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haaaaaaachama chamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


watame is playing touhou spell bubble






watame kojo

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love a nice 2005 flashback to myself sitting at the computer on newgrounds while mom is gone until late


oh pissss


im gonno keep drinkin until im petrified



well excuuuuuuuuuuse me princess

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you can try youll just get kokoro like me


dont give a good god darn what females think never have never will


i dont believe you


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hooked my mp3 player up to moms car stereo once and played this she said she didnt like the yelling


the kjv is the only true translation

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get in here


you see us cummin and you altogether run for cover


im paste im pasted

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Please come check out my tiny imageboard.




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the ghost of sushi hima



damn good game death stranding damn good


waiting for the crack


i game i game i game

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just waiting for a good thread
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shouldnt have started cracking so early ive just been maintaining for hours so im still coherent enough to go out to the garage and restock


nice liver failure


you dont get liver failure from weak beer

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what about plank-san


theres a door at the bottom of the stairs though as long as its closed i dont think they will barge in only mom has invaded my neetcave


that just adds a single extra door between you and the norms and norms have no respect for anyone its only a matter of time before they make their assault


they will have to get past the neetstench


dont even have a nice neetreek barrier it just smells musty

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weird anatomy


downtown street its the downtown street downtown street


thats NOT ban worthy in most circumstances


it is


just met aNOTher doom guy that went into exile because he opened the portal to hell in the land of the doomguys

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Join the chan utopia!


you seein this beauford


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