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Skippers welcome
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wish i had a cleaning lady to flip


any sheep webms




love the sheep webm just love it laugh every time i see it



is that the cel box


celbox one


wish to shower and jo but the cleaning ladies are in there this is terrible


dont shower jo youll clog the drains


now they knocked out the internet while vacuuming hate fridays so much


hate fridays hate saturdays love sundays


8 hours of work one and a half hours of gym took a shower jod and now im sipping on some piping hot french roast this is the life hima now I just need something to do every day from 4-10pm


die norm


bought some cold ones the norms price the 12packs the same as if you bought two 6packs individually despite every other store giving you a 2-3 dollar discount for buying in bulk

the guy also remembered what i bought the other night and my face but still asked for my adult learners permit as a power move so thats the last time i go in there


at about 7pm im going to hop on the train and go down to georgetown and have a couple drinks alone at a bar for fun




love a good monday send the norms back to work


never get asked for my id


when i get carded the cashiers always apologize to me because i have a magnificent beard and my eyes are dead


same but havent been able to shave after seeing that paper


ill have a gin fizz


mom made sausage and rice


dont know what a gin fizz is sounds cool


hey hima its friday night time to post while the raiders are at the club


File: 1581112520443.jpeg (67.1 KB, 912x1024, 978E79D5-276B-425F-B5CF-E8AAA078A8FA.jpeg)

ill be posting right alongside you from the club my fellow himabro


been hooked on gin fizz lately but with jagermeister instead of gin what a coincidence


never been a fan of jaeger


guess i could skip the trip to the bar and just get a bottle of jameson tonight


too lazy to make cocktails that involve more steps than dumping coke and bourbon into a glass


i will do the bartending at the mansion


theres no point in drinking complicated drinks just consume the ingredients individually its all going down the same hole


you can use any bitter like campari



raiders always post on fridays its one of their main days


File: 1581114495710.webm (1.82 MB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Murenase! Seton Gakuen - 04 [7….webm)


love alternating between wallstaring and himastaring


love himastaring and manualrefreshing


scheduled a floorlay and ceiling stare for later tonight


moms home hate her


fabricobbled an intercooler mount used really thin gauge aluminum that would otherwise bend if it wasnt in a L shape


i need to sperm


File: 1581115449564.png (149.8 KB, 386x316, featuringababoon.png)

this norm has been spamming videos with the same account name as aNOTher account i watch sometimes wish he would flip off


wish i was kenyan looks fun


must be weird to never get sunburned


cant remember the last time ive exposed myself to sunshine for more than 5 minutes


wish i was basted
youre so flippin basted
but im a blimp
im a shiteblob
what the hell am i doing here
i dont belong here


sigh mum wants to move us to a flat in newcastle




sigh lucky


was gonno schedule a ged next week with the other mate now im having a panic attack thinking about it


wish i could move to a flat in newcastle with mom


its NOT that bad you just sit in a quiet room with other test takers and take your test whats to panic attack about


uh just sit in a room full of norms NOThing to panic about haha


its never full there is like 4 people in a room meant for 40


failed the chuunin exam 4 times


should have been born with the narcissist stat


why should i be forced to sit in a room with the degenerates while i test


whats degenerate about them


because you are thirty and they are eighteen accept that they are barely slugs when compared to you


they were having sex at 14


why are you getting a ged whats the point dropped out of high school myself and never needed one


mom is probably forcing her special man to slave at walmart


sigh you reminded me now i feel sick again what test are you taking its split up into 5 parts


all of them


why NOT just one of them at a time


nah do them all at once or dont go at all once you start becoming a norm mom will have much less patience with you when you refuse to take the other 4 parts for aNOTher 5 years





wish i had ended it as a low inhib 12 year old


isnt it a little late to bother
youre in your late 20s or early 30s your life is pretty much over no reason to stress over a ged just ldar until the rope calls out to you


what if im in my mid twenties with a high school diploma


your life hasnt begun yet


i will rise from the ashes and take what the norms stole from me


its too late



nice facenorm




why does she always sound like shes gonno cry


shes timid


mom wants me to learn a trade is she trying to get me mogged to death i wouldnt last a day



valentines day is next week hima


gonno rope


good choice


valentines started this week


its on a friday so all the norms will be here blogging about NOT having a gf


File: 1581121022605.jpg (18.86 KB, 530x457, dmmer.jpg)

if i cant have a doomer gf no one can


they do that anyways


back from slaving read posts opened my package


nice gacha luck banderas san


any man admired by roa-chan can count himself among the luckiest in the world


hurry up and fill this thread


File: 1581123374780.mp4 (1.7 MB, 1225924272918421504.mp4)


File: 1581123739971.webm (1.68 MB, 1920x1080, owned.webm)


perverb crap


hehe nice jack wish to get her


are you gonno jo to her


lasdt post



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