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ugly white woman


ya she should have been an anime girl


she looks like a ps3 character


these games all suck


these games are all garbage

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mornin jups nadda happinin w/ me jus making bfast thought id check in on me fav kids

hows it goin
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sigh he managed to leave his dark ages in school


i know thats my point


wish i was a kid with a motorcycle


literature in the form of prose, especially short stories and novels, that describes imaginary events and people.
plural noun: fictions
"he dismissed the allegation as absolute fiction"


cant believe she ruined herself by galification

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wrap it up


pnig thread



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woke up from a big fat nap


are you refreshed now


yeah somewhat


you forgot to finish this one


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i would shield her with my body and take the blows




sigh failed at red texting again




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told nb to get his flipping shinebox


nice billy bloggs


cant stop tardlaughing thinking about holedig


File: 1590812550020.png (339.95 KB, 664x673, 1590798275877.png)

hope 2020 climaxes with a nice yellowstone eruption



File: 1590720300695.jpeg (189.73 KB, 2500x1233, licky.jpeg)


Cute Discord alternative(NOT CUTE ENOUGH)

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Nocturnes LN Magazine General

Download link for first issue
Download link for second issue

IRC is #nocturne-magazine at rizon.net
If you don't know how to IRC.

NOCTURNES MAGAZINE is a quarterly Light Novel magazine with the goal of providing a platform of collaboration between artists and writers.
Nocturnes began as a bunch of threads on /jp/ with the idea of creating a Light Novel magazine. It has since then evolved into what you see today while still maintaining the same drive the original threads had.
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dont ask me i put it in the burg



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do NOT get left behind


last post

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need a sexy little angel to call me oppa


oppai gangman style






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we have to wait for threadrager to make the thread he decides our fate


gonno use the dog blog


post the okayu one


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