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cant remember the last time i joed it has to have been more than a week


last post


last post



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kick back and relax in your favorite aloha shirt
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got my room at awa reserved


does this ever happen in real life


if you forgot your image just save it for the next thread


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in afghanistan the sand nigs always had lots of rugs


countries with soviet influence often have a strong affinity for rugs


get some peter paul rubens prints


ive got a few afghani rugs laying around

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snacking hard


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im chink


is someone waiting to steal last post


you better believe it

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this chan is shit
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explain baste meme to me seen it here and on mero


die pie eating contestant


im baste im baste my cunnilingus i am so basted




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one of those days mates
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ordered some soybeans


is malaynorm here


die liar


yeah whats up


ever been to pulau tioman

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motorcycle safety foundation




today was pretty nice woke up late and worked from my room


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never realized that sexy lady rending facility pic was from naoko

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4 posts left



flip that dumb roast




last post

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What the actual boost this board even is? It's like furchan/jp gone full reflapper mode.
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stop projecting


im cool


used to play yugioh with neetb behind the dumpsters at school and then these cool skater kids would come back there to make out with their gfs before coming over and throwing our cards on the ground and making neetblog give them piggyback rides mindblowing that we ended up on the same board that must be cunnilingus punishing them


yeah i know especially with how expensive they are but even so


never went to highschool and before that i had one friend that i played diablo 2 with then he stopped talking to me when i stopped going to school thats when /a/ and later /jp/ became part of my life

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other thread pinches heres the real one
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last post

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