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uhh swear i had the blinds up when i went to bed now theyre down what the hell


rang the bell for my tray 5 minutes ago but mom still isnt here going to rage


raining hima its raining


love a good gaming session in the rain


cry every time i take a walk around seliana hima


love a good muffin top


bored hima no game i want to game think im NOT a gamer anymore


same just sitting here staring at the rectangle dont feel like gaming


think about the rope


wonder how many of my clones in the multiverse have roped already


youre the version that goes er


just activated my planeswalker spark


be careful my spark went out and i got stuck in this shiterealm


which hima poster is this


love iceborne hima love every second of it this is my real life in seliana


no wait we need to return to eorzea


never played monhun never will


saw a pack of teengirls out walking thought about asking them if anyone wanted to have sex


you arent allowed to post about eorzea or normseki will ban you cause his discordteens told him to


i will resist


my real life is gonno begin in rune midgard


is that coby


havin a coffee with mom


File: 1579379241621.mp4 (4.02 MB, モンハンネタワールド大団長bot💭 - MHXXに残ったハンターの 本当の気持ちが切ない-1….mp4)





icebornes a damn fine game


i would support the social credit system here it would make life like a game which would encourage me to actually live life


youll never generate enough social credit holding doors open for people to make up for being cel


wish i could see my stats like in an rpg wonder how much charisma i got hehe


just imagine all the weirdos going around farming social credit and making youtube tutorials for how to farm social credit


you can pretend credit score is a stat you just have to consume


wish school was more competitive so i couldve crushed the norms on exams and been the top of my class and get a really good social credit score sigh hate the west its designed for women


gonno play some stalker


going to enable pvp and farm negative social credit hehe


sigh the serious handler is so cute shes perfect


paste chadnorm


woke up and slapped me bone around hows it going


im volincel just like that guy


having so much fun playing iceborne i never want it to end hima


dont like her hair


it cant be that fun


hey are you feelin refreshed


ya thanks for asking


have you done your reps today


anyone here like women


only mom


get bones when i look at women but hate them


it is that fun


barely have anything in common with the average man but the average woman might as well be aNOTher species


how do i know which eye to look at


slept all day again wish my room was far away enough that mom could be fooled into thinking i was just reading or something


File: 1579381805352.mp4 (2.68 MB, ninja.mp4)


made candied hazelnuts


she thought i was awake since she woke me up at 10 even though i just went back to sleep until 4


dopamine receptors are completely shot




cant imagine sleeping all day id feel terribly unproductive and worthless


File: 1579383468585.jpg (114.56 KB, 452x687, absolutely nothing.jpg)


balls almost comically swollen from the clomid feel like a prize winning bull at the state fair


warosu broke


File: 1579385836914.jpg (Spoiler Image, 68.25 KB, 1024x768, 1365542515657.jpg)


rectum is full


poops been smelling like baby poop lately wonder if i should eat moms yogurt


moms making alfredo chicken with squash


bumped into mom after taking a shower usually hide my vile body from her for years at a time sigh


which part of you bumped into her


mom bought me new underwear and made me wear them for her to see if they were the correct size


thats snap


my torso into her field of vision


all mom wanted was a son with abs


very close to having abs just need to lose a couple of pounds




no pics


gaming hard


File: 1579387580971.jpg (53.96 KB, 580x346, 1579386755189.jpg)


woke up from me nap


File: 1579387932109.webm (2.48 MB, 720x1280, 1579385512591.webm)


hate dogs and dog people




probably should have spoilered that please forgive my poor manners


got tonguemogged


cant believe that mom probably had sex with dogs


father was a jackal


gonno have yet aNOTher coffee


wheres the hima ragnarok server


hate chinks hima just hate them



crazy how an invention as old as language was the deciding factor in the computer wars really makes you think


ate my chicken sipping on some sugarwater with ice and gaming hard hb


he was right japanese hardware is still almost non existent still to this day


based japs owning themselves with their dumb chink based scribble language



is he still playing doa




2 hour into nojo phew this is difficult


pasted coomer


love joing love gaming


downloading shadowverse


wonder how many employed people need to type faster than 60wpm today


something wrong with roas brain

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