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cow blog
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did you see any sexy ladies on the way







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crackin a cold one
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dont open that its just a mans leftovers




just woke up hi mates last post

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simply take caffeine pills


simply drink coffee


coffee is for adults and im a manbaby


day in and day out all i do is suffer

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no it isnt


wonder how pnig reacted to the froggers nb mailed him


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now thats baste

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youre joking right sigh



sigh miss being a gamer


fire up mtga


last post

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mornin jups nadda happinin w/ me jus making bfast thought id check in on me fav kids

hows it goin


friend, it's time to come home:




Post the run one


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here you go!

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wish i was hungry so i could eat something


tend to go a couple of days forgetting to jo when im gaming hard


im bluepilled and dumb




last post

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cant make the call after listening to both but now im too genki to sleep


i like the original version more


i dont know ive never gone to one
theres drag racing and vendor booths and apparently live music and stuff but mostly just cars to look at might be a nice way to kill a sunday but its 25 bucks and an hour away


one post left


dubs get

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was about to fall asleep like two hours ago now i googled a bunch of tool and car stuff and im wide awake


they die


woke up from a big fat nap


are you refreshed now


yeah somewhat

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