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drinking a coffee


id have some too but its too late


how about some tea


hate coffee


drank two coffees one tea and two waters today


im NOT ready for 2020


ready to die


scared of quitting but know ill have to do it eventually


i believe in you


my bmi is 20






my bmi is 17




32.1 sigh


was in tears while the power was out for 5 hours because i had NOThing to jo to


dig up moms childhood photos


too far


just heard the loudest thunder ever should i take the risk or turn the pc off and unplug it


you only live once



had to leave my interview early how emberassing had to write out what my skills are and references im sure the three dudes next to me were more qualified so i dipped


are you gonno stream it


dont understand why jobs want references


you were lucky to even be interviewed


5+ years of experience minimum as well as a reference from a top 500 fortune company
minimum wage
entry level


responding to applications is for suckers the only way to get a decent job is with a firm handshake


moms crying that i left


kids born in 2000 are 20 now


kids born in 2004 can be legally ooged in some states


wonder what 1010 was like


wish i could be a feudal lord


sigh 1066


the normans


cant believe i was fearsome warriors and wealthy noblemen through my past lives and now i have to do a playthrough as a cel


File: 1577730896422.jpg (32.42 KB, 706x467, 1577725636580.jpg)


File: 1577731079836.png (4.66 MB, 2093x2224, 1577724953293.png)

im going to do it bros


the blog


File: 1577731677909.jpg (298.5 KB, 1410x1920, __sakura_hibiki_dumbbell_nan_kilo_moteru_drawn….jpg)


cels are natural nobles its undignified to engage in the common mating rituals


nah your ancestors were all dumb peasants


File: 1577732344178.png (3.85 MB, 2000x1500, 1577668041612.png)

classic himasugi


havent jod yet today


File: 1577733007997.webm (26.39 MB, 1920x1342, riamu.webm)


did some exercising


hate riamu



love butt


how would you explain what for means


intended or pertaining to


is the same dude who took a pic of the blonde girl


NOT interested in the definition of grammar particles


why NOT


its intuitive knowledge it doesnt need to be described


why NOT


because chomsky said so




the old jew




dinner is served


longsnoozed for 20 hours and did NOT have the urge to piss wonder if i pissed myself




File: 1577741800629.mp3 (9.74 MB, Minami - Kawaki wo Ameku.mp3)


finished lost in translation started getting into it but then it ended 15 minutes later

think scarlet johansen is ugly and her character was annoying but NOThing happened maybe i would get it if i had ever been intimate with a girl


hima is dying


sigh hima i was so close a guy raged at me so i raged back and i said flip this and told them i quit and i was excited because this was going to be it then my boss called and said to just take a couple of days off and ill come work with him instead and i pussied out and accepted and now my stomach hurts because it was so close i think about the ritual all the time but its never going to happen if i dont get the balls to do the heavy parts


ya same tell myself im gonno quit every weekend and get all excited then monday comes along and i pussy out hard


thats the definition of a norm right there always pussying out of everything


norms are low inhib


you should be be greatful you have such an understanding boss he knew you were going through a test withdrawal


lip my stocking


i dont want to be understood i want to get it over with so i can get on with my anime adventure

as i was leaving the girls started saying i could be their bf or something i dont get if it was an inside joke or if i was being made fun of or if i was a chad all along


does mom drive you to work or are you able to operate a motor vehicle


baked some chicken and added it to ziti and broccoli but didnt put sauce in it just left it unseasoned in the container now im snacking on it with mayo and sriracha


why are my gfs in such silly uncomfortable outfits


the himachad


cant believe theres someone here alpha enough to scream at a coworker and end up with paid time off and a better position upon returning all the girls at the office giggle to each other when he walks in wondering which one of them hes going to ask on a date this friday


hes delusional



hate liars


flip ign


yea mindblowing hima is filled with norms


all marketers lie thats what marketing is


might become one then love lying


File: 1577744918939.jpg (189.36 KB, 2048x1411, 39.jpg)

gonno die


whats that in american units




had one hell of a busy day hima it was awful and it might get worse soon just wanted to stay inside and post and read all day but i couldnt


rough day for everyone


went outside and had a bad experience too gonno beddwell


this is a sign of whats to come


got a cold since last thursday too and dont know if i posted this or NOT but last friday morning i called my boss and told him that i was considering quitting because a lot of stuff happened and he said hes got a flight booked and is coming to talk to me in january ninth today he already called me to talk about some stuff and ended up saying that my voice already sounds a lot better and that ``we are going to solve this'' whatever that means if i end up NOT quitting ill have to flipping rope already disappointed with myself


hes going to beat your ass


crack open a cold one



i think they figured out i have a preference for plumpers because one let me grope her belly and the other pulled her shirt up to show hers a few hours later


thats sick


i woke up had a jo cracked a cold one and fired up the ps3 dont think these esl worknorms speak for us all


skipped the norm hours whats up


these are the norm hours


oh flip see ya later then


File: 1577746561288.jpg (219.39 KB, 1200x1600, EM9IHgEVAAUtW5L.jpg)




girls cant be mogged because guys like all shapes and sizes


no they dont they just take what they can get


how am i esl rager


if i was a breastlet i would defiantly feel ashamed in the presence of titcows


simply get implants


its NOT the same


at least as a foid your boobies can be small and it wont be a big deal but if youre a man and if your penis isnt big or your height starts with 5 or you happen to NOT be 95% perfect youre in for a rough go


got left behind the fucking chinamen


nobody would know about your penis size until it was too late dont know why its such a big deal


youre supposed to put your penis size on your gf résumé


if you cant get the gf then become the gf



bought a new case


case of what


gonno showerjo


love joing in the tub


youll clog the drain


realized i keep eating even when im NOT hungry i must consume


pasocom case


endless eight


woke up hi


weird how retarded i am


eating famichiki hima




wish i had some


thats impossible


same im 6'5" its impossible


pasted giant


mindblowing that 6'5 will be the new 5'11 in 100 years



6'3 is already bare minimum for gf eligibility



File: 1577755872076.mp3 (3.74 MB, 08 - Fushigi Purupuru Pururin Rin!.mp3)


pasted as flip


mom called me a manlet


NOThin norm


been blowing my nose all day now it hurts time for a nice cold one


been blowing my nose too wonder if i got you sick



File: 1577757606226.jpg (115.1 KB, 430x600, 682c5d27a31cbfed0b17406a09b01071.jpg)


sigh you bastard


dont know what that expression conveys


File: 1577757664709.jpg (1.35 MB, 1874x955, 9a6542c35be981b243a213519ade0d26.jpg)

wonder what the brew of choice in the mansion will be


homemade mead


NOT even the 31st and theres fireworks outside whats wrong with norms


thought 2020 was supposed to be futuristic but its the same shite


cant wait to see special guest ulis fireworks show at the grand opening of the himansion


File: 1577758809098.mp4 (3.92 MB, gibara.mp4)


hate vfoids


love brony camp


whats to hate


how can a girl be a sexy ladycon


some girls are sexy ladycon


File: 1577759745360.jpg (165.82 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


post the video


its NOT hard to find


would love to see a brah and asmongold collab





dont want to think anymore


time to gronk out


jealous of based asmon


the napo song was playing outside a store




back where


to vg


NOT a vgnorm


die normheal


pizza is in the oven


napo napo



sigh pnig loved precure


sigh he loved sexy little babies


theres a potential donkey kong kill screen coming up


keep hearing mom talking to me with headphones on but when i take them out shes NOT there




bored of living


normheal hates asmongold


simply start your anime adventure


ill soon be free from working but unfortunately mom will relentlessly ynaj me


gonno make the first hima post of the decade


youll only have to hear it for a few months


sitting in the bus stop
eyes nice sexy ladies with bad intents


scared of buses


wonder if ill die next decade


everyones gonno die next decade the chinks will start a war


come with us next year and you wont have to worry about being gassed by the chinks


wish to violently snap a sexy lady


the leylines are NOT focused enough you will NOT weaken the illusory barrier if you do it next year i wish to join you but you are brash and reckless and will turn all our efforts to NOThing with your foolish impatience



drank a bunch of alcohol then giggle rolled


gonno snack hard and watch some news


i think my aging as rapidly increased this year its now or never


went to the store got bacon sandwich supplies and a bottle of hwisky saw more nice things than i have in a long time


big shite incoming


hell yeah let her rip


cant wait to buy a nice bottle of whiskey after i become a neet again


scsnapped out of bed


File: 1577765857465.webm (1.24 MB, 853x480, neet.webm)


gonno crack open the whisky tomorrow


forgot to pray to p anderson today


wonder if p andersons been to hima surely hes seen it on his youtube analytics


he would have helped out pnig if he had stopped by the church


she would have been his friend if he had given her a chance


File: 1577766811211.jpg (256.8 KB, 1272x2073, 1522541714552.jpg)


mom bought pizza


a thighgap like that is just unrealistic


so what


shes a freak


ya and it gives me a bone


File: 1577769103329-0.ogg (25.68 KB, En-au-me.ogg)

File: 1577769103329-1.ogg (14.95 KB, EN-AU_ck1_bone.ogg)






who was the first norm


hehe dropped my credit card and a boomer called out to me from behind and gave it to me based boomer simply love people


be more careful son


my replies are taking too long to go through whats going on seki


thanks i will sir


File: 1577770727822.jpg (220.04 KB, 2048x1145, boob.jpg)


love retired boomers theyre neets



whats wrong with her


what do you mean


sipping tea on my beachfront property in the galapagos islands thanks to dropshipping just buy my ebook to find out how


The usage of "present" here conflicts with the similar and very often confusing usage in radioactive dating, where "present" is fixed to 1950 "AD". Thus, we today would live in the year 64 "after (that simplistically defined) present". Regrettably, too many writers are unaware of that conflict.


based flippin lamestream legacy media NOT reporting on unbased antisemitism unless the perpetrator is wh*te




File: 1577772286342.webm (4.15 MB, 600x720, 76612166.webm)


onseki one small thing
when you bring me out can you introduce me as neetblog


vincent canfield isnt that the cockmail guy who invited people to mongolia then sold them to human traffickers


hes got a book of posts


bought a few big ol loaves of sourdough




hehe remembering that time pnig banned someone for saying minami-ke had 4 seasons NOT 3


why would you eat anything but white bread


white bread does NOT have everything the body needs


remember that time pnig banned someone for NOT liking always sunny


sigh pnig loved talking about breaking saul


never watched sunny but hate it sounds like an inferior seinfeld


normfeld glorified hypergamy and made people think short bald manlet neets were slaying


betting on biden


no feminism normalized hypergamy because its the natural result of women being allowed to do whatever they want


hehe love george and his weekly gf


wish askellad was my dad


sourdough can be white


its askeladd fool



love sourdough


seinfelds pasted always normy makes me sick


pnig said kramer was his favorite wonder how he felt about that


if he was your dad your mom would probably be some peasant that was snapped when he and his men came and pillaged your village


did they get to the farming arc in the anime yet


love the farming arc


are they still on namek


final day of 2019
less than 24 hours until the endgame begins


File: 1577773871974.jpg (113.76 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)



based saving this it has a lot of utility in the japan/generalsphere


based avengers endgame love marvel


what are our predictions for paradigm shift 2020


love dvoretskys endgame manual


dont know what a paradime is


phew nice literary girl


ive got my predictions but there is no our get your own


nice lia marie johnson


you mean the dimensional merge


cant wait to buy my nice new umr sisgf monthly jump after the dimension merge


any new years resolutions hima


you dont want to know


cant believe its the last day of 2019 i did NOThing all year


hate the entire gainen of new years resolution


mindrending that i used to be unable to bench the bar cant imagine that happenign now


was benching 1 plate my first time but i had been doing a bunch of bodyweight exercises before then so its NOT like i was untrained


File: 1577774851718-0.jpg (134.69 KB, 633x798, hinamizawa1.jpg)

File: 1577774851718-1.jpg (490.31 KB, 1382x1952, hinamizawa2.jpg)

File: 1577774851718-2.jpg (168.55 KB, 943x1200, hinamizawa3.jpg)


watched one of hitlers speeches and realized if hes telling the truth then he was the good guy and poland was the aggressor


wish i was dimension tripper


dont make me weep


die racist


used to be a planeswalker before i got stuck in this one and people started calling me neetblog


post it


been studying the world map learned theres a country called burkina faso and the republic of the congo and democratic republic of the congo are two separate nations


nigger countries dont actually matter


cool it with the explosive racism


sigh hitler was paste


mindblowing how many unknown island countries there are


aNOTher mindblowing one is saint martin and sint maarten


what makes you think hitler is dead his body was never found


neetblog just opened his warren


hate how i have to go to bitchute to watch my racist videos now


i just unboxed my elizabeth warren max contributor reward pack


hehe love firing up that bitchute and seeing 20 literal who channels recommended like the skeptical acorn and montana skate dude


bought some fresh blueberries raspberries and blackberries they were on special


oh and gsnaps those werent on special


might become a skeptic


me too we can do streams together for 4 and a half hours yell heah


nice moistgran


craving sugarwater but i just ate cereal NOT sure if its a good idea


just puke it out after eating


havent puked in 10 years cant break my streak


love cereal hate how it takes 2 minutes to eat a one pound box of it after which you arent satisfied but that was 3000 calories


love puking after a 9000kcal binge (dont actually love it hate it)


thats why i usually eat cereal later in the night so i dont crave anything else but i made the mistake of early eating and now im flipped


dont know what the k in kcal stands for


dont waste food




what the hell how can you eat 9000000 calories thought the daily amount was 2000




still a big stain on the floor from when i puked up a bunch of tainted chili it was the worst food poisoning i had ever experienced thanks mom


what is usually called a calorie is a food calorie and is more specifically called a kilocalorie because its actually 1000x aNOTher unit also called a calorie


had a very smelly stain that i coulnt get out that was a result of me puking up the 200 multivitamins i took at once


never had food poisoning


too dumb to understand this


mindblowing that to the trade khans of ancient greece a small penis was seen as a sign of high status and refinement while the lesser oogs had big unrefined ones


norms are really stupid so they call calories kilocalaries because their tiny bug brains cant comprehend different units of measurement


uh i meant they call kilocalories calories


nice big brained mistake maker


manlets used to be revered and would take high positions like military commanders dictators and judges because the understanding was that their modest bodies required less energy so more could go towards their brains young virginal women used to dream of marrying a nice 5'3" gentleman


that didnt happen


it did but ok


happens to the best of us


mindrevolving that einstein was a socialist and yet we still reject socialism and embrace capitalism which einstein criticized heavily


love when i get tarddistracted for 15 minutes and forget what i was doing


why would you listen to einstein he killed millions of japanese


sometimes ill be 50 minutes into a nice racist bitchute stream and realize i didnt comprehend a word because i was posting on hima the entire time


if you know that then youll know einstein was a plagiarist kike liar


never known a jewish man to recommend marxism for his own gain


finally rooted my oneplus 7 pro hell yeah time to get chinky with it


might put some emergency jo material on my phone in case the power goes out again


wish i had a phone so i could browse hima while i shite


if i was bill gates id hire groups of people to stop certain words and phrases that i dont like from becoming popular by peer pressuring and shaming anyone who uses them


nice foid suicide method




why NOT ive got the money


do NOT bully foids i am glad you did NOT succeed we are here to support you and encourage you until you can join us for the ritual milady


sweating hard gaming hard


foids cant ritual because they dont have souls to be transported


what is it about hima that makes it so toxic and problematic to the entire female race


the big joke is that were all girls except turt


most of us were raised by single mothers and our interactions with female peers growing up were often negative
wouldnt be surprised if a lot of people here either greatly prefer 2d or literally canNOT use 3d jo material because of the damage


i only use my imagination


slapped the oyster to turts anglemaxed pic


do you imagine feet


jo to 3dcg all the time


File: 1577778279833.mp4 (392.48 KB, 08a94442a7cd8e499a6153fe6d8d9e51.mp4)

phew nice 3d


no eye contact


cant tell if thats a doll


its NOT feel free to support her at https://fancentro.com/kittyxkum


wish to tell a stinky gross neetgirl that shes beautiful and marry her and have neetchildren


bhole is feeling a little dry


File: 1577778554555.jpg (Spoiler Image, 259.6 KB, 1600x1200, gamebed.jpg)


it should be dry unless you want jockitch


only if shes a hima poster


whys she using a saturn controller


hate women so fat they look like men


shes the hima gf and its your day for a flip


how come its ok for men to hate ugly women but NOT the other way around


makin sandwiches


hate fats regardless of gender


you cant talk to neetblog like that


hes the slimblog now hes only 185


these blast points are a little too accurate for subhuman retard sand people


neetblogs NOT fat and hes NOT even a neet hes just a norm now


neetblogs jacked as hell gainfully employed and as handsome as they come a real young buck how about you




no only fat females are bad the males are good since were jolly and nonviolent


nah came across plenty of arrogant temperamental fat men


neetkiller dog


yeah like trump


File: 1577779255989.png (Spoiler Image, 8.65 KB, 424x316, phew.png)


no womanlets


skin color: piss


id snap her in half


imagine being a fully grown adult and 90lbs what the flip


leave her be bastard


no worries im just talking about a hypothetical situation if i was in a fight against her i wouldnt harm her in reality because im a gentleman and gentlemen do NOT hit ladies


love when a worshipper posts a 3d slut and onseki does NOThing pnig wouldnt stand for this


you wouldnt say this if you could she the shit he posted


remember when himako would refer to pnig as cousin anon even though nobody else did hehe


dont tell me you fell for the 2d meme


gonno fire up the nordvpn and play some raid shadow legends hb


dont understand what you mean


fell for the fell for the meme meme


fell for the post the do you even lift one meme


called him white ren to the end


his name was arc


why werent you cool enough to use a tripcode on the j and get some e status


my life is a movie and im the main character thats why i type in a name on the big j


i was scared anonymous jones would bully me


i did used to post with a tripcode but nobody ever mentions me here


what makes you think youd be memorable


its better and safer to be anonymous unless you can monetize your efame somehow which is NOT likely on /jp/


File: 1577780071693.jpg (136.05 KB, 851x584, buggy.jpg)


uh whats and underage man


wonder why turt fell for the engineercel meme instead of the tried and trusted medcel


its the same guy


theyre brothers


lot of a brothers in the amish community


scsnapped out some bloodsNOT


love a good sNOTscsnapping or nosepicking as i like to call it



File: 1577780629564.gif (3.36 MB, 200x349, 1577251000322.gif)


sigh nightspermed dont want to open my door and go to the bathroom might wake mom up


hate when i get the warmthighs feeling from overphewing on 5 pizzas


let sleeping dogs lie


File: 1577780751316.jpg (346.84 KB, 984x1322, 7leu4i5.jpg)


wish i had money to buy that many figs




anyone know what that vn was that made people rage and snap their cds because the main girl was NOT a virg forgot the name


happened with kannagi


that would be fate stay night


hate when i get reminded that norms dont do things like joke about burning to death or someone roping


let them squirm


think the original one was kakyuusei 2


ya thats the one hehe


sometimes i double down because i think they didnt hear me or didnt get it then i remember theyre from the normworld where death and suffering isnt always on order


mindblowing most foids dont have an accurate understanding of their true leverage because they harbor misconceptions about men and their standards for women


love pretending to understand someone when ive asked what three times but still cant make out what theyre saying


did that once in highschool and the girl made a weird face and its haunted me for 40 years because i dont know what i said yeah to


what do you mean 40 years


sorry i mean 10 years hehe just a little joke


i do believe its time to order some dumplings from lucky jade palace of the golden emperor


hate how norms talk in slurred gibberish and get annoyed when you ask them to speak clearly especially on the phone


hope deaf mate is alright


hate when i ask what a norm said but turns out i heard them completely clearly and simply have no idea what the word means


had a nice deafgf but turns out she wasnt deaf and wasnt my gf and was in fact a russian spy


love a good mumblin


turned that fleek tralk on and yupes be like yeet






might start wearing a cowboy hat


japanese bus drivers are mandated to say arigatō gozaimasu to every jōkyaku (riding guest or passenger) who gets off so they always slur it


thank you barakan san


why dont they just make it an audio clip that plays when you exit


NOT going to be able to sleep until im dead tired so i pass out as soon as i land on the mattress otherwise ill lie awake for hours


scary why is that beak clanking so loud


so many places i could order from but i dont think any of them will fill the emptiness


whats wrong with kpop norms cant decipher a thing they say


File: 1577783737221.jpg (230.25 KB, 1249x900, 1577776862610.jpg)

pining this on my wall


pining for howling fjord


whats with her stupid hat


oppa oppa my heart goes gee gee baby



wish i was an oppa


vile language




what the heck you can move the camera how is this possible


shouldnt be knew to you i jod to that in 2015 or earlier




cant open that video without my tab crashing


File: 1577784358616.jpg (80.25 KB, 1024x610, 1577676732538.jpg)


why does the highest quality still look like shite


mindblowing how every tranny is a 6'3 beast with a sharp brow line and jaw


because you touch yourself at night


hima needs a pronoun field its 2020


mindblowing that there actually are some normchads who turned themselves into absolute tranfreaks



wanna know why they call it binland hehe



made some golden milk


nice poomilk


raging again


File: 1577788044830.jpg (237.19 KB, 1378x1140, gamer.jpg)


thats my gf


that tard is gonno get grease and chip powder on the controller


mines greasy and coated with finger gunk hehe


File: 1577790768428.png (47.89 KB, 251x240, logic.png)


think about it logically hima



dont remember pippin being that fat


its all the pipe weed


just packed a fat lip


File: 1577791964603.png (447.29 KB, 479x720, 1567830463074.png)


File: 1577792036145.jpg (608.02 KB, 1280x5000, 1567868411716.jpg)


hate when i realize my himafriends arent real


we are real in your mind



psych created hima for me as therapy


psych told me NOT to use hima


tell him to pinch a fat one


im a gamer i game


im real


are you sure


i think so


any bigger luke theorists on hima


hate joke theories


its no joke


File: 1577798707024.mp4 (17.64 MB, 1211363700025823233.mp4)

baste chinkmom


hate norms hate theories hate


the norms


i cant relate to that video because i wasnt raised in a chinkhole




napo hima napo



that only has 7 views is it your video


what the heck its a channel where in every video hes walking in the woods with his dog talking about placebo audiophile stuff




happy new year hima


hima woke up showered brushed flossed had some water a coffee some lemon cookies was feverish all night shivering and feeling so cold now everything hurts but i think im getting better


die raider


die ausnorm





im in japan


die weeb


its futari sexy ladyes


remember to say rabbit rabbit hima


i always forget


said it a couple of times and didnt experience better luck


you did you just didnt NOTice it


File: 1577802751117.jpg (164.34 KB, 798x596, ENH0T30UYAAP7Y4.jpg)


whats some good game terminology






selling trout


its NOT midnight yet


i said it an hour early


go to the soaplands to celebrate


why wouldnt i spend it with my gf


already sick of the japan raider


is it the same guy as the euro raider


got some ham stuck in my teeth


happy new year 2020 hima the year of the ritual


2021 will be lit af


glad i wont have to see 2021











im a gamer i game sim


mouse is double clicking


no that was me and i wasnt from europe i only had a holiday there and im NOT a raider by the way happy new year


remember when mice would last forever why is the quality of everything going down


File: 1577814845920.jpg (34.38 KB, 528x528, ENIRNC2WkAI0EEU.jpg)



hope this is the year nb uses his behelit and gives up himasugi as tribute to the demons


this is the year gonno get an lgf


cant believe theyre making me work today and NOT just a bit either




get owned norms


gonno watch joker


no dont


why NOT


they will put you on the incel list


did any one get magdumped seeing the joker never checked


got a magdump for you right here


2020 is almost here do you guys have any hopes and dreams im hoping i dont get drafted for ww3


NOT really


would they draft 30 year old manbabies


why would they draft anyone no point in extra soldiers anymore when they have nukes


its about the flex


i cant believe i wont wake up tomorrow the ritual is going to take me in the night this is my last day on earth


youll wake up post on hima and still be a fat 30 balding cel NOThing will change


nope im being taken away while nonbelievers like you will rot in this lower plane you should have listened im going to celebrate this incredible occasion with moms burgs and sugarwater afterwards jo and i will be ready to ascend


was already conscripted no idea what i would do in ww3 because they never gave me a wartime position


paste israeli


same my conscription was a joke


you dont cut a babys head off when trying to teach them something war is controlled violence the purpose is to support your governments decisions by force NOT to kill the enemy just to be killing him but to make him do what you want him to do


so its like beating mom


hima hima senko senko


cant believe turt will be gone by tomorrow hes gonno miss out on super season 2


File: 1577824434172.webm (3.08 MB, 853x480, 1574496441484.webm)




put on my trenchcoat


why is joker called a cel mobie when he has sex in it


when is it my turn to have sex


npc stands for nice preteen cunny


you have to get married to have sex


anyone get a bone looking at themselves flexing in the mirror


yeah love looking at my perfectly chiselled jaw and large nonvirgin penis glad i wasnt born differently


the sex part was just him being schizoid


i put on my trenchcoat and my wizard hat




File: 1577826760972.jpg (61.67 KB, 1280x854, ritual.jpg)


the way he moves his head is so unnatural if you told me this was a deepfake id believe it


File: 1577826985537.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.71 MB, 4000x2250, xi.jpg)


File: 1577827190891.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.14 MB, 1920x1080, yakuza.jpg)


File: 1577827254737.gif (967.6 KB, 500x283, 1577826583018.gif)


still cant believe a woman wrote kodomo no jikan


File: 1577828111789.png (18.9 KB, 400x400, 894853_p0.png)


sigh rin


no but sometimes i flex and mutter what a flipping beast


pasted gamer


File: 1577828867389.jpg (1.06 MB, 949x1365, 74115714_p2.jpg)


File: 1577829193076.jpg (134.5 KB, 950x350, ENDbNxBUUAAQbLy.jpg)

gonno get this


those things are harmless dont bother





paste chink propaganda


how come western girls cant do all those things


tai hao le


girls are retarded but cute


crying thinking about my future chink wife feeling lonely as she picks vegetables waiting for my appearance


File: 1577830084788.jpg (341.35 KB, 999x2200, gun.jpg)

its time for your scheduled magdump hima




just flippin end me


get in line


mom bought chicken subs


did she bring enough for the rest of the class


got a sub the other day and took a bite of it and the whole bottom was soggy so i threw it in the trash




pasted shaver


scared to shave my pubes its a jungle down there


simply trim


gonno add a knorr beef stock cube to my lentil soup


marco would be proud


you crave animal products


love heating up parts of dead animals and putting them inside me


hate when some western norm posts a retarded comment on a jap site


crazy how crazy i am


what doesnt kill you only makes you...... stranger


File: 1577833839191.jpg (117.65 KB, 584x749, 1541633416997.jpg)


wonder if ilya should be my last jo of the decade


might end the decade with a nice shotajo


File: 1577834294517.jpg (33.75 KB, 269x289, 1538967120811.jpg)


cant wait to see japan defiled next summer


why defiled


sigh beijing is gonno get defiled by norms in 2022


might read a book


you mean manga


those are for children


might read kodomo no jikan again hehe


torso hurts



File: 1577836180426.jpg (845.56 KB, 1200x853, 1518707560243.jpg)


still dont understand that image


File: 1577836355411.jpg (24.09 KB, 234x228, 1541816257086.jpg)


whats there to NOT understand


mom goes into the bathroom everytime i go into the kitchen


is she puking


no she hides in there to blow her nose


shes mad at me im probably gonno have to go see the new years fireworks alone


no point in going to the bathroom for that just use the boogerwall


File: 1577837539643.png (791.62 KB, 669x1000, burg.png)




love burgs love fgo simple as that


hope those are vegan burgs


fire up that gssr whos rolling


one pussy meal please


no dont ask for the pussy meal


gonno worship siphonophores


only a few hours left bros spent the day turning the spare room back into my bedroom dumped all the piss flushed the normohol brushed my tooth probably going to snooze before midnight


my bmi is 28.7




hima is basically a siphonophore


love gaming


whens the gssr


File: 1577839819960.webm (1.74 MB, 1280x720, Natsuiro Matsuri screamer.webm)


when is it fucking pisssss


really dont like how vtuber mouths hang open


pissed oisss pissss


why the flip did i willingly choose to disrupt my living situation after 2.75 years of everything being in the same place just ruined my fucking life moving all this wish i didnt exist will never get those dreamlike days back again


five hours


pisss fuckibg sodkdnpissssssssss


quit pissing everywhere


thanks 5 hours guy


sigh pnig wouldve set up a new years stream



imagine being so pathetic that you go to some obscure kenyan website to get justification for your dumb shit


darkshowered NOT gonno enter the 20s in greaseneet mode




why did i do that why did i do that why did i do that why did i do that why did i do that why did i do that why did i do that


pnig was kenyan bastard




youll get used to it in a week


File: 1577840505562.mp4 (5.54 MB, GtfIceE.mp4)


nice dollar tree race mixer


tall glass of pepsi and ice



im gonno rope if i get arjuna but i have to take the risk


invaders are here


who are you rolling for


have the house to myself



i need a saber so any of them except manarthur


just gonno roll on the second one flip the norms


youre gonno get mordred shes super mega cute


oh flippp


paste gamblers gamble away


hehe i hope so


manarthur is cool dont you want a knight to protect you


manservants are for girls we simply canNOT use them


why NOT


you become disadvantaged


you arent ready for a girl servant your personality is too toxic and warped from NOT being around any girls but mom your whole life start yourself with a buffed out chad man servant and work your way to a birl then a girl servant


no no dont ruin the summon we need to be united




finished reading
lots of awful freakposts
think he created the skipper meme to force people to read them


love a good freakspam


i created it as a joke but then people actually started skipping


everyone starts fastposting when i snooze so i have to skip when i wake up


having some carbonated sugarwater on the rocks


eating some spicy beef stew


NOT the skip poster but I hate skippers too its disrespectful


its NOT disrespectful


File: 1577845291646.jpg (199.45 KB, 700x922, 1577776485661.jpg)


sigh wish i had a lemon piglet chan


phew just finished a good book hima took me about a week to finish it nice read nice read wonder what ill pick up next


hope it was a nice romance novella


how about the good book


mom told me to come down and say hi but im NOT gonno hehe


nah it was about cannibalism my sis bought me it


nice voresis


hate books hate reading hate learning love gaming


gaming rots your brain




did a couple hours of yardwork now its time to game and feast


watching matchstick videos


sigh im sorry moms forced you to do that yardwork days are the worst you should try and sleep while shes awake to avoid it


sigh norms are having sex im alone joing


at least you have the house to yourself i cant even go downstairs to get snacks





holy flip


what the flip


sigh classic uli


dumb mom


ho lee flip


ok hima whos rolling first


stream it


whos gonno register himasugi.org when we get back to 2006


wish i had a synthetic fart theme song like uli


no one were going back to a in 2006 and making jp early


spermed hard to nice momoka


post those roll results i want to see them


stream what


stream the gambles


was hoping someone else would go first but i guess i have to go wish me luck


good luck


dont do it youre going to get a waver


whats wrong with waver


mud dreams


do i get my youth back if i go back to 2006 or will i simply return to 2019 as a 40 year old gamercel


youll be a teengirl


hell yeah


what reincarnation cheat powers do i get


whats the roll results


god damn flippin hate god damn norms


dont ask him while he is in mourning


maybe he hit the jackpot and hes too excited to post


maybe he roped


dont say that


time for a np


ronald is my first banner of 2020


the next decade doesnt start until the next december 31st


hi i love you nipah hanyuu and normoko


gonno roll the gssr tomorrow in akihabara




aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH pisssssssssssssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss



pisssssszs s


woops almost spooked myself for a second there guess im going to have to do whatever i can to NOT think too deeply or its the rope for me


ban this flippin rageteen


you used to postabout how you hated your life back then


the gssr was a failure i got a man avenger and i was ready to rage
but i quickly did a summon on the new banner and got the foreigner and orion so the scales were tipped in my favor
ive still got 30 sq left now might do one last rage summon


how do i get money to buy things without getting a job


die nssr die die die


nice manvenger


holy flip you got hokusai and aNOTher ssr thats good enough stop there why are you raging


it was just the initial disappointment sigh youre right


and is the manvenger dantes




wish i could fgo


what the flip you raging for you tard hes ss tier and you got two other ssrs to go with him nice stealthbrag


wish i was norm enough to mobage like these norms rolling for servants while waiting in line at the club with their gfs


tried to talk to two ugly foids at the bar it was terrible glad the ritual is in 20 minutes


dont understand gachababble


did you remember to initiate kino


love dantes live orion love hokusai love fgo simple as that


dantes is one of the cool manservants that you can use as a man


fired up the eurobeat playlist


sigh guess things arent too bad its just i still am using bedivere as my saber


now you need to save for skadi so your dantes can be unstoppable he will clear all content no problem


didnt know how much worse it could get


now think about how badly the future must be


crazy how im a mentally ill 28 year old schizoid if i were nt id be able to slay easily but im NOT and i dont even care


if you dont care why did you bring it up thats weird


couldnt even pick up the two ugliest foids at the bar


what did you say are you in japan


i said i was a gamer i game simple as that and they said they needed to use the restroom after i offered to buy them a drink


File: 1577854034031.jpg (80.57 KB, 960x720, 1541880165138.jpg)


youre NOT you when youre hungry


ya im in japan right now


wish to meetup with a himamate in japan


cant imagine how low the quality of foids are that go to bars


mightstart combining strangewords together on hima


gonno play some flash games before flash goes extinct


wonder how many flash animations ive jod to


theyll open source it its the moral thing to do


never had a moral in my life


File: 1577854480434.jpg (32 KB, 491x458, 1370699502728.jpg)


sigh its 2020


the cursed decade is over things are gonno look up for sure




still 2019 here sigh only 2 more hours until the worst decade of my life begins


first piss of the decade hima


less than an hour until 2020


hehe im ascending its happening


drinking a celebratory scotch hima


god damn invaders hope they all die


what the flip are there actually people who spend money on gacha on hima


first snack of the decade is a partially melted stained tupperware container full of m&ms and sugar water pepsi


love a nice tupperware container full of pepsi and m&ms


got a bunch of candy from gran for christmas and then gave it back to her because i need abs for summer


its only 15 bucks and it happens twice a year


die gachanorm


gonno bow down to my indian overlords


our money must go to type moon


bottoms up and the devil laughs


ban and die teen


File: 1577855818281.mp4 (3.85 MB, pisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.mp4)






love gachas love teens love wow love gamers simple as


used all my rage yesterday gotta recharge


ban the discord trannies


noallowance is steamed


should i become a wownorm


2020 duegi returns


ya vulperas are out soon


youre 15 years too late for wow


will NOT bunk with any wownorms in the mansion


thats NOT your decision to make


mom didnt even bring me food with a start this bad cant imagine how terrible the 20s will be


your real life begins today


stuck in 2019







wonder what pnigs up to


living his life he long since forgot about himasugi


big trial on the 15th


hope its streamed



preparing the new years jo


its nojo 2020


stop you need to do nojo 20s


nah NOT a norm gonno jo


loads it up with cheese classic fat retards


itd taste bad otherwise


nb inspired me to turn my life around i lost 60lbs got a job in a water store and met the love of my life


File: 1577858399942.mp3 (256.55 KB, ultimatenewyearsevemegamixvolume14.mp3)


hate norms


love gaming



File: 1577859136201.png (7.77 KB, 269x112, vile.PNG)


raining hima


just saw awawawa girl on kripps stream


bored as flip cant snooze because of the normworks and invaders feelin like shite


havent heard a single firework


hope my boy hasnt kicked the bucket


the only fireworks i saw were in downtown heading back home i havent heard anything its completely different from my home city


wonder if anyone ritualed





nice plumber


saw 1/1/2020 at the right corner of my screen at felt the intense urge to rope


crying hima what a great year of fgo and what a great year of fgo to come


File: 1577861586255.jpg (212.28 KB, 1440x810, plumper.jpg)



hate this world hate everything hate norms hate gaming hate joing just end it all


hate when i get approached to take a picture of people


sigh pnig loved new years


lostbelt prologue was a lot of fun


love everything about this world love norms love teens love anime love gaming just keep it going


fate grind order


do you love blacks


rolled gilgamesh with my gssr was hoping for ishtar but cant complain hes the king of heroes afterall


weird how theres no black people left on hima


love grinding hate open world games with freedom


couldnt even bring home the ugliest foid at the bar just end it


sorry about the manroll but im happy if you are


how come they dont fall



happy new year bros


would you bunk with xinorms


xi is baste


time for my nappy


File: 1577863427539.jpg (41.87 KB, 539x209, 1577852330337.jpg)


File: 1577863646552.png (925.47 KB, 1220x1206, Annotation 2020-01-01 092637.png)



whats wrong with kids seeing female gamers


wonder if girls are aware theyre being joed to whenever they stream


and how does he propose we do that


climate change will happen whether humans exist or NOT why cant people understand this


File: 1577865607506.jpg (Spoiler Image, 378.12 KB, 2953x2100, 1.jpg)

woke up after the ritual and saw this


blue water


happy new year hima


cant see the fireworks from my room


hey happy new year are you refreshed


sigh made that post thinking he woke up but just realized hes in an old timezone


happy new years


keep it down


hate the mansion everyone just parties all night


so was the ritual just larp




great now when will the mansion larp end


the mansion is at least possible


love live action role playing on the internet


what happens now


its real the ritual will free us


woke up any epic posts today


die norm


File: 1577867666024.jpg (90.4 KB, 1199x1005, ENFuvuJXkAI48yP.jpg)

whats hima in this


gonno cry


dont be a norm




im norm



dont be teen norm hehe


dead hours


listening to some nickelback


guess ill rejo to that momsnap doujin


happy holidays


skip ahead to the end it gets good there



that ones good but i meant the tamagou one hehe



wish i was a snapr


urge to rope critical


hate how snap is impossible these days since theres cameras everywhere


use your emp jammer


simply stop being a god damned norm


miss the old good old days when you could get together with the boys and snap a woman


pop a warm one with the boys


i want to buy a sub and spend the rest of my life in the deep sea


hope its a meatball sub


is there internet in deep sea


yeah there are underwater modems


dont read about what happens in submarine accidents


Although the crew may have known collapse was imminent, they never knew it was occurring.
'They didn't drown or experience pain. Death was instantaneous.
'The entire pressure-hull was completely destroyed in about 40 milliseconds or 1/25th of a second.'


sigh its so horrible they dont even have a time to reflect or appreciate life they just are ended


Subsequent investigation by forensic pathologists determined Hellevik, being exposed to the highest pressure gradient and in the process of moving to secure the inner door, was forced through the 60 centimetres (24 in) in diameter opening created by the jammed interior trunk door by escaping air and violently dismembered, including bisection of the thoracoabdominal cavity which further resulted in expulsion of all internal organs of the chest and abdomen except the trachea and a section of small intestine and of the thoracic spine and projecting them some distance, one section later being found 10 metres (30 ft) vertically above the exterior pressure door.


god damned norm


wish i would be crushed by the deep sea sounds pleasant


youd be fish food


im already fish food


File: 1577879912476.jpg (422.47 KB, 648x868, __original_drawn_by_aianchor__4b75e506f318ad3d….jpg)


would you like some assistance carrying those maam


just hope im food for a neetfish and NOT a normfish


look like rodents


its the year of the rat


new year isnt until the 25th change the year back


pasted roos


the first blog in space




something wrong with chicken in japan hima something wrong


its cat


woke up and its NOT 2006


gamed aNOTher year away


its time to turn over a new blog


hope you played some good games


damn good games


played sekiro that was it


File: 1577889866994.jpg (5.14 MB, 2114x3000, 007.jpg)


drank too much coffee feel like im going crazy


NOThing like starting the new year with an irish coffee



morning hima forgot to say rabbit rabbit



thats a shit song but the girl so i must worship


shes too skinny she needs some meat on her bones


File: 1577896123436.jpg (144.95 KB, 1080x1080, 1577895942210.jpg)

me in the back


the song is great idiot


cant take foid music seriously because they never have to experience true hardships or depth they cant put emotion into their music


i think lou reed wrote that one


those anavar women always look huge because they take the picture close up but then you remember theyre like 5'2" so they arent so big


ya even a twigneet could win against them in arm wrestling theres no point in women lifting for strength


woke up with bad heartburn shouldnt have eaten that spicy chicken before bed


she looks like that r9k foid that was posted here


File: 1577896845510.webm (1.52 MB, 1280x720, 1577894804584.webm)

this is how pnig imagined himself when pissing in bottles


weird how pnig roleplayed as a shy neet meganegirl for years


snackin on raisins



they look like a bunch of gross sexpats


NOThing wrong with runnin jbw game in asia


jbw theory is false and offensive dont endorse it


mindbleaching that i have the lowest smv on hima because people will see some pasty fatneet as being more attractive because my skin happens to be 3% darker


the darker your skin the dumber you are


its NOT true youd be successful if jbw was true when you endorse it youre denying your own suffering


sick of getting 6 hours of sleep


then how come pnig was smarter than me


jbw is real just seamaxx and you will see even the ugliest of cels can slay there on tinder


i learned something or rather confirmed my hypothesis but i dont want to get called a norm


what is it im NOT the rude guy



dont understand dancing its just weird


i spent weeks calling them incompetent or stupid or fat and would bring up stuff like makeup or the wall or just go on misogynist rants and even go to the point of making fun of their hypothetical deaths but they all loved it basically it was the most antisocial personality possible and it had absolutely no bearing at all or worse it might have had a positive effect


spermed now my hearing is all blocked



nice youre just like sasuke


hate how western artists use pixiv now


shut upppp its all the same


die norm


love pixiv hate their tag search system


File: 1577900587505.jpg (156.85 KB, 947x1200, 1577890153731.jpg)


why dont humans have fur


we sweat to cool down fur would interfere with that



i dont sweat


would rather pant than sweat


but if sexy ladies had to pant all the time people would abuse it


storm is coming hima


blackout sigh


File: 1577901654630.png (5.16 MB, 2480x3425, 73571324_p0.png)

what mobage is she playing


its poe mobile


reading womens snap fantasies


stop that its problematic


they like it


electricity is back havin some whisky


and by whisky i mena scotch hehe


you cant just drink alcohol every day


why NOT


its poison


no alcohol no coffee no sugar no grains




i need it to suppress bad thoughts


let the bad thoughts flow


can live without those things but NOT grains sorry


moms making zucchini noodles


wheat gave me racing thoughts


mom got wasted last night


mom want flip


then race


File: 1577905213407.png (1.35 MB, 2480x1754, 78622436_p0.png)


uh i was supposed to ascend what happened


you joed too much


woke up as a shota


glad mom doesnt drink as bad as she used to no more giant messes in the kitchen no more cops being called no more seeing her passed out on the toilet


File: 1577905568710.jpg (50.51 KB, 700x723, 1577769212249.jpg)



File: 1577905852845.png (160.61 KB, 395x355, Screenshot from 2020-01-01 14-08-42.png)

sigh aNOTher show i liked gets turned into a 3分


it appeals to norms


File: 1577906046397.jpg (236.83 KB, 1440x1403, s.jpg)


theres a proper 2nd season and movie coming


will abe mandate that the girls get preg


File: 1577906880816.png (Spoiler Image, 83.61 KB, 250x419, 1522376791709.png)


File: 1577907322063.webm (1.02 MB, 960x540, ababbababaa.webm)


think ill leave that on repeat for a while


File: 1577908737882.jpg (188.46 KB, 900x1200, 1577908648137.jpg)


File: 1577909121460.jpg (339.86 KB, 581x878, ENN14zkVAAEzdpO.jpg)


spermed yesterday but NOT today think ill see how long i can nojo 2020


dreamspermed and thought i lost nojo 2020 phew


you have your monitor at 100% brightness right guys


hope the nofappers give up soon so i dont have to hear about that norm shit for the rest of the year


theres no reason to jo


joing is one of the most norm activities


joing is gay


mines at 10


one is at 40 the other is at 30


thats sex


i like how my finger smells


mom said i should join the french foreign legion




the norm norman legion


coffee time



its placebo pwm flicker doesnt really affect anyone


ya that guys a hack


File: 1577916467001.mp4 (2.77 MB, AT-cm|530314576-360.mp4)



overlocked my monitor from 60hz to 72hz NOT sure if it really worked but it feels a little smoother


your eyes cant see past 60hz


dont really NOTice much past 90hz


uhhh haha


underclocked my monitor from 165hz to 144hz


File: 1577917084003.jpg (25.67 KB, 400x290, kovacs flicker.jpg)

anything below 80hz isnt safe


i can see slight flickering at the bottom of my screen when i look at it from the corner of my eye


thats your brain tarding out


i NOTiced that the other day i was staring at my keyboard really hard but the monitor kept flickering out of the corner of my eye wasnt sure if it was tricks or what


you got tricked


doc added 30hz to my lens script


its NOT a trick your eye is being overworked


hungy sigh


fire up a nice pbelly


144hz 5 brightness 70 blue light filter 16 hours of screen stare with no eye strain


sigh kanna looks pretty in her new years kimono


my body adapted to all the shite i put it through i dont get eye strain or back pain any more but now going outside hurts my eyes and i have a hunchback


shes a disgusting hag now


thats NOT true


File: 1577918611685.png (1.49 MB, 1200x1200, -CC-9011137-WW-Gallery-280X-RGB-WHT-01.png)

bought a tard looking case hehehe


File: 1577918901601.jpg (4.5 MB, 2508x3541, ENJ49gHU4AE0GJT.jpg)


File: 1577919216170.png (7.57 KB, 247x95, vile.PNG)


it looks nice


sigh got left behind in 2020


moms making chicken breast pasta




File: 1577920540845.jpg (257.94 KB, 1369x1500, f2fa8fa8d62794cfa91bd26c13219ac6.jpg)


hello prety girls


why are their pupils NOT black


japs are tard


gonno play some mtg


wish i was smart enough to play that


File: 1577921198352.mp4 (4.04 MB, acm.mp4)

i cant take being a chink anymore hima


ohggggg gngkgkfllfkf hi fpogoglogflfip


whys he raging


the norms took everything from him


they didnt take his nice leather chairs or rug or webcam



we need to go to japan to put the nigs in their place


mom made steak



die norms


love some nice sexy ladytos


hate doritos


its easy


NOT for a peabrain


im tardbrain


im peabrained mental midget


my brain is only good for coming up with reasons to rope


same but cope



going to akiba now hima


hot water heater is rumbling and causing static right under my room think it might explode


why is she showing her naked body to thousands of men does she have no shame


im dumber than a sexy lady


thinking about gaming


what good has gaming ever done for you


i game simple as that


wish to flip a vtuber


flip haato chan


could go for a nice vendza



aris is playing new vegas get in here


hell yea


that pizza looks gross


woke up hi


gonno fire up a frozen pizza hehe


hey are you refreshed dont forget to read and highlight


stop talking to him we are ignoring him


you cant ignore your friends


File: 1577928154616.jpg (167.93 KB, 1706x960, 1577927875672.jpg)

someone is going to have to take the plumper


ill sacrifice myself and take the plumper dont worry


its ok ill be the one to do it


File: 1577928426464.jpg (121.5 KB, 750x747, godcel.jpg)


phew bone


lets feast


must be nice being indian


whats nice about NOT having a toilet


watchin aris hehe


sigh wish i were indian id have a gf by now


youd have an arranged marriage


norm vegas


ritual save me


NOThin norm


File: 1577931370520.jpg (499.91 KB, 900x1318, ENOxnBfUYAAGBCc.jpg)


those are NOT fishing clothes


uh why do you need fishing clothes


gonno start fishing this year


File: 1577931767451.jpg (111.45 KB, 960x952, fc4nsk234p831.jpg)


NOT fat enough to eat a whole fish in a day


finally broke my wacom was doing some incredibly hard soldering involving wires as thin as a blonde one probably over heated something


you can have mine


crazy how you could be self sufficient just by fishing for 20 minutes a day


tried to learn to fish once but my line got tangled with aNOTher persons and i never tried again


what if you get no bites


hook went through my thumb once but thats it


ill just get a new one off ebay


do you still have a hole in your thumb


i dont know i do have some weird marks on my thumb but i dont know if its from that or NOT


my thumbs are childlike


guys its normal for little mariel to induce a bone in a grown man right


flip should have timestamped also hey hima whats going on didnt think id be stopping by here again in the new year but i felt the urge to share that tasty little morsel


socal looks like a pure inferno hellscape


die norm


same wish paste xi would nuke socal in elliots memory


maybe i should stop thinking about flipping children




File: 1577934150509.webm (203.7 KB, 288x360, Turkey_slurpy.webm)


its natural


white women are hideous


hima men


wish i was white


File: 1577934423886.jpg (46 KB, 600x337, 1527489304189.jpg)


wish i was jewish


that was the typical wife a mere hundred years ago


nice anderson


File: 1577934576781.jpg (33.19 KB, 552x579, hurio7ck8fp01.jpg)

this is the typical wife now


what happened


the norms


File: 1577934984663.png (210.02 KB, 1280x1280, 78611884_p7.png)


elliot hated chinks


youre supposed to get an asian wife


theres no asians around here


statistically thats impossible


stop wanting to flip pokemon




dont mind if i do


its unethical and antisocial




the innate moral intuition that the creator has endowed you with


im unconvinced


its nap time


hope you have a nice nap


time to permanap


File: 1577935993002.jpeg (197.78 KB, 1451x2048, 2cbe8be4ca7920677d6161855df9d6e4.jpeg)


if you want to keep those toes youd better get them out of my face


thats a heavenly pair thanks for sharing


based bro chad


feeling real mysterious hima


got a new years shite coming


bro chad doesnt have andersons oratory prowess


today is the day i stop spending 90% of my life in bed i am a smart capable and wonderful person the world needs me



File: 1577937321516.png (1.24 MB, 1295x832, Capture (7).PNG)

nice andersis


healthy looking all american family


that concludes my annual visit of hima see ya


chinks are NOT human


File: 1577938556468.png (548.99 KB, 621x869, 77639280_p0.png)


that is grotesque but bone


File: 1577938682473.png (467.57 KB, 785x496, Screenshot from 2020-01-01 23-16-33.png)

only chink chefs could make pbelly look unappetizing


hope pnig fires up some pbelly when hes found NOT guilty


got abigail in the gssr hima


its gonno be a pbelly stream


thats too early the year hasjust began


is that a np2 or np1 i know someone got her here already


wish i was don gorske


cant find a good josong



hate the josong meme


yuu puts my heart at ease


spic on ebay hasnt paid for my item yet


get scammed norm


enorm btfo


sigh this will have to do


File: 1577940860191.jpg (168.4 KB, 1287x1800, __original_drawn_by_yomu_sgt_epper__e44773a468….jpg)


if i go to japan and ride the last train dressed as a salaryman is there a chance that will happen to me


no youll have the gaijin stink


why did god make me so smelly


File: 1577941538251.png (1.08 MB, 1200x900, 1518233732646.png)


punishment for a hairpiece that silly should be a fatal flip


got that tard smell


File: 1577941846357.jpg (Spoiler Image, 381.67 KB, 916x1280, kaleina-20190911-may-contain-nuts.jpg)


thats a np2 hehe


File: 1577942354047.jpg (116.85 KB, 405x561, 1573099622086.jpg)


File: 1577942738393.jpg (Spoiler Image, 307.05 KB, 2048x1364, kanna.jpg)

no no NO




me on the left


chad san does it again


hate norms


paste chang


this cant be happening






dont want to go to sleep because itll just make the future come sooner and ill have to go slave


nice i wouldve done cavalry if i could get her but i thought the chance was too slim


wish i knew what it was like to NOT get a good nights sleep because of the looming knowledge that i have to work the next day


its like the looming knowledge of any impending discomfort like a family event or making phone calls


File: 1577945404389.jpg (81.18 KB, 1920x1080, boob.jpg)


your real life has begun appreciate it id love to be in your place


having a hard time holding my pee in lately


you might have gamer bladder


youre becoming an incontinent old man


gonno dipe up


feeling extra plump today


File: 1577946210694.jpeg (267.56 KB, 848x1200, eb87ef07b865f0fe58cab29cc343f716.jpeg)


gonno attempt a last ditch effort fix of my wacom by soldering the wires straight to the pcb


also just realized it broke on the first day of 2020 so far this year isnt going so well


get yourself a nice huion instead


why do her socks look oddly realistic


File: 1577946445082.jpeg (2.89 MB, 3035x2150, 6f775d31b0daef415ec61106bd596934.jpeg)




gonno snooze


might eat this olive loaf that says to sell by december 20


File: 1577946621055.png (1.06 MB, 1430x1047, 1577930004019.png)





anyone home




eating ham and boiled bread


baste gramps


where is everypony


eating ramen in akihabara


why did he add the peppers


raged hard when a white foid bumped into me in melonbooks disgusting bitch


sighed out of bed


fixed my wacom


break it again and never draw




drawing is for norms


everyone needs a creative outlet it soothes the soul


hima is my creative outlet


File: 1577957681604.jpg (Spoiler Image, 220.19 KB, 1228x868, f8681a789a6a7efa182a52fc878f3a8a.jpg)

welcome to the hima mansion


god damned agp


makin chilifries


wish i had some


come on over theres plenty to go around


wheres the hima mlp stream


wish i went to an ultra strict chink school with no individuality




since there would be no means to express yourself i couldve fit in better


File: 1577973574117.webm (442.44 KB, 1280x720, woke up.webm)


hey are you refreshed


ya gonno make some coffee


woke up


File: 1577979272057.png (526.63 KB, 1120x1200, 76621250_p0.png)


for flavor


wish i could solder and fix my broken electronics


love fixing


why cant you


its too much like a trade mom might think im taking initiative which would break the conditioning ive put on her


why cant you fix other peoples electronics


norms dont fix stuff anymore they throw it in the trash


prayed to oyashiro sama


wish to flip oyashiro sama


it finally happened i cut my finger like an anime girl while cooking


File: 1577981431942.jpg (148.78 KB, 1280x720, riamu.jpg)

whats she thinking


it is interesting how foids find a gorilla attractive it says a lot about their nature


im gorilla


sigh gibara


i must smash


File: 1577984047811.jpg (166.29 KB, 1200x1694, EM6fy9xUUAA78BQ.jpg)

why does it look so cheesy






think ill get some taco bell


moms making hash brown casserole


File: 1577990672341.jpg (815.56 KB, 1280x2552, e.jpg)




File: 1577992241151.webm (2.83 MB, 488x406, 1577930266905.webm)


dropped a big neetlog in the toiler


nice dead hours


everyone ascended we were left behind


sigh i knew i should have taken the ritual seriously


File: 1577999979688.png (Spoiler Image, 1.08 MB, 1300x1600, 574_20191231165521_0.png)


woke up got woken up by normbors doing extremely loud yard work


i wonder what the future holds


woke up dreamed that i left the oven on and there was a fire so i ran outside but forgot shoes so i was thinking too much about my cold feet to remember to call 911 so they came way too late and everything got burnt to a crisp including all my gaming stuff


did it feel liberating


no i cried hard


owned by the boomers


File: 1578001667331.png (2.78 MB, 1508x2256, 0a45f9aae0f6f4601c717d89bcd8f5c1.png)


wonder how i won


crazy that the average foid gets her p*ssy blasted with gallons of sperm from hundreds of different guys over the course of their lives and no one thinks its weird


die slutshamer


sperm is gross NOT convinced girls want it in or around them


its well documented that girls love sperm


no no that must be false


i demand sex


ill sacrifice myself so we dont need to be virgs anymore


does that mean youll be the van driver or what



i believe its time for some garlic fries




File: 1578004543729.jpg (212.38 KB, 1284x1730, 2056e006f3696b5abfcda30cba8d75a4.jpg)

sweet little akko


wish i had some garlic fry


i prefer truffle fries


File: 1578004819236.jpg (111.66 KB, 1120x840, jo.jpg)


shes beautiful


weird how theres a world without norms and im NOT invited


File: 1578005585448.gif (699.51 KB, 480x270, 1522283827701.gif)


spermed outside hehe that was thrilling


raining might walk to the store


nice rainwalker


rika hanyuu satoko banner


love that one


watching aris


thats a good one


File: 1578006924758.png (873.08 KB, 1700x2390, 78674980_p5.png)


love the first bite of a burg


File: 1578007822552.png (40.76 KB, 303x474, 1527216760935.png)


moms making turkey burgs


File: 1578008027929.jpg (36.18 KB, 465x585, IMG_20191231_215544.jpg)


cant believe the norms had to take gaming from me


post a nice vg cat


blimped out and doubleate




went to bed at 1am last night tried to snooze but could only dread dont know when i dosed off but i remember seeing 4:30am the last time i checked the clock


im the king of the market i just keep winning big


File: 1578009713139.webm (4.58 MB, 1280x720, 1576465664840-2.webm)

couldnt afford a mansion so we had to settle for a metal shed


wish i was russian


why would you want to be a nigger


do that extremely often


seems like a lot of fun you dont need much to live a happy carefree life


wish i had some hot chip


File: 1578012193727.jpg (1.21 MB, 2689x4101, Louise.Françoise.de.La.Baume.Le.Blanc.de.La.Va….jpg)


thinking about gaming


i weep alone in the world abandoned


then game


Louise! Louise! Louise! Louiseeeeeeaawaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!
Ahhhhh... aa...a.. aahhh! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! Louise Louise Louiseeeeuuuuuuwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
Ah Kunkakunka! Kunkakunka! SuuHaa! SuuHaa! Good smell Kunkun
Nhaah I wanna Kunkakunka Louise Francoise-tans pink blond hair! Kunkakunka !AhaA!
I wanna mofumofu! Mofumofu! Mofumofu! Hair hair Mofumofu! Karikarimofumofu! Cuincuin
Louise on novel volume 12 was cuuuutteeee! AaaAA!...AAA....AhAaAAAA!FaaAAAnnn!!
Congratulation 2nd season was on air! Louise-tan! AaAAAAA! Cute! Louise-tan! Cute! AhAAaAA!
Comic volume 2nd was sold and Im happy NooOOOOO!!! NyaaAAAAAAAN! GyaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!
GahhhaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAA! Comic is NOT real! Oh... novels and anime neither.....
L o u i s e I s N o t R e a l? NyaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN! UwaaaaAAAAAAAAAAA!
GetchaaaaaaaaaAAAAAA!!! Noooooooo! HaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAn! Uwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!
This! flip! I give up! I give up such a life.....what? Look? Illustrated Louise-tan is looking at me?
Illustrated Louise-tan is looking at me! Louise-tan is watching me! Illustrated Louise-tan is looking at me!
Louise-tan on anime is watching me! I feel relieved.... The world is NOT that bad!
Iyahhoooooooooooooo!!! Louise is with me! I did it! I can do it!
oh, comics Louise-chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAaaaaaaaNnnn!!! NooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!
AhAnAAhAAna miss Ann!!!! Si Siestaaaaaaaaaaaa! HenriettaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! TabathaaaaaAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!
UUtUuuUUU!!! May my wish to Louise! To Louise on Halkeginia!


im a gamer i game simple as that


File: 1578012995226.webm (5.85 MB, 640x360, pushups2.webm)


i game i game i game


simple simple simple


as as as


that that that


youre a norm simple as that


im NOT hehe




did you get some nice amd calls


was walking some teengirls walked by and one of their dogs ran near me one of them said sorry so i said okay and they all started laughing at me and making fun of me never going outside again


why buy calls when you can sell puts hehe


get owned


hate the mocking hehe guy


report them for NOT leashing their dog


love owning foids


anyone else see funnyworms


kanna hashimoto is out there getting railed by her jchad bf and im here being a useless neet piece of shit


love gaming love being a gamer


google translated hima from somali to english automatically


we are gonno be somali asspirates


im the captain now



technical analysis is bs if you want to learn watch this


ta is more fun


gaming is the most fun


technical analysis is very similar to gaming but makes you feel more intelligent


it doesnt hehe


File: 1578018422744.jpg (157.28 KB, 1000x1000, __original_and_1_more_drawn_by_pas_paxiti__a41….jpg)


lets watch and learn


ta is voodoo


why would you say okay thats what a tard would say


nah its great its simply supply and demand at its core


nah youre tard as hell it doesnt work


still laugh remembering that guy from ota saying hima is a bunch of somalis attempting to speak english


nah its great do you believe people simply randomly sell and buy for no reason outside of priced in fundamental factors


those are bots NOT people


NOT true there are many people who buy and sell securities


i like the ichi cloud its very tard friendly




hate investing love gambling in zero sum markets






hate how girls think theyre entitled to being kissed just because theyre girls


why didnt anyone kiss me



you were supposed to be the kisser didnt you get the memo


sigh pnig loved annoying denpa


ta is astrology the market isnt rational in the short term and things are priced in implied volatility and NOT underlying value


buy the dip


its perfectly rational buy cheap things sell them when they are more expensive underlying value doesnt matter its all relative short term movements can reflect long term supply and demand as well


cant believe nobodys claimed the first stream of the new year yet