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no thanks sexnorm


this is the one


yes please


sigh need a womanchild gamer gf




File: 1578268648787.jpg (149.6 KB, 1450x2048, 1504434041562.jpg)

would rather look at hungry plumpers than ugly niggers


the other one is a teen thread thats the real reason you god damn teennorm


how about plump teens


got left behind nobody told me there was aNOTher thread


made 2 chicago dogs think the thread pic subliminally made me think of them


you guys are posting in the wrong thread


File: 1578269243895.mp4 (9.85 MB, 1578215539545.mp4)


die raider


cant believe mom abused me as a child by feeding me large portions


maybe if mom hadnt overfed me shitty industrialized food and made me play a sport then i wouldnt have been fat and had low self esteem then wouldnt have ended up a schizoid manbaby retard


she just wanted her son to be big




File: 1578269466366.png (1.32 MB, 2317x3119, 1578101728189.png)


only got big horizontally NOT vertically


i know the recipe to create the perfect chad but even if i felt like going on for aNOTher 18 years id have to find a foid to use as an incubator


oooog chad ooooooooog


i know exactly how NOT to raise a child


took a bite out of the burg now mayo is all over the keyb


hate when that happens


simply plop them down in front of a tv and supply them with a couple of games and keep them gorged on a steady diet of sugar water crisps fast food pizza sweets and hot chip and isolate them from others and possibly zap their brains with pills if you feel like going the extra mile to ensure your single mother raised son ends up as a 30 year old schizo manbaby


secondborn child c sectioned out of a single mother then circumcised and public schooled fed large portions of junkfood with unrestricted access to tv internet and games now a fat smelly neet loser manlet incel posting on hima all day




turned my old phone into a dashcam


File: 1578270657177.png (1.12 MB, 1404x2144, 1578235711291.png)


File: 1578270671452.png (Spoiler Image, 373 KB, 1280x1280, 78611884_p5.png)

creaming a tasty little alcremie..


you cant do that


you forgot to tell them to never go outside because theyll be snapkilled to complete your work as a paranoid single mother


that was under isolation


need to go on a japan flip tour soon


cant wait to see japan ravaged by norms during the normlympics



crying for otaku culture the norms have already hurt it with idols and normaloids and isenorm


dont remember what happened in 2015


cant believe isenorm was awful in the 90s then came back from the past to haunt us again and i even liked el hazard and shit


spent the day helping the old man with the car



the norms have already done their damage akiba is full of norms walking around taking photos like otaku are animals in a zoo


wish i worked at walmart


are you sure



looks fun sigh


eating a baumkuchen


how come when i eat i need to shite bad a few minutes later thought food took a few hours to go through the digestive tract


stupid teen


File: 1578271842963.webm (2.23 MB, 900x506, 1578270794579.webm)





eating triggers your digestion you are NOT shitting out what you just ate


love when i eat too much and the food pushes down on my lower guts and forces me to poop a bunch of half liquid material actually i hate it because it can sometimes be violent and make a mess


never had that happen


why is pooping so inefficient after millions of years


weird how humans have to wipe their bhole while every other animal doesnt


got myself some shawarmas



who said you have to wipe your bhole


how did people figure out that flipping makes babies anyway dont think id be able to make that connection


they watched the animals


god told them


the lower iq you are the more naturally sex comes to you


there were enough cases of a girls period stopping after she got flipped for the first time
and a girls period stopping would have easily been associated with pregnancy


weird how girls bleed out of their crotch for a week every month


File: 1578272493156.webm (Spoiler Image, 302.75 KB, 604x340, 1571887875528.webm)


File: 1578272551555.jpg (3.4 MB, 2632x3920, 1578258305423.jpg)

do you like my boobies


if you actually go squat over the ground its really fast


theyre okay NOT the best ive seen


woke up hi time to level my shaman


wonder if a girl would let me touch her boob if i asked politely




are you attractive




im the funnelneck


the rage era is over were past that now


NOT gonno tolerate ragers in the mansion


NOT gonno tolerate teens


dropped my bean and now i cant find it


never ate a bean before


they are filled with antinutrients




what about coffee beans


dont drink normfee


even worse


love coffee love beans hate norms


love gaming


its for norms who need caffeine wake up before their 9-5


to wake up


love sugarwater hate normfee


im unemployed and spend most of the day wallstaring or pacemumbling


blaring alarm cold shower drink caffeine drive around 1000 other tired norms in 10 ton deathcages work all day drive home eat try to sleep while dreading the next blaring alarm how do norms do it every day


whens your birthday it never even began for me because im from october and mom put me in school one year earlier to boot so i was way smaller than the other kids and ostracized in sports and socially because of that and everything else was just a natural follow up to that first domino piece falling and setting my shite life in motion


wake up around noon or later drink a coffee eat some shite mom left you walk 5 steps to the computer and fire it up to play some video games because your monkey brain needs some sort of work->reward otherwise it stops functioning maybe spend a hour wallstaring or crying

it doesnt matter what you do when this world is doomed the only way to escape is through a ritual


born at the start of november and the norms did that to me to


remember how we were planning in 2018 on going to japan last year right before pnig got arrested hehe sigh


born in january hehe


drink coffee when i get home from work


when youre six a ten month difference is huge so the oldest kids in their grade are deemed talented and given special attention NOT only that but they have more fun playing than the other ones which snowballs the entire effect further as everyone grows old and the sub one year difference in age stops being so relevant they also get more attention socially as well and end up having a better physique


im a gamer i


youre a normer you norm


i was always one of the oldest kids but i came out tard


i game simple as that


was in all the advanced classes but i still turned out tard


wonder why im so lazy




was already small for my age compound that with being a year younger and it was brutal i was the class manlet up until 7th grade


ya thats what i do hehe


thinking about all the norms have taken from me


need reparations from the norms


woke up quick at about noon
just thought that i had to be scapin soon


spent tens of thousands of hours of my life playing work simulators couldve just gotten a job and gotten paid for all that time


actual jobs are NOThing like work simulators trust me


nice rap god


cant wait for neetblog to get fired and start scaping all day again


dont want to work anymore but dont want to go back to being a neet either


wish i could move to a quaint cabin in the woods and raise some nice goats hehe i could have a kitty some chickens and plant my world famous tomatoes


couldve gotten an overnight security job and gotten paid to do the exact same thing im doing now


i know how you feel


File: 1578276134707.png (528.95 KB, 566x955, ELgjvRyU0AQH5dh.png)

think her spine is broken


shes a


why dont you want to go back to being a neet


had sexy lady haunting me once



paste dovy


wouldnt mind contributing to society if there was some kind of experience bar i could raise


because its scary youre constantly at the mercy of relatives and the future is uncertain and in order to save money you have to do and buy very little if youre from a rich family this might be different but for me it usually wasnt fun

its also easy to fall into a schedule of doing absolutely NOThing for days on end when you have a job it breaks up your day and also forces you to take your freetime more seriously


simply sell some nice amd puts youll never have to work again


File: 1578277123738.jpg (202.72 KB, 1024x2048, ENb_vWnUcAAnrag.jpg)



File: 1578277204445.png (1.2 MB, 1023x895, 1577229408168.png)

damn whyd she do it


havin a big ol cup of joe


been working for about two years now and its been nice to buy whatever i want and stuff before then i would have to ask for money even to go out and get myself some burgs and something to drink and i always felt bad when i did so NOT because we ever struggled financially but because i felt like a worthless leach and i hadnt bought stuff like computer parts and things like that for years because it felt like such an arrogant move but at the same time waking up to a blaring alarm after four hours of sleep going to work going through over 60 emails and 20 calls every single day and being treated like i killed someone after a mistake when i hadnt done anything wrong in months all for a paycheck so insanely small relative to the millions in sales im responsible for
the stuff a regular person has to do to simply keep themselves clothed and fed makes me feel horrified by life


read about ten words of that then stopped


once a mutant always a mutant


wish i could stop skipping


wish i could have been as arrogant as pnig and have no problem using grans money to buy snacks and computer parts and motorcycles and then stealing her medication to get high off of while streaming with a facecam


wish i could start skipping


you made the right choice


the idea of asking for money on my birthday or christmas or whatever as a twenty something year old neet always felt so repulsive and wrong to me
spent the past decade just waking up and eating whatever mom buys me then going to bed without ever consuming anything


NOThing better than waking up at noon spending an hour on the computer reading hima and joing then getting out of bed an hour later spending aNOTher hour making a single cup of coffee then begin pacemumbling until the jitters stop then get something to eat game post on hima some more maybe watch anime or read something then eat again game again jo again and snooze


been putting all my money into a savings account have NOThing to spend it on


it only feels wrong because you arrogantly think youre above that
monks beg for alms all the time just adopt the monk mindset


what about neetbucks


what site do vtubers stream on i want to guess youtube


youre losing money by putting that into a savings account to rot


i hope its a good savings account might i recommend https://redneck.bank/


add the fly to hima


dont click tubgirl


you have a virus


NOThin better


what should i do with it


writing puts is such free money hehe specially for tickets like amd msft aapl worst case scenario you end up owning some stock which is totally ok


how do i get into that stuff


first open an account on robinhood or td ameritrade


do you have jewish heritage


dad says i do but i dont trust him kinda want to get a dna test to check


youll find out hes NOT your real dad


getting a dna test is a very bad idea




dont want to end up in the dna botnet


theres no telling what theyll do with your dna you could be getting cloned




i am a slave to the hedonic treadmill


we dont know everything about the human genome
you have no idea what youre handing over


you would NOT want the chinks to get their hands on your dna trust me


phew gonno flip my clone sexy lady


if its a female then clearly its NOT a clone


but then im never going to find out if im 1/32 jewish like dad told me


fraternal twins are clones


why NOT


mom was a nice sexy lady i wonder if i have her sexy lady genes somewhere


just 50% of them


you have norm genes


never figured out what a chromosome is


if i start making money on stocks id have to file capital gains thats way too much hassle


these days its automatic you just download a file from your broker and upload it


gonno start using incorrect grammer and spelling to piss off the norms


love a good tax evasion scheme


mindblowing that norms get their income taxed then taxed again when they want to spend it then taxed again for living on any property then taxed again when they die


norms have mastered the cope


it mostly goes to single moms


any streams or is it norm hours


eating famichiki hima


are we being raided


nice famichiki senpai



jaymasu may


should i watch this


im a raider i raid


ya its alright


it was the hot famichiki


bought a flute


sis played flute


sb now


paste flutist


thats the craze gaze


never realized how ugly i am


sometimes get arrogant for a couple of days after striking a nice pose in front of the mirror and then it comes crashing down when i realize how ugly i truly am


wish i was smart enough to invest my money


what a beast


age thinned out the skin in my face some that along with softmewing for the past few years has improved my appearance but its still far from ever being enough to matter


cant believe im going to have to get my taxes done


dont forget to tip your tax man


simply put it all on a leveraged vanguard spy etf


putting my bottled sugarwater in the freezer cant wait to sip


mewing really helps mom commented on how my face is so angular now that im older but its the mewing she wouldnt have NOTiced otherwise


watch the anti aging video again you need to start eating less protein


time for some extra spicy green curry


never filed taxes even though im supposed to


why is this old guys english better than majority of young japanese


hes a westaboo


cant wait to go to work tomorrow and hear them tell me that friday is my last day




File: 1578285025185.jpg (1.68 MB, 1200x1200, b0014036fa4c39d16e316f38be13c9b6.jpg)


you dont understand you made them lose fifty dollars despite making them thousands


boss wont be able to get his third yacht now


hate chromatic normberition


eating a big ole bowl of processed grains and sugar with pasteurized milk


dont care why theyre getting rid of us just glad they are


what is that child doing


sipping sugarwater hima


how come norms dont know how to save money



File: 1578286420795.jpg (114.2 KB, 750x822, 1573275020197.jpg)

paste pnig selling shirts on amazon


in the end it doesnt even matter


swished my bhole with my finger in the shower now its squeaky clean




dont you get extra compensation for being let go


how else am i going to clean it




you cant say the gay f word like that teen


bidets arent real


put a funny filter on it hehe


they are hehe


fanny pack


im a gamer i game im a gamer i game


being a gamer is just a trait it cant be your whole personality


im a gamer i do things that are NOT gaming and its NOT simple


i game


simple as that




any gamers online


i game


bored have to wake up early for yardwork tomorrow NOT looking forward to it


why do you have to do yardwork


dont answer that i dont care


mom wants the grass cut




never cut the grass before whats it like


NOT great


just tell her youre busy


mom wouldnt fall for that one


laughed at a hima post


was it one of the norms


wish pnig was here so i could ask him which space heater he recommends


hes right here >>1006944


hope he gets executed


just get a nvidia card


based fermi joke


this anime season is good hima im already watching way more shows than last season




like what


cant believe hatsune miku is for actual norms now NOT just ironic weeabonorms


are you gonno stop liking miku now


took a sip of soda after a drinking only water for all of 2019 and spat it out what the hell how do people drink this shite it tastes like battery acid


miku sucks


cant believe iceborne is almost out


hasnt that been out for half a year


comes out this month hehe


nice pctard


cant wait


need a anime girl calendar hima


lots of game releases to keep track of


cant wait for the cyberpunk stream


going to start talking like frasier


phew nice sexy lady monkey butt


we are now closer to 2040 than we are to 1999


based norm


about time for aNOTher zenra qq jo


i game


what are you gaming


sigh otaku culture is dead hima the norms replaced us


drinking ultra pasteurized oatmilk


whats that




just liked a video


oatmilk isnt real


eating napo hima


anyone else have clammy hands


my right hand is cold and my left isnt


coldness isnt real


cold is just a lack of love


woke up dreamed i had a big boobie neesan


sigh we will never have a oneesan


time for a snack lets make some coneys


wonder what it smelled like


watched a wasp video and there was a jump scare nearly dislocated my shoulder


happened to me once hair woman made me shave my hair


we hide ourselves away


no one sees me


woke up had a dream where i owned some foid in a convienience store hard after she made some kind of comment about something i did woke up when i realized im too big of a kitty to ever do something like that


nice foid nice wet kitty flip that kitty nice preg foid healthy baby birth coming


wonder if anyone on hima will end up breeding a baby


didnt pnig try breeding a baby




used to love 2gameprinc but then i saw he was subscribed to paul joseph watson


woke up with agonizing heartburn


nice waker


wish i still had a heart


File: 1578318733299.jpg (560.71 KB, 960x1102, based & r.jpg)


what did ye feast


pizza and fries


nice scp


woke up
NOT going to work this morning hehe


File: 1578322173291.gif (31.13 KB, 450x394, sf-gill-5.gif)


wish i was that big


simply eat lots train everyday



die technorm


who even gets 380 fps at that point you just move up to aNOTher resolution and thats too much even for a 2080 ti in 1080p on max settings


so sick of norm thumbnails







In 2004, charges were laid against seven men living on Pitcairn and six living abroad. This accounted for nearly a third of the male population. After extensive trials, most of the men were convicted, some with multiple counts of sexual encounters with children.[27] On 25 October 2004, six men were convicted, including Steve Christian, the island's mayor at the time.[28][29][30] In 2004, the islanders had about 20 firearms among them, which they surrendered ahead of the sexual assault trials.[31] After the six men lost their final appeal, the British government set up a prison on the island at Bob's Valley.[32][33] The men began serving their sentences in late 2006. By 2010, all had served their sentences or been granted home detention status.[34]


ped culture


nice himacairn





nice twig


rope me


fire up that gamer browser and lock in to himasugi dot blog


this is literally false info





im flipper i flip


seems that article was very recently added in full form by one user


that was me sorry


File: 1578329775017.jpg (245.33 KB, 1400x1230, ENlcOD8U0AEclZw.jpg)


A new anime project for the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (Higurashi: When They Cry) visual novel was announced by doujin circle 07th Expansion on Monday. Kadokawa simultaneously opened an official website, revealing a key visual (pictured) and a promotional video.

The new anime project is being produced by animation studio Passione (Rokka no Yuusha, Joshikousei no Mudazukai). Akio Watanabe (Bakemonogatari, Grisaia no Kajitsu) is in charge of the character designs. Infinite is credited for production.


paste hope they make a nice satoko unc hehe


wonder if we are ever going to get a new carnival phantasm


nice glad to see were still moving forward
the amd conference is in 4 hours but im NOT sure if therell be anything interesting just zen 2 laptops and high end threadripper


they might announce ryzen 4000 or the 5600


love part


same hehe love when new parts get announced


File: 1578336347380.jpg (127.21 KB, 720x1024, 1575253482952.jpg)

sc2 went down can i hang out here?


nah go back to 4teen vg until it comes back


sigh shes crying hard and needs saving i must do something


shes a demon let her weep


that monster


File: 1578339319134.jpg (59.88 KB, 681x881, 1578310644581.jpg)




woke up hell ya new higurashi anime


File: 1578341379551.gif (862.71 KB, 480x464, 1432084199771.gif)

sc2s back up thanks for keeping me company himafriends!


youre NOT gonno get away with this


wish they made a new umineko instead since that anime was shite


File: 1578342478043.png (353.65 KB, 960x956, received_1034442310238114.png)


File: 1578343288056.jpg (175.12 KB, 985x1200, ENmuk1oUUAI9msf.jpg)


flip i just ate an expired chocolate that expired 3 months ago i hope i dont die


youre just going to get violently ill but you probably wont die itll be ok


got hired to work at home depot




phew nice cant wait to get a 144hz now that theyre NOT expensive


make sure to watch tims guide



wish i had amd stock


nice now your real life begins



File: 1578347667727.jpg (5.92 KB, 175x124, 175px-Vtech_Home_Depot.jpg)


big navi and zen 3 time


made soup and a sandwich


File: 1578348310037.jpg (115.27 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Murenase! Seton Gakuen - 01 [72….jpg)

im in heat


you mean the girl is right


why was he so angry anyway


the norms


hate beatlesnorms


paste reign of gaming


nice akiba


clap harder idiots


there was a remilia scarlet banner above that line hehe


lisa likes massive




mom got upset at the times i will be working


tell her if she doesnt like it youre perfectly happy with being a neet instead


workin man


is it the ol 9 to 5


wonder what lurks inside the matress accompanying the sperm sweat and skin


first week of the 20s has been pretty disappointing only lasted 50 hours before cracking some cold ones and jacking it didnt start eating healthier havent bathed havent exercised or done any stretches


hehe didnt jack it for 5 days they spermed thrice


die norms


havent spermed yet


havent been able to NOT sperm



sick of being a dopamine addict


imagine having two massive fat deposits on your chest that get in the way of everything and have no purpose other than screaming snap me


File: 1578354777289.png (476.75 KB, 788x1079, __original_drawn_by_watari1118__e239b16b083269….png)


those arent norm


die norm


we demand normboobs


File: 1578355034571.jpg (111.6 KB, 891x1234, pis.jpg)


File: 1578355186697.png (162.68 KB, 846x440, 狼.png)


they are needed to feed the babbies the bigger the better when it comes to nutrition


no it starts at 5am


is mom driving you why does she care


they just scream snap me everyone uses formula anyway


NOThing wrong with mom driving her adult manbaby son to a part time job every day


wish i had some fat sacks to seduce people with


i have a fat sack


paste formula baby


cant believe kripp has a wife


can believe it he has thousands of little surrogate brothers latching onto him why NOT a foid too


why did no one tell me that i wouldnt suddenly become normal in 2020


i would have told you but i thought youd say thanks captain obvious


tummy hurts


stop calling women foids its dehumanizing






didnt endure womens suffrage for this


File: 1578358007985.png (223.57 KB, 768x845, gallery-1476297782-fivethirtyeight-nate-iron-o….png)

nice women nice suffrage


eating some pork


hell yeah get that belly



is this money



her english is pretty good


a 100 pound vtuber gf sounds good


what sounds good about that


48kg what the hell my arm weighs more than that


the ease with which she could be overpowered


someone convert that into pounds


imagine being a fully grown adult that weighs 48kg


im 62kg


wonder how much poppler weighs


sigh hate when i cant find the simple web 1.0 version of something because the top results are all norm friendly web 2.0 ones stuffed with design elements and ledes that make norms feel safe


oooo o o o o o o o oo o oo o o ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooog




im 50kg


File: 1578359081339.jpg (268.96 KB, 1920x1080, [AnimeFreak] Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san - 0….jpg)


any youtuber alway ends up with people mocking them over phrases and mannerisms that they repeat again and again wonder what mine would be if i was a big surrogate streamer


always smile when i see someone proudly maintaining their web 1.0 site in 2020


little slut


uhh lets hide my weight even though by average japanese female height im close to being underweight haha


a lady should hide her weight


lots of norm posts today do something normseki


quote em


quit being obsessed with norms


die normsympathizer



the senko one isnt norm you stupid teen



hehe none of my posts got highlighted


should i stream nasubi or love hina or NOThing at all





nice none of them are mine


youre the guy who has a post history thats just asking for people to be banned arent you


two of them at mine hehe


ban the sc2 raider sc2eki


NOT clicking your suspicious link


always google links before clicking


are you a raider or just ignorant


click all links i dont give a flip


yeah hes the raider NOT the munorm


nice neural milk motel


shadows on my wall


death demander hours


i think you mean jp poster teen die


tummy is rumbling in a bad way gonno have a bad time here soon


NOT sure if there is anything worse than bad food poisoning


try childbirth


how do we nicely ask senk worshipers to move on in 2020 without offending them


passive aggressively worship some even more ancient anime girl like taiga or konata



sigh cant believe entire ip ranges are banned from posting images just because some people get a bit steamed



cant worship ancient girls theyre too ugly compared to refined modern anime


File: 1578360635106.webm (1.02 MB, 960x540, ababbababaa.webm)



hate eating its so boring


hate sound effect anime


File: 1578360682518.png (631.27 KB, 789x670, 1574382240532.png)


hows it boring its what i do to alleviate boredom


scrolled through that too quick and thought it was about cels


dont eat when bored you need to stack the pleasure of eating with the pleasure of drugs or alcohol and gaming no point in doing any of them on their own


hope seki dies of a heart attack


what kind of moron conflates robotics with ai


File: 1578360834957.jpg (251.17 KB, 1024x768, buktjL_bABOLoltsp8TEQ_lCJH4.jpg)


robots ran by ai


lots of people whove watched terminator or the matrix


how are they different you put the ai in the robot



maybe one in twenty of the robots in that pdf have anything resembling ai running them



yeah okay let me just watch this forty minute video


FUCK learning new things


okay thanks let me know what you thought when youre done ill set my alarm


just skimmed it thought it sucked and had NOThing to do with my comment


sick of being a slave to this torment


he did a shorter presentation to some college and it was pretty concise but i cant find it now


pretty sure i posted it here already


okay you know what
i may be a norm
but at least im NOT rude


got that bingesweat


ai stuff is gay and sucks right now


ban the smartnorms posting information



need my nvidia card to reduce my heating bill


File: 1578361976875.png (1.52 KB, 176x63, grim.png)


thats the worst counterexample to my statement you could have possibly linked



computers are better than me at everything


can a computer fart


did i tell you about that time i dropped food into my open case and fried my motherboard


uh why would you be eating above your open case


did i tell you about one the time i spilled an entire bottle of coke onto my laptop and it still worked perfectly
or the second or third time


cracked open a cold one


used to pour water on the motherboard of the school computer everyday and it did NOT break


careless buffon


touch the cow

do it now


learned NOT to have any drinks on my desk unless its a sippy bottle simply too many mishaps


ban these filthy norms normseki


based instigator


File: 1578362752368.jpg (82.55 KB, 1000x1000, beercanhat.jpg)


agree with him ban the sippy cup norms


wish i had a sippy cup


based emptynoise



just realized something


die realizenorm


what is it


File: 1578363755467.png (290.86 KB, 1116x361, fnm66p3zn8941.png)


playing bombergirl


hate when i reply to a guy pretending miss his irony and he calls me stupid for missing it NOT sure what the point in pretending is


if you started posting on the 4 in 2014 then yove now been there 6 years


that guy will never even realize how hard he owned you


hate pretenders


no no no


i started posting on the 4 in 2010


what does it mean if i started posting there in 2006


started in 2007 hell yeah love epic


File: 1578364051559.gif (3.8 KB, 400x400, 1282705362730.gif)

was posting on 4 with sis in 2007 making efg threads on /b/


i was a senior in high school so 2006 hehe


nice 4sis


phew nice sis hope you snapped her


my sister was murdered


thats a groaner


wonder if the same 4 threads are still being reposted on /b/ to this day


so you snapped her then


i had a lot of fun using 4chan as a teenager and for some of my 20s i just wish i had spent my time doing literally anything else what good are those memories if only a few hundred autistic manbabies liable to rope share them with me


its more of a porn board they arent the default 4chan board anymore so they lost that timelocked status where every weekly influx of new people keeps old memes alive by pretending to fit in



just wasted my time as a kid too at least i can pretend i had friends and a social life on the 4 without it i would have just sat in my room and stared


used to roleplay on /a/


File: 1578364367899-0.jpg (486.71 KB, 1920x1358, 1.jpg)

File: 1578364367899-1.jpg (497.63 KB, 1920x2623, 2.jpg)

lets play a game of guess the artists background do you think this dude is japanese korean or western and no cheating


norm hours




have no flippin idea its all the same


thought that artist was jap


once got btfo by claiming art was obviously western when it was a japanese westaboo


times up hes korean


next round


game over


nah gonno eat pizza and snooze early


knew he wasnt japanese thats enough for me




what if it was a trick question


wonder what things im obviously making a complete fool of myself when i talk about to anyone versed in the subject manner but cant NOTice due to the donkey kong effect




simply dont talk


File: 1578365059710.jpg (336.04 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Murenase! Seton Gakuen - 01 [72….jpg)


if you talk you might enrage a brainlet norm when you try to explain something happened far to many times just dont say anything


only speak when i am one hundred percent sure of something


if you dont talk people will assume youre one of those merumeru guys who spams text conversations but never says anything in real life because hes a sperg


i just gaslight when i get proven wrong in verbal conversation and pretend i agreed with them all along


hate norms


better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt


sounds like something i would have said to someone hassling me in school and everyone would have started laughing at me before i finished


die quotenorm


File: 1578365455688.jpg (319.66 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Murenase! Seton Gakuen - 01 [72….jpg)

i like this girl


thats my gf


"my gf"


shes tard


shes genki NOT tard big diff


nice girl post some sound effects from her


i am less functional in society than a retarded person


ban the quotation norm immediately quotationseki



just want one person to understand me who also has a vagina and lets me sperm in it is that so much to ask


have you tried looking


File: 1578365937049.webm (1.33 MB, 853x480, cackle.webm)


ive tried walking around waiting for women to approach me


reminds me of senko hehe


glad the asobi asobase girl is getting more parts


doesnt remind me of senko arrogant bitch


senko senko senko senko


gonno snooze


With Akio Watanabe as the character designer and Studio Deen out of the picture, there's hope that the production of this season will be a complete overhaul compared to the previous adaptation. I've been re-watching the 2006 anime over the holidays... and the art & animation are both horrible! Honestly! Off-model character designs, dull backgrounds, just a lack of fine detail overall. It's one of those situations where, as a young anime fan, you simply don't pay attention to. My first experience with Higurashi dates back to 2008; I didn't give much of a damn about the production side of things but rather the story itself, which is still pretty good and the reason the franchise blew up in popularity in the first place.

I'm holding out hope that the rest of the staff with be good too. But with anime, you just never know lol. Wonder who the director with be, though?


File: 1578366330650.jpg (382.36 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Murenase! Seton Gakuen - 01 [72….jpg)



File: 1578366353304.png (162.68 KB, 846x440, 狼.png)




File: 1578366786721.jpg (28.01 KB, 338x314, 1489686941860.jpg)


senko i love you please come


tried doing this as an adult and only fats came and NOT the good kind of fats


die norm no one would approach a truposter


File: 1578367099907.jpg (276.05 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Murenase! Seton Gakuen - 01 [72….jpg)


struggling to process that post are you telling me that women you don't know have actually approached you in public


hehe nice subtle post implying that any women at all would approach you i like it dont know whether its intended to incite laughter or rage thoguh


how come men have thick hands and fingers but mine are still thin


sigh why couldnt this be me


buy a dog


pick stuff up and put it down


File: 1578367233631.jpg (247.57 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Murenase! Seton Gakuen - 01 [72….jpg)

shes part gay you dont want her licking you


its NOT the same dogs are gross




die die die


how much longer do i have to live if i no longer see a package of bacon as individual slices but as a single meal


gonno worship yuki aoi


bacon is good for you


File: 1578367731477.jpg (53.86 KB, 960x576, game.jpg)


hate norms who have to divide everything into neat 3-meal packages instead of just blobsnacking all day


miss being gamer sigh why did i have to grow up


insides randomly started hurting this is it


what game are they gaming


cant tell if theyre melting or NOT


nah that happens sometimes to trick you into thinking youre being set free it will go away by tomorrow


when is the hima melty tournament



too low skill to play norming games how about a nice katamari tournament instead


love katamari


wonder when the frogger meta will end


no competitions allowed in the mansion you dont want someone to get upset and start smashing things


anyone else start tardlaughing uncontrollably when they see baby yoda


File: 1578368437712.jpg (548.91 KB, 900x1200, 71843176_p0.jpg)


that smells too much like a pnig post im calling the police


i get mad at it dont understand why norms are so obsessed with it


get annoyed at all the brainwashing advertisers on 4norm too but then i remember im NOT part of a demographic that advertising works on


cant fathom NOT using a adblocker


dont get how advertising works i guess some people are like sponges and they soak up stuff like that


how does your adblocker get rid of the paid marketers posting around the clock on internet message boards


always get mindblown when i remember norms sit through 30 second ads before each youtube video


you cant even comprehend how many things happen in every norms life every day they use up all of their brainpower navigating it and depend on advertisers to tell them what to buy and think



mindblowing pnig was found guilty of NOT only child porn possession but also virtually every computer crime we have a law for


dont click norwooder


iceland and norway and the only good nordic countries


You may typically terminate a month-to-month lease or oral agreement by issuing a 30-day NOTice. You can post the NOTice to evict on your adult child’s door, deliver it to her in person or drop it on the floor in front of her door if she refuses to take it.


hehe theyre already accounting for the locked in the room scenario


what do you mean she


they assume a useless child who wont move out must be female


uhh have you NOT seen vargs video on norway and iceland from what ive seen seems really boring


those dont exist


varg is a cuck




you should go back to 2016 and find hima 3 years early so you wont look like a fool when you dont get references to old posts


based murdernorm


when is the raid ending


if you want them to move out simply dump some dirt on their shoes in front of their door


got you again




owned hard


thinking about madoka and crying


thinking about madoka and NOT caring dumb overrated dumb anime hate it hate


dropped madoka back when it first aired that was during my phase of watching anime on my tv while sitting in a recliner like some sort of fedora tipping gentlesir


die contrarian teen


jingle bells neetblog smells pnig went to jail


whats wrong with reclinerwatching did that for the entirety of legend of the galactic heroes (1988 vr.) (based)


holy FUCK


sigh pnigs the closest thing to a father figure i ever had


mindblowing how good rebellion was


never watched it just posted homu with the gun


hated how walpuris night was just a generic bad thing instead of the witch form of homura that had even greater time powers and would follow her into every dimension and always be stronger because its always a more advanced version of her


viewed jp as a father figure


viewed jp as a big brother figure and would try to gain approval with eksopl aorf and anonymous jones


that sounds awful sorry


found a very talented western artist but i cant post it here


hima is pone friendly its ok


nah sounds based much better than what we got after having to wait 8 months because of the earthquakes or whatever


File: 1578370356382.png (629.7 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Murenase! Seton Gakuen - 01 [72….png)

this shows a hoot


mlpfim was better than madoka


sigh sayaka


do you think pnig forgot about us


phew nice detail is this the new new game


he didnt forget he still reads every post he just doesnt say anything that might affect his case


I had to write down 2020 today hima doesn't feel right


think i accidentally wrote 2017 on some documents NOT too long ago


sometimes when im writing down the date ill write 2017 by mistake in fact a while back i NOTiced the last 10 entries in my diary had all been 2017 by mistake


two more hours until i can nightfeast


eating napo again hima


nice napo tofu


File: 1578370773133.gif (1.87 MB, 480x270, 1578229948933.gif)


napo napo napolitan


didn't even understand why you were posting those screenshots at first couldn't remember what GNR meant the other day either is this what they mean by brainfog


die sc2


it means golden experience requiem


NOT falling for it again nice try


hehe visited /a/ saw that they were having a poll about the best anime of the decade and one of the options was VEG and i had no flipping idea what the hecka VEG was



mouse is doubleclicking so i tried to get it replaced under warranty but they asked for the receipt number so i just pasted a random amazon invoice number and now they said they want a screenshot of the invoice and i have no actual idea where i bought the mouse from flipping hell they caught me


still feel deep sorrow when i think about kyoani


owned technorm


hope you made that up you shouldnt have thought a random one would work dont you realize they were going to look it up in the database database wow wow


why would they have access to amazons database


why didnt he say the fuck niggers fuck spics fuck jannies thing


hes NOT the based one hes the sperg one


took me 5 seconds to realize that i wasn't imagining the end of that post and that you didn't just post the word database by itself


should i ban the apostrophe norm


ban yourself normseki


give me a break its the autocorrect that does it automatically


tell it to the judge phonenorm


guess ill just have to buy a new mouse


that's only for phone norms which himako told me confidentially have their useragents blocked


sipping a nice cold glass of tap water


ban him normseki


wish i could filter tapnorms


zas ready hima


how can you call yourself tard if you dont ingest your daily dosage of fluoride


what toppings


give me a break im a total flippin norm that only cares about myself i cant even read my posts before hitting reply cause im a norm


mushroom and green onion


simply need to make a youtube channel to rage about all the things id usually just rage on hima about


you ruined it


lost my ability to rage


rage is the only thing keeping sekis discordteens in check


theyre in check?




noooo you cant post the question mark NOT the curly dotboi noooooo


ban or i rage


next time ill write out question mark happy


happy question mark


happy the red dotted question mark


File: 1578372054842.png (556.92 KB, 1200x1600, KPA_ciel001_53ne.png)

special delivery


don't see how hima has any appeal to norms is it just because there isn't a captcha and you can post things that would get you banned on 4norm


File: 1578372098856.jpg (Spoiler Image, 202.79 KB, 1200x1600, KPA_ciel001_54ne.jpg)




i was hoping for a dismembered corpse


hate captcha so much you have no idea how much google personally targets me and makes me solve 20 captchas that load excruciatingly slowly because they assume posting at a non-norm rate means youre a bot


why would you hope for that


do something seki were being raised


this is the end of hima


rest in piss


no the journey doesnt end here


we will never recover from this raid




the raiders will simply become part of hima just like what happened with gnfos


just hate little anime bitches so much they must feel the fury of my fists


File: 1578372481226.jpg (12.3 KB, 540x260, gd.jpg)



does gnfos even exist all i hear about it is people pretending it came back up on ota


go away ban these people seki now


just fire up gnfos


normseki ask your gnfos discord what the situation is





based activist throwing a fishermans catch back into the lake and now having to pay




order sisty-six n vegan gains




File: 1578372945263.png (141.08 KB, 846x440, 狼.png)


a new board without a norm running it


dont even get what the point of snk is anymore


is it time for based duegi


just glad annie is back


tunamin has left us to rot


got banned from duegi despite making most of the content there


File: 1578373160317.gif (1.36 MB, 250x194, 1492486794597.gif)


the duegsters


who cares what connie does who cares what annie does or floch does the whole world is getting trampled simply dont get why we should care


the duegdog


what do you mean content i thought the joke was that none of us used it and the coup failed


there were lots of dueg threads and i posted most of them


cant imagine a satisfying conclusion to the story hope there is one


hope eren just owns them all


sick of gabi dumb little slut


freakeye said NOT to read that manga idiots


freak said a lot of things


i dont bow to the eye



File: 1578373841747.png (798.51 KB, 950x480, 1521910485459.png)


cant believe molesterman turned out NOT to be a molester and suicide failure frenchman turned out NOT to be french


weird he really does look french




how do you know hes NOT a molester


weird how pnig turned out NOT to be p


really intense jo sesh hima im out of breath


technically true since his cousin wasnt prepubescent at the time of the incident


and neetblog turned out NOT to be n turns out pastaguy was the only one with any integrity


miss warosu hated the teenbros near the end


the teenbros near the end are the ones who made hi,a


File: 1578374252824.jpg (11.42 KB, 280x180, hima.jpg)


NOT everyone you stupid teen die


yeah just most


nope die


ok i rolled 4 now what


miss those massive roll images with something for 0-99


dont always hated rolling and post number culture


post em


File: 1578374468929.jpg (414.93 KB, 576x768, sudo.jpg)


love omega sudo


wonder if sudo destroyer of worlds could beat yang wenli




hope sudos doing well


sigh shouldve posted that before the 1m get that wouldve been triple dubs


waiting warmly for 2m


thought triple dubs means three people get dubs


didnt moot make it so you simply cant get some digits on some boards hehe steamed




File: 1578374760469.png (274.76 KB, 387x515, 1485481376490.png)


gamed hard gonno snooze


cant wait for iceborne hima


wish i was hyped for a game


why do you play that shite have some respect for yourself


still love the sudo meme always name my pet pig in monster hunter sudo


its good a norm raider like you wouldnt understand


havent been hyped about anything for a long time wish i could remember what the last thing was


love petting the pigger before a hunt




File: 1578375567749.png (497.91 KB, 622x621, cat.png)

dont think kitty loves me


mom bought three frozen pizzas and said one was for me and the rest were for dinner next week might end up eating them tonight



already ate my pizza two nights ago mom knew this had to happen


she cant honestly know you 3 decades and expect you NOT to eat them all right away its a trap to give her a reason to rage at you nice sadist nice mom


loaded up on wine now its time to game


hate wine


im a gamer i game


i game


File: 1578376052482.jpg (85.88 KB, 500x592, quantum sudo.jpg)


what the heck never seen that one


you probably never saw any of them raider


used to write 5318008 in the calculator hehe


saw lots of them fool just NOT that one thats probably the single one i never saw




hate when i feel unable to stop pressing f5


paste manual refresher


try to cram so many references into one post that it loses clarity


had the gym to myself then a guy walked in and held an empty bar in the mirror and fumbled around with it for a minute then left


sigh poor guy


we will never recover


hate judgenorms glad i never went to the gym


pissed myself


wasnt even judging him while he was there but i am now because he is a quitter
maybe my 700lb+ leg presses scared him


wish i was norm enough to go to the gym sigh


gonno dilate


have made posts so esoteric only i understand the true meaning


quote some examples and we can discuss our interpretations maybe someone understood


onegai muscle


oog ha



hate norms


paste gymbro


thats what he gets for doing like 1/3 rom


love leaving subtle hints of things in my posts so people can reply thinking they cleverly discovered them im like the guy from inception


youmu is a girl




too dumb to leave cryptic messages in my posts


good luck janishite


File: 1578379287001.jpg (119.14 KB, 1200x900, youmu.jpg)

you up


i dont them much on hima if at all because everyone is too wise on the game here


File: 1578379411305.jpg (271.03 KB, 1080x1920, 1578362502452.jpg)

love leaving subtle hints of things in my posts so people can reply thinking they cleverly discovered them im like the guy from inception


me too


wish i was bald


It is estimated that in southern China's Guangdong province people eat 10,000 cats per day.


mindblowing the china eat dog and cat meme isnt even a meme its just fact and they will openly admit it to you


if they eat that much it must taste good


cats look disgusting to eat some dogs can get pretty muscular though


File: 1578380069482.webm (3.13 MB, 640x480, Cats_at_a_cat_meat_restaurant_video.webm.480p….webm)



youre NOT meant to eat predator animals they taste bad


what about tuna


you cant tuna fish


inexpensive plain pizza or more expensive pepperoni pizza which will cause less of a problem when mom gets home from work and sees it missing from the freezer tomorrow


simply eat both to solve the issue


can i get some cat on a pizza


i might be able to talk my way out of one but NOT two


i dont judge the chinese for eating cats and dogs really thats just how they survive NOT their fault they were born poor under a government that will probably keep them poor


die chink


File: 1578380850810.jpg (76.04 KB, 553x358, hima.jpg)

simply eat both and point out to mom that she knew you would eat both yet bought them and presented them to you anyway


you listed inxespensive pizza first its obvious you know the answer


frozen pizza is always cheap dont think mom would care which one


do what feels right


if there was no distraction in the form of internet and games and cartoons hima posters would have had no choice but to become revered physicists and mathematicians during the 1900s




nah wed just read books


youd get bored of reading the books of your extensive library and begin to write your own books
but its ok you can spend your life sitting around tugging at your penis while watching animated children dance around in your foreign cartoons and devising strategies to eat frozen pizzas without making your mom mad


when i was a teen and didnt have computer access i just read books 8 hours a day rereading the same old ones dont bet on it


no you dont udnerstand


no dont think youd get tired theres simply too many books


there comes a point when you can no longer consume and desire to create


you dont need to put pen to paper to create you can just tard out in your own mind


shouldnt even refute you used to want to be a writer as a boy all the other kids and teachers used to love my books


my pen name shall be neet b. log


still have a video of me reading my book from 4th grade with a girl making sound effects for it


remember thinking i was a disgusting pervert when i was 15 and deleting all my porn even though it was all fairly vanilla


the foids look at me like im one even when im simply walking


you were so close to ascending thats sad


was already using /d/ when i was 15 there was never a chance




only found 4chan when i was 16


now that i think about it the stuff on /b/ was probably worse


are the norms gone


hehe used to screencap threads to preserve how epic they were would never do that now


theres still a few of them left


ragnarok is today hope everyone pre registered


i just flipping hate this world and the human worms feasting on its carcass


what do you mean ragnarok


the end times


the norms have full control over hima now


File: 1578384342707.jpg (42.7 KB, 597x847, 1578384061643.jpg)



that joke was tiresome like two years ago when it first started being forced




which joke


damn good cocoa


NOT that guy but the facebook poster ban him normseki


the porn addict image macro the teens have been forcing


thats NOT a joke its a guy whos a real porn addict


even that guys picture was first posted years ago i chuckled and moved on but it somehow became this constant repost


so what i bet you repost something all the time like im a gamer i game or a sound effect girl or pnigs dumb mug


File: 1578384748667.jpg (766.1 KB, 750x1243, 1578383619060.jpg)




just like that guy in the black ops 2 shirt first saw him in 2013 chuckled and moved on and then years later hes everywhere


dont know what guy you mean


thats me


norm raiders being norms


wish i was george soros


some teen even made him a know your meme page what a joke


thats because hes a meme


love knowing my meme




wish norms could sense my meme aura unconsciously and fear and respect me instead of thinking im a dumb guy who doesnt get their epic jokes


they ruined a good thing by reposting something they weren't even aware of to death


what werent they aware of



thats NOT a mememaster hes a minecraft teen


cant get past adfly to see the meme


die norms


any good jplumpers


riding the yamaNOTe line hima


love a good train ride


File: 1578386552783.jpg (Spoiler Image, 56.56 KB, 534x800, FIGURE-055499_03.jpg)


lift it a little higher please maam


very nice round bottom !!!


File: 1578387760933.jpg (313.3 KB, 1200x1600, aug.jpg)


hate perverts like that man


how is he a pervert


you know


i dont actually he just wants to be left alone while perverts impose their sexuality on the modesty of others


hes a pervert who should be jailed


lock him up throw away the key athats what i say for perverts


hehe seething nips in the comments


File: 1578391850675.jpg (248.85 KB, 1920x1080, Hoshiai no Sora - 12 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_22.4….jpg)

cant believe both mcs got their mommies taken away


running low on dopamine need a nice 3 hour stream to make the gray go away someone link one


fire up a nice haato stream


mom brought home szechuan beef for me


get scared when my mouse moves in an unexpected way but its usually just some dirt under the laser


nice lasernorm use a ball


what the nobody uses a ball hated having to clean ball


i do its the only way to game


File: 1578393258685.jpg (111.15 KB, 800x500, au.jpg)

gamer ball


File: 1578393342015.jpg (115.54 KB, 637x550, me gamin.jpg)



love gaming


where do slavs fall in the incel worldview


sometimes dirt on my monitor makes a comma look like a semicolon and i start raging a the post before i realize


never seen a comma on hima before


thats because im talking about the lil' 4


File: 1578395208183.jpg (43.84 KB, 500x445, tom.jpg)


eating more napo hima


gonno try washing my face before and after snoozes and see if it actually does clear up acne


it doesnt simply whip out the lance and skewer those suckers


all thats ever done is make my face look like a minefield


prefer the ellie one she was sexy


damn good spaghetti hima damn good


that ones for girls NOT boys


then why did it give me a bone


free man in japan with my amazon prime trial nice nice love consuming media legally


think if i got a job id like to work in a truck stop gas station
no repeating customers no women just a bunch of fat truckers coming in to buy burgs and cigs dont think mom would be happy with driving me all the way to the highway though


same love getting held up at 2am by drugged out guy


do criminals go to highway truckstops thought that was just in suburbs


if you build it they will come


just carry a gun



cant do a job that interacts with customers directly


woke up and mutated all the raid posts


molted morphed and bleated


dont forget to circumvallate deign and turbinate


File: 1578403761625.jpg (191.91 KB, 1365x1365, 1578390578255.jpg)

jbw pill
you jbw


stop believing in jbw theory its offensive


File: 1578404020568.jpeg (277.65 KB, 1200x769, el.jpeg)



hes got yaeba thats why she likes him NOThing jbw


hearing scary sounds outside dont know what they are


barricade the door


File: 1578405004625.png (511.15 KB, 720x1280, mobage.png)




why doesnt hima have a phone app


shes everything i was hoping for


hehe going to link this to my mobage friend then see if i can pivot it into a serious discussion about his illness


her robe says semen


grandma called scared to call back she didnt leave a voicemail saying what she wanted


thats the feeling i get when the real estate agent calls


why isnt your gran dead yet are you a teenmomson


why would gran be dead


think im the only one whos mom was over 30 at birth


mine was 22


File: 1578406011756.jpg (738.74 KB, 1412x1080, ENrWWavUEAIlcQ3.jpg)


cover yourself vile harlot


no no dont say that its a once in a lifetime opportunity


a once in a lifetime opportunity to correct a wayward girl


mine was 35


weeping save me hima


what happened whats wrong


save me save me its all too much


commission the freak


bring back wod


unironically enjoyed wod highmaul owned


sigh getting nostalgia this was real wow


stop trolling troll


it was worse than mop but at least arenas were okay and the raids were good


File: 1578409691286.png (106.25 KB, 500x577, 1578408120278.png)


File: 1578409761853.png (286.01 KB, 3400x2300, 1578408736843.png)




woke up had microwaved burger king for breakfast


had a smoothie and some eggs for breakfast
accidentally tardsmashed one egg in the carton because it was glued to it


never ate burger king how is it


pretty hungry thinkin about late night chilli fries or is that too much hima


used to get the teen burger whenever i went on a road trip with mom it was pretty good


im NOT familiar with this so called teen burger


bk chicken burgs give me the runs


oh wait i think thats a&w


slid a carton of eggs off the counter a few days ago you should have seen em hima they sild one after aNOTher and smashed all over the linoleum mom had to clean it up i was inconsolable


die norm


sometimes think back to the time in highschool a bunch of alt type kids invited me to sit at their table so instead of mumbling and walking away i figured i might as well sit there so i slid my milk carton down the table thinking itd be cool but of course it spilled and some of them had to get up to avoid the disaster


wish i was alt


nice kitty bones


flip that bitch always hated her so much



varg you seeing this




uhhh turt are you seeing this? XD


File: 1578415720028.png (475.31 KB, 641x454, unknown.png)





used to be ok with iosys before the norms


mindblowing the last time hima fired up their favorite iosys album was over 4 years ago


Hey, everyone has wwww
This is culture, don't ridicule
Let's register as a cultural heritage www
Wwwwwww to let the world know this wonderful culture
didnt know japs are capable of sarcasm


well now you know


i dont think the /jp/ days were as fun as people act like


it was hilarious watching the jan get steamed for 5 years straight


are you having more fun now


at least now i can say something without getting banned 10 times a day and i dont have to spend most of that time getting upset at norms


thats me on hima


hey bro welcome to two years ago


NOThing worse than waking up


canNOT cope


File: 1578421725444.webm (2.58 MB, 1920x1080, 1576090581995.webm)




palm keeps tingling


File: 1578422247156.jpg (79.47 KB, 449x662, schw4391.f1.jpg)

“I expose to men the origin of their first, and perhaps second, reason for existing.”1 Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) wrote these words above his drawing “The Copulation” in about 1493 (fig ​(fig11).2 The Renaissance sketch shows a transparent view of the anatomy of sexual intercourse as envisaged by the anatomists of his time.


too many pastes today should have read before i posted that


NOThing wrong with too many pastes



on bean juices number two


doin laundry


mindblowing how da vince was one of a kind guess after billions of people someone would have to be born that amazing by chance maybe euler was on equal footing


freakeye was supposed to be this eras da vinci but because he was born in australia things didnt work out


he just burned to death trying to save his roo farm sigh ill never forget you freak ill make it my lifes mission to give kanna a pic of you personally


know i have to get a job this year but i cant bring myself to do it i have a feeling i can get a job at the nearest home depot because my brother works there but if i do i will be trapped and caged forever


da vinci lottery is coming on the 10th lets get our apples ready


simply work for a year and invest in some nice amd calls then you can retire


wonder why there have never been any black geniuses why have they always been either white or asian


im a waste of a life i should kill myself and hope my matter goes to something more useful


what happens when amd goes bankrupt again


itll just go to a few blades of grass youre worth more than that


you waited too long to bother were all going to get ritualed soon anyway


why did this happen to us


sigh your right its too late whats the point in getting a job when the ritual is right around the corner what was i thinking


cant afford to attend the ritual



theres probably hundreds of da vincis now its simply that they get little fame because the boundaries of what we have already created are hard to push for example that kid who created his own nuclear reactor in his garage probably would have been very famous if he were born in the 16th century


didn't he keep building them after he got shut down and end up dying of radiation poisoning


On September 27, 2016, at the age of 39,[15] Hahn died in his hometown of Shelby Charter Township, Michigan.[15][16] His death was accidental and due to intoxication from the combined effects of alcohol, diphenhydramine, and fentanyl.[17]




paste hope he had fun


love how every successful and great person had a father figure in their lives thanks for flipping my shit up mom


i couldve been one of the greats


no more great people are possible now thanks to the internet and video games and anime


everythings been invented everythings been explored and optimized theres NOThing left to do we need a server wipe


completely untrue


name em


if they are so successful why dont they get a dad


hitler didnt have a dad


he wasnt succesful he got owned hard


there are plenty they just had type a personalities and became men at a young age instead of manbabies


you didnt name any


uh just let me pull up my custom spreadsheet of every person throughout history that didn't have a dad and did something with their lives other than sit in the dark eating cheetos haha


well you were talking big a minute ago like you knew it all but now its becoming apparent it was all a thin facade


yeah no shit people before the internet were forced to go out and make something of themselves many men nowadays remain neets its NOT just dadless men but how do you know if even back then men without fathers were less successful than men with fathers


plenty of successful bastards throughout history





the internet fulfills all my emotional needs why would i ever go outside


i game


starting to get sick of the glowing rectangle


simple as that


time to upgrade the rectangle how about the 360hz one or the mac pro display xdr


die technorm


you cant see past 120hz


i can


love opening and closing the pocket knife while sitting on the computer


you will never truly experience hima with anything less than 3 ultrawide monitors


3 monitors with 6 tabs split between each


wonder if we can use integer scaling to make 720p anime look good on an 8k monitor with hdr and 1600 nits of brightness with 10 bit color


same love lighting the lighter too





dont fall for the chinamens games


love using integer scaling to convert 64kbps mp3s to flac and upload to mega


dinosaur feet


why didnt the norms just leave him alone


he committed a deep breach of penguin etiquette


hate norms love penguins


dont do that


steamed piratenorm




anyone else have an asymmetrical face my right side looks like its melting


how do i tell


everyone is a little asymmetrical


is the raider that only first heard of scaruffi yesterday still here


my face looks like its melting symmetrically on both sides


hes a respected member of normsekis discord you better watch out


please forgive me for being disrespectful seki you can ban me in his stead


why the hell does mom wait until its dark and anyone can see directly into the house to close the flipping blinds just walked past the windows with my tray why should the normbors know when i eat


hey whats up


the neighbors arent looking in your windows they dont give a shit


thats how normseki does it


sometimes i dont post cause i think mom might be browsing hima looking to see what im doing and she will know who i am and what posts i made


ive caught them doing it in the past they are NOT to be trusted


thats a reality for the guy who got hima blocked at work except its his boss


the hima milfs


NOThin steam i get all my music from nicotine


File: 1578435695955.jpg (110.26 KB, 359x399, 1558317661685.jpg)

>my tray


ban him


ya ban that fuh lippin manbabby


pasted sonypony




ban the raider now


ban deez


hell yea its a raid


File: 1578435954804.webm (1.02 MB, 960x540, ababbababaa.webm)



its cold as flip and the bottom of my feet is really blue


paste coldfoot


File: 1578436124022.jpg (31.28 KB, 493x335, photolibrary_rf_photo_of_father_feeding_crying….jpg)

Here comes the airplane, open wide! Vreeewooooooooooo


im a raider i raid




this must be how the norms see me




neets are so pathetic


File: 1578436431296.png (129.29 KB, 480x270, BABBY.png)

hush little baby dont say a word mommy is gonno bring you full tray load


File: 1578436602285.png (910.97 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Konohana Kitan - 01 [720p].mkv_….png)

want flip


dipey wipey


whats wrong with a tray i eat with a tray otherwise my keyboard will become full of crumbs


love ringing the bell and ordering mom to bring me some macaroons


File: 1578437017262.jpg (20.64 KB, 449x508, whatswrongwithatrayieatwithatray.jpg)


thought the norms were supposed to be at work at this time


File: 1578437314831.png (491.06 KB, 1030x686, hima.png)


sigh NOT even a year old and already having to wageslave


File: 1578437452878.png (1.38 MB, 1920x1072, [Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita!][11][BDRIP][10….png)


whats wrong with waging


you have to get up in the morning and you have to be exposed to norms and you have to be judged based on your performance


thats the process of leveling up


more like appearance


uhh ya just look at all those attractive billionaires like uhh well you know


any mathchinks on can you explain this equation for me

h/6 - 1 = -3

so in this case i would cancel out the -3 by making it a positive and adding it to -1 resulting in positive 2 then multiplying that with 6 getting me 12

12 is the wrong answer however the correct answer is -12 and i could get that by canceling out the -1 by making it positive and adding it to -3 getting me -2
which would get me -12 when multiplying by 6

so how do i know which one i do first its like a coin flip i either get it right or get it wrong


good thing i have a job lined up as a billionaire where looks arent important


did you make more cash on amd stock


you do +1 on both sides giving you h/6 = -2
and then multiply both sides by six giving you h = -12


adding to your first part im NOT sure how you cancelled the -3 and made it positive to do that youd have to multiply both sides by -1 giving you -h/6 +1 = 3 and that gives h = -12 as well


lets grab a tray and watch


youre NOT tricking me into doing your homework again


hate math



packed my bags going to be stuck in mississippi again sigh


is it a business trip


yeah at least its only until friday afternoon


die already you god damned norm


would immediately decline a job offer if it has travel above 0%


whats wrong with traveling


cant imagine any job that even requires travelling are you a salesman or pr representative


i am an engineer




are you the only engineer in the south why is a 32 year old virg with a bachelors degree in such high demand that you need to take business trips for consultation work


because my brain is big


gonno buy some xar shares hope trump nukes iran eheh


File: 1578440001782.webm (1.41 MB, 640x352, KQBJNdpZC6QOWjA4.webm)


whats the source


dink it


alternate timeline where the freak transitioned after meeting up with his friend


uhh arent you an engineering consultant NOT an actual engineer


he writes down numbers and puts them in the computer


the height obsession is driving me nuts


are these the missiles in iran




shes bellow average but he is just outright ugly cant get over how bad his eye area is and how his cranium gets narrower at the top guess playing the race card to ugly kpop obsessed girls works sometimes


now never post about jbw again


File: 1578441154516.jpg (312.24 KB, 1920x1080, Day in the Life of a Japanese Game Programmer-….jpg)

you can have the side profile of a dorito in asia and still end up with friends and a social life this guy has probably even gotten laid once or twice


nah doubt it


that guy is literally deformed and is still treated normally the west is too harsh on its subhuman men


having sex isnt a big deal for the rest of the population you just happen to be in that 4% of genetic failures


File: 1578441527969.png (Spoiler Image, 1.87 MB, 1640x856, Itsover.png)

itsover flipped 10 girls during his 20 days stay in the philippines jbw is real


social ugly people are everywhere stop generalizing


go to futaba or 2ch and they will show you how eastern women are a thousand times worse than the average american becky unlike abe no western president or prime minister has to go out of his way to make people have children


sick of hapas gonno kill them all


seki will permaban you if you kill one of his children


will never take a white hima complaining about his life seriously


its over for ethnicels


jbw theory spits on incel life experiences and lets arrogant ricecels side with sjws against their own cel brethren


why didnt anyone tell me a fortnight is 14 days i thought it was 24 hours or a whole day


nah flip gooks every gook ive ever come across was a huge norm i stand with the currycels because we can understand one aNOThers plight


being white is only relevant if you are willing to become a sex tourist and flip jungle prostitutes if you are as ugly as the average asian man and you live in a white country you have no chance


no no dont support that either youd get rejected by jungle prostitutes too if you have a nct



its real NOThing else matters but the cold hard truth


should have found a mentally ill e-gf through some mmo or on the 4 sigh


itsover is uglier than anyone here and he flipped all those teengirls for free


doesnt look like a real incel


he mogs me


same cant imagine how far i would have gotten in life if i looked like that


such a bad video norms cant rate people


turt tested jbw theory anyway when he went to japan and thought hed win but found out race doesnt matter


File: 1578443006621.jpg (49.31 KB, 480x640, Itsover2.jpg)

even haysuz mogs this guy what are you talking about


turts gay he doesnt even talk to girls


haysuz is jacked


NOT at all because his work was completely derivative
youre NOT evaluating them correctly


haysuz and him are both attractive norms with NOThing to do with cels


im NOT white enough to run jbw game
thats why im the most doomed cel on whitesugi


turt thought standing around acting cool with a cig in his mouth and squinting in overcast weather will land him a gf but little did he know he has to be the one to approach a girl first


i feel bad whenever someone starts going on about how girls dont approach and how you have to be harassing hundreds of foids a week to have a shot because theyre obviously ugly and dont even realize it yet


nah youre white and the truest nonwhite had tg jbw is a sham




wonder if ive ever been approached and didnt realize i assume any female initiated contact is something they were dared to do


pnig is also 6'2" so hes playing with a different set of rules along with running bbc game i wouldnt doubt for a moment that he would wear basketball shorts during his shift and walk around tg all day with a half erection


gross what the flip


jbw only applies for asian women white women like black guys because of white guilt


think girls are naturally outgoing because everything in their world exists to benefit them they think NOThing of making some random remark to a stranger at the laundromat to get help with the machine while i would start thinking about marrying her and would show up frequently at the same time hoping to run into her again


jbw doesnt work in america fool tg got hooked by the uhh haha pill


glad we threw that niggers ass in jail before that harlot had the chance to sink her fangs into him and send his soul to hell


why would i be short
why would i be single
why would i be white


tg was pure take it back


still doing that to this day where i imagine myself marrying having kids having fights and breaking up with cute cashiers that just said hi to me it always ends up going terribly wrong in my head so the next time i see them im extremely rude




you think thats bad i find their names and look up their dox online solely to see if they have a bf and if so to compare how he looks to me its become some sort of weird hobby


might have a sperm nap


post em


hate myself hima


hate the people that made you that way


whats to hate


i am directly responsible for everything i hate about myself didnt choose to be born but everything after that was all my personal mistake


youre lucky


nah it was all determined no such as thing as free will


nah its NOT your fault other people did this to you and they need to pay


its time to pay the price


if i am able to identify the flaws in my personality and thought process why cant i change them is that predestination


what flaws


reading the new mommy breastfeeding doujin


if there was an uncooked steak sitting in the fridge uncovered for four days and i cooked and ate it will i die


salt it up


no they age steaks for months and flies cant lay eggs in them if its in the fridge


if you choose NOT to decide you still have made a choice


as canachink would say



the urge to kill is strong but i choose NOT to do it because im a good person



killing humans is good for the planet


put sugar in my pasta did NOT turn out as bad as i expected


theres already sugar in the noodles


cant watch this


i hear the missiles hima


paste uli


did you get a little cuckoo a little wacky


wish i heard missiles just get stupid jet noises instead


theres already oxygen in your lungs but you keep breathing


i only breath when theres no oxygen in my lungs


cant wait for uli to awaken as the demon king and slaughter millions once his shift is over in the photo center


is it really meat if all the meat has been consumed by bacteria hes just eating the waste


hope theres a hard limit on how long humans can live



File: 1578446149297.jpg (845.56 KB, 1200x853, 1518707560243.jpg)


need that prawn


thats a shrimp


File: 1578446325973.jpg (251.31 KB, 1071x1500, pussy pussy_juice senko-san uncensored.jpg)


love making eye contact with foxgirls as they get flipped by chad japanese men


you mean エビ


hes holding her up for me to lick right hes helping me


would love to service her


File: 1578446550419.webm (302.23 KB, 400x224, qrn8BGFWfkM-O5th.webm)

receiving end


are you licking his cum out of her


thats femgrool shes still a virgin in that pic


love a good low res middle east vid reminds me of 2006


how low does my test have to get to stop having to jo my bone


about 3 impossible whoppers a day


love when some flabby coomerneet thinks hes high test because he has unlimited freetime and NOThing better to do than jo


thought i wasnt going to jo today but ended up big sperming anyway


cant go on tren or ill end up joing all day


never said i was high test it just isnt low enough to free me from sexnormalcy


remove your testicles


ok brb



wonder what the combined weight of all past sperm is


if free will exists how come im NOT successful


everything is decided upon conception


i hope iran doesnt hurt my internet i dont have enough anime downloaded


should have saved my urza packs



the norms have decided through their free will to keep you down


probably dont even have a years worth of anime and games and movies


stream all my me


havent had a hima stream in months


did that guy ever beat kuon


i mean fatal frame


File: 1578448456193.webm (3.96 MB, 478x270, streaming_anime.webm)


why do people play horror games i dont understand why anyone would voluntarily expose themselves to jumpscares


miss the fatal frame streams


their emotions are burned out from drugs and need to seek thrills


im a thrill seeker simple as that


used to complain about jumpscares in horror movies in reality i was just a pussy


File: 1578448595735.png (379.67 KB, 581x533, uri.png)

my life has changed for the better since i started using sesame oil


wish i wasnt a pussy manbaby


sesame oil for what on food


allergic to sesame


for cooking


how do you get oil out of a sesame




exetremely toxic


wouldnt trust a corean farther than i could throw one


just at 2 pounds of greek yogurt


File: 1578449467172.jpg (66.95 KB, 540x413, turt.jpg)


File: 1578449520288.jpg (3.1 MB, 2732x3074, 946444700a632cf88ff23d1e453968f7.jpg)


big bone big feet


just sent in my first application in three years hope i dont hear back from them


you wont you need to apply to dozens of places


wish to rub those feet


had to shake hands with hundreds of managers before i was deemed fit to clean toilets



think im gonno blow all my quartz on the semiramis mordred banner or should i wait until saber wars


what did you said


tired of the rich chink mobage meme


hungover has hell need some hair of the blog


what did she mean by this


your supposed to save for skadi


weird how mom has a servant name


i have already cracked open a cold one


sigh ya i want skadi too i guess i could get the saber in the july gssr but ill have to use bedivere for half a year


you have to stop drinking


moms NOT here time for soup


theres also nero bride shes the best saber but i dont know when shes coming out


dont see any banners for her anytime soon


die ngo


just use berserker until skadi comes out then you can use skadi dantes for easy mode


gonno make those chili fries now then


hell yeah


gonno make some grand hors doeuvres


File: 1578451748075.webm (5.79 MB, 1090x1080, 1577376921049.webm)


does anyone else eat fast food sauces more than fast food


no i dont eat either thats highly gross


tastes good


what fast food sauces are there that i dont have at home




File: 1578452760883.jpg (580.19 KB, 953x970, 92468c42d5d0f7b181d31859f259676c.jpg)




let me fuck you please


File: 1578452888618.jpg (416.01 KB, 1079x1005, 1578452439028.jpg)


got tons of that


baste blumpf


women should NOT be allowed in any military position that isnt a desk job


playing some ragnarok


is this western her feet look too long to be really her


gross feet


how about black bean sauce


what drive thrus do you go to where you get worcestershire and black bean sauce


feet are always long


girls feet stay short until theyre older those are way too long for a 13 yo


raising canes


need megumins feet in my face pronto


had a double whopper for lunch and a steak for dinner the american way


File: 1578454144497.jpg (2.49 MB, 4032x2656, The_Caniac_Combo.jpg)

never heard of it looks good


does slaw count as a sauce


japanese dnd players are probably so hardcore



neetblog wants to be hardcore but his mom wont let him


whats the point of this clip


File: 1578454767386.png (240.04 KB, 1347x573, received_2488240838122956.png)


gainfulemploymentblog was the most hardcore poster sigh


whats the point of anything


im no superman


if i was born a few years earlier i probably could have had a decent job in IT at some boomer company helping them uninstall toolbars after clicking on 'punch osama and win a blackberry' popups i would rather rot to death than work my ass off for little pay in the current job market


how do i make as much as possible working as little as i can besides hiring people to work for me


worked IT for a while and got ptsd from it


insurance claim or lottery


gonno read the four hour work week


mom was being homophobic


mom used to think i was gay now she knows im just cel


she must have so relieved


stock market


well every time the past gets brought up she starts to cry so at least she feels bad about it


cant wait until 2030 when im posting on hima from the homeless shelter wifi


got mogged


File: 1578458541696.jpg (215.66 KB, 1052x764, 1578457426707.jpg)

simply self-employ


gonno become a pro mtg player


bought euro truck simulator 2


File: 1578460042098.jpg (490.08 KB, 1059x1500, 183.jpg)


based arnis is streaming


watch trevor instead






shoot this idiot onseki


flip you


basted t-dawg