that pussy shit


thank god i live in a place with that based shite flip non free transport


biking requires a caloric toll and increases your odds of being plastered onto billy bob's grille when he decides he doesn't want to slow down for you


love raging at bikenorms


File: 1578955036435.png (Spoiler Image, 874.56 KB, 1653x1023, paste.png)

paste thought id make a nice frogger for that but someone already made one


why do cyclers make people rage


they are usually yuppie douchebags that demand people operating 4000 pound vehicles yield to them so they can pretend to be lance armstrong


calories are the most efficient form of energy keep paying and wasting time filling up your cage with freedom juice


thats NOT true


flip bikenorms flip em


based runeheal



im neet


whats the point in adding formulaic movie trailer music in a video less than 2 minutes long guess you need to add an extra layer of cheap emotional manipulation if youre simply going to spew low effort nonsense and still get positive feedback


im a skipper i skip


single dads are better than single moms


wish i was a single dad with a sexy gook child


weird how the single dad actually plays and contributes to the childs development and the single mom just feeds the kid and calls it a day


woke up hi


dad could have been a cool single dad but he just had to marry the bipolar three times divorced hag because she had big boobies


hate my voice it sounds so unnatural like im reading words for the first time


can read words perfectly in my head but the moment i try to use my voice i sound like a tard


women are selfish by nature


source: me an unbiased cel



youre also cel so shut up


never stated anything


hate chinks



hima gonno broil some chicken


drinking a bitter sugarwater with ethanol and botanicals



the chinks are seething


cant believe i preordered no mans sky


what if you flip the sexy lil sexy lady everyday


paste hima stands with hong kong and taiwan


dont feel too bad i preordered artifact


cant find torrents of the south park dvds just cant watch the old episodes in 1080p widescreen


didnt fall for the no mans sky meme but did fallout 4 thats just as bad


last one i fell for was brink but that was almost ten years ago why were you tricked by such recent games


i preordered artifact and bought all the cards on day 1


i stand with xi hes paste as hell flip the cia


start laughing every time i remember artifact




hope you mates are ready to play runeterra instead


dont understand internet card games


will never play aNOTher card game for as long as i live


wish i had geese


gambling for spergs


File: 1578959060749.jpg (Spoiler Image, 255.07 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Murenase! Seton Gakuen - 02 [72….jpg)



stoppped preordering after skyrim


mindblowing that skyrim was released 7 times


die richnorms


stupid poornorm


Koalas have a ‘smooth’ brain. This means that they lack higher level recognition and understanding that many other animals have. If you gather a bunch of Eucalyptus leaves, which the koalas eat, and put them on a plate in front of the koala, the koala won’t know what to do with them; they just sit there and gawk at it. They lack the ability to discern that it’s still food given that the leaves have moved off the tree and onto a new source that they’re unfamiliar with. Koalas are one of the few animals who can starve to death in a room full of food.

koalas are tard as flip


thought they were extinct


im smooth brain


applied for a job


File: 1578959826018.jpg (Spoiler Image, 456.46 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Murenase! Seton Gakuen - 02 [72….jpg)


why NOT just enlist


oops didnt mean to spoiler


why would anyone do that knowing that you will probably end up being the dedicated luggage boy for a female platoon that needs 5 male support teams


mom wont let me enlist


would koalas be considered sentient beings or are they just automatons and would vegans be find with killing and eating koalas considering theyre barely conscious or do vegans only care about things that are cute


thats rude as hell how would you feel if super smart aliens or ai asked if they should consider you as a sentient being


vegans arent about protecting animals its about their satanic desire to kill people




i like the sloth girl shes just a tard human with moss on her head


i would want them to kill me


shes NOT tard shes just lazy


thats NOT healthy


tard koalas belong on hima


File: 1578960425937.jpg (293.04 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Murenase! Seton Gakuen - 02 [72….jpg)

does this look like the face of a nontard


cant wait to be eaten by sexy aliens as a delicacy because they consider me too stupid to be alive


you are too stupid to be alive youre just living because of modern tech


weird how most babies shouldnt even be alive like the guy who was born upside down and shite himself in the womb


that was me


should have drowned in my own shite in the womb but moms c section forced me into this realm




modern medicine is responsible for all suffering we were never supposed to make it out of the womb


looks like me when i wake up


would have died 4 years ago if NOT for modern medicine


File: 1578960962338.png (269.29 KB, 720x720, woke up.png)


modern medicine has prolonged my grandmas life far beyond what anyone would consider to be reasonable i hate hate hate it


stopped getting sick after i locked myself in my room for 10 years


only get sick if mom is sick


hope uli goes through with his mission and wipes out the vast majority of human life


yeah and if you speak out about it the norms say you are a psychopath and damn you to hell


based modern medicine extending boomer lives so they can dab on the young for as long as possible


havent eaten in 22 hours


mindblowing how norms can go from complaining about their jobs to saying neets are wasting their lives within minutes


norms dont do that they see neets as the enlightened prophets they are


hate norms hate normsekis discordnorms


going to sit on my ass until i die


thank god im NOT a chinese cel


gonno become a package thief


no thats a felony dont do it


its only a felony if you get caught


always glad to hear that retard norms were robbed and their constantly recording doorbell camera couldnt do a thing about it


hima needs to form the first western bachelor village


keep imagining biting down on concrete and my teeth shattering its making me cringe hard why does my brain do this


theyre called intrusive thoughts and everyone who isnt a total dumbfuck has them


wish i was dumb enough to NOT have them


only intrusive thoughts i have are about flipping mom


hate when mmom scratches a fork against a pan or a bowl any metal scsnapping sounds make my teeth hurt


watching mog demon videos


shes probably having the same thoughts


feel bad for short men they will live a lonely life full of suffering


whats so bad about being short


File: 1578963644062.webm (1.77 MB, 1280x720, 1561884322903.webm)




me on hima





can imagine the obnoxious discordnorm that wrote those


why are black people so disruptive


wrote what


cant get a job because everywhere already has minorities hired



sperged out in front of mom



File: 1578965586799.jpg (139.44 KB, 1000x1580, 1572140007439.jpg)


how was he NOT put behind bars for that


flippin paste


paste peddad


NOThin illegal about kissing sexy ladies


sugarwater going in the freezer im hungry but itll have to wait 45-50 minutes


mom and i tried kissing on the lips when i was little but after a while we both agreed it was weird


accidentally kissed mom on the lips once as a shota


mom told me i had to go to walmart with her but i said i was gaming and she left



you bastard


File: 1578967046148.jpg (345.89 KB, 2500x4000, __doge_original_drawn_by_tegar32__b23891536545….jpg)



love a good doge


die teencord


used to kiss my dad on the lips when i was little


thats weird


nice himako


same now i have herpes


kissed my brother on the lips one time found out later hes gay im straight though


brother showed me his dick once as a shota its still bigger than mine 20 years later




is it weird if mom used to touch my shotass as a joke


nice palindrome



still slap and poke moms ass to this day its playful NOT weird


you shouldnt be playful with mom that is weird


mom is my enemy but also the only thing keeping me alive


is it weird if i still take baths with mom


how big is the tub


no its pragmatic who else is gonno wash your back


never figured out what pragmatic means




thought it just meant practical


hate when smartnorms use big words


love big words its like filters


you need lots of different words to express nuanced thoughts and emotions


hate low iq people


only need words like hungry and tired and bored


anyone watching bnha


made myself a nice 2 lb frozen lasagna


did a mensa test and failed


last episode was epic


think its time for mom to die


ive been following the manga for years but the adaptation is nice hehe this arc is from 2018 i think


its fish and chips time


you cant say that


gonno stop telling people to die


thats a good first step


File: 1578970414103.jpg (48.37 KB, 1000x750, die.jpg)



alea iacta est


40 minutes i cant do this


love a nice blonde haired blue eyed jesus


powerful tired hima


gaming hard hima


same i game


simple as that


watchin the game with gramps hes tard as hell


what game


snowed a bunch hima never snows this hard


wet dead and grey


fell out of bed again




hope you werent on the top bunk


install the tard fence


i had the tard fence hehe


File: 1578973073635.jpg (186.79 KB, 800x1200, DlR2_D0XcAYYp93.jpg)


need to flip a kig


how come i used to think kig was revolting now it gives me a bone




File: 1578973422607.mp4 (2.7 MB, kemo.mp4)




new badlands chugs


fatnig norms




File: 1578974489975.webm (5.45 MB, 642x482, Denpa Shounen Nasubi Prize Life Contest part2….webm)



gonno get an ironside pc and use code afriend




crying standing in seliana hima just taking it all in its too beautiful


yeah NOThing as beautiful as spending 30 minutes hunting one monster along two fixed paths and aNOTher 30 minutes slashing at his ankles while he repeats the same 3 attack animations then repeating said process 200 times to get a rare icy dino bone shard of upgrading so you can fight the higher tier version of the same boss with a different color palette hooo boy


paste 1200W intel scaping machine


nice ankle poking


youre supposed to play dark souls demon souls is too outdated


nah its better


out of sugar water so i put some cough syrup in the freezer


its archaic


gotta get up in 5 hours


demon souls is aris favorite


just wiped gramps in poker 60 in snack money hehe


let him win out of respect


gotta know when to fold em


ross game dungeon


love a new ross


he should have known NOT to mess with a gamer


what does that mean technorm


sigh the hot springs are great too my real life must really be starting


File: 1578979237859.jpg (110.83 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Magia Record - 02 [720p].mkv_sn….jpg)

cant believe the new madoka is actually good


damn fine game too


new yuri camp sucks dick


die discordteen


whatever death demander


blow it out your ass


die now or else


you promised to NOT tell anyone to die


i will never bow to normseki and his discord groupies


hate discordteens hope they all die


accidentally wasted my life good thing ill never aNOTher shot at it soon


wish i was norm enough to use teencord and pal around with my norm mates sigh always left out


never used furcord never used irc


wish i was a girl so i could attempt suicide just to see if i would have the pain tolerance for it when the real time comes but as a man i will never leave a job half finished so i would just die


just had a genius idea


raining hima


you cant die youll simply find yourself on aNOTher variation of the wave function where you pussied out i tried


might replay a dark souls game


game on brother





do people still play ds prepare to die or did they move onto the remaster


cant think of a goal to live for


they moved refuse to buy dsfix


give your life to a corporation


shouldve bought remaster on sale sigh guess ill play ds3


youll get invaded


simple pull of the plug will fix that


NOT only do you lose if you do that but youre cheating you might as well fire up cheat engine and win instead


havent bathed since last year


two weeks isnt that bad


nice stinkneet


greasing up myself might darkshower in a few days


why dont you just turn on the light


i cant stand to see myself in the mirror


its more enjoyable in the dark


but you cant see what youre doing what if you slip


File: 1578983118126.jpg (1.33 MB, 1320x1980, 1578978745291.jpg)


theres a window so some moonlight gets in its fine


get your gross stinky foot away from me harlot


i said suck em


File: 1578983415046.jpg (371.38 KB, 708x970, Surgeon_Sage_Says.jpg)


its NOT cheating if the internet accidentally goes out


dropped the new madoka after half a episode looks like aNOTher garbage season


the problem lies with you


yeah i have taste


whats the point of having taste if you can never enjoy anything


he didnt say he couldnt enjoy anything


he implied it


im retarded and easily entertained


only those with taste can truly enjoy media rather than mindlessly consume it


hate being high iq


love when hosts suddenly have these accidents while they panic roll away from a curved sword trying to resummon their overleveled sunnorm for the seventh time


would never watch aNOTher normime if anyone seeded older stuff


wonder how soft that sole is



hope i get a greataxe drop



wish i had been here 20 minutes ago to tell the /a/ norm to die


File: 1578985627227.png (19.85 KB, 400x400, sample_3.png)


keep getting raw gems where the flip is my axe


simply run to stray demon you only need to kill vordt


need it now apparently it drops from the high wall guy gonno get it from him


you need 32 strength for the greataxe


thats NOThing im already halfway there


anyone have the pic from wizchan of that guy whose family had a custom cake topper of a loser sitting with a laptop and headphones made for his birthday cake


22 if youre going to 2 hand it


File: 1578986283695.jpg (306.82 KB, 944x1000, Oc8qBcP.jpg)




why did he cut the cake so weird


because hes a battered nerd that has spent most of his life inside his own head


I don't think he's actually autistic. I don't think most of the people on 4chan are autistic. I think they're extremely awkward though. They just need to learn how to hang out. If they actually are autistic, then yeah sure, they're fucked, but they can be like me. I just sat in my room the first few years of high school playing video games until I decided to lose the weight and get a girlfriend before my senior year. I went from only having like 10 or 12 friends to having a good bit of friends, then I applied my social experiences to college and I have been having a blast so far. It's NOT hard, he just has to try (unless he really does have the autismo)

this was a comment on that picture


File: 1578987067313.webm (3.76 MB, 320x180, russian tard.webm)


everyone on hima can get a gf were just volcel


die norm


everyone on hima is a norm look around you we all have jobs and gfs and cars weve just been pretending


could have got a gf if i called yaremchuk instead of spending that money on a 15 year old wrc car


phew got the drop finally


hope you dont get backstabbed



File: 1578988114470.jpg (68.33 KB, 1152x657, paste.jpg)



cant remember the last time i saw a banner


File: 1578988323715.png (846.26 KB, 900x1449, 7a86898153f6b6425a6ecb4b541d685d.png)


same adblocked that shite years ago


snooze time


File: 1578989415569.png (335.21 KB, 967x844, 1591588_p0.png)


hate how eating just makes me eat more



youre right theyre gaslighting you


those women are mentally ill


my security guard license has been approved


skipped some days again sorry


NOThin wrong with skipping it just means youre eager to post and start contributing to hima


gonno make a hima autoblogger plugin for advanced combat tracker


how will you fill out the captchas


paste captchalarp


cant wait for kana captcha


jlpt1 captcha will be implemented when freak returns and assumes control of hima


good thing i can read all the hanzi from living in xiao taipei but cant speak jap at all




wonder if ive seen any of it hehe


gotta go wage


paste wagie


dont see why people go to thepotato chefs if they cant prescribe anything



fish and chips for dinner time to snooze



starting the day with a nice cup of coffee and gaming


havent had beanwater in weeks


sigh shes so perfect


hate tests theyre for norms


brain pills are NOT that great


love brain pills


love being constantly sedated


File: 1579012490038.jpg (304.89 KB, 1777x1176, __yuma_original_drawn_by_coffee_milk_moumou__6….jpg)


where are your parents young lady


working from home today again


die norm





crazy how obsessed with dick men are


just the sexnorms


its the foids that are obsessed everything else is a consequence


its NOT


same i cleaned my desk last night i figured im going to be spending even more time here i might as well make it look nice


File: 1579016422850.png (11.32 KB, 783x87, 2020-01-14_10-39-07.png)


cold out hima still snowing hard its time to curl up in the hot springs with our palicos and weather out this storm



ban the worknorms first


paste chadneet


time to fire up the bathmate


am i supposed to help people as a purple phantom because i keep killing the host hehe


do what your gamer heart tells you to


its the tard covenant run around naked with a torch dropping useless items all over the level then kick the host off a cliff


hate pvpers


killed that norm once hate his videos


woke up


pasted woker


woke up hi



File: 1579027378126.png (3.57 MB, 3174x2328, 4cfffad72d2dff48dbd933b539ef5bab.png)


pink fingers girl


i thought those were her fingernails


sigh dont like looking at them


its a skin condition you assholes


ill look away


dont make it obvious shes probably insecure about it


shed wear gloves if that were true


hate when theres NOThing to do on break


you should die norm


simply work through your breaks


hehe love liz gonno start posting fgo images hehe


we demand liz


cant beat the rotting tree boss i always get stuck on this one


mindblowing canadians drink milk out of bags


do you mean breasts


File: 1579031438072.jpg (152.89 KB, 1200x1080, EOPZl3rU4AA5YcL.jpg)


is he gonno get stepped on


dont drink milk out of bags here never even seen bagged milk



nice nobag


must be the chinamen


considering pulling the trigger and flipping an escort


how do i become a shrine priest it seems fun


dont do it youll be an escortcel forever


they spend their entire day cleaning the grounds and wallstaring they cant game


sounds like the dream


gonno regret it if i die before flipping even once i think


wish i could get paid for wallstaring


youll regret more knowing that you died sullying yourself because the only way you could convince a foid to let you use her vagina was by giving her a bunch of money freakeye said he regrets it


would he have been as successful if he was still virg


id regret it if i died knowing i could have been a pure virg but gave it up


he would have been more successful i make more money than him and i am as pure as the driven snow dont fall for peer pressure


normhours have begun


cant believe no one else posted their bone %


never measured my penis never will dont care


NOT a norm im a raider


seki do something


gonno watch some space ghost coast to coast and harvey birdman attorney at law hehe


think space ghost partially melted my shota brain


youve been stained by the hj its over


might start doing that i end break early anyways


paste koreans


anyone getting vulpera


i hate gooks so fucking much


gonno oog at women


gooks are paste as hell love em


you can die with them when imperialist japan rises again


do sexy ladies really get horny sometimes


Simba Travel Agency arranges trips for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. For each trip, they charge an initial fee of $100 in addition to a constant fee for each vertical meter climbed. For instance, the price for climbing to the Shira Volcanic Cone, which is 3000 meters above the base of the mountain, is $400.

Let F represent the fee (in dollars) of a trip where they climbed d vertical meters.
Complete the equation for the relationship between the fee and vertical distance.

what the flip is this even asking me i cant understand


cant wait for the hima meetup at the summit of mount nyiragongo this year


they want a formula for how much it costs to climb a given number of meters


how do you do that


think you have to use the example to find the cost per meter like 100 + F(d) and F = 1000


F = 100 i mean


wish the chinks would let me join the pla


try drawing a picture


F is 0.1 you tard 400 - 100 = 300 and 300/3000 = 0.1
0.1(d) + 100 is the equation he wants


sigh i dont get it im too stupid to live wish i was smart


File: 1579038573634.png (7.62 KB, 998x658, Untitled.png)

does this help
they want the equation of the red line




what doesnt make sense


need to get married so i can sperm in my wife


theres a global wife shortage how about a nice birl instead


File: 1579039778577.webm (3.24 MB, 360x534, 1550614283868.webm)

wish this was my wife




File: 1579040145961.jpg (76.01 KB, 1200x649, 1579029417867.jpg)

have you tried gymcelling


sigh i shouldve transitioned when i was young and cute being a birl looks more fun than being a gross old man


you would have just been aNOTher faggot freak only real girls can utilize the perks of being female making the whole thing pointless if you arent agp


im agp


File: 1579040956067.jpg (284.73 KB, 1736x1228, 1579040103308.jpg)



cant believe the chinks copied botw


gross sugar table


someone create a new jp spinoff the norms ruined this one


File: 1579041536226.png (624.95 KB, 924x716, slap.png)


ginormous fat sacks


File: 1579041936330.jpg (714.05 KB, 1600x2308, feast.jpg)

bone appetit


hate spermers


ive seen a lot of chat rooms and forums about neeting turn into normsville over time


you are supposed to save your neet years for retirement if you blow through them in your 20s then you just get bored


neeted all up till my mid 20s i couldnt take it anymore time kept passing and i was watching myself rot away i had to do something


you either die a neet or live long enough to become a norm


wish getting a job was enough to become a norm


it is now die


the norms must be punished


failed norm vs the chadneet schizoid


File: 1579042829807.jpg (75.43 KB, 638x408, kirby-skeleton-jan152019.jpg)

nice kirby skeleton


must sperm


wish to flip a sexy lady


wonder what sex is like


fired up a nice etuzan jakusui


woke up drinkin my joe




wonder if kitty even feels good it probably doesnt


read that it feels like the inside of your cheek


File: 1579045073177.png (518.45 KB, 850x757, 1507381376828.png)

cant reach


eating a big ole burg


could probably do that but scared ill snap my spine and mom will catch me screaming in agony with my bone out unable to move my legs anymore


cute nerd


is that an agp


way too many views to be a nerd girl


im a nerd man


hope someone tells me what agp means




any babies on hima


mindblowing people still have weddings struggling to think of anything more retarded than blowing 15 grand or more because a woman wants to have everyone she knows see her being the center of attention


simply get wedded for free at fwbc


A single serving of pasta is generally regarded as 2 oz. (57 g) of cooked pasta for a first course or side dish. A serving can be raised 3 to 4 oz. (85 to 113 g) if it is the only course.


no way


need a slurpjob


wish i had tried harder to get a slurpjob as a teen feels like high school would have been the only time where i might have found a girl fat and desperate enough to think i was good looking


fat ugly bookworm girl had a crush on me but i was too busy gaming to realize it


i game


think the weird fujo hapa girl liked me


im a picky volincel fat or ugly girls are a no no


missed your chance to get a weird fujo hapa hj


looks way better


how about a nice tard tg instead


hate norms




love this one hehe started tardlaughing reading it next to mom and she asked whats it about then said he deserved it for NOT knowing how to cut a cake properly hehe


would sympathize with that if he was 30 but hes just a 21teen


would have bathed in the blood of everyone in that restaurant


love himehina


had a few gfs in hs but hs doesnt really count


yes it does retard


how do you think 30 year old cels are created


i remember turning 21 and thinking it was over but little did i know just how over things could be


die teencord




he might be teencord but hes right


File: 1579052605634.webm (422.5 KB, 1280x720, pujya.webm)


lied about my age and a foid said yeah if i was older id have a gf


cant pass as a 18 year old anymore


what would happen if you started seeking out 20 year old girls as a young looking 30 year old and just didnt ever mention your age


girls love older men


youd have a better shot just telling them youre 30 and having a job


File: 1579052828958.png (229.95 KB, 1125x1125, jtmyrtyqmcl21.png)



did a seething foid make this trying to call paste leo a ped


why cant i just have a state provided gf that comes over to chat and flip for a few hours on the weekend


krispy kreme is hiring


normy nreme


they all get extra mad asking why he doesnt date someone his age


chair has been squeaking like crazy


gonno attempt a candle light darkshower wish me luck


might have one myself





only cels picked venusaur


cant believe the norms took anime from me after all that shite they talked about it


anime was always norm


always been a water starter tard


File: 1579054654047.jpg (172.69 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)




File: 1579054859906.jpg (80.33 KB, 478x714, Capture (2).JPG)


how many more years will i be able to wake up and walk 2 feet to my computer chair to sit all day eating and gaming until my body breaks down


i think my coworkers might be getting resentful that im working from home id be fine with getting fired it almost seems like im holding the company ransom because it would take months to get a new guy in and train him and unless hes some sort of natural he wont be able to operate at my level for a long time


my body started attacking me at 22 years old


ban that raidteen


File: 1579055580673.png (543.19 KB, 549x720, [HorribleSubs] Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san -….png)


wont you listen to logic senk is getting so old




mark give me the senk


4norm is full of teens that dont lurk i miss when i could recognize fellow neets based on their posting style and pretend they were my friends


phew that darkshower was exciting NOThing quite as terrifying as knowing one wrong move could douse your fragile little shower candle and send you deep into the void NOThing holding back what lurks the dark


raged hard when people would recognize my posting style


miss chocos posting style


hope you realize most of those neets from the so called good ol days were merely pretending NOT everyone was dumb enough to fall for the neet meme


hima remember when i posted about losing all my 6 years worth of pics after NOT backing up windows i think ill be able to recover them by using my old hdd


hope you find those pics


the flip you mean it was a meme i havent worked in 8 years i thought everyone was the same and just larping as having a job


oh no no no no no


if youre a neet its NOT by choice its because theres no other way


File: 1579056395741.png (461.19 KB, 897x1396, gbwipg.png)


wonder how many floorshitting truneets are left


if i was a norm id be able to get a job but because im NOT a norm i cant work simple as that


i wonder if kanna actually has sex or does sex things for her manager/producer


what makes you NOT a norm


what does sexy lady spit taste like


if you had to ask such a question odds are your a norm and NOT worth my response




hate the simplifiers it cant be that simple


File: 1579056689098.mp3 (16.75 KB, groaner.mp3)


i knew youd say something like that i thought about mentioning it to try and prevent you from copping out but i gave a benefit of a doubt


dont talk to me norman


uh im NOT a norm because i say so haha brb gf just brought chipotle


chipotle pinches hard dont know why norms love it so much


its cheap and you get a decent meal what pinches about that


die norm


the ingredients are cheap the prices they charge are NOT its taco bell for normshits with more money than brains who think theyre too good for fast food


yeah taco bell is for us non norms right based ken


the ingredients are good NOT that you can tell


love the taste of cheap vegetables sprayed with roundup before harvesting and after they are pissed and shat upon by all the mexican workers


you dont get to speak to neets


theyre washed it doesnt matter


and yes the sawdust and macerated roachmeat at taco bell is infinitely better


stop buying fast food its too expensive


gotta go to the food store tomorrow morning to buy more poptarts and ramen


manbaby palate


cant you just live off of taco bells $1 menu


would rather abuse myself for $1.99 than $6.75 its all mass produced garbage for retarded people anyway


adapt posting styles on the fly i am an amalgamation of thousands of posters i have no distinct style


everyone thinks im seki when i make bad posts to get banned on purpose


ergo i am seki but better


File: 1579059356144.jpg (20.64 KB, 767x71, 007.jpg)


had a nice phew to this one here


im sure you dont get banned though none of his discordteens do




couldve bought a few bitcoins back in 2012


you would have fallen for the bitcoin is actually useful meme and NOT sold when it was 14k


need a good soundtrack to listen to while reading horror manga



fire up the penderecki


guy at work asked me if i play videogames


based nb


did you tell them youre a gamer



told a black guy i play poe he said he did as well


nice pnig


call his bluff


sigh never going to meet up at the ymca with pnig again to shoot hoops


didnt need to he was aware of a new recent patch




gamer raging



visions of n'orm




anduin acts just mildly assertive and its because of old god corruption



snooze time


snooze in hell snoozenorm


wonder if women are concious


what do you meaned


hima hima


going to start reviewing imageboards and discussing their quirks and features


File: 1579068107605.jpg (504.46 KB, 1079x1500, robo.jpg)

need a robomaidgf to tuck me in sigh


stream it


burned pasta in the microwave


File: 1579071525070.mp3 (6.81 MB, 09 Dorrough - Ice Cream Paintjob (Gold Saucer).mp3)


fool youre supposed to put a glass of water in the microwave



back is itching badly wish scratching my own back felt as good as someone else doing it
used to have mom scratch my back shirtless but im too fat now itd be humiliating


eating a nice bowl of reese puffs


ate too much hima ohgod


bad news hima mom bought the wrong cheezits


stop being picky


spent a few hours working on a resume and realized 4/5ths of it is blank hehe guess ill never get a job


rise and shine hima youve got lots of posting to do


hate posting on a streamless hima flip this


its time to stop begging and start streaming


woke up


are you invigorated


File: 1579091972625.jpg (175.05 KB, 992x1399, boob.jpg)


woke up with an invigorated bone


jo that bone


fill it with things like circuit city and toys r us


File: 1579097414952.jpg (286.89 KB, 535x911, IMG_20200115_060943.jpg)


pnig loved babies r us


File: 1579098019271.png (914.06 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru - 05 [….png)


brutal blackpill


die norm


File: 1579098487085.png (445.9 KB, 620x877, 1a6be492b46382c972664f5a895e9720.png)


tastes like canned chinamen piss


mindblowing pnig regularly snapped and murdered girls like that


snowed in again today hima


love boss fee especially the cafe au lait


File: 1579100221202.webm (1.36 MB, 640x360, eugh.webm)


File: 1579101030969.jpg (226.7 KB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] BanG Dream! S3 - 02 [1080p].mkv….jpg)


but i keep banging my head on everything


death to talls


File: 1579101432123.mp4 (446.29 KB, 1Qj7zKs6ACg0vCM2.mp4)


anyone else like smt4


File: 1579105927856.png (643.93 KB, 1390x1013, 1579102888569.png)


like smt4 but it just wasnt as good as p4 devil survivor or strange journey


intense work today all my muscles ache


gonno do some nice shirtless yardwork


do you get paid for the yardwork


aaaaa brain freeze aaaaaaaa



woke up spermed having pop tarts with cereal hows it going


nice carberator


mom wants me to cut the grass


mowing is fun


hell yeah mow that lawn make sure you do it shirtless for the ladies


paste bolenig delaying the inevitable


what happened


NOThing better than smt4s ost


File: 1579117168882.png (74.41 KB, 357x365, augh.png)


youre supposed to be playing the perso