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where is everyone


in the other thread


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awaiting the vore blog


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last post

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wonder if pnig will ever make those honeycums


wouldnt know about that i just it to enhance my anime and gaming


when im drunk i feel like a norm


they say people show their true selves when they drink


im a flipping normlord

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duh inhibition is a fancy word for thinking


yeah but then you end up as a 30 year old manbaby that barely moves at all


accidentally became a cripplingly high inhib avoidant schizoid reclusive poor manlet manbaby


last post


hope its aNOTher manblog

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a true connection can only be forged between men
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thats sick


its natural


mom scheduled the dr appointment for wednesday were gonno get vaxxed


tell mom about the chip shes probably misinformed

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only spread blogs can counter gigantic breasts


pasta time


stop making blogs this threads still got life in it


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this better be good


didnt drink for 3 days and got massively hungover ease back into it


gonno try to refrain for at least a week and see if i can last longer


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was that the controversial thing

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Bune, Bune, Bune!



paste soldier of michael


latin looks way cooler spelled in modern english
the written latin from the dark ages is cringe


get in here




have to bump this so someone makes a new thread

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thou fool


went to the store got a weeks worth of carbonara supplies and a bottle of captain morgansaw moms car coming home from work so i flagged her down for a lift home


never understood why norms watch movies that arent anime or the thing


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you cant watch that its for children

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mindblowing that hima is half a decade old


hate when i btfo someone and they apologize and admit they were wrong


no that cant be true you miscounted


cant believe its been nearly a year since this post


boostING PISSSssssSssssssssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

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i dont want the textboard to be like the sb so ill post the link so everyone can enjoy http://himasugi.blog/21/


by the way there is no significance to the number 21 i just liked how easy it is to type

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