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would you suck it yes or no

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what about that video of the sexy lady roping on a tree


cant tie a kNOT so i cant rope


wish mom sent me to summer camp


cant believe i didnt get the chance to experience 80s and 90s japan


mindblowing that we will only exist for this singular point in time and it just happened to be the worst era to exist in the lifespan of the earth

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time to fire up n and have a nice jo


how are you going to sperm to a song





die blanker

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Cream Arrow
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woke up from my nap need some gamin and some hair of the dog that bit me but first gonno eat some pomelo to woke up


busy all day finished reading blood flossed now time to snooze


gamed hard today hima almost time for bed now


holy flip its july 9 preorder preorder preorder


zip it technorm

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man hand proceed with caution


one post left


last post dont get left behind

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youre gonna need your meds


gih beauford


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You mind explaining what you meant when you posted the following: wish to flip that sexy lady


got left behind sigh


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me when i shit
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no and i got left behind




somehow this thread has the least disgusting op image




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hate normis


NOThing normi


closed 238 tabs

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never ever even tried
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die you boosting norm


last post


all the new threads look like shit


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wonder if anyone here still bothers with 4/jp/


no flip those norms
flip generals flip idolnorms flip gravurenorms flip javnorms flip akb48 flip morning musume
touhou is okay

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ok gih i cant resist but keep your expectations on the floor



no work tomorrow its memorial day


the arrogance of this amerinorm NOT everyone is american


got left behind

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