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ordered pizza for the first time in 2 years wish me lucj


File: 1578735663119.jpg (4.88 MB, 2800x3115, __original_drawn_by_teffish__e624a6d1fb099f1b5….jpg)


File: 1578735784693.jpg (6.83 KB, 157x113, david.jpg)


those bacon strips arent even cooked


its turkey bacon


spent the last hour on the toilet the last few poops were rectangular prisms NOT sure whats wrong with my bhole


File: 1578736988003.png (327.17 KB, 392x1280, Sword_Shield_Female_Trainer_Isle_of_Armor.png)



its ascaris lumbricoides


what you said


dont say that i dont have worms in my body


whats wrong with hosting a worm orgy in your intestines


any other himas into parasitology i spend a couple dozen hours a week reading about it


cant stop staring at her breasts


ended up immunosupressed with an unknown strongyloides infection wish me luck hima


collarbones hurting real bad


need to find the secret of why joing never gets boring


ya sometimes ill read about it for days every few months




battler banner


bad omen refresh now


you are blessed with great luck dont refresh


which is it







skipped the last 6 hours of norm posting


playing horror games hima


at the store some little shit looked me right in the eyes and said something but i didnt hear what he said


maybe he said youre cute




domestic disturbance next door hima the foid was drunk and in the street screaming at the guy while he begged her to come inside and she kept screaming about how he was going to beat her throw her in the street some deep voiced tall guy came outside and sorted it out when i was about to call the cops



cant say i like it sorry


love a good R-18 futanari huge penis Pokémon Sword and Shield Hatterene big balls oneshota sexy lady shota


love imagining those big balls full of sperm






arrogant tallnorm
never met a tall that wasnt arrogant


whatd you say couldnt hear you from up here








File: 1578758866507.webm (2.8 MB, 960x540, 1578720663108.webm)

going to do this with nbs corpse


File: 1578758935547.webm (1.36 MB, 640x360, eugh.webm)


woke up having choco milk and poptarts


paste manbaby


bought a 1600 af hehe


phone the cops on those chinamen anyways


might buy train sim world and drive some trains hima


who is that


are you having a laugh he just said it was him


love a good pufferfish torture


the norms tortured me


got an email saying please call me why couldnt you just state your request in the email stupid flipper


call for price


weeping really hard im sorry


woke up


maybe the time has finally come to take the surgerypill


life is a marathon you should have kept with their pace


no its NOT you can easily catch up


File: 1578765902908.gif (2.26 MB, 360x270, too late to bother.gif)



put new battery in the description and someone messaged me asking what i meant by new battery
what exactly is there to NOT understand about that


mindblowing how dumb norms truly are



should have been born a norm


think im having a manic episode been up for 40 hours doing stuff


wish i had manic episodes sounds like fun


doing what


nice productiveguy




why does the fate franchise promote all of these deep homosexual relationships


NOThin productive its been gaming and anime the whole way


nice gamer nice watcher nice gamer watcher


have they never seen fanservice before why are they overreacting


norms love pretending that anything japanese and slightly lewd deeply offends their pristine moral sensibilities


tried using a coupon and it didnt work that was embarrassing never going to try saving money again



The BEST Noodles in the WORLD!!! Chinese FIRE NOODLE + Street Food Tour of Chongqing - EXTREME!!!


im poor and depressed




hope you had enough money to NOT need the coupon if it didnt work


mom wants to take me to europe


what for


for fun


how are you going to game if youre in europe


ya i defiantly wouldnt want to be caught in that blunder


do high iq people have tattoos dont think ive ever seen one


no but its a sign of low inhib so you can tattoomaxx


go to iceland its a more mystical version of japan


hope i dont have a roundworm up my ass


come to malta we can meet up


pasta maltabro


what do you mean


mom made spaghetti


they recently finished a whole anime about some mans obsession over his greek bodybuilder servant he knew for a few weeks as a kid and now his season they keep going on about gilgamesh and his ex birlfriend


love birls


ancient people were flipping man ass all day


NOThin homo about a brojob


pasted maltaguy


becoming a ancient people

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