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miss pnigs himako rp


the jan that banned the world...


cant believe the snow was never turned on this year


peak norm hours abandon hima


hate snow

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pasted coomer


love joing love gaming


downloading shadowverse


wonder how many employed people need to type faster than 60wpm today


something wrong with roas brain

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love birls


ancient people were flipping man ass all day


NOThin homo about a brojob


pasted maltaguy


becoming a ancient people

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whats wrong with regular generic art


hate sound effect anime


mindblowing that hima is half a decade old


hate when i btfo someone and they apologize and admit they were wrong


no that cant be true you miscounted

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paste chink with dark dragon flame surrounded sword



NOT clicking that


i will


last post do NOT get left behind


Hai fren! I made a new tor board called GNFOS.com/jp/index.html


hate onions


you are a fool onions are the best



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hehe remember that


woke up at 9 am to try and be normal yesterday then stayed up all night raiding the fridge every fifteen minutes and woke up past 4pm today


love waking up early because no one else is up and out and its safe to go outside
past 11am outside is a no go


theres never anyone out its only people in cars noone walks anywhere anymore


wouldnt walk anywhere unless i didnt need to cross the street NOT going to put myself in front of some norms suv just so they can crush me because they were watching pewdiepie on their phone

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>yipiee i'm off to japan tomorrow bros!
>i'm gonno eat ramen and sushi every day!
>can't wait to go to akihabara



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basted and redpilled
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this one next i think


im baste


having my coffee


gonno post in this thread


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