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Hello fellow sexy ladycons, neets, hikikomoris, and overall losers. Come over to ota-ch.com/jp/, a board that isn't another shitty copy and paste of wizchan's software.


im hikkineeto


im chink


Greetings from ota
Come visit us, if you'd like.
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this is it




paste tester


You forgot to change pic, stupid fag.


It won't let me see it over tor...

File: 1550914732408.png (251.81 KB, 547x515, chief....png)

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2006 General

We're not going back are we
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spent my entire life as a member of the poor village folk dont see this changing either


are there any mammalian males which dutifully raise their offspring or is fatherhood just a human invention to trick genetically inferior males




ya had a bird nest on my balcony the mother would sit on her eggs while the male bird flew off and came back once in a while to keep the mother company


other apes dont count theyre basically just primitive humans

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i need to find my brothers amongst the norms


im watching 60minutes australia about some housing crisis and all three guys have curved beaks


is curved beak norman for nose


feasting on some bread sandwiches


hope the freak can survive the housing crisis

File: 1550415216446.png (27.81 KB, 655x509, suicide apu.png)


>try learning japanese
>look at moon runes
>give up
>play vidya instead
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raiders of the lost ark


that is a get



baste flipping pie eating contestants


baste turt baste meromin

File: 1550416404920.png (117.49 KB, 512x512, 1548867216776.png)


merorin was here, you guys are faggots

File: 1548966097765.png (46.61 KB, 256x256, battler.png)

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It's all useless...
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used to say we need a cat cat cat cat cat cat when having breakfast with mom for over a year until she got me one after a while shed also say cat cat cat cat cat cat


just bleated


wish i had a cat cat cat cat


might fall for the bleating meme


you should bleat to augment your mewing regimen

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sigh damn good game


gonno jerk it to this harlot


cant believe maxmoefoe is just a year older than me


heading to bed another blog will be done when i wake up


last post its mine

File: 1548174182087.png (939.25 KB, 704x1000, __toosaka_rin_fate_stay_night_and_etc_drawn_by….png)

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im raid
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cant wait to play some ffxiv tonight hima im to tard for raids so ill try out some dungeons first


no i play girls in games that arent shite trannyfest dungeon queue sims


like what


you fell for one to many memes there


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mindblown by all those crazies in the comments


time to read




thats faker than the moon landing



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