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Skippers welcome
Feel free to skip any posts you like




i want to skip


make a non raider thread


theres only raiders now


sigh 2020 and still watching railgun just like over a decade ago


this is the blog


hope i dont have to live much longer


been trying to switch my bluetooth headphones to my laptop from my phone for the last half hour but keep getting distracted



embed or die norm


only the part i timestamped is relevant




day long raid today might be one of the worst in hima history


it was a really bad day on hima might NOT even post tomorrow


its raid time hima hehe wish me luck on a choker


File: 1580631335209.jpg (69.22 KB, 960x720, dinner.jpg)


File: 1580631392794.jpg (322.78 KB, 699x1080, 1580630602739.jpg)


File: 1580631453553.jpg (146.57 KB, 966x456, b.jpg)

there it goes $60 and didnt dull my pain in the slightest think i might need to find a new vice like normohol


you just need to get laid bro


normohol owns dont know how you could go to work without drinking every night


hate individually packaged things that need to be unwrapped one by one before being put in the bag


ive been laid it wasnt so great


nah it sucks would rather be able to game or watch anime like the good old days


getting drunk lets you do those things dont you know


wish pastaman would teach me how to drink


File: 1580632539156.jpg (1.07 MB, 3840x2160, r.jpg)

kept the raspberries theyre starting to look nice sludgy now sigh wish i would just die sometimes cant disable my credit card until the bank opens tomorrow so i might order a kebab theres no stopping myself




left behind


this is why the script should show a message about the bump limit when it hits


File: 1580633452208.webm (2.82 MB, 640x800, foid.webm)




dont try to solve a nonexistent problem


its a big problem one of the biggest dont you see the people being left behind


woke up got on my chair and its still feeling broken dont think ill ever be able to relax again


simply chair new


was going to order some normohol delivery to see what the big fuss is about but it requires id i dont have any id


being left behind is calming for the compulsive tab refresher


what about your birth certificate


got that but how do i prove im the person on it without a photo id


oh dont know


the world is too convenient we need to make it harder


wish i had a nice big burg to feast on


regret the time i told a guy darling in the franx gets good said it immediately after the episode aired that turned out to be the peak of the series with the rest being bad


was it the ep where 02 hurts the whole team


mindblowing hima is always getting raided when im here and only when im here


wish i had a nice imprinted gf who puts honey on everything


thinking about that 2013 season chart sigh


no dont remind me


maybe lh s3 will be its successor


think i better stop getting into political conversations on slack or they might start viewing me as a dangerous fedora incel if they dont already


love how a va that does commercials is leagues better than an anime dubber and game va


was arthas right


he was a monster


think he was right there was no other way what was uther going to do pray for them


why was uther such a disloyal jerk


he was an honorable paladin


hate how norms love zombies so much that they have entire genres for and arguments over fast zombies and slow zombies


if its norm to have autistic arguments over the minute differences in zombie behavior between different movies and games where is my gf


they should have smart slow zombies and fast dumb zombies


hate sex


simply work out the optimum timing and dosage of food alcohol game and jo to maximize dopamine efficiency


hate the inconvenience of everything takes 5 minutes to set my desk up and 15 minutes to get myself to do it thats already 20 minutes gone which is practically the whole hour and now the day is gone too


been procrastinating on weird things for years


hate unplanned phews my eyes are always bigger than my stomach and i end up wasting much more my most effective phews are preplanned to the calorie and done proceeding a non work day an have zero or negligible waste because theres no reason to bleach any food thats is within keisan


how many women are there on the 4


hate procrastinating on jos thereby having a lower jo to day ratio because of refactory time


PHEW hima just got done with a nice 36 hour gaming sesh gonno snooze hard


hehe think you meant 36 minute


dont think he did but hes too deep in snoozeland to tell us now and when he wakes up he wont read a thing


forgot i bought some halloumi its still in the shopping bag



NOTiced at the store about 90% of the bottled water shelves had been emptied


if you havent stocked up for the coming epidemic by now its too late


tourettes outbursts are like invasive thoughts only they cant keep them in the minds right


something like that



what would happen if pnig had tourettes


File: 1580642371906.png (1.26 MB, 720x720, world b.png)


why does it say stain instead of stein


this is world b


it was always berenstain


i gotta go back


File: 1580643775091.mp4 (164.74 KB, EPnXGFrXsAIjq0_.mp4)

this is the ideal man to the modern woman


should i get a hat like that


NOT unless you have the few centimeters of bone to match


reminds me of smooth criminal sigh he really was the perfect man


mindblowing foids have absolutely no problem with a tipped fedora and unshaven face so long as they are attached to chad


would probably be one of the first on hima to be wiped out in a global pandemic


cant love myself therefore cant be loved by others


love creating an entire fantasy media franchise over the difference between mean and median


woke up and proton pumped


time to start drinkin


feeling horrible today stomach hurts and im lonely


man up


File: 1580650120527.jpg (221.07 KB, 860x1200, EPxg_01U8AAl3qX.jpg)


sigh those maidens shouldnt be barefoot outdoors they might get dirty


dreamt that i was given powerful psychic abilities and immediately began using them to try to coerce ladies into sex
sigh hate to admit it but thats probably what would happen im a villain



how did that happen


she did it on purpose


cant even believe how well thats drawn the background is even nice
crazy how incredibly detailed anime girls are just the new normal remember when hi res newtype character illustrations were as good as it got



File: 1580652385294.jpg (11.58 MB, 2392x2913, 722e42f57c7cbfae6b2e69e9624a4ecc.jpg)


it didnt retard the artist just drew it like that so creeps could get a nice look


stop the creepshaming



sorry i thought it might have been an accident


dont worry about it sometimes i dream that i killed someone and buried the body and have to prevent people finding it but id never do that dreams arent real


saku and korone are live hehe


lately i only care about chinese vtubers


indifferent to vtubers hate their worshippers


dreams are the tourettes of sleep


why doesnt he just sleep like a normal person


hes a villain


im a real ungoliant of a neet


post some good chinktubers


thats what we call an oxymoron



why cant we embed bilibili or youku


no die thats a restream


hehe i just was looking for a random one i dont watch em


then go to hell and die nonchinese


despise chnks their arrogance knows no bounds


shut the hell up laowai this is a chinese board


funny how so many young chinks worship japan and try their hardest to emulate japanese culture almost like they know china is garbage


maybe japan is emulating china brainwashed idiot


yeah okay show me the chinese precursors to anime


the strong do NOT emulate the weak


the jews dont want you to see it


hehe my friend of chinese descent told me he wishes his country can be as great as japan one day


hope you told him it already is in taiwan


slutty dragon whore


i replied back saying i agree and followed up with i think the government over there needs to change


he never replied back after that


cant believe that hideous mate deleted the taipei mrt racist video


why switch to being a vtuber if youre NOT ugly and your voice makes you sound like a 50 year old white hag


she likes snapping the other vtubers at hosexy ladyve hq


kson got offered a contract for money


sigh what the hell woke up after 4 hours for no reason guess ill try resnoozing


wanna see shirogane noel-chan too here she is and she has nice chest


people with tourettes scream out nigger when they see blacks and fat fuck when they see fats so when they blurt out simp its when they see a simp


they say retrd instead


File: 1580654308120.webm (417.41 KB, 800x450, 1457054478783.webm)


stream yuruyuri


dont know what she sees in kyouko


File: 1580654554162.jpg (114.27 KB, 960x848, 1580652591734.jpg)


couldve had a kingdom hearts loving fujogf


what the hell this guys just like me


File: 1580654716878.jpg (49.6 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

she says shes cosplaying wheres her undershirt then vile whore


dont get kingdom hearts how do you combine anime stuff with disney


lately ive been seeing teengirls in public wearing super short shorts and long shirt so it looks like theyre wearing a shirt and no pants


thats called the post sex boyfriends shirt aesthetic


File: 1580654904849.png (1.08 MB, 1307x693, Screenshot from 2020-02-02 09-47-59.png)


wish i was a post sex boyfriend


File: 1580654971162.jpg (39.5 KB, 540x568, noel.jpg)

whats your point




mindblowing that boobs are everywhere but ill never touch one for as long as i live


me too theres a strange forbidden invisible wall in the world


never say never


File: 1580655421512.webm (1.63 MB, 1920x1080, boing.webm)


simply grope one on a train and run


mindblowing that you can ruin your life for a few years just by walking up to a foid and grabbing those titters would only take a few seconds youd probably do it automatically if you had tourettes


even more mindblowing thinking you can spend 100 years behind bars because you looked at the wrong 1s and 0s once


hima people were merely evolutionary branches that didnt pan out theres NOThing wrong with that you have played a valuable role in discovering females would rather mate with highly social men with sharp gonial angles than avoidant schizoids with recessed maxillas


girls like mysterious men like me i just know it


tried to explain how evolutionary outliers are almost always men to mom the other day she wasnt having it


hate people who cant be taught


mom has her own beliefs


its difficult for women to understand things because theyve lived lives of privilege


sometimes mom wants to argue about something and then her argument is based off of false information and i dont want to argue off her false info


never argue with mom because only respond to everything she says with one-five word answers


in fifth grade one of the kids made a joke including the term committing suicide i didnt get it but i laughed since the teacher did


what was the joke


something about someone floating and that being due to them committing suicide


bought wc3 reforged


did you buy artifact too


howd you know


turns out christian bale was only 25 when he played patrick bateman huh wht am i doing


in fifth grade the girls used to drag me into the girls bathroom and stick soap up my ass




i dont know why


fifth grade was probably when my life started going south a lot of bad things happened but no one cared since i wasnt a pretty kid


no no no no dont lie


you mean the dubs guy


wow its true hehe


its all too true


guess that means im just some kind of hyperpussy manbaby loser then


simply emulate patrick bateman


he was only 29 in the machinist too what the hell am i doing


im fine with machinist since he was just a weird twig in that




weird thinking about how i thought of the age ``30'' now am i here and i still feel so young


thats from your peter pan syndrome


forgot all the sportsball players are generally in their early twenties and they are alphachad


that was me


when i was a kid i couldnt even picture being 22 used to think about how impossibly far in the future the mayan 2012 ragnaroc was


how are you feeling now


used to think 22 was so old now i think its so teen


really just want it to be over already im tired and bored


look at their toes


that guys an accomplished anime cahracter designer though hes NOT the norm


hate quoteread repliers


ban the quotereader


File: 1580658913410.jpg (1.09 MB, 1255x1057, 79230998_p21.jpg)

phew sexy franx mechs


hated franxx because it reminded me of that sensation when your mate gets a gf and he starts acting stupid and doesnt want to play anymore


loved the cocona girl in franx


File: 1580659054082.webm (709.25 KB, 1920x1080, butte.webm)


ditched all my mates once i got a gf


whats his name


need a magdump today


File: 1580659415126.jpg (1.27 MB, 3000x2000, 1580605543022.jpg)

thought this was real then drawn then real again what a strange state of artistic limbo


thats clearly real


the hima village


thats my wallpaper


the snow threw me off it looked drawn


thought it was fake and couldnt possibly be real then thought it was real


File: 1580659680933-0.jpg (402.82 KB, 2048x1362, 1571432953268.jpg)

File: 1580659680933-1.jpg (828.89 KB, 1920x1200, 1571493687635.jpg)


hate snow


gonno game the day away


woke up


wish to live in a place like this any suggestions




dont go to normland


hehe nice reference post


i belong in the snow mountains like my ancestors


holy flip were at 200+ deaths and 10k cases wasnt it like 100 deaths and 5k cases a few days ago its accelerating


that is NOThing a common cold is more dangerous


i warned everyone about 2020 but no one listened no one ever listens


ya but one of them has no cure yet you flipper


i trust the ccp to handle the situation they have never failed me in the past


File: 1580660641656.png (252.46 KB, 1112x1065, 1580635992392.png)


i dont get it


File: 1580661112052.jpg (87.63 KB, 1103x1360, 61XiDuYmWBL.jpg)

gonno read this


File: 1580661416052.webm (2.44 MB, 1140x622, 1580658453790.webm)


hehe american donkeys are so easily manipulated


its okay theyre manipulating them for their own good


we must defeat the chink menace


holy shit i hate flipping norms and i love being a chad with my chad friends i love to flipping watch sports you should come watch them with me hima friends


what happened to sp it used to be at the forefront of content creation


supplanted by /tv/ and /pol/


2:16 hehe


File: 1580662678894.png (41.46 KB, 626x222, donkey.png)

its obvious that hes NOT calling them donkeys as an insult but that it must be some kind of chinese idiom because he speaks of it as if they already know


so sick of unspaced open parentheses what kind of esl is making people do that


cant go on until i know the status of cocos virginity


i have personally flipped her


been a long time fan of this artist hes baste but please spoiler smut


theres no way cocos virgin right
ange and roa are virg for sure


dont know anything about any of them but theyre all non virgins


sick of being the only one on hima who doesnt care about vtubers


time to cope yourself into caring about them


youre wrong


nah im NOT will always assume females over the age of 18 are non-virgs especially ones flaunting their smv for profit


woke up moms fixing her couch


coco said she got into the yakuza series by watching her bf play


youre wrong and one out of five japanese girls over the age of 24 are virgs and some of them are obviously virgs


that settles it then


how many japanese girls stream one in 100 one in 200 or what take the non-virg girls and sample from them some highly extroverted narcissists and youve got your streamer sluts NOT a single virg


how come she still has a fanbase after that


she seems much less arrogant in her 3d cosplay slut streams than her later dragon persona


ange is a confirmed virg and roa is literally mentally retarded so thats two


if everyone in the us is overconfident how come everyone is always telling me to just b more confident


because thats what everyone else does


how is she confirmed did you check her hymen


shes NOT retarded


File: 1580665133410.jpg (519.82 KB, 2034x1356, 1580658770449.jpg)

sigh i wasnt meant to stare at a glowing rectangle in a climate controlled room for 16 hours a day


okay what about the ending



because she said it in an english interview as kson


whats kson


her flipping irl streamer name


File: 1580665354440.png (57.73 KB, 626x298, veteran.png)

thats fine too so you see he was actually a nice guy



hey hima turt here ama


give us some fresh new cel memes


uh huh and why was america brought into this in the first place


based matt r


wondered why i had a dream about shitting and pissing then woke up and immediately did those two things


also funny enough chinese are starting to perfect doublespeak



File: 1580666339634.png (84.29 KB, 649x645, 1580662505359.png)

meanwhile the freak is working 65 hour weeks debugging code so he can barely afford his roach infested flat and weekly binge


made a sexy maplestory character




but lollipop ladies are supposed to be old women


why arent you playing ro instead


3 minutes i wont get back




its 3d


no its 2.5d


im a gamer


if i have a sexy dream about someone i know amd wake up disappointed that it was just a dream... that is more telling than the dream itself


just want to see matsuris sexy teen kitty


File: 1580667319921.mp4 (15.49 MB, 9_11 truther Anthem essential TerribleTim cult….mp4)

found this after it got taken down at some point


i game


dont get how people get sick so often the last time i got sick it was when i was still in highschool and i purposefully got sick by inhaling the air from the freezer and got strep throat


matsuri is a vile roast NOT a sexy teen


flip you healthynorm


theyre faking


wrong shes 16 and in high school as confirmed by her mother


love the schizo 9/11 videos


bad post


no such thing


on second thought i was kind of sick i lost my voice for a few days from my plane ride as did my mom like 3 years ago


File: 1580667851857.jpg (313.33 KB, 1282x747, dXze6Dd.jpg)

all sprites and effects are 2d


might take a train down to portland


you should be playing on an english server


File: 1580668132458.png (60.83 KB, 1132x564, 2.png)


hate vtubers and sex havers in general


watching this


love having sex and having sex with vtubers while their fans send donations



aris is getting a Z06 C8


in english


love eigenvectors


most of those games are 3D and just have a fixed camera


File: 1580668816874.jpg (44.65 KB, 579x404, 1580655349869.jpg)

what now


vile dont post those freaks


thats contra shes cool


keep the tranny twitnorm screenshots on v




3d models in a 2d plane is 2.5d and so is 2d sprites in a 3d plane


mindtranforming that this freak gets hundreds of thousands of dollars a month from fellow freaks


just makes me want to purge


im freak


any neurotypicals




im gamer


gamers deserve a good purging as well


whats wrong with being a neurotypical life sits on a normal curve and everything will eventually reach the center i simply reached the middle before you did


die norm go away


no it doesnt


should i shower and walk to the market or sit here and game


im going to the park with mom to find birch branches


need to find a way to make a couple hundred thousand to go live by myself somewhere cant stand this shite anymore my whole life is a flipping joke


you have to leave this world and live in eorzea


what do you mean find a way its easy


ya dude just go out there and make money


tard out and use the 10k/week allowance gran gives you to simply invest into a stock that will rise 50 points in an hour


should have invested in amd but didnt want to take the time to learn how stocks work


hehe nice tarded out and colonized mars meme


you dont need that much if you live really cheap in a third world country save a couple thousand and move then carve out a niche online for some income


dont really see the point in scsnapping by to live when living hasnt been all that enjoyable to this point


dont see any difference between scsnapping by and having billions id still just be a shutin gamer


think i could live by with ten thousand a year i barely eat im NOT interested in buying anything and i can keep using the same clothes for years just need enough for a really small apartment rent energy gas water and internet and thats it


havent spent any money in a few months



nice canachink


thought that too but its NOT possible without starving yourself and giving up internet

dont want to ever move out if my only option is a run down 300 sq ft apartment in a bad neighborhood full of homeless drug addicts for 700 a month where i have to choose between food and internet


hardly leave my room could probably live in someones closet


just flipping slit my throat i cant do this anymore


save about $2300 every month and spend the rest with food internet bill and buying random stuff i have to going to take me decades to be able to retire completely if it keeps going like that i want out now


you can get a decent apartment in china for 100 a month with internet and eat delivery for every meal


set some goals


NOThing is working i cant cope my way out of this


need a bullet in my skull badly




dont need 300 a 150 sq ft studio is enough


just need a desk a bed and a toilet


you wouldnt have any room to tard out and pace


my room is like 8x11 and it sucks wish i had a one bedroom


File: 1580672436627.jpg (686.95 KB, 1504x1000, Haftraum.JPG)


File: 1580672448533.jpg (122.09 KB, 634x709, 1577356101519.jpg)

just stick me in one of these and call it a day


NOT falling for the small space meme again it flipping sucks i need a two bedroom apartment to feel comfortable


are there trailer parks with high senior citizen populations i could probably handle moving there


ya grandma and grandpa live in one in florida


god boosting pissssssssssssssss some one put me out of my misery holy flip




quit being dramatic


last episode of a show dont have the attention span to finish it


sigh i would need mom to sign all the papers and pretend to live there because they dont allow under 55s even though these oldnorms probably make more noise than me and cant hear anything anyway


mindblowing how cruel this world is is i need to suffer for aNOTher 25 years just to be able to afford to live on my own in a quiet place without any violent retards looking to rob or kill me

some old fuck that was able to afford that for himself and his wife by the age of 17 gets it now


mom loads up on sugarwater ice cream and cookies and expects me NOT to be fat


havent eaten any sugar in a week



for you


nice rendi


i want so little out of life and its still completely unobtainable


just want to touch a boob thats all i ask


brilliant simply brilliant brings a tear to my eye


File: 1580674616829.jpg (550.41 KB, 900x900, 1580665970076.jpg)

wonder if an open case is viable


youd get dust all over it whats the point




the hima pc


dont even care about this kind of thing anymore even if a girl came on to me she would recoil when i told her i have no job i cant drive i live with my mom and all of my friends are basically imaginary


same need one room to put my weights


what the hell what do you mean imaginary im real


dont understand how i managed to watch this originally when it first came out without laughing its so absurd it could come right out of a comedy


nah youre NOT real if i just close this laptop where the hell are you nowhere


the glowing rectangle is more real than everything else


if you lived on your own you could just bin it


but then id have to pay rent


NOT if you owned it


then you have to pay property tax its the same thing


choose one paying rent or NOT being fat and be comfortable with your choice no complaining


i mean paying rent or being fat


valentines day is in 12 days hima


its tomorrow hehe


sick of the cel obsession with valentines almost as much as pnigs pedpredicated obsession with halloween


need to find a way to make some money without working and that doesnt take too much time and that doesnt require interacting with norms


thats what literally everyone needs deep down but the more people competing and the harder they compete the harder it gets


why NOT simply throw away your humanity and work 16 hours a day until you make billions then retire imagine if zuck retired now hed be fine and hes probably only like 1 year older than you


rob a bank


wonder why zuck settled for some ugly chink wife


he didnt settle why would he need to with billions he loves her


excuse me but its NOT billions its tens of billions


uglier and more autistic than most tech millionaires with attractive wives


you cant make billions just by working 16 hours a day


why NOT


ya but its one of the things youll find a lot of these maniacs have in common they simply love working themselves to the bone in pursuit of their autism


you need to do something intelligent with those 16 hours NOT working at taco bell and incapable of doing anything else


think im gonno gamble my salary on options until i hit a 100 bagger


ya but your problem was that you were looking for something that takes little time that will also make you money why NOT look for something that takes a lot of time makes a lot of money and then retire after 5 or 10 years


its raining hima


let it pour


hate that people will get rich gambling theres got to be a better way


gamed hard but skipped harder


valentines day is great but white day is a pain have to get a mountain of sweets for all the girls who gave me choco


very strange to think that valentines day is a real thing that norms celebrate and even look forward to instead of just aNOTher worthless day on the calendar


same except every day that isnt a day off from work


might game some splatoon hehe


thought women only cared about money


never played splatoon seems like a forced game


what do you mean forced game


File: 1580676337035.jpeg (87.46 KB, 908x446, 1*Bk78V8OF1gzMXxO5T2lFdA.jpeg)

why isnt zuck paying for aides


still a member of the bgc


forced game sounds like a teenword im sure it is


you know a quirky game that everyone forces themselves into a frenzy over and anticipates because its different and from a trusted source but when it comes out they play it for about 12 hours then never again and pretend that justified their purchase


e.g. splatoon and arms


Flight Canceled

Dear Customer,

We regret to inform you that the airline has canceled your flight (Flight
MF858 from Los Angeles to Xiamen).



gonno rage if one of my nice direct nonstop japan flights are cancelled


that never happened with splatoon no one even cares about it stupid teen


it happened and if nobody cares about it now then its a forced game


people very clearly forced themselves to pretend splatoon and arms werent boring did you open a booru site at all when they came out


nice lanorm bet you go to ax every year because you live within walking distance of the convention center


nah you have no idea what youre talking about i wonder if you even play games teen


NOT owning a switch doesnt stop me from observing trends


flipping hell just end it already please im begging on my knees no more goddamnit


knew it dont ever talk about splatoon again


sick of your arrogance


why would NOT playing games make one a teen used to love games as a teen now i dont play them


only a norm would talk about a game without ever playing it


put the gun in my mouth and couldnt do it as always


its NOT my fault splatoon is a forced game if it was better or if it was less propped up on release then it wouldnt be but im NOT in control of those things


roa loves splatoon


stop already norm you dont know what youre talking about you just read someone elses post


at least youre able to own something with a high success rate


you killed some clones in the multiverse but your experience will always survive its impossible to die


reading other peoples posts and writing my own posts is what i do dont know what else you want



gran loves pixar movies the saturated colors and exaggerated movements and facial expressions make her last three functioning neurons go off like fireworks


whats wrong with you


grim simply grim


same except anime



this is my last night on earth gonno attempt to stop my heart via lucid dreaming


what did anakin gain from the dark side


anyone else unable to grind without having a vid on a second monitor just music isnt enough anymore


minddestroying that in the original trilogy vader is addressed as darth because it was literally just his first name until the retcon


ya but dont grind anymore


pretty obvious that the clone wars were NOT supposed to be about the fall of the republic and the jedi when you consider the comment of that one admiral guy in episode 4 about the force being some lost ancient religion


most games are just a grind


what about when you consider the force awakens again treating the force as a lost ancient religion and luke as a legendary figure



well obviously thats dumb too


yeah thats what i thought


mom bought a pie


why does acknowledging how bad the prequels are equate to praising the sequels in your brain


love suppressing the urge to piss by joing


what kinda pie


they ruined luke


the prequels are NOT bad




answer my question


it doesnt werent we agreeing since you had the same thought as me




some kind of berry


damn fine hot water bottle scalding my belly hima damn fine




do NOT like the interaction of needing to jo and needing to piss


feelin good and feelin like shite at the same time


feelin shite and feelin shite


just end it


gonno need to pick up aNOTher bottle of whisky soon wonder if i should branch out or stick with the old reliable


hate how every norm has smoked marijuana or weed as i like to call it


what is old reliable


you know


a japanese rice whisky


scared that ill become an normoholic if i ever get accustomed to normohol


you will


get a nice canadian bourbon


sigh thought so ill make sure NOT to then


cant imagine NOT smoking weed



cant imagine a hima without hypernorm socializers using hallucinogens with the bros for a laugh

why do niggers smoke pot anyway they are too retarded to use drugs introspectively


File: 1580680879223.webm (2.94 MB, 1280x720, 1580675980949.webm)




File: 1580680967344.jpg (665.83 KB, 850x1200, EPy56nIVUAA7F0p.jpg)


love superior introspective substance hate social lubricant substance simple as


hard liquor keeps my gingivitis in check dont drink it for any other reason




how about some nice mouthwash


doesnt work


hate weed and alcohol love conversing with the dmt entities


nice dmt entities learned about them from ol' joe




would love to do drugs without breaking the law or leaving my room


love how supposed non norms have a vast network of secret drug suppliers


wonder if i could move to japan




japan is too damn expensive


wish i had a better time in japan so i could cope by traveling places


whats expensive you can get konbini rice balls for less than two bucks


housing and transportation and food the cheapest places i can find are like 500 a month jrpass is insane and two dollars is NOT cheap for rice balls


you might just be really dumb


what do you mean are you finding cheaper places


wonder if a jap company would hire me


why dont you just split the rent with your wife


pretty sure they only hire people with degrees


is that all you need


why would you want to live in japan anyway
the only nice places to live in the world are those that are in remote areas you dont have to go to japan and be harassed by locals for that


i like the food


you dont have to be in japan to cook japanese food


but in japan you can eat jap food everyday with minimal effort


couldve been japanese why the flip did god troll me so hard


youre lucky you werent


your gut flora wasnt designed for jap food


if you were japanese you would wish you were australian


there are no remote areas in the us that i can access or live without a car and they dont have convenience stores just gas stations selling twinkies and sugarwater and im pretty sure rural americans would hate me too so it doesnt matter where i live


if you were australian youd wish you were NOT on fire


dont want to own a car so america isnt a viable place for me


rich and rare hehe


lets pool our money together and buy a nice 3KL in tokyo leaving negativity guy behind on hima


i dont like cheap booze rec me one thats at least 40 a bottle


japan owes me a traingf


like japan because the social protocols are so rigid and unambiguous never have to worry about whether or NOT im doing the right thing in a given social situation


lets get a nice jiko bukken house in rural japan hehe


hehe nice superstitious japs


hibiki harmony is amazing


get some whistlepig


no STOP with the normohol names


whys that


NOT a fan of rye but whistlepig is nice hehe farmstock or single barrel


why bother wasting that much money its just a means to an end


i have NOT tryed the farmstock yet gonno get some nice time i see it


sigh have to make a phone call tomorrow havent done that in around 8 years


whats the point in living in japan simply consume their media


tardlaughing at whistlepig


normstock single norm


its NOT a lot one bottle can last me a couple of months and even the fancy stuff is the equivalent of one trip to the grocery store or a couple of pizzas


you cant snap a jk by watching anime all day


you cant in japan either its illegal


norms wouldnt drink whistlepig its a gasoline liquor


mom bought the wrong type of pickles i dont like the sweet ones


a couple of months what the hell do you mean days


its fun you can practice japanese and go hiking on mountains there are no mountains or parks here and japan is clean and they have good vending machines so you dont have to talk to anyone we dont have those


japan isnt clean at all theres garbage everywhere


why is slack so popular with programming companies


the cities where everyone is watching you are theyre too scared of losing face to litter


its every company now


theres garbage all over cities and ritual areas are full of broken garbage all over


File: 1580683580465.jpg (204.17 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs]_Isekai_Izakaya_-_Koto_Aitheria_….jpg)


hate litternorms


mom made pork roast it smells like apples


better upend my life spending large sums of money to relocate to a foreign country with a language i dont speak because thats going to fix my cel problem


which city did you go to that wasnt clean and where was the garbage


please kill me


ya same real jealous of this its crazy people have debates whether a woman should shake a mans hand in a formal situation


kyoto tokyo hiroshima osaka


have never littered in nature but will happily do it in an area the norms have colonized


where was the garbage



all over the place


every picture ive seen looks completely clean so its obviously NOT everywhere i trust you that they litter somewhere but i cant find any evidence of it


going to start a city of cels itll be similar to the walled city of china that was destroyed


think linus is bh from apple refusing his mac pro refund all his titles are provacative


good ol crean japanesu NOThing like going to shibuya with the other JETs to drink strong zero at the hub and get harassed all night by nigerians while dodging all the rats garbage and cig butts on the streets such a magical and mystical place


i am just a small bug


going to jbwmax in japan and move in with my dad and have a jap take me under his wing to teach me to drift


im rats garbage


all those pics were taken in tourist areas where they clean 24/7 everywhere else is awful and no its NOT the chinese tourists littering
the japs are just upgraded chinks keeping things clean to them just means out of sight


File: 1580684004534.jpg (258.01 KB, 900x1200, 1570418254590.jpg)



shibuya right after a normahol fuelled halloween party doesnt count


uhhh that doesnt count haha


sight must have NOT seen the real japan dont remember much trash


thats clearly from all the pig american tourists that go to mcdonalds


japanese love asamakku


confused about when you should dumb down something into katakana and when you should insert fluent english mid sentence


File: 1580684307513.jpeg (77.97 KB, 574x717, EBMog5EVUAIau_8.jpeg)


whats the best place to live for a neet gamer need to live near some nice peaceful mountains for hiking and mtb and have convenient food supply and transportation


we need to move to finland its the only way


wish i was a finn


its japan sorry you werent born a nihonjin




the answer is no right


handshake is something men do to show theyre NOT holding a weapon


mountain places always have shite internet



finland is flat and cold and dark for half the year and its run by women


only thing to do in finland is rally and i hate driving


west virginia


sigh newnorm mod banning this classic


why would i care about slow internet if i dont play online games anymore


hate finland


very funny


very funny


very funny


slit my throat in half


mom bought me a shirt that shows off how little muscle i have if i had ever gained any i would be bursting it at the seams



the mansion needs to be in ecuador where the president is pilled


no thanks


shouldnt have lived a completely sedentary lifestyle my entire life


been freaking out about NOThing for too long


you can stop being sedentary


dont like when someone comments on my muscles now i see how girls feel when someone objectifies them


ban the raider


tomorrow is a new day the start of a new week who knows what will happen


ill get slaved to death for almost NOThing


mom hid the sugarwater


i can take a guess


File: 1580686800845.webm (1.82 MB, 1280x720, ayst.webm)


himasugi dot norm


hell ya serpentzas video hit a million views im surprised youtube didnt try and suppress it


File: 1580687224162.webm (744.86 KB, 1200x600, chink.webm)


what did he see




playing iceborne hima






have a powerful hate for those norms that never shut up about anime stuff but its always sexnorm garbage


damn good game hima damn good


me too


having some puddi


mewing hard


should shower but have no motivation


File: 1580688527574.webm (3.77 MB, 1280x720, 1580682995656.webm)


sigh hes right




the norms are declaring war


the war ended long ago and we lost look at how many norms are on hima


very dystopian that norms literally do NOT believe people like me can exist in a context NOT related to identity normitics


great news hima


doing some crunches gonno get abs


i worship the rodent


File: 1580689044025.jpeg (42.84 KB, 584x632, 1541267089895.jpeg)


nice plankster


this thumbnail changed after a refresh what the flip


can this routine really turn me into an anime


no static exercises are NOT good for building muscle bulk


planking owns for getting lean


abs are made in the kitchen


you need some volume in them or else you will end up looking like vegan gains


looking like vnig would be an improvement


vegan gains does norm workouts too he just looks like a deformed freak because of his diet but yes you are right you need at least some or youd probably look like a long distance runner or a cyclenorm


havent seen a vnig embed in a while


die norms


skip the planks and hit the neck exercises


would love to live somewhere where i could go days or even most of a week without seeing or hearing mom


defended seliana hima


File: 1580690091253.jpg (106.23 KB, 779x655, 1439524477559.jpg)

twelve years of uninterrupted lifting five times a week and calorie counting looking good


return to moms body


i flipped seliana she has been flipped


wait is seliana a person or a place


a place in iceborne where our real lives begin


dont get it vnig looks great


hes a necklet


then i take it back


halfbreed negroids always have the most disgusting skin tones


woke up feel awful


the lowest volume setting on my monitor is so loud you can hear it from downstairs and my headphones dont reach the jack



theres something very uncanny about how vnig looks cant put my finger on it but its NOT normal


he left humanity behind


its the cranium


sigh missed it


get some of that scotch


install equalizer APO and set preamp gains to -13 db


might have hooked the ps3 up for NOThing never NOTiced how poorly dark souls runs before






time to zone out for a couple hours listening to scalp massage asmr


killed baal


gonno buy a glenkinchie 12 after this one


NOT a scotch fan


are you a new oak bourbon kind of guy


hate bourbon pour me some rye


nice bulleit rye


gonno play some legends of runeterra


legends of normterra


apparently a black chick cashier had smelly hand sanitizer on and made the water bottles that mom brought home smell of it had to wash them under the sink


also mom gave her a dollar to exchange for quarters but she used the dollar to substract from the groceries as well as exchange it for quarters NOT a very smart girl




if she were smarter she wouldnt be a cashier


die racist ebonic math is just as legitimate as your white colonial devil math






stop the senk


how do the tubers feel about the art of them getting snapped


matsuri jos to it


as long as theres a man behind it he wouldnt insert and would feel disconnected from it


heard super bowl commercials on while i was in the kitchen tried to ignore the brainwashing


vnig looks good wish i looked like him doesnt mean i buy into the vegan meme though just wish i had that self control


never seen the superbowl whats it like


File: 1580694027694.webm (785.14 KB, 1280x720, senk.webm)


no different from any other footnorm game


did a home workout think i might start exercising every day so i dont feel so awful all the time


why do you keep posting dubs stop it


File: 1580694167345.gif (1.54 MB, 540x304, 1565051508988.gif)


File: 1580694209113.webm (190.16 KB, 960x540, senk2.webm)


knew senko guy doesnt give a flip about senko and just spams her to be annoying the dub is just the icing on the cake


the person posting dubs is someone else


first death was to havel


hehe love fubuki


hate the senkspammer love the dubs guy


you cant just say that about yourself


that wasnt me


no one likes dubs


love listening to dubs while playing work simulators


you need rest days


check em




resting is for norms


you are a norm now die


File: 1580695166567.png (250.46 KB, 686x526, 1580323724956.png)


File: 1580695174935.jpg (400.28 KB, 700x568, 1382423833607.jpg)


second death to those rats under the drake bridge




cant believe mosaic wavs full discography is on spotify hehe


you gonno stream


first death was to the hollows in the undead asylum second death was to the hollows in the undead asylum




stream what


dark souls


dog days


stream stream stream


File: 1580695368386.jpg (723.2 KB, 850x1240, 1320621696754.jpg)


im undead


shes so beautiful


File: 1580695403999.jpg (922.1 KB, 2363x1641, 1349842652180.jpg)


proof that their music is for norms


never found a yui horie girl appealing NOT once


yui whorie


the rest of the jpsphere doesnt even acknowledge hima as a spinoff




himas a warosu spinoff


wheres the stream


they fear what they dont understand


well it is mostly norm raiders now so i can understand


third death to the first balder knight in undead parish

would stream but playing on console


you can stream on console just figure it out


they never did though


why do you care teen



any solid miku tracks on spotify



dislike miku so i dont know



die norms


nah i cant tried to stream this 4 years ago but couldnt get it to run on my pc


File: 1580695942612.webm (2.41 MB, 1280x720, 1579450910505.webm)


File: 1580695968180.png (213.08 KB, 1300x975, 1580690402468.png)



too arrogant


i dont understand


File: 1580696100381.webm (5.72 MB, 1280x720, 1579563051745.webm)


weve had this conversation multiple times before mosaic wav is the least norm music there is


why is the soynorm thread still up


nah theyre norm as hell


its pasted


its part of himas history now


at least delete the images


File: 1580696174688.jpg (180.79 KB, 640x590, 1580671125872.jpg)

>why is the soynorm thread still up


weird noises


File: 1580696399792.webm (1.89 MB, 1280x720, 1580219376244.webm)


File: 1580696412828.webm (1.41 MB, 200x360, 1580694903248.webm)


post some chinese vtubers instead


File: 1580696513447.webm (733.24 KB, 264x480, 1580695328825.webm)


paste pervy gramps


sick old man needs to be put down


its a victimless crime


nice joe


is that really biden


of course


still mindblown by the fact that people of transsexualized body dont have to dilate for just a few weeks or months they have to do it their entire lives forever


so what


society is literally more accepting of men who cut their dicks off and keep the rotting wound open with dildos for the rest of their lives than neets


File: 1580697012924.webm (2.44 MB, 640x360, 1580577389204.webm)


ban these norms


no just a very vocal but small part of society pretends that they do


tardlaughing hard thinking of the nerdnorm marriage pic


phew nice drunkbitch i believe some coercive sex is in order


fourth death to the mob on the second floor of undead parish


what nerdnorm marriage pic


hell yeah love mobs love mmos


File: 1580697256637.jpg (2.04 MB, 1559x2157, nw2c1tuvfkc41.jpg)


wish that was me



keep forgetting what gths means what does it mean again


too many high level nerd references i cant understand in that one


rage at vfoid clips but watch them anyway


go to


it means nice quads


go to heck sucka


NOT a skipper seen that image before just didnt remember it offhand


hopefully child potato chef biden wins and pardons pnig


no as warchief he gets all the females pnig shouldnt have been touching his property


got a nice big mug o joe for meself


voting for joe just to make bernbots seethe


starting to play sloppily two consecutive deaths




nice slopper


gonno caucus for yang


dont know what caucus means guess ill just snooze till the general


got a nice orange parse on golemagg the secret is to use curse of doom on the dog


died again


got a purple pass myself


nice dex player


anyone seen all those dex v str memes hehe wish women would have sex with me


got riposted again god damn it


nice riposte nice kidney shot




hope everyones stocked up on supplies for bwl




use a shield noob


File: 1580698210397.webm (5.31 MB, 640x480, 1580694194339.webm)

paste monkeys


gonno take a break starting to get impatient


whats his problem with cucumbers


wish i was a monkey life would be so much simpler


cucumbers got NOThing on gsnaps everyone knows that


love when turt bonded with the primates


won a prize on toreba


mom started talking to me during the boss fight didnt want her to know i was gaming and died sigh


File: 1580699407167.webm (4.5 MB, 368x640, 1580612655610.webm)


havin some scotch


always tell mom to wait if she starts talking while im gaming


dont respond to mom if im gaming hoped she would learn after a while NOT to bother talking to me but she keeps trying to say stuff


you need to treat mom with some respect


mom goes in the cage when i need to game


she got us into this mess


nice mom cager


had to handle a craigslist sale while moms at work and the guy asked me if my wife was selling it and i said no my mother and he just looked at me in disgust


File: 1580700585045.webm (3.98 MB, 587x440, 1579082898870.webm)


mindblowing how much irrational hatred norms have for neets


what the hell did i ever do to the norms to make them hate me so much


you need to contribute to society


i provide poignant observations about society if the norms could handle the truth they would pay me to hear my opinion


i contribute by making cool posts on the internet and show people how to own in games online


tried that once norms still hated me


should i watch the hound webm


their only cope is that they have no choice but to work so when they see living proof that they dont they project their anger onto the proof also jewish indoctrination since birth that slaving it up for 50 years is the only acceptable way to live


cant forgive the jews for this one


straight out of a horror film


mindgrinding that norms still fall for the work fulfillment meme


i think my timing in this game is all flipped up because i havent played it since finishing bloodborne 12 times


going to have sex with a primate


should i play heroes of the storm


The Many Dream Journeys of Meme


ya fire it up


File: 1580701969918.jpg (648.58 KB, 1764x2508, 79254228_p0.jpg)


wish i wasnt a schizoid mentalcel


the hima hots team was unstoppable


sigh we were going to make it to worlds before blizz killed it


mentalcels dont exist its a cope


youre mistaken


what a beautiful young girl


avoidant schizoid pyschopath narcissistcel born to a 35 year old mom i never had a chance


all of those things could be overridden with height and or a good face


File: 1580702438466.gif (4.42 MB, 463x260, 1580676270312.gif)

mindimploding that linear control is enough to keep this stable once its upright


false maybe you think that way because youre nt


nah i think that way because i see all sorts of hot retards that get gfs with no problem at all

you are ugly the time for cope is over


NOThin mindploding but it is pretty cool


hehe paste


im NOT retarded im a friendless loner avoidant schizoid class c thats incapable of forming bonds and relationships with regular humans


what are the irregular humans


havent talked to a woman my age in years even if i was attractive i wouldnt have a gf


you would be cold approached at walmart like onseki


that never happened




hate when i take a passing joke literally and the person thinks im autistic


the irregular at hima highschool


hate when i know someones joking but start talking about it seriously and the person thinks i didnt know they were joking


was too avoidant schizoid to eat in the lunch room everyday so i went to the library instead


i do that all the time then want to rope afterwards


hell ya



im a gamer


only did that in college high school was bathroom


never ate lunch at college always sat in the bathroom in high school




dropped out after one year if that makes it any better


ya that perfectly acceptable


once a norm always a norm


sigh miss my frat brothers


File: 1580703774690.jpg (521.33 KB, 1536x2048, strong zero.jpg)


sigh such a dumbass hate when i break something in production because i refactored what wasnt broken just because of cleanliness ocd


mansion recycling day


messy is better


get owned monkey boy


dentist tomorrow


no no no you cant go there theyll ask you what youve been up to lately


last time i went the dentist asked me if i was football team then after i was drugged up on the good stuff i started apologizing for my saliva


thats why you have to switch every few years


how come i never get drugged up with the good stuff


neck starts convulsing every time they stick a tool in my mouth


File: 1580705340299.jpg (593.24 KB, 1356x862, __common_raccoon_and_fennec_kemono_friends_dra….jpg)


love being asked if im married or have a gf because theyre doing some sort of powerplay might just pick out an anime girl and begin lying for fun


uh ive never been asked that you must look like youre at least capable of being in a relationship




hated the time when i was a student and went into the dentist and i just happened to get the young buck who programmed c# in his spare time so couldnt just end the conversation with explaining that i make computer "apps"


love a good smartphone app


ya its the worst when someone actually knows about whatever your cover story is and you have to awkwardly try to end the conversation as fast as you can


you dont understand because you meet the minimum threshold to be considered human
they do it to me because they can sense my cel and already know the answer but they want to assert their social level as being above mine


hey big guy hows it going your mom asked me to be careful with her boy when she called to set the appointment


last time i went to the dentist i got them to set up scheduling with my phone number instead of moms and theyve been texting me for years that im due for a checkup and they keep telling me whenever a time is available never responded hehe


sigh skipping so many of these norms


its wasnt a cover story i didnt lie about merely being a student of it but usually the conversation ends right there because nobody knows how to follow up from that you dont expect the dentist to codemog you and continue it for 30 minutes


c# is for flippin norms


yes it is and its NOT about the language he used obviously if he knows c# he probably has used plenty of others its just that 99% of the time the conversation would end right there or they ask some vague question and it ends after that


simply tell them youre an engineer and watch the boomers step back and take a knee before you


wouldnt call myself an engineer to a norm would come off as arrogant even though in the hr list all our profiles say software engineer hehe


freak you need to move to a rural area where people are still amazed by people who work with computers


thats true you wouldnt believe how many people you see just coding on the train here with their branded company shirts on its the silicon valley of australia here even though its NOT comparable to the real thing


i live in rural australia


kitty is sitting down in a kitty pose


what do the abos think about computers


they dont even know they exist


eternal freak hours


sigh pnig loved freak hours


no he didnt i was BoS


thats just how he showed his affection


pity those that like ds2


love ds2


freak could move to cali and make $80 a hour as a sysadmin or something


nice contrarian


nah its the wisdom of age




File: 1580708571619.webm (1.98 MB, 480x270, acid-pots.webm)


File: 1580708682965.jpg (327 KB, 852x722, 1579813991068.jpg)

would you tickle her


no i avoid physical contact with women at all costs


but if you jokingly touch one you can jo to it later


any other arrested development tards


no such thing as jokingly touch when it comes to me it would just come off as creepy dont want to be a creeper so dont touch simple


put my neetpants on


is the discord raid over yet


sugar water is freezing hima this might be the best batch yet


weird to green sugarwater thats NOT even a hima specific term and youd expect those faces to love sugarwater


my bar fridge hardly works doesnt freeze it just chills a bit even if you stick it in the freezing part all night


dont have a fridge just a cement pit filled with cold water in the cellar


damn good ice cream and cookies hima


what icecream what cookies



gonno need a big hug over here


been a month already and NOThings happened it was just a hoax


get merked


horrifying to think even taking mindpills just helps you cope they cant make you unaware of the facts


the incubation period is like a week or two you have to give it time china is already going down in flames


only time brainpills helped on a fundamental level was during the deepdream arc and that wasnt the intended function of them miss zapping out and wallstaring miss waking up after having a night full of beautiful dreams


never taken brainpills scared ill be normified or have my creativity stunted irrecoverably


whats so bad about being normified


love getting the perfect angle during a late night stealth bottlepiss


lets go get some raising canes hima


gone are the days in which i had to sneak out at 3am once a month to empty the pisstank in the garden drain


go to hell and die pisstanker


what can men do against such reckless hate




why did mom turn me into such an paranoid avoidant schizoid pussy manbaby shes the only one i ever spent much time with it must be her fault


dont blame mom just because you cant pull yourself up by your bootstraps


i cant she both enables me and drags me down


took my daily olanzapine soon ill be asleep


about to take my sleeping pill too


about to take my .45 caliber sleeping pill and permasnooze


envy people who are able to have a different personality or confidence when drunk would love to get so braindead i was able to rope




spent the whole day playing iceborne hima damn good game enjoying every second of it cant wait to visit seliana again tomorrow hehe


it just makes me even more stupid and sluggish where is the energy to get in fights and wrist open that ive read about


just woke up did anyone start the valentines event yet


heck ya i did rolled once and got helena hehe


File: 1580717452936.png (397.73 KB, 328x464, Portrait_Servant_180_4.png)

nice shes sexy


wtf that looks like me


you need to get on test before its too late


too dumb for fgo


File: 1580717744985.webm (1.68 MB, 1920x1080, owned.webm)


need to figure out which poster this is


sasaki saku yayo


flipping commie


i know hes right but the strong and stupid would hang neets in public if they could we have to try and blend in


mindfragging a norm wouldnt hesitate to pull the trigger on me just because i refuse to work


is this a braincel


jbwmogs me


hes NOT right


working sucks


how would your ancestors feel if they heard that


he just states all the communist talking points only instead of leading them to seizing the means of production he leads them to justify being a leech NOT a single person in the comments mentions communism what kind of sheep communities has this been posted on


need a back massage hima


ill be up shortly


File: 1580719068349-0.jpg (458.66 KB, 1536x2048, EPlSuQwVAAYYdeX.jpg)

File: 1580719068349-1.jpg (397.05 KB, 1536x2048, EPlSuu5UwAE-lOj.jpg)

nice game dev



im od no cap




hes a kid in his first videos sigh bet he still had hope then


does the subversive commie event mention communism in the video i dont think he does even though he posts about it all the time


seems smarter than me


its NOT remercschamp thats just one of his subscribers hes got 1.7k of em


communisms been debunked even the chinks are communist in name only



why learn korean when you can study chinese


dont get why he has all this anime content on his channel and then studies korean NOT japanese


File: 1580720676415.png (1.65 MB, 1243x677, desktop.png)


stop being a submissive worshiper nobody cares about a youtubenorm


he posts on hima


didnt see you saying that about the vtubers


hes teen


cant believe how much i laughed at szs when all it was doing was holding a mirror up to my face


dont know how those random skits about japanese culture and history were holding a mirror to your face


dont remember those only the funny parts


doubt it but i hope NOT dont want some analytical aspie reading my posts and mentally dissecting me


just want it to end


friend loved szs sigh


learning language by rote is foolish chad will pick it up much faster from his 6 japanese girlfriends



just a rat in a cage


capitalism isnt working out for me may as well try communism


hima is a feudal society



cant believe how many vtuber connoisseurs are on hima


wonder how many himas are out there that havent found their way to us yet just lamenting their fate every day that theres nowhere they belong


woke up


the rope inches nearer


hey hima woke up had a glass of water and vitamins for breakfast and puked it all out 20 minutes later


should have taken them with milk


slithered out of bed and shoved some nuggies in the oven


eating some kiyohime chocolate


paste seething foid who made this pic



god flipping piss dammit forgot to embed sorry





did a 10x gacha and got parvati


ate a wheel of brie


did you eat the rind


because hes NOT a dumb weeb


File: 1580742978250.webm (934.63 KB, 540x960, 1580715859898.webm)

moms had enough


sigh this alaskan chad is even older and more autistic than me but he got his gf when will it be my turn to find an alpha female to start a pack with


hes older so you still got time your real life is about to begin


had a warm can of chef boyardee and want to puke


File: 1580745748407.png (2 MB, 1200x1678, __original_drawn_by_minato_ojitan_gozaru__81ca….png)


File: 1580746307912.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.94 MB, 2000x1606, d37d1f31a51de468e169bfafc71b59fa.jpg)


nice ive got her too ive heard she gets strong if you get skadi


bonding with child gilgamesh


NOT the child you cant


snow storm brewing might NOT go to work tomorrow


love snow hate norms


you have no idea how glad i am that it happened i just hope the ccp will finally fall after its all over


tangerines tea and dotera coat under a kotatsu


why NOT


gonno do this


was just kidding i have him at level 70 too


got atalante and parvati



accidentally got a glimpse of my wrists while planking and immediatly lost the hope to continue


File: 1580752407584.jpg (Spoiler Image, 351.29 KB, 1280x960, 1580644257216.jpg)


die norm


you cant talk to him like that


its okay the entire post was a fabrication


as all norm posts are


are you happy with them


i didnt want sakura but atalante is cute


crying hima the valentines day event is too beautiful




you cant dislike sakura


why NOT rin and saber are both better




if only we had a cuter character than semiramis leading it sigh


dont do it


parvati gave me chocolate


a whole cows worth


make sure its NOT poisoned


its ok mashu medusa cuchulainn medea and emiya helped me feast on it hehe


wish my package would arrive already


whats in it




what snacks


got bond level 10 hima


with who




heck ya




mom thought the people who are wearing masks are those with the corona virus i feel second hand embarrassment whenever she says dumb things like that


why do people have so little faith in their immune system


i personally dont give a flip im a healthy twigneet in my late 20s


yuyu is streaming


File: 1580755022872.png (7.15 MB, 2132x3010, __natsuiro_matsuri_and_kiryuu_coco_hololive_dr….png)


who gives a flip about some yellow roast


shes good at tekken you arent


good at a game that hardly anyone plays


a woman could never beat a man in gaming


holy flip athene looks like a bum



didnt play it on my switch


should i get the asrock b450 pro 4


hehe yuyu is customizing characters


wish i had a friend like yuyu


sigh might start worshiping yuyu


ive got the b350 pro4 its ok but id go something with intel internet and maybe higher end audio
are you the 1600af buyer


never mind those things are irrelevant ya id say its ok



simply get a nice bazooka plus


nice yuyu playing original costume urien


gonno start doing pushups everday right now i can only do five


a lot of people cant even do 1


i could only do one when i started and i got to twenty pretty quickly using a method in which id do pushups at random times throughout the day until failure every day no matter how much or how little
rich said you gotta confuse the muscles


conserve your energy dont waste it


already 2 months ahead of you


File: 1580763205606.jpg (534.08 KB, 1288x3200, 1426975780298.jpg)


File: 1580763675735.jpg (1.99 MB, 1782x1672, 1580430413011.jpg)


norm ups


File: 1580765273843.png (8.63 KB, 260x97, vile.PNG)


File: 1580765605745.jpg (607.23 KB, 1414x2000, 1580738171090.jpg)

washing machine


hate washing machines


kill me




File: 1580767213824.gif (1.54 MB, 540x304, 1565051508988.gif)


flipped up and got left on unseen


if she doesnt reply im going to send a selfie with my gun in my mouth and block her as a prank


dont understand these posts




File: 1580768887914.webm (1.39 MB, 1280x720, 1483882695965.webm)


set those reminders its live in 30


what is it


our cia agents




has it been 30 minutes yet


its been 25


over an hour hima okay its over


did anyone watch the second season of the nonverbal autism gamergirl show




File: 1580772214485.webm (13.52 MB, 640x360, sengoku.webm)


pasted chinks wiped out by their own bioweapon what an anticlimactic end


gonno try sniping the pro4 off ebay


got b450m pro4 hehe


wish my iq was high enough for bakemonogatari


the msi one right


havin some milk


no its assrock


nice trying to get that mobo too


File: 1580772897728.png (76.11 KB, 672x364, d5211d5f2fd9ea59da9141ab18edae8b.png)

what the flip


File: 1580772954265.png (300.9 KB, 1440x2960, wOEfvKN.png)

47k to 1.4 million dollar in one play what are you waiting for hima no need to dread the day mom dies or the fact that you will have to work for forty years to retire


go away norm


NOT alpha enough to gamble and mom has life insurance


pasted call gamblers


File: 1580773242032.jpg (595.55 KB, 2048x1602, fool.jpg)


nice 6'2 arnie build with a spare mil to waste on car mods imagine his suffering


NOThin gamble if you know its going up


im manuke


penis is begging to be yanked


dont listen to it


i flipped up bad at some point and ill probably never figure out why


and then the government steals almost half of it whats even the flipping point


love government love taxes love norms getting owned by taxes


no its 15% so 200 thousand but you can write off a bunch of stuff and lower that a bunch either way whats left is enough for you to retire while keeping that money in a tax haven


played d2 all day again


nice aris


love alien


File: 1580774994935.png (778.13 KB, 1142x5132, 2iwdy5wrrly31.png)

hope youve used this to pick your mobo


really want to lash out against this flipper but id only be hurting myself if i did


who are you lashing out on


kenmore customer service rep im on the phone with to get moms oven fixed


thank you for helping mom out


understand none of this but the form factors



took me 10 minutes to understand what is meant because it was organized by a redditor


work should be outlawed this is inhumane


what is there to get its as simple as can be


im a gamer i game


im NOT a gamer i dont game


eaauuggghhhh its one of those flippin days aaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA



what days



no just need a good cheap mobo that i can use the ryzen 7 2700x on with oc availability


its a dog days





getting $1400 back from uncle sam after he robbed me for thousands more


get owned gamenorm


wonder how much im going to get


ban that raider


sigh im NOT getting anything


$1400 is just enough for a nice fat turbo but i know i wont buy anything because im a pussy


pink dog girls show is out why werent there any screenshots


wish i had somethign to buy


i was about to ask why nobody reminded me there was a new murenase seton gakuen im downloading right now


sigh started proton pumping now i cant feast anymore because it takes like 2 hours to digest instead of 15 minutes


glad i found a korean store to buy my natto and curry from would much rather fund them than the chinks


i was going to watch it after i finished my taxes


hate early taxers love waiting until the last minute


then 100A is more than enough but may want to swap it for a 4900 in the future and you will have to run stock


hey turt can you help me with a driving problem im having NOT much of a car guy so im in a pickle


damn good game tony hawk underground hima damn good


pink dog


File: 1580778808001.jpg (416.27 KB, 1680x1050, 1350371877757.jpg)


bad at phone


never forgave eric for stealing the footage


pass me a slice


File: 1580779200748.webm (149.81 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Murenase! Seton Gakuen - 05 [7….webm)

NOT that pink dog


wish i wasnt close to braindead even norms are able to learn new things and retain information


same mindblowing how fast i forget things feel like i didnt used to be this dumb


gonno jo


you better NOT


this ep feels pretty phoned in hope theyre NOT running out of steam already


File: 1580779828143.jpg (445.02 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Murenase! Seton Gakuen - 05 [72….jpg)

uh oh


paste panda


pissed my pants


File: 1580780733784.jpg (59.45 KB, 640x430, Oeq4Ar9.jpg)

the hima routine


only thing precooked for dinner is a burger patty from 4 days ago


hell ya i won the b450 auction oh man im feeling the adrenaline


farming some mephisto


nice auctionguy


only ever farmed baal



this is an outrage hima


pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza


norm outrage is so funny


pasted black man


uhhh context


these people are all automatons


hehe the norm reactions are straight out of a video game hear bad speak gasp you need to go


mindblowing how even an iota of whats discussed on hima daily would be enough to make the average norm faint


wonder how mom would react if i showed her some vtubers


love complimenting moms rack to brighten her day


ya but it is mostly norms now


i faint everytime i read a cel post



productive day today went to work worked on my personal project made cabbage rolls and cooked up some fried rice


why do you get a personal project do you work at google


put a fucking bullet through me skull


how about i buy you a new hat instead


getting myself a nice jw green label and a buffalo trace hehe


sea chicken mayo



need some spicy mayo and fries


never finished ao oni


that old chink was ready to worship the drone as a deity


crying for that ah ma


need some pizza


going to join a cargo cult


flip you chink



playing hots dont have a clue what im doing


nice nb


are you jungling



all im doing is dying


wish she was my friend


nice crier


men shouldnt cry


too dumb for hots


go mid


woke up gi






NOT me


File: 1580786916590.webm (4.69 MB, 504x896, wtf.webm)

nice mom always looking out for their kids


and pnig is the one who gets arrested for simply enjoying those images


love when i have very visible signs of mental illness and refuse moms offer to get professional help trapping myself in the freak cycle


same love but actually hate it



skipped that embed


wish i was cool like norman reedus


love fpgas cant wait for my ice40


what you said


finally home from a long day in the office


die norm



new death NOTe protagonist was lame he didnt even kill the norms


NOT a big fan of matsuki but i do like her model with the big round eyes and surprised mouth looks so dumb hehe


tired dont want to do anything dont even want to game


wish i could watch this but i dont know enough japanese


why dont they use twitch


because then they wouldnt be batchara yuutuubaas


youtube looks like ニコニコ


sigh shes perfect



crying for her she has to do such mean things


like this one post more of her


twitch pinches


you cant worship miko


why NOT


she said the n word


mom said that word to a black person once hehe


thats horrible


no it was justified


it wasnt


yeah it was he was stealing


still wasnt call the person a thief


nah it was paste you pussy


how would you feel if pnig was called that


id bust a gut


sigh cant believe my only hope left is going to vietnam to jbwmaxx


nah it wasnt


love racism






bored bored bored bored bored


spilled the cup i spit into after brushing my teeth directly on top of my mouse


File: 1580793711864.webm (1.77 MB, 1280x720, 1511116795477.webm)


NOT sure why you posted that


do you need a reason to post something






dont be i just dont know why you posted it


saw it in my folder so i posted it






love vaping


i swear hima more and more people act like gta npcs everyday the world is crazy crazy


sigh too dumb for the internet now dont understand anything


never vaped whats it like


always have a nicotine mint in my mouth


if it makes you feel better it probably wouldnt have helped you anyway


need semiramis


dont roll for her dont do it


should i get one


ya roll for her shes beautiful


love sexyramis


no dont shes bait


post that sheep vtuber clip again


File: 1580794834898.webm (1.89 MB, 1280x720, 1580696399792.webm)




thats the only vtube clip ive enjoyed dont post any of the others except for the pizza one when applicable


File: 1580795040127.webm (935.42 KB, 800x450, 1575743060287.webm)

what about this one


hope hima has their n95 masks ready


dont need one i dont leave the house hope all the norms enjoy their flu


the norms are coming for us


they already have they even took hima


we need the freak


already 4 days into february


this cant be happening


anime time


oops just saw myself from the third person NOT good


how did you change the camera angle


bald fat gamer 30 cel with gout






making that popcorn


hima is dead


rolling girl...



woke up too late hima the nights almost over


File: 1580811393473.jpg (94.52 KB, 1200x683, EP5yFn_WkAEwKry.jpg)


File: 1580818907607.webm (442.44 KB, 1280x720, 1566643757510.webm)


woke up time to go to work


flipped up badly hima flipped up so badly
all i can see is my brains flying out of my skull onto the walls theres no other way out


what happened


might jerk it


went ahead and broke it off with the foid before she had a chance to reject me
dont know how she really felt and never asked but i think it was a smart move because she hasnt even bothered to reply
big surprise i meant absolutely NOThing to her


who cares


stop worshiping foids


was going to buy amd calls in november but couldnt because i had lent mom every single cent i had saved up after working for two years without buying myself anything at all and if i had it id have been a multimillionaire by now NOT even hindsight bias or anything i had the exact price the exact call the exact expiration date now its over


whats the point of even going to work for pennies i endured two years of absolute mind shattering hell for NOThing


its over those kind of things only happen once in a lifetime


love aqua shes so tard


File: 1580829231093.jpg (261.31 KB, 1210x2048, EP7F-J0UcAAtyv3.jpg)


oog it girl me bone me breed


thinking about bones


didnt know japan got the idea of prefectures from france


ya i took one from work


shell have to pay you back itd be morally wrong to NOT to


your debt to mom is infinite




File: 1580836085173.png (1.66 MB, 1560x920, 1580758452518.png)

jap bros no


despise those youtubers always bringing up taboo subjects to foreigners


at least they can get gooks because they arent in vague ethnicel no mans land


File: 1580836676425.jpg (765.67 KB, 2000x2000, 1580822904938.jpg)

might sell my virg and buy a car hima


are you cute and have a pussy


no im a 30 year old balding schizo gamer psoriasis cel


your virginity has a negative value sorry


is that real


File: 1580839858244.gif (1.54 MB, 540x304, 1565051508988.gif)


she lowballed herself there was a 7/10 foid who got a mil


hope you guys didnt forget about elder ring


is that coming out soon





sigh love d2


File: 1580846060610.jpeg (488.78 KB, 1400x2100, f06a1f7f-bacf-45e9-88e3-246643e7ddb4.JPEG)




just put the pizza in the oven and sugarwater in the freezer


heg ya


mom made chili


havent spermed in 40 hours


wish i had chili


moms gonno make some chili macaroni tonight


flipping hate coco


im in love with the coco




having a coffee


is it too late to invest in literally any us company seems like everyone is going to take their stocks out from chinese companies and into foreign ones


File: 1580854989633.png (4.99 MB, 2894x4093, Kiryu.Coco.full.2817825.png)


buy some tesla calls expiring in june


norm norm norm expiring in norm


NOT the biggest fan of tesla would rather invest in amd once it dips i dont know about any dorment companies that could explode in the future


buy the flipping dip


bh poornorm


baste turt coming to hima to laugh at all these poor losers to feel better about himself


you are the norm you dont get to call others norm now die


ya me too but tesla is on a crazy bull run some guy bought 40k calls back in september and now he has 7 million


but after they plateau im going back to amd


File: 1580855877931.webm (1.68 MB, 1920x1080, 1580362798472.webm)


amd is a long hold they will be a monopoly like google


A Drunk Mukbang Girl Eats All The Cup Noodles That She Want!!


File: 1580855915642.webm (935.42 KB, 800x450, 1575743060287.webm)


ya but its going to be more like a slow ascension with tesla you gotta catch their burst


File: 1580855944658.webm (1.82 MB, 1280x720, 1573417241392.webm)


sigh jeanne


File: 1580855971256.mp4 (1.27 MB, glass.mp4)


love a good webm repost


NOThin better