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had to turn the heat on
its NOT too cold for me but it is for my fungus


the mold demands warmth


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looking forward to the kinopa


dislike shrooms


love a good shroom because mom said id grow like mario if i ate them as a kid

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sigh zero vtuber whores what a nice pleasant thread



dont compare one short roa webm and shizuha embed to our current situation the current tubies dont even know who the jk 組 is

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seki pov




lulu super metroid stream in 10




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>die norm
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get in here instead of that teen thread


why is the op image a tubie


blanket ban on entubies


seki loves the entubies hes in all the tubecords


seki needs to edit the op posts subject to 'soy blog' so we can use this thread next

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cool board. NOT
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ban him now norms





was it made by an scv raider or something

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which thread do i use
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i hated this thread but it seems weird that theres still 30 posts left nobody wanted to bother


think it was full jan mustve wiped someones history


better than that teen thread


which posts are missing


thought it was mine but know i posted the sheep phasmo collab

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woke up caught up thread full


too big its obscene but at least this is a blog and its seasonally themed


get the fuck in here fucking retards


die titnorm

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there were too many steps when it reached the 6 month mark and now there are too many steps at the 21 month mark think ill make some progress on getting the blog bottles out of here on saturday but i dont like to weigh the recycling bag down with too many of them in case it rips and i hate the noise it makes putting them in there


as long as mom doesnt get any more glass ones they should all be out of here in about 3 weeks


NOT many posts left


wonder what the last post is gonno be


last post

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dont post that western shite


nice weekendmin taking his few precious days off from waging to read post histories


a bones a bone


i was thinking about reversing some of the permas because theyre unsightly but then i remembered that one time that we got raided by random ips and needed to form the three piece janny voltron to take care of it i dont want a repeat


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guess ill snooze didnt shower though my arse is gonno be itching up a storm the whole day


cant snooze but dont know if moms up was gonno get some water but i dont want to run into her


made a nice big batch of sugarbutter


need to fix my posture


uh which thread are we using now

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